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I am still waiting for the Darkest Timeline mob verse. Where Sid is the endgame. His sister has already destroyed the big name bosses in the midwest, and now they are all waiting for Sid to knock out the remaining families and operations on the East Coast before making their move. Sid's mother is a patient woman, but she won't wait forever. His time in Pittsburgh is coming to a close...

Sidney has fallen in love with his husband for real at this point, and he’s clutching to an injured, nearly unconscious Geno, trying to use his body to shield as much of Geno as he can and begging hysterically for his family to spare his husband as he looks up at his mother and sister and their henchman from the ground. 

Boys day out! Genos has downloaded all sales information in gratitude for his teacher! :)

“Sensei. I know that my staying has brought you much trouble, and I greatly appreciate that you allow me to live under your roof and learn from your ways. I have learned many things since coming here, so as a token of my appreciation– ”

“Hey Genos, you don’t have to–”

“I have browsed online and compiled a database of all the sales and discounts around the area, downloaded the times they are available, and have timetabled a route allowing us to reach every single one by the end of the day.”

“So… when do we begin?”

Quick crappy sketch sorry for the bad quality. Again it’s crunch time so I don’t have time to spend on fan art for a little bit but I just felt like scribbling this idea out.

School AU- Saitama is a perpetually late and laid-back teacher, and Genos is the super-driven ace student who has a huge crush on him. Specifically, there’s this trope in anime/manga where a late character uses the famed shortcut hole through a wall on the way to school. Guess who finds Saitama-sensei on his 2nd day in a row being late? “Hey wait, I’d recognize that butt anywhere!” XD I really just wanted to draw Saitama in an embarrassing situation. Okay I need to go. SHAME.

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Actor Sid who's tired of people who fawn over him meeting Geno who stares at him weirdly on his morning jog. When Sid grumpily asks, "What?" he doesn't get the usual, OMG you're Sidney Crosby response, instead he gets in soft, accented English, "Wow, you snuggly. That right word? Snuggly?" And Sid just blushes because what the hell? Geno gestures vaguely at Sid's hoodie and says "Nice jacket" and he seems totally sincere. Geno loves how soft this man looks and has no idea who Sidney Crosby is

oh my GOD!!! Geno just calls him Snuggly as a nickname, like “Hi! Snuggly. Nice to see again. Is new jacket?” And Sidney starts to come over to Geno’s place for tea and realizes that Geno really Does Not Know who he is (”Romance movie?” Geno says sheepishly. “No. Not like to watch alone usually, so not know. I’m only know Liam Neeson. You know?”

Sidney does know. In fact, he’s pretty sure Neeson poured him champagne at one point, but that’s not important right now, when Geno is doing the old yawn and arm stretch trick during The A-Team. Sidney cuddles closer and rests his head on Geno’s shoulders, and Geno makes this happy noise that makes Sidney want to giggle.)

And let’s just say this Geno is a high school teacher who plays in a beer league. Sidney visits him during a game, waving and kissing his reddened nose aftwards saying, “Geno, that was incredible! You’re so good!!” while Geno’s teammates are like…omfg is that Sidney Crosby from ‘Love Me Tender’????? Is that not three time Oscar-winning Sidney Crosby kissing Geno all over his face??? What in the world??

Teammates: Oh my God, I’m sorry, but my wife loves your movies. Can I get an autograph?
Sidney: Oh, of course!
Geno: What movie?”
Sidney: Um–
Teammate: You know, ‘Desperate Dreams,’ ‘The Circle,’ ‘Seven Days Without You,’ those.
Geno: ……what?? I’ve never hear of those in my life.
Sidney: And he doesn’t have to! Hahahaha time to go nice seeing you!!!!!!! 

sid’s like an artist, man

so geno wants a tattoo, you know, and he’s not going to settle for anyone but the best. and the best is in halifax and his name is sidney crosby. geno exchanges a few emails with the shop and he likes what sidney (call me sid) comes up with for him so when the season is over, he makes a stop in nova scotia. 

sid’s not at all what geno expected. he looks like he should be a school teacher or something. he doesn’t even have any tattoos! taylor, who works at sid’s shop during the summer, just laughs at geno when he says that. 

‘sid’s covered. you’re just not allowed to see them.’

which of course, makes geno want to see them all the more. 

the design is perfect of course and when geno lies down on the table in sid’s room, he’s nervous and excited and kind of forgetting english. sid’s fucking gorgeous okay and even if he is wearing an extremely dorky polo shirt and a habs cap, geno wants to do dirty things to him. 

and the tattoo kind of tells sid enough about geno to know that geno’s family. and okay, geno may have looked up sidney crosby and poked around on google enough to know that sid’s gay. he also knows that’s why sid quit hockey even though he was considered the #1 prospect in the world when he was 17. 

geno doesn’t understand walking away from hockey, but he does understand hiding being gay. he’s been doing that for years. 

‘i’m surprised you didn’t want a stanley cup tattoo,’ sid says over the hum of the machine, the pain sharp and focused on the patch of skin above geno’s shoulder blade.

‘maybe that next,’ geno says when sid pauses to wipe ink off his skin. ‘this first.’

‘i can finish all of the outline in this session. you’ll have to come back for the color,’ sid says, dipping the needle in the black ink again. ‘and you can’t put pads on right after i do that. you need a least a week, more like two.’

‘i come back before season,’ geno turns his head to the other side to look at sid. 

‘i want you to think really hard about the color we talked about,’ sid says after a minute of silence between the two of them. geno can hear another tattoo machine buzzing through the wall. ‘you can’t take this back.’

 ‘won’t want to.’

sid gets back to work and geno closes his eyes against the pain. it’s sharp and insistent, a burning heat where sid touches his skin. it’s exhilarating and arousing and geno kind of loves it.

when sid is done the outline, hours later, geno’s whole body is buzzing with excitement, adrenaline spiking through his veins. sid helps him stand up and it’s so obvious that geno is hard in his sweats. sid keeps a hand on his shoulder as geno looks in a mirror at his back. 

the russian crest is perfect and huge. it covers most of his back and it’s gorgeous, stark black against his reddened skin. sid’s style is hyperrealistic but his color is always abstract and watery and delicate. geno can’t wait for that part.

‘perfect.’ geno’s voice is hoarse and sid’s hand squeezes his shoulder firmly. ‘will look great when is rainbow.’

genos prompt and a bunch of everyday life aus
  •  college au where saitama somehow managed to finish his studies in record time, he’s great at the course he teaches and sucks at everything else (i refuse not making him a teacher cause sensei) and genos is That One Guy with perfect attendance and perfect marks and no chill at all
  • anyway sai walks down the hallway at like fuck in the morning and runs into some blonde dude gathering like three monster energies, four instant coffees and a red bull, pouring them all into a bucket and downing the entire thing in a go. the guy proceeds to get up and then immediately fall over flat on his face and saitama is just like. dude u ok
  • not even a month later the guy has practically moved into his office and everyone’s chill when they start dating; it was bound to happen no one’s even surprised

  • musician au (everyone is in a metal band don’t even try to convince me otherwise) where everyone refuses to believe saitama isn’t autotuned or sth  and he just doesn’t care ,and genos plays like 2876847153 different instruments, has went to some high class musical university and can’t keep himself from approaching the guy with absolute pitch after he hears him sing by chance, asking him to teach him, and saitama just lets him
  • some time later saitama realizes how much he loves the company, the way he’s so relaxed when they’re together and how much the concerts and the occasions seem less and less like a chore (and also, genos is fucking gorgeous what the hell)
  • ..what saitama doesn’t love is that there are fangirls following him everywhere now because of genos’ popularity. he used to think he wants more fans but he’s just 100% done
  • the rumor come out: does demon cyborg is gay
    (’yes. we are indeed dating’, he answers in one interview. the music star still hasn’t given us a proper answer, says the press)

  • living in the same apartment building au
  • “you two fuckcking mental cases don’t even know each other but you keep blasting absolutely terrible metal at loud volumes, at the same time, from completely different parts of the building, what the actual fuck, tone it down and also, go get married or something gdi”, say the neighbors angrily, knocking at both their doors
  • genos listens to symphonic metal, bands like nightwish and epica, with strong voices and distinctive melody ,and saitama likes the trashiest possible bands that are like. *long, complicated guitar riff* *singing that consists of one exponentially rising, screaming note* you know the ones. when they meet they start listening to a combination of both
  • they move in together and it’s a mess

And here’s the second part!!! This one goes to @evartandadam with THIS BEAUTIFUL PICTURE. I’ve been staring at it for so LONG wondering if I’d ever be able to fit it in, and I could T~~T Please read the wonderful analysis under the pic too!!!

Here’s the first part of this guy, and the whole fic on AO3.

…There were more feels then intended @___@

And Ignite Your Bones

    Genos looked down at his deep blue robes, making the final adjustments to his obi while his teacher stood behind him doing the same. For a moment Sensei’s hands idled and wandered and slipped, and with a rustle of black silk they snaked around his belly.

    Lips pressed against Genos’ neck and he shivered. “Yes, Sensei?” he laughed, dipping his head forward.

    More kisses answered him first. “Nothin’.”

    “Nothing? All these cuddles are for nothing, then?”

    “…Is it weird?”

    “No…” He tilted his jaw to the side as an eager mouth pushed forward. “But…I’ve been getting many cuddles for nothing, lately.”

    “…I like this yukata on you.”


    Sensei hovered for a second. “I…like your belt, too.”

    “I assumed. You spent a while on it… What were you doing, Sensei?”

    “Eh…” You could hear the flush on his cheeks. “Just getting the knot right.”


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Okay but how does Avery deal with the next time that Sid gets a bruise from something normal, like tripping, or bumping into something? Does he not believe Sid because he lied about Wayne before? Does he get angry with G or just not talk to G at all? Does he pretend that everything is fine but is secretly planning on taking his dad and running away? Does G go into his room one day to find him packing everything he can fit in his Paw Patrol backpack?

:(((((((( Sidney accidentally gets whacked in the face with the cabinet by a fellow teacher when they were searching for construction paper. Avery is 12 by now, and when he sees his dad in his classroom, he was very nearly about to maul Geno–not that he doesn’t trust Geno, but…

“Oh my God, I really am sorry,” the teacher from 2B says, coming back in and handing Sidney a new icepack. “I didn’t see you, I swear, oh my God.”

“It’s okay!” Sidney says quickly. “It happens.”

Avery feels a little more relieved , then awful that he’d doubted Geno, especially when Geno comes home, sees Sidney’s face, and drops his bags to fuss over to his husband as he says, “Sidney! What the hell? You lose fight with fridge? Oh my God! Avery, we have ice at home?” 

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to all anons out there craving some sidgeno kid au's: sid is the teacher to gonchar's kids and geno is their hot 'uncle' who falls for sid. It's a short fluffy fic! But nonetheless cute as hell. /works/10547808


Speaking in Flowers

Rating: G

Pairing: Saitama/Genos

Summary: Hanahaki au

A/N: I really fucking love @ynna-anny’s hanahaki au art so I wrote this. Please check out their work

It’s a warm day out and you’re sitting at home with your teacher. He’s watching you write, fill in the lines of your notebook with carefully printed characters. His manga hooked on his thumb, momentarily forgotten as he rambles on about the small cactus he keeps on the balcony. It’s beginning to bloom and he’s talking about how he’s never seen a cactus flower bloom before.

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STOP MAKING AUs THAT ARE SO GOOD!!! What about Geno tagging along for a parent-teacher conference?

omg he probably does have to eventually because teacher sidney has to conduct his own parent-teacher conferences. The teacher is also a pens fan, so she opens the door, saying, “Mr. Crosby, happy to have you back–oh my GOD, YOU’RE EVGENI MALKIN” when Geno shows up, all “Hello! I am Avery’s other dad! Sidney is busy today.”

Teacher has to very much go through the entire twenty minutes, telling Geno how talented and well-behaved Avery is while being starstruck at Geno trying to fold his long-ass legs to fit in those kiddie tables.