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warnings: graphic smut, spanking, orgasm denial, daddy oppa kink, ass play

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“What are you staring at?” You chuckled, peering over the book you were reading to meet your boyfriend Namjoon’s gaze. It wasn’t unusual for him to stare, in fact it was rather ordinary. His eyes immediately pulled away from yours, wide with embarrassment as he pretended to work on his MacBook.

“Nothing.” He smiled shyly, his dimples piercing his cheeks in the most breathtaking way.

Despite being together for almost four years, your chest still bloomed at the littlest of things. His dimples, the way he would frown and chew his plump lips when he concentrated, how he could never write something down without ink finding a way to stain his hand. He was the leader of a famous Kpop group, Bangtan - or as they were more popularly and internationally known as; BTS. The two of you met in a small independent bookstore in Hongdae, Seoul. His charismatic charms and shy, sensitive personality won you over in a heartbeat, and you hadn’t looked back since.

Of course he wasn’t always shy and sensitive.

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Wanna Bet? III

Rich Fuckboy!Jimin x Reader


Warnings: SMUT. Oral (both), face sitting, rough, daddy kink, dirty talk

Word Count: 1,707

A/N: This is my fic, I’m just re-posting onto my sideblog

“I hope you don’t think I’m done with you, baby girl. I haven’t even fucked you yet.” Jimin looked at you with a smirk. He pushed you off of his thigh and moved down the bed so that his head was now on the pillow. He motioned for you to move closer to him, eyeing you as you crawled closer. When you got within his arm’s reach, Jimin grabbed your waist and brought you on top of him, facing his legs. He pulled you by your thighs, so that you were now hovering above his face, the realization of what he was about to do sinking in, “I’ve been dying to find out how you taste baby, don’t make me wait any longer.”

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Frances just wants her downstairs neighbour to stop playing guitar with his window open in the middle of the night and to finish her engineering degree in peace. But then comes a night when fixing an amp for Harry Styles of Hysterical Naked ‘fame’ (they’re only ‘famous’ on campus, but that may change soon) leads to an all-night adventure that ends at everyone’s favourite diner, and she finds herself wishing she’d never been introduced to his pretentious ass in the first place.

A uni/indie/ended-up-at-Denny’s AU

dandelion & burdock by @stylesprimes

Look at Me

@woah-broah said: “i was wondering if you could do an imagine of the reader and jughead always sharing glances at each other and being too shy to talk to each other at school. Ronnie and Archie end up getting tired of watching them not do anything and end up talking to them and set them up for a date at pops??”


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anonymous asked:

how do you know if you're in love? What do you think love is? Can love be suppressed?

I think you know you are in love when you think of that person, in passing, in busy moments, before sleeping. Some part of you is occupied by this person even when you are not aware of it. You feel tenderness for them in a way which is different from other acquaintances. Physicality comes into it - when you have a desire to be close to a person. When you want to hear them talk about the mundane and will listen willingly. When you want to kiss them and feel skin on skin. When you want to know everything about them. When you feel your insides light up when you see them. The one person you can imagine yourself being content with: in front of the sunset.. or say, staying inside with on a rainy day. Electricity has a lot to do with it. You know you are in love, somewhat, when someone makes you feel electric in their presence. They give you a energy which feels like electric blue.. or crimson red, or maybe its yellow toned. I think romantic love can sometimes switch on and off, but other kinds of love, are more consistent, flowing. So romantic love is something that takes time. Its gradual, like most wonderful things are.
Above all, love is acceptance. That goes for all kinds of love. Love is acceptance and welcoming. Romantic love is also, acceptance however its also a desire, a more prominent longing.. more of a hunger. Its difficult to describe how it differs from, say - platonic love, but romantic is heavier in intensity, in bodily intimacy, the desire to “have” someone and also let them “have” you. Its chemical, too. So its more of a crazed thing.
As for suppression: in order for that love to be actively suppressed there has to be a recognition that it is there to begin with. So can it truly be suppressed, perhaps to an extent no.. but also yes it can be. As humans, we are powerful with our minds. Love often scares us and we can draw ourselves away from anything that has the potential to make us vulnerable. Which is yet another key element of love: vulnerability. So sometimes we can suppress love. We can keep it inside us and make a ghost of it. I wonder how many people I would have fallen in love with if I wasn’t fearful of love. Love can and cant be suppressed…. I think

Heyo anyone wanna know how the kids were claimed in the Percy Jackson AU?  No?  Oh well!


  • Hades did not intend to claim Lance until right before he was 13, this was because of how he was sure Lance would be treated
  • however, Lance got himself into a tad bit of trouble with Charon in relation to his sister and her fare for the under world and Hades sort fit to claim Lance to get him out of that trouble (getting sercurity to handle your boss’ son is not the best way to go about getting a raise)
  • this was when lance was 8 and part of the reason lance became a full time camper.  lance didn’t expect everything to change when he went to camp but he was very, very wrong


  • Keith was claimed shortly after arriving at Camp Halfblood when he was 12
  • Mostly because it’s hard to pretend that kid giving electric shocks to everyone isn’t your son, you know? 


  • Hunk was claimed during his third summer at camp when he was 11
  • Everyone had already suspected who his father was though, for similar reasons to Keith, because this kid is the pride and joy of the forge who the hell else could be his father


  • Shiro was claimed early too
  • in fact he was claimed at his first bonfire with everyone else
  • the reason he was claimed then was because he’d been cleaned up, been able to do his make up again, and just generally looked incredibly pretty but clearly he could have looked better if he was claimed so obviously
  • Everyone swooned


  • since pidge is mortal she doesn’t have a godly parent to claim her
  • however, i figured i’d put in how she gets passed the barriers (now that i’ve read more books i know how this works).  Matt gave Pidge permission to come in once so they could spend a little more time together before she had to leave.
  • She cried her eyes out when she had to leave her big brother


  • no ones actually certain when allura was claimed
  • like everyone knows it happened but because allura’s father lives at the camp and allura grew up in the camp and everyone knew before she was claimed who her mother was no ones actually sure exactly when Athena claimed her


  • matt was claimed during his second summer at camp halfblood while messing aound with chemcials in the arts and crafts area
  • he didn’t even notice
  • like literally he was mixing away and trying not to make the chemicals explode and everyones watching because that’s Athena’s claim right there but they also didn’t want anything to explod so they didn’t tell him until after he was done and the claim was gone
  • No one will let him forget that he missed his own claiming


  • unlike lance, Zarkon was claimed young
  • this was mostly because, like Keith, Zarkon was going around during necromancy shit and it was just kind of obvious so Hades made it offical
  • Hades also hoped claiming Zarkon might give them a chance to talk because Hades was probably the first to notice Zarkons hatred towards mortals but Zarkon, unlike pretty much every halfblood, had no interest in his father


  • the galra as a whole just ignore claimings
  • they do this as a direct disrespect to the gods because while they do get claimed, they ignore the signs from their parents.  they’re sorted into whose likely their parent and set to work and thats just how it is
Aaron’s Top 7: Attractive Animated Males

I’m not a fan male designs in animation. At least, not in the way I’m going to be judging them in today’s list.

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Previously, I did a top 7 list of attractive female characters. The problem I had with that one was selecting characters based on personality over design with cosmetics being an aesthetic factor. With this list, the issue is reversed.

When you think of a male anime character, you think of a slim guy with slumped shoulders and a soft face. Any character that’s ‘masculine’ is often to an extreme to show how muscular they are. The point is that they look ‘pretty’. Just about 70% of male characters in anime can easily be redrawn as a girl. 

Which brings me to my issue with male characters in western cartoons. I can look at them and immediately tell who the protagonist is. You’re the comic relief. You’re the wise old mentor. You’re the token black character. Either that, or they’re animals. I like Stan Pines from Gravity Falls because they put a spin on the grumpy old man trope making him a greedy conman who doesn’t stop conning people as the show goes on. But design wise, I see him and go, ‘you’re the grump with a big heart’. And before you ask, no, that old dust buckle is nowhere near this list.    

I just became numb to designs of a lot of male characters since there’s so many men outnumbering females in media. I don’t really think about which one stands out. I’m just seeing how the character develops in the show. 

‘Nerd who wants to prove himself and has some sort of famous/prestigious family/background’. Let me guess, you just named 20 male characters in your head didn’t you? So why am I doing this list? Well, here are some characters who have a design that I found interesting with personalities to match. 

Same rules as the women’s list: 

Character comes before design. 

No villains/antagonist. 

Characters must be 18+.

It’s my list so if your hubby isn’t here…too damn bad.

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Guys Gals & Non-Binary pals, this is Animated Aaron’s Top 7 Attractive Animated Male Characters.

Honorable Mentions:

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John Stewart/Green Lantern-Justice League; Justice League Unlimited 

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Scar-FMA (Franchise) 


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He’s a fucking idiot. Know that you know why he’s at the bottom, he’s actually got one of the most unique designs in anime. As I said before, anime men are fucking twigs with slumped shoulders.

Goku is actually muscular in a way that isn’t comical like in most cartoons. He’s build like an Adonis, true, but he’s still very close to how a real human would look opposed to the over the top shit in stuff like ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’ or ‘Kenichi-The Mightiest Disciple’.

That being said, everyone tries to emulate the character. A big/powerful guy who’s as gentle as a bird and believes in the good of others while holding his ground for his beliefs. I’d like him a lot better if this dynamic didn’t create so many clones of the guy. Naruto, Luffy (One Piece), Gon Freecss (Hunter x Hunter), ect.  


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Spike Spiegel-Cowboy Bebop 

Alright. So while Goku is built like a brick house, Spike here is more on the slim side. Most men in anime don’t look like their balls have dropped despite being ‘martial arts experts’. Spike isn’t stacked but the few scenes where he’s shirtless prove that he’s got some meat. Again, he’s more how someone would realistically look given his fighting style. He’s quick on his feet and loose with his punches. He’s actively trying to wear the person down but knows where to hit them for a k.o if he’s in a hurry. 

He’s cocky but doesn’t go around bragging about his skills like most protagonist. Rash and impulsive but isn’t hyperactive. He’s just a cool dude with a checkered past. If the situation gets the best of him, he’ll let his wounds heal and go at it again. If there’s money involved that is. 

Whatever happens, happens.  


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Takashi Shirogane-Voltron LD

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Wanna Bet? III (M)

Rich Fuckboy!Jimin x Reader


Warnings: SMUT. Oral (both), face sitting, rough, daddy kink, dirty talk

Word Count: 1,707 

“I hope you don’t think I’m done with you, baby girl. I haven’t even fucked you yet.” Jimin looked at you with a smirk. He pushed you off of his thigh and moved down the bed so that his head was now on the pillow. He motioned for you to move closer to him, eyeing you as you crawled closer. When you got within his arm’s reach, Jimin grabbed your waist and brought you on top of him, facing his legs. He pulled you by your thighs, so that you were now hovering above his face, the realization of what he was about to do sinking in,“I’ve been dying to find out how you taste baby, don’t make me wait any longer.”

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Sensory friendly electric toothbrush

My dentist has recommended that I get an electric toothbrush for years, but just like many autistic people, electric toothbrushes get really overwhelming for me with the painful bristles and the buzz-y feeling in my gums. After talking to my dental hygienist about this, she recommended a newer brand of toothbrush, the Foreo Issa. I ended up getting the Mini version, and wow, I love it. 

This is what it looks like. The bristles, instead of the poke-y hard bristles of a regular toothbrush, are made of soft silicone, and I’ve actually started stimming by putting the head in my mouth and moving the bristles across my tongue. The  Mini version that I use is marketed towards kids, with a gentler vibration. I can even use it on my tongue, which is something I haven’t been able to do before, even with a manual toothbrush. Even though the Issa feels much gentler than a normal toothbrush, my teeth still feel clean and smooth.

The toothbrush also has several features that help me with executive dysfunction surrounding brushing my teeth. Every thirty seconds, the brush pulses once to signal that you should switch to a different part of your mouth (top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right). After two minutes, it pulses three times to let you know that you’ve brushed your teeth for long enough. If you are like me and easily lose track of time, this helps to keep you on track and gives you a routine to make sure you brush every part of your mouth. 

The Mini version that I have also lights up with a smiley face after you’ve brushed your teeth for two minutes, which is fun. In addition, if you have not brushed your teeth in over twelve hours, it lights up with a sad face. I thought this would be discouraging to me, but instead, it gives me an incentive to brush my teeth twice a day. 

Finally, one charge lasts for over 200 uses. It will last for much longer than a regular electric toothbrush which gives you fewer chances to forget to charge it. The head only needs to be replaced once a year, too, which takes away yet another complicated task to remember. 

Unfortunately, this toothbrush is rather expensive. The regular one costs $199 and the Mini one costs $119. I had to save up for a while to purchase it, but I think that it’s something that I will be able to use for years and years, and it’s been so helpful to me that it’s worth the money if you’re able. It’s sold online as well as at Sephora stores and is supposedly available worldwide. I really recommend this toothbrush to anyone, but especially to anyone with sensory issues or executive dysfunction who has trouble with regular toothbrushes. 

Control [Part 1 of 2]

Word Count: 5612 (I’m not gonna apologize)
Warnings: So much angst, murder, blood, use of the memory suppressing machine, true historical event, danger to the reader and Bucky, lots of confusion between realities, I’m sure there’s more. Sorry if I’ve forgotten anything!
Summary: @blazeshira’s request - “Hi! I saw that you had your requests open and I was wondering if you could do a Bucky fic where the reader was also given the serum & trained with him along with the other winter soldiers but they developed something before she was frozen along with the others & he forgot her until he went to Siberia w/ Steve & he sees her chamber & realizes she escaped before Zemo could kill her so he tries to find her? Fluffy fluff & some angst, please & thank you!”
   [song/title inspiration] [playlist
A/N: Yashira, you are a jewel. I loved this prompt so much even though it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever written. Thank you for the endless days of inspiration you’ve sent and for the support.
P.S. Sorry if any of the Russian is wrong. I used Google translator for all of it.
P.P.S. I’m very nervous about this one. It’s very much out of my comfort zone. There’s lots of angst, a couple of fight scenes, and Bucky as the Winter Soldier (which was nerve wracking all in its own). All the feedback is appreciated (and very much needed, honestly). Like I said before: I’m very nervous about this one. Please let me know what you think! I hope you all enjoy it!

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Your name: submit What is this?

Siberia, Russia; 1950

Wake up!

Huge hands wrap around your arms, yanking you from the cold. Your limbs thaw and grow slack around you. They feel like jelly, like they weren’t meant for you. Your legs won’t cooperate, they’re collapsing underneath you.

Yet, you’re still moving forward.


You fight through the haze as your head lolls around on your shoulders. Blinking rapidly, you focus your eyes on the soldiers above you. They’re holding you up. They’re dragging you to a chair. You try to put your legs beneath you to stop them, but the ground is moving too quickly underneath you. They shove you in a chair roughly, your head slamming against the headrest. Fear holds you there.

Your heart rate picks up alarmingly, your breath tears in and out of your nostrils.

You can’t focus on what was happening.

Eyes darting around the room, you try to take in anything. Anything substantial. Where are you? Kidnapped? Lost? Bright lights erupt around you, and you close your eyes tightly to shield them from the glare. Laughing. Swings. Beautiful long hair. Missing teeth. You squint up at one soldier, his stony features undisturbed by your frightened voice. “Please. My Bella–my sister? Where is–”

A hand slaps you hard across the face, tearing your dry lip. You feel heat bloom on your face immediately. “Вы здесь не задавать вопросы.”
You are not here to ask questions.

Blood runs down your chin, hot and thick. You want to ask why you were here; but you stop yourself, fearful that the soldier would hit you again. You try to remember where you were, what you were doing here.

Panic rises like bile in your throat. You can’t remember anything further from waking up. Except your sister. So solid and true. Beyond a shadow of doubt, you knew that girl with the missing teeth was your sister. You could hear her laugh. Where was she–?

The two soldiers were speaking to each other above your ragged breathing. Metal clamps made their way around your upper and forearms, restraining you to the chair. Your eyes dart from one clamp to another, back to the soldiers, and around the room. Their accents were thick as they spoke rapidly. You could understand most of what they said. When had you learned Russian–?

“Она вспоминает свою сестру. Лечение не работало.”
She remembers her sister. The treatment did not work.

“Зола не будет счастлив. Она показала обещание, прежде чем вернуться в крио.”
Zola will not be happy. She showed promise before going back into cryo.

One soldier shoves a rubber mouth guard through your lips, causing you to choke. He steps back. The machine surrounding you suddenly comes to life and crowds around s around your face. Your panic spiked, your breath ripping out of your lungs. “What’s happening?!” You shriek around the mouthpiece.

“Wipe her.” You heard a disgusted voice, full of disappointment.

You scream around the rubber in your mouth as searing, undeniable pain shoots its way through your system.

Siberia, Russia; 1957

Again and again, you awaken with shouts and commands to move. New handlers surround you, yanking you from your chamber if you didn’t move quickly enough. Each time, your panic subsides more quickly, replaced by defiance. You argued out of spite. Telling the HYDRA scum that you could not be contained. You thought you were putting a very bold middle finger out into their system, but you realized that all you were doing was hurting yourself. You were tying yourself down. You were giving yourself the electric volts straight into your cranium. Your actions caused your own discomfort, caused you to forget yourself again and again.

Your defiance crumbles into submission quickly enough. You learn to stop speaking out of turn. You learn to comply. You keep your questions to yourself, knowing whatever information you’re supposed to know will be given to you.

There are others like you – stoic, silent, deadly. Bred to be killers. You train with them daily, honing in your skills as assassins. There’s one that catches your eye immediately.

The Asset.

He observes, mostly. Stalking around you and the others, eyes sharp, as if he’s waiting for one of you to attack him or the handlers. There’s enough weapons around – you could. You entertain the thought of throwing a knife straight between one of the guards’ eyes and dismiss it. No need to get yourself in trouble.

You’re sparring with a man who’s easily three times your size. He keeps coming at you, relying on his hulking size to drive his knife into you. But you’re lithe and strong. As he charges towards you, you widen your stance. Grabbing his knife-wielding hand, you twist it until it’s pressed against his back. He drops the weapon and falls to his knees with a sickening crack as you shove his arm between his shoulder blades. You push him into the ground and sit atop his back, smirking in victory as he wails and concedes below you.

You hear a chuckle amidst the grunting and yelling of your counterparts. You look up to find the Asset watching you. His mouth turned up in the slightest amused smile as he passes by. Your heart is hammering. Scrambling off your partner’s back, you await nervously for some kind of review.

He locks his cold blue eyes with yours, making you feel nervous and exposed for the first time in a long time. Your stomach knotted in on itself while your chest heaved, trying to regain composure. The ghost of a smile is gone from his features. “Еще раз.”

The Winter Soldier never spoke to you or your comrades. He never gave orders, never offered advice. He always circled around diligently like a hawk. His voice was smooth as silk as the command rang out. You smiled to yourself, a small victory won.

It became your goal to have him recognize you routinely after that. You pulled out all the stops during training. You hoped for his steely stare to critique your form. You wished he would spar with you himself. You desperately wanted to hear his voice again.

What was this feeling coming over you?

Siberia, Russia; 1963

You wake, feeling your body thaw from the cryofreeze and make your way to the chair without the assistance of the guards. They still surround you, hands on their guns. As if it was necessary, you scoff. You were one of the most well behaved soldiers in the program. You sit up straight, proud and elegant, awaiting your orders.

They probably wanted to send you out on a discreet mission to take care of a small nuisance. That’s all they ever took you out for. Two men burst through the door, striding purposefully toward you. Your breath hitches in your throat. One of them is a three piece, looking harried and important. The other–it’s him. The Winter Soldier.

“цель миссии.”
Mission objective.

The higher up in the suit shoves a folder in front of your face. You take it silently, sneaking a glance to the Asset before flipping through the pages to find a picture of a very young and powerful Senator – or whom you thought was still a Senator.

The man explains who the target is, that he is the current President of the United States. If he continues to hold office, he will dismantle everything that HYDRA has worked so hard to achieve. He goes on to tell you that you will accompany your comrade and over a dozen handlers. You keep your face stony and impassive, but your heart is beating wildly, pumping adrenaline through your system.

You’re going out on a real mission! Not some piddly scraps. And with–and with the Asset. This was huge. You wanted to express some kind of thanks, some kind of appreciation, but you keep your lips sealed, read the file, and wait for further instruction.


You look up at the young man in the suit. He seems impatient, like he has somewhere better to be, and do more important things than tell you who you’re going to murder today. A slow smile pulls on the corner of your lips as you quietly rasp, “Я согласен.”
I accept.

He nods as you rise from your seat and fall in step with the Asset. His metal appendage brushes against yours metronomically as you walk. It glints in the light from the overhanging lamps, and you realize the rest of your team has assembled behind you. Looking back discreetly, you notice a fairly large gang of the hardest looking men you’ve seen yet.

You suddenly wonder what year it was. The last time they took you out for a mission was in 1958 to arrange some ‘accidents’ for two political officers in Europe who were trying to shed light on subjects that were better to stay in the dark.

It didn’t matter. You were just curious.

Dallas, Texas, United States; 1963

You noticed that the Asset didn’t speak unless he was giving orders. You paid close attention the the orders he was giving to the other soldiers, noting the importance of the tasks and the sequence they were given in.

You were there as number two in command. Dedicated to protecting your comrade and take the mission over if anything were to happen to him. Nothing would, you knew that. The Asset was very good at what he did. His skills were the peak of excellence.

Lying on a rooftop, you and the Asset overlook the crowd that has gathered to line the street. He’s lying low, hiding behind his sniper. You’re on your belly beside him, pressed together from your shoulder to hip. Both watching as the motorcade slowly comes into your line of sight.

“Солдат,” his voice was low as his grip tightened on his gun. “идти вниз к обочине. Убедитесь в том, что я не видел.” He lifted his eye from the scope, his icy blue gaze piercing you. “Когда это закончится, встретиться со мной на свидание точке.”
Soldier, go down to the sidelines. Make sure I’m not seen. When this is finished, meet me at the rendezvous point.

You nod, lifting yourself on your knees before answering, “Да сэр.”
Yes sir.

You make your way down the building as quickly as you can. Taking off your mask, you tie it to your belt. You won’t blend in, not with this catsuit on; but, at least you won’t look completely like a suspicious fiend. Sunlight floods your eyes as you make your way out of the building and towards the throngs of people. They are all pressing as close as they can towards the street just to get a glimpse of this man.

You receive a couple of looks for your attire, but no one pays you any mind. You take in all the faces around you. Families, mostly. Children on their fathers’ shoulders talking excitedly as they wait. Women in pretty dresses, hanging onto the arms of men. People start to waive as the vehicles come closer.

One shot rings out, and it’s mass chaos. People scatter, ducking their heads beneath their hands, trying to find shelter. They’re all stupid fools, you think as you watch them all scramble around you. You’re an island, strong and anchored in these waves of disorder, still scanning the crowds for any danger to your comrade.

Another shot reverberates as people start to cry out. Policemen who had been assigned as escorts for the motorcade draw their weapons and search for the assailant. Your eyes stay glued on them, flickering to the black convertible. The car is nearly next to you, and you see that the objective is wounded, but not dead. You’re sure the Asset sees that, too.

One of the officers’ eyes go wide. He raises his pistol to the roof that your comrade is on. He’s inexperienced, you can tell. There is no way the officer will be able to shoot him. But, your mission is to keep the Asset safe. You quickly draw a handgun from one of the holsters on your body and shoot him twice in the chest. The civilians around you scream and scurry away, holding onto and protecting one another.

The final shot resonates and strikes the objective directly in the head, effectively killing him. A small smirk finds its way to your features before you realize you have to leave post hastily. You put your mask back on, covering the bottom half of your face; and walk between the clambering people who are still trying to find some refuge.

“Miss! Stop!” Someone calls, and you turn to see two officers chasing after you. Your gun is still in your hand; and you raise it, shooting the men without a second thought and watching as they fall to the ground.

Four of your handlers find you within minutes. You all make your way to a car that’s a little further away from the commotion. One soldier breaks into it, and you all load up and drive off before the authorities can think to put up barricades. When the handler that is driving is sure that you’re not being followed, he heads to the edge of the city.

You make it to the helicopter and are relieved to see the Asset is standing, waiting with half a dozen of his handlers. His mask is off, slung around one of his belt loops. You realize that yours is still on and remove it. After you exit the car, it drives away – no doubtedly to be abandoned somewhere.

As you make your way to the helicopter, the blades come to life, swirling the air around you. You look up at your comrade, hoping your face is expressing the relief that he’s there and alive. The corners of your mouth pull up into a small smile.

His hair is whipping across his face obstructing it from view, but you don’t miss the tiny smile he returns. The Asset holds out his hand to help you into the helicopter, and climbs in after you. A jolt runs through you as he sits next to you. There’s little to no space between the seats, so you’re pressed together shoulder to hip to knee. He’s warm and smells of metal and leather and something musky that has to be his normal scent. You fight the urge to lean your cheek against his shoulder. Sitting up straight and stoic instead.

Jakarta, Indonesia; 1978

Two sides of the same coin.

That’s the greatest thing that the handlers had to say after your first mission with the Asset. You and the Winter Soldier worked in perfect synchronization together. After that, you went on tons of missions with him. Your ability to follow orders and your judgement call in a tight situation became valuable to the Asset.

Through the decade at his side, you earned the name Foxglove. The Asset took to calling you that instead of his customary, “Soldier,” or “Comrade.” He said it was deceptively fitting; that you were also a soft, beautiful, and deadly flower. Those kinds of comments made your heart flutter in your chest.

Although you two hardly spent any ‘personal’ time together, you felt a connection with him. A deep understanding flowed between the two of you. It was something to be treasured, you didn’t feel this for any of your other comrades.

Especially not the ones you were forced to get along with.

You were on an undercover mission. A scientist in Indonesia was close to a breakthrough. Creating a new element. You had to go in, gain his trust and steal his work before killing him. This was no problem. You’ve done it countless times before, or so you’ve been told. But, you didn’t expect this man to try and be so personable with you. He was very forward, trying to get you to go out with him or work late with him whenever permissible. You hated it, but you had to go along with it for the sake of the mission.

“Come on, Amanda,” Hasan pleads, using the fake name you’d given, gently grabbing your hand. “I am so close! Just stay a couple more hours?”

You were posing as an American student who had come to Jakarta to learn more about this field. It was very hard to not revert back to your usual Russian, but you pulled off an American accent beautifully. “I can’t tonight, Hasan! I’m going out with my friends. Maybe we can come in early instead?”

The scientist pulled you close, drawing little designs on the back of your hand. “I was hoping to take you to dinner afterward.” His accent was thick and you struggled to not kick him away from you.

Your skin crawled the longer he touched you, so you pushed him away as playfully as you could. “Maybe just coffee in the morning?” You smiled and kicked an eyebrow at him before turning away.

“But–I don’t know what you like!” He calls, trying to get you to stay.

You pull open the door and repress a sigh. Turning, you plaster the delicate smile on your face. “You’ll figure it out.”

Your face falls out of the fake smile and you cannot put enough distance between yourself and this lab. You dash to the elevator, out of the building, and hailing a cab in record time.

When you get to your ‘home,’ you know the Asset is already there. You can practically feel him brooding and sulking on the other side of the door. You shove your key in the lock and push the door open, quietly calling, “Honey, I’m home!”

You laugh at yourself and flick on the lights. Sure enough, he’s sitting in his usual armchair with a deadly pout on his face. Despite your lack of a true relationship, you felt the need to tease him. “I’m guessing you saw Hasan begging me to stay late with him?”

He’s silently watching you as you put down your purse and kick off your shoes. You come to sit on the couch closest to him, tucking your feet under you. You lean your chin into your hand and smile, goading him to reply.

“I saw him hanging on you.” His voice was low and scratched its way out of his throat, promising some kind of danger. His eyes locked on yours, you saw the fire burning within them. “I almost shot him.”

You smiled, but what he said was lost on you. Your heart suddenly raced, your head falling into your hands. The world feels like it’s slowing down as your breath tears from your lungs.

“Isabella, stop hanging on your sister! She has to go! “

You snap back like a rubberband and sit up, looking around for the owner of the voice.

The Asset is kneeling in front of you, concern painting his features. His hand comes up to cup your jaw. “Fox, what’s wrong?”

As you take in his features, you feel like you know him. Not just as the Winter Soldier, or the Asset, or your comrade. There was something more behind this wall in your mind. You felt like you were seeing more clearly.

“Did you remember something?”

You sucked a breath in and nodded minutely. This was bad. You knew it. The handlers would not be happy–

He knows you’re starting to panic as he strokes his knuckles across your cheek. His voice is gravelly, but gentle. “Keep it to yourself, okay? Don’t let your handlers–hey, look at me.” You lock your gaze with his steely eyes. “The mission comes first.”

You nod, not knowing what else to do. Closing your eyes, you reign yourself back in. You have to ignore the itching thoughts in the back of your mind. The mission. Focus. You need this or the whole world could collapse into utter chaos.

You tell yourself these things, but you can’t help the question that bubbles up from you.

“Are we doing the right thing?” It’s quiet, and you’re not sure he’s heard you. You hardly heard yourself, but the guilt that comes with the thought of killing this innocent man consumes you.

Hasan has his breakthrough the next day, and the mission is finished. You and the Asset make his death look like an accident and go back to Siberia for your mission report.

Zola knows about your own breakthrough. You don’t know how, but he does. You and the Asset are always sent to the memory suppressing machine after missions, but this time was more purposeful. He kept you under the machine until he was sure you were a blank slate.

New York City, New York, United States; 1999

You come to find out that you’re unstable around the Winter Soldier. He’s more volatile around you, too. Your deep connection causes you both to become more lucid as the years go by. It was growing difficult to complete a mission when you were both together. But, the Asset had gotten to the point where he refused to go on a mission unless you were beside him. He would argue, telling the soldiers, or Karpov, or even Director Pierce, that he trusted you above anyone else. Wiping him did nothing. You were constantly in his mind.

You were dependent on him, even after having your memories suppressed time and time again. The moment you see him, you know there is a link there. You trigger each other’s memories out in the field more often than not. You had convinced each other to run away together more times than you could count. You thought that with your combined skills that HYDRA wouldn’t find you, but they always did.

HYDRA tried to keep you separated from the Winter Soldier, but certain missions required both of your skills.

You’re both currently sitting on a rooftop, the target’s home in your line of sight. The Asset is next to you, shoulder to shoulder, tracing the lines on your palm. Moments like this are rare where both your handlers and his are absent. This deep relationship you feel with the the Asset makes you wonder how long you’ve actually known him and why HYDRA keeps wiping him from your mind.

You felt like you had to be next to him. It wasn’t possessive, or even the knowledge that you’re supposed to protect him. It’s more like a confirmation that he’s there, that this man you share a bond with is a true physical being. Having him beside you helps you confirm that this link isn’t just some made up theory in your head.

“Maybe we should disappear,” you whisper into the night. The Asset’s light touches stop and you look up at him to see fear in his blue eyes.

“Do you remember what happened last time?” His voice is loaded with feeling, making you desperately wish you could remember anything. You kicked at the wall in your mind, trying to have any memory come back to you. Shaking your head, you grasped his hand and laced your fingers together. You glance over to the target’s home and see he’s still glued to the television.

“They caught us before we made it out of the country,” A dark look passed over his face. “I can’t tell you what they did to you when we got back to Siberia.”

You nodded, dropping your gaze to his thumb, watching as it made gentle, soothing arcs across the back of your hand. You feel trapped, like no matter what you do, you’ll always belong to HYDRA. You pushed the thought far from you and shifted closer to him. “I think I had a dog.”

You both did this sometimes – assumed things about who you were before being part of HYDRA. He chuckled and you peeked over at him. His smiles were so rare. You liked the way his eyes crinkled around the edges. “I see you as more of a cat person.”

You hum thoughtfully. “Maybe I had both. I remember Paris. A creek by our house, maybe?” You shake your head, hearing the little girl’s laugh. You hear her laugh all the time when you try to remember things.

The Asset squeezes your hand, shaking the weight of the memories from you. “I remember a living room. Couch cushions on the floor. A nurse.”

You crack a smile. “This got very adult-themed.”

He realizes how it sounds and blushes. You save the image of the light dusting of pink across his cheeks with a sense of pride. “No! Fox, you’re–” he laughs quietly. “I think the nurse was my mother? I don’t know, but it feels like home.”

“Do you think we would have found each other if this hadn’t happened to us?” you ask suddenly, brows knit together. “I don’t know if you feel it, but there’s a connection here–”

He nods instantly, obviously relieved that you feel the same thing he does. “Fox, there’s only one thing I’m thankful for.” His cybernetic hand comes up to cup your cheek.

You lean into his cool touch. “What’s that?”

“Finding you.”

You gasped, holding your breath with the tension you felt. The Asset combed his fingers through your hair, tucking it behind your ear, before pulling your face up. His eyes were more expressive than you had ever seen them. His thumb brushed against your cheekbone as you tilted your head and closed your eyes. You felt his breath fan across your mouth before his lips molded to yours with the faintest bit of pressure.

His phone went off, loud and annoying, and you jumped away from him like a jolt of electricity ran through you. Gasping, you press a hand to your mouth and walk away from him. Shit, shit, shit! Repercussions were going to be harsh. Your handlers were going to know–they were going to find out. They were going to wipe you both – or worse. You knew it. You tried to pull yourself together and focus on the Russian that he was fluently speaking into the phone.

“Да, сэр, я понимаю.”
Yes sir, I understand.

The Asset flipped the phone closed and put it in one of his pockets. “Fox,” he reached out for you, fingers brushing against your shoulder. You turned to him. His eyes were wide with concern. You knew he had to be thinking the same things you were. “We have to leave.”

You nodded, not trusting your voice, and followed behind him. You tried to bite your lips to rid them of the feeling of his against yours, but the tingling persisted.

Siberia, Russia; 1999

The flight back to base was quiet and tense. The handlers seemed more distant than usual, but you tried to act normally. As soon as you arrived on base, a soldier came up to you and the Asset, purpose and authority in his stride. “Карпов хочет, чтобы вы два для отчета миссии.”
Karpov wants you two for mission report.

This was unusual. After a mission, you and the Asset would turn in your weapons, clean yourselves up if needed, deliver the mission report, go to the machine, then back to cryo. You shared a look with your comrade, hoping he would understand the change. He tilted his chin forward, telling the officer to lead the way. His features softened as he glanced at you, his eyes flashing with worry before becoming reassuring.

Your arm brushes against the Asset’s flesh arm as you stayed in step down the hall. Two soldiers start walking in front of you, now; and nearly half of your team from the mission follows behind you. They all have their weapons. You consciously have to remind yourself to keep your face impassive, even though your heart is thundering in your chest. Your mind has one single thought on a loop as you enter the room:

They know, they know, they know.

Karpov is sitting towards the back of the room at a table. Two empty chairs wait for you and the Asset on the other side. Your escort party disperses around the room, all hands on a weapon, ready and waiting. You sit and wait anxiously for the report. Your commanding officer’s eyes pierced into you both. “Доклад миссии.”
Mission report.

The Asset dove into the report, telling Karpov that you both watched the objective, trying to find a way to get him cornered on his own. The mission cut short because he had ordered you both back before the mission was complete–

Karpov dismissed the Asset with a scoff, turned to you and asked for a mission report. You looked at him questioningly, then at your comrade.

“Сэр, я запутался. Зачем вы меня спрашиваете? Он говорил вам, что мы делаем.”
Sir, I’m confused. Why would you ask me? He was telling you what we were doing.

You know as soon as the words leave your mouth that this was the wrong move. You do not question your commanding officer when you’re in Winter Soldier mode. You obey. You comply. You’ve given yourself away, now. Karpov’s eyes glint with understanding, and now you know that he is also aware. He’s aware you’ve had another breakthrough. He’s aware that you and the Asset took an opportunity to isolate yourselves from your handlers. He knows about your kiss.

You blanche and gnaw at your lip. You drop your stoic facade as you feel the Asset tense beside you. He’s figured it out, as well.

“Ваши обработчики сообщили мне о ваших действиях. С этого момента, вам запрещено работать вместе. Отведите его к стулу.”
Your handlers have informed me of your actions. From here on out, you are forbidden to work together. Take him to the chair.

You and the Asset stand, yelling out in protest. He flips the table, grabs your arm, and orders you to run. An alarm is blaring, soldiers are pouring into the vast room, blockading you both in. The Asset pulls a gun from one of the holsters and starts shooting. You do the same. The handlers start dropping one by one, and you have a small glimmer of hope that you’ll be able to make it out this time. The Asset’s cybernetic hand is still wrapped around your arm, holding you close, assuring you’re safe.

Your hopes are smashed as the Asset is shot, a pained cry leaving his lips. You turn to him on instinct and start to check him for his wound. Your momentary distraction causes a soldier to come up behind you, pinning your arms between in his own and effectively disarming you. There’s too many of them. You watch, helplessly, as the Asset is taken to the machine that will wipe him. You’re faintly aware that another soldier is digging through  your various pockets and holsters, ridding you of your weapons. As soon as the Asset’s strapped to the chair, you lose all will to fight. Your knees give out beneath you, and if the soldier weren’t still holding you up, you would be crumpled on the floor.

Karpov shoves a rubber guard into the Asset’s mouth and the face guards come down. Your heart is thundering in your chest as you try to think of something–anything to make this stop. You know nothing will work.

The soldier detaining you chuckles as the Asset starts to scream in pain. “Вы не будете так повезло, Фокси. Он новый кулак HYDRA. Вы неудобством. Они будут прекратить вас.”
You will not be so lucky, Foxglove. He is the new fist of HYDRA. You are an inconvenience. They will terminate you.

Your heart races at his words. You cannot let this happen. Scanning the room, you see that a lot of the soldiers had left to go back to their posts. Now or never, you will never get another chance.

You tighten your arms in his, and rear your head back as hard as you can. You hear a nauseating crunch. He cries out in pain as he releases you. You take a knife from a sheath on the back of your suit and cut one soldier’s throat before he can draw a gun. You wield it, stepping closer to Karpov. “Let him go,” you spit.

He laughs, pulling the alarm again. Its siren wailing loud and obnoxious. “Это не закончится хорошо для вас.”
This will not end well for you.

You swallow, hearing the thundering of footsteps. He’s right. You have to make a choice. Now.

You spare a glance at the Asset, who is still screaming in pain underneath the machine, as the first soldiers make their way back to the room, guns drawn and firing. You dodge them, making your way to an exit that’s not yet flooding with soldiers.

You don’t get far down the hall before bullets ring out around you. You look behind you to see four guards firing at you, and you hear more coming into the corridor in front of you. You stop and consider your options for only a second before you run and collide through the window.

You hold your breath as you’re airborne, bullets flying by you. You feel two bites – one in your leg, another in your back. You tuck and roll as you hit the ground, crying out in pain, and get up as swiftly as you can. Gunshots and alarms are resounding behind you, motivating you to keep moving forward until you’re safe.

[Part 2]


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900! What the fuck!
  1. Are you okay?
    My camera gives me electric shock treatments when i press the button
  2. I can’t believe that this is the third time this year alone that I’m giving you money to escape the cops to Mexico
  3. ”How long weddings usually take?”
    ”I don’t have no clue. Usually I’m only invited to after parties or if even invited…”
  4. You’re on parole, don’t risk it
  5. Please tell me you went to the hospital to get your shoulder checked and didn’t pop it back in yourself
  6. “What’s that?” Olivia asked, watching as Tony, not so discreetly, pushed the object off the desk
  7. “I’m not the one who killed dad!”
    “Is that what Linda has been telling you? That I killed dad?”
  8. Is that a knife? Well, okay? It’s kind of creeping me out, so can you put it down?
  9. “I think I’m having a heart attack!”
    ”No, you’re not! Just take my hand!”
  10. I just need a ride, no pressure to actually talk
  11. I can blame many things on you. But not this.
  12. Are you too stupid to understand what stop means?
  13. You’ve been spitting blood to my sink the past hour and half; finally want to explain what’s going on?
  14. You think connecting your fist with his face will get him to talk?
  15. Tobey, watch your eleven.
  16. Sorry, my folks and I aren’t the most functional family
  17. I almost got hit by a flying saw blade!
  18. ”Well, I was hoping my eventful story, than you just got accidentally called that in school..”
    ”Not everyone can get their nicknames in space!”
  19. Blair, wake the boys up. We can’t stay here.
  20. I’m starting to think this is not the right fucking tool
  21. Could you at least wait until I’m not under your car!
  22. Just breathe. You hear that, buddy? Sirens are coming!
  23. What are you going to do? Kill me in front of these people?
  24. ”What kind of plan is it to run towards the firing squad?”
    ”The greatest of bad plans ever!”
  25. Josiah, don’t do anything stupid before telling me. Boyd, watch him.
  26. Watch your head, boy. These will cut your head clean off
  27. French Quarter gets bit torturous at this time of night… just be dangerous
  28. Fuckit, man. My legs are broken all fucking over
  29. What the absolute fuck is going in here?!
  30. He has no sense of boundaries when he’s drunk.
  31. Of course mob boss would operate from slaughter house, what was i thinking?
  32. Wait, what the hell are they doing? Is that dancing?
  33. “Where the hell does a fourteen-year-old even get cocaine?”
    “Would he sell for them?”
    “Who wouldn’t he sell to?”
  34. ‘’Do you know what she did? She went against direct orders and –“
    “Captain Groen!”
  35. “He’s in a bar on third street.”
    “How do you know?”
    “I don’t know about you but I like to keep taps on people have tried to murder me”
  36. “She’s navy? Why’s she not in our database?”
    “Special ops?”
  37. Yeah well I don’t care who you are, grab my arm again and I’ll kick your teeth out
  38. Lock the place down, Dmitri
  39. She left on private plane from Opa-locka airport two hours ago.
  40. You don’t want to be part of this.
  41. You have blood on your lip.
  42. That’s hell of a way to show affection, my man
  43. “What are you doing?”
    “Ripping C4 off a bomb.”
  44. “I’m a bookie, not a kidnapper!”
    “You’re also a priest, but that hasn’t stop you before!”
  45. “This ain’t so bad, yeah?”
    “Mate, I have a fuckin’ bullet in my neck!”
  46. I’m drunk, scared and I have a gun!
  47. “Oh God, stop moving your leg, woman!”
    “What? Is my knee popping making you uncomfortable?”
  48. ”How dare you! I know fashion.”
    “You own four pairs of shoes, and one of them are cowboy boots”
  49. “So, you decided to spend the whole night stabbing the table?”
    “I think I could have done worse”
  50. Mandy, you have to get him to the hospital. Because, if Tommy dies I’ll make sure you get charged with manslaughter and put in prison for rest of your life, understand me?
  51. ”What’s this?”
    ”You wanted evidence that James Cuesta was involved? Well, that’s it.”
    “Where did you get this?”
    “Will you get me arrested if I tell you.”
  52. “You should have thought of that when you broke my nose!”
    “It was broken before I touched it”
    “And you managed to make it worse!”
  53. I simply cannot hide you anymore
  54. I worked over 120 hours this week
  55. She knew she had change if she could play her cards right
  56. Get me to Greece! I promise you won’t hear about me, never again.
  57. “It’s 200 yards, give or take. You think you can make it?”
    “Our other plan is to sit on this rock for rest of our lives?”
  58. He killed her! Oh my God he killed her! She’s dead!
  59. The woman walked in the bar heels in her hand, and the bartender seemed to know exactly what to pour her
  60. She haven’t eaten solid food in two weeks
  61. Somehow I always end up babysitting people’s kids. 
  62. It was very early hours of November when they crawled out of a backseat of someone’s Cadillac
  63. My boob is bruised!
  64. Please stop being asshole to me..
  65. “No shame huh?”
    “None what so ever.”
  66. Woah dad, that’s the most dysfunctional idea of love I’ve ever heard
  67. “Hi, can I complain?”
    “Sure, but you’re on speaker and there’s people.”
    “Like I will ever meet them, but listen up -”
  68. We have to be in the car in five minutes!
  69. I’m such a shitty girlfriend. I don’t know why he let me drive his Ferrari…
  70. Julian was halfway passing out from vodka martinis as Matthias dragged his brother through the doorway
  71. Where do you even steal a bus?
  72. It took couple days for her brain to catch up to what had really happened 

I’m trying to do a 400 prompt set for the 1000 follower celebration, sorry that this was only 70.

Heavy Metal (Part Two)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Language

Summary: You have been HYDRA’s secret weapon since you were a little girl. You were injected with Vibranium and were given a chip to control the metal flowing through your body, making you invincible. When The Avengers attack your base you fight back, believing that The Avengers are the bad guys. When they defeat you, they take you back to the compound. They try to convince you that HYDRA is bad, and with the help of Bucky Barnes they might be able to do so.

Word Count: 1.271

Originally posted by evanslovely

You woke up with a horrendous headache. You groaned as you pried open your eyes. You were met with bright light shining right into your eyes and you closed them again.

You tried to roll over, but your hands were restrained. You reluctantly opened your eyes again and looked at you hands. They were handcuffed to the bed you were in.

You frowned and looked around the room. It was a hightech room, not like the one they had in the base. Several machines stood beside your bed and were showing you vitals.

You laid down your head down on the pillow and took in the seriousness of the situation. You were most probably taken by The Avengers and had no way of escaping.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Hi. School is currently exhausting me, especially waking up at five in the A.M. Do you have any wake-up, easy to make or obtain tea options for poor, newbie student witch? I know I could easily get some Earl Grey, but I was hoping you had witchy ideas?

I’m actually really glad that you said Earl Grey because it is my secret obsession. I fucking love Earl Grey tea!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH!!!!!!

Okay, back to the Problem at hand-

Here’s my recommendations/suggestions:

  • Green Tea (its crazy good for you too!)
  • Empowering sugar with extra energy
  • Drawing sigils with any creamers/flavourers
  • Visualization
    • Fill the cup with sparking electricity to give you an extra jolt!
    • Pour in some extra energy for clarity and a clear mind
  • As you cool the tea, or mix in anything, stir clockwise to promote awakeness!
  • Similarly, stir counterclockwise to banish any feelings of fatigue or weariness from you while you drink!
  • Personalizing mugs/to-go cups
    • it’s easy to get blank mugs and paint/design them
    • You can draw sigils on the cup,
    • you can decorate the whole cup with symbolism that you relate to being wide eyed, like lightning bolts, wide open eyes, winged shoes for speed, a sunrise, and more

Okay I’m running out of ideas at the moment! But hopefully this gave you a place to start! 

I would also suggest some mundane tips, including but not limiting

  • Going to bed at a good time
  • not eating right before bed
  • not drinking anything caffeinated at least three hours before bed
  • turning off the t.v., laptops, and cell phones
Weekend Plans

Ships: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 3000-ish 

Originally posted by infinitblaq

The entire week you had been bombarded with work, having to stay overtime everyday while the rest of your colleagues went out for drinks. Since you decided to take the weekend off, for once, your boss made you- and only you- work to the bone this week.

Things hadn’t been that great outside of work either. Your best friend had been busy with her own issues too, so you couldn’t talk much. Another one of your close friends had been really distant of late which made you anxious- did you piss her off, or did she just need some space? You didn’t know what to think. In the end, you gave up, since you couldn’t keep up with the immense pressure that this added to your already towering pile of stress.

You weren’t able to see Yoongi either. He was so busy with his concert, dance practice, fan meets and everything, that it became almost impossible to catch a moment with him alone. You couldn’t blame him for that, though; you understood what you were getting into when you fell in love with him.

Calling it- what you were going through right now- difficult would be a serious understatement. You couldn’t go out in public in order to protect not only his image, but also to prevent you from being slaughtered by his fan base. You couldn’t blame the fans, though, since you had been a BTS fan yourself long before you met Yoongi and started going out with him.

And every time you thought of it, your breath would catch in your throat- you still couldn’t believe that YOU were dating THE Min Yoongi. It was like you were living out your wildest and most exciting dream. Which you were, technically.

But you couldn’t take it anymore. You had to see him. After all-

Seeing him would make everything. 

You knew you would be alright, once you laid your eyes on him.

You drove down to the concert hall where they were supposed to be having their concert. Thankfully you had taken his manager’s number the last time you were having dinner with the group, so you didn’t have to struggle too much to get inside.

And, sure enough, he was waiting for you outside so that he could take you directly backstage.  You were wearing an oversized black hoodie with jeans so that no one could see you. You realized, with an awed smile, that BTS wasn’t the only group having a concert there. There were GOT7, SHINee, and a bunch of other absolutely talented groups that you didn’t really know all that well. It made you really proud, sometimes, seeing how popular BTS grew, after clawing their way up from the bottom.

Once they were done with their performance Yoongi began walking towards the changing room when he saw you waiting for him. 

“Y/N-ah, Are you okay?” He asked, eyes showing concern and his hands moving up to your cheeks as he wiped the few stray tears that flowed down. 

“I’m…I’m fine. I just needed to see you” You cried, burying your head in his shoulder as he pulled you in his embrace. 

“Jagi…” He cooed softly, brushing his hands through your hair that calmed you down. 

“All you need is some food and rest. How about you head home and get some rest. I’ll be right behind you. Don’t forget about our plans for the weekend” He spoke softly before pressing an encouraging kiss on your forehead. 

Knowing better than to go against the man’s wishes, you decided to head back home. Your stomach began to growl on the way which brought you to the realization that you had completely forgotten to eat. 

You got to your apartment and cooked some food for yourself. The whole incident had left you starving and craving ramyun. You took a quick shower and decided to watch TV until Yoongi got back.

Your mood had gone from being absolute shit to rather pleasant when you realised that you were done with all your work and that you’d be having Min Yoongi all to yourself for an entire weekend. 

Well…you were feeling more than just pleasant. 

An hour had passed by but Yoongi wasn’t home but you needed him. You could feel the heat in you grow hotter by the second. You couldn’t take it any longer.

You put one of your hands inside your underwear and started rubbing your clit while the other touched your breast. You were imagining Yoongi doing all of this, placing his hands on your body, playing with you, teasing you, devouring you. Before you knew you had started moaning, but this wasn’t enough to satisfy you. You wanted more. You needed more. You needed him.

He walked into the house to find you missing. He checked the kitchen, the living room but didn’t find you there but then caught a sliver of light coming from your bedroom. He peeked inside to see if you had fallen asleep. He would’ve woken you up even if you were sleeping but that wasn’t the case.What he saw made his dick twitch involuntarily. It evoked excitement with a mix of anger and annoyance in him. He saw you touching yourself which annoyed him because he wanted to be the only one in charge of your pleasure.

“Yoongi-” You moaned in a low tone. Knowing that you were masturbating to the thought of him turned him on so much.

“What do you think you’re doing Y/N!” Yoongi demanded, unable to hold himself back.

But before you could respond Yoongi spoke again:

“You know I hate it when you start without me. Now I’m going to have to show you what happens when naughty girls don’t do what they’re told,” He said with his eyes darkened with lust. He took his shirt off and unzipped his jeans which were quickly discarded on the floor.

He walked up to his side of the bed and took out a pair of handcuffs from his bedside drawer and a blindfold. He tied you to the bed, you had never tried this before but as the cuffs clicked to a lock you could feel the adrenaline rush through your body. He tied the blindfold around your eyes, robbing you of your sight, leaving you to only sense the pleasure he gave you.

“How much longer are you going to make me wait Oppa!?” you whined, distraught.

“Aish Jagiya, you need to stop being so impatient. You need to give me some time to admire how beautiful you look in your new lingerie. Tell me, did you buy these especially for me?” He said teasingly.

“Of course I did. I missed you and I wanted tonight to be special.” You said in a low tone with your cheeks turning red from embarrassment.

Yoongi couldn’t help himself. You looked so defenseless. So vulnerable, just waiting for him to ravage you. He couldn’t deny himself any longer.

His lips crashed into yours. His tongue grazed yours as if begging to enter. You parted your lips and he tasted all of you. One of his hands caressed your breast while the other stroked your pussy over the underwear. You let out a moan and unconsciously tried moving your hands to press into his back, but you couldn’t. As much as you wanted to touch him, you couldn’t and you hated this. Not only could you not touch him but you couldn’t see him either.

He smirked at your obvious torment.  

“As much as I love the new lingerie you bought for me, it would look so much better on the floor.” He said as he unclipped your bra and took off your underwear.

“You just don’t want them to get in your way, am I right?” You ask with a breathless smirk.

As a response he instantly he placed his mouth on your breast as his tongue swirled around your nipple while he shoved two of his fingers into your pussy and another rubbed your clit. You couldn’t help yourself, couldn’t stop moaning. His touch was like electricity to your skin: euphoric. You wanted to give him pleasure too but you couldn’t. You couldn’t move as he devoured all of you. As he tasted all of you, you couldn’t move a single inch.

“God, Y/N, stay still and stop moving.” He said in an annoyed tone.

“But Oppa-“Before you could even finish your sentence you were overcome with the pleasure he gave you.

Once he was done playing with your breast he moved his tongue down your stomach all the way to your clit and sucked on it so hard that you screamed out of pleasure. Since you didn’t want the neighbors to hear you, you bit down on your lip so hard that the taste of blood filled your mouth.

“Shush y/n, we don’t want the neighbors hearing you like this now do we?” He teased.

“It’s all your f-fault Y-yoongi!” was all that could come out of your mouth.

The feeling of his tongue combined with the fingers that fucked you so hard brought you closer and closer to your edge until it reached the point where you finally felt that you could release.

But Yoongi didn’t want to give you that satisfaction.  Like he’d said, you were going to be punished tonight.

He removed his mouth and pulled his fingers out of you.

“Yoongi what the actual fuck!??!” You yelled.

“Now, now didn’t I say that you were going to be punished for touching yourself earlier Jagiya?”

You were irritated but remained silent. As much as you hated not being able to reach the peak of your pleasure, you loved this side of Yoongi. A side that was so dominant, so dark and so filled with lust. A side that you and only you got to experience.

He undid your cuffs but kept your blindfold on. You could hear him take his boxers off and were thrilled at the thought of what was going to happen next.  

“Don’t you think that you should please me after all the hard work that I did?” he said commandingly.

His dick was already slick with pre-cum. You licked the tip and took all of it into your mouth. He tasted great. You put one of your hands on his shaft and the other on the bed to support yourself. You began bobbing your head up and down as your tongue swirled around his dick.

You could hear him moan and this turned you on even more. You squeezed and stroked him as you mouth fucked him. His cock as eager for release as your pussy. You could feel him getting closer and closer.

“Aish y/n don’t stop, I’m almost there!” He screamed.

As he came close to finishing, he grabbed you by your hair as paced his thrusts in your mouth. You could feel his dick hitting the back of your throat. Tears were coming out of the corners of your eyes but you weren’t in pain. You wanted him to cum in your mouth. When he did you could feel the hot liquid make its way down your throat. You sucked him dry before taking him out of your mouth. You were satisfied…

But you wanted to cum too.

“Oppa p-p-please…” You begged.  

“Oppa please what?”

“Please fuck me….” You said in a low tone.

“I’m sorry, please what?”

“Oppa, please fuck me!!” You yelled as you relinquished what little control you had.

“Well, who am I to deny that request” He said in a playful tone.

He smacked your ass which gave you an immense mix of pleasure and pain. His tip grazed your entrance and before you knew it his entire length was inside you. He filled you up like no other. It was perfect. He didn’t even give you any time to recover before he started thrusting in you.

“Oh fuck Yoongi don’t you dare stop this time!”

“Don’t worry Jagiya. I intend to finish inside you”

His thrusts were timed but powerful, making you moan out of the intense pleasure that he gave you. You could feel your pussy get hotter again. He placed his hands on your waist and began kissing you passionately on your neck. He knew your weak spots and it barely took him any time before he found the one on your neck and started sucking on it. Your moans grew louder and you became breathless. You didn’t think it could get any better. But that was before Yoongi moved his hand to your clit and rubbed it with his thumb. You bit your lower lip to stop yourself from screaming.

“Yoongi, fuck me harder I’m almost there. I can feel it.” You moaned.

“Don’t cum without me Jagi” he replied out of breath himself. He could feel your pussy tightening around him begging for your release.

His thrusts became faster and his dick hotter. You could tell he was close too.

Both of you came together. You could feel the hot liquid making its way inside of you as you came on his dick.

He pulled out his dick and you felt some of the liquid flowing down your leg. He entered you again to ride out both your orgasms.

You collapsed onto the bed into each other’s arms.

“I’ve never seen you be this obedient before. What changed?” He questioned, brow furrowed.

“Well, we’ve been apart for so long that I couldn’t really wait to feel you inside me. I also missed your dominant side a lot.” You admitted, cheeks blushing.

He pulled you in for a long and passionate kiss after hearing your answer.

“I guess we should sleep now. Rest up, you’re gonna need your energy tomorrow morning.”  

“But why Oppa? Are we going out somewhere?” You asked in a puzzled tone.

“You didn’t think that we weren’t going to do this again in the morning now did you?”

You giggled and shook your head.

“How could I possibly forget!? This is our weekend together after a really really long time. You better fuck me so hard that I never forget it.” You said before you gave him a kiss.

“Then rest up. I’m not done with you just yet, babe.”

“I love you Min Yoongi.”

“I love you too, Jagiya.”


Written by 

-Admin Sangria 

Edited by 

-Admin Midnight

Hope you enjoyed reading it~

Gym Sex

When Clarke first asked the sexy girl with the sexy eyes and sexy arms to spot her on the bench, she had never anticipated this. Although, Clarke told herself as she gave herself over to the kisses on her neck, the number of times she used sexy to describe the woman should probably have given away her own intentions.

“Your place or mine?” Clarke managed to gasp out. Right now they were alone in the locker room, but she doubted it would stay like that for long.

Lexa lowered her head to mouth at Clarke’s breast through her shirt, making her arch up into her talented hands before answering. “I need you. Now. In the showers.”

“What if someone-” Clarke began to protest, but Lexa nipped at her collarbone and she felt a rush of wetness escape her.

Lexa’s hands were playing with the hem of Clarke’s pants in a way that was melting the blonde’s resolve quickly. “What if someone comes in to shower whilst I’m fucking you?” Lexa whispers dangerously, and Clarke let out a gasp as she imagined it.

“Seems like you’re into that.” Lexa smirked, kicking off her shoes and grabbing a towel. “Coming, Clarke?”

“Not yet.” Clarke smirked back, grabbing her own towel. Clarke had scarcely locked the stall door behind the pair of them when Lexa pounced, knocking her against the side of the stall so hard the entire row shook. A muscular thigh pressed between Clarke’s legs, grinding up into her.

It didn’t take long for Lexa to lose the clothes, but she seemed more interested in devouring Clarke than turning the water on, so it was Clarke who fumbled for the tap with one hand and turned the water on. Lexa hissed when the cold water hit her full on and she jumped closer to Clarke, pressing the two of the flat against the wall. “You’re going to pay for that.” Lexa promised, her eyes dark as they seemed to pierce Clarke’s soul.

“I’m counting on it.” She stared right back. By then the water had warmed up to an acceptable temperature so Lexa took a step back into the spray. Clarke missed what happened next because she was too distracted by the water pouring over Lexa’s muscles and smooth skin and she wanted to drink the water off of her-

“Clarke.” Lexa’s voice was stern, “I said, turn around, hands against the wall.”

Clarke swallowed hard, obeying quickly. She didn’t know how many times she had been told while she had been daydreaming. She hadn’t realized she was still half lost in the daydream until the first smack on her ass.

“Lexa!” Clarke hissed, “That’s loud!! What if someone hears?!”

“Maybe you should listen better.” Lexa said innocently, “unless you’d like to blame the acoustics of the room for you not hearing me?” Lexa smacked her again, “in which case you have nothing to worry about.”

Clarke moaned loudly at that.

“Sounds like you don’t care if anyone hears.” Lexa admires the red tint to Clarke’s skin as she continues, “However, if people are going to be listening, I can think of some sounds I’d rather they hear over just the sounds of spanking. What do you think, Clarke?” Lexa’s fingers reached Clarke’s sex, slipping between the folds, “Do you want to make some nice, pretty sounds for the people?”

Clarke’s whine was desperate and guttural, and she tried desperately to grind into Lexa’s hand for more pressure.

“So eager.” Lexa purred, “It’s like you came to the gym to be fucked.”

Clarke bit her lip trying desperately to control herself, surprised at how loud she was being when she had hardly even been touched yet. She expected it had to do with Lexa’s filthy words which went straight to her core with electric shocks.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’ll give you a good work out.” Her fingers slipped in and and Clarke’s hands scrabbled against the wet wall, trying to find something, anything. She knew she was in for the ride of her life and it hadn’t even started yet.

And then it did and ohhhhhhh goddddd Clarke was lost. Lexa was amazing with her fingers, and her strong arms thrusted into Clarke with an assured strength that had Clarke’s insides fluttering from the first minute. But Lexa kept her on the edge, pulling back every time Clarke got close, causing her to babble mindlessly. It was all so sinfully delicious and she was so far gone, she almost didn’t hear the door open.


Lexa’s thrusts only hesitated for a moment before resuming and suddenly Clarke was biting her own arm, desperately trying to muffle herself. When the other shower started, Lexa gave a particularly hard thrust that made Clarke squeal out loud.

“You okay over there?” The other woman’s voice asked innocently from the other side of the room. Clarke turned to stare wildly at Lexa in shock.

“Yeah!” Lexa called, seemingly unfazed, halting her thrusts to rub her thumb on Clarke’s clit, “I just dropped the soap and startled myself! All good here!”

Clarke moaned into her arm as Lexa resumed her thrusting movements in tandem with this clit rubbing. It seemed like a forever where Lexa kept Clarke on the edge like this whilst the other woman showered and dressed. When the door closed again, however, Lexa pulled her fingers out, using both hands to spin Clarke around and push her against the wall.

“I want to see you when you come.” Lexa explained, her mouth descending on Clarke’s right nipple as her hand thrust into Clarke with renewed vigor. Soon, Clarke was so lightheaded from the pleasure, Lexa was holding her up with one arm and pleasuring her with the other.

When she came, it felt like a flood and her legs shook and she wrapped her hands tight around Lexa’s neck, holding on tight.

“Clarke, you didn’t tell me you were a squirted.” Lexa sounded pleasantly surprised.

“I’ve never-” Clarke’s response was weak.

“Never before?” Lexa’s grin was wicked, “well lets see if we can get you to do it again.” 🦋

Spanish Sahara and that final scene

‘Spanish Sahara’ is something else. It really puts itself apart from the other, more mellow, songs in the soundtrack.

It’s that one specific drum transition (at 4:12 in the song), when Chloe’s casket is finally shown, that gives you the chills. It flows into the amazing electric guitar rift intensifying as Max starts walking towards Chloe one last time. These two factors created the most heartbreaking realization in the finale:

It’s the last time we see Max and Chloe together in the same scene.

“And you’re here because…?”

Cesaro x Reader 

For @wwe-smutfics, hope you enjoy it!

“And you’re here because…?”  

He asks you bitterly, putting down this book he was reading as you step inside your hotel room, which apparently you were sharing with him. He’s lying in his bed, just in his black training shorts, his eyes shooting you an unfriendly look.

“Because apparently this is the room I’ve been assigned for the night.” You reply truthfully, not having the patience or energy to start an argument right now.

You want me to believe there were no other rooms available in this hotel or no one else you could share with?” He chuckles sarcastically, pointing between you and him.

“Think whatever you want.” You snap dryly, opening your suitcase and taking a white tank top and your sleeping black shorts out.

“What’s going on with you? No smart remark?” He teases, mockingly.

“No, I’m tired and I want to do everything but argue with you right now.” You mumble, grabbing your stuff and heading to the bathroom, to take a quick shower.

“Oh, is that so?” He smirks, putting his book on the nightstand. You sigh heavily, not in mood for all of this.

“Yup.” You reply dryly, popping the ‘p’. “So, if you don’t mind, I’m just gonna take a shower and then sleep.” You don’t give him the chance to reply, you just grab all your shower stuff and night clothes and head to the bathroom, closing and locking the bathroom door behind you.

You take a nice 20-minute shower, letting the hot water run down your sore body, soothing it. You’re not completely okay but you’re feeling better at least.

You dry yourself, dress your night clothes and brush your teeth. Then, you take a dep breath, before deciding to unlock the door and head to the bedroom again. You were still not in the mood to deal with his shit.

When you walk inside the bedroom again, Cesaro is still in the same position he was when you left, except now he looks completely lost in his thoughts. He doesn’t even seem to have noticed your presence.

You shrug it off, ignoring him and getting on your bed, lying on your side, your back turned at him.

“Hey (Y/N)? Are you sleeping already?” He speaks up, after a couple of minutes, but not in his usual teasing tone, now sweeter and softer.

“I was but not anymore… clearly.” You snap, in a grumpy sleepy tone.

“I- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you… I was just wondering if… if you’re okay?” Giving him no reply, you just turn to face him. You’re caught off guard by both his question and the worried and genuine look that’s sprawled on his face. “I mean, you didn’t seem okay and I kind of… just made it worse… so, yeah…” He trails off, trying to explain himself.

“It’s fine. I… I’m okay. I’m just tired. Tired of all this.” You mumble, wishing you didn’t let that one slip.

“I know we mostly hate each other and spend 99% of our time together arguing, but if you need to talk, I’m here.” He offers gently, and you can tell he’s being honest. He got on your nerves a lot and you want to strangle him more times than you can count, but deep down you know he’s a good guy.

“Thanks… It’s just… I don’t know, this is all so hard. I’m away from everything I know. I’m away from my family, my friends… I gave up on everything to follow this, to follow my dream… and now I’m here and… I don’t seem to belong here, I don’t feel welcome here, I feel like it wouldn’t make a difference to anyone if I’m here or not, I’m not improving on my skills… Nothing. I’m just here.” You confess, your voice cracking at the very end. You’re actually surprised by how comfortable you’re feeling telling him all this personal stuff.

“You’ve been improving, (Y/N). And you do belong here.” He smiles. “And… It’d make a difference to me.” He admits, softly, shifting slightly in his bed.

“Yeah, you probably wouldn’t have anyone to argue with.” You give him a small smile, trying to fight back tears. This whole conversation is bringing up all the thoughts you were trying to get over for months now.

“Probably. You’re the only one who manages to get on my nerves.” He smiles, but you can’t hold it anymore… A sob escapes your throat. “Hey, what-“

You cut him off by rolling on your bed, turning your back to him again, hoping he drops the subject. But he doesn’t. Suddenly, you feel your bed shift in front of you. Your sight is blurry but you know it’s him. You hate to admit it, but you’re loving how gentle and adorable he’s being with you. Deep down, you always knew you loved him, you were in denial and well, he always made it seem like he hated you.

He moves his hand, caressing your cheek gently, whipping your tears as he does so. He leans forward, placing a gentle kiss on the crook of your neck while wrapping his muscled arms around you. “C’mere.” He whispers, as you continue sobbing. “Let it all out, I’m here.”

He keeps peppering your neck and collarbone with gentle kisses, trying to soothe you and man, it’s working. You don’t know why he’s acting this way but you’re not complaining, it’s so comforting. You finally give up and wrap your arms around him, pushing him so he’s lying on his back and you’re lying on his chest, your legs tangled up with his. As he can’t kiss your neck right now, he’s currently running his fingers through your hair. His heartbeat is calming you down, which despite being really fast, it’s steady.

After a good 10 minutes of crying your eyes out and being enveloped in Cesaro’s arms, you finally calm down and stop crying, taking slow deep breaths.

“I’m… I’m sorry. You shouldn’t have to put up with this.” You mumble, moving away from him, although your body is begging you not to move.

“Hey, it’s fine, (Y/N). Really.” He says, a small smile crossing his face as he caresses your cheek softly. You feel yourself blushing, and you’re trying so hard to convince yourself that he’s just being nice and doesn’t love you like you love him.

“I… I’m gonna wash my face.” You burst, going to the bathroom. You throw some cold water against your face, feeling refreshed almost instantly.

You expected him to be back in his bed, acting as if nothing happened. But no, there he is, still lying back in your bed. As you get near it, he gently taps the spot next to him and you obey, sitting with your legs crossed.

“Are you feeling better?” He asks, putting his hand over yours.

“I am, thank you.” You manage to reply.

“Look, what you’re feeling… it’s normal. We’ve all been there. It’s a huge change in our lives. Travelling all the time, being away from our loved ones… It’s hard, but I know you can do it. And I’m here to help you through it…” He says, moving his gaze to your hands on your lap as he says the last sentence. “You’re good enough to be here, believe me. You’re good enough. And you belong here. Don’t you hear the crowd’s pops when you get in the ring? And your coworkers… They love to work with you. You’ve been improving so much.”

“Why should I believe you?” You mumble.

“Look, I know I said lots of things to you, but… I was just messing with you. I didn’t mean any of it. I wanted to talk to you but when I got the opportunity, I’d just say completely stupid shit. You make me nervous, that’s the truth.” He confesses, an embarrassed smile and flushed cheeks rising on his face. Then, he starts rambling, nervous that you think he was just playing you. “What I just said to you, it’s all true. I swear, you don’t-“

“I believe you.” You cut him off, making him let a breath out in relief. “And thank you for being here.”

“No problem, seriously. I’m here anytime you need me.” He affirms, wholeheartedly. “Plus, it’s actually nice to be with you without arguing.” He chuckles, you can’t help but mirroring him.

“I agree.” You smile shyly, biting your lower lip slightly.

“Ah, fuck it!” He bursts as he sits up.

Placing his hands on your cheeks, he starts leaning in softly. He stops midway though, he doesn’t want to push you, so he gives you the space to pull back. But you don’t. You close the space between the both of you in a heartbeat. Damn, the feeling of his soft plump lips against yours, it’s electricity running through your body.

He gives you a sweet peck before pulling away. You finally become aware of your positions. You’re sitting practically on his lap, with your arms around his neck, pulling him close to you; his arms circling your waist; his hands on your back; your foreheads resting against each other. So much intimacy.

“I love you.” He confesses, his expression as serious as it could get. You pull back slightly not being able to cover the shocked look on your face. “There. I finally said it. I love you and I’m here for you.”

“You mean that?” You ask, shyly, not really knowing how to react.

“Of course I mean it.” He replies, looking a bit offended.

“Okay. Because I love you too.” As you finally say it out loud, you feel like a huge weight was lifted off of your shoulders, and Cesaro’s face light up.

He’s smiling widely at you and starts leaning in again for a kiss, this time not stopping. He kisses you really slowly and passionately. His lips caressing yours in the cutest way, his tongue massaging yours painfully slowly. It’s without a doubt the most authentic, the most real, the sexiest, the best kiss you’ve ever had.

“Can you stay with me tonight?” You ask him, right after you pull back, blushing a bit.

“I’ll stay with you every night. I’ll stay until you want me to.” He whispers, pecking you.

You lie down on your side and Cesaro lies down right behind you, slipping his arm over your waist, pulling you close to him. He places a long sweet kiss in the back of your head.

This is the best feeling in the world. You never felt so secured in your whole life and you don’t want this feeling to end. Never.

“Will you still be here in the morning?” You ask sleepily.

“Of course I am, there’s no place I’d rather be.”

“I hope when I wake up in the morning, this isn’t just a dream…” You mumble, drifting off to sleep. Cesaro can’t help but smile at the sight, pulling you even closer, if that’s possible.

“It isn’t a dream. I promise.”

“Okay. Goodnight, Superman.”

“Goodnight, baby.”

Only You

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader (smut)

Warnings: BDSM - orgasm denial, restraints, beating, choking

Notes: Everything that takes place in this one-shot is completely consensual! Lovely Steve would never do anything to hurt you if he knew you weren’t 100% into it.

The lights are dim in the bedroom, casting a warm glow on Steve as he sits in the armchair, idly smoothing the lapels of his World War II uniform. You’re standing before him, clad in garters, stockings, and the world’s skimpiest pair of black lace panties. Your breasts, tantalizingly round and full, are exposed, and you can feel your nipples growing pert under the cool gusts of the air-conditioner. Steve notices too, letting slip a low hum of pleasure.

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