and get all up in everyone else's business with them

I got tired. 
All this time you always chose someone else over me. You always came close and then just leave like I don’t mean shit to you. 
I get my hopes up that things will settle and then you just ignore me or pretend like I don’t exist. I try and give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re busy or something, but then I realize that you speak to everyone else normally and you notice them, just not me.
All I wanted was the love I gave to be reciprocated, but the fact that I’m never good enough for you was always in the back of my mind. This made me insecure and automatically I think of the worst case scenario, and most of the time my intuition is correct.
This is where I have to draw the line. 
I don’t want to let go because I’ve always felt that we had a special connection that will be close to impossible to find anywhere else. 
But I can’t keep playing these games, I need to be showed that I’m cared for too, this can’t be a one-sided thing. No matter how many times I’ve tried and show you just how much you mean to me, you always push me away.
I really wish things were different because I think we would’ve been great, but I can’t force you to feel what I feel for you.
—  I have to take care of myself too
Some good news for a change?

I have some good news people might want to hear;
I work a cookie place that delivers, and we’ve been really busy BC we’re on a college campus and its out finals week.

Unfortunately, I had a family emergency and needed all five of my full shifts this week covered.
(If we can’t get them covered, we’re fired basically. We are super understaffed and don’t have anyone who can just come in. Everyone is scheduled always.)

But! My already stressed, under staffed, overworked team (we had someone no show quit too) stepped up so that everyone was at 40 hours basically so that I could go home, AND not get in trouble.
And someone else contacted everyone and got it figured out for me so that I could just focus on going home and being with mg family.

I am so thankful for these people, it was really amazing.

Another Ride - Chapter 13: Yes

Omg! I just realized I forgot to post this this morning! The title is a total spoiler, but you won’t realize it until the end. ;)

Chapter 12 - Quick reminder: Chapter 12 ended with them at Sharna’s place after going out for dinner, then falling asleep on her couch. They woke up and James went home to change then was going back to pick up Sharna. They decided they weren’t going to keep their relationship a secret anymore. Time check: This is the week 3 live show. 

They were late and everyone else was already too busy getting ready for live show day to notice them arriving together. Sharna felt a bit of relief, though she wasn’t entirely sure why. She had told James just last night that she didn’t care anymore if everyone knew. And she meant it, though she was a little nervous about everyone making a big deal of it all because she didn’t want it to scare James.

“I’m a big boy,” James said when Sharna brought this up during their drive. “I can handle them. I promise. Besides, it’s not going to come as a surprise to anyone. I’m sure it’ll be totally anticlimactic.”

“Well, that’s a little disappointing.”

“You’re complicated.”

Sharna laughed. “I just meant that I’m excited about this. And I want them to be excited, too.”

“Then how about I just grab you and we start making out in the middle of the floor? Will that be exciting enough?”

“Yeah, that’s what I meant,” Sharna joked sarcastically.

They found several couples already out on the floor when they arrived. Some were just watching the dress rehearsals or hanging out. Others were waiting their turn to dance or waiting on their partners who were busy elsewhere.

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For Science (John Laurens/Reader)

short n shit, just like me

Prompt: “Anything for Science”

Length: 336 words

Warnings: None

Note: shortshortshort i’m sorry! thanks for all the requests that have been sent in! I’ll try and get round to them quickly :)

“Hey, Y/N?”

“Hmm?” You barely looked up from your book to respond, instead turning a page. John sat on the sofa the other side of the room, the pair of you sitting in a comfortable silence.

“It’s your birthday soon, right?”

You nodded. Your birthday was in a week, to be exact. This year, you’d tried not to make too much of a big deal out of it, as you knew everyone else was busy with school, work and other things. “Why?”

“What do you want? For you birthday?” asked John. You set down your book, shaking your head lightly at him.

“Nothing, John. Thank you.”

John looked at you as though you were stupid. “But you have to tell me!” As you opened your mouth to list several reasons as to why you didn’t, John stood up, gesticulating wildly with his arms. “You do! Y/N, do it for- for science!”

“For science?” You repeated, stifling a giggle. John stared at you for a moment, thinking back over what he just said.

“Yes,” he said. “For science. Now, what do you want for your birthday?”

“John, you honestly don’t have to get me anything.” He pouted, making his way over to you and kneeling in front of the armchair. You laughed at him. “I’m serious.”

“But I’d be a bad boyfriend if I didn’t,” he said. You leant down and kissed him on the forehead.

“You could never be a bad boyfriend,” you promised him. John didn’t look convinced. At the sight of his saddened face, you sighed. “But… Anything for science.” John’s entire face lit up and he sat up slightly, eagerly leaning towards you.

“So? What do you want?”

You laughed, thinking about it for a moment. “Well, there is one thing I’d really like.” John positioned himself with his chin on where your legs crossed. “Could you— Could you show me your drawings?”

John smiled. “Anything for science,” he said, closing his eyes briefly as your lips touched his forehead again.


Just picture Blue and Red being the biggest Klance shippers in the universe. They plot and scheme trying to get their paladins together, with increasingly bizarre plans. Like tricking them into racing each other then stranding them on some random, very romantic beach planet. They hide in the bushes waiting for something to happen. Before it can everyone else turns up to rescue them. Red and Blue curse.

Then they try keeping open lines of communication at all times hoping something will slip. It does, but the other doesn’t hear it, too busy trying not to die. Red and Blue curse.

They try forcing them on top of each other, expecting hormones to do something. Keith and Lance just run away from each other, blushing bright red.

Finally Blue and Red recruit outside help. Pidge. Who gets everyone else involved. When Keith and Lance finally get their heads out of their asses they are so confused by the shipping.

Blue and Red never tell their paladins who instigated their relationship. But they know and are smug as hell about it.

anonymous asked:

So, we have everyone betraying everyone? Gavin is being forced by the FBI, Ryan by some past enemy, Geoff is being blackmailed, Jack is hiding her past, Michael doesn't want them getting involved in his family business and Jeremy's helping out a couple friends who are supposedly from another crew. And when all hope seems lost, Jack tells the truth and that encourages everyone else to just unload with each other and help fight for each other and ends up making them closer as a family.

omg what a fucking mess they all are hahaha. i don’t even remember how this whole conversation even started. but yes. happy endings for all

Holy shit I can’t believe I have to say this but stop going into stores and throwing fake tantrums or causing a scene as a prank because all you’re doing is probably stressing out the employees and holding everyone else up.
Let me explain something to you:
Retail workers are already treated as subhuman. By stopping everything in order to play your prank, thus preventing them from doing their job, you are saying you do not value their work or their time. You are preventing them from helping people who are actually there to go about their business.
You know what this leads to? Complaints. And that leads to the employee getting in trouble for YOUR bullshit.
I’m mostly posting this because I saw that video of the “Misery” prank in Barnes and Noble. The poor employees were so confused and perplexed while this woman made a scene as a part of her prank. All I could do was cringe as she screamed at the employee trying to help.
Shit like this isn’t fucking funny. Play your pranks on your friends, not at someone’s place of work.


Ship from: @ella-mclin​

Hey! I`d ship you with Hayes or Matthew, i think either one would make a rather cute couple with you. Sorry to everyone else, ships are closed. I have so many its going to take me forever to get them all done.

Matthew was still sleeping peacefully in bed and you decided you’d make him breakfast. Every time you use to try he’d come down and it always ended in a mess. You were minding your business at the stove hoping he wouldn’t wake up before you could finish the pancakes. But it was apparently an empty home because strong arms wrapped around your torso.

“Mornin cutie” he breathed in your ear. His breath tickled your ear and you let out a small giggle. You turned around to meet his eyes staring at yours. Your eyes averted to the side to where the whipped cream was, but shifted back quickly.  it wasn’t quick enough because Matthew saw what you looked at and a small smirk playing on his lips.

“Matty don’t you dare” but your threat was empty as his hands reached for the container.

“You have a little something here,” he says as he puts a little bit of whip cream on your nose. You send him a glare as you reach for the syrup; just like the countless times before you planned on winning.

LGBTQ+ Apocalypse???

People need to stop telling Rose and Rosie to ‘stay strong’. They are married. However, if they do split up its none of anyone’s business but their own. The same goes for Cammie, Shannon, Stevie and Ally. These people are real human beings. Stop telling them to ‘end the prank’ and don’t burden them with how the break up is affecting you. Break ups are hard enough but they are harder if everyone else wants to know the ins and outs of what happened. Its not the fans’ business. I get that May has been a sucky month for the LGBTQ+ community. But these people, famous YouTubers or not, are only human. Leave them alone so they can heal and don’t bother their friends either, they’ll be spending time being there for the people in question rather than gossiping about them on social media. Y’all need to chill the fuck out. I’m sad about it too. But these peoples’ lives are not a TV show. Its not written by a board of writers. It is not fiction that we can be so angry about that its changed. They are real people that deserve respect and privacy. So lets be the best fans we can be and give it to them. 


  • Marx tells everyone it’s not demons or ghosts and there’s nothing paranormal about this game but is low-key scared shitless
  • Ryouma holds a bunch of rosaries and other religious items from religions he’s not even a part of and screams whenever the pencils move even an inch
  • Camilla gets all up in the ghost’s business asking it a bunch of personal shit and when the pencils actually start to move she puts a circle of salt around it
  • Hinoka yells at everybody that this was a bad idea and they’re all gonna die and Mikoto didn’t die for this
  • Leon blows on the pencils to make them move and laughs when everyone runs
  • Takumi is the first to run
  • Elise is in cahoots with Leon so she starts out asking normal things while everyone else around her screams “YOU’RE TOO YOUNG TO DIE” and then pretends to be possessed
  • Sakura goes back to the site they played the game and exorcises it while yelling at everyone
Don't split the party!!

Context: So i just recently came back home and joined in on the Pathfinder campaign my friends are playing. We have a Tengu, and Aasimar, two humans, a gem(think Steven Universe), and a Sylph(myself). We just arrived in a mountain town, and the Tengu’s looking for jobs to make a crown. My Sylph is looking for anyone that can lead her to learning about plane hopping. We both wind up at the mining guild foreman’s door for totally different reasons, but we both agree to go out and help with finding out why all the workers have abandoned a section of the tunnels. We grab one of the humans because everyone else was busy with their own things. We’re down at the abandoned section of tunnels and are getting ruthlessly attacked by skeletal creatures. The human’s paralyzed, and there’s two creatures remaining. One of them takes me down, and our tengu has enough action through class BSery to both kill one creature and heal me.

me OOC: Can I act as soon as I’m healed? I go after the tengu.

DM: Sure, what do you want to do?

me: I stand up to shout curses in Auran at the skeletal creature, then shoot 3 scorching rays.

DM: I think that’s gonna be overkill. *Does calculations in head* Yeah there’s no way you can roll low enough to not kill this thing!

me OOC: can I roll damage anyways?

DM: Yeah, sure go for it man.

me counting a roll of 12d6: 10, 20, 30, 40, 6, 46 damage to this already almost dead skeleton thing!

Tengu: Dude why couldn’t you have shot that sooner!

A few wild predictions for Killian over the next couple of eps based on thin air, potential plot holes, and some spoiler pics…

• Killian finds Henry’s book and helps everyone else with their unfinished business and allows them to move on. 

• He gives away his ring to the guy he took it from as part of said guy’s unfinished business. 

• Killian is able to reverse the river of lost souls and free those put there nefariously (*coughMilahcough*).

• Milah helps Killian get back to Emma the way she helped Emma find Killian (via the River of Lost Souls which is now just a river connecting realms?). Milah and Killian get their own closure. 


• Killian meets up with someone All Powerful who hands him the magical compass he and Emma found together on their first adventure (because it is a magical item that disappeared after Emma and Snow used it to get back to Storybrooke and I’m betting it landed in the UW), and he uses it to get back to Emma in Storybrooke. (All CS stuff goes back to Tallahassee.)