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hashimada compilation post, because this is such an underrated pairing and i honestly am struggling to read it as anything OTHER than romantic

  • when madara first gets revived, he takes out gaara’s fourth company without breaking a sweat, and with absolutely zero change in expression. he’s totally just phoning it in.
  • when fighting the five kage later on, he literally does not shut up about how cool hashirama is. like, it’s embarrassing. conversation between madara and the five kage, verbatim:
    • madara: takes a deep breath
    • madara: I lo-
    • the five kage: Yes, you love hashirama, we know, you love hashirama senju so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love hashirama, we’re nothing compared to hashirama, we KNOW, you love hashirama you fucking love hashirama ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE HASHIRAMA. WE GET IT
  • THEN when hashirama ALSO gets revived madara just loses his shit. the man has zero chill where hashirama is concerned. IVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU, HASHIRAMAAAA!! the evil grin. the BICKERING. THE BANTER. kill me
  • and THEN
  • hashirama spends THREE ENTIRE EPISODES telling sasuke about how COOL madara is, how he’s AMAZING and THE BEST and A WORTHY OPPONENT,
  • “i considered madara a gift from the divine.” WHERE’S THE CHILL, HASHIRAMA??
  • “our personalities differed, and yet i sensed a mysterious kinship with him all the same.” wacka_flocka_ok.gif
  • “after that we started meeting up every now and then,” “each time we met, we became closer,” and then hashi’s dad: “hashirama, about this boy you’ve been meeting up with…”
  • “you can’t even reveal your surname!” <– THIS one is on the level of rapunzel complaining to the witch about how it hurts when she climbs up her hair and how the prince does it much more gently. like, kishimoto literally pulled the starcrossed lovers trope.
  • hashirama being all like “but no matter how much we fought, i never gave up on our dream!!” with both of them looking wistful in the background. end me lol
  • also shoutout to hashirama and madara for throwing perfectly synced witty banter at each other within 5 seconds of meeting. “I just hope i reach the other side.” “are you aware of your own annoying neuroses??!” 
  • also that bit when they both had the exact same idea of how to warn the other about the ambush. madara immediately recognizing that hashirama is stronger than he is, and admitting it openly in front of his father and izuna. the GENUINE RESPECT they had for each other, even as mortal enemies. madara saying it would be an honor to die by hashirama’s hand. GOD!
  • then comes something that i like to refer to as the “honeymoon phase”, where they’re founding the leaf village together. like obviously izuna is dead and things aren’t going to be quite the same as when they were teenagers, but BOY
  • hashirama walking around surveying the village and people are bowing to him and stuff, and then madara appears in the background and hashirama immediately goes to him and they walk the rest of the way together. there’s my husband
  • the little girl who trips and madara runs forward to help her up and she starts crying because he’s so intimidating and then hashirama runs over too and gives her a flower and she’s like, ‘oh if hashirama is ok with him, he can’t be that scary’ THEY’RE BOTH SUCH DADS!
  • “beautiful silky haired flower petal dad” and “scary beyond all reason dad”
Babs and Kori

So I’m just gonna say this, Can some people stop puting Barbara(Batgirl/Oracle) Kori (Starfire) as mortal enemies who are fighting Of Dick Grayson (Nightwing/Robin) Cause In all reality they probably Don’t even care, Like It’s so tiring seeing all these Starfire Vs Batgirl for dick grayson type of stuff. Starfire is her own character and Babs Is her own character as well. No need to put them again each other constenly, As much as I ship Dickbabs Over Dickkory, I’m not going around making Kori and Babs mortal enemies who are fighting over him on the constent or Trashing Kori cause I love her as her own character. As well If I shipped dickkori more than dickbabs, I wouldn’t be trashing babs either.

I truly want dc to make a crossover between Babs and starfire, It would honestly be amazing. Also With The whole who is “Dick Grayson’s True love” As much as I would like to say Babs, Comics are complicated, It depends on who writes him but Most likely Dick won’t get married in the main universe cause sometimes It doesn’t work that way at all. It is truly complicated.

But It is always fun Seeing Dickori and Dickbabs moments.

But for the the love of saturn stop it with the whole riverly situation.

Babs and Kori are smart women and I can promise you that they know better than fighting over A Man.

do i like this idk

 an expansion of this fic

Word count: 980
T/W: none


Tomorrow I would marry the love of my life. I would experience what was meant to be the happiest day of my life. I would be bound together with the one person that I love. And my Father would not be there to see it.

 It was 2 am and Simon was coaxing me to sleep. I couldn’t. I was so angry. I knew he had gotten my message. I left him voice mails, e-mails, texts, even a letter. Nothing. I had even asked my Aunt Fiona to ask him directly. She told me that he said he was probably busy. I could see right through her lie. 

It was 2 am and my soon-to-be-husband was telling me I needed to sleep. I couldn’t. An anger started in the pit of my stomach and launched itself into my throat. I hated everything in that moment, and honestly, the thing I hated most was myself. The anger surfaced into tears, hot and fiery, spreading down my face like lava. Snow was grabbing at my arms, trying to pull me down beside him. I wish he wouldn’t. I wish he would let me envelope myself into flames. But he was forceful and persistent and I was weak. I landed beside him, tears still streaming. I wiped them off impatiently, dragging my hands roughly against my cheeks,

”Baz-” my fiance muttered

“He hates me, Simon.”


“He does. He hates that I’m fucking queer and in love with fucking Mage’s heir. He hates that I’m a fucking monster-”

“You’re not-”

“I am, Snow! I- I-” He stops me, pulls me down closer. I can taste his breath. I can see his freckles, even in the dark. He kisses me. It’s long, deep, perfect. My shoulders drop and my face softens. Muscles that I didn’t know were tensed relax. My toes, my knees. All there was was Simon Snow. 

“I love you.” He said. The words trailed through my ears, landing in my heart and also finding a place in my gut. I loved him so much. I was crying too hard to say it. I let myself fall weak to Simon’s muttering and stroking. He ran a hand through my hair and whispered his love to me. I loved him. Fuck my father. I was going to marry Simon Snow and he was going to be mine forever.

An alarm beeped at 9 am. Simon was gone from the bed, already up. Last night I had been crying. Crying over my father. The memory stung like a stake to the heart. I pulled myself out of bed. Today I was marrying Simon Snow. 

We wanted it to be quiet. Simon had chosen this forest that was hidden behind some aimless shops. A creek ran through the forest. It babbled like a brook but jumped like a creek. So we called it a creek. Simon and I had made love there once, just because. It wasn’t very good, too rocky. 

Bunce was coming, of course. She was bringing her parents and that husband of hers. They lived in the North end of London and would visit for tea on Sunday. I knew Micha quite well now. Along with Bunce came Wellbelove. Simon was shocked when she agreed to come, but they were friends. Daphne was coming and she was bringing Mordelia, who had apparently insisted. I also rang Dev and Niall, to see if they wouldn’t mind coming. Dev was going to be there, that should be nice. Lastly, Fiona would be there. Simon and I had found a magickal priest through his therapist. And that was that. It was going to be quiet.


Baz was dressed in black, he had made me wear gray. I stood in front of him at the makeshift altar, watching him. I couldn’t see our small audience, all I could see was him. Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, my mortal enemy, the love of my life. All of the official stuff was quick, I tuned it out. I was meant to read my vows. I took my counterpart’s hand. I looked at his eyes and started,

“When we were eleven, the Crucible pulled us together, determined that our relationship was fate. I was not convinced. In fact, I hated you. I used to beg to get a new roommate, one that wasn’t so despicable. But I could never be more thankful. You’re there to keep the bed warm, to keep my heart warm, to eat scones with me and most importantly, to love me like I love you. Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch-” my voice started to crack then, “I choose you.”


Damn Simon Snow to hell and back. What a fucking speech. I was rubbing away tears with the heel of my hand. I looked into that boy’s eyes and started to speak, but I was lost for words. I couldn’t use what I had prepared, it wasn’t enough. I looked at that boy’s eyes, glistening in the sun. I looked at him again, the love in his eyes motivating me (Simon’s eyes could make me do anything),

“When I was 15, I wanted to die, knowing I couldn’t be with you. I wanted simply to love you and now I know it’s not like that. It’s intricate and it’s beautiful and it takes time. When you kissed me, I thought you had saved my whole world, but there was so much more that needed fixing. That needs fixing, but we’ll get to that, because right now, in this moment, I choose you, Simon Snow” 

It was a little scary saying those things. Simon didn’t know how I felt when I was 15, how I was dying. It was also weird saying those things in front of my kid sister, my aunt, and my stepmother. But I meant it all. Aleister Crowley did I ever love that mess of a boy.

I was gonna make this longer, but it’s fine


  • Gravity Falls fandom: Well obviously this adorably awkward preteen boy suffers from anxiety and his sister's chipper demeanor is all a front and their great-uncle's just doing the best he can to raise two kids who are coming dangerously close to repeating his and his brother's mistakes and there's a possibility all of Gravity Falls and the people in it are just a hallucination anyway or the entire place is ground zero for the apocalypse who knows
  • Steven Universe fandom: This bunch of compassionate aliens living on a dream beach most people can only imagine are actually incredibly dysfunctional the purple one suffers from crippling insecurity the big one's emotionally distant and the ballerina one obviously has deep-trenched issues of co-dependency that she eventually attempts to project onto her surrogate child's best friend because she doesn't know how to let go
  • Over the Garden Wall fandom: This heartwarming little boy and his adorkable older brother are strolling through an OBVIOUS metaphor for purgatory and the people they meet along the way to get out are really probably demons in disguise or figments of their imagination and if you look closely Wirt is really just an unsympathetic asshole who's little brother would probably just be better off abandoning him
  • Mortal Kombat fandom: Everybody including mortal enemies sit around for afternoon tea and they bang on the weekends probably

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite books/movies of the series? I personally really hate Goblet of Fire the movie, but I'm slowly starting to really like the book (I've read it once and have listened to the audio book twice now). I LOVE Prisoner of Azkaban the book and the movie. I like Order of the Pheonix the book, but I really dislike the character develop Harry goes through-lots of douchey teenager stuff. What's your opinion?

Hooooboy. My favourite book is Order of the Phoenix because it’s the transition book so it never feels slow or boring. And touching really quick on Harry’s character development there, it’s really important to consider where his anger was coming from. He had JUST witnessed the death of a classmate, the rebirth of his mortal enemy, barely escaped that situation with his own life, was attacked by dementors for no reason, was told he was going to be expelled from his safe place for defending himself, felt like he was being kept out of the loop by his best friends and people he’s meant to be able to trust, and then returned to the wizarding world where he was being called an attention seeking liar. I think he more than earned the right to douchey teenage moments. In fact, I am completely impressed by how he handled himself. He didn’t let it defeat him, he just yelled sometimes, and anger will never ever ever ever ever ever be a character flaw; it’s a pretty normal human emotion and we all experience it. It’s very…bizarre to me that some people label Harry as a douche for his behaviour when he’s angry but then turn around praise angry Hermione Granger for keeping a person hostage in their animagus form in a jar. ANYWAY

My favourite film is Sorcerer’s Stone, because I feel like it’s the truest-to-the-book adaptation, and I experience a similar flutter when I watch it as I do when I read the books.