and geno gets flustered

  • Fubuki: How long have you been sleeping with Saitama?
  • Genos: What
  • Genos: I don't even get...
  • Genos: Why would...I
  • Genos: I've never had sex with anyone. Anywhere.
  • Genos: It's none of your...
  • Genos: You have the nerve, the audacity
  • Genos: And how do I know, frankly, that YOU'RE not sleeping with him?
  • Genos: Maybe you are. Maybe you're trying to throw me off!
  • Genos: Check and mate.
Mommy Wearing Daddy's Shirt
  • NSFW-ISH. Based on @kukumomoart's kinky fanart of Genos wearing only the Sensei shirt. >;D
  • -------------------------------
  • -For doing another note-taking session while he was in the shower, Saitama makes Genos go through a punishment sort of game in dressing up in something Puri Puri Prisoner had picked out for him from the store.-
  • Genos: ...S...Sensei...Do I really have to...?///// [-holds the package up nervously-]
  • Saitama: Come on now, a deals a deal. You promised me that if you started doing note-taking again while I showered that you would wear one of Puri's presents~[-smirks as he looks all flustered.-]
  • Genos: ...O..Okay.../////....
  • Saitama: [-grins-] Remember~ Nothing 'but' the shirt. And sit in 'exactly' the same position as that girl in that poster on our futon.
  • Genos: ///////...R...Right.
  • -Waits patiently for him in the kitchen, feeling quite giddy at how he'll look once he's done.-
  • Genos: ...S..Sensei. I'm done.
  • -Eagerly saunters out from behind the divider to look and see.-
  • Genos: ...Uhm...D-Does this look right...? [-He asked curiously-]
  • Saitama: ....;; [-Quickly turns away feeling really weirded-out-] (W-W-W-WHAT THE HELL IS MY FACE DOING ON THAT SHIRT?! What the heck was Puri THINKING getting that as the shirt-kink?...I..I mean it definitely looks sexy on Genos...B-But it's my face that's on there. It's totally weird as hell!! Like I'm staring at myself!!)
  • Genos: ...[-wonders why his teacher is so flustered as he looks down at the shirt.-].../////...C...Could I wear this more often, Sensei? [-smiles and blushes, feeling all happy with this situation.-]
  • Saitama: NOPE! NO! OUT OF THE QUESTION![-Quickly waves to him without looking-] Turn it inside out and backwards this instant Genos, or we're not doing it tonight. ///////

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Saitama wondering why Genos gets so flustered when he picks the Cyborg up, not just when he's damaged to walk but playfully and affectionately. He guesses that its just Genos' affectionate nature when it comes to him and being held is just one of those things. When its a reminder of how strong Saitama for Genos, when he can easily lift his 300kilo body like a feather the whole walk home. He feels comfortable, secure and safe and he can press his ear to his sensei's chest and hear his heartbeat.

Days where Saitama carries Genos back in his arms carefully, so as not to damage him any further after a difficult fight with a monster. Days that have just been a bit too long, and he can tell Genos is tired so he waits until they’re in the empty outskirts of the city on the way home, and then piggybacks him to take him back. The weight in each of his steps and then the steady sound of his heart beating and his absentminded humming that he does sometimes giving Genos this sense of security he hasn’t had in years……..and maybe even eventually lulling him to sleep ;w; / / /

Evenings where he nods off in the middle of taking his pages and pages of notes for training and learning from his sensei, and then he can feel Saitama picking him up (but trying so hard not to wake him, Genos can tell) to put him in his futon. He’s already awake a little but stays still, both so Saitama doesn’t feel bad for waking him, and so that he gets picked up a little ;w; / / / / / / /

Genos probably forgets that he’s 300kg of steel and firepower when this sorta stuff happens…….it’s tough to remember when they’re on their way home and he’s starting to slip off Saitama’s back a little and he easily pushes him back up with the smallest of smiles…..!!! It’s flustering but it’s also so nice and Genos can’t help but love every time that it happens……!!!!!!!!! / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Anon thank you for this visual it’s so precioussssssss / / /


Aaaah I’m having this really cute fic idea that I’ll never get around writing and I’m cry

It’s an ace fic because ace fics are my lifeblood where Genos comes home from Kuseno with just one teeny tiny upgrade - the lowest metal plate thingy on his middle finger is now black! It’s such a modest little thing and Saitama doesn’t notice until dinner when Genos is holding his chopsticks and he gets a good look at the hand.

Saitama’s is just “Oh you have an ace ring? Neat.” like it’s nothing but Genos gets rlly flustered and stuttering because he truly didn’t think Saitama would notice such a small thing. But nah, of course he’d notice - he notices everything about Genos because he loves him so m u c h 

Then the conversation kinda changes to how Saitama would know about the ace ring because it’s not really a very recognized thing but Saitama’s just like “Of course I know, I ace too!”

And Genos is so in awe and happy because his sensei is ace too! They’re both ace and they’re so happy together! Maybe Genos was too scared to admit his feelings for Saitama because he worried Saitama would want to do things he wasn’t comfortable with - but it turns out Saitama was worried for the exact same reason! And then they get together and hug and cuddle alot the end

I just really need more ace fics in my life plz-…….

Honestly I can imagine Genos making sure that Saitama’s too busy to hear his humming but he gets a little caught up to notice Saitama standing in the doorway with an amused grin on his face that always gets Genos flustered. Saitama says it’s not a big deal, besides, Genos has probably heard him hum plenty of times and proceeds to turn up the TV’s volume once switched to a radio station or something (that TV is used for everything, for watching films and shows, for gaming and for music).

Genos probably also hums while doing other chores and although Saitama is aware of this little habit, Genos still checks to make sure he’s alone even if Saitama went out five minutes ago before he starts hum little songs he’s heard. Humming breaks the silence if Saitama’s been out for a while and Genos feels a bit lonely.

Genos and Saitama may or may not have sung together a few times too. ;)

Strong Grip
  • Genos: *wakes up before Saitama that morning, rubbing his eyes as he smiles at his sensei sleeping. Leans over and kisses Saitama's forehead*
  • Saitama: mmmm *smiles in his sleep as he wraps his arms around Genos' middle*
  • Genos: Hm? Sensei, I need to get up to start breakfast.
  • Saitama: *holds tighly* no
  • Genos: but it might get too late for breakfast and it is an important-
  • Saitama: nope
  • Genos: *gets a determined look*
  • *a few minutes pass as Genos looks flustered from struggling to get free, his hair a mess. Saitama still the same*
  • Genos: sensei! Breakfast is a very important meal. You should not mi-
  • Saitama: *lightly kisses him on the lips*
  • Genos: ....\\\\ Ten more minutes should not be too much longer to wait.
  • Saitama: good idea
I really really want more of

Saitama using pet names.
“‘Mornin’, babe” or “Hey there, handsome” or “oh god, baby, no, don’t blow up the apartment again, please” or “c'mon, sweetheart, you can trust me” and shit like that
And Genos always gets a bit flustered and Saitama thinks he’s the cutest thing ever. And then Genos tries once and he has this super serious scowl at the dinner table and reaches over to lay a hand on top of Saitama’s and says
“How’s dinner, cutie?”
And Saitama doesn’t know if he should be terrified, laughing, or blushing and he just says “leave the pet names to me, babe” and Genos just flushes and gets quiet and nods andajjdkfjfjkdkdkfkkf
Genosai pet names, please. More of that.
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