and go sleepy time

I like the idea of each planet having a “night and day” ruler, it’s so cute, like

Gemini is the day ruler of Mercury, Virgo is the night ruler of Mercury

Libra is the day ruler of Venus, Taurus is the night ruler of Venus

Aries is the day ruler of Mars, Scorpio is the night ruler of Mars

Sagittarius is the day ruler of Jupiter, Pisces is the night ruler of Jupiter

Aquarius is the day ruler of Saturn, Capricorn is the night ruler of Saturn

Leo is the Sun (day), Cancer is the Moon (night)

The feminine signs are the night rulers, the masculine signs are the day rulers; masculine signs are more comfortable out in the daylight, the spotlight, when everyone else is able to see them shine. Feminine signs are more at home during the night, it is their sanctuary, they express their energies more naturally when they are soothed by the mystery and tranquil solitude of the night.

And then you have the case of the few other planets that are only ruled by one sign. Aquarius is the sole ruler of Uranus. Their Uranian qualities are present no matter what, it is part of their kooky persona. Pisces is the sole ruler of Neptune. The Neptunian influence of illusion and fantasy is something that hangs on to Pisces every second. Scorpio is the sole ruler of Pluto. Scorpio can’t escape Pluto. It is following them around through every suspicion.

How to Tell if I’m in Little Space
  • High-pitched squeals in response to small animals
  • Cuddling onto anyone nearby
  • Carrying my favorite stuffy around
  • Overly excited about cake and/or ice cream
  • Saying “Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy” under my breath over and over again
  • Whining
  • Sensitive to everything
  • Making my stuffies dance and then giving them little kisses
  • Fuzzy socks~!
  • Lisp becomes more noticeable (”th” because “f” and “r” becomes “w” and “ll” turns into “ww”)
  • Sleepy at a reasonable time but “dun wanna go to bed”
BSD Manga spoilers up ahead

 I’m glad everyone are happy to see Fyodor being animated and all but I for one wasn’t all that happy by how the studio handled him …

( This basically MY own view so your free if you think otherwise )

what I meant is that I thought he was a different person !! like he wasn’t the Fyodor I known !!

His aura and vibe wasn’t as was supposed to be …

To clarify look at this ….

Fyodor’s physical build is very frail and weak … and this add up to his personality which’s very calm and cold …

plus Fyodor’s personality is never clear at all ..

Fyodor gives me the impression that he’s a living corpse …

( I mean look at him ! )

And for me all of this was clear the moment you saw him in this scene and get to know him a bit later on… And I thought his voice would be so weak or that kind of voice which’s add to this or reflect it…

So this result about my main complain, Fyodor clearly neither evil nor good … the moment you saw him you KNOW he’s bad news and would be evil, judging by what he did to Moby Dick BUT at the same time his appearance doesn’t suggest such thing and you go wondering WHO IS THIS MAN ????

( He surely doesn’t ….

look all that evil here….)

What I find charming about Fyodor and why I love him so much .. is that he gives the wrong impression .. I mean he doesn’t sound all that evil yet he is not  all good either…

we all remember that Fyodor’s chapter where he killed Ace .. Ace underestimated Fyodor because he judged him first based on his appearance …

true, Fyodor’s build tend to make his enemies let their guard down ( WHICH I LOVE ) since they’ll think he’s worthless without his ability … and that’s the first grave mistake you’ll fall into if you meet Fyodor …

The second is … once you talk to Fyodor you won’t get any ideas about his feels nor anything even his smile sound fake… He’s like Dazai is this aspect a little ..both of them are very hard to read ( GIVE ME A BREAK I HAD TROUBLE WITH DAZAI ALREAD )... although he seemed friendly to talk to if you start talking with him .. which you’re DOOMED if you fall for it !!! YOU’LL BECOME HIS CAPTIVE IF YOU DO SO !!!

That what’s Fyodor appearance suggest … but you know the saying “ don’t judge a book by its cover “ … we now know that he’s the worst kind of evil you ever wanna face !!!

To make things worse.. he’s first class manipulative … like Dazai … but worse since HE’D DO ANYTHING and would do anything to get what he want ( like killing those innocents children )  …

I mean we all see what he did to kill Ace without lifting a single finger .. or the current event of the Manga … Fyodor unlike any bad guy we’ve meet in the Manga … He is the worse because you’d put your guard down around him and believe him then you’d be playing in his hand without realizing so …

and when Fyodor laugh or go crazy that’s SO CREEPY !!!! like WHRE DID THAT COME FROM !!! where’s the calm collected Fyodor go ???

I didn’t mean to write a lot about Fyodor’s character opps, this should stop for now

So this is the reason I don’t like the idea of Anime Fyodor … I mean I didn’t even know him … I thought his voice would be week to add to his appearance but it wasn’t …

and was Fyodor arrogant like this in the first place  ??? and he clearly sound SO EVIL which I thought wasn’t suppose to be this clear !!!

I know that Fyodor is very confident with himself but NOT like this … arrogant !!

( Confident Like this ? )

and his voice sound kind cheerful ? Okay … who ARE you ?? where’s my Fyodor ?!…

I mean clearly his vibe and character aren’t the same as I know it is … I’m sacred now that if there is 3rd season then … Fyodor will suffer as did Dazai in the guild arc … I mean we know he’s evil … but … not like this … I’m so sad and broken :/

Okay that’s it for now ~

I kinda wrote it in a hurry so if you find anything weird or my english isn’t that great, don’t mind me :)

and ofc this is based on what we see so far of him :)

The 7D (2014-2016) - Appreciation Post

Wow. How time has past.

I still can’t belive it’s been 2-3 years since I started loving The 7D. After reviewing everything from up until this point, it makes me happy to think that I am one of the few early pioneers of this show, who enjoying the laughs, the songs, the long waiting periods ((*Rock of Sages* you know what you did…)), and the brilliant fanart and ideas that came straight after each new airing episode.

Now, with only one new episode left to go this Saturday, I’d like to say to give a big “THANK YOU!!“ to the cast & crew of the show of Disney for The 7D, along with everyone else who has been there since the begin and the one that will surely follower after!

“We may be small, but when we put our heads together even dwarfs can become giants!” HEIGH HO!

((Bonus: Below))

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Little Secret Service Agent

I was having a pretty hard time going sleepies last night. I was triggered and felt uncomfortable and scared being home alone so daddy stayed with me on skype until I fell asleep. He made sure I was dressed for bed and all tucked in with my paci before he started telling me about the secret agent that the Little Secret Service sent to protect me.

He’s a tuxedo penguin, but I never see him because every time I look in his direction, he quickly slides away on his belly. Daddy said we aren’t allowed to know his real name because that’s classified information, but his code name is “little turkey butt” (that’s daddy’s nickname for me 😋). He stands at my door and if anyone tries to come in, he karate chops them in the booty. Whenever I’m scared, daddy also reminds me i has a magical daddy cloak covering me that protects me from all the monsters and keeps me safe and sound while i sleep.

This is what happens when you wake up in the middle of the night =.=

Sleepy Time
  • Daddy: baby, I gotta go.
  • Me: *Pretty far in little space* nooo. Stay wiff me!
  • Daddy: you known I can't, love. Cmon. Let's get you tucked in and your story read before I leave.
  • Me: Hmph. Fine. *Follows daddy to my room where he puts me on my bed and puts me under the covers*
  • Daddy: Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a far away land... *Continues to tell story, then finishes*
  • Me: *Dozing off*
  • Daddy: look at my good girl, all ready for bed. *Puts paci in my mouth and hands me Noodles*
  • Me: Night night, daddy. I love you.
  • Daddy: night night. I love you too, my sweet princess. *Kisses my forehead, turning my light off*



anonymous asked:

Guns looks like such a precious baby. What's his personality like?

his real name is gunner, he’s a cancer, and his birthday is june 29th. he’s 22 years old, and he’s 5′8. i don’t know what it is with all these sleepy people, but guns has a hard time going to sleep due to being so paranoid. he hates the sound of fireworks, as well as gun shots. they both make him very jumpy… overall, gunner is pretty relaxed otherwise. he’s really good when it comes to positive reinforcements because he hates to see people in the same place he was. he’s turned his life around completely; he started working out more as opposed to sitting around all day, he’s worked on a healthier diet and even a better social life. boxing is an escape when things get rough in his head, and it’s a better alternative than other things he’s contemplated.

Mys Bedtime Checklist 🌙

This is my checklist to make sure I’m all prepared for sleepy time ⭐️ My daddy and I go through it, you can use it too!

✅ Pajamas are on
✅Potty Time
✅Teeth are nice and clean
✅Sippy cup filled with water for nighttime thirsts🍼
✅Paci in mouth or nearby
✅Mountain of stuffies to cuddle with🐻🦄
✅ Tucked in
✅Bedtime kisses 💋

All ready!! Times for bed and dream of unicorns and everything cutes 🌙⭐️️

I went for a 6 hours Pokémon Hunt today and just before I decided to go back home I saw tons of people running for a rare Pokémon ! I joined them and was lucky enough to caught this wild Venusaur ! Now I can rest happily…