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wake up call || shawn mendes

a/n: based on that one video shawn posted on insta where he was shirtless and singing, also a re-upload, read this if confused, love ya! [masterlist]
warnings: nsfw

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Guns - Bucky Barnes Smut

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Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Words: 1443

Rating: 18+ (unprotected sex, oral female receiving) 

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Y/N her body so she pulls the covers even higher trying to get warm again. Which is hard without her personal source of heating around.

Bucky is currently on a mission with Steve and Y/N hates it more than anything else in the world. She doesn’t really hate being alone but she hates how scared she gets that something could happen to the man she loves more than life itself.

Signing she turns around and while doing so she accidently moves her legs which made them touch the cold part of the sheets and a shiver runs down her body.

She closes her eyes and focuses on her breathing trying to control the shivering of her body and the thoughts in her head.

She is almost asleep when she hears the front door open and close softly. A flash of fear moves through her body.

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A/N:  Hey guys, so this is something a bit different and I’m not sure where it came from but I actually love it. Let me know what you think :)

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“Do you ever think the moon gets lonely?”

The sound of Betty’s voice forced Jughead to look up from his computer where the small black line at the end of a half-finished sentence had been blinking at him tauntingly.

“What?” He asked confused, a goofy smile playing on his lips as he watched Betty pick at the tassels on the throw blanket they always kept draped over the couch but never seemed to use.

“Do you ever think the moon gets lonely,” she repeated as if it was a perfectly sane question.

“Well what do you think Betts?” He asked back softly, trying to stop himself from laughing as he watched her in her drug-induced haze.

“I think it does,” she said quietly, almost as if she was sharing one of her deepest secrets. “Polly used to tell me this story about how the sun and the moon were once great lovers who annoyed one of the gods. The god got so angry at them that he banished them to opposite sides of the earth, forcing them to always be a world apart.”

Jughead closed his laptop quietly, setting it down on the coffee table and pulling Betty’s feet into his lap, his fingers drawing patterns on her bare calf, careful not to bump her cast.

“I always wonder if the moon gets lonely. I don’t think the sun would because it’s full of light. It gets to watch people live and laugh and be, but the moon … well it’s all alone. It leaves people in the dark and forces them into a place they can’t see, a place they need to rely on some other source of light to live, to laugh, to be.” Betty looked up from the tassel and saw Jughead watching her intently, his fingers still absent-mindedly tracing invisible shapes on her skin.

“I used to think we were like that; destined to be together but forced apart, always loving but always separate. Almost as if there was something bigger, something god-like that didn’t want us together…” Betty trailed off but kept staring straight ahead, almost as if she was staring through him, her eyes glued to those three moles on his cheek, thinking to herself that they looked almost like a constellation.

“I don’t know, it’s stupid,” she mumbled as she shuffled around on the couch, sitting beside Jughead and letting her head fall onto his shoulder. He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, wrapping his arms around her.

“It’s not stupid baby. I like hearing about what runs through your mind at 2am,” he replied through a chuckle.

“Well I have a lot more where that came from, especially with this messin … medssssin … med-i-cine they gave me for my foot,” Betty managed to fumble out as her eyes started to flutter closed.

“You know what I think Betts?” Jughead asked, realising that she was starting to fall asleep. As much as he would love to keep her awake and hear her fumble over more words, it was probably time for her to go to bed. She nodded sleepily, urging him to go on as he gently slipped an arm under her knees and lifted her up, placing his other hand securely on her back as her arms wrapped around his neck.

“I never had Polly to tell me bedtime stories about the sun and the moon but I did spend more time than I care to admit looking up at the stars. I used to feel the same way you did, although I will admit I didn’t do so quite as poetically.” He walked through their apartment, careful not to bump her foot on anything, before opening the door to their room and placing her down on the bed, her eyes still fluttering open and shut.

“I used to think that there was this force of some sort, fate maybe, that was determined to keep us apart, determined to drive some huge invisible wedge between us. But then I would sneak out into this one part of the trailer park that didn’t feel like a trailer park and I’d lie on my back and just look up at the sky, taking in the stars and the moon and the planets that were spread out in the infinite darkness.” Jughead kept talking as he pulled back the covers and tucked Betty into the blankets, thankful he’d had the foresight to help her into her pyjamas earlier. He walked over to the dresser and grabbed his pyjamas from his side of the dresser, slowly getting changed.

“And I would find something incredibly comforting in the familiarity of it all. Something comforting about the never ending blackness and the way it made me feel so incredibly small. For once I liked feeling insignificant, feeling alone. Because my next thought would make me feel safe again.” He threw his clothes in the direction of the laundry hamper and climbed under the covers beside her. His arm found its usual place resting across her stomach as his leg slipped between hers, grateful that her broken leg was hanging off the bed, just like it did every night.

He was well aware that she’d fallen asleep, the drugs that the doctor had given her that afternoon after she’d fallen off her bike had finally flooded her system, pulling her into a dreamless sleep. He couldn’t seem to stop, the words flowing out of him in a constant stream, no end in sight and Jughead wasn’t sure if he wanted there to be.

“My next thought we be how the universe is such an immense place; filled with solar systems and stars and planets. And then we have our planet, with 7.6 billion people from 195 countries and somehow we ended up in the same small town in the middle of nowhere. Somehow you fell in love with me and I fell in love with you. That thought would bring me so much comfort and make me feel safe, even when I was looking up at something so infinite and limitless.” Betty’s soft snoring filled the spaces between his words, making it seem like he was speaking to the same lazy rhythm.

He rolled onto his side and looked at her, the lovesick smile he’d worn so many times over the years falling onto his lips. She looked so beautiful when she was asleep; her hair splayed out across the pillow in every which way, her chest rising and falling under the blankets, her eyes shut tight and a hint of a smile still playing on her lips as the semi-permanent crease on her forehead completely disappeared.

“You probably don’t remember but a couple of years ago you read this poetry book called ‘Become.’ by Emery Allen. I gave you so much crap about it. One day I had finished my book by the time and I didn’t have another one with me. You’d fallen asleep with that book open on your chest so I was going to put it on the bedside table so you didn’t destroy it with all the tossing and turning you do when you sleep. I know I have no respect for modern poetry but come on, it’s still a book,” he said with a chuckle, the memory playing over in his head as he reached across and brushed an unruly strand of hair out of her face.

“I was just going to close it and then put it away but I found myself reading the page you’d fallen asleep on. You know, I can still remember that poem, even after the thousands, if not millions, of other words that had passed in front of my eyes since that night. So Betts, you’d better savour this moment because me reciting poetry to you is a one time thing, okay? I know that you’re asleep but I’m not repeating this because we both know you’d mock me relentlessly if you were awake. Here we go.” Jughead took a deep breath, closing his eyes to shield himself from the embarrassment he knew would never come, Betty’s heavy breathing assuring him of that.

“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything.
Maybe we’re from the same star.”

“I swear my heart actually stopped for a second when I read that, because, well that’s exactly how I feel. Somehow the two of us have managed to be alive at the same point in time, on the same planet, in the same country in the same tiny town. And if all of that has come together just for us, is it really that strange to believe that we are from the same star, that we had the same beginning and we’ve somehow found our way back to each other? I mean what other explanation could there be for us to have found something so perf- so natural?” Jughead sighed and ran his free hand through his unruly hair, his mind racing as his mouth tried to catch up with the millions of thoughts running through his head.

“Because something this good was never supposed to happen to someone like me. You were never supposed to happen to someone like me. And as cliche as it sounds, I would thank the stars and the heavens and all the moons you have on offer if it means I get to keep you for the rest of my days. You probably know this because I’m not the best at hiding it but you are my sun, and my moon, and all of my stars bound into this mortal form that everyone knows you are more than deserving of. You make me live, and laugh, and be.” Betty rolled over beside him, her head falling between their two pillows and her cast moving to trap his leg, giving him no chance for escape. He sighed deeply. Only Betty would subconsciously ruin his speech about how much he loves her by making him lose feeling to his leg with her giant purple cast.

“That’s probably the awake part of your brain telling me to shut up before I make a complete fool out of myself. Although I did quote Emery Allen so I don’t think I can embarrass myself more further.” Betty stirred once more, her head falling even further so it rested against his chest. He managed to slide his leg out from under her purple monstrosity, enveloping her small frame in his arms. Jughead placed a gentle kiss on the crown of her head, loving the way her hair softly tickled his upper lip.

“I love you Betts. And if you ever forget that, just remember that I recited poetry to you without a knife to my throat. If that doesn’t prove I love you then I don’t know what will.” That same smile he’d been wearing the whole night stayed glued to his lips, even as his eyes drooped closed and his dreams became filled with his sun and his moon and all of his stars.

Thank you all for welcoming me back!! 
It feels nice to get all kind of messages from you all!! 

Anyways, I had really fun in Japan and I actually visited all three cafes //sweats
I also got so much KH stuff www 

And, thanks to my friends for the great Glorious Glaivy/Twinkle Miracle event in Osaka T_T I got to meet my FFXV friends who live in Japan and got cute stuff from them, thank you all!!

Last but not the least, it’s nice to get to draw KH again



How did you get that from “Make America great again” means lets go back into the past?

I see you’ve blocked me.  (Either that, or Tumblr is glitching out again, but I doubt it~)

You ignorant fool.  Here you are, going all the way back to the founding of the nation…

Let me remind you all about America:

America was founded on the backs of enslaved and deaths of Africans and the Indigenous Populations by white wealthy men!

Yea, folks. Lets make America great again.

I’m never going to feel bad for any person who is stupid enough to prance around with a quote “Make America Great Again” on them ignoring how America was even made, acting like a victim because you get your kicks by being a racist and sexist fuck!

Remember your U.S. history!

This is exactly the sort of thing you’re talking about.

Since nearly every human on Earth descends from someone who took land from others by force, by your logic, no one is permitted to have any sort of government ever, even black people.

…was justified as a response.  Effectively every people of any relevance on Earth, including the first nations of the native Americans, are stained with the blood of conquest.

Trump’s MAGA slogan isn’t about bringing back slavery, and if you had even an ounce of understanding of his voters or even the right-wing in general, you would have grasped this.

It’s about the Post-War economic boom and the ideal of a household being able to sustain itself as comfortably middle-class in that environment.  This should be fucking obvious as the emotional sentiment behind it.  Building megaprojects, going to the Moon, having overcome a grand struggle against a great evil - that kind of greatness, too.

It isn’t even about the race relations of that time period.

The right-wing and conservative movements are built on rebuilding an imagined golden age.  You think that’s foolish, no doubt, but do you know why they do that?

Because people, even Leftists and Liberals, put a lot of stock in something that has stood the test of time.  It’s an instant credibility bonus, and if I were a politician, I, too, would seek to present my ideology as rooted in the past and connecting it to the future.  (At times, their attempts to rebuild what they imagined the past to be have been tangible improvements that the past didn’t even have.)

One can argue, I think quite effectively, that Trump cannot deliver this.  That without the factories of every other place of industrial relevance on Earth being flattened by global war, it just isn’t feasible.  One can even argue that his policies make the situation worse on this axis.

That isn’t the point.

If you had a modicum of sense on this matter, then you could better figure out how to outmanuever the Great Orange Demagogue and sway the Trump voters you so excitedly dismiss.  I’ll give you two hints: 

  1. Housing prices matter.  A lot.
  2. The number of housing units compared to the population in an area is important for determining housing prices.

How can we liven this blog up?

We have 8.6k followers yet we feel stagnant or that our followers are inactive-
Our posts get a lot less notes these days and I don’t think it’s just because of the ‘Best Stuff First’ feature…

I know we’re kind of a dinosaur of a blog, old and semi-dusty, but what can we do to liven it up again like it used to be.
We admit to not being super active in the past months, but recently we’ve been getting back on track.

What do you guys want to see or for us to do? Should suggestions/requests come back? Should we try to make an NCTzen virtual sleepover again? Just put more stuff out? Have more interactive stories and in general times/games? Should we use queue bc of timezones when we post most people are sleeping?
In the end, we’re all just looking for a fun time and to share our works and fangirl over the boys, but we feel lonely… So let’s do it together!

Comment whatever you’d like here
Questions are welcome too

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Okay, smols need to come back again, they were phenomenal, smol Melissa was literally smol Melissa(she looked identical), while smol Chyler didn't particularly looked exactly like Chy, but she NAILED all of Chyler's expressions for Alex, that she was able to fool us in believing the EPs went back in time to get smol Chyler.

Anon #2 asked:

Adding to the chorus of people talking about how perfect the young Danvers sisters actors were, I found it funny that in the scene where young Alex is looking over her calc homework during breakfast, Olivia Nikkanen does the same thing where she switches handedness. Alex starts off with her pencil in her left hand and at some point switches it to her right. Truly a mini-Chyler

There is really not much to add to these other than YES AGREE

(… and I’ve maybe watched that episode three times now.)

darkcollectorcandyworld  asked:

I used to be a very positive person, i loved life no matter what happened. But smth happened along the way and everything became grey; i became toxic and i am not positive anymore. Do you know how can i get that back? I wanna be positive again, i wanna enjoy life, but i feel like im lost and don't know what to do to get back my positivity.

I know how you feel. The best thing to do would be to find what makes you happy and do it. Find everything, every little thing that gives you happiness and hold onto it. Surround yourself with people who will uplift you, who make you feel good. Remind yourself of the joys of life and the positive aspects of humanity.

Positivity is not easy. We all get down sometimes, and sometimes we lose ourselves. That’s okay. You can get back that positivity. Just live your best life, and find what makes you happy. Don’t indulge in the things that make you feel unhappy.

I believe you can get that positivity back! It may take a while, but you can do it. I believe in you. Let me know how you’re doing, and if there’s anything else I can do to help!

Aries: Sometimes you just have to let things go. Let places and people disappear from your memory. Let people walk away from you, as much as it feels like their ripping part of you out with them. You don’t need them to function. You don’t need them to make the sun rise and set. You don’t need them to see that the stars still shine in the night sky. You only need yourself and a pair of eyes. 

Taurus: You aren’t stuck forever. I know it feels that way. But you are not trapped in this hell. You will get out. Even if you have to claw yourself out with bloody fingernails and bruised skin. But you WILL get out. You will pull through to things much bigger then this. Every new step is terrifying, but you will get there. You will make something of yourself.

Gemini: Stop opening the door for ghosts that you aren’t even sure you want in your life. You can’t revive them just to force them back into a tomb. Make up your mind if you want to be friends with the past, or bury it forever. Either way is totally fine, but every time you half dig up skeleton, you just leave everyone with old wounds. Open up all the old scars and leave fresh blood on the floor. There’s no right or wrong choice, but there is a choice you have to make.

Cancer: It won’t be this hard forever. You won’t need that vice for all of eternity. It’s okay to need a crutch every once in awhile. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to be fucking desperate sometimes. You do not have to always be the strong one. Always be the brave one. Always be the fucking okay one. You can let yourself collapse under the weight of this world every once in awhile.

Leo:  Do not let them use you to bury their pain. You are not their whipping post. You are not their cemetery.  They can not use you when it is convenient for them to hide secrets and agony. You don’t owe them shit. They can not hold you down and force feed you every painful moment they can’t handle.  You are much better then everything their putting you through. 

Virgo : The future is never quite certain. It’s always a little bit terrifying. Always a little bit anxiety causing. You’re making the right steps. Stop doubting your footing. You’ve gotten through the worst of the storm. Time to celebrate, and move forward. Always keep moving forward. Always keep going on even when it feels like terror is around every corner.

Libra:  Set backs are temporary. Pain is temporary. Even baby steps are huge accomplishments. I know it feels like shit right now. Know it feels like the world is ending. But sweetie, you’ve survived the apocalypse before. You can do it again. And again. And then again. As many times as it takes. You are going to get through this rough patch too. Just like all the other times.

Scorpio:  Self hatred and self destruction will never get you where you need to go. You can’t run on spite forever. Eventually the candle of self anguish will burn itself out. You have to start healing. Have to start saying all of the hardest things in life, even though it hurts. Even though it makes you cry. Even if sometimes it feels like you’re going to die. Recovery is hard but dying is harder.

Sagittarius: If they don’t need you, you are so much better then them. The way they see you is not how you are. It is not your fault if they can’t figure out your worth. You don’t need them to thrive. Even if no one sees your beauty, you are still gorgeous. Still shining as bright as the stars. You don’t need anyone to recognize that. You don’t need them admit you shine to be brighter then all of them. 

Capricorn: Your past doesn’t define you, but it did make you who you are. You don’t have to live in it, but at least fucking acknowledge what happened. What brought you here. What gave you those scars, and what gave you those laugh lines. You can acknowledge your past and who you use to be, without becoming that person all over again. You are better then that now.

Aquarius: Coming home is not a defeat. You did something most people only dream of. Sometimes all you can do is grab on to plan B and make it work. Doesn’t mean that you are a failure because plan A failed. You tried your absolute hardest. You still won. So come back. Enjoy the sanctuary while we have it.

Pisces: If you’re going to cut people out, you can’t just be uncommitted. You can’t decide one minute you’re done only to open up the door the next. Make up your mind and stick to it. Bar the doors. Throw out the vodka. Turn off your phone. Wait this out. Take however long you need to break their spell over you.

—  This Weeks Horoscope
little reputation things™
  • *ahem*
  • i i i i  see how this is gon go
  • “but if i’m a thief then he can join the heist”
  • baby let the games begin! let the games begin! ahAH AHHHHHHHH
  • ahHHH and ya heard about me”
  • ed sheeran rapping on a taylor swift song
  • “i swear i don’t love the drama IT LOVES ME”
  • ed in the background of the last chorus: “be yoUR A TEAM NOW”
  • the string plucky things in the beginning of i did something bad
  • “if a man talks shit then i owe him nothing”
  • “and i’d do it over and over and over again if iiiii could”
  • “they’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one”
  • taylor apparently wanting to be set on fire
  • ((agreed))
  • the harmonies on this album filling my entire soul
  • “oHHH LORD SAVE ME MY DRUG IS MY BABY I’LL BE USING FOR THE REST OF MY LIIIIIIIIFE” aka the only prayer i’ll ever say again
  • i get so high OH… trip of my life OH
  • the way she sings “using for the rest of my life oHH OH OH OHHH” after the bridge damn son
  • “my reputation’s never been worse so he must like me for me”
  • taylor finally discovering alcohol
  • the way she says “coz i know that it’s delicate” so…. delicately
  • how delicate feels like a rain shower in a desert
  • :) i :) don’t :) like :) your :) little :) games :)
  • OH look what you made me do
  • “i don’t like your kingdom keys, they once belonged to me”
  • “i’m sorry the old taylor can’t come to the phone right now. why? oh! BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD” is singlehandedly the most iconic thing i have ever and will ever hear.
  • so it goes being chill and then the chORUS AND ALL THE PIECES FALL!!! RIGHT INTO PLACE!!!
  • ;) scratches ;) down ;) your ;) back ;) now ;)
  • o n e  t w o  t h r e e
  • how getaway car is the only song i ever want to hear ever again
  • think about the place where you first met me
  • “there were sirens in the beat of your heart”
  • the way she says getaway
  • the chorus of this song feeling like driving down a highway with the windows rolled down in the middle of the night
  • GO! GO! GO!
  • being part of a heist, leaving money in a bag in a shady motel, stealing keys and getting tf out in her getaway car. zoom zoom bitch.
  • “all the boys in their expensive cars, the range rovers and jaguars never took me quite where you do” calvin harris WHOM
  • the drums in king of my heart are more important than my need to breathe
  • “your love is a secret i’m hoping, dreaming, dying to keep”
  • ~up on the roof with a school girl crussshhhh drinking beer outta plastic cupsssss~
  • i’ll never let you goOOO
  • but we were dancing BASS DROP dancing with our hANDS TIED, HANDS TIED
  • “oh baby can we dance, through an avalanche?”
  • “swaying as the room burnt down, i’d hold you as the water rushes in” …. “so i punched a hole in the roof, let the flood carry away all my pictures” ….. h e c k
  • how dress is literally an orgasm turned into a song and i’m… into it
  • take it oH OH OH OH OFFFF
  • “carve your name into my bedpost”
  • “but if i get burnt at least we were electrified”
  • wildest dreams who???
  • “and i woke up just in time, now i wake up by your side”
  • say my name and everything just stops -EVERYTHING STOPS-
  • ra’lin’ the chandilier
  • AWaaaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAAY
  • “and therein lies the issue, friends don’t try to trick you, get you on the phone and mind twist you”
  • the sound of shots being fired from every possible angle
  • if only you weren’t…. so shadyyyyy :)
  • they don’t care about the HE SAID SHE SAID
  • the way she says “and here’s to my baaabyyy
  • the organ?? piano???? during “and hereeee’s to youuu…” oh my god
  • her voice at the end when she just says “nice things” 
  • her world crumbling around her and that’s just fine?? because of joe???? i wasn’t ready 
  • “loves me like i’m brand new”
  • “all my flowers grew back as thorns” …. “all the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst” again…. clean WHOM
  • i’m laughing with my lover makin forts under covers trust him like a brother yeah you know i did one thing right
  • not because he owns me but cos he really knows me. which is more than they can say.
  • “you don’t need to save me, but would you run away with me?” “yes.” :’)
  • call it what you want is the lightest, softest pink sunrise seen from the window of a peaceful airplane in the early morning of a good day
  • how we went from pop anthems to??? i’m bawling in a sea of tissues on my bedroom floor at two in the morning and new year’s day is the most beautiful song i’ve ever heard??? 
  • it’s just a guitar and a piano and she’s harmonizing with herself
  • “don’t read the last page, but i stay”
  • “i want your midnights, and i’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on new year’s day”
  • “i can tell that it’s gonna be a long road” as in she knows that even if it’ll be a long road they’ll always be together don’t TOUCH me
  • hold on to the memories, they will hold onto you
  • hold on to the memories, they will hold onto you
  • hold on to the memories, they will hold onto you
  • and i will hold onto you
  • “please don’t ever become a stranger whose laugh i could recognize anywhere”
  • oh cool my heart’s shattered into a million pieces this is fine thanks
  • how there’s ten seconds of silence at the end of new year’s day because you bet your ass i need recovery time before the album starts over again and i gotta get back to boppin’
  • ((they were not ready for it))

Who’s looking forward to Hauntswitch?

Just a reminder that dating in the LGBTQ community is pretty tough. If you feel discouraged, you aren’t alone. I’m 23, and my longest relationship has been 3 months (with a girl) in high school. So often I get my hopes up high, just to have them plummeted back down. It’s been really taxing to seek something serious and time and time again feel let down. I know that there are a million cliches about being young and finding your soulmate, but I’m lonely. Really lonely. It can happen to anyone, and sometimes you might not even be able to tell and it sucks. It feels like I’m a Sim, and all my bars are full except for a close connection with someone. It feels a bit unrealistic as I’ve scanned through a majority of the gay community in my area over the years. I just hope there is a day soon when my loneliness will ease up a bit. In contrast to all of this, I am so thankful to have all of my internet friends to motivate and encourage me. Please know that I’m here for you as well. Thanks for letting me vent. Feel free to vent in my inbox. Much love. Be kind.

Odin, his wife and his children: A Theory.

[Thor: Ragnarok spoilers within]

I’ve seen some posts about how Loki and Hela look alike and people are all “Sorry Thor, who was adopted again?” and I get that it’s tongue in cheek but still, it got me itching to make this post.

Basically - I feel like we can all assume Hela was pre-Frigga, right?? She sure as hell ain’t Frigga’s.

Odin loved Frigga, she was so precious to him and she was so good, there’s just no way she’d have sat back and let Odin take their kid off to cruelly conquer all those realms as described by Hela.

So we can surely only assume that he was happily pillaging realms with his daughter at his side right up until the moment he laid eyes on beautiful, compassionate Frigga. And. You know. He’s just getting a bit old for all of this, isn’t he? He’d like to settle down with the love of a good woman.

So he pulls back a bit from the pillaging, he’s trying to woo this stunning creature who’s so kind-of-heart and caring that there’s no way she’ll accept him unless he becomes a more benevolent leader, more gentle, more a protector of realms than a destroyer of realms, and he finds that he totally cool with that. It’s doable.

Only his kid’s like “Oh, Hel no.”

All thirsty for blood and battle and victory, just as he raised her. But she doesn’t fit his aesthetic now that he’s trying to be A Good King TM.

So he puts his kid in a box and starts again. Slate wiped. Together Odin and his new wife have a golden-haired boy, takes after his mum. Odin’s going to do it right this time, he’s going to raise this boy up good and strong and kind.

Except he can’t quite forget his first born, who he did love despite her failure to fall inline with his changing idealogy, and so when he finds that little baby on Jotunheim, helpless and alone, and decides to extend his newfound kindness to him…

Well. Maybe it’s no real coincidence that the glamour he gave him looks just a little bit like his firstborn.

anonymous asked:

What are you fav fics? I've been meaning to try some new ones lately.

haha i’ve actually been meaning to make a post of fic recs since i haven’t in a while so … yeah here are some i’ve enjoyed a lot in the past couple months. (i hope you like klance because that’s like 99.99% of what i read haha oops.) 

i’ll be waiting right here by queenfrog

aka keith and lance accidentally get married in space vegas asdfksjdj. it’s very funny but also super adorable. 

F E E L by redhouseboys

a short klance emotional hurt/comfort piece inspired by the keith vlog. really beautifully written, super emotional & cathartic like … i literally thought about it for days after i read it. 

(Possibly Better) Alternatives to Parades by heckalotta

team voltron goes to a formal ball and there’s a misunderstanding with the aliens there & they think keith and lance are dating and they have to just go along with it ehehheh. listen the humor in this fic is gold, it’s like laugh-out-loud funny, but it’s also super cute & romantic and i love fake dating so yeah wow it’s great. 

we’re intimate acquaintances (tangled up again) by NotRover

a klance soulmate au where, when you meet your soulmate you get stuck in a time loop until you figure out who it is. so yeah basically it’s a klance “groundhog day” au and it’s perfect. 

calling me to come back by aknightley

uhh it’s a magic/witch au need i say more?? but yeah holy heck this fic! the world-building is so intricate and it all just feels very natural even with all the magic … and the klance development is just so sweet and emotional. it’s just so beautiful i’m still weeping. 

bring him home by 221bdisneystreet

keith gets possessed and lance has to snap him out of it. HOO BOY!!! it’s short but really packs a punch. it’s …. really emotional wrow. 

If I Ever Let You Down, Forgive Me by Katsudonace

ok i haven’t read all of this yet only like … a third of it cuz i’m a slow af reader but!! it’s a klance “legend of korra” au where klance is essentially wuko (that is, keith is a bodyguard for lance, who’s a prince) so yeah it’s everything i’ve ever wanted in life. it’s really fantastic and super detailed and such a perfectly-executed au from what i’ve read!

also if you want more recs i have a fic recs tag! and i’ve been meaning to make some kinda masterpost/google doc or something to compile all my recs cuz i have … a lot. so hopefully i’ll get around to doing that soon! 

denbroughbill  asked:

give us some soft domestic reddie man

when richie blinks awake, the bedroom is all soft and honey-colored. squinting against the light, richie frowns at the empty space beside him. the sheets are still warm from eddie’s body, and now that it’s morning, everything is a lot easier to make out.

there’s the paneled wood walls, a big square window across from the bed— curtains turned blush pink by the sun— and then there’s a few pictures hanging up beside the door leading out into the hall. mostly dumb pictures of their friends, one of him and eddie at prom that richie put up there during the summer after graduating. it’s just a wall of little moments, little snap shots that are all washed out in richie’s memories this early in the morning.

richie sighs, shutting his eyes again.

he has no clue at all what time it is, but it seems way too early and everything seems way too bright, the muffled clinking noise of pots and pans floating up from the kitchen. richie grins a bit at that, his eyes still closed. there’s eddie’s voice and his own laughter, a muffled sound, and richie wonders when eddie became such a big part of his life— not just the planet he orbits around, but the moon he comes home to.

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“You were the one time I let love weaken me, and I want you around as a constant reminder to never make that mistake again.”

“Remember how you accused me of being a slave to my emotions? No more. I’ve banished those feelings. And look how I have risen… But at what cost?”

anabellerosenai  asked:

Hello, could you write this for a Drarry drabble? Soulmate AU where you experience unfathomable, collapse, sob and heave, pain when your soulmate is about to die. Draco Malfoy has experienced this pain at least 3 times and keeps a journal for it. He has felt this pain the day after the dark lord was vanquished, (maybe near-death from abusive/neglectant relatives?), when Quirrel burnt to death, basilisk biting Harry, etc. Bonus if Draco loves his soulmate and worries every pain may be The Death.

((the infamous carrot prompt was easier than this…oh my god… here take it.  I give up. I’m so sorry if this isn’t what you were hoping.))

Entry 1- 1988
I don’t remember the first time so I can’t write it down. Mother and Father told me I was a baby and I got hurt and they didn’t know why. They took me to St. Mungo’s and a healer said I was fine.  My soulmate died. That is why I hurt so bad.  I thought I was going to die yesterday.  I am alive still. The healer said maybe my soulmate got recreated and bad luck made my soulmate die again so soon.  The healers want me to write it down.  Maybe if it ever happens again I can write that too.  They don’t think it will happen. I hope I can see them if they get recreated again.

Entry 2- 1992
Mother had the healer come see me at Hogwarts so I didn’t have to leave school.  She called it an “episode.” I had another “episode” she said.  It doesn’t sound as bad as it was.  I don’t remember it hurting so bad last time.  Last time I didn’t cry.  I think I cried because I was sad.  Not just because my chest hurt.  I couldn’t breathe for a minute.  I’m supposed to write down what it felt like.  It felt like when you smash your finger in a door but not just on your finger. On your whole body.  

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