and geno gets flustered

Model!Sid AU

so I’m in love with @nomorelonelydays actor!sid au and it reminded me of a model!Sid au that I yelled at @sacredcreatures about a while ago and intended to write but never really did

so here’s just some of the bits and pieces of it that I managed to write down (this is only like ¼ I’ll probably post more later lol)


Geno’s still a rookie getting his first American sponsorship and he’s a nervous bab who barely speaks English yet and is super awkward in front of the camera. So the set or photographer people are like “Hey maybe the shoot would be easier if we added in like, an experienced model to help him?”

“Do we know any models who skate?” Luckily they do, so they call Sid in and Geno just gets more flustered because this is The Most Beautiful Man he has ever seen. 

But Sid gives him this big goofy smile and is like “It’s okay, I’ll help you” and suddenly the whole process isn’t nearly as daunting.

The language barrier prevents proper communication yet Sid works around it effortlessly, using gestures and simple words and a lot of encouraging smiles to help Geno learn to relax and loosen up with the cameras on him and look natural when forced to hold weird poses and how to do sportsy stuff while keeping a brand logo in-frame.

Sid is still a huge hockey fan and at the end of it Geno manages to gather enough courage and English to invite him to their next game, promising rink side tickets.

Sid: “Maybe I should get a Malkin jersey to wear, eh?”

Geno, internally: maybe you should marry me

He tries to ~very casually~ ask his manager person if Sid can do other sponsorship shoots with him. He also googles Sid, finds a lot of racy pictures from underwear/perfume/other ads that involve him being shirtless and seductively posed. He saves some to his computer. (He doesn’t know that Sid is off doing the exact same thing just with pictures of Geno from the locker room)

It takes a few more shoots and games and lots of chirping from friends before Sid finally ends up being the one to ask Geno out. Geno had been trying to psych himself up for the same thing and is so relieved Sid did it first and they instantly become a disgustingly in love couple.

There are many jokes to be made about hockey players dating models, but people not expecting the model to be male. And away from the toxic masculinity and heteronormativity of sports and deep in the world of fashion and modeling it’s much easier for Sid to embrace being “pretty” and not-straight.

Sid still has absolutely terrible fashion sense. Sidney “I’m hopeless without a stylist” Crosby. The joy of being a model is that someone else gets to worry about picking out clothes. Like, he knows objectively what’s fashionable because he’s around it, but he doesn’t care and always opts for whatever’s comfiest when he has the choice. It helps him go incognito when no one expects Famous Model Sidney Crosby to be wandering around in crocs, a hoodie, and sweatpants at a Safeway. It also makes for amusing images when he stands around before shoots in a ratty old hoodie and jeans arguing with an already glammed-up female model about whether maroon or burgundy is the new fall color. 

He and Geno make a good horrendously dressed pair. But Sid, being the competitive fucker that he is, dresses them up whenever they actually have to attend any sort of event and they go from worst dressed to best dressed in a hot second. 

Sid’s competitiveness still comes out in things that are not actually a competition. He has to win, even if it’s not technically possible. Like telling Geno after a show “I totally won that catwalk.”

“You not being ranked, Sid.”

“But if we were, I won.”

Geno’s a competitive little shit too so he thinks it’s endearing. And goes along with Sid deciding they need to be the hottest and most successful couple ever.

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I know that Geno is often annoyed by Death but what if in another Multiverse it was the other way around with Geno annoying Death! ;) G:"Heh heh heh, What's the matter Reaper Creeper? My little soul piece too determined for ya to take?" D: "Just you wait cyclops, you'll get yours..."




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Saitama wondering why Genos gets so flustered when he picks the Cyborg up, not just when he's damaged to walk but playfully and affectionately. He guesses that its just Genos' affectionate nature when it comes to him and being held is just one of those things. When its a reminder of how strong Saitama for Genos, when he can easily lift his 300kilo body like a feather the whole walk home. He feels comfortable, secure and safe and he can press his ear to his sensei's chest and hear his heartbeat.

Days where Saitama carries Genos back in his arms carefully, so as not to damage him any further after a difficult fight with a monster. Days that have just been a bit too long, and he can tell Genos is tired so he waits until they’re in the empty outskirts of the city on the way home, and then piggybacks him to take him back. The weight in each of his steps and then the steady sound of his heart beating and his absentminded humming that he does sometimes giving Genos this sense of security he hasn’t had in years……..and maybe even eventually lulling him to sleep ;w; / / /

Evenings where he nods off in the middle of taking his pages and pages of notes for training and learning from his sensei, and then he can feel Saitama picking him up (but trying so hard not to wake him, Genos can tell) to put him in his futon. He’s already awake a little but stays still, both so Saitama doesn’t feel bad for waking him, and so that he gets picked up a little ;w; / / / / / / /

Genos probably forgets that he’s 300kg of steel and firepower when this sorta stuff happens…….it’s tough to remember when they’re on their way home and he’s starting to slip off Saitama’s back a little and he easily pushes him back up with the smallest of smiles…..!!! It’s flustering but it’s also so nice and Genos can’t help but love every time that it happens……!!!!!!!!! / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Anon thank you for this visual it’s so precioussssssss / / /


  • Fubuki: How long have you been sleeping with Saitama?
  • Genos: What
  • Genos: I don't even get...
  • Genos: Why would...I
  • Genos: I've never had sex with anyone. Anywhere.
  • Genos: It's none of your...
  • Genos: You have the nerve, the audacity
  • Genos: And how do I know, frankly, that YOU'RE not sleeping with him?
  • Genos: Maybe you are. Maybe you're trying to throw me off!
  • Genos: Check and mate.

I honestly really love the idea of Death being more physically affectionate than Geno and giving him little kisses and sweet touches. Geno get flustered a lot by them, but still likes them in a shy tsundere way because he’s not used to the idea of someone loving him, as broken as he is. Idc if it’s all ooc. It makes me so fucking happy to think of these two. AfterDeath is my go-to ship for my feel good feels ok? Ok.

Mommy Wearing Daddy's Shirt
  • NSFW-ISH. Based on @kukumomoart's kinky fanart of Genos wearing only the Sensei shirt. >;D
  • -------------------------------
  • -For doing another note-taking session while he was in the shower, Saitama makes Genos go through a punishment sort of game in dressing up in something Puri Puri Prisoner had picked out for him from the store.-
  • Genos: ...S...Sensei...Do I really have to...?///// [-holds the package up nervously-]
  • Saitama: Come on now, a deals a deal. You promised me that if you started doing note-taking again while I showered that you would wear one of Puri's presents~[-smirks as he looks all flustered.-]
  • Genos: ...O..Okay.../////....
  • Saitama: [-grins-] Remember~ Nothing 'but' the shirt. And sit in 'exactly' the same position as that girl in that poster on our futon.
  • Genos: ///////...R...Right.
  • -Waits patiently for him in the kitchen, feeling quite giddy at how he'll look once he's done.-
  • Genos: ...S..Sensei. I'm done.
  • -Eagerly saunters out from behind the divider to look and see.-
  • Genos: ...Uhm...D-Does this look right...? [-He asked curiously-]
  • Saitama: ....;; [-Quickly turns away feeling really weirded-out-] (W-W-W-WHAT THE HELL IS MY FACE DOING ON THAT SHIRT?! What the heck was Puri THINKING getting that as the shirt-kink?...I..I mean it definitely looks sexy on Genos...B-But it's my face that's on there. It's totally weird as hell!! Like I'm staring at myself!!)
  • Genos: ...[-wonders why his teacher is so flustered as he looks down at the shirt.-].../////...C...Could I wear this more often, Sensei? [-smiles and blushes, feeling all happy with this situation.-]
  • Saitama: NOPE! NO! OUT OF THE QUESTION![-Quickly waves to him without looking-] Turn it inside out and backwards this instant Genos, or we're not doing it tonight. ///////

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I was thinking: what if the last episode of the anime after the credits it cuts to an inside shot of the apartment and saitama is just coming in the door and genos is sitting by the window and is all 'welcome home sensei' and saitama is just 'um, was that you singing? I heard it down the street' and genos gets all flustered; genos has been singing the ending theme the whole time (the singing part of his voice module only comes programmed as feminine; so he's shy to sing around saitama)

HEADCANON ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how about a fic where saitama has an account on the hero forums and he sees someone complimenting him and worshipping him so he starts talking to them (not revealing his identity ofc). obviously the big ol fanboy is genos right but saitama doesnt know that and genos is clueless too but they start talking a lot and since theyre not chatting face to face, saitama has more confidence to flirt with “fuckcaptchas666” and yknow. starts to really, really like the guy. genos is really conflicted because he likes this guy but ?? he also likes sensei??? what should he do????? maybe he’ll.. just agree… to meet up with this guy….once…… and if they hit it off…… well it wouldnt be so bad right? since sensei isnt interested right?? its not like hes cheating.. blah blah blah they meet up they laugh they smooch its all really cheesy but there it is

OR ALTERNATIVELY!!! saitama is well aware that “fuckcaptchas666” is genos and only starts talking to him online to see how he interacts with other people or what the kid is saying about him online (or whatever i dont care tbh he doesnt rly need an excuse to do this) and again, because its not face to face, saitama feels more at ease talking and flirting with genos and saitama gets to see him squirm n blush in real time while not suffering any of the consequences huhuhu ;;;;; he wouldnt admit it to anyone but he kinda likes seeing genos get flustered over someones comments about him and the confusion in his face when he thinks too hard about whether he likes this other person while still liking saitama…. and of course genos freaks out when saitama lets him off the hook but saitama gives him a biiiig ol smooch :x

Aaaah I’m having this really cute fic idea that I’ll never get around writing and I’m cry

It’s an ace fic because ace fics are my lifeblood where Genos comes home from Kuseno with just one teeny tiny upgrade - the lowest metal plate thingy on his middle finger is now black! It’s such a modest little thing and Saitama doesn’t notice until dinner when Genos is holding his chopsticks and he gets a good look at the hand.

Saitama’s is just “Oh you have an ace ring? Neat.” like it’s nothing but Genos gets rlly flustered and stuttering because he truly didn’t think Saitama would notice such a small thing. But nah, of course he’d notice - he notices everything about Genos because he loves him so m u c h 

Then the conversation kinda changes to how Saitama would know about the ace ring because it’s not really a very recognized thing but Saitama’s just like “Of course I know, I ace too!”

And Genos is so in awe and happy because his sensei is ace too! They’re both ace and they’re so happy together! Maybe Genos was too scared to admit his feelings for Saitama because he worried Saitama would want to do things he wasn’t comfortable with - but it turns out Saitama was worried for the exact same reason! And then they get together and hug and cuddle alot the end

I just really need more ace fics in my life plz-…….

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But panda...what if Sai goes to visit Genos during a summer party but he's all offish/irritated 'cause the pantheon's rude to him, so Genos snuggles him in a corner until he smiles? (The other gods are like "Holy shit Hades can be *that* cute?!!")

@criscura @lilmissagro ADSJKHA MORE PARTIES!!!! \(*Q*)/ 

Just some background:

SAITAMA, in canon, is judged to be a cheat, a lowlife, someone with no purpose other than to take credit from other heroes. HADES, in mythology and our real world and cinema, is judged and portrayed this evil being, causing destruction and chaos, the devil among gods with no heart, no soul, and no sense of morality

SAITAMA, in Genos’s eyes, in the viewer’s eyes, in reality, is just a kind, simple man who wants to help people as a hero, loves sales, has a cyborg housewife and is the most relateable being on this fucking earth with lots of power.

HADES, in reality, buried beneath all this false portrayal, is a simple god, fulfilling his duties as ruler of the underworld in a just and lawful manner, allowing the righteous dead peace in his realm and beside him is his wife and dog and lots of power…………. ouo


Now that we’re mentioning the Pantheon (the collection of gods and goddesses of, in this case, Greek mythology) here, they would be replaced with the OPM characters and in canon, who doesn’t like Saitama???? 

ALMOST EVERYONE APPARENTLY and that’ll stick in this AU as well:

Sai probably doesn’t get invited to many parties ;-; In this AU, whoever turns out to represent Zeus and Poseidon wouldn’t be related to Sai in anyway, Sai doesn’t have family or is related to any gods, they’d all be individual.

But anyway, that means that either he is begrudgingly invited just because he is a god or he is invited by a god that favors him in some aspect (probably Bang or someone). 

But this would change when Genos is thrown into the mix!

I’ve mentioned before that Genos would be the adoptive son of Kuseno (who would represent Demeter in this AU, goddess of the harvest and agriculture). He is very much favored by mortals and gods alike and in turn, Genos is also a well liked god and has proven to be as well, so Genos is ALWAYS invited to feasts and gatherings and parties!

He takes any chance he can get for Sai to come above to Olympus and does not care one bit that he is not wanted or what other gods may think of him bringing Sai along. HE DOESN’T EVEN HEAR THEM. 

Genos, so beautiful the sweetheart, is so happy that Sai is there with him, so enraptured by his presence, he sticks with him 100% of the time and refuses to leave his side and SAI IS SO EMBARRASSED WHEN GENOS SHOWS AFFECTION

SAI IS NOT USED TO THIS, first Genos actually cares for him, so genuinely loves him not only in the sanctity of their home, but outwardly in public where he doesn’t care that they are seen, he wants the Pantheon to know he has chosen and is absolutely unashamed of his choice, that he will FIGHT anyone who places doubt on Sai

If at any point Saitama doubts HIMSELF, he will pull him aside, gently kiss his hands and bring him down to nuzzle and kiss him to reassure him, comfort him and tell him that he’d never leave his side and Sai will blush, get flustered and smile weakly, sweetly, and wobbly at Genos’ words and spend the rest of the night with this beauty that makes his heart sing like nothing else had before

Persephone was a very sought after goddess and I’d like to keep that considering the amount of fans Genos has in canon omg IMAGINE THAT SHIT OH MY GOD

Imagine Genos not hesitating to REJECT every possible suitor he has come across both before and after meeting and promising himself to Sai. Imagine him BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF CONSTANT PURSUERS AND IF THAT IS NOT ENOUGH, IF THAT IS NOOOOOT ENOUUUGH

Imagine the look on said suitors face when this beauty is gently pulled aside by large claws, a shadow is cast over them, eyes glowing red and sharp horns glinting I’D PISS MY PANTS TOO. NO WORDS, A GLARE AND BEARING OF FANGS AND YOU BETTER BELIEVE GENOS WOULD BE LEFT ALONE AND IN PEACE OH MY GODDDDDDD

Back to the party and, YES, Genos isn’t hesitant to crawl into Sai’s lap and get himself as close as possible to him, stroke his horns and kiss his cheeks and memorize every blush and shy averting of eyes and hiding of his face in his neck. They’d share their food, desserts and appetizers, their wine and fruits



Strong Grip
  • Genos: *wakes up before Saitama that morning, rubbing his eyes as he smiles at his sensei sleeping. Leans over and kisses Saitama's forehead*
  • Saitama: mmmm *smiles in his sleep as he wraps his arms around Genos' middle*
  • Genos: Hm? Sensei, I need to get up to start breakfast.
  • Saitama: *holds tighly* no
  • Genos: but it might get too late for breakfast and it is an important-
  • Saitama: nope
  • Genos: *gets a determined look*
  • *a few minutes pass as Genos looks flustered from struggling to get free, his hair a mess. Saitama still the same*
  • Genos: sensei! Breakfast is a very important meal. You should not mi-
  • Saitama: *lightly kisses him on the lips*
  • Genos: ....\\\\ Ten more minutes should not be too much longer to wait.
  • Saitama: good idea

Honestly I can imagine Genos making sure that Saitama’s too busy to hear his humming but he gets a little caught up to notice Saitama standing in the doorway with an amused grin on his face that always gets Genos flustered. Saitama says it’s not a big deal, besides, Genos has probably heard him hum plenty of times and proceeds to turn up the TV’s volume once switched to a radio station or something (that TV is used for everything, for watching films and shows, for gaming and for music).

Genos probably also hums while doing other chores and although Saitama is aware of this little habit, Genos still checks to make sure he’s alone even if Saitama went out five minutes ago before he starts hum little songs he’s heard. Humming breaks the silence if Saitama’s been out for a while and Genos feels a bit lonely.

Genos and Saitama may or may not have sung together a few times too. ;)

*BUSTS DOWN THE DOOR* I HAVE A SUGGESTION FOR A PET NAME FOR GENOS!! According to this screen shot I took, Genos can be called Genaki mou and then Saitama could also be called Saitaki mou by Genos. I found this a while ago because I really like Greek mythology and stuff and as far as I know this is accurate.

- submitted by @lilalangforth




Anyone else, please send me ideas!!! Little love names are my heart and soul I can’t live with out them aaaaah ;A;/~~ ♥♥♥

I really really want more of

Saitama using pet names.
“‘Mornin’, babe” or “Hey there, handsome” or “oh god, baby, no, don’t blow up the apartment again, please” or “c'mon, sweetheart, you can trust me” and shit like that
And Genos always gets a bit flustered and Saitama thinks he’s the cutest thing ever. And then Genos tries once and he has this super serious scowl at the dinner table and reaches over to lay a hand on top of Saitama’s and says
“How’s dinner, cutie?”
And Saitama doesn’t know if he should be terrified, laughing, or blushing and he just says “leave the pet names to me, babe” and Genos just flushes and gets quiet and nods andajjdkfjfjkdkdkfkkf
Genosai pet names, please. More of that.
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