and gentle

gentle reminder

please try your best to remember that making decisions may be hard, but it’s not impossible or a thing you cannot do; try to keep your mind calm, and listen to what your heart says, and please try to not force yourself into making a decision - it’s okay to take your time, you’re all good and you’ll be able to do it, i believe in you

Gentle love in green

The truth.. is that I love you.
Truth is, good moments are green.
Bad ones were always pink and frilled,
I trip I fall
Over my words.
Nothing I could say.

Truth is, I am in love with you.
I haven’t said it but I do.
Patience is what I must obtain
Scared to say what I have for you
Don’t always say you need me
Tell me you want me

I trip over daisys
Give them to you when you wake up
I always land on green knees searching for you
You always fall asleep before saying goodnight

Truth is, I make music for us to dance to
I won’t say it but i have a certain gentleness
Here for you
And won’t leave
I am in love with you
are you in love with me ?

Truth is, I saw when you were made.
A barrier was created to separate
But i envision when I saw you underwater far away
My sweetheart that was created just for me.
I fought to break through
I will find you

I feel every one of your intricacies
I can feel your hair moving through my fingers when you speak to me.
No one makes me as nervous as you do.
When I can’t speak it’s because of your smile
It’s because your words sound like they are ours
And I haven’t felt this good except when we were underwater
So it’s been a while

You have my heart it’s submerged
Right from the start I was yours.
You wore a striped shirt with a snag in it
You were speaking but I couldn’t listen
You have my heart.
My lightness and my darkness
you are the one that I need

I am someone you cannot see but you are what I’ve always seen.
And if that’s your favorite color than you have to
Let it be

I am in love with you.

are you in love with me?

Dearest Wanderers, 

Today is Gentle Encouragement Monday. Our askbox is open for you to request some gentle encouragement for whatever you may feel nervous about. Asks from accounts that are not anonymous will receive private responses unless given permission to publish publicly. 

Wherever you are, whatever you’re going through, may you always find your way. 

Love (Pevensies & Caspian Headcanon)

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Peter believes in the kind of love that starts with a spark. I mean, yeah, he can be a pretty impulsive guy but he does have some sense in him. So when he sees someone, he’d find them intriguing. Maybe it’s something they do. Maybe it’s the way they look. Either way, he knows that there’s something about them worth knowing. 


When it comes to love, Susan is taken by surprise. She’s heard of what it’s like to be in love: butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, racing heart, eye contact like you’re the only two people in the world. She knows what it’s like but she doesn’t know when it’ll happen. That’s why when she falls in love, it will be slow but all at once. 


Edmund will fall in love with his best friend. Considering he’s pretty closed off to most people, he’ll fall in love with someone that he already knows well and appreciates. 


Lucy is a believer in love at first sight. But that doesn’t mean she falls for every attractive guy she sees. She has faith that one day, she’ll be led to the right person. When that happens, she’ll know it and feel it as well. 


Caspian believes in love, but he is unsure if it’ll happen to him. He knows it is his duty for him to marry and that love is not even a factor in it. But when he does fall in love, he’s not going to let it go anytime soon. 

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me: yeah idk i dont really care for romance-centric movies, they tend to be boring and unrelatable

The Shape of Water (2017) by Guillermo del Toro: has sexey fishman, who looks like a cross between abe sapien and thane from mass effect. also protagonist is mute lady who teaches fishman asl and they fall in love and escape from a tropey research facility? doug jones plays fishman ?