and gets younger looking too

i took the pictures of us down this morning. they were getting too hard to look at, the younger versions of us with crooked teeth and messy hair, smiling because we were having the time of our lives together, because we thought we would keep on having the time of our lives together. as i peeled them off the wall, folded the tape over the back of each photo, slipped them into the shoebox in the closet, i didn’t feel nearly as bad as i thought i would all those times i considered doing it in the past. you never come over anymore, so you’ll never see they’re gone.

— i wonder what you would say if you knew // MH


A huge part about South is her amorality, that being said just imagine if one night maybe her insomnia came back. North was already up anyway w/ Theta, and dead tired as he was he wasn’t about to leave Theta awake solo … So maybe South just volunteers for the night to watch Theta, at least for a few hours. 

tl;dr: more feel good art with the Dakotas + Theta. I don’t feel 100% still after going to the doctors, so I decided to wait a little bit on commissions, so have another quickie fanart.


THE KIDS, part. I

the violinist  •  the primadonna  • the idealist

the scientist the aspiring dj  • the bartender

the lawyer  • the gamer  • the architect

NCT  Reaction - Older members catching younger ones looking“accidentally” at a sexy photo of their girlfriend 


Jaemin feels deeply shy and embarrassed watching Yuta’s girlfriend photo in a bikini. He just wanted to play a simple game, instead, he pressed by mistake the gallery icon. But Yuta cheers him up, telling him it’s fine, it could have been worse…releasing his inner sassy mood! “You want to see more Jaemin-ah?Come with us at the beach and you’ll see her sister too…:D” He just loves teasing his younger fellow member! 


Taeil cares deeply about his younger members, but when he catches Jeno looking at his phone his mood changes completely! YAH, what are you lookin’ at?” grabbing the phone out of his hand…omg! He was looking at his girlfriend photos… and one he took when she was wearing that sexy lingerie he bought on her birthday!! Come here Jeno-yah, I’m gonna give you a hard beating today!”. Thank goodness the other members are stopping the wild hyung, if not this would be his last day for sure!

Ten & Johnny

Since both share the same computer, but different accounts, they are comfortable saving their private pictures…until Mark and Haechan somehow get hold of their passwords! These 2 boys are having too much fun watching Ten’s girlfriend cos-playing sexy costumes and Johnny’s one wearing cheer-leading revealing costumes! But their fun won’t last longer, since Ten and Johnny are already behind them, ready to tweak their ears and make them stand up with their arms lifted, until they feel deeply sorry for their naughty behavior! These hyungs are so harsh..Who uses “10101010101010101010″ and “foreign swagger” as a password? It’s their fault after all!” Ahahah poor babies! 


He catches Jisung looking at his phone pictures, but feels relieved he doesn’t have any naked picture of his girlfriend. Since the group maknae is the most cherished member he feels really bad scolding him, leaving it with just a cute shy laugh…On the other hand, Jisung may just want to hide somewhere far away, feeling sorry towards his hyung. Poor baby, he just wanted to see their last dance performance Taeyong recorded for them…


“Come here Donghyuck-ah!”  Doyoung hates that he stole his vroom vroom show success, now he’s making a fuss about his girlfriend wearing a sexy pink bunny costume he saw by mistake, when he unlocked his phone? Let this guy live in peace with his fluffy kinks! Be prepared to be chewed up in 5, 4, 3, 2….


He is so pure at heart, even if his dongsaeng Jeno saw his girlfriend’s sexy pictures, he knows who’s gonna beat later when they’ll  arrive at the dorm. It was actually the cutie Haechan, like always, getting hold of his phone password and pushing innocent Jeno to do such a naugthy action!


It was actually his idea giving Jisung his phone to play a game, but when he saw the younger one looking at a sudden call he received from his girlfriend, showing her sexy chest picture on the incoming call…he felt flustered…that was unexpected! Poor baby Jisung, he just hopes he won’t have “bad” dreams at night! Next time he’ll make sure to change his gf’s profile picture, unless he wants his other members to get shocked too!


Daichi likes to sleep on his side and wrap his arms around Suga. He nuzzles his nose into the back of Suga’s neck and when he finally gets comfy, he lets out this bear-like groan. He snores but not too loudly and not too softly. He tends to be dead to the world when he sleeps.

Suga likes to curl up into a ball. The sound of Daichi’s snoring soothes him. He takes a little bit longer to fall asleep and will mindlessly kiss the arm thrown over his neck. Sometimes he hums a song that gets stuck in his head and it puts Daichi to sleep.

Hinata tosses and turns. He likes to sleep on his back and will start off curled up into Kageyama but ends up sprawled up and taking most of the bed. He snores pretty loudly. He has a bad habit of twitching in his sleep and when he has nightmares, he shouts out for Kageyama.

Kageyama snores just as loud thankfully. He’d prefer if Hinata would stay in his arms throughout the night but that never happens. One of his legs ends up thrown over Hinata and the blanket may not be on him very well anymore but he always wakes up facing Hinata every morning and smiles.

Oikawa struggles with sleeping. He finds it hard to just close his eyes and be asleep and will wake up throughout the night. He’ll lay on his side facing Iwaizumi and gently trail his finger over his boyfriend’s face when he can’t sleep. He keeps his headphones nearby so he can listen to volleyball and alien podcasts if it gets too bad.

Iwaizumi looks ten years younger when he sleeps. He snores loudly and once he settles in position, on his stomach and his cheek smushed into a pillow, he is the ultimate sleep-lover. Rarely he’ll catch Oikawa sleeping, but when he does, he whispers how much he loves him.

Kenma likes a lot of blankets and buries into them. He hates waking up and he hates going to bed, so sleep is tough. There is generally a handheld console on the bed somewhere because sometimes he can’t sleep right after playing an exciting game on his computer. He snores delicately and sometimes sucks his thumb.

Kuroo sleeps with a pillow over his head and on his stomach; thus his atrocious bedhead. Before Kenma started sleeping in the same bed with him, he’d sprawl his legs out and the blankets would be a mess. Now he’s considerate and is careful to stay in his space. He loves waking up before Kenma however and sweetly waking him up with nose kisses and gentle cooing.

Remember this post going around about drawing your OCs in dorky 70s attire? Well, since I don’t have any cool OCs, and also because I couldn’t get it out of my head, I drew Geralt instead.

Serious. Artist. 

Daring [Chapter 1] - Newt Scamander x Reader

In which a Gryffindor takes interest in a different crowd

 The red and gold of the Gryffindor uniform is a stark contrast to the cooler colours of the other houses, a boisterous warmth in the September chill.

 Floating candles illuminate the hall, the charmed ceiling painting the clear night sky above. The Slytherin table on the far side of the hall talk amongst themselves, glancing occasionally at the people around them, judgement in their eyes. Next to them, the Ravenclaws discuss anything and everything, their vast knowledge ranging on everything from sports to politics, from potion making to recent news articles. The next table along belongs to the Hufflepuffs, the members smiling at one another, involving everyone who wants to talk in their conversations. Finally, the Gryffindors chat avidly amongst themselves, their loud voices rising above the rest of the school, red and gold uniforms flourishing in the candle light with the large gestures they make to emphasise their points.

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anonymous asked:

What about cute and flustered high school Coliver making out for the first time then? Imagine Oliver fumbling with his glasses and both of them blushing cutely So many feels sigh 😌 xoxo

This turned out way fluffier and longer than I intended. It’s not exactly what you asked for but it also kinda is(?). I hope you like it, anon dear, and thanks for the lovely prompt!!
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For as long as he could remember, Oliver had wanted to kiss Connor. At first they were eight and seven, kids playing in the sandbox, and Oliver first wanted to kiss Connor’s cheek when the younger boy shared his ice cream with Oliver. Then they were thirteen and fourteen, laughing as they chased each other down the street, and Oliver wanted to kiss Connor’s skinned elbow where he fell. And finally they were seventeen and sixteen and Connor, with a nervous smile so unlike him, asked Oliver if he’d like to go out with him on a date and Oliver had never wanted to kiss anyone more. 

Oliver agreed to the offer right away, color high in his cheeks and his grin splitting his face. He couldn’t stop his restless energy all day long, and some of his teachers threw him annoyed looks for it, while Wes and Laurel grinned along and teased him.

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10 minute warm up sketch

sans seems like the kind of skeleman to show up at his own wedding with a suit shirt and a clip on bowtie.

not pictured: my 2,000 other husbands