and gilmore girls is a perfectly fine show but

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I'm really discouraged by this Liza Weil quote. Ending the revival in the same place the series ended for Rory seems lame to me, if that is what's happening. What's the point then?

I’m going to be honest. I don’t care about Rory’s career. I don’t care about Lorelai’s career. I don’t even care that much about them as individuals, especially not now, 10 years later. 

Here’s the thing. TV shows can be primarily driven by plot, characters or relationships. Gilmore Girls was always 1. relationships (of all types), 2. characters and 3. plot.** That means that the plot (for instance, Rory getting a D on her Chilton paper) feeds into the characters (does Rory have what it takes to go to overcome this hurdle?) which ultimately serves to enrich the relationships (Lorelai reaching out to Rory to make sure she’s staying at Chilton because she wants to).

But like I’ve said about 8 million times now over the last however many years, when voicing my concerns about a possible Gilmore revival/movie whatever - the relationships in this show (except for the romantic ones of the two main characters) ended in a perfect (or at least perfectly fine) place. Why do we need to revisit these characters 10 years later? Well, we don’t. The only thing most people wanted a revival for was to get closure on the girls’ romantic relationships (which were a huuuuuge part of the show) from Amy herself, because most of us were convinced if she had been in charge of season 7 Luke and Lorelai would (probably?) have ended up married (and maybe pregnant?) and Rory’s relationships with Jess and Logan would’ve at least come to a more natural end while not prohibiting fans from imagining they ended up together in the future.

10 years down the line, I don’t want an open-ended future for Rory. I don’t want Lorelai to still be figuring out what her relationship with Luke is. I AM genuinely interested in watching Emily’s story having lost Richard, but that’s not enough for me to feel like the revival’s worth it, if that makes sense.

**I think GG is actually really unique in the way they’ve ordered these things. The vast, vast majority of shows are not primarily relationship-based. Comedies (and certain kinds of dramas) are often character-based, while most dramas and procedurals are plot-based. It’s very rare to find a show that focuses on relationships above all else.