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MBTI types as Generals of a medieval Army(and their war tactics):

ESFJ: The Treacherous General. Clearly sees the odds are stacked against him and decides to submit to the enemy general and befriend him. Turns on the relaxed,mostly unarmed enemies at the least strategically sound time and narrowly secures victory,but at a huge cost of his soldiers.

ISFJ: The Merciful General. Fiercely fights back the enemy hordes with solid determination until the enemy finally relents and starts to retreat. Carries out mounted attacks at the retreating army but stops fighting when victory is clear. Captures the enemy officers and mercifully ransoms them back to their nations with a stern warning.

ESTJ: The Wealthy General. Army mainly consist of sellsword mercenary companies acquired at great cost,but ten times the size of the enemy horde. Lays siege on the enemy and forces the cornered enemy general into a extorting trade deal..or face the end of his sword.

ISTJ: The Honorable General. His army strictly follows the military doctrine in the organization of infantry, cavalry and archers. Does not carry out petty raids but prefers to meet the enemy on the field. The systematic countering of the enemy tactics and the strict discipline of the army in the face of chaos finally earns him a worthy victory.

ISTP: The Assassin General. Dispatches his own elite squad of assassins on the eve of the battle day to take out the enemy general and his officers. The ungoverned army breaks and scatters before his small,yet coldly efficient army the next day.

ESFP: The Influential General. Summon his numerous ally lords and ladies’ forces from across the neighboring kingdoms and flaunts his might to make clear to the enemy his capabilities. The message received quite clearly, he decides to stay his hand and bring the enemy into the fold of his already large influence.

ESTP: The Barbarian General. Throws himself and his relatively small army into the heart of the enemy ranks with reckless abandon,the enemy quickly recoiling before his furious attacks. The enemy hordes’ attempt to regroup is quickly countered and the ensuing chaos incurs appalling loses to both sides. Finally,what remains of his army secures a shaky victory bought by blood.

ISFP: The Druid General. Retreats hastily before the huge enemy horde and leads them into a terrain of his own choosing,A harsh winter climate that is just as deadly as enemy swords- but only to those who don’t know its ways. Using his finely tuned awareness of nature,he thrives against the elements, while the enemy’s morale and supplies steadily drops. Finally,he mercifully ends their suffering and gains a decisive victory in the campaign.

INFP: The Pacifist General. Uses the scorch earth technique of burning every farm and supply points in the path of the advancing enemy army while himself steadily retreating. The enemy army eventually becomes severely undersupplied and decides to call off the attack. To ensure the enemy general never changes his mind again, he dispatches a fresh squad of mounted cavalry to harry at the battered rearguard of the enemy all the way to their territory.

ENFJ: The Hero General. Addresses the enemy general as he stands before the enemy ranks and his exact words are,“Thousands of men do not need to die,only one of us..*dramatic pause*……..I demand a mortal combat to the death..” As it turns out,being a hero and being good at the actual hero-ing is not the same thing,and he probably wasn’t thinking beyond his words. In the ensuing terrifying duel,a completely sloppy sword stroke unintentionally delivers a mortal wound and kills enemy general. The shaken general restores what’s left of his dignity but nevertheless secures an unbloodied victory.

INFJ: The Psychic General. Dissects the enemy tactics and strategies and acquires the essence and the inner workings of the enemy general. Informs his officers during a war council of his knowledge, and with their advice on the best tactics,carries out coordinated attacks exploiting the weaknesses and effectively countering the strengths of the enemy. Needless to say,the eminent victory eventually was secured.

ENFP: The Guerilla General. Hides the main force of his army in the hills and the forest around the exposed plain where the enemy army lays a pitched camp. Carries out successive seemingly random attacks at the enemy,which are actually feints meant to direct the focus of the enemy troop the other way,while the bulk of his army perform a massive coordinated assault on the poorly guarded flanks of the enemy regiments. The enemy general,unable to discern a pattern in the random sporadic attacks,senses defeat and calls off the war to search for other territories fresh for conquering.

ENTP: The Sapper General. Possessing an uncanny ability to thrive in chaos,he capitalizes on this and uses munitions and explosives (their designs a jealously guarded secret) to lay waste the enemy strong holds. Under his distracted supervision,several hastily engineered ballistae and catapults are used to wreck havoc in the midst of the quickly disoriented enemy lines. He’s already halfway to victory when efficiently placed troops descend on the confused enemies and picks them off almost leisurely.

ENTJ: The Overwhelming General. Dispatches two elite companies of outriders to crush the weak light infantry wings of the enemy and flank them. Dispatches another troop consisting mainly of mounted light cavalry to deal with the enemy rearguard,denying the main enemy army the space to regroup and counter his fast tactics. Sends before him a vanguard of heavy cavalry to crush through the human wall at the front of the enemy ranks,and finally proceeds with an arrowhead phalanx of his main troop to drive an iron fist through the gap bought with the blood of his cavalry, drastically dismantling the careful discipline of the enemy. Before long,with the enemy is literally annihilated,the slaughter is absolute.

INTP: The Patient General. Chooses the most strategically suitable vantage point and heavily fortifies the camping area with deep trenches and pickets.Dispatches close to quarter of his main army to guard his own supply lines before sending half of the remaining army with a clear command to dismantle the enemy supply lines at all cost. Carries out raids and major skirmishes with the enemy to keep them busy from coming up with any clever strategy, while they run low on both food and ammunitions. The severely demoralized enemies finally submit to his command after more than a year and a half of day and night war.

INTJ: The Strategic General. Coldly stands on the top of a hill overlooking the ongoing battle below him, with a squad of messengers around him. Silently studies the dynamics of the battle and sends his commands to his officers through the messengers to shift his army’s tactics as he sees fit. Viciously exploits any miniscule mistake made by the enemy general and his weaknesses, until he finally unleashes his own strategy he had as a last card to wrap up the battle neatly in his own time.

The MMFR fandom in summary: “We are a dark, gritty fandom with the world’s biggest consensual sex kink. Oh my god, it’s so consensual.”


Lip deciding not to cross that great big rainbow bridge felt more and more like a mistake as the months progressed. Lip was neither solid nor gas, but somewhere trapped between. The memories and relationships he once cherished were somewhat altered when he passed over, and it was obvious to the Whitaker girls. 

Lydia, still too young to fully understand, was even more confused by the fact that her daddy could now change colour at the blink of an eye and pass through walls. She could not understand this kind of death. 

Ramona longed to feel the same carnal desire for Lip that she had felt back when he was solid and breathing. She loved him, of course she did. But things were different, they had shifted. Lip was different.

 Nothing was the same as it had been. 

i feel like such a dumbass when im trying to speak/write in english i suck so much and i hate it but then i realize that im no better at speaking/writing even in my own language i was writing shit in my twitter today and i thought to myself damn why do i sound like a fucking 5 year old i guess the language doesnt matter i simply havent aged mentally since i was a kid


Let’s Generalize About Men - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Because it’s awesome and this is kinda my mood after the past couple of days of people—famous and not—sharing stories about being sexually harassed and assaulted. 

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Omg I love the frilly pink dress headcanon!! Can I get a scenario if Sinbad loosing a bet to his s/o leading to him having to wear the dress for a day!

Sinbads mind still couldn´t comprehend the fact that he lost a bet that he was so sure of winning. How could he lose that kind of bet? “ Remember Sin, you have to do as I say and no complaining. Those were the rules you set.” Sin only nodded as the dreadful feeling spreaded all over his body. “ Tadaaaa! Have fun sweetheart!”

Pink invaded his field of vision, as he tried to look into his doom. How is it possible to have that muchpink in one piece of clothing? And why does his partner possess something like that?

“ You know the ruuuulllessss~”

Well, nothing he can change about it. ´ Be a man Sinbad. You lost the bet. Take your loss like a man would.` With his mind being finally set, did the king take his unruly task. He spin another circle infront of the full length mirror, trying not to faint because of the sight. A knock on the door finally pried his attention away from it. “My king, the generals are waiting for you.” Why would they wait for him? There were no meetings today- “ And your partner wanted me to tell you how urgent it is.” Oh. Ohhhh. Well, he had it worse. Let´s show them what he got! And thus, the king left his chambers and headed to his meeting….Ignoring a confused servant.

~With the generals~




“I think it´s safe to say that we all came to the same conclusion: You are not going anywhere, looking like this.”

Meanwhile, while Sinbad was trying to argue with a laughing Imuchakk, that it was not his choice to wear something like that: “ So, what was the bet?” Drakon was nearly out the door, but the question had to be asked. “ Just about who had more lovers.”

Well, damn. Drakon did not expect that. Not the fact that they had so many lovers, but the fact that they had more than the lady killer himself.

“Well, congratulation.”

So in my long, futile search for the right face claims (which are vital to my writing process ok), I have decided that no one looks like Dawn (I mean it’s hard to find someone for any of them but at least I have had more luck than with her). There are however people that are close and so yesterday I decided to procrastinate on writing by using that darn face morph website to combine some of my favorite possibilities for her. And let me tell you, I now have some promising candidates. I need to mess around with the results to figure out which is the best one, and maybe I’ll share the eventual result.

But anyway, I thought that option might interest some people who like having visuals of their characters in their minds. I cannot draw people very well, and dress-up games can only do so much when it comes to visualization. And I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that no one face is right enough. It’s also fun to mess around with. I think I’ll try it for my other characters to (it still will be almost impossible to get a good one for Mygre though gosh darn it).

If anyone is interested I will share the site but there are lots of options out there you can google to find.