and gets flattered when a man buys him a drink at a bar

Guess You Should've Stayed Home (Dean Ambrose smut)

QUOTE SERIES: “Look, you don’t have to like it-” “Good, because I don’t.” When you wear a really short dress out with the girls, Dean’s not very happy about it. But your stubborn streak gets the best out of you and you go in it anyways. When you get home, he gives you a reason why you should’ve stayed home and not gone out.

Warnings: smut, of course, cursing, hair pulling, master/pet, blindfolding,edging, oral (reader receiving), a bit of fluff at the end because I can’t resist.  @wwe-smutfics I hope I did this justice. 

Word Count: 4,689 words!!! Yikes!!!

“Doll? Hey, where are you?” Dean called, catching your attention. You rolled off of your bed and walked out to join your boyfriend at the door while remaining on the phone with Nikki.

“Yeah, no, I can be ready in twenty minutes. Is Maryse gonna pick me up or Sasha?” you asked, nodding at Dean in acknowledge as you wondered back into your shared room to look for clothes. He followed you with a tilted head like a puppy would when she stated,“I’ll be there to pick you up soon. I’ve got Sash, Bails, and Lana with me, The rest of the girls is gonna meet us there. Go get dressed,girl,and make sure you look hot,hot,hot!” 

She ended the call and you tossed your phone over your shoulder, Dean catching it as he asked,’Whadya doing,baby doll?” You gave a small smile and informed him,”Niks and the girls want me to go out and have a girls’ night with them. Sorry,baby, I’ll hang with you tomorrow.” He nodded silently and laid down on the bed, toeing off his boots while watching you choose an outfit. 

You grinned when you grabbed a beautiful silver strapless number and pumps in the same color before you hurried into the bathroom, changing quickly then bounced back out with your hair down and your baby strands straightened and your makeup done to flatter your eyes and cheekbones. 

Dean jerked into a sitting position, his eyes dilating at the sight of your body being hugged at every angle then he immediately snapped,”You are not fucking wearing that out to a club.” You sighed and slipped into your heels as you said,”Dean,it’ll be fine,I’m just going out with the girls. It’s not like I’m gonna grind on other guys. You know you’re my only one.”

“No,(Y/N). I told you.” he protested,causing you to roll your eyes and straddled his lap then said,”Look,I know you don’t like it-” That sent him into an even bigger fury than he was already in,”Good,because I don’t! You’re not wearing that out and that’s final.” You scoffed and hopped out of his lap then declared,”You know what,I’m not dealing with this.I’m gonna go out with all my friends and I’m going to drink a little then I’m going to come home to my wonderful boyfriend who’s not gonna be in this mood when I get back.”

“(Y/N)! You get your ass back in here right now!” he shouted as you walked out of the apartment, pulling his leather jacket over your arms and shoulders. You sat down in the front seat of Nikki’s car then sighed as your girlfriends whistled and complimented you but Nikki quieted them down then she asked,”What’s wrong,girl?” You gave a small smile then tried to reassure them that nothing wrong but Sasha cut you off,”Nah, nah, nah, I can see it now. What’s wrong? Did Ambrose say something? Do I have to cut his dick off?”

“I’ll kill him. I’m sure Rusev would love to help.”Lana offered, causing you laugh lightly and informed them,”No, everything is fine. It’s just that he threw a bitch fit when he found out that I was wearing this out and he told me that I wasn’t going to wear this dress out. So I decided to wear his jacket to give him some sort of peace of mind.”

“Damn,that boy is overprotective.”Bayley laughed, nudging you. You nodded and murmured,”You have no idea.” Nikki grabbed your hand then encouraged,”I’ll have you home in a few hours, don’t worry. You can have rough,nitty gritty sex with your man when you get home.” 

Your cheeks burned red and you turned to the window, pressing your skin to cool the heat as all of your group arrived at one of the hottest clubs in Vegas. The girls cheered like a bunch of teenagers when you burst through the doors and spotted the rest of your group,including Maryse, Becky,and Alexa before the eight of you joined forces in a booth in the corner of the club. 

“Alright,who’s buying first round?” Sasha asked, turning to us. You rose your hand then Nikki protested,”No,I’ll do it. I’m designated driver,remember? Your pretty little ass is drinking a little.“ 

“Nikki, really, it’s fine.” but her stern brown eyes proved she wasn’t kidding, so you sighed and stated,”Alright,fine. But I’m still coming up to the bar with you. “ She rolled her eyes then waved towards the bar and called over the music, ”Alright,c’mon. Let’s go get vodka.” You grinned and followed her over to the bar then waved a red nailed hand at the bartender,grabbing her attention. She nodded in acknowledgement and weaved through the back in between her coworkers before she stopped in front of the two of you. 

“Well, hello, cuties. What can I get for you?” the bartender asked, flipping her hair out of her face. You grinned at her and leaned halfway across the bar then asked,”You got a cure for over jealous boyfriends that don’t like it when you were something like this?” You waved a hand down your body to emphasizing your point,causing her laugh then whistle,”That boy is damn lucky to even have you on his arm,sweetheart. But no, the only thing I can think of is great makeup sex.”

You and Nikki shared a laugh then Nikki stated,”That’s a good point, (Y/N). Maybe you should pics and put the caption as, See what you’re missing?” You laughed and commented,”Maybe in a little. But We need a bottle of vodka and six glasses.”

She let out a whistle then laughed,”Shit, this guy has got to have you pretty pissed off if you want six glasses and a full bottle of vodka.Here ya go,girls, have a great night with your friends.” Nikki pulled out her credit card and started to hand it to the bartender but she waved it away then called over the music as she walked away,”On me! Sounds like the cutie there needs a lot of alcohol to deal with her boyfriend.”

You grinned and thanked her before you turned to Nikki and exclaimed excitedly,”We just got a free bottle of vodka! Fuck yeah,girlfriend!” You two raced back to the table and begun to drown your worries of Dean’s anger towards you away.

“Hey,(Y/N)! You gonna send Dean some sexy pics of you with us?” Alexa giggled, wrapping an arm around you. You grinned and grabbed your phone off the table then tugged your neckline down a little before tugging Alexa into your side then captured a picture as the little blonde kissed your cheek and you bit your lip with a wink. You and Alexa had wonderful history in both inside and outside of the ring, you two having a bit of a friends with benefits thing going on for a little before you both agreed you were better off friends.

“Send it ta Dean!” Becky encouraged, her accent thick with the alcohol flowing through her veins. You glanced down and saved it then sent it to Dean with the caption of See how cute I am in this,Deanie? Miss you,baby. Unfortunately, he didn’t respond and it showed his anger through the silence.

Hours and about eleven shots of vodka later, you stepping out of Nikki’s car who whisper-shouted at you,”Go have fun!” You rolled your (y/e/c) eyes then stumbled up the few steps of the apartments entrance before you pulled off your pumps in the elevator and watched as the numbers changed and stopped at six. 

You leaned against the hallway walls as you drug your feet towards the door of your shared apartment before you tossed your shoes to the corner and called out softly,”Dean? I’m home.” 

“Oh I know you are, darling.” he stated, walking out of the bedroom, wringing his hands around a black tie. You gazed down at it nervously then murmured, ”Hi. Did you get my picture?” He chuckled and replied,”I sure did. It looks like you and Alexa had some fun together. Do you miss her?”

To be honest, you sometimes missed her smaller, lighter touch but you loved Dean and you wouldn’t give up your man for anything. You hung your head and muttered,”Sometimes. But I’d never do anything to hurt you or our relationship,Dean, I swear!”

“I know,kitten,calm down. I figured you miss her sometimes but your cute little self always lands on my bed at the end of the night.” he declared, walking closer. You gulped and stepped backwards as you asked timidly,”What did you think of it?” He grabbed your wrist and pulled you into the hard planes of his body then gripped a handful of your ass as he purred,”I wanted to pull you over my lap and spank your tight ass while she watches just to show that you’re mine.” 

“ I’m sure I can arrange something.” you blurted out, cheeks burning red when his hips jerked forward, brushing where you needed him most,causing you to moan in want. He grinned and replied,”I might have to take you up on that offer,darling. How many shots did you have?”

“Eleven.”you admitted,letting your head fall on his shoulder as he unzipped your dress, letting the front fall away from your chest. He released you to yank the material down your legs then groaned when he realized that you had nothing underneath it. He sunk to his knees and gripped your ass then smacked your left one, causing you to cry out only to moan when his scruff brushed your inner thighs as he dove mouth first into your pussy,groaning when he slurped at your juices.

“Dean!” you moaned, head lolling to the side then tangled your fingers through his hair and yelped again when he spanked your bottom twice more, your hips rocking forward into his mouth. Dean laughed and shook his head, swiping his tongue along your entrance as he did so before he asked,”What do you need,baby?” 

“Fingers! Your mouth, your cock, fuck,anything will work,baby, please,Dean.” you begged, eyes locking on his as he continued to eat you out slowly. He grinned against your pussy lips then rose to his feet before he led you to the bedroom, you weak in the knees.

“Look at my pretty girl,all wet for me.” he cooed, giving you a quick kiss before he shrouded you in darkness with a blindfold. You tilted your head up in the last direction that you knew Dean was at then said in a soft tone,“Dean, promise me that you’re not mad at me.“ 

 He let out a small sigh then declared, “I’m not gonna lie, doll. I was a little pissed off when you walked out. But as the night went on, I got used to it. And now, I get to show you who owns you and your pretty little body.” He walked his calloused fingertips down your back then cooed,”Look at you. You’re just waiting for me to fuck you. It’s so fucking hot, doll.”

“Deeeaaan.”you whined,causing him to reach up and twist a nipple roughly and you cried out at the harsh pleasure that jolted through your body. Dean chuckled in your ear and your head fell onto the pillow,nails digging into the sheets as he purred,”I love that you’re so fucking responsive to me. Bet you’re soaked down your thighs.”

“Oh my God.”you gasped, gripping his wrist before you dug it down to your pussy, guiding his fingers to your entrance, him groaning when he felt your juices sliding down his hand. He slipped them into his mouth and made a crude sucking noise, allowing you to know exactly what he was doing.

“Goddamn, you taste so fucking good,kitten. I think I need another taste directly from the source.” The bed dipped and his tongue was circling your entrance seconds later then he stuck in a timid fingertip,causing your hips to jerk upwards. 

“Please.”you begged, stretching your hand out to tangle in his curls but suddenly, he was in a jackknife position with your arms above your head then he hissed,”I didn’t give you permission to touch me,now did I?” 

“N-no.”you whimpered, legs falling apart to welcome his body in between your thighs. He grinded into your cunt and snarled,”Now I’m going to make you pay for being such a bad kitten.” 

“W-what are you going to do,Master?” you asked,your hips jerking up to meet his. He laughed and whipped you forward onto your stomach with your wrists still above your head then smacked you once right between your legs across your entrance. You let a small cry before forcing your bottom back towards him. 

Dean let out another husky chuckle then purred,”Look at my naughty little kitten just asking for more. Sorry,pet, you don’t get your full punishment just yet. I think I’m going to have your BFF help me with that one. Until then, I’m going to fuck you until you’re begging me to stop pounding into you. And after that, I’m going to make you come and come until you’re boneless on the mattress.”

“P-please, I’m begging you. Fuck me, please,Master, please, I’ll be good, I’ll be bad, I’ll be anything you want me to be, I just need your cock. inside of me, fucking me.” you cried, thrashing in his tight hold, knowing that there would be bruises in place of his fingertips where he held you in place.

“Okay. You got it,baby doll.” he cooed before he pulled down his sleep pants then released your hands and flipped you on your back again. Dean sucked your clit into his scorching hot mouth, scraping his canines over your lips as you sobbed at the feeling. 

Your hips bucked into his mouth several times, more than likely leaving bruises along his scruffed covered cheeks and jaw as he whispered,”Goddamn,baby doll,you taste like fucking candy. Can I just sit here and eat you out the rest of the night?”

“Tomorrow, I swear.” you gasped, pushing him closer to your entrance. He smiled softly then replied,”I might take you up on that offer,cause goddamn, doll.” You pulled on his hair,causing a growl to bubble low in his sternum, then you cried out,”Dean, for fuck’s sake! Don’t be an asshole.”

He suddenly stopped and you whined at the feeling of him rising to stare at you before he snapped in a low tone,”What did you just call me?”

“An asshole, because that’s what you’re acting like.” you muttered, turning your head downwards. He chuckled coldly then said in an icy tone,”Ya know, maybe I should rethink that whole,Wait until Alexa is here to punish you, thing. Wanna say something else sassy,darlin’?”

“Yeah, Alexa could get me off quicker than you ever could.” you blurted out, the liquid courage starting to resurface. He scoffed and sat up, a leg on either side of your hips, then he scratched at his beard and asked,”Is that so? Maybe I should just leave you here and let you get a hold of Alexa so she can make you come.” 

“Fine, maybe I will.”you chirped, lips pursed in a sassy expression. He scoffed and started to to roll off of the bed then went silent for a few moments before he replied,”Okay, you do that.” The door didn’t open or shut, which meant that he hadn’t moved from the room. Either that Dean was just that quiet at leaving. 

You started to sit up on the bed and begun to remove your blindfold only for his rough hands to shove you backward.

“Just kidding.”he hissed in your ear as he clamped your wrists in a pair of handcuffs before he hooked them on a swirl of the headboard and pinned your lower body by resting on your thighs, legs pinning them on either side. He spanked your bottom four times, twice on both cheeks,then he growled,”Am I still an asshole,doll?”

“Please,Dean, please fuck me with your long,hard cock. I’m sorry I called you an asshole. I was being greedy and I just really want you to fuck me or finger me, God, I just need you to touch me.” you sobbed, hips grinding into the satin sheets beneath your body. He traced the outline of your ass and smacked it twice more, causing you to cry in pleasure, mixed with pain and frustration.

“Tell me why I had to spank you,then I’ll give you my fingers and mouth,doll.” he whispered softly in your ear,grinding slowly into you. You whined and bucked back against him, only to receive a warning slap to your thigh, then he snapped,”Be a good little girl and tell me why I had to spank you like the naughty girl you’re acting like.”

“Because I called you an asshole!” you yelped, panting as your slick slid down your inner thighs, staining the bed sheets. Dean chuckled in his unmistakably husky voice then stated,”That’s right, darlin’. But you’ve got one thing right,(Y/N). Do you know what that is?” 

You really are an asshole , you thought to yourself, instead you replied quietly,”I was being greedy.” He laughed and declared,”Damn straight, beautiful. Now, I believe I promised you a bit of finger and tongue action, didn’t I? Well, I never go back on a promise.”

You sighed softly in relief as he nibbled his way up your inner thighs, slurping harshly at your slick which left marks on his path up to your pussy. Dean groaned at the taste of you then stretched up and unhooked you from the headboard, helping you roll onto your back, before he dropped back down to his knees, sucking your clit through his teeth into his sweet mouth. 

“Oh,fuck, please.” you cried out, causing him to laugh against your cunt.  

"You’re so cute, kitten. You thought I wasn’t gonna keep you from coming. Its a treat all on its own for me. Now, let’s see how pretty you can beg for me. ” You thrashed beneath him as he flicked his tongue against your entrance several times at a quick, sloppy pace, pulling the knot in your lower stomach down further, warning you of your looming orgasm so you thought quickly and purred in a somewhat broken voice,” I bet you’re just dying to fuck me senseless, Dean. Please, please give your kitten what she needs. I’ll be so good, so fucking good. I’ll suck your cock, I’ll do anything for God’s sake! Dammit,Dean, please!“

"Anything?” he asked, pushing a finger inside your pussy as he met your (Y/E/C) with his now almost navy blue eyes. You nodded eagerly then begged,”Anything! Please, for God’s sake, Dean.” He chuckled and raked his free hand through his hair then unlocked your cuffs before he grabbed your hand,guiding it down to your entrance where he then ordered,”Finger yourself. Don’t come til I tell you so.”

Immediately,you did as he told you so, and teased a fingertip around your clit while using your other hand to spread your pussy lips apart. He clicked his tongue at you then purred,’”Ya know,pet, teasing yourself isn’t gonna get you nothing but torture. But hell, whatever you want. I’ll just sit here and enjoy the show.”

You shoved two fingers deep inside and his groan joined your moan when he saw what you did before he cooed,”Such a good little pet. You just love putting a show on for your Master,don’t you,kitten?”

“Yes,Master, anything you want. Please…” you trailed off as your thumbnail grazed your clit,causing your hips to jerk upwards and Dean chuckled in return. He ran his finger across the seam of your lips then asked,”I don’t know what you want,kitten, so until you learn to use your words.”

“Please let me come.”you begged, fingers pumping at a pace that Dean was impressed with. But you still couldn’t seem to make yourself come. Damn him, you thought to yourself, knowing that was all because he told you not to come until he said so.

“I don’t think so,doll. Keep going and don’t come,okay?” You groaned in frustration at those words but continued to work your fingers in and out of your entrance. Your chest heaved up and down at a fast pace, your heart racing at your orgasm built closer and closer but then, you felt empty and a hand on your wrist. 

“Fuck!” you sobbed, tossing your back down on the bed in frustration and need. He curled into the front of your body and asked in a low voice,”Does my pet want to come?” 

“Yes,Master,fuck,I want it,I fucking need to come,please!” you begged, hips circling against the mattress. 

He pulled the blindfold off and your vision cleared, Dean coming into sight then informed you of his plan,”Okay, You can come, because I’m going to fuck you with my mouth then I’m going to fuck you so hard with my cock that’ll you won’t want to walk in the morning. But just when you think I’m done, I’m going to make you ride me and I promise,kitten, by the time I get done you won’t want to come anymore tonight.”

“Please.”you whispered softly, hand brushing his scruff covered cheeks. He nodded and promised”I will. Don’t worry,pet.” He kissed down your body tenderly, readying you for what was to come, then he pulled your hand down and guided two fingers back in before he gave gentle licks and sucks to you.

“More,please.” you asked softly, eyes fluttering as you grabbed his gaze. His strawberry blond curls fell into his face as he lifted your legs up onto his shoulders and your thighs clenched against his cheeks then he flashed a devilish look to you before he purred”Get ready to lose your fucking voice, kitten.” 

With a few quick lashes of his hot tongue against your clit, he slid it down to your entrance where you were riding your fingers then he slipped it in and you shoved him face first into your pussy with your other hand, causing him to growl at the scent of you.

He pushed in a finger of his own and you cried out at the width stretching you out then you begged,”Harder!” Dean did as you pleaded, palm slapping against your clit as he pumped his finger and tongue deeper and harder into your then he pressed your fingers towards the spot that could make you come in a matter of seconds.

“Tastes so good, my little pet. Come now.” Your hips bucked up, his nose brushing your pubic bone as his scruff burned against the soft skin of your inner thighs before he continued to push you through your orgasm as you screamed his name.

“See,pet? No one can make you come as hard as I can. No one will ever find out how fucking pretty those little sounds are, how fucking good you taste. I only do,right?” Dean snarled low in your ear as he finished kissing and nibbling hickies into your skin all the way up your body. 

“No one.”you gasped, crushing your lips to his in a brutal and intense kiss. He chuckled at your desperateness then guided the head of his dick to your slit and brushed it against your clit, eyes locked on yours as your lips parted and your tongue brushed his, breaths mingling. You nipped his bottom then whined,"Fuck me,Master.”

“Okay.” he stated simply before he sunk his cock deep inside of you, the two of you sharing a moan at different volumes. The leather squeaked as it rubbed against both your skin and the sheets and you couldn’t help but feel naughty.

“Dean! Fuck,more.” you panted,legs winding around his waist. He gave a lunatic grin then hitched your ankles on his shoulders and pushed harder and faster into you. You ran your nails up his biceps then arched into him as he snarled low in your ear.

“Look at my cute little kitten, wanting more of her Master’s dick. I bet you’re close,aren’t you,doll?” he asked, sucking more bruises into your neck. Your head bobbed up and down several times, crying out when he bottomed out in you, causing your walls to tighten which pulled a groan from his chest.

“Five…” he panted, circling your clit with his thumb. You tossed your head back and he followed, the two of you sharing a kiss,“Four… Three.”

“Two.” he purred, catching your earlobe with his canines as he pinched your bud and his hips jerked forward several more times at a quicker pace then he snapped,“Come,kitten.”

“Fuck,Dean!” At the sound of your scream, he came with you, breaths mingling and the air hot and somewhat sticky. He lowered your legs down to the mattress then rolled off of your now sore body, only for him to hit the floor. You peeked over the edge of the bed and burst into laughter when you saw that he was pouting up at you.

“You dork.” you sobbed as you wiped the tears from laughing so hard. He rolled his eyes and jerked you on top of him then declared,“You look great just in my jacket,kitten.”

“I love you,Dean.” you declared, kissing his dimples. He cupped your cheeks and replied,“I love you too,(Y/N). I think I’m gonna make you call Lexie after we cuddle for a little.”

“You maniac. You said you were gonna let me ride you.” you stated, shrugging out of his jacket to cool off. He booped you on the nose and corrected,“And I will. I’m a lunatic, kitten, the Lunatic Fringe to be exact,so calm down.”

Blind Date-Brett Talbot

Valentine’s Collection:#6

Teen Wolf Imagine:#105

Word Count:1,306

Warnings: Reader talking bad about herself.

SummaryBlind dates always suck, but this one will be her last.

A/n: So this is another combination with a request, something with an ‘unconventionally attractive’ looking reader. So there’s that in here as well as it being a little bit of someone’s request for ‘Shape of you’ (it takes place in a bar) and an idea of my own sooo I hope you enjoy it :)

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anonymous asked:

Xanxus, Squalo and Bel falling in love with a civillian S/O? (Don't answer if you don't want to/don't have the time) love the blog btw


  • wrong place, wrong time
  • you were one of the very unlucky few that was taken hostage ( gagged, bound by the wrists ) by a group of people within the allied families that wanted to disrupt the order, disrupt the peaceful rule of the new Vongola Decimo
  • the vongola have their hands tied since they’re not sure who exactly they can trust, and they’re not too keen on starting a witch hunt
  • so they send out the only people they can trust – the varia ( since they operate outside of vongola decimo’s rule. plus, it’s an added bonus that xanxus is feeling a little itchy-fingered since no one is allowed to challenge the decimo’s throne but him )
  • they find you in a matter of days, blowing up the entrance to the warehouse and almost collapsing the place ( if it hadn’t been for a certain loud swordsman telling their boss to calm the shit down )
  • one of the men grab you, snarling about their plans before strapping a vest onto you. you already know it’s more than just a fashion accessory before you look down, despising the clunkiness of it
  • tears are blurring your vision and you rapidly blink them away, needing to see their faces because if you’re going to go down then you’re going to tell someone what their shit mugs look like
  • the other hostages inch away slowly, relieved when a blond man with knives cut their ropes. they flee into the vongola issued ambulances
  • “uh oh,” bel says, eyeing the vest. “squalo! we have a problem.”
  • the swordsman, absolutely pissed because a certain boss is getting a little too trigger happy, doesn’t like the situation either. he recognises the bombs – created by the bovino family. it works with a motion sensor but the problem is they don’t know where it is. they assume it’s anywhere in the vest so if they try to remove it they’re all goners
  • squalo has to call xanxus because they’re not sure how to deal with this
  • and xanxus, once he sees you, he has to admit he’s intrigued. you’re wearing a puzzle that he’s going to solve but the way that you’ve composed yourself, even with tear tracks on your cheeks your eyes are defiant
  • he takes the gag off of you with surprising care ( for someone so big he has a lot of grace ) and you recount the men. high nose, low cheekbones, brown eyes, blue eyes. xanxus is a tiny bit surprised that that’s the first thing that comes out of your mouth, but his lips twitch upwards, calling for mammon. he respects that resolve, the fight in you
  • mammon works with you to cast the illusion of the men and when you’ve got them all down, xanxus sends them all off to get those fuckers
  • you tell him it’s okay to leave you but he only snorts – “bullshit i’m going to let you die.”
  • he walks you through his thoughts, for both your sakes really, because it’s too damn quiet and he hasn’t done this before. though, his talks about flames and box animals confuse you since you’re not familiar with the mafia lingo
  • when he takes out a box and injects flames from his ring into it, calling out a liger, you take it into stride, never questioning his intention because for some reason, you trust him
  • he manages to petrify the suit after finding out where exactly the sensor is ( it involved a few handsy moments ) and disintegrates it before it can explode
  • “thank you,” you breathe out. in your moment of relief, you hug him and he doesn’t exactly return it, but he doesn’t shrug you off of him either. he replies with a grunt which you assume is his own version of ‘you’re welcome’
  • you’re taken to vongola’s HQ where you’re checked out by the nurses and doctors along with the other hostages. they make you stay a few nights longer to give you counselling which you wave off
  • the traitors have long been taken care off ( none of the guardians are happy that they’ve been sitting idle for the duration of this )
  • xanxus doesn’t visit you but the liger sits in the hospital room, eyeing every doctor and nurse when they come in to check on you



  • it starts off with infatuation, watching you perform at a high-end party that you had no idea was a mafia function
  • ( they were paying big sums and you were struggling to make ends meets. you had been recommended for the entertainment, letting your fingers roam the keys of the piano, fleshing out a tune these classy people in suits never heard of – it was hard. and nerve-wracking but they seemed to be wrapped up in their own word so they didn’t pay much heed to you )
  • he’s about to introduce himself to you, charm you out of that pretty dress and right into his bed
  • bel gets through the first step – you smile up at him, a sincere one that he rarely sees since he’s made an offhand comment about your talent – before he’s whisked away, called by that shitty shark
  • so he leaves you, but you don’t quite leave him. all throughout his mission, all he can think about is that pretty face and those eyes ( innocence, faith – a little broken inside but who wasn’t? )
  • he gets ahold of your contact details, finding your address. he doesn’t visit you ( a prince would never be seen in a neighbourhood like this ) but he watches, follows
  • he patronises the shop you at during the day, follows you into the different pubs and bars you play at during the night
  • before anyone can even think of putting their hands on you, approaching you up on stage, or even buying you a drink, he’s got his knives out. a simple flick of his wrist sends them cowering back in their seats as he lounges in the back
  • bel buys you drinks at first, and you accept them since you assume they’re a courtesy of the venue you’re playing at. then you start to get roses too and that’s when you realise it’s probably from an admirer
  • you’re flattered, flustered too since you didn’t think anyone would care enough to pay attention to you, much less enjoy your music
  • you want to meet the person but it seems like every face is a new face, no matter how many times you search the crowd for someone you might have seen in a previous bar
  • it takes him a long time before he steps up from roses ( mammon questions him about the never-ending purchases of roses but never gets a straight answer ). he attaches a note to it, a smirk on his face when he sees the way you bite down a smile
  • bel’s not sure if he’s falling in love with you or the music – he doesn’t really care because if he has you he’s pretty sure he has both
  • you’re recommended ( again ) at another high-end party – not with vongola but an enemy family. you don’t really care ( you just want to get paid and it happens that these formal parties are very generous ) and you don’t really know who they are. you pin a rose on your dress
  • the varia are out for blood – out on a mission to take down the host but bel freezes when he sees you because you’re not supposed to be there
  • the boss places you too close to his booth, gets a little too chummy with you, stands around the piano too much and bel realises how much he’s fucked up
  • he must’ve gotten careless somewhere along the line and someone saw him attending every small performance of yours
  • squalo’s about to call the hit but bel interferes. the rain’s not too happy and bel won’t explain himself ( because he doesn’t know what to call this emotion )
  • mammon, though, notices you at the piano. “the roses,” he says, piecing the two together
  • squalo doesn’t quite understand what roses have to do with bel’s sudden desire to protect the civilians until he sees you, sees the rose, sees the strange layout of the stage
  • and he curses the brat for falling in love
  • “it’s not love,” bel says.
  • “whatever it is, it’s making you weak.” exasperated and tired of his fellow guardians, squalo tries to devise a new plan ( it involves some illusions and squalo’s making bel pay for the whole night )
  • mammon conjures up a rose, giving bel and squalo new faces so they can get to you and to the enemy boss, respectively
  • bel hands you to rose, and his heart almost skips with the way you’re studying him so intently ( as if you can see through these illusions ). you don’t know his face but you can feel his presence ( somehow assuring ) so you don’t complain when he asks you to follow him – squalo’s pretending to fill in the boss with some new information
  • you both make your way out of the hall before the illusion drops. he gets you to safety and before you can stop yourself, you ask if you’ll ever see him again. he smirks, says “maybe,” and calls you a cab
  • you still get roses when you perform
One Love

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One Love

Ft. Kihyun (Monsta X)

One shot

Fluff | Angst | Smut

I pull my jacket over my head to shield myself from the sudden down pour. It was just my luck to have it go from a bad day to the worst day ever in the matter of just fifteen minutes. Frustrated with my bad luck, I look up at the sky, anger forming in the pit of my stomach as I curse at the heavens for letting everything bad come bite me in the ass, not just once but twice in one day.

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This is Not Your Fairy Tale

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Warnings: Sex, Language and Violence.

The Crazy Horse Road House may not be the most romantic rendezvous, but it works for you and Sam. That’s the only thing that matters.

Between your schedule and Sam crisscrossing the country to fight the big bad, it’s amazing you’ve made any semblance of a relationship last. It takes a lot of work and patience to be the woman waiting on Sam Winchester. Most of the time it’s nothing more than missed dinners, broken plans and crawling into bed alone.

It’s not exactly ideal, but it’s your reality and it’s really damn lonely.

Once a month, if life is hectic and you two haven’t really gotten a chance to spend any time together, you meet here. The Crazy Horse.  You spend the weekend drinking cheap beer, going to second run movies and fucking in the dirty motel across the street. Sometimes he comes alone, other times he brings his brother and you pretend that it doesn’t bother you.

Everything about Sam is a compromise, so you take what you can get.

So tonight, here you sit, three beers in, waiting. Sam’s late, big surprise.

“Hey,” a greasy, middle-aged guy parks himself on the barstool next to you. He has no shame as he gives you a good once over, eyeing you from head to toe. “Damn sweetheart, you look like you could use some company.”

“I’m good, thanks.” You flash him a tight smile and sip your beer.

“I don’t know about that. You look a little lonely over here all by yourself.” He makes himself comfortable, signaling to the bartender for another drink. “I’m Luke, what’s your name?”

You resist the urge to roll your eyes. “You don’t have worry about me. I’m waiting for someone.”

“You sure about that?” He moves in a little closer. “My buddies and I have been watching you for a while. Sure looks like you’re flying solo.” He nods to a small table.  You follow his stare and several of the men begin to snicker and whistle.

“As flattering as all this is, I’m really not interested in anything other than my drink.” You shift in your seat, turning toward him and leaning away at the same time. You make sure to look him in the eyes, you don’t want him getting the wrong idea, you’re not a woman who’s easily messed with. This is not the first time you’ve been hit on in bar, but it never gets less uncomfortable.

“Hey now, no reason to get your panties in a punch.” He’s really not taking the hint. “Just let me buy you a beer. I we’d get along just fine once you loosen up a little.”

“Listen, I’m not going to ask you again, please leave me alone.” You cringe as he licks his lips, amused by your reaction.

“Let’s just think about this for a minute, it’s perfect sweetheart,” His hand is suddenly on your leg, his stubby fingers digging into your thigh. You suck in a sudden breath, jumping at his touch. “You’re alone, I’m alone. We could have a little fun.”

“She’s not alone.” Sam’s voice behind you is unmistakable, accompanied by his big hands on your shoulders. “Take your hands off her before I do it for you.”

Luke’s hand recoils, suddenly jumping up from his seat. He smiles shyly and shrugs his shoulders. “It’s cool man, we were just talking.”

“Well, you’re done now.” Sam moves between you and Luke, as he shuffles back his table where his friends are in hysterics.

“You picked a hell of a night to be late.” You spin around to face him.

“I can see that. You have quite the fan club.” Sam looks down you with his jaw set, not at all amused. He ticks his head, as if he’s trying to shake off how pissed he is. He throws Luke, and the table of admirers, a hostile stare.

“Sam, It’s fine” You stand up as he snakes an arm around your waist, pulling you to him. He kisses you hard, definitely more forceful than the usual hello kiss. You squeak into this mouth when he grabs a handful of your ass, giving it a quick squeeze as he pulls away.

Sam’s marking his territory. You let him.

“You wanna leave?” He offers, still holding you against his body.  You can feel his heart racing in his chest, he really didn’t like that guy touching you. His reaction, while a bit over the top, is really turning you on.  

“No, don’t let that guy ruin our night. Come on,” you grab his hand and coax him back toward the bar.


It takes a few beers, a game of darts and a story about Dean shopping for the perfect mozzarella cheese, but Sam simmers downs and start to enjoy himself. You talk and drink until well after midnight. You tell him everything. The little details, that would bore anyone else, make Sam’s eyes light up. He enjoys hearing about your boring little life.

Sam’s coming back from the bathroom, when one of Luke’s friend bumps into him. Sam keep his cool, but the guy mumbles something. You know what’s about to happen, already moving toward them.

“What did you say?” Sam raises his eyebrows, his shoulders rolling back.

“Baby, just ignore him. Please, let’s just go.” You’re between Sam and another man, with two hands on Sam’s chest. The other guy is just as big as Sam.

The situation has escalated in record time.

The man eyes you up, then down, making the point that Sam can’t stop him from looking at you any way he likes.  He turns to Sam and grins, “I bet I could make her squeal like a pig.”

“Shut your mouth.” Sam spits as his fist connects with the man’s face in a single, fluid motion. One quick punch and the asshole is holding his nose as blood streams down his shirt.

Next thing you know, he’s running full bore at Sam.

Your dive bar date night has officially turned into an all out brawl.



A couple hours  later you’re in a dirty motel bathroom. The gash in Sam’s side looks horrific but he’s insisting that he doesn’t need a hospital.

“Can you thread the needle for me?” he implores, wincing as he gingerly pats the open wound with an alcohol soaked cloth.

“Sure,” you gulp and look away, your stomach feeling uneasy. “Are you sure we shouldn’t have someone look at it? He cut with a broken beer bottle for Christ’s sake.”

“It’s not too deep.” Sam gives you a strained grin that’s intended to dismiss your concerns. “I’ve done it before, Y/N. I’m gonna be fine.”

“Okay,” you don’t fight him. You thread the needle with fishing line and hand it to him along with a bottle of whiskey. He takes a swig, then gets down to the business of stitching himself up.

You can’t watch. You turn the TV and force yourself to watch a rerun of Forensic Files.

By the time Sam’s crawls into bed it’s almost sunrise. There’s a lot you intended to say to him, but instead you wrap your arms around him as he lays his head on your chest.

“I’m sorry.” You whisper, it wasn’t your fault, but you feel like somehow it was. “We should have left.”

“Don’t be. He was asking for it.” Sam breathes, “I’d do it again.”

When you wake up it’s early afternoon and Sam is gone. There’s a note on his pillow.

Dean called, had to leave. Didn’t want to wake you.

I’m sorry I ruined our night. I’ll make it up to you. Call me.

I love you.


Two weeks later , Sam hi-jacks you on a Sunday afternoon. He holds your hand while he drives, thumb rubbing the back your knuckles and watching how you smile at the afternoon light. He sneaks glances at you, noticing, for the first time in a long time  the pink in your cheeks, delicate color on pallid skin.

He finds a old revival theater, in a town so out of the way he’d never be able to find again if his life depended on it. The tickets are cheap, but the popcorn is stale and the only thing playing is a animated kids movie he’s never heard of.

You tell him you can’t believe he’s never seen this movie and you’re definitely staying. It’s a exquisite, rundown theater, you can smell mold and new paint as you sit in ratted seats. You think it’s fantastic. He’s there with you, arm slung over her shoulders as the lights dim and your eyes tear up at the opening credits of An American Tail.

And even though I know how very far apart we are

It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star…

Afterwards, Sam fucks you in the parking lot, you ride him in the backseat, squirming and moving your hips while he bucks up into you. Your teeth chatter over his lips, kisses hard and meant only for him. He fists the pale yellow material of you dress where it’s bunched at your hips, rough hands cupping ass while you ache with lust. Your back curves sharply, harsh gasps when his dick finds your sweet spot and all you can do is say his name. You dig fingers, clawing into his shoulder, cock buried deep, while quivering muscles tug at him. You jerk when he comes quickly with a muffled shout, mouth still pressed into your breast.

In the end it’s not the fairy tale weekend you dream of, it’s just a small moment, something private that’s only yours. There are very few romantic dinners, certainly no opera tickets or moonlit walks - no, instead you get a cheap film, a flask of whiskey and a quick fuck. 

And in this life, not the ideal, not the fairy tale, but in this real existence…it’s perfect.


Flirting (Part 1 of the Relationship Mini-Series)

Summary: You and Bucky have been staring at each other all night - but do either of you have the guts to flirt up close?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1700

Warnings: Language, hotness, probably crappy writing/pick up lines. 


A/N: Here’s a shot at a one shot. I guess let me know if someone wants a second part?? Maybe?? I dunno, I wanted to post SOMETHING for you all since I’m currently stuck on my new series. Hope this helps the wait.

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          It was a Friday night, and you were in the Avengers compound drinking and enjoying the company of everyone, especially that of one of your best friend, Natasha Romanoff. You two had become close friends after she had saved your life when you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You were just an average, non-super person, but for some reason, you were currently in a room full of them, as well as some guests more like you. Stark was hosting some party (as usual), and so it was just an excuse for Nat to invite you to the compound for the first time to meet her coworkers. Her super coworkers.

         “Come on, you have to talk to them sometime,” she told you, taking a sip of her drink.

         You shrugged, following her lead. “I have, Nat. I talked to Wanda and Clint.”

        “You already know Clint, idiot. And Wanda is sweet to most everyone I introduce her to. They don’t count. I’m talking about one of them,” she said, spinning your body around to face the group of guys standing across the room. Of course, you recognized them all – Sam Wilson, Thor, Captain America himself…

        And the guy who kept looking at you at least every five minutes.

        You recognized him, too, of course – Bucky Barnes, ex-Winter Soldier and Steve’s best friend. He was standing in between Thor and Steve, drink in his hand, his hair pulled back in a loose bun. He was wearing dark jeans and a dark blue button down, and of course the sleeves were rolled up, revealing his forearms. His very nice forearms.

        As if he knew you were looking, his gaze turned to you again. When you made eye contact, he smirked softly at you, and you had to look away to hide your blush.

        “Exactly my point. Why don’t you go talk to one of them? Or, specifically, the one who’s been staring at you all night,” Nat suggested. You rolled your eyes.

        “Don’t be ridiculous, Nat,” you told her. “He’s probably staring at you, anyway. You look amazing.”

        That wouldn’t be a ridiculous idea – your friend, as always, looked incredibly hot, wearing a tight red dress that hugged every beautiful curve on her body. You had lost count at how many guys had looked at her since this party started.

         It was her turn to roll her eyes, and pointed down to your outfit. “And you don’t? Y/N, your boobs look fucking fantastic in that dress. As does your everything. I guarantee you, if you were to go over there and flirt a little, a certain super soldier with a metal arm wouldn’t know what to do with himself.”

         You tossed another glance to Bucky, and weighed your options here – you had never met him before, so you technically had nothing to lose, but at the same time this would be his first impression of you. Did you want to screw that up by failing at flirting with him?

         “All right, since you’re being difficult,” Nat sighed, setting her drink down, and stepping in front of you, blocking Bucky’s view of you. She moved your hair to one side, and proceeded to adjust the top of your dress to show off your boobs a bit more. You weren’t shocked or annoyed at her doing that – it was just her helping you out. “We’re doing a compromise. You’ll sit here, looking all hot, and I’ll get Bucky to come over here. Sound good?”

         “I think I’m going to vomit,” you muttered as she finished making you look perfect.

         “That’s just all your brilliant pick-up lines waiting to come out,” she said, and started heading over to the guys. “Good luck, hot stuff.”

         You took in a deep breath, and sat down at the bar, waiting.

Bucky’s POV

         Bucky knew almost immediately what Nat’s intentions were when she walked up to him.

         “Hey, boys,” she greeted warmly, easily gliding into their conversation.

         “Nat,” Bucky greeted, and once again turned his gaze to you. The idea of talking to you seemed even better, he had to admit, as you were now seated alone at the bar, still looking incredibly beautiful.

         “Sam, I thought I saw that cute girl from S.H.I.E.L.D. earlier – Becca?” Nat brought up. “I think she was talking to Rhodey.”

         He perked up at the thought of talking to Becca – he’d had his eyes set on her for a while. “Well, I’d stay and chat, but… I’d rather talk to a beautiful woman than you old farts.”

         Steve laughed as Sam practically jogged away.

         Nat began making small talk with Steve and Thor, and before Bucky realized it, Steve and Thor were off in search of the Asgardian mead stored in the compound. That left just him and Nat.

         “I already know what you’re going to say, Nat,” Bucky sighed as he downed the rest of his drink, pouring himself another.

         Nat smiled at him. “Then why are you still here? Hop to it, Buckaroo.”

         He turned to look at her, letting out a sigh. “She’s… she’s probably not interested in someone like me.”

         Nat shook her head. “Oh, definitely not. She’s just been staring at you back the whole night, and definitely isn’t waiting at the bar specifically for your dumb ass to go and talk to her.”

         Bucky rolled his eyes. Sure, he thought you were beautiful, and he loved the way your smile practically lit up the room, how you crinkled your nose a bit when you laughed. And he didn’t even know you – how could he like you that much already?

         “Well, she’s out of luck. I don’t see why you’d think I’d like to talk to her,” Bucky replied smoothly.

         Nat put her hands on her hips, her smile turning somehow even more devious.

         “Really? Then if you don’t feel anything, just go flirt with her. I mean, it’s just flirting, right? Anyone can do that,” Nat challenged, knowing she’d caught Bucky in his own stupidity.

         Bucky planned on just ignoring Nat, but he’d never hear the end of it, so he downed the rest of his drink, rolled his shoulders, and headed over to the bar.

         You can do this, he thought to himself. I mean, it’s only been about 70 years since you last flirted, but… it can’t be that hard, right?

         He stepped up to the bar beside you, leaning casually against it on his left arm, looking to the bartender. “Two whiskeys, please.” He turned to smile at you. “Figured a girl like you would have a bunch of guys buying her drinks – surprised I’m the only one here now.”

         Not the worst line you could have said, Buck. Keep it up.

         You turned to smile coyly at him, and holy shit, had he not been leaning against the bar his knees would have buckled from seeing your beautiful smile up close. “Well, maybe, but I only let attractive guys buy me drinks.”

         Bucky opened his mouth to respond with a flirtatious comment of his own, but stopped in his tracks when what you said finally hit him – were you flirting back? It took him a moment for his brain to restart so he could put a sentence together.

          “Well, then, I’m flattered, doll,” he said as the bartender handed him the drinks. You took the drink from him, letting your hand brush just slightly against Bucky’s as you did so, and took a drink.

         “Then my plan is working well,” you said, looking him over briefly, making sure he saw you paying attention to his left arm.

         Bucky nearly choked on his drink. He had stupidly thought that flirting with you might be easy, as he was banking on his previous days as a ladies’ man to come back to help him, and the fact that this was only the first time meeting you, but that all went south the moment you opened your gorgeous mouth and flirted back. As he set his drink down, he noticed he had to keep a tighter grip on it to keep it from falling.

         Oh my God, my hand is sweating. I’m actually sweating. What the actual hell is wrong with you? You can risk your life every day and get shot at but you can’t talk to a girl without sweating? Get it together, Bucky! Bucky knew he had to respond to you, but he didn’t exactly know how – you had, once again, caused his brain to shut down for a bit. Fuck, what do I do? I’m freaking out she’s going to think I’m weird oh God she’s going to laugh in my face I’m screwed –

         “Hey,” your voice broke Bucky out of his train of thought. He turned nervously to look at you, and you were smiling softly up at him. It took him a while to notice that your hand was rested on his metal arm – and he loved it. “You okay?”

         At first, Bucky planned on just playing off his freak out, but with the sweet, concerned way you were looking up at him practically melted him and he sighed, hitting his forehead on his arm a few times before looking up at you.

         “Yeah. Sorry. I just… I’m not used to this anymore. And you’re just so gorgeous, and you seem so nice, and I thought I could pull off flirting with you,” he admitted. For a moment, you were silent, and Bucky was about to give up when you giggled slightly, turning his attention back to you.

         “Oh, thank God,” you sighed in relief. “I feel the same way. I suck at flirting – only reason I did was because I wanted to impress you, although that never works for me.”

         Bucky raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t be too sure about that, doll.”

         He saw you repressing your smile at that one, and you reached over, punching his arm lightly. “Hey. I thought you said you sucked at flirting. That said otherwise.”

         “And you said you wanted to impress me,” Bucky said, smirking. “Do you think you’ve done that, yet?”

         You smiled, taking another sip of your drink. “Well, the night’s not over, you know.”

         I’m doomed, Bucky thought.

Imagine meeting Axl In a bar (smut)

“Do we have to go out tonight? I really don’t feel up for it.” You plead with your friend but know it’s pointless. When you’d made the plans it seemed like a good idea, now not so much.

She rolls her eyes at you, “Yes, we are going out and you’re going to have fun damn it.” She points, “Now go get dressed. And wear that tight leather skirt I got you for Christmas.”

You do as you’re told, struggling to get the tight leather over your legs but you manage. Yanking a white tank top from its hanger you pull it over your head. Looking in your floor length mirror you feel extremely out of place but have to admit the skirt flattered you.

“Oh my gosh you look great! Now just put some red lipstick on and we can go.” She grins at you knowing she’s won.

The bar she’s chosen to go to couldn’t be more out of your comfort zone. A small hole in the wall with the music is so loud you can hear the rock n roll pouring from inside as you walk from the car. You can feel your heart beating into your chest harder and harder as you get closer to the door. Both of you pay the cheap entrance fee and make your way into the crowded, black room.

“Come on.” Your friend motioning toward the bar where your other friends are. She orders all of you shots as everyone laughs about dragging you out. “I want you to take it straight like a big girl got it?” You nod, putting the tall shot up to your lips as you tip it back. Your throat burning as it goes down, and a rush coming to your head.

All your friends laugh, ordering another round as the band continues to sing. Though you question if that’s the right word to describe it, the singers hitting such high notes as they sing something about a jungle. It not being your kind of music you don’t pay much attention, not even noticing when a new band steps up.

“Oh my god Y/N, that guy is totally checking you out. Look.” You feel your friend nudge you, and you turn in the same direction. When you see him your breathe catches, thinking to your self you’d never seen a guy nearly as attractive as him. His long copper hair is tucked under a red bandana, aviator glasses on top. His pale skin practically shinning against his all black outfit. Your eyes meeting, a smirk coming to his face.

“I think he’s coming over. Holy shit, we’re all gonna go dance. Have fun.” All of them grabbing their drinks before leaving you. Feeling like a wounded animal as he gets closer, completely unprepared to talk to a random guy in a bar.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing without a man?” His voice deeper than you would ever have expected but something about it, maybe the roughness, instantly turned you on.

“Don’t have a man. What are you doing without a pretty girl?” Though you wouldn’t consider your self to be socially awkward, something about him made you feel like a twelve year old girl.

“I’m standing with you aren’t I? Let me buy you a drink.” A pale hand motions for the bar tender before ordering both of you a shot of vodka. “To new friends.” You tap your glass to his, lightning hitting the counter before shooting it back.

“Thank you, Mr?”

He flashes you a smile, “Axl Rose, and you?” He leans in closer to you, close enough to smell a mix of his cologne and cigarettes. You introduce yourself shaking hands playfully, “Y/N, what a pretty name. You smoke?”

“Every now and then.” He motions for you to follow him, walking through the crowd to the back before stepping into an alley way. He pulls a pack of cigarettes from his pants, handing you one. “Thank you.”

“I wanted to get to talk to you without your friends watching us like hawks. You come here a lot?” You laugh, thinking to yourself now typical of a question it was.

“No not really my thing.”

Axl smirks, “I bet I’m not really your type either?” Taking a long drag of his cigarette.

“I don’t really have a type I guess.” Not wanting to admit that you’d only dated two guys prior, knowing someone like him probably had years worth of experience.

“It’s my lucky night then,” You watch as he moves closer, “Do you normally kiss a guy you just met in a bar?” His eyes looking straight into yours, you see how bright green they are.

“No.” You’d never kissed anyone you weren’t dating but you wanted to kiss him, you find yourself staring at his lips as a smile touches them just before he licks them lightly.

“Good.” Before you say anything back he’s wrapped a hand around your waist, pulling you to him. Resting his lips against yours, starting out light and easy then shifting to a hard, rushed kiss. You hear his cigarette drop as he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his narrow hips.

After what feels like forever roughly making out against the wall he pulls away, “You wanna fuck?” His voice broken up by the sound of his panting, your red lipstick smudged on both your faces. You nod causing him to smile and bite his lip, “Perfect.”

With you still wrapped around his hips he carries you to what you assume is his car. Letting you down to open the door and push the seat up. Motioning with his hand for you to climb in.

Once you’re both in Axl gets on top of you. Kissing you while his hand makes its way up your thigh. “Are you sure?” He asks, leaving a trail of kisses on your neck. You nod, “Perfect baby.” He pulls away from you, grabbing his wallet where he pulls out a condom. You watch him move his leather pants down, revealing himself in front of you as his slides the condom over himself.

He arranges your legs where he fits between them, then moves your thong over. With one hand holding himself and the other on your hip he slides into you. Both of you moaning as you adjust to the feeling. He leans down, his mouth meeting yours while he thrust harder into you.

“Does that feel good baby?” His voice deeper, and rougher in your ear. You moan in response, fueling him to go harder. The car being filled with both your moans and various cuss words as you both reach your peak.

You feel his hands grip tighter on your hips, pulling your body down as far as he can before telling you he’s going to finish. “Fuck, oh my fucking God.” You watch him climax, sweat pooling on both of you.

He slides out, disposing of the condom while you adjust yourself. Though no matter what you do your hair and makeup give away what you’ve been doing. Axl smiles at you, “That was amazing but you might wanna fix this.” Before raising his hand to wipe away a smudge of red.

You laugh, “You’re wearing some too.” His forearm jerking across his mouth.

“I gotta sing now, but in about 15 you wanna get another drink, dance a little bit, and maybe go back to the car for round two?”

“Maybe.” You bite your lip, feeling odd but happy you’d done something so out of character.

When you walk back into the bar Axl kisses you before walking to the stage, and your friends all laugh. Clearly aware of what happened based of the various jokes they make. “Glad someone got laid, and you got to fuck a singer. You can check that off your bucket list, now here’s a shot.”

Pick-Up Artist

Summary: A drink didn’t work. A book however… “Is this your way of hitting on me?”

Genre: Romance/Humor

Pairing: Gajevy/Gale

Note: Inspiration has struck! I know I have other stories to finish…hush. Nothing wrong with a few oneshots… right? Haha…

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or anything associated with it. This is purely fan-made.

He couldn’t stop staring at her. Well, when all of the tall people didn’t block her, of course. He had a thing for short girls…who knew? A little blue-haired beauty sat at the bar for the majority of the night with another blue haired woman sitting next to her who seemed to have a permanent blush plastered on her face. Gajeel tried not to openly stare; he didn’t want to risk her catching onto him… or worse: his friends.

“Are you into her, or do you want to murder her?” Shit. The pink-haired idiot caught him.

“Shut up, Natsu,” Gajeel glowered, taking a large gulp of his whiskey. He wanted to blame his burning face on the drink and not him actually blushing. Because he wasn’t. “What do you know about girls anyway?”

“I know about girls!”

“No you don’t,” Gray chimed in, hitting Natsu in the arm.

“Why not buy her a drink?” Laxus suggested.

“I don’t know her!”

“But you’re trying to get to know her,” Jellal stated. “That’s the whole point! If it makes you feel any better, you can say it’s from all of us and get her friend one too! It’s less awkward that way.”

“He has a point,” Gray said, shrugging.

Gajeel rolled his eyes, but decided to give it a shot when the waitress came back to the booth they had taken a permanent residence in. He hoped his friends knew what they were talking about.

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anonymous asked:

Your writing is stupendous! Could you do a soulmate au w/Tsuna, & he's an apathetic, playboy jerk to s/o @ first, but they act like they don't care either & they act it perfectly. They give as good as they get & drive Tsuna wild until he claims them.

On the skin of their left breast, right above where their heart is located, people are born with a soulmark.

Every person’s soulmark was unique, the one phrase their counterpart uttered that stood out the most within the first hour of their initial meeting. The mark having been recorded on their chest, before they ever even met.

Sometimes people were born with hand signs on their chest, inspiring them to learn sign language. Some were in quotation marks, their counterpart having been encountered through media (one notable incident involving one counterpart being a telemarketer and calling the other without realizing it).

There was never a guarantee that you would find your counterpart, there being plenty of those whom never did, but there was always the chance you would… And that fueled the ambitions of many to go out searching for someone they might never find.

(inspired scores of international conventions where people were randomly sorted into groups of ten and spent one hour together, just talking in the hopes that one of them ended up being their match; if nothing happened, they would shake each others hands, wishing each other good luck and parting)

Another thing that was never guaranteed, was that it would be a romantic interest on the other side of that mark or even just one singular marking. There had been many reported cases of quasiplatonic-soulmarks and even select few poly-marks where there had been more than one counterpart. Sometimes, a person wouldn’t even end up liking their counterpart at all.

One thing that was for certain, though, any relationship one had with their counterpart, whether it was romantic or platonic or even one of mutual dislike, was intense and passionate and more emotionally invested than any other connection with a human being. One way or another, counterparts would be gravitated to one another, for better or for worse.

“Hey there, mind if I buy you a drink?” A man asked as he sidled up next to you, dark eyes roving over your rather provocatively dressed form.

Glancing at your half-empty pint before looking back at the interloper with a squint, you answered, “Yes, actually, I’d prefer if I remained uncompromised by whatever drug you’re thinking about slipping in it.“

“You got the wrong idea! I wouldn’t drug your drink, I’m not that kind of guy,” he squawked, caught off guard by the sudden and casual accusation.

It only garnered him an unimpressed and scornful glance from you before you dismissed him entirely with your body language. Already bored with the conversation, you grumbled, “I don’t know you from Adam, so I’ll have to pass. If it’s just a ploy to chat me up, I’ll save you some time: I’m not interested. At all. I’m here to relax, not have a one night stand or start a relationship with somebody. Why don’t you go ask the guy in the green shirt? They look interested.”

On the defensive, he snarled, pride sufficiently bruised from the gruff and rather ugly brush off, “You don’t have to be a bitch about it, jeez. Just say no.”

You remained unruffled, placidly responding with, “I did. You didn’t listen. Bye.”

With a tsk, the man left and blessed silence reined for a little while longer until:

“You know, he only wanted to get to know you.”

Somewhat exasperatedly glancing at the figure that slipped into the seat next to you and ordered a brandy with some ice, you absently responded, “More like he wanted to get into my pants, you mean. Generally, the people at bars either want to get drunk, celebrate, relax, or get lucky. You don’t go to bars to meet people, that’s what clubs and mixers are for, what the purpose of those monthly international conventions are for. I just don’t want to be another statistic.”

Hooded amber eyes flickered in your direction, eyebrows raised in incredulity. After a beat of silence, he managed, “…You make it sound as if you’d die if you went out with someone from a bar.”

Feeling a little playful, you quipped, “I might. There’s lots of sketchy folk out there. Who knows who you’ll bump into?”

“Devilishly attractive young men?” He offered a smirk in your direction, leaning closer with his arm propping up his chin on the counter, obviously attempting to be smooth. Alright then, challenge accepted.

Turning to face him properly now, you teased, “Really? Mind telling me when you spot one? Preferably one who isn’t a fuckboy?”

He recoiled a bit in shock at being blatantly called out, “O-Oi, have a little heart! That was quite cold.”

You tensed in surprise, turning back away to finish off your pint, heart beginning to pound as the phrase echoed in your mind. Have a little heart… Rubbing your chest discreetly with one hand as it prickled in reminder of what was forever engraved there, you mumbled, “Call ‘em like I see ‘em. Anyway, have a name, hotshot?”

“All the ladies call me Tsunayoshi,” he purred.

You grimaced, “Sure it’s not ‘sleazy’? I got all the wrong vibes when you did that, Tsuna. Or Yoshi. But I don’t know, you seem more like a ‘Tsuna’ to me. Makes you sound less pretentious and more approachable. See, look, less of a fuckboy already.”

He made a face, “Your bluntness is offensive. Don’t you have any tact?”

“None,” you relented agreeably, heart finally starting to slow down as you eased back into pace with the conversation. A subtle glance at the clock told you that it had been about four minutes. Fifty-six minutes left to see if the playboy next to you was really your counterpart or another unfortunate false alarm. “But that’s part of my charm, you never have to guess what I’m thinking, just need to ask. A lot people say they think it’s refreshing, but they’re probably just being tactful themselves.”

“Quite possibly,” he allowed, smiling a little bit despite himself. “You still didn’t give me yours.”

“Oh, right, I’m [name],” you answered flippantly.



“Nothing, I was just testing it out loud,” he snickered. “Rolls right out the tongue, doesn’t it?”

“And you are a terrible flirt.”

“‘But that’s a part of my charm’!” Tsuna mocked in a falsetto voice, clearly imitating you as his amber eyes glinted in mischief. He grinned roguishly when you giggled despite yourself. 

I could get used to this, you thought. A glance at the clock. Forty-three minutes.

You made to say something but were interrupted by a phone ringing and Tsuna’s playful expression melting into one that was rather… intense for lack of a better word. His tousled hairstyle seemed to shadow his face dramatically, dark brown eyebrows drawing together in a frown as his eyes seemed to flash orange (a trick of the light?) as he glared a hole into his coat pocket. Pursing his lips in an attempt to hide the snarl that briefly appeared, Tsuna muttered, “I need to take this”, finished off the tumbler in one go and slapping down money before hurriedly striding away from the bar counter, retrieving his phone and answering it.

He made a study of a harried man with too many responsibilities than what was probably healthy, hunched in shoulders and an agitated gait. You noticed for the first time that he was wearing a suit. It complimented him nicely, providing a flattering look for his butt especially. You could probably bounce coins off of it.

“I’d be careful with that one,” the bartender muttered as he took the empty glass, cleaning it. “He always has a different partner every time he comes in and you’re a good person, y/n. Don’t want you getting yourself hurt, especially with the crowd he throws his lot with.”

“…What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly what it sounds like. He doesn’t play for keeps but for fun. I caught a glance of his soulmark once; there’s a scar obscuring it, like it had been scratched out angrily with a knife. People like him? You gotta watch out for; they’ll eat you alive, if you’re not careful, take your heart along with ‘em.”

And with that ominous warning, he left you another pint before moving on to serve the other patrons. Have a little heart… The words haunted you, had always haunted you throughout your childhood. You had made a point to be kinder then, to try to make it so you would never hear those words uttered, because they always sounded so sad to you; a plea in a future that you were pretty sure you didn’t want. But things changed, people took advantage of your kindness, and you grew a backbone. Have a little heart…

You looked up as movement in your direction caught your eyes: Tsuna. You hesitated when he smiled at the eye contact. It seemed like a risk, to ‘have a little heart’ when there was the very real possibility of it being stolen with no regard to it.

But when the smile wavered a bit, almost unsurely, you felt your compassion make you want to take the risk, one last gamble. You grinned back and gave a saucy wink. Twenty-eight minutes left. You could do this for twenty-eight minutes.

As he slid back into his original seat beside you, you blurted out the first thing that came to mind, “The bartender mentioned you had a dark side.”

A surprise blink before an unreadable look crossed his face. Quietly, he joked, side-stepping the dig for information, “It’s what probably drew him to me.”

Most people who have probably taken the hint and dropped the topic, but you weren’t ‘most people’. Trying again, you prodded leadingly for clarification, “Your oh-so-mysterious dark side?”

“Sure, why, don’t you have one? Oh, wait, stupid question, I bet you’re one of those hopelessly delusional optimistics who dot their “i’s” with little hearts,” the tone was almost biting, buttons were obviously being pushed, meaning there was also some truth to what the bartender had said.

Only the slightest bit uneasy at the realization, you sniffed dismissively, “I’ll have you know, I have just as much of a dark side as the next person.”

He laughed but his tone of voice wasn’t all that amused. Actually, his voice didn’t give away his thoughts or emotions much at all. “Oh, really? Impress me.”

“I have a soulmark complex,” you admitted challengingly, sharp eyes catching the small twitch you got in response. “I used to hate mine. Still do, probably. I did everything I could to make sure it was never said to me. I’ve had nine false alarms. All of them ended badly. Usually with me getting into a fight, because people pissed me off when saying it. It makes me wonder how much worse yours must be that you would scratch it out, if it’s something that I’ve said or am going to say in the next ten minutes, or if you’re also going to be just another false alarm.”

“…I’m not drunk enough for this, but fuck it, why not? Something about you puts me in the sharing mood,” Tsuna muttered, eyes stormy and still glinting orange once in a while, despite the fact there were no candles or flickering light to create that affect that you were aware of. “I was bullied horrendously when I was younger because of mine, to the point where I learned it was better to keep it covered. Mine practically guaranteed that my counterpart would hate me. So, I went about convincing myself that I didn’t care, and after the first several partners, I believed it. I don’t need a counterpart to be happy when I can go out and find plenty of people willing to throw themselves at me with all the companionship I could ever want as many times as I want. I cut it out because I didn’t need a reminder of failure.”

You let out a disbelieving laugh, “With an attitude like that, I can see why! I want to feel bad for the people you used so carelessly, but only a fool would fall for you. We’re not your consolation prize, Tsuna, so don’t treat people like one!“

Tsuna stiffened, eyes widening in disbelief before narrowing in consideration. “You know,” he began quietly, voice hushed but so, so dangerous with all the implications behind it. Despite yourself, despite your indignation with his playboy tendencies and the looming disappointment, you leaned in closer to hear better. “The truth is, it wasn’t just to remove the symbol of my failures as Dame-Tsuna, my weakness, but it was also to seal the vow I made that day: to make my counterpart swallow those words by becoming the biggest fool of them all.”

“And just what do you mean by that?”

“I’m going to make you fall in love with me.” Leaning forward across the bar, he kissed you, mouth moving possessively over your own, leaving you breathless and dazed in seconds.

“Damn,” you murmured, the moment he pulled away. “When you go and say things like that, when you do things like that, Tsuna, you make it hard for me to not like you.”

Drawn Together

Request: Can you please do a Stevexreader fic (African American reader) where he has a major crush on her and all the avengers know but he gets really shy around her and can never fully express his feelings because he worries he’s too out of place and plain for her,until one day Nat & Wanda finally had enough of Steve acting like a school boy and make him talk to reader because Everyone knows that reader has feelings for Steve but never pushed it 😘

He liked to draw her in his down time. The habit began the day he first saw her. She walked into the training room just behind Director Fury. She looked so statuesque and stoic then. Her hand were behind her back, shoulders squared. Her body was hard angles then, chin lifted in a dignified, almost regal manner, legs shoulder width apart. She looked like a warrior. That night Steve couldn’t get the image of her out of his head. Every time he closed his eyes he would see her onyx ones looking back at him. Her image was branded into his brain. He tried drawing to clear his mind, that helped any other time. However after a while he found himself just drawing her, and the way her eyes had bored into his in the brief moment in which they made eye contact.

    From then on, it became a hobby. The first week he wore out his colored pencil that was the exact color of her skin, and the black one that matched her catsuit. And then she moved in with Avengers and he had to go out and buy new pencils. She wore clothes as if they meant something, as if they were sending a message. Every splash of color spoke to him, just as much as her voice and her expressions.

    “So, who’s keeping you from going out for one harmless night of drinks?” Natasha asked, “The rest of the team is going.”

    “Natasha, I have reports to turn in in the morning.”

    She huffed a little, pouting at the woman across from her, “Y/N, how many times have I offered you to come out with the rest of the team?”

    “Every weekend since last year.”

    “Right, and how many times have you gone?”


    “Exactly. Listen, if this is because of Cap-”

    “It’s not about Steve. I mean why would it be, he barely even speaks two words to me,” she spoke with a disappointed pout.

    “He has a hard time around beautiful women,” Natasha explained, “Come just this once, and if you hate it, then I won’t ever try and make you go again.”

    “Fine, Natasha, I’ll go.”

    “You’ll have fun, I know it. Wear something nice,” Natasha left as if she were in a hurry. The other woman watched, confused but otherwise unbothered. One night out wouldn’t kill her, she was just trying to avoid a potentially awkward situation. Steve Rogers was well… he was handsome, and he was a walking beacon of freedom and righteousness,and everything good about America and you were just a rookie Avenger.  

    “Steve you never come out,” Wanda whined.

    “It’s just not my scene.”

    “Would you rather sit and draw Y/N all night?”

    Steve frowned at her, “I wish you wouldn’t read my mind.”

    “I didn’t have to that time. Everyone knows you have a thing for her Steve. You aren’t subtle. The whole silent pining routine is really obvious.”

    “I’m not right for her, she’s amazing, she’s vibrant and I’m-”

    “Captain America. You’re Captain America, Steve. You’re brave and righteous, and basically a national monument. Hard to find a girl not interested in that.”

    “Wanda, thanks for trying to make me feel better, but I’ll stay here. We can’t ever be we’re too different.” he looked off forlornly and Wanda scoffed.

    “You are such a drama queen! She likes you too, you meatball!” Wanda exclaimed, “she may be a little better at hiding it but she likes you.”

    “You didn’t read her mind did you?” Steve looked at the young woman in front of  him. She sat on the bed beside him after picking up the sketchbook in the way.

    “No, she told me. We’re actually friends. She thinks you don’t like her.”


    “Well you barely speak a word to her, and when you do you’re always red. Then you glare at her from across the room,” she teased.

    “I don’t glare.”

    “You look like you’re brooding, even if it is just angst. Come on, go. Y/N’ll be there and I’m sure she’ll be wearing something cute for you to draw later… even if that is a little creepy, Cap.”

    “Fine, as long as this means you’ll leave me alone.”

    “Wear that outfit I picked out for you, old man,” she said as she was leaving. The moment she was out the door she texted Natasha.

    -Steve is a go- she sent.

    -So is Y/N- Natasha replied.

    The bar was nice. It was the kind of place you expected a billionaire playboy philanthropist to take his friends. The bartenders were nice and the drinks were overpriced but it was all going on Tony’s tab so it really didn’t matter. Y/N sat at the bar waiting on her drink. The music was okay, she supposed, and her teammates were really trying to be sure she had fun. Steve was just walking in, and of course the Avengers noticed. He paused a few steps into the doorway, taking in the sight of her. She was often in combat friendly attire when in HQ, but tonight a flattering dress clung to the curves of her body. She seemed even more unbelievably out of his league than ever before.

    “They are hard to watch,” Tony sighed, looking at Steve.

    “It’s not Y/N’s fault. Steve keeps avoiding her,” Natasha defended.

    “I know, but they’d be so cute together. Imagine their kids,” Tony continued.

    Natasha laughed and shook her head.

    “He’ll make a move, trust me.”

    After a moment of debate Steve began towards the bar, it was now or never he supposed. If she said no, well then it wouldn’t be so hard to go back to avoiding her. It was time to be brave. He walked up to her and sat down. She turned curious as to who, was beside her, when she saw she smiled.

    “Hey, Steve… how are you?” she asked, she seemed genuinely pleased to see him.

    “Good you?”

    “I’m okay, glad to have someone to talk to.”

    “Yeah, I don’t come to these things usually,” he was trying to maintain eye contact but that was easier said than done. If he looked at her face for too long he would lose his train of thought, and he’d be even more of a mess.

    “I never come either… what changed your mind this time, captain?”

    “Well… uh, Wanda coerced me.”

    “Did she now?” she turned to look back at Wanda suspiciously.

    “Yeah I guess she has high hopes for tonight. And if I hate it she said she’d leave me alone about coming again.”

    “Natasha said the same thing to me.”

    Steve felt his face go red as she smiled at him again, of course even as the beauty of the woman in front of him scrambled his brains, he could see what was going on. Steve looked to the table with their team at it, and saw them all staring back at him. The moment they realized they were caught they tried to make it seem like they were suddenly having a conversation.

    “Y/N… I uh, think we’ve been set up.”

    “I think so too. So what now?”

    “Humor them, maybe?” he laughed nervously.

    “I can do that. So tell me, why don’t I see much of you at work.”

    “I… well, uh…You’re. I don’t know.”

    “You don’t know?”

    “I mean I do… I just… I never really know what to say to you. You’re so… you, and I’m just me.”

    “Well I am me, and all you can be is you, but I would like it if I got to talk to you more. I see you around every once in awhile… always drawing. Are you any good?”

    “Not really-”

    “So you’re great. Artists always understate themselves.”

    “It’s really nothing special.”

    “Well, I guess I’ll have to find someone else to give me an art lesson,” she teased with a knowing smile, a glass was set in front of her and she gave a quick thanks to the bartender. She drank waiting on his response.

    “I could tell you what I know.”

    “Well I think, this was all an elaborate set up to get us together… so if you want to get together, we could get coffee and you could teach me to draw. Something lowkey, if you want.”

    “I want that, I mean yes. Yes, that sounds good… next weekend, at the little place on 7th.”

    “I’m free that morning, how does 11 sound. Brunch isn’t too heavy a commitment.”

    “Brunch it is,” he grinned.

Fall by the seaside (get lost in the current)

Captain Duckling Christmassy AU: we see one another once a year and it’s getting harder and harder to say goodbye, so please stay.

Word count: 10,761

Rating: M

Also on ao3 &

This is my CSSS gift to @flipperbrain ! I’m so sorry I’m a terrible secret santa and it took me so long to get this to you. I had a bit of a writing block struggle with this particular story, so I wrote a different one (which i will also be posting, so surprise! two gifts in one!) and then finally came back to this one.

Despite my insecurities about this particular piece, I’m excited to share it with you! Thanks for being an amazing giftee :) I loved talking to you this past month!

 So, without further ado, here’s some Captain Duckling for you - I hope you like it!

There’s snow in the air and some in her hair, the delicate flakes settling between the twists and snarls of her weathered curls. She pulls her hood tighter around her face, trying to keep the sting of the wind off her cheeks and eyes. 

She feels like a fool for not bringing her gloves, left behind with all their fur-lined glory on the dresser in her bedchamber. She’s sure now that her fingers have turned blue and purple, rebelling so ardently against the cold.

Her teeth chatter and she releases an exhale of relief when she spots the tavern a few paces ahead, the yellowed glow of the lantern obscured and dimmed by the strong winds and white motes of frozen dew that swirl in the chilled air.

Winter in the Enchanted Forest is not a particularly pleasant time, the snowfall seemingly never ending, the wind fierce and biting, the cold more abrasive than one could ever dream.

And yet, she holds a certain fondness for the season. For the way the snow clings so heavily to the green firs, weighing the branches down in all their iced glory. For the way humanity huddles together, leaning on one another for help, sharing space and heat, memories and warm drinks.

She finds that even the most bitterly cold winters can hold a magical kind of warmth - something unreplicable in the sweat-filled summer months.

Emma pushes the door open to the tavern with as much force as her chilled hands can muster, shutting the heavy wood behind her, the echoing bang deafening in the quiet tavern.

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Balconies: Chapter 8 - Loverboy

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Balconies Series Masterlist

Characters - AU Bartender!Reader x Mechanic!Dean

Summary - She moved into a new apartment, got herself a new job and a few new friends. What she didn’t realize, was that on the other side of her wall was someone who would change her life. A man with bright green eyes and a charming grin.

The neighbors met on the balcony, but can their little world up there survive when it meets the real world?

Word Count -  3278

Warnings - Harsh language and some physical assault in this chapter.

A/N - This one is incredibly long. Not sure if that’s a ‘sorry’ or a 'you’re welcome’.

The hustle and bustle in the bar relaxed you, the hum of voices always soothing you. You enjoyed the quiet of your apartment, but it couldn’t compare to the sounds of a bar. When night hit, the bar came to life. Friends meeting for drinks, dates cozying up over cocktails, and the occasional group of frat boys who just wanted to get smashed. You wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Your boss Ellen became almost like a surrogate mom to you. She was always making sure you were okay, often inviting you over for dinner or sending you home with food. Between her and Dean, you were sure you’d never have to cook again in your life, except for the desserts you always made to say thanks in return.

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Sidney Crosby - Océanic (Requested)

a/n: Here’s the age gap story that was requested. I’ve got some ideas kicking around for a follow-up taking place a few years after this story, which is set in April 2011 just after the Pens got knocked out of the playoffs while Sid was gone with his concussion. Let me know if you’re interested in a part two! 

When you meet Sidney, it’s late April. 

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Over Again: Halloween Drabble

This is a drabble based on my fic, Over Again. I intend to do flashbacks in every chapter. I thought it might also be fun to do little blurbs and drabbles to help get an idea of what Parker and Niall were like as a couple. This one, of course, is Halloween themed. Hope you enjoy it!


Halloween Night: Freshman Year

Parker pushed her way through the crowd of the Halloween party, her first really big college party. She had told Niall she would meet him, knowing that her costume was going to take some extra time. Candice and Ellen had helped her with her hair and makeup, Leslie provided the clothes. She resisted the urge to tug at the short leather skirt or pull up the corset again. On heels higher than any she had ever worn before, she tried her best to saunter into the converted barn.

A drunk frat boy bumped into from behind, grabbing her by the hips to steady them both.

“Sorry, love, wasn’t watchin where I was goin’,” he came around her and looked her up and down. “How bout I buy you a drink to make it up to you.” Louis gave her a smirk and blatantly looked at her exposed cleavage before looking back at her shocked face. He almost spit out his beer. “Parker! Shit, I didn’t even, wow. Wait til Niall sees ya. You look fantastic, love.”

She shook her head at him, “You don’t happen to know where he is, do you?”

“Outside, with the guys.”

“Thanks, Louis.”

When she got to the patio, she heard him before she saw him. His boisterous laugh cut through the music. A tightness formed in her stomach.

He was leaning against the bar wearing a fighter pilot uniform, complete with aviator glasses. His hair had gotten darker since she first met him and he looked like he was straight out of Top Gun. They had been together for just over six weeks and her shyness had made her reluctant to take things to the next level. Tonight though, she wanted him. Badly. He had been patient with her, but now she was going to take charge.

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Birthday Headcanon Roundup: Check Please

So yesterday I tried to give people that messaged me happy birthday a thank-you headcanon (that I had to stop halfway through because there are TOO MANY NICE PEOPLE) but here’s a way to see all of them easily:

(They are VERY RANDOM)

  • The boys play monopoly about twice a year. It always ends in tears, anger, and Jack Zimmermann somehow winning. After every game they declare “never again” because even Bitty is horrified by Jack’s reign of terror but then by six months, they start thinking it will be fun again and… “We are trapped,” Shitty says, looking down at the board and Jack’s empire that somehow spans an entire side of the board. “How do we always forget this? Why do we do this to ourselves? Also, Jack, please, please I promise I’ll pay you in back massages if you–”
  • Tango decides that baking is fascinating and he wants Bitty to teach himeverything. Bitty is flattered, but also a little flustered because Tango sometimes asks 15 questions in a row and he is used to his viewers being… well, silent because they don’t watch til later and Tango, no, you don’t drink tea out of a teaspoon- stop- DO NOT DRINK STRAIGHT VANILLA, TANGO!!!! IT WILL NOT TASTE- Oh, you’ve done it. Oh god.
  • Every member of the hockey team gets a birthday meal courtesy of Bitty and whoever he ropes into helping. They are allowed to pick anything and honestly, Bitty loves the challenge of learning to cook something new. So when Whiskey shrugs and tells him “um, just maybe some eggs?” Bitty is horribly disappointed. Because scrambled eggs? He could make those everyday for Whiskey if that’s what he wanted. But Whiskey insists and rules are rules and so he listens and has never seen someone so incredibly grateful for scrambles eggs in his whole life.
  • The Haus goes through many video game phases - Starcraft, LOL, minecraft, but NONE is as intense as the Sims phase. Never before has the Haus been so divided and it is all made worse by the fact that they only have Sims install on one computer and– “FOCUS ON HIS LOVELIFE. CALL CINDY AND INVITE HER OVER AGAIN!!!” “are you CRAZY?? We need to get PROMOTED. We are NEVER going to make general at this rate!!” “I WANT KIDS, HOLSTER. AT LEAST THREE!!!” “If y’all don’t redecorate soon, I am going to withhold pie. WHY did you pick that rug in the first place??” “We were trying to do one without the cheat codes! a real game!” “FUCKING CALL CINDY BRO IM NOT JOKING!!”

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Pairing: Eren/Mikasa || Rating: T  || Words: 1749 || [AO3]

Warnings: Alcohol reference (?)

A/N:  Because I need more pinning!Eren. And because I have too much time on my hands. 

It was a decision made months ago. They swapped passionate kisses for friendly, awkward hugs and had agreed to maintain their relationship only for the sake of their closest friends. But even Connie knew better than to say her name the first month following their break up. Mikasa swears she’s alright. He knows because Ymir had told him so. She, of course, called him a wuss for not asking Mikasa himself, but that’s just - not a good idea. The idea, of him and her together, is virtually impossible at this point. He supposes they are just too different from one another. Guesses that opposites can only attract for so long.

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Same Old Routine

((A/N: Wrote this at the airport. I just super wanted to write something. It’s cute, it’s also sort of funny? I’m wondering if this should become a series but I’ll see how this does. Feedback is appreciated! Tagging @little-red-83 @andwhenitwasclear @jodyri @roadhouse-respite @youtoldalie @holywaterbucketchallenge @iwantthedean 

Word Count: 1900

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language ))

You weren’t the type to do this, normally. Adding Tinder on your phone had mostly been out of amusement. After (finally) creating a Facebook now that you had settled into your latest home, the home you were determined to stay in, you had added Tinder upon encouragement of a friend. It seemed like a place for hookups and one-night-stands, neither of which was your style.

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Words: 4406
Cas x Reader
Warnings: detailed descriptions of sexual assault situation THIS MAY BE A TRIGGER, language, violence
Requested by anonymooses
Summary: Asshat douchebag, an old co-worker, attacks and attempts to sexually assault reader. Justice is served via Badass!Cas.
A/N: While I was writing this I was thinking often of the book The Gift of Fear, which I strongly believe everyone should read, particularly women due to the fact that they are widely the victims of violence in many cultures around the world. Highly recommend this book.

Your name: submit What is this?

You giggled and bit your bottom lip as you looked up at Cas leaning over you. His hair was ruffled, trench coat discarded on the ground nearby, and his tie was loosened. You tugged on it a little and gave him a wide smile. He looked down at you and his lips also turned up into a grin.

Your lore books laid ignored on the table nearby, some open, some with scribbled-on papers shoved hastily inside. “I told you a break was a good idea,” you said.

Cas continued to smile down at you and gently brushed his fingers lightly through your hair. “Yes. We should take breaks more often,” he said.

You pulled on his tie again and his lips met yours eagerly, fingers trailing gently over you. You were lost in him again. You felt like you were back in high school, opting to ignore a homework assignment and make-out on the couch instead. You giggled into his lips at this thought and felt him smile. His kisses got sweeter when he smiled through them…

The sound of the bunker door opening and closing and Sam and Dean’s quick footsteps on the staircase pulled you back to reality. You felt your cheeks burn with a blush and Cas pulled back from you, looking down at you with a mildly surprised look on his handsome face.

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1. Happy Birthday, Kitten

So its here it is! I hope you like it.:) Nothing too smutty. Its just the beginning. Haha.

Joker x Reader Imagine. :)

Part 2

Being the “baby” of your friends you turned 21 last and today was the day that happened. Your friends vowed to take you into the city and get drunk at a club till you couldn’t remember anything. You never really did anything fun and wreckless like that. You were anxious but you had the biggest smile on your face just thinking about it.
  Your best friends had already given you your present; a royal purple, skin tight, short club dress. The back was cut very low coming up and around to cover most of your chest leaving your collar bone exposed. The top was held by a thin yet sturdy golden chain that hung around your neck for support. You put on the dress, noticing just the smallest bit of side-boob-action. It made you blush, you never really dressed like this before. You felt sexy.
  You spun around again and again looking at yourself in the mirror. Its a big day for you. Extra vanity never hurts. ;) You inspected every curve the dress hugged, loving the way you looked. You heard your friends honking outside and quickly slipped on your golden stilettos and rushed outside. Your friends jokingly howled at you seeing how great you looked. You laughed, feeling just as great. You got in the car and you 4 headed your way into Gotham.
  The club was packed. Intoxicated bodies writhing against each other to the beat of the music. Sweat and perfume mixed in the air. People lifting drinks in the air others downing them all together. Everything sparkled gold like a palace. Your friends led you, hand in hand, straight to the bar. They ordered you a drink making you decide between whiskey sour and fireball. They started bickering about which one tasted better. You zoned out as you looked around admiring the decor. 
  Everything was all blended so perfectly until something popped out at you. A head of bright green hair shining in the lights. People moved back and forth between you and the green hair until a perfect moment happened. Time slowed down in the moment when your eyes met so briefly with crystal blue eyes under the green hair across the club. They looked at you, one closing to wink at you flirtatiously while his red lips twisted up into a crooked smirk. Then your gaze was interrupted, your friends pulling you back to reality handing you a drink. You drank it not even sure which one they picked out. You turned back around and the green hair was gone.
“Y/N, do you like this place? Are you having fun?” one friend asked you.
  “Yeah this place is awesome. Its like a modernized castle kinda.” you replied, turning to face her again.
  “And every castle has its king.” said a rumbly voice from directly behind you.
  You spun around to find the green haired man standing behind you. You almost dropped your drink out of terror. But it wasn’t a life threatening terror. You weren’t exactly sure what it was. Your heart pounded hard in your chest looking up at the mans blue eyes as if you were drowning in them.
  “You ladies look rather…” he trailed looking at your friends and then licking his upper lip while looking at you. “…lovely.”
  “Are you enjoying yourselves?” he quickly snapped his gaze from you to your friends with a big genuine smile on his face, his metal teeth gleaming at them.
  “Yeah this is great. Its actually Y/N birthday!” One of your friends said excitedly, shoving you gently towards the man.
  “Oh, is it? Well Happy Birthday, Doll face.” he said gently grazing your chin with his index finger. His gentle touch gave you chills down your spine.
  “Such a nice dress. Looks very good.” The man almost growled looking you up and down. You heard your friends giggling and whispering to each other. You knew it was about him being so flirty with you. They always did things like that.
  He took your hand and made you slowly spin around to see how well the dress flattered your body. “Mmm. Very nice.” he said then kissed your hand causing you to blush uncontrollably.
  “J, you got a meeting.” a man had come up behind the green haired man, warning him. J’s smile quickly disappeared.
  “I’ll be right there.” he stated plainly without looking back. The other man left and J looked at you.
  “Excuse me, doll, I have some business to attend to.” He said in a low voice. “Have fun. Happy Birthday again.” He held your chin up, his thumb grazing your bottom lip lightly. He leaned in and pressed his lips to your ears.
  “Dont worry, doll, I’ll be back.” he whispered with an almost evil grimace. As he pulled away he winked at you again before turning away and disappearing into the crowd.
  “OH MY GOSH!” One of your friends practically screamed in excitement.
  “What?” You questioned looking at her, confused.
  “You just got hit on by The Joker.”
  “The Crime Prince.” Another friend chimed in.
  “You guys are insane.” You stated downing the drink still in your hand.
  “Okaaaaaay.” The three of them said awkwardly, giving each other certain “looks” as they turn to buy another round of drinks.
  As the night wore on, you downed drink after drink. Your anxiety subsided a bit with each one till you felt totally free. Your light buzz morphed to a tipsy happiness. You felt warm and relaxed. You kept smiling and laughing but it didnt matter seeing as your cheeks had been numb for sometime now. You danced with your friends, care free, feeling good. You whirled your hips and put your arms in the air and spun around letting the lights and colors spin into a panoramic blur.
  You spun until a bright green stood out in your blurred motion painting. You stopped to stare at it rather hopefully. It was him. The Joker, sitting in his booth once more, stared at you dancing. You did your best to muster a look of what you thought to be seductive in your drunken state and motioned your index finger for him to come to you. He chuckled and mimicked you then patted his lap offering a seat for you. His smile grew large across his face.
  You walked over to him, still trying a little too hard to be seductive. You weren’t sure why, but you liked him. The way he made your heart pound earlier made you want to see if he could do it again, while you exuded fake confidence thanks to the liquor. You sat in his lap making sure to stick your butt out a little more than usual for him to gaze at. You had a drink in one hand and the other lazily slung around his neck. He smiled wide at you, both admiring you and finding your fake confidence amusing.
  “Having a little fun yet?” he said running his finger tips up and down your bare back. His finger tips were cold and made you shiver lightly.
  “Lots. Lots of fun.” You replied trying hard not to slur your words.
  “Oh good. I’m glad.” The joker begins slowly rubbing your thighs starting at your knee and curling around the top of your thigh to your inner thigh. His hand seemed to rise higher and higher between your thighs each time. It made you shiver with pleasure. You could feel your panties begin to get warm.
  “Okay I have to tell you something…” You finally broke. “I’m really drunk.”
  “No! You were so convincing.” The joker said sarcastically with a fake look of surprise on his face. You were too drunk to realize his sarcasm, however, and kept talking.
  “Yes and I wanted to talk to you without looking dumb but here I am being my dumb self!”
  “Calm down, doll, relax.”
  “I just have a lot going on….and you’re really cute and my last relationship ended with him cheating on me and I guess I just like the attention…I’m sorry…” You choked back tears and chugged the drink in your hand and set the glass on the table. You got off his lap feeling embarrassed and began to walk away. The Joker grabbed your wrist before you left and pulled you back into his lap and held you tightly looking up at you. His eyes were serious but his mouth turned up into a small smirk. “You can have my attention, doll.” He whispered seductively rubbing your upper thighs again. You looked at the Joker and something in you just exploded. You stood off his lap and closed the curtain hiding you two from the rest of the club. You turned back to face him and straddled his lap wrapping you arms loosely around his neck and began grinding your hips against his to the beat of the music.
  “My my, what a naughty little kitten.” The Joker growled in your ear. It made you blush bright red. You pulled yourself up against him and pressed your lips to his red ones, gently at first and progressively got rougher.
  He ran his hands up and down your sides pulling your body roughly against his. The bulge in his pants was very noticeable now. It made your face burn just feeling it though the fabric of his pants. You bit his lip hard enough to leave a mark but you didn’t draw blood. The Joker pulled your head back by your hair and bit your neck just as hard and started sucking. He growled quietly as he grinded his bulge into your hips causing you to whimper.
  “Mmm. Don’t tempt me so badly, kitten.” He growled loudly, almost sounding angry. It scared you a little if you were being honest but your drunk self started giggling uncontrollably until you got a headache. You laid your head on his shoulder to try and make yourself feel better……

You woke up in your bed with a roaring headache. You sit up and look around your room. You were still in your dress from last night. Your heels were down by the side of the bed. Your hair was messy and you could feel the residue of your make up had smudged everywhere.
  You look on your night stand to find a glass of water waiting for you with a note.

“Happy Birthday, Kitten. ;) -Mr. J”

Part 2