and give him a name!!

Lucky Us Ch. 16: Juleka's Story
  • Marinette: *walks into Cafe Reflekta on Sunday* Hi Juleka!
  • Juleka: Hey. ((Long time no see!))
  • Marinette: Listen, I've got a friend coming here tomorrow and I want to treat him to something nice. Will you help me?
  • Juleka: Sure. ((HIM?!))
  • Marinette: Thank you so much! *puts envelope on the counter* If a guy walks in asking for the Ladybug special, give him a number three in that red polka dot mug, and this letter.
  • Juleka: Cool. ((What's in the letter?))
  • Marinette: And if he asks for any information about me, DON'T GIVE IT TO HIM. Not my name, what I look like, or how you know me.
  • Juleka: ...ok. ((Is Marinette involved with the mafia?!))

So I adopted a betta fish from Petco… adopted bc they were giving him away for free bc he has swim bladder issues. They gave me the medication needed to help him… I’m wondering, do I try to feed him during this time or for the 7 days I give him the medication do I not feed him. He’s pretty much on his side on the surface and then he’ll swim normally for a minute before he floats back up. I’m just curious about whether there is anything else I should do.


Blight + Doux fusion!

(i don’t know what name to give him…;-;)

I designed him to have the facial features  and scarf of Doux, Blight’s ears and eyes, and a weapon similar to Blight’s but has a different design and hilt. The skin color is a mix of their’s and has a mixed personality of both. As for when it comes to a battle, it mostly uses Blight’s abilities and Doux’s defense.

His height is somewhat a few inches taller than Zacharie.

Blight and Doux belong to Chimakiisane

Fusion belongs to me

So I reblogged a post suggesting (among other things) that we never call the Orange Toupee “president” or by his last name, just to piss him off

How about we give him the Bunsenburner Curdlesnoot treatment and just mangle his name more and more until you reach that point where you can just smash your keyboard and everyone still knows who you’re talking about as long as the initials stay the same?

  • Leo: For some reason Guang-Hong thinks that I know a lot about flowers, so whenever he asks me what the name of a flower is I give him the name of a rapper.
  • Guang-Hong [in another country]: Look! These ludacrises are growing so nicely!

Capricious Viktor takes a liking to faint-hearted Yuuri. Yurio is the grumpy kitten with eyebrows of judgement who has to live with them.

or the neko atsume au where viktor is peaches, yuuri is my bab pickles, and yurio is macchiato.

@nikooki and I were screaming about au where yuuri feeds cats in his yard and names the cats after figure skaters (one cat he named after his best bud phichit and phichit asks for daily pictures of his namesake). he names the two he sees pining after each other after him and (his one true love idol) viktor and maybe at some point starts an instagram with pictures of his yard filled with kitties and documents cat viktor and cat yuuri’s progress and suddenly everyone in the world is INVESTED in the budding cat romance

  • Samirah: *loses Magnus in a crowd*
  • Magnus: wait what

dudes….. i can’t believe there are some of u out there….. who genuinely believe the Seijou boys are Cool™ and Suave™……… here is a Literal List of Canon Things they have Done:

1. Makki has a special announcer voice. pls reference “OI-KAWA HAN-GAR”

2. oikawa literally has a hanger w his face on it. he’s v smug but kunimi literally calls him a joke

4. oiks calls going to the cafeteria a harvest

5. they have a team meeting about giving kindaichi a nickname

6. like a 45 minute meeting

7. to give him a Cool Nickname

8. they try to name him after a 40 year old space cartoon

9. Iwa-chan gets v upset when Kindaichi doesn’t agree w/ it

10. Oiks and Makki pretend to be detectives

11. Iwaizumi pretends to be a samurai

12. They end up choosing fucking Shallot Head

13. and Kindaichi ends up not wanting a nickname anymore

(WORKS CITED: Oikawa Hanger Tooru-senpai drama cd, listen to it, I’m addicted tbh)

(i love them so much)

headcanon: early on in earth-c settling, the kids have group meals when they can because they still can’t quite bear to be separate.

a solid few days, the main topic of conversation at the table is music history. once dirk realizes that dave missed out on so much fucking music, he is absolutely horrified and works to bring him up to speed.

the day he realizes dave never got to hear My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, he launches his phone out of his sylladex so hard, it nearly goes through a tree, in his haste to get “All Of The Lights” and “Power” in dave’s ears. 

roxy, across from dirk, is like, “ooh ooh pull up minaj,” and dirk is like “Holy shit, yes. We are going to get educational up in here.” “no son of mine ain’t gonna have “Anaconda” written on his heart!” “Agreed.”

jane tries to suggest taylor swift. veto’ed, because dirk can’t engage with her shit without going on a dissertation (a dirksertation, colloquially).


|Timeless| Favorite Ship: Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston