and gentle

body worship tho,, body worship,,,.,,, body worship….

both sides of it, sans like ‘my bro is so cute and amazing wth?? he’s still made of cinnamon and sunshine how is he like this’ pap basking in the praise but also really flustered at the same time bc it’s so genuine?? and pap w/ the purest praise ever, w/ that cinnamon and sunshine that gets sans every time?? just these little offhand remarks that he doesn’t know how to deal with like he’ll call pap cute and stuff when he’s feeling it but when pap does it he’s like wwwwhoa and flustered af and pap basks in that too

and just gentle touches and kisses and taking their precious time and even when they’re bein rough there’s still this level of gentleness bc they don’t really want to hurt each other, and whispered praise against each other’s bones and i ju s t,,, ,

Trying to fancast Damen and I found it to be MUCH harder than Laurent, which was weird until i realized that, other than a very square jaw, i don’t really picture his face when i think about him. Instead I picture a wall of muscle covered with lightly scared skin that towers (but doesn’t loom) over even me, thick but lean, and a really big dick. And that’s really it. Muscles. Height. Dick. 

I blame Laurent.

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Hopefully you won't bite my head off over my question. Hino clearly loves all of her characters including Kaname. Don't you believe that she wanted people to empathize with him? She just didn't know how to tell his story in a way that helped people understand him. Also she clearly named him a name that means that he is a pivotal character to the story if not the most pivotal character that drove the story. Don't you think? I have not figured out the reason for Zero having his name though.

Geez, it didn’t take long for you to follow me here.

Firstly, I want to point out that I actually just answered an ask five minutes ago on my main blog saying that Hino has a thing for the trio. I have never denied that, and I’ve never said she loved one character more than the other, I’ve merely expressed that she makes it clear which pairing she prefers, and it’s the one she’s often compared to the light, the one she even had Kaname admit should have been together all along.

And you know what? I actually think she wrote his past extremely well, especially with drawing links to Zero. I mean I actually didn’t hate him in it. In fact, it actually helped me sympathise with him. I even shipped him with the Hooded Woman and loved the comparisons she made between them and Zeki. Past Kaname really doesn’t piss me off the way his modern incarnation does. Maybe because at the end of the day Kaname had given up on living after losing the woman he loved and turned into the very thing he was supposed to despise: an arrogant pureblood asshole.

And while Hino may have loved Kaname, she certainly didn’t condone his actions. She called him an arrogant pureblood, made Sara comment on how far he had fallen, and stated how he’d embraced such a pathetic and pitiful fate.

Essentially no light could touch that impenetrable heart. He was lost.

Regardless of his past, regardless of how he used to be a good person, she still made him burn for his crimes. She didn’t try to excuse them. And she made it clear through Zero that his actions would plant a ‘seed of sorrow’ in Yuuki’s heart, which could also not be forgiven.

She may have loved him but she still had him punished.

As for his name yes, Kaname, as it is spelt, specifically with the kanji, refers to ‘hinged door’.

You may be confusing it to its female counterpart, which I can assure you, means pivotal point, however the kanji used does not match up. His name is defined as ‘hinged door’.

And while I’m on it I actually think he is the most insignificant out of all three of them, as you could happily remove him and the story would still make sense.

Also, he can’t be more ‘pivotal’, then Zero, who is, literally, the title character and the main hero of the story.

But yes, I see quite clearly the importance of his name meaning. We actually see when Kaname holds Yuuki for the first time as a child tightly in his arms, that his oath to protect her lead him straight into darkness. The door slammed shut on him which symbolised the very moment he decided to live out his life in darkness, and therefore his decisions which he made to protect Yuuki lead both her and himself into darkness. However, after he has redeemed himself he is seen staring at an open door, implying that after his punishment he was finally able to find the light again, the light he once had when he was with the Hooded Woman.

Therefore his name represents how one can live behind a closed door and 'become accustomed to darkness’, or open that door and see the light and the opportunities in front of them.

As for the reason Hino chose the name Zero it is simply because, as she said in earlier volumes, she wanted him to stand out a part from Kaname. She wanted something tough and edgy so he wouldn’t be in Kaname’s shadow, but rather his equal. I think the name is rather fitting. I also love how in Japanese Zero is actually Rei, which is also considered to be a name meaning royalty, but instead of calling him simply 'Rei’ she opted for the English word 'Zero’, almost as if to show his defiance to the 'royalty’ that is the 'purebloods’, as he is his own man with no master, but himself.

“When we rescued our turkeys, Peyton Manning was the smallest and the weakest. Heather was small but brave. We noticed she would often watch over Peyton and protect him. With time, healthy food and love, Peyton became big, healthy and strong and before we knew it he was the one taking care of Heather. He carefully follows her around each day making sure she is ok. If she lays down to nap he will stand next to her or lay right next to her so that he knows she is safe. He loves to show off his beautiful tail feathers for her. Peyton Manning is a very sweet and humble turkey though who just wants to love. We are so happy this sweet couple has each other and that they will be able to live out their happily ever after here at The Gentle Barn Tennessee.” 

What I really love about Lexa and Clarke is that Lexa KNOWS that she is physically stronger than Clarke but she would NEVER lay a forceful finger on her. Even when Clarke is grabbing her, pressing a knife against her throat, forcefully pushing her away and basically just aggravating her in general Lexa would never retaliate the same way because she knows that she is physically stronger than Clarke and there’s something about that fact that makes me respect Lexa so much.


All of this is temporary.
All of this, the fleeting present.

You break; you mend;
You grow back stronger.

You fill the holes
With better things.

Life is always looking
For new ways to thrive

And so too, are you,
Pushing through the ache

Like a Bo tree* growing
From a crack in a wall.


Bo Tree (Sinhalese): Also known as ‘Bodhi’ trees (Sanskrit) - the species under which The Buddha attained enlightenment. In Lanka it’s common to see Bo saplings growing out of buildings and buggering up their structural stability. Still, I’ve always loved them for their history, and their resilience. [Side note: Lanka is home to The Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi - planted in 249 BC, and grown from one of the branches from the original sacred Bo tree, it is considered the oldest living human-planted tree in the world.]

Kintsugi: The Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. As a philosophy it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.

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hello, can you elaborate a little on why you love Liza so much? I'm quite curious

i’ll admit i’ve been waiting for this question. She’s not very likable, especially in 1933. At first I was really surprised when I realized how much she’d grown on me, though after long hours of contemplation I kind of figured it out. 

tl;dr problematic fav is actually just as tiny as she looks, her dad is really shitty, please cut her a break

The first thing that drew my attention to Liza is the hive-mind factor. What a cool concept what a cool way to build an information network what a terrible thing to do to who knows how many unknowing people across America. And Huey being Huey, he decides to make his 2 minute old daughter a vessel just to see what would happen. Liza grew up as Hilton, exposed to all the horrors of the world in over 1000 different ways before she can even stand up. All that, and Huey is her god. It’s surprisingly similar to Chane, having been raised to kill and die for him but only now beginning to see the world outside of him. Liza’s attitude/superiority complex comes from being coddled by her Dad all her life because he cares about her in any way at all and having never faced real danger up close before, which culminates into believing herself to be untouchable. Ladd crushes that with a vengeance, and after Firo saves her, Liza basically has to reconsider everything she’s ever known. For somebody with maybe 5000 people sharing her consciousness, the world just got a whole lot wider and a whole lot scarier. So now in 1935, she’s picking up the pieces and trying to refind who she is. (i’d keep going about her character development and stuff but this would only get longer, but this is why her dynamic with Chane is so neat to me.)

Liza has done a lot of really shitty things. Definitely problematic-fav territory. But she’s also all but controlled by Huey and can’t be over 14 years old. She’s just this really smol girl in a pretty dress, who’s actually quite cute once you get past the whole serial-killer-with-no-clue-of-what-morality-is part.

When they are deployed, we always second guess ourselves and the decisions we make. Just be gentle with yourself and do the best you can.