and geno is a teacher

Quick crappy sketch sorry for the bad quality. Again it’s crunch time so I don’t have time to spend on fan art for a little bit but I just felt like scribbling this idea out.

School AU- Saitama is a perpetually late and laid-back teacher, and Genos is the super-driven ace student who has a huge crush on him. Specifically, there’s this trope in anime/manga where a late character uses the famed shortcut hole through a wall on the way to school. Guess who finds Saitama-sensei on his 2nd day in a row being late? “Hey wait, I’d recognize that butt anywhere!” XD I really just wanted to draw Saitama in an embarrassing situation. Okay I need to go. SHAME.

Finally had a chance to ink up my rocker-hair!Saitama piece and I’m excited :y

Genos, calm your happy fingers, he’s just having fun. Poor bby just wants to spoil his teacher so bad, it literally hurts.

Saitama & Genos © ONE & Yusuke Murata.

Line art © anjelzjelly129

genos prompt and a bunch of everyday life aus
  •  college au where saitama somehow managed to finish his studies in record time, he’s great at the course he teaches and sucks at everything else (i refuse not making him a teacher cause sensei) and genos is That One Guy with perfect attendance and perfect marks and no chill at all
  • anyway sai walks down the hallway at like fuck in the morning and runs into some blonde dude gathering like three monster energies, four instant coffees and a red bull, pouring them all into a bucket and downing the entire thing in a go. the guy proceeds to get up and then immediately fall over flat on his face and saitama is just like. dude u ok
  • not even a month later the guy has practically moved into his office and everyone’s chill when they start dating; it was bound to happen no one’s even surprised

  • musician au (everyone is in a metal band don’t even try to convince me otherwise) where everyone refuses to believe saitama isn’t autotuned or sth  and he just doesn’t care ,and genos plays like 2876847153 different instruments, has went to some high class musical university and can’t keep himself from approaching the guy with absolute pitch after he hears him sing by chance, asking him to teach him, and saitama just lets him
  • some time later saitama realizes how much he loves the company, the way he’s so relaxed when they’re together and how much the concerts and the occasions seem less and less like a chore (and also, genos is fucking gorgeous what the hell)
  • ..what saitama doesn’t love is that there are fangirls following him everywhere now because of genos’ popularity. he used to think he wants more fans but he’s just 100% done
  • the rumor come out: does demon cyborg is gay
    (’yes. we are indeed dating’, he answers in one interview. the music star still hasn’t given us a proper answer, says the press)

  • living in the same apartment building au
  • “you two fuckcking mental cases don’t even know each other but you keep blasting absolutely terrible metal at loud volumes, at the same time, from completely different parts of the building, what the actual fuck, tone it down and also, go get married or something gdi”, say the neighbors angrily, knocking at both their doors
  • genos listens to symphonic metal, bands like nightwish and epica, with strong voices and distinctive melody ,and saitama likes the trashiest possible bands that are like. *long, complicated guitar riff* *singing that consists of one exponentially rising, screaming note* you know the ones. when they meet they start listening to a combination of both
  • they move in together and it’s a mess
Fic: Come Home Soon

Title: Come Home Soon
Fandom: One Punch Man
Pairing: Saitama/Genos
Rating: M
Contents: University professor Saitama and student Genos, teacher-student relationship, dirty talking, Engrish
Disclaimer: This work is a fan creation with no affiliation whatsoever with ONE, Murata Yusuke, etc. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended. 
Summary/excerpt: Saitama pressed his phone to his ear, one hand cupped in front of the phone’s receiver. “Genos, what the fuck! I’m in the professor’s lounge, oh my God.”
Note: This was not beta-read so apologies for the mistakes, as English is not my first language. Also this was just an attempt™ to fill this empty, dry space in my heart where my saigenos crops are dying. 

On AO3

Have you read The Father Who is Too Overprotective by @one-punch-chan yet? If not, you should. (☆▽☆) It’s very cute.Genos is an overprotective lawyer father, Saitama is a laidback  teacher who studied child psychology, and Amai Mask is in there with a daughter, and kiddies in general.

Amai Mask doesn’t actually feature much, but I like Umami (his daughter) a lot, so the prick gets a cameo in this here fanart.

Sneer all you want, Sweet Mask, you ain’t getting a piece of that egg! (ʘ言ʘ╬) In all seriousness he’s much less annoying in the fic because he doesn’t hae much reason to be an ass.


Title: The lone cyborg
Author: shorthairsonic
Rating: T
Warnings: cyborg gore
Summary: Genos has been looking for the mysterious cyborg that saved his town four years ago.

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Teacher and Student [SaiGenos Doujin]

Series: One Punch Man

Characters: SaiGenos, Saitama, Genos, Bang

More information about my translations

ワンパン師弟ちゃん by まじま

Genos: Sensei! Sensei, are you hurt?

Saitama: Oh, you too, are you alright?

S: Huh? Genos, are you hurt?

G: No… well… I used too much energy…

     Well, but it’s no big deal-

    (More importantly,) the meteorite wasn’t completely destroyed

S: Yeah well. But the Old Man has really strong legs

Bang: It’s Bang-san. Call me Bang-san.

G: But that was really amazing, Sensei! I really realized my own immaturity!

B: Don’t yell next to my ear!!

G: Sensei, soon I will… also… *drowsy*

B: Ho?

S: Oh?

B: Are we feeling sleepy~? *sways him back and forth*

S: Stop trying to put Genos to sleep like your grandchild, Old Man

G: I’m sorry, Sensei. My battery doesn’t have any…

     I’m forced into sleepmode… *slump*

B: Ah, just sleepmode, eh

S: Um, I’m sorry, Bang. He must be heavy.

B: Don’t treat me like an old man.

    However, this boy is good. Young and brave.

    He called you ‘Sensei’, are you his teacher?

S: Well, he kinda forced himself onto me.

B: Hoho. How about it? Would you like to entrust him to my dojo?

S: Nah, he is already my desciple.

    And even if you invite me too I’ll still decline [TN: I’m actually not too sure about this one but I think this is the gist.]

   Well then.

S: Man, you’re pretty heavy~

B: [literally *che*. just a sound that sorta says “How about that?”. You get the gist]


Just a little something because apparently Ep7 wasn’t amazing (and shippy) enough as is.

I’m an amateur so it’s just a rough translation to get the point across.