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Daryl x Reader - Making memories (30 Days series)


30 days drabble challenge

–> DAY 1 <–

DAY 2: A selfie together

–> DAY 3 <–

So, I want to do this challenge with the pairing “DarylxReader”.

I’ll try to upload a story everyday, I hope you like it!

–> Requests are open by the way <–

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Warning: Fluff as fuck ♥

The rays and the birds’ chirping woke me up, immediately I feel very hot. 

Daryl is asleep beside me, his arms around me and his head buried in the crook of my neck.

 I can’t help but smile.

 Daryl isn’t one to show affection, it’s a side reserved to me.

 I start to wriggle from his grasp so I can make us some coffee. 

While I stand up from the bed I notice something on my bedside table. Yesterday, during the ran at the mall, Daryl found a polaroid camera. 

He took it because he remembered that before the apocalypse, photography was an hobby of mine.

 An idea come to my mind so I take the camera and I take a photo of him sleeping… he’s so cute and calm while he’s asleep.

Awaken by the camera’s flash he starts to moan: “ (Y/n) what are you doin’?” he asked me with his raspy voice. 

“I’m making memories” I smile. 

He take the pillow and bury his head under it. 

“Party pooper” I laugh and start heading downstairs. 


 I spend all day taking photo of our family: Rick and his family, Carol baking cookies, Glenn and Maggie goofin’ around, Abraham with his cigar, but my favorite subject remain Daryl.

 I secretly took pictures of him… 

oh God, I sound like stalker.

The sun started to set, I was on our porch,  enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful sunset, when suddenly I feel someone’s arms on my waist:

 It was Daryl.

 We stay in silence, like this for a few minutes, until he speaks again:

 "I saw you taking pictures of me, you stalker". 

 Damn, I always forget that he has a good hearing. 

“Well, It’s not my fault if you are my favorite model”. 

In that moment I realize something: I haven’t took a picture with him. 

 While he was busy looking at the horizon, I take the camera, I bring it in front of us and take the picture.

 When he realize what I’ve done, the polaroid already came out.

 With a calm voice Daryl ask me: “ Haven’t you just take a selfie, have you?" 

I smile, looking at our pic: ” In dark times people need a remind of their happiness. You’re my happiness Daryl". 

He spin me around and kiss me softly, then he take the picture from me:

“You’re right I’m a very handsome model”.

 I hit him softly on his chest.

 I hope to make more memories with him, very happy memories. 

theoryofeventually  asked:

I've been looking for good Darry fics but come up short do you had any suggestions?

yes absolutely and i apologize to the anon who had asked the same thing ages ago, i had completely forgotten to post the list! 

i’ll also throw in a small blurb about it. Sorry if the blurbs are kind of drab xD I don’t want to give anything away

Long Fics:

Bond: A must read for literally any drarry fan. I’m not even kidding. This is popular, and it’s amazing.

Forced ‘marriage’ bond? Draco and Harry? Stuck together? A trope that we’re all familiar with, but this is good. A hogwarts-setting fic. 

Must Love Quidditch: I will never not love this fic

Harry and Draco are both on this anonymous dating site where they stumble upon each other and…well, the story goes on from there.

Starts With a Spin: Mind the smut!

This is a sweet mix of smut and fluff. It all starts with a spin the bottle game and then escalates! It’s not just smut, and it’s a very sweet story!

Mental: more tropes xD

a ligilimens spell gone wrong, and now both draco and harry can hear each other in their heads! they’ve got to deael with that!

Get some: Er, i know i read this once and i remembered liking it but i don’t really remember what it was about.

the given blurb though is that Harry has had enough of all this attention, so he latches onto the one person who won’t bother him with the potter name

Tempus Fugit: *screaming because of this brilliant fic*

Harry and Draco get sent to their future, where they’re apparently together! They’ve got to deal with that as well as finding a way to get back home.

It’s Not A Love Potion: mind the smut? Same deal, i rememebr reading and loving, but forgot.

Blaise gives Draco ‘not a love potion.’ Okay but seriously i remember really liking this fic. read it.

Changing of the Guard: xD I’m currently rereading this!

Harry’s in charge of a company that gives people ‘strangers’ and Draco wants to get disowned since his parents won’t accept the fact that he’s gay. He hires Harry’s services and..well!

Secrets of the Forbidden Broomcloset:  nice nice nice

Everyone thinks Draco’s gay. He wants to prove them wrong. Even with harry’s help!

Reparations: ohhhhhygod

anything by this author is perfection. Draco’s a healer and so is Harry, and they work inthe same hospital, and just…it’s so sweet and cute.


This story had me clutching at my heart. I’m not even joking. This hurt me. Harry gets a glimpse of what his life would be like if he had saved Draco instead of hurt him. 

The List: oh lord this one

this is a cancer fic. or at least, an illness fic. Harry has the illness. He’s kinda ooc but at the same time…it’s brutal and it’s painful. 

Fics With Their Kids:

Marathon: xD i recently finished this 

Harry saved Scorpius’ life and so now Draco owes him a life debt. Can he help fix the relationship between Harry and his own kids while still sweeping the man off his feet

Learn To Love: Awww this one was sweet

It has Scorpius and Teddy, and Harry is Scorp’s teacher in primary school, where he meets Draco. 

There’s a pureblood custom for that: another sweeet one!

It’s been awhile since i read this but i believe it has Harry saving Scorpius and Draco fro public humiliation and they owe him a debt, and apparently there’s a custom for everything that happens between the one paying a debt and the one receiving it. 

Short fics:

At Your Service: This is such a great fic

it’s short and sweet, and something strange has happened to the school ever since the war! and Draco’s most likely the source of the problems. 

A Portrait of the Artist: short and hilarious

Draco’s a journalist, Harry’s an artist. Draco’s doing an interview. Harry’s art…….sucks.

The Standard You Walk Past: this one was so adorable i loved every minute of it!

an 8th year fic, Draco and Harry are forced to room together…and Harry sleepwalks. Draco has to reluctantly deal with it!

Right Hand Red: hehehe this was cute

It starts off with a game of twister!

Side Along: I finished this shortie last night xD

For some reason, whether by floo, by knight bus, by broom, or b apparattion, Draco always finds a way back into Harry’s living room! *little smut near the end.

alright, i swear to god i’ve read more especially more short fics however i really can’t remember them and i didn’t bookmark many of them. But the long fics should satiate you enough since they’re..well, long. 

If i do remember any more, i’ll make a new list xD and in the meantime, i hope you all enjoy/have enjoyed these fics that i as well love!


On October 5, 1997, exactly 19 years ago, Kane made his debut at Badd Blood: In Your House during the first ever Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Tearing the steel door off of its hinges, it was at that moment he began his near 20-year career as the Big Red Machine, wreaking havoc and laying waste to everyone who crossed his path. 

While Glenn Jacobs has been with the WWE since 1995, he rose to prominence with his portrayal of Kane and has been one of the most adaptive, loyal and consistent workers in the company. 

Here’s to another year gone by, here’s to what the future holds for Kane!