and get rid of the doorway

here are some more trojan hcs that no one asked for

  • there are two dead ants in the corner of laila and alvarez’s dorm, which alvarez has named cabbage and theodore. laila insists they get rid of them. alvarez says she can’t just throw away her children like that
  • jeremy has a habit of walking into a room distracted by his phone (usually twitter or texts with kevin), and he’ll stop in the middle of the room and just sit on the floor, continuing to text
  • this leads jean to constantly trip over him because he’s not expecting jeremy to be sitting right inside the doorway when he comes back from class
  • laila could not for the life of her figure out how to double-knot her shoelaces until she was a junior in high school
  • jeremy has zero navigational sense. at all. jean has to do both the navigating and the driving when they’re in the car together. road trips are a nightmare
  • alvarez has a tattoo of a little astronaut on her arm, just because she thought it looked cool (it does)
  • jean and laila are always competing at something. sometimes they get identical puzzles and see who can put them together fastest, sometimes it’s shopping cart races at walmart at three in the morning.  there’s a pair of freshman backliners that somehow always end up in the baskets of these shopping carts
  • laila is Terrible at math, and is very frequently getting basic equations wrong
  • the biggest argument laila and jean have ever had is over whether fruity pebbles or fruit loops were better.  laila was all for fruit loops, and jean insisted fruity pebbles were superior.  they didn’t talk for three days after
  • jean gets rid of all the black in his wardrobe now that he’s no longer with the ravens. everything is colorful and bright, socks and shoes included
  • alvarez’s favorite nail polish color is called “hush money” purely because it’s called “hush money”
  • jeremy is really good friends with a sophomore striker, and he’ll take her out for breakfast every few weeks, and they’ll talk about new episodes of whatever anime they’re both watching, or a recipe jeremy really wants to try, or how the sophomore’s girlfriend accidentally dyed her hair orange
  • laila loves strawberries.  so much.
  • jeremy has, on several occasions, stopped the car because he saw a dog he wanted to pet
  • jean and laila have two fish that they take care of together, named butter and hargrove the eighth
  • alvarez used to figure skate. she takes laila on ice skating dates all the time partly because laila is terrible at ice skating and alvarez thinks this is adorable, but also partly because she really likes to show off
  • if she knows jean is having a hard time sleeping, alvarez will just send him a continuous stream of memes. most contain cats
  • jeremy has reading glasses
  • (jean Loves jeremy’s reading glasses)
  • laila is demiromantic
  • alvarez loves poetry, she has an entire shelf on her bookcase dedicated to her favorite collections, and has some of her favorite poems memorized. instead of singing/humming to herself when she’s spacing out, she’ll very quietly recite these poems
  • jean can do a perfect impersonation of lightning mcqueen, and very frequently uses it to make some of the freshmen laugh
  • they’re all actual rays of sunshine whom i love
It’s over

First angst one shot. Hope y’all like it!

Request from Anonymous: Can you please do one where the missus sees proof that Harry is cheating on her and he doesn’t have his wedding ring on but he doesn’t fess up to it so then she doesn’t wear her rings anymore and then Harry notices and his heart starts to race and asks her why she doesn’t wear them anymore and she tells him something like, “you weren’t wearing them the night you decided to throw our marriage away” you decide the ending :) xx

Originally posted by fireproof-harry

Three years. It took three years for their marriage to fall apart. It took three years for their happy bubble to pop. It took three years until one of them could no longer remain loyal to the other.  She didn’t know how it happened. She didn’t know what she did to have her husband cheat on her with another woman. To have him remove his wedding ring from his finger. The ring that was slid on his finger the day they both promised each other that they’d remain faithful to one another. The ring that represented their love and promise that they’d stick by each other’s side in any problem.  

The past three years of their marriage was filled with so much love and happiness. Sure, there were arguments here and there, but that was normal. They were happy and then all of a sudden they weren’t. 

Y/N started noticing her husband become distant. He’d come home more late than usual, missing out on dinner. He no longer talks to her properly like he use to. She’d ask him something and he’d give her short answers, trying to avoid conversations. He no longer kissed her good morning or a goodnight and even if he did, they were no longer on the lips. They haven’t had sex in weeks, Harry always claiming that he was too tired. 

Y/N also noticed that when she told Harry I love you before he left for work this morning, he didn’t say it back. And that’s what hurt the most.

 There was a heap of laundry that needed to be cleaned so Y/N was currently in the laundry room, sorting out the dark and light colors. She reaches her hands into any pocket’s of the clothes, making sure nothing was there. When she put her hands in the pocket of one of Harry’s jackets, she feels a crumbled up paper inside. She pulls it out, thinking it was an receipt but her eyebrows knit together when sees that it was a note. Her eyes go wide when she reads over the words on the paper. 

That was fun. Maybe we should do it again. Call me sometimes ;)

And at the bottom of the note was written an anonymous phone number. Y/N feels her throat become tight, her stomach churning at the thought of her husband sleeping with another woman. He couldn’t have been cheating. He wouldn’t do that. Harry himself said that cheating is one of the most vile things a man can do. 

So why did Y/N find a note like this in the pocket of his jacket? 

She didn’t want to believe that her own husband was cheating on her. The man who promised her, in his vows, that he’d remain faithful and loyal to her. This note has to be something else. She couldn’t bring herself to decide that he was cheating on her. 

She crumples up the note in her fist but doesn’t throw it away. She puts it into the small pocket of her pants before going back to the laundry and trying to ignore the burning sensation of the paper.

She wasn’t going to ask him what it was.

It’s been a few days later since Y/N found the note. This time, she can smell her everywhere. The other day Harry came home drunk and when she gave him a hug which he half halfheartedly returned, she smelled the floral perfume on his neck. She felt the salt water burn her eyes but she didn’t say anything. She also didn’t say anything when she noticed the mark on his neck and his wedding ring from his finger.

Harry didn’t notice the heartbroken look on Y/N’s face when she noticed he was no longer wearing his wedding band. He didn’t notice the tears that were built up in her eyes because he was so fucking drunk. 

“’M so drunk,” Harry mumbles as Y/N helps him out of his jeans quietly, ignoring the nonsense chatter spilling from Harry’s mouth..

“Go to sleep,” is all she says, caressing his hair before turning off the lamp. She goes to lay on her side of the bed, her back facing him. Her thoughts are consumed with images of Harry and another woman kissing. The woman marking his skin. The woman giving him pleasure in ways she hasn’t in a while. Why didn’t Harry want her anymore? Has he become bored with her? Is this woman prettier than her? Is that why he’s cheating on her?

She was immediately snapped out of her thoughts when she felt arms wrap around her stomach, a nose nuzzling into her neck. Y/N swallows the large lump in her throat and she brings her hand up to cover her mouth as she lets out a quiet sob while Harry sleeps. The tears finally stream down her face when she realizes that it was over. Their marriage was over. The moment Harry decided to sleep with another woman was when he threw away their marriage and broke all of the promises he made to her. 

And in that night, she didn’t get a wink of sleep.

It’s been two days since Y/N found out Harry was cheating on her. He no longer wears the silver wedding band, thinking that Y/N doesn’t notice. He smiles down at his phone whenever he’s texting and when Y/N asks why he laughs, he’d mumble, “S’nothing. Just somethin’ Jeff said.” And with that he’d leave the room, no longer wanting to talk to her.

Y/N no longer wears her wedding ring either. The night Harry came home drunk, drenched in another woman’s perfume and a bare ring finger, she decided it was the last straw. She wonders if Harry noticed her not wearing the ring either. He probably didn’t considering he doesn’t stay at home anymore. 

It was around seven in the evening, Y/N was cooking herself dinner in their large kitchen. Harry was out as always. Her ears perk up when she hears he front door shut. Why was he home so early? Her heart starts to race when she hears his voice talking to someone. She could hear him in the foyer, his voice talking lowly to the person on the phone.

“Yes,” He chuckles, “’ve just got t’ tell m’wife that ‘m staying over….No, she doesn’t know anythin’…” Harry sighs, “…look ‘ve been married to her fo’ three years now, I can’t just divorce her.” 

But it sure was easy for you to cheat on her.

Y/N quickly goes back to occupying herself with dinner, ignoring the ache in her chest. Her hands are slightly shaking as she cuts some vegetables and she feels the tears well in her eyes which she tries to get rid of when she hears Harry’s footsteps walking towards the kitchen. 

She sees his body leaning against the doorway of the kitchen in her peripheral vision. She glances up to see him looking at her with his pale green eyes. She could depict the look on his face but she gives him a small fake smile nonetheless.

“Hey,” She greets, trying to control her shaky voice. “Didn’t hear you come in,” She lies. 

Harry gives her a small smile, walking towards the bar stool. He picks up a carrot from the cutting board, plopping it into his mouth. 

“Yeah…I just got home,” He says lowly, looking at her face. 

She tries not to look at him, pretending to act casual as she chops the vegetables. She tries not to cringe when she feels him lean up to kiss the corner of her mouth. The nerve he had to do that was beyond her. She wishes she could kiss him back but no longer feels like she has the right to when he’s been kissing someone else. Someone who now has his attention more than his own wife’s.

Harry eyebrow’s knit together when he sees how quiet she was being. His gaze lingers on her face before he slowly runs his eyes over her whole figure. He felt his airways constrict, making it less easy to breath. His heart was racing in his chest when he notices that her wedding ring was missing from her finger. Did she know?

He puts his hand on hers, refraining her from cutting the vegetables. She looks at his face in confusion, wondering why he stopped her. She notices his green eyes staring down at her fingers. Her heart clenches in her chest and she felt herself let out a shaky sigh because Harry finally noticed. 

She sees him swallow thickly, his green eyes red around the rims. His lips part when he looks up to see the broken look on her face. She could no longer hold her strong facade and she immediately feels a single tear leave her eye.

“W-Why don’ yeh wear your ring anymore?” He asks in a whisper even though he knew the answer. It’s not like he didn’t notice before. Whenever he’d come home in the last few days, he’d notice her ring finger bare when she was asleep. He didn’t think too much about it at the time but now as he looks at her hand, he felt his heart break in his chest because she knew. He knew that she knew. 

Y/N inhales deeply, gathering the courage to say what she’s been wanting to say for the past few days. “Stopped wearing it once I found out you were no longer mine.”

Harry’s eyes widen, the tears pricking the back of his eyes. He felt his lip wobble and he bites down on his lower lip. Y/N looks at his face, noticing how pale it went and how his eyes are glossy. 

“I-I don’ understand I-I–” Harry stutters, twiddling with his thumbs, not knowing what to say.

“Please, don’t say anything,” She says calmly but on the inside, she felt like she was falling apart. She felt like her heart was going to burst at the amount of pain it felt. “What was it, Harry? Hm?” She asks him. “W-What made you do this? What did I do to deserve this? Tell me, did I do something wrong? Were you not happy anymore?”

Harry stays quiet, not knowing how to answer her questions. His tears can no longer be held and he lets out a choked sob. 

“How long have yeh known?” Is all he asks.

Y/N shakes her head at the fact that he ignored her questions. “Three weeks.” She says, noticing his face break even more. “I notice how you were no longer there with me. You were there, Harry. But you weren’t there,” She cries. “And I tried so hard to convince myself that you would never do something like this. I tried not to jump to conclusions but Jesus, Harry, I smelled her on you and I saw the fucking marks on your neck when you came home drunk the other night! And you think I didn’t notice that you weren’t wearing your ring either!” She finally says, her chest heaving by the end. She felt her head spinning and her chest hurt from the agonizing pain of heart break. 

The air was knocked out of his lungs and he felt like he could no longer breathe at all. He didn’t what to tell her. It wasn’t her that caused him to cheat on her. It was him. It was all of his fault. He met the woman when he out with some friends and he’d accidentally slept with her after getting too drunk. He felt guilty the next day, sobbing in his car outside of their home while his wife was waiting inside, worried sick. 

He didn’t know how to tell her that after cheating on her, he saw that same woman again and developed a sexual affair with her. Harry should’ve known that he was going to get caught eventually. He would ignore the guilt that was at the back of his mind when he was kissing the other woman. He would ignore the sad look on your face every time he left.

Now he felt all the guilt and regret crashing down on him like a sudden wake up call. Seeing her look at him with the broken look on her face dawned him that he could never heal this. She was never going to forgive him. They both knew that.

“I-I can’t stay here anymore,” She whispers sadly and Harry immediately became alarmed at her words. He shook his head, going around the kitchen counter and getting on his knees.

“N-No, I messed up. I know I did. I wasn’t thinking. Please.” He begs, crying out and she pretends to act like it doesn’t phase her.

Y/N pulls his arms from her waist, pushing him off of her but he only tightens his arms. 

“Harry,” Y/N cries out loud, “You can’t do this. You’re the one who ruined this. Ruined us. The moment you decided to even kiss another woman was when you ruined it. A-And the fact that you went back to that woman and decided to have…” She felt herself stop right there, her throat constricting, preventing anymore words from coming out. She couldn’t say the word because it hurt too much and the image that’ll come to mind 

“Our marriage is ruined, Harry,” Y/N says coldly and Harry felt a sharp pain in his chest because hearing her say it out loud felt like a stab to the heart. 

Three years of being married and it only took one decision for it to all crumble.

alright homies, this fucking sucked. I apologize to the anon who requested this if it’s not what you wanted :( I have a hard time imagining Harry as a guy who would cheat so this was a bit difficult to write so i didn’t know how to end it *sigh* plus this is my first angst one lmao. Hopefully i can finish up my other stuff soon to show you guys. I’m gonna be posting less due to vacation.

one more thing, I didn’t proof read at all so ignore any typos. Thanks. 


Title: Better

Wordcount: 3,525

Summary: Virgil is touch-starved and seeks Patton’s help. (i.e. that one super self-indulgent fic with lots of angst and cuddling.)

Ship: Moxiety

Warnings: minor self-loathing, mentions of panic attacks, brief mentions of nsfw, swearing

Tag List:  @mira-jadeamethyst, @pippa-frost, @cup-of-blue, @iaminmultiplefandoms, @prplzorua, @notallpotatoesarefrenchfries, @madelynnaa, @sanderships, @ace-anxiety-sanders, @frustratedwaffle, @the-diaries-of-a-nerd@cochroachkappa-blog

beta’d by the admirable @thuriweaver and @randomslasher (extra thanks to @randomslasher for suggesting this idea!)

Virgil doesn’t usually like being touched—it’s not bad, per se, it’s just weird. At first, he was too nervous around the others to touch them or be touched by them, and they respected that and they left him alone. And that was good, that was what they were supposed to do, but it became a—a habit of sorts, Virgil supposes. They don’t touch him and he doesn’t touch them and that’s the way it always has been and always will be.

But sometimes—sometimes he sees Logan and Patton cuddling on the couch, or Roman resting a familiar hand on Logan’s back, or Patton ruffling Roman’s hair, and he wants. It’s a low, uncomfortable feeling that hovers somewhere between hunger and a miserable, constant ache. What would it be like to have their casual affection, their ease with each other, the warmth of their hands and the press of their bodies against his? On one hand, he longs for it—or at least he longs to know what it would be like.

On the other hand, he loathes it.

It’s needy—it’s needy and childish and pathetic. He’s done just fine all of these years, so clearly touch isn’t something he needs. It’s just something he wants. Sometimes. Occasionally. (A lot. It’s been getting worse. He’s been getting worse.)

But he chokes down those feelings (they taste like coffee grounds, bitter and far too strong) as he’s choked down so many others before, and he moves on. He cuddles the tiny stuffed cat that Patton had given him for his birthday and he wraps himself in heated blankets until he can pretend he’s hugging and being hugged. It’s stupid, but it’s all he’s got.

He’s not going to wallow in self-pity about it, though. He’s over that shit. He’s got a job to do and it doesn’t involve fantasizing about cuddling, of all things. He’s fine. Totally fine.

Until, that is, June 6th.

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This is complete unrealistic crack but I'm so amused by the idea of a vagabond who responds to murder the same way a dog responds to "walk". Like geoff is discussing plans with jack for their next hit and casually mentions having to "get rid" of the guard at the door and suddenly there's a clatter in the next room as ryan appears in the doorway, knife in hand and eyes wide like "Murder?? Do we kill him?? Is it me can I do it???"

tbh i’m not entirely sure that’s beyond the realm of possibility. now i’m imagining it too.

geoff at the kitchen table with jack, talking about some jackass lawyer who’s starting to get under his skin.

“it doesn’t look like we have much choice left at this point. that motherfucker’s got to go.”

“’got to go’ you say.”

“jesus fucking christ ryan how the fuck did you sneak up on me like that dude - “

“you know i can help him go.”

“yes ryan i know - “

“my schedule is completely clear i have all the time in the world.”

“okay ryan but we still have to figure out how we want to - “

“me. you want me. i am the how. me.”

ryan don’t you have plants to water jesus christ

The King (6)

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T’Challa x Reader

Summary: Sugar Daddy Art Collector T’Challa

Warnings: fighting, angst

A/N: No smut this chapter, hope you guys still like it anyway.

When you woke up you were in a chair in a dark room, your hands bound behind your back and your legs to the chair. You choked on the hot, humid air as your tried to breathe. Apparently whoever had come to your rescue hadn’t done so soon enough. Your head was pounding as you clenched your eyes shut and tried to ignore the all over pain in your body.

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This is the CHS cafeteria door side entrance.  Just inside this doorway is where Dylan (and also Chris Morris) practiced their Hitmen for Hire intimidation scene rants.  Please make sure ‘Closed Captioning’ is turned on in this youtube video so that you can see my captions. :)

Please note: I made this video unprivate for now but may have to make it private again in the future in case it gets flagged by youtube.

Also, while we’re on the topic of this area where HM4H scenes were filmed….

The infamous side entrance door is a scene of activity where:

At 11:19 - 11:23 am: Students Daniel Rohrbough, Sean Graves, and Lance Kirklin, having just come outside through a side door of the school cafeteria on their way to the “Smoker’s Pit” at Clement Park, are hit by gunfire.  All three fall to the ground.

Just beyond the door way to the left, Lance Kirklin is laying on he pavement all disoriented, He calls out for ‘help’ and Dylan says something like “sure, I’ll help” and shoots him point blank in the jaw area of his face.  People inside the cafeteria are watching this in horror.  Some of them had still been wondering if this was some kind of staged elaborate Senior prank with fake guns until they see up close that this was not play acting at all in observing what Dylan does to Lance.

After some point, Dylan briefly enters the side entrance to the cafeteria and stands just inside the doorway, perhaps to discover why the propane bombs have not exploded (that is just a speculation though on Jeffco’s part. We don’t really know for certain what he was doing inside).  He is not inside the building for too terribly long. Students are fleeing up the cafeteria staircase.  Dylan does not aim his gun and pick off any fleeing students in the cafeteria. 

 In between this time, Sean Graves has made it to the threshold of the side door.  Sean shoos the janitor away that was trying to help him - worried it would draw attention.  Sean smears blood on himself, tries to lay there as still as possible, not breathe - to basically play dead.

Dylan stumbles into Sean Graves stuck at the door threshold. I would imagine that Dylan is assuming Sean is a dead body by the looks of him. Dylan tries to step over to get outside but steps on him to get out the door..  Sean makes a noise to which Dylan says awkwardly “sorry dude”.  Once back outside, Dylan re joins Eric at the top of the outside stairs.

Just inside this doorway is what I believe to be the Teacher’s Lounge.  I’m not sure though.  When I was there at the school last summer for a conference, a bunch of old school style furniture was moved out of the ‘lounge’ area into the hallway just inside the door. You can see that 80s looking couch in the video and upturned tables It was mid July so perhaps they were cleaning out that room before putting the furniture back inside - or getting rid of the old stuff and revamping that room.  It looks like that was original furniture that existed there at the time of the shooting.

As I mention above, Inside that alcove to the right of the side door, is where Dylan and Chris Morris shot their Hitmen for Hire practice intimidation scenes.

As you walk past and on into cafeteria area, that is the trajectory route that Eric and Dylan took to plant the propane bombs hidden in their large duffle bags as shown in CVA’s video.

BTS Reaction: Their daughter says she want to marry them when she's grown up

Jin: “Awwww”. Jin would coo at her, his whole face turning red (including his ears). “Of course you do.” He shouts blowing a kiss and laughing with you.

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Jungkook: “Shhh, don’t say that too loud, mummy will get jealous!” He ‘whispers’ (actually shouts making sure you hear). He turn to face you see your reaction with a huge grin on his face. You jokingly pout and he gets up from where he is sitting and grabs you in a hug before pulling your daughter in for one too.

Originally posted by jeonify

V: Omg he would be so cute. He’d be playing tea party with your daughter when she would tell him. His whole face you immediately light up and. “Ahhh, thank you.” He’d whisper squeezing her cheeks. He would be so happy that his daughter loves him that much and it would get rid of any doubts he had about not being a good father.

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Jimin: As soon as she says those words he’d look over at you with a smirk. “Did you just hear that?” He’d say chuckling lightly. “Yeah, she’s too cute.” “She can’t resist my charm just like you huh?” He’d smile at you giving you a kiss on the cheek.

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J-Hope: He would get so excited. “Really? Me? Really?” He would question her so much that she’d get confused lol. “Hobi, just accept it.” You’d say laughing as you stand in the doorway watching them. “Thank you so much!” He’d shout squeezing her in for a hug.

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Rap Monster: “Really? Can you say that again?” He’d say after pulling out his phone. “What are you doing?” You’d ask confused. “I need to record this to show it to her when she’s older and starts to not spend as much time with me.” He’d be completely serious but you’d burst into laughter. “Wow, you really think ahead huh?” You’d reply before giving him a kiss. “Don’t worry, she’ll still love you.”

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Suga: “Well what can I say?” He’d reply as he shrugs his shoulders. “I am the best man you’ll ever meet.” But once he stopped joking he’d pull your daughter in for a hug. “Thank you, princess.” He’d say kissing the top of her head, a small smile on his face as he can’t stop thinking about how adorable she is.

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can you get rid of someone for me

Rick looked up from his paperwork, raising an eyebrow. “What?”

You leaned against the doorway of the study, the varnished wood cold on your bare shoulder. One of the windows behind him was open, and the night air came in a breeze that danced over your skin, giving you goosebumps.

You swallowed, the words feeling heavy on your tongue. “Can you? Can you get rid of someone for me?”

“Why are you awake?” Rick looked back down, shuffling documents around before typing something at his laptop. His fingers flew over the keys, eyes darting between you and the screen. “It’s late. Go– go back to bed.”

“Is that a no?”

Rick heaved out a sigh. Though he had been giving you the barest amount of attention he could afford, he couldn’t ignore you away any more. Slumping back in his chair, he crossed his arms, looking you up and down.

“Wh-what do you mean? Like protect someone? Hide their existence from police? Make a new identity?” He rolled his chair forward, the wheels sliding on the hardwood. “Y-you got a friend in trouble?”

“No.” You stepped forward, back straightened. “I mean, can you get rid of someone.

You let the words sink in, watching the realization come to his eyes. He stood, pushing the chair back and walking around the desk. His footsteps were soft, quiet, and he came to stand in front of you. You felt his fingers under your chin, and looked up at him, his voice low, soft, dangerous.

“Is someone hurting you?”

You said nothing.

Rick clicked his tongue, sauntering around you in a circle. He was predatory, angular, and though you knew it wasn’t meant for you, your heart raced with fear.

He stopped, standing behind you. You felt warmth radiating from his body, his arms wrapping around you. His lips pressed into you neck, and another breeze came in, rustling the papers on his desk.

He murmured. “How long?”

Kissing your neck, his breath felt warm on your skin. Rocking you from side to side, you were intoxicated with the scent of him.

You let out a breath. “For– forever.”

Rick stopped moving, though you still felt him nuzzle into your shoulder. He hummed, as if in thought, the noise muffled. Raising his head, he dropped his arms to his sides, walking back over to his desk as if nothing had happened.

“That will be– expensive.”

“How much?”

“A lot.”

“I’ll pay it.”

Rick chuckled. “W-with whose money, b-baby?

You looked at the ground. “I don’t know, I have some stuff in savings– I did have a life outside of you-”

Rick waved his hand, and you stopped speaking. He leaned back in his chair, the lazy ease back in his grin, feet propped up on the desk.

“Listen, b-baby, I can do it. You belong to me now, your problems are therefore my problems. It– it doesn’t matter how much, because I’ll deal with it. The only question is-” he raised a hand, looking at you. “-if you’re ready to deal with the consequences. Are you ready to be responsible for that?”

You nodded.

“Then it’s done.” He smiled. “See? Easy.”

You folded your arms, unsure of what to do. “Th-thank you… Rick.”

He waved you off, picking up a folder from the side of the desk and flipping through it. “Don’t– don’t worry about it. I’ll get further details from you in the morning. Now go back to bed.”

And just like that, he was gone, his mind shooting off to some other issue or calculation. As you stood in the centre of the room, it was as if you weren’t even there. Though he was right in front of you, it seemed like a wall had been thrown up again, leaving you completely on the outside. He was cold, efficient, and for the briefest of moments, you had been his entire world.

You left the study, turning back to look at him.

“Goodnight, Rick.”


A Day in the Life. Or Something Like That.

Pairing: Tom Holland-Y/N

Warnings: Making Out??

a/n: i know i haven’t posted in a while and im sorry !! School started last week so im getting back into the swing of things, but im going to try to post more consistently now !! Hope you enjoy this <3 


You walked into your boyfriend’s apartment and was greeted by a dog jumping up and licking you.

“Hey Tessa!! Hey girl!!”

She responded by trying to jump up and lick your face. You laughed and headed into the kitchen to get a drink.

“Babe,” you heard come from Tom’s room.

“Get away from the dog and come cuddle me.”

“Do I have too?”

“Yes. I miss you.”

“You saw me yesterday.”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t miss you”

“Fine i’m coming i’m coming.”

You chugged the rest of your water and headed for Tom’s room, Tessa on your heels.

To say you liked dogs was an understatement. You had two of your own back at your house, and had grown up with them since you were little. When you first met Tom, he was walking Tessa and you were walking one of your dogs. You two immediately bonded over the dogs and watched them play together in the dog park for at least an hour.

You sat your purse down and kicked off your shoes before carrying the dog over to the edge of the bed and sat down. You put her in your lap and continued to pet her while she tried to stand up and lick you face.

“Do i not get even a hello?” Tom said, making you smile at how cute he was being.

“Hello,” you answered, making him whine.

“I swear sometimes the only reason you stay with me is because of Tess”

“I do,” you said, and he lightly kicked you from his spot on the bed.

“Cmon come cuddle,” he whined.

“It looks like i’m in high demand today Tessa. What do you think? Should I go cuddle Tom? Or stay and cuddle you?

The dog obviously had no idea what you were talking about and continued to jump around, but you set her on the ground. She walked over and laid in her bed, while you crawled over next to your awaiting boyfriend. He was laying down in a pair of sweatpants and a T shirt with his arms behind his head. You were in similar clothes, dressed in a pair of joggers and a T shirt. You crawled onto his lap and leaned down, pressing a small kiss onto his lips.

“Hi,’ you whispered, and he smiled, replying with a “hi” as well. You kissed him again, this one lasting longer than the first one. He then pulled away and sat up, scooting back to lean up against the head board, taking you with him. He kissed you this time, and you gladly kissed back. He snaked his arms around your waist and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He swiped his tongue over your bottom lip asking for entrance. You decided to mess with him, and declined him entrance, causing him to groan into your mouth. He did the ever-so-popular trick to get you to open, and squeezed your ass, causing you to gasp and open your mouth. He smirked into the kiss and let his tongue roam around your mouth like this was new territory to him. You both fought for dominance as he pulled you flush against him. He eventually won and you both pulled away to catch your breath.

“Well that was a nice greeting,” Tom said, making you laugh.

“It seemed appropriate.”

“What do you want to do today?”

“Well i thought you wanted to cuddle.”

“That I do. Pick a movie, i don’t know what to watch.”

You pulled up Netflix on his TV and scrolled through your options, eventually landing on Mean Girls. You pressed play and cuddled into Tom’s side, and got lost in the movie. Tessa jumped up onto the bed and laid down next to you, almost as if she was watching the movie with the two of you.

Three movies and half a day later, you and Tom decided to get food. You pulled up Postmates on your phone and ordered Chinese, and when it arrived, you practically sprinted to the door. You took the food from the delivery guy and grabbed a Coke for Tom and. Dr.Pepper for you. Tom hated Dr.Pepper, but since you loved it, he always kept some in his fridge. You headed back into Tom’s room, but found only Tessa curled up in the middle of the bed. You climbed onto the bed and Tessa moved to the back of the bed, almost as if she knew that you needed the room to put the food down. You opened the to-go boxes and opened the carton of various egg rolls before putting them on the bed. You grabbed a pair of chopsticks and dug in, getting the remote at the same time. You pulled up ‘Captian America: Civil War’, and waited for your boyfriend to come back from wherever he had gone before pressing play.

“Of all movies, you chose this one,” Tom said from the doorway. He had gotten rid of his shirt in the time that he was gone, and his toned abs and muscular arms were making you stare a few seconds too long. You looked up and smiled like a giddy four year old before saying,

“What can I  say? I’m proud of my boyfriend’s work.”

“Well I would hope so,” he said, walking over and carefully sitting on the bed, so that he wouldn’t knock over and spill  the food. He got the other set of chopsticks and started to eat, while you pressed play on the Avengers movie. When Tom came onto the screen, you started to fangirl and you gushed at how good he looked and how good his acting was. By now all of the Chinese had been cleared, so he leaned over to where you were sitting and wrapped his arms around your waist, picking you up and pulling you to where he was on the other side of the bed. He laid back down and you were on top of him, and he mumbled into your hair “i love you,” over and over again, making you giggle. You turned so you were laying flat on top of him, and his and immediately went to you lower waist, as if it were instinct.

“And I, love you,” you said, pecking his lips. He captured your lips again and his hands slowly creeped down from your waist to your hips to your butt, squeezing it as you squealed.

“Thomas Stanley Holland i know you did not just squeeze my ass,”

“Pfhh whaaaaat? Me? Noooo never,” he lied with a smirk. You shook your head and sighed, saying,

“What are we going to do to with you.”

You rolled off of him and cuddled into his side, watching the rest of the movie.

Tom picked another movie when you had finished Civil War, but halfway through it, you were sound asleep. He looked down at you and smiled, thinking about how much he enjoyed these days, alone with you. And Tessa of course. He wondered how lucky he was to get you. Someone who wasn’t just with him for the fame. Someone who loved him for who he was. Someone who understood that he had to be away for long periods of time, and was ok with it. Someone who would try their hardest to travel with him when they could. Someone who was always there for him when times got tough. Someone who didn’t care what like tabloids said, and listened to what he had to say. Someone like you.

Bridges (Movie! Enoch x reader)

Anonymous said: You talk to the older kids (Jake emma Enoch and olive) one night after the movie about a boyfriend you used to have who cheated on you and they all say how horrible that is and then that night Enoch comes into your room and tells you how he thinks that’s completely insane and can’t even begin to comprehend how someone could be so insensitive and it’s really cute and then they could like kiss or hug or something idk but some cute ending maybe?

Here you go! This was so much fun to write! I hope you enjoy it! x

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Just Scream Already!

Fic Request: 
“How about Anti trying to  terrify somebody who’s actually pretty hard to frighten, but just happens to  have an irrational phobia of something harmless… Like moths?”

Originally posted by marielgum

Anti launched himself around the corner. His cackle deep and echoing off the walls like a crack of thunder. 
The knife sliced the air, barely missing your face as you approached the trap. 
But Anti’s smile faltered as you stared at him with a raised eyebrow. Unfazed by the display. 
“Seriously?” You asked. “Aren’t you meant to be terrifying?” 
Anti huffed angrily and stormed off. Slamming the knife, tip first, into a wall and disappearing into the TV.

You saw him next when the lights flickered. The TV remained on but ghostly faces fluttered across the screen. 
Unnerving sounds rattled the speakers and you felt the presence of something creepy up behind you. 
“I have a cup of tea, Anti.” You snapped at the sneaking entity. “If you spill this on my lap I will hurt you.”
Anti continued to creep up behind you. His hands raised, ready to strike as his mouth opened to yell. 
“I mean it.” You spun and glared at him. “This is fresh tea. It’s hot as hell, right now.” 
Anti frowned and hissed at you. The lights flickered back on and he disappeared. 

“What the hell are you afraid of?” Anti roared one day. After another failed attempt to get even a squeak out of you. “I’ve tried everything! Jump-scares, exploding bulbs, I’ve even tried acting as a fucking ghost in your walls. Do you know how stupid I sounded?” 
You chuckled, “Yes, I do. I was laughing the whole time, remember.” 
Anti threw up his hands and collapsed in a chair, pouting. “I hate you.” 
You shrugged your shoulders. “I’m just not that easy to scare, Anti. Not everyone is afraid of you.” 
“They should be,” Anti mumbled.
He didn’t understand why his techniques didn’t work. Even worse, nothing, not even horror films, seemed to make you nervous. 
It was horrible for Anti! There was no fun in living with a person who didn’t scream every once in a while. 
So when he heard you scream in terror, Anti himself felt his chest tighten as he raced through the house. 
He found you barreling out of your bedroom. Your face pale and eyes wide in horror. 
“Get it away!” You shouted, running to him and hiding behind him. “Get it out, Anti. Please.”
What the fuck could cause you to feel fear where he couldn’t? 
Anti moved forward, rushing into your bedroom with a snarl and posture ready to fight. 
But your room was empty. The light on the ceiling casting a yellow glow over your bed-sheets. Your window was half open, allowing a gentle breeze to play with the curtains. 
Confused, Anti looked back at you. “What am I suppose to be looking at?” 
You inched forward, creeping towards the doorway, but suddenly ducking as a small shadow passed over the bright light-bulb. 
“That!” You cried, backing away. “Get it out, please!” 
Anti looked up at the little creature that fluttered around your light. It’s grey wings were a blur as it tried to land on the light source. Mesmerized by it’s brilliance. 
“You’ve got to be kidding,” Anti half growled. “A fucking moth?” 
You nodded, hugging yourself. “Anti get rid of it.” 
Anti rolled his eyes, disbelief rattling his brain as he stepped into the room and snatched at the insect. 
His fingers caught the winged thing and he held it between them, inspecting it. 
How can this tiny thing have more effect than me? Anti thought to himself, outraged by the situation. 
He heard you approach the door, “Is…Is it gone?” You asked with a tiny voice. 
Anti smirked, turning and lifting the insect for you to see. 
“Not yet.” He said and you dreaded the spark that played in his eyes. 
“Anti, don’t,” You warned. But he was pass negotiating. Anti lunged forward, the moth outstretched and the scream you produced make him cackle with delight. 

For three hours Anti chased you around the house with the moth. You hurtled over furniture, slapping him when he caught you and tried to get you to touch it.
Anti didn’t stop till you had accidentally knocked the insect from his grasp and the creature soared out the window. Fluttering into the darkness and disappearing.
“Whelp,” Anti giggled. “I’m astounded and amused. Are you afraid of all winged creatures, or just the small ones?” 
You glared at Anti, “I will kill you if you ever bring that thing near me again.” 
Anti’s eyes shone green and his smile was broad. “Is that a challenge?”

Gotta Learn Somehow

Request:  Can I request a smut where Carl walks in on (y/n) masturbating and he like joins her (he like masturbates with her) and they sort of watch each other and then he can’t take it anymore so they eventually end up having loud sex and then the next day everyone like makes jokes and stuff because they heard them? I love your imagines btw they’re amazing?? xo

Warning: SMUT, language idk.

a/n: I just can’t seem to let go of Glenn, someone messaged me asking me about why Glenn is always in my fics after 7x01 and it’s just because I’m in denial lol idk. Also I added a part with Rick’s PoV just because I thought it was cute lol.

Don’t be afraid to request anything or message me telling me what you think, I’ll always answer :) xo

You sit on the sofa and look at the coffee table in front of you and sigh. This had to be the most boring day of your life. Carl was on watch and Enid had gone over the walls and you just weren’t feeling that today. Rick was out with Michonne, Maggie and Glenn and Carol had Judith. You walk over to the book case in the corner and run your finger over each book.

None of them appeal to you and you let out a long, exasperated sigh as you walk to the stairs, up them and into Carl’s bedroom. You find a random comic and lie on his bed, flicking through the pages you sigh as you realise you’ve already read it. But you read it anyway, twice, until you see the sky has darkened drastically and you sigh to yourself.

Before you realise you’re doing it, you squeeze your thighs together and whimper. Recently you had been hornier than usual and on top of it all Carl had been very busy so he never had time.  Your hand ran down your body and to your clothed pussy as you began to rub small circles and you let out a quiet moan. You push your hand passed your trousers and your fingers found your clit as they began to rub harsh but small figure eights.

You back arches off of the bed and you moan as you shut your eyes and picture Carl’s hands instead of yours. You stop your actions for a quick minute to dispose of your clothes. You slide your top off first and through it along with your trousers and underwear.

You continue to do so until you feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge and your legs start to twitch a little. Your eyes shoot open and your heart speeds up a little as you see Carl stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame, smirking. You don’t stop your actions you just continue to look at him while pleasuring yourself. He walks over to where you lay naked and he takes his hat off, placing it on the floor. You throw your head back as you continue your actions.

He rids himself of his clothes and lays next to you and you look into his eye for a moment before looking at what he’s doing. He takes a hold of his length and starts to pleasure himself. You moan at the sight of him as your hand comes up to your breast and you tug. You watch him as his hips buck up slightly as he watches you and you see his chest rise and fall deeply. Carl strokes himself as you begin to moan loudly, unaware of how loud you are actually being. Carl is grunting and moaning beside you as he watches you intently. You circle your entrance with a finger before inserting it and then you hear Carl growl beside you.

Before you know it his lips are on yours and his hand is pushing yours away to replace it with his. You gasp as he enters two fingers into you and you try to control your breathing. You fail as you moan out and breath harshly. His lips trail down your neck where he sucks and bites and you are sure he left a mark. He stops what he’s doing and you try to slow down your heart as it pounds heavily against your chest. His face is level with your dripping core as he looks at you.

“So (Y/n), tell me how your day has been.” He says, smirking, and you scoff.

“What?” You exclaim as he’s still level with your pussy but he makes no move.

“I won’t do so much as look at your pussy until you tell me what led you to laying here playing with yourself.” He utters as he still focuses on your face. “I’m waiting.”

“Okay, well before you got here I almost read-ah shit.” his tongue finally attaches to your core as he licks harshly at your clit and your back arches off the bed. He stops once he realises you’ve stopped talking. “Right um, I almost read a book b-but they all s-seemed too boring so I-I came up here t-to read a comic but one thing l-led to another and I ended up touching myself b-because I was s-so bored.” You manage to pant out as he doesn’t stop torturing your clit with his tongue.

“Now was that so hard.” He says as he brings a finger to your entrance and pushes in, causing you to moan very loudly. “Shh. We don’t want people complaining now do we.” He says before his lips attach to your clit again, sucking and licking as you become a moaning mess while he pumps a finger in and out of you.

“P-please Carl.” You mewl.

“Please what (Y/n)?” He whispers against your pussy. You feel yourself start to unravel as his fingers continue to move in and out, in and out.

“Please, I- oh my god Carl!” You almost scream as you come around his fingers and thrash against him. He starts to slow his actions as your hips grind against his fingers and you breath heavily until he removes his fingers and pops them in his mouth. You watch his and he winks at you when he notices you’re watching him and he moves you so you are on your side as he lays behind you so his face is level with your shoulder.

You can’t see what he’s doing behind you but you can feel it as he lines himself up to your entrance and only allows the tip to enter you. You wait for a couple of seconds before you feel his hips snap against yours and your head tips back as you rest on you elbows. He thrusts into you as you feel his lips kiss your shoulders as you moan loudly. With your free hand you clamp it over your mouth as you begin to breath heavily and you feel your high approaching for the second time that day.

Carl moans a string of the words ‘shit’ and 'fuck’ as he continues to thrust into you.

“Come (Y/n), do it for me.” He whispers in your ear before placing his lips upon your temple. Your hand drops from your mouth to the sheets as you grip at them and moan loudly as you come undone.

“Oh god Carl!” The sound of your voice vibrates from the walls as Carl, next to you, moans your name as he pulls out and shoots his load all over your back. You both still, fatigue rushing over your bones and breathing heavily as you try to calm your selves before you feel the bed dip and see Carl stand to grab his shirt from the ground only to wipe his come off of your back.

He pulls you to him so that your head is in his chest and his hand runs through your hair.

“Sleep now.” He whispers as he kisses your forehead.

“This day wasn’t so boring after all.” You say and you feel him smirk.

Ricks PoV: I step through the door and place my gun on the side, kicking my boots off while Michonne trails in behind me, holding Judith in her arms. Then the sound of (Y/n)’s voice rattles through the house.

“Oh god Carl!” I feel my eyes widen as (y/n)’s voice sounds more like a moan. I turn to look at Michonne and she stares back at me, her eyes as wide as mine. The sound of Carl’s moans then echo through the house.

“Are they-?” She whispers as her eyebrows furrow and she starts chuckle. I do the same as we walk into the living room.

“They’re kids, they have to learn sometime right?” I mutter as we both sit, chuckling to ourselves while Judith sits on Michonne’s lap and the moans stop.

We wait for almost 15 minutes to see if there would be anymore noises from the bedroom.

“I’m guessing they’re done?” Michonne says while Judith sleeps on the sofa.

“The only way to know for sure is to just go up there.” I say as I stand and Michonne stands with me. We both walk up the stairs and to Carls closed bedroom door. I knock before opening the door and prepare myself but when I step inside I breath out a sigh of relief. There are clothes scattered on the floor as they both lay asleep and Carl is hugging (Y/n) as close to him as he can. The sight is sobering and I smile. He may be young but I know he’s in love and that she makes him happy.

Normal PoV: You stir as you feel Carl’s arms wrapped around your torso and you rub your eyes and yawn. You climb out of the bed gently, making sure not to wake Carl as you reach for Carl’s flannel and your bottoms.

“Come back to bed for 5 more minutes please.” Carl’s whines and you laugh.

“Sorry I woke you but we should probably get up anyway.” You say as Carl’s huffs.

“Fine.” He sits up and grabs his trousers and a different flannel when he says you’re wearing his. You both walk down the stairs and to the kitchen but stop when you see there are eyes on you. Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Sasha and Carol all stare at you both as they smirk and you feel your cheeks heat up.

“What?” Carl’s brows furrow. Rick’s mouth hangs open as he stares at his son.

“What? Don’t what us. The whole of freaking Alexandria heard you two last night.” He says as he laughs.

“They’ve gotta learn somehow right?” Daryl chuckles and you laugh and Carl looks at you smiling.

“Hey.” Rick points to you two with his spoon. “We’re gonna talk about this later.” You both nod as he turns serious. He grabs your hand and leads you too the living room.

“That was so embarrassing.” You utter as your hands cover your face and you smile.

“They’re not going to let us live this down are they?” He chuckles and you shake your head.

“Nope. Maybe we should do it again just to piss them off.” You say and he smirks.

“Maybe we should just do it again because I fucking love you.” His eyebrow raises as you place a kiss to his lips.

“We’ll see.” You whisper.

CEO: Part Five. [smut]

A/N; I told you I hadn’t forgotten about you all. Hope you enjoy the new chapter! Enjoy lovelies! xoxo

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: NSFW.

Word count: 5,536

Listen to this.

Part One  Part Two  Part Three Part Four. 

Originally posted by blogfandomimaginesstuff

Derek sat on your couch, poring over the file as you hurried to your board. “Peter Hale?” You asked him, your brow quirked as you looked for the name. “He’s not on the board?” You turned back to him, his chest rising and falling with laughter. He looked down, avoiding your gaze as he calmed down, his lips still curled into a grin as he looked at you. “What’s so funny?” You asked and he shook his head yet again. “You and Stiles really are a perfect match.” You felt your body run hot, a blush rolling across your cheeks as Derek went back to looking through the file. “Thanks Derek, I’ll call Cupid, see if he owes me any favors?” You scowled, your arms crossed tightly against your chest, clutching your ribs as you felt vulnerable.  

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anonymous asked:

#17 with Loki???

“You’re not getting rid of me that easy.”

To say Asgard was boring without your best friend around was an understatement. You remember his funeral like it was yesterday, pretty lights and soft music. He would have hated it. Your Loki was always one for mischief, and you weren’t much better, always going along with his schemes and getting into trouble. “Lady Y/N there is a young gentleman asking to see you.” One of your guards said from the doorway. “Lead the way.” You sighed, knowing it was probably just another suitor from your father. You walked into the large hall to see a rather tall young gentleman wearing a cloak, with his back to you. “You know it is very rude to turn your back on a lady.” You joked, accurately mimicking your mother. “Well we both know your no lady Y/N” The man said, that voice, you could recognise it a mile away. “Loki!” You gasped as he turned around and lowered his hood. “You’re not getting rid of me that easy.” He smirked with a glint in his eye.


Summary: You and Castiel learn that you’re expecting, you just didn’t think that he’d have to fight to protect you so soon.

A/N: I apologize again for this one taking so long! There were so many different directions that I wanted to take this and I just couldn’t figure out which one. Also, I’ll apologize again for the ending.

Request: hello i was wondering if you could do a castiel x pregnant reader were the reader is pregnant with nephilim twins. and the reader sam and deans little sis and somehow the angles find out about the babies and they try to kill her because its forbidden.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: It’s angsty. Literally like almost no fluff. Violence, death, and maybe language?

Word Count: 2.4k

Originally posted by princesscas

You stood outside the bunker door with your hand on the door knob, completely frozen. You’d been able to ignore it on your way home, but you knew that the second you walked through that door; your life would change. Forever.

You brother, Sam, had talked you into going to the doctor. You’d been sick for the last few weeks with what you thought was the flu. After three weeks passed and it didn’t go away, you reluctantly agreed to go to the free clinic.

Because of the number of services that the free clinic offers, it wasn’t surprising that they wanted to take blood when they couldn’t figure out why you were sick. So you did what they wanted, you let them take your blood. Twenty minutes later, they were moving you to a room with an ultrasound machine and telling you that you were pregnant. The ultrasound confirming that you were at least twelve weeks along with twins.

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Things I wish I had known before moving into my own apartment

  • Walk around the neighborhood when you’re going to see the apartment. What’s in walking distance? Having to drive 20 minutes to get milk is a hassle.
  • Landlords can be a pain. Look over your lease with a lawyer (most schools offer this service) and know your state laws regarding housing. Any arrangement with your landlord must be in writing, otherwise it is invalid.
  • Renters insurance. Usually costs about $15-$30 a month and insures all of your stuff in case of flood, fire, theft, etc.
  • Make a budget and keep track of bills on a word document or similar. Its a easy way to keep track of what bills you need to pay when, and its simple enough for anyone.
  • Toilet paper should be the first thing you bring.
  • You can find amazing deals on furniture and decor at thrift shops. My TV stand, coffee table, dresser and living room decor is all from thrifting.
  • You will be amazed at what you can find for $1 at Dollar Tree that would more expensive anywhere else you go. Seriously. Anything you need that you can find at a Dollar Tree, get. (Tupperware, kitchen utinsels, bathroom accessories, etc)
  • Clean up for 10 or 15 minutes every day. It really makes a difference and prevents it from becoming a disaster.
  • Clorox wipes will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning. (Also found at Dollar Tree)
  • Buy a plunger, set of tools, duct tape, super glue and first aid kit.
  • Groceries are expensive. Try to shop at discount grocery stores, for example in my state it would be Aldis. Same food, off brand and so much cheaper.
  • This goes along with the last, but dont buy anything you wont eat/make in the next two weeks. Food expires fast, especially fresh food. Try to refridgerate/freeze as much as possible.
  • Before moving, get rid of anything you dont use/need. I cannot stress this enough. It helps with keeping organized and clean.
  • Place a wall air freshener by the doorway.

anonymous asked:

Can you write one that you're just appreciating h's thighs and kissing them loving them cause he's feeling insecure about his thighs ??? 😍

You were sat in bed, watching him getting ready in the bathroom.

His towel set low on his hips, so low that you could see the beginning of hair just above his most intimate place. Your favorite place.

You notice him lift the towel to look at his thighs in the mirror, whispering to himself. He’s turning to see his thighs in every angle and whispering some more.

You get up quietly from the bed and make your way to the bathroom, standing in the doorway admiring your beautiful boy. “Baby, what are you doing?” you ask.

He looks at you through the mirror, eyes wide, not having noticed you were standing there. “Nothing, love. It’s nothing.” he says.

You move towards him, wrapping your hands around him from behind. “H, you’re literally staring daggers at your thighs, what’s going on?”

He leans back into you, running his hands over your own, still staring at his thighs. “They’re just so jiggly. Too jiggly and I can’t get rid of them.” he answers.

“Your thighs?” the confusion clear in your voice and in your face. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

You can’t imagine why he would hold such feelings for his thighs, one of your favorite parts of his body. They filled out his skin-tight jeans perfectly. They were so strong with the perfect amount of hair. They were perfect for sitting, straddling, kissing. You name it. His thighs were perfect.

“Love, they’re terrible.” He’s staring at them in the mirror again, with such disgust for such a beautiful thing.

You drop down to your knees and give the back of his left thigh a kiss. Moving to the right one, you repeat your actions. His thighs tense from your unexpected actions, “Love, what’re yeh doing?”

You pepper as many kisses to his thighs as you can. The front, the back, the sides, leaving no space untouched. “Trying to show you how much I think your thighs aren’t terrible.” said with another kiss to his left thigh.

You move your kisses towards the front of his thighs. Situating yourself directly between the two of them. Your hands rub up and down his legs, nails running across his skin. He closes his eyes against the feeling.

“I don’t want you to ever talk about your thighs, you hear me? I love your thighs.” You kiss him again. “I…..” Kiss. “Love….” Kiss. “Your….” Kiss. “Thighs…” Kiss. “Almost as much as I love your cock.” This time pressing a kiss to the very tip of his now very hard cock.

He thinks that having you between his thighs makes him hate them much, much less.

The War [Chapter 3]


Pairing: Kai x Reader x Xiumin

Warnings: Language, violence

Summary: After the tragedy of your ex-boyfriend, you find yourself constantly thinking about him. Memories are hard to erase, after all. Then in comes a man you met by chance and who stole what’s left of your heart. You find yourself stuck between your old love and new love.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5

After your engagement with Minseok, you decide it wouldn’t hurt to move in with him. It’s quite hard for you to believe that you now live in a mafia base when you so hated the idea before.

You’ve met a close friend of his, Kim Jongdae, as well as a few of the men in his mafia. Some of them scared you a little, such as that man named Do Kyungsoo but calls himself D.O to avoid the police. But most of them are pretty nice and easy-going, so you’re not too worried about staying here.

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Tattoos and Thighs

genre : smut, graphic smut, fluff
contains : DOM!Jimin, strip tease, thigh riding, teasing, light orgasm denial, dirty talk (a bit), sex….
words : 4,1k (sorry i got exited)
Playlist : x l x l x l x + x

You sighed happily as you finally let yourself fall on the bed, the lavender smell of the sheet welcoming you warmly. Your eyes were lost on the ceiling, your ears sensible to light music playing in the bathroom -right next to the bed room you were currently in –which was Jimin’s. You smiled at the idea of him finally (oh so finally) washing up, after his weekly work-out session that got him all sweaty -the boy wanted to keep “a proper body, to entertain your sight and make you weak at the knees”, insert a wink.

You laughed lightly at the memory of the conversation you’ve had a few weeks ago with him, remembering how he tried to persuade you to come with him at the gym, to “help him”. However, you knew for sure that you wouldn’t be much of a help. you’d probably end up beneath him, counting each of his pump-ups, maybe earning a kiss for your contribution every now and then -presumably more.

You turned your head to the side when you heard the water of your flat stopped flowing through the pipework, and the door of your shower being loudly pulled, a strangled voice singing along 24K Magic by Bruno Mars. You rolled your eyes, amused at your boyfriend’s little show in the bathroom. He opened the door suddenly, making you widen your eyes towards him, a hesitant smile on your lips. “What are you even doing Jimin?”, you asked in a murmur, looking at him walking about from the doorway, his plump butt cheeks bouncing cutely, contrasting with the hotness drawn from the tattoos on his body.

You giggled when you saw his butt cheeks wiggled as he brushed his teeth vividly, watching his face on the mirror. You smirked at the sight before turning your gaze away, now understanding his behavior: he simply wanted to get rid of the condensation which accumulated on the mirror and the walls, and he was way too immersed in the music to even hear you. The smile on your face slowly fade away as you turned yourself to land on your stomach, all members spread out, head turned towards the opposite of the room.

But weirdly, after a few seconds, you realized that there was no music playing in the room anymore. You raised an eyebrow before turning your head again, looking at the now-closed door of the bathroom. “What is happening?”, you whispered to yourself. You were surprised to hear some music playing again, but not a random music at all. No, it was indeed the famous You Can Keep Your Hat On playing in the speakers of the bedroom, which made you sit on the bed, waiting for him to finally come out of the bathroom.

A wide smile crawled up your face when you saw the door open slowly, creaking a bit. You laughed when you noticed a foot slowly showing in the opening of the door, soon followed by a leg; and your heart fluttered at the sight of the thick and tan thigh purposely showed off. You bite your bottom lip when you saw him fully coming out of the bathroom, dressed with a unbuttoned dress shirt and some black briefs, a red snapback sitting on his head. How did he even find this whole attire, you thought.

You gasped when he started to move his hips, swaying them to the rhythm of the music; yet not letting you see his front, you could only see his muscles contract of the back of his leg. He gazed over his shoulder, slyly smiling at you as he kept on moving his hips sensually from the right to the left. He slowly turned around, one hand on the border of his hat as the other caressed down his torso to reach his stomach, causing your mouth to open a bit to the sight before you, your lips still curved upward.

Your eyes sparkled as he started to run his hands on the uncovered skin of his torso, soon reaching his thighs squeeze them tightly; leaving the skin slightly whiter a few seconds after his touch. When he hiked his hands up again, he slowly made the fabric of his dress shirt fall along his arms, turning around to show off the muscles of his shoulders –still grinning at you above his shoulder, eyebrow raised teasingly. He finally let the white cloth tumble to the wooden floor.

You moaned quietly when he abruptly griped his ass, both of his hands on each cheek as the sound of the slap echoed through the room, with the sexy music still resonating in your ears. He massaged the bounce flesh a bit, before giving the right cheek a light spank, enjoying himself and chuckling devilishly with his head leaning backwards when you gasped. His eyes darkened when, in the corner of his eyes, he saw you brushing two fingers past your thin pajama shorts, obviously savoring the little show set up by your boyfriend.

“Nah nah nah”, he chided with a hoarse voice as he walked up to you, his body beautifully shining with the light beam of the room, his tattoos making his skin glow darkly. “Don’t do that babe”, he demanded, standing dominantly before you as he looked down on you. After a few seconds, just right after you moved your hand from your needy private parts, he decided to sit on your lap and blocking your hands between his knees and your hips to stop any movement that aimed to pleasure yourself without him –something he didn’t especially appreciate when he was in the same room as you (except when you both decided otherwise).

He was dominating you in all ways possible. He was completely above you and restrained all your motions, only allowing you to dive your eyes into his beautiful jet black ones –nothing else. You could only watch him smile devilishly down to you. “You are being a bad girl right now”, he whispered as he cupped your cheeks, bringing his face closer to yours, yet not touching your greedy lips. He kept on the teasing, slowly grinding his hips against your thighs, for all that, not pleasuring you.

“I’m not, I just wasn’t ready for the little show. I couldn’t help myself”, you admitted, a shy smile finding his way on your face. Your mouth gapped a little as he whimpered on the skin of your face, when you managed to produce a bit more pressure on his half-hard dick by lifting your hips a bit. He smiled at the moment he understood your gestures, “You’re being naughty right now”, he said against your lips, tightening his grip to keep you from moving.

The sly smile didn’t leave his face as he kissed you, beginning slowly, sensually, holding your head in place to let him set the pace of your kiss. You didn’t complain though, and you even moaned into his mouth when his tongue met yours. The kiss was slow, too slow for you to handle it anymore, and you arched your back, trying to take just a bit of control in the needy exchange. You only earned a smile displayed against your lips, Jimin moving his right hand to grip onto your hair and hold your head completely in place, to his mercy.

“You definitely are being naughty”, he said as his lips travelled down your cheek, jaw and neck, leaving wet kisses along the way as his grip on your hair tightened, pulling at your hair just like you liked it, the right amount between pain and pleasure. A single –yet loud- moan left your mouth, your boyfriend chuckling darkly on your now-bruised flesh.

But suddenly, he stopped his ministrations, standing up in front of you. You noticed how his dick strained the fabric of his underwear, making your mouth water at the sight. “Lay down on your back”, he ordered; and you willingly obeyed, noticing that some sexy melodies were still coming from the speakers.

You smiled when Jimin took off his snapback, teasingly throwing it next to your body, his hips still shaking to the rhythm of the music. “Should I take it off?”, he asked, pulling the strand of his briefs with his thumbs.

“I think so”, you murmured, smiling when he started he pull down the underwear, showing off his v-line –something he knew you were fond of –who wouldn’t be?

“You think so?”, he said, pulling it lower, allowing you to see the base of his –now- hard cock. But just when you could eventually see the object of the desire, he turned around again; his hips still swaying slightly Buttons . You sighed aloud, annoyed at the fact that he wasn’t giving you anything you wanted, even though he knew you were dying for it. However, your breath was caught in your throat when let you glimpse the skin of his plump ass.

“Jimin”, you whined, not daring to touch any part of your body as your hands laid by your side.

“Yeah?”, he said, freeing his butt from the thin material, but he didn’t pull his underwear completely down, leaving it just under his cheeks. You groaned at the sight –you just love these so much, you only wanted to squeeze them.

“Come on, stop teasing”, you pleaded from the bed.

He simply chuckled, this time completely turning around to let you witness his hardened cock, not soft anymore in his briefs ; and you swore you almost saw a little stain of precum darkening a little spot on the fabric. But his smile rapidly fade away, his face becoming serious and dominating again. “Take off all of your clothes”, he ordered, palming himself though his underwear, a very small smirk plastering his face.

You obliged and sat up, taking off your pajama top, earning a groan from your boyfriend when he saw your bare boobs under your t-shirt. And he literally moaned when you released yourself from your bottom layers, loving the way your pussy –already- gleamed in wetness. “You such a naughty girl Y/N”, he said, pulling his underwear completely down before throwing it somewhere in the room, giving up on the teasing.

“Only for you”, you smirked and winked, chuckling when rushed to you before settling himself between your legs, his hard dick brushing against your stomach. His lips roughly met yours, leading a sensuous waltz where your tongues fought sloppily yet hungrily for dominance. Your hands eventually landed on his ass, squeezing and spanking it a bit, appreciating the plump flesh ; and you felt him smirk lightly against your lips before parting away, but not too far.

“Who do you think you are, spanking me like this sweetheart?”, he asked as his minty breath hit your cheekbones. You just replied with a sly smile, leaving your handprint pinkly marked on the skin of his ass again. He smirked, his eyes directly dived into yours, before lowering his head to the level of your neck, trailing open-mouth kisses along your jaw, neck and collarbone.

He carried on leaving hot kisses, making you too focused to notice how he shifted on top of you. He placed one of his legs right in front of your pussy, the top of his knee almost touching your warm core; his other leg not anymore between yours, lazily laying beside you. He slowly moved his mouth on your skin, his tongue pressuring a bit the skin of the base of your neck. The whole gesture aimed to leave a dark pink mark right where he was sucking, and that’s exactly what he did. He lifted his head after, eyeing the result which he seemed to be proud of –considering the smirk he had on his lips. He then looked up at you, admiring your face before opening his mouth slowly. “Ride my thigh princess”, he murmured, the corner of his lips curving upwards even more.

You gasped, “What ?”, you asked, not excepting at all his words.

He tilted his head to the side, “Don’t make me repeat myself baby”. He moved a bit, the skin of his lower thigh now brushing against your definitely wet pussy, “Don’t act as if you didn’t know what I said. Ride my thigh”.

“Jimin”, you whined again, “I’m too lazy right now”, you murmured, turning your eyes to the side, trying to avoid his own. Your eyes widened when you felt the abrupt contact of his hand on your hips, holding tightly on your hipbone. You moaned when he pressed his leg on your core, and you moaned louder when he made you lift your hips up and down to create a friction –a sensation that he knew you absolutely loved.

Your hands found their way to his scalp, pulling at the hair behind his ears as you felt the pleasure coming from the contact with his skin. You began to slowly grind your hips on his thigh, sighing at the effort it asked you to do. You boyfriend –still occupied with leaving some light bruises along the valley of your breasts- noticed your lack of rapidity (which was something unusual because you generally moved fast on him).

He smiled when his watering mouth reached your left nipple, pecking it teasingly and earning quiet whimper from you –still grinding on his thigh sloppily-, but he earned a louder moan the moment he helped you move your humid folds on his thigh, the skin brushing your pulsing clit. Shivers ran down your spine as the two sensations he was giving you. You absolutely loved the way he licked, kissed, sucked or flicked your nipples, but you were fond of the feeling the rubbing of your clit on his skin; hence the halted moans you allowed to leave your mouth. He groaned when they reached his ears, mixed with the sexy music playing in the background.

“You’re so damn sexy like this Y/N”, he moaned when –because you started to increase your pace- your stomach ended up touching the head of his dick. “So desperate for release, so naughty. Grinding on my thigh like that”, he said as he let his head fall down in the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent. “You’re so pretty when you do that”, he admitted, helping you increase the rhythm even more –and the pressure- of your thrusts to please you

You felt him smile on the skin right below your ear, before he lifted his head, watching your face contort in pleasure and your eyes closed, a small gap parting your lips. “How does make you feel baby?”, he pondered near your ear, “Tell me baby, use your words”. You tried hard to sort out a proper sentence, but the feeling was submerging you. The only word you let out was a weak “Jimin”, high pitched in the end because of the sudden pressure he applied on your pussy thanks to his hold on your hip.

“Be a good girl and tell me Y/N”.

“It feels so good Jimin”, you exhaled loudly, “I’m gonna cum”, you moaned, your grindings going faster and faster as you lost yourself in the lewd enjoyment.


“Yeah”, you breathed out, your pussy now making wet noises at the contact with Jimin’s muscle, blending in with all the lustful noises which were filling the atmosphere of the room. However, a whine passed past your lips when he forced your hips down, forbidding you to grind against his thigh.

“Enough”, he said, “naughty girls don’t get to cum so easily”.

“You’ve decided on your own that I was a naughty girl!”, you exclaimed.  “I’ve been good all day”, you groaned, trying to find the pleasure on your clit back, “Jimin please”, you pleaded, desperately looking at him.

“No. On your all four my lady”.

“No.”, you affirmed, raising an eyebrow at him. “Either you fuck me right now without me moving or you cum on your own”, you said as you locked your ankles behind his back to bring him closer. Your boyfriend tilted his head to side the second he heard your reply, a cocky smile festooning his face. He didn’t talk for a few seconds, building up a sexual tension between the two of you as you were looking deeply into each other’s eyes steadily.

Nonetheless, when you blinked –and Jimin didn’t-, he gripped the inside of your thighs harshly, straddling you. The smile on his face grew bigger and more taunted as he spread your legs around him, before bending them as much as he could to your sides. “Did you think that you could order me around like this, right now, baby?”, he stressed, looking at your gleaming pussy and wet thighs. “Did you think that you could do that love?”

“Well, I did it last night, why not now?”

He scoffed a bit at your answer, knowing the truth of your statement. You indeed had him wrapped around your fingers last night. He had been submissive all night, granting you each of your wishes willingly and submissively. And maybe that was the reason why he was feeling so dominant tonight, yearning for teasing you and dominating you to please you.

He suddenly loomed above you, arms behind your knees to keep you in place, not permitting you to move as your thighs touched the side your boobs. His face was dangerously close to yours, and you could feel his breath skim over your nose. You sensed him shift a bit, and a light whimper escaped your mouth when you felt the tip of his hard dick ruffle oh-so-softly on your folds. His ebony eyes were darkly plunged into yours. This way, you noticed a tiny moment of hesitation in his eyes, but before you could say anything about it, his voice broke the silence that has settled between the both of you.

“Beg me to fuck you Y/N. Tell me how much you want my cock inside of your tight pussy. Plead me to fill you up”, he started as his angled his dick to apply the right amount of pleasure on your clit, “Implore me to make love to you, sensually and hard, just the way you like it”. The smirk on his face became cocky again at the sound of your moan, “Tell me babe, tell me what you want”.

“Jimin”, you whined as he repeated the motion, “Please”.

“I don’t hear you princess”, he growled in your ear, still not entering you the way you desired and still perfectly holding you in place, as he left some kisses on the skin of your neck.

“Jimin, I want you to fuck me”, you grumbled, desperate, as you felt your clit pulsing under him, failing to move your hips properly to create the missing friction again.”

“That’s not how you’re supposed to ask my queen. Be quick or you’ll be punished”, he said firmly, directly looking into your eyes this time. You dithered a bit, opening and closing your mouth a few times under the pressure (both physically and mentally) of Jimin. “Please, Jimin, can you fuck me? Sensually and hard, just like you said, just like I love it. I’m craving for this plea-“. Before you could even finish your sentence, he had pushed his dick into you, slowly stretching you to adjust to the size.

Finally”, he grunted against your shoulder, before increasing his pace a bit. He was still going slow, but his hips moved fluidly into yours, enabling him to reach deep inside of you, making sure to make you voice your pleasure; something he absolutely loved.

“Common baby, let me hear you more. I know I’m making you feel good. Let the whole building know”, he appealed in your hear, thrusting harder into you. Apparently, the neighbors complaining about your sexual activities last week didn’t stop him to try doing it again. And the reason of it was that it was your moans that made him cum, it was when he heard he sounds you made that he could fully cum; your moans were a melody to his ear which sent him over the edge in no time.

And because you knew that –and you knew that he would also make you come quicker- you let out the moans you’ve tried hard to keep in, you let them blend in the warm atmosphere of the room, mixing with your boyfriend’s occasional grunts and whimpers but also with the music still playing in the background (not that you could clearly identify what song it was).

He intensified his thrusts a bit, moaning against your ear as he tightened his hold on you. You knew what he was doing, and you didn’t stop him –because, damn, it was hot. He was trying to refrain all of your movements or possibilities of movements to guarantee you a maximum of pleasure. He wanted you to only feel the pleasure, he wanted to build your climax himself, silently asking you to only feel everything he did.

“Are you close princess?”, he asked in a growl as he thrusted hard into, lifting his head to put his forehead on yours, each other’s halted breath now meeting in the little space that separate both of your mouth. The only reply you managed to formulated was a moaned “yes” –something that drove him crazy.

“Ugh, baby, you’re incredibly beautiful like this”, he whispered after pecking your lips. “You’re gorgeous when your face contorts from the pleasure I’m giving you. You’re even more stunning when you moan my love. You have no idea. I should fuck you in front of a mirror so you could see yourself”, he continued, now kissing you passionately, parting away when he felt like you were out of breath.

“Jimin I’m gonna cum”, you whimpered, out of breath.

“That’s good baby. Cum for me. Make me sense how good you feel, let me feel your juices around me baby”. And to his words, you came. All over him, clit pulsing like never and white before your eyes ; a long moan leaving your mouth. Just like he told you. He felt your wall clench around him, the moans you made echoed in his ears and the look on your face transcended him. Just as you raised your mouth a bit to kiss him, he got out of you, freeing one of your leg (and consequently one of your arm) to pump his dick a few times before reaching his climax, letting a few white trickles landing on your stomach.

His eyebrows were almost knocked together when stopped the kiss, and you knew his orgasm hit him hard, feeling his haste breath on your skin. He gently let go of your other as he propped himself above you with his arms supporting him at your sides. He slowly opened his eyes again, beaming you cute –yet still kind of cocky- smile. “It felt so good”, he admitted, pecking your lips. You smiled back at him, this time pecking his nose, “Yes, it really felt good. I didn’t know you were into showing off your body this much though.”

“Don’t act like you didn’t like it baby”, he teased you, standing on his feet and admiring the mess you’ve both made on each other, “We’ve been pretty messy”, he realized, smiling sweetly at you. You returned the gesture tiredly, “True”.

He crouched next to you, running a hand on your thigh sweetly, and he kissed you tenderly, your lips sloppily tasting each other. He broke the kiss but didn’t go far away from you, his face still just a few centimeters away from yours. You saw a smirk forming on his lips, and you rolled your eyes because you already had an idea about what he was about to say. “I didn’t get to eat you out though”, he laughed in your neck when you turned your head to the side.

“I’m joking I’m joking”, he giggled, pecking the hickey he left on you just moments ago. “Common”, he whispered, “let’s get clean”, he said as he lifted you up bridal style, in his strong tattooed arms. “What was the point of washing beforehand if you knew we’d end up like this Jimin?”, you asked, cuddling his chest nevertheless.

“I didn’t think we’d end up going this far, I just wanted to strip sexily for you. But when I saw you with your hand in your underwear, it triggered me”, he laughed, entering the bathroom. “Next time, I promise, I’ll tie you up so we won’t have to take another shower again”.

“Ha. Ha. We both know we will be worst”.

Jimin looked down at you, smirking as devilishly as ever, “I can’t wait”.


ALSO : please, protect yourself when you have sex : use protection. It can be dangerous when it comes to diseases kids, so always use protection. The characters in this story had a proper conversation beforehand and agreed on non protection. It’s about consent and agreement. If you’re in a relationship, TALK ABOUT IT ! If not, then ALWAYS PROTECTION !

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