and go on with the mortal enemy stuff


i’ve been following @shapechangersinwinter from my main blog for far too long (just long enough?) i started making Monster AU versions of my own comic characters?? Like, what if my girl Vulture was more…literally, physically vulture-y. That would be cool

So my girl here, she’s got that shapeshifter thing going on, but can only do Vulture-ish stuff.  When she gets freaked out she starts randomly sprouting wings and limbs?? just?? everywhere. Pretty awkward when you’re trying to pretend to be human, pretty awesome when you’re trying to terrify a mortal enemy.

I might do more of these guys, ‘cause that was fun, let me know who you want to see next! Spokes (skeleton/ghost), Hyena (werewolf), Bones(skeleton/ghost but, like, pointier) Nova (wherewolf), Slice (Terminator 2 liquid guy)