and general arrangement of his face

Enough (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Summary: You, a Resistance spy, fell madly in love with Kylo Ren. Upon finding out you’re pregnant, Kylo must tell Snoke about the baby. But Snoke has some unexpected news for Kylo.

Request: @my-fucking-world-13(???disappeared??): (oneshot) if you infiltrate the first order and get involved with kylo, you end up falling in love and getting pregnant, when kylo discovers he promises to stay with the child and kill you. But when he enters the room and sees you talking to his belly he gives up and runs away with you

Warnings: Pregnancy

Word Count: many

A/N: So…im not good at writing Kylo outside of “the bedroom” i suppose. But I don’t only want to write Kylo smut. So please excuse Kylo being OOC, i’m working on writing his characterization. Also sorry this is incredibly late. 

You were a spy for the Resistance. You hated the First Order, hated what they stood for. But you were a good actress, smart and cunning. You were quick in all the right ways. And so you were given the task of infiltrating the Order.

You started out small. Recruited as a petty officer. But you weren’t just an officer for long. Something went wrong. Or something went right, you supposed.

You’d barely been on the Finalizer for 48 hours before Kylo Ren noticed you. You thought it was just because you were new. And then you thought it was because he knew that you were a spy.

But that wasn’t it.

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anonymous asked:

Is it bad that I feel bad for Danielle a little bit lol? I mean we are suppose to buy this as real right ? And the general public does? So in that sense Danielle basically got dumped during the holidays, moved out of his house , and a week later Louis is back with his ex and taking her on a trip. From a real perspective it comes off like a huge dig and slap in the face and also the lack of time between the two sort of makes louis look like he was cheating? I mean thank god larry is real as fuck.

it’s hard for me to feel bad for someone when they willingly entered into this arrangement and knew what they were getting themselves into… and i know it to be fake anyway.

but tbh it makes louis and not danielle look like a dick to the public.. and thats one of the biggest reasons why we’re pissed off about eleanor being back. because they continue to make louis look like this and it’s not cool. danielle looks like she got out of this unscathed and with her good girl next door image intact like shes always had… louis looks; desperate, has a fear of being lonely, possibly a cheater, and a bad father who goes through heaps of girlfriends and takes them on lavish holidays while leaving his kid at home . i have ZERO sympathy for danielle or eleanor or briana or whatever other name you want to throw my way and ALL the sympathy for louis who is NONE of those things i described which is what his public image shows him to be.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Quick question: Is there any meta or just thoughts by you or anyone else about the "seating arrangement" in the car in 12x09? I was looking but didn't really find anything. Thank you!

You mean how Sam and Mary sit in the front and Dean lets his mom drive and sits in the back with Cas? so they could do the “sad face of anticipated loss” and “quizzical what the fuck did you do now Dean?” exchange?

Originally posted by deztiel

I haven’t seen anything long and deep, just general flailing that wtf is this as it’s not a usual choice for “I always drive unless theres a good reason not to Dean Winchester” around the fact that he knew he was going to die (was always going to give up his life for Sam at this point) and wanted to spend it in the back with Cas for *reasons*, allowing his mom to take the wheel and Sam to sit up front…

Literally taking the backseat before he did so metaphorically in 12x22….

I don’t think I’ve seen really long other meta on it though but those are my immediate thoughts!

Updated FFXV FanFics Masterlist

Here’s a list of FanFics broken down by characters:


Walk Tall: Upon sacrificing his life to bring back dawn, Noctis must walk the path of the after life and learn what it means to truly live. (2005 words, rated teen, genre: tragedy, angst, drama)

Caught in the Cross Hair: He thought he finally had a friend he could trust. The only kid in school who never saw him as the prince. Yet here Noctis was with a gun pointed at his head. (811 words, rated teen, genre: angst, friendship, drama)

Living the Nightmare: The anniversary of Insomnia’s fall always cast shadows of despair but one year thrusts Noctis’s family into a brand new hell. Sequel to “Cross to Bear.” (3,451 words, rated teen, genre: angst, family, hurt)

Cross To Bear: A mysterious new friend drives a wedge between Noctis and his daughter.  Now Noctis is forced to face a demon of his own past.  A request portraying Noctis and Luna as parents.  (3,361 words, rated general, genre: family, angst, hurt)

A Thousand Miles: Upon leaving Insomnia, Noctis reflects on his impending arranged marriage to Lady Lunafreya.  A NoctLuna fic (1,786 words, rated general, genre: romance, angst)

Life Line: In a time of chaos, one must retreat to solitude in order to find clarity and the will to press on.  A child Noctis fic. (2,332 words, rated general, genre: angst, hurt/comfort)


Isolation: Paranoia drives Prompto to irrational madness (797 words, rated teen for language, genre: angst)

Ghost Within The Shell: When Prompto has lost hope, Aranea teaches him what it means to be human (1543 words, rated general, genre: angst)

Branded: After becoming wounded Prompto must decide whether to reveal a deeply held secret to Ignis (1053 words, rated general, genre: friendship, mild angst)

Bed Fellows: A restless night and fears of traversing war torn roads sends Prompto to seek comfort in his best friend’s arms. (3 chapters, complete, rated teen, genre: friendship, hurt/comfort, fluff)

Facade: When your life has been nothing more than one lie after another, how do you sever the chains that continues to bind you to your past?  A fic request. (1,802 words, rated teen, genre: angst, hurt, romance)

Damned Since Birth: Held captive in Zegnautus Keep, Prompto comes to terms with his own identity while wondering if his parents had known the truth all along. A fic request. (2,297 words, rated general, genre: family, hurt, angst)

Hope’s Ray of Light: Even years after the war with Niflheim had ended, Prompto realizes that the cruel has not grown any less cruel. Companion piece/sequel to “The Soul of Humanity.”  A Promnis fic  (3,019 words, rated teen, genre: angst, family, hurt)

Ghost of Myself: A secret rendezvous leads to the securing of a Niflheim defector but none could imagine the secrets he possessed.  A speculative fic of what Prompto’s life was like in Niflheim, written before learning about the Ultimana.  (Chapters: 7, in-progress, 12,648 words, rated mature, genre: angst, drama, friendship, triggers: bullying and abuse)

Scarred: Prompto is faced with a demon from his past which puts him at odds with Ignis. (2,070 words, rated general, genre: angst, drama, friendship)

Piercing Through the Darkness:  Noctis is jealous of Prompto’s sharp shooting abilities and wants in on his secret. My first FFXV fic and one I’m very proud of and ended up using in Ghost of Myself.  Written before learning about the Ultimania.  (2,335 words, rated teen, genre: angst)

A Promise Fulfilled: Prompto swore to never take a life again if he could help it but what happens when Prompto is gifted with a new gun?  Sequel to “Piercing Though the Darkness” and written before learning about the Ultimania. (2,276 words, rated teen, genre: angst and friendship)


Practice Makes Perfect: Upon receiving news about the pending peace treaty, Ignis helps to comfort Noctis’s fears. (937 words, rated teen, genre: romance, angst)

Twilight Dreams: When Noctis has his mind set to something, there was nothing to stop him.  Now Ignis has no choice but to make sure he stays out of trouble. (1901 words, rated general, genre: friendship)

Spices of Life: Ignis tries his hands at cooking for the first time and his first challenge is to prepare Noctis’s most hated vegetable (916 words, rated general, genre: comedy, friendship)

Not Before Coffee: Caffeine deprivation and a prince who refuses to get out of bed. (471 words, rated teen, genre: comedy)

Death Trap: There’s a reason Ignis does not trust Noctis behind the wheel. (573 words, rated general, genre: comedy)

Fallen: Falling in love during the time of war can either grow or kill hope. Written for FFXV Rare Pairs Week for the 7th day prompt Final Fantasy AU.  This is the AU where our favorite boy band are actually all girls. (971 words, rated general, genre: AU, angst)

The Soul of Humanity: After Noctis’s sacrifice, the boys try to find their place in life and carry on after the decade of the world in ruins. Ignis reflects on a major bump in his road to find happiness with his family.  A Promnis fic and prequel to “Hope’s Ray of Light” (3,526 words, rated teen, genre: angst, hurt, family)

Slice of Heaven: It’s not easy training to be the future king’s advisor so Ignis must find his outlet to relieve stress.  A young Ignis fic.  (1,108 words, rated general, genre: family, written in honor of Ignis’s birthday)

Joy Riding: Ignis always tells the prince to keep the recklessness to a medium but does anyone ever listens to him? (1,227 words, rated general, genre: comedy sprinkled with angst)

Jammed: Pressing his ear against the closed door, Ignis blushes as he eavesdrops on a conversation between Noctis and a mysterious new visitor. (1,132 words, rated teen, genre: comedy)


Ocean Soul: Setting out on a voyage with her father changed Sania’s life forever after a chance encounter with a mysterious merman. (712 words, rated general, genre: au, romance)

Misty Wonders: A camping trip brings Gladio closer to beautiful wonders and blessings in a time of peace. (1019 words, rated general, genre: romance, fluff)

Ray of Light: Even in ten years of darkness, Gladio finds the light of his life and does not plan to let her go. Inspired by a fic request. (545 words, rated general, genre: fluff, some angst, comedy)

Suffering Through Silence: After the attack on Altissia, Gladio is left grieving over a war that has no end. Inspired by the incident between Gladio and Noctis on the train. (1,480 words, rated teen, genre: angst, family, hurt)

Guardian Angel: Gladio contemplates his future as he prepares to fulfill his role as the King’s Shield. A little drabble based on a personal head canon. Takes place during the 10 years of darkness. (932 words, rated general, genre: angst)

The Shield and the Blossom: A sibling ficlet after darkness has descended over all of Eos. Iris is determined to join the ranks of the elite hunters. (851 words, rated general, genre: family)


The Chosen’s Curse: The Six granted him the healer’s light only to slowly have it be extinguished by the Starscourge (527 words, rated general, genre: angst)

Deliverance: In the wake of Insomnia’s fall, Ardyn stands before the stolen crystal in search of his destiny. Takes place right after “Kingsglaive.” (882 words, rated general, genre: angst)

The Plague of Men: A man once chosen to protect mankind becomes consumed by his desire for revenge after being betrayed by his closest kin. Prequel to the game.  (1,623 words, rated teen, genre: angst)


From a Distance: It began as a reconnaissance mission - a quick, silent in and out - but what he found would forever change a life. (2266 words, rated general, genre: fluff, family)


Apple of My Eye: Fearing his friend will chicken out, Clarus lends Regis a helping hand.  Fic request (894 words, rated general, genre: fluff)

Falling For You by LoveActually_rps [Read on AO3]

[Otayuri | 8K | General Audiences| Royalty AU, Humor, Arranged Marriage, False Identity, First meeting, Prince!Otabek, Prince!Yuri]


Otabek gaped at the intricately carved silver frame that held a painting of a face. A big scowling face.

The boy, certainly Prince Yuri, was wearing fine clothes beneath a worn out cheetah print jacket. His studded crown was tilted on his head, ready to fall at any moment if the boy decided to sneeze. A distinct pinch of the eyebrows was a strong indicator of frustration, even anger. Crystal green eyes - an eye, to be precise, was half visible under the curtains of his messy blonde hair and was currently glaring right back at Otabek.

“Holy mother of God!” Otabek flinched away from the painting which he thought might somehow take on a life of its own and punch him square in the face.

[Royalty, Arranged marriage AU where Otabek owns a sturdy, black stallion and names him Elizabeth]


Bend Heaven, Raise Hell.

Characters: Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, Zelo (OT6)+Side Characters

Setting/Genre: Gods!AU, Heaven and Hell!AU, Chapters

Length: 2073 words

Warnings: None

Summary: One Single Law can change how three realms work.

CHAPTER 1: Fire and Anger.

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I need to stop thinking so much about the tragedy of SW.

So I was up early waiting for Eurovision to start, and it struck me that actually, there were still quite a few characters around as of RotJ who could have had some idea about Luke’s parentage but canonically either never did or never said. And then this popped into my head.

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kalm421  asked:

Tiny Obi-Wan. He gets hurt during a battle and gets buried under debris. Anakin and the 212th especially Cody start freaking out when they can't find. Eventually the his tiny broken body. Cody is a emotional wreck because he care for his tiny general.

His head is ringing and Cody desperately shakes it as he realizes that one, the camp is burning, two, its the middle of the night and three, they’ve been hit by an airstrike.

It takes him another moment to slowly get up, suddenly relieved that he hadn’t had the time to remove his armor. He must have been close to a blast because he’s rather sure he has a vague memory of himself going flying backwards and into the air. The commander wonders how many others were as lucky as he, he knows several vods likes to slide out of their armors if they can.

And then there’s a shout that chills him to the bone.


General Skywalker’s voice echos of every piece of debris that was once their camp.

Cody pushes himself up enough to see the taller Jedi silhouetted against the flames around him, his face a picture of panic as he swings it back and forth with his padawan at his side as she too looks around with worry on her face. “Obi-Wan!?”

Two things were suddenly clear to Cody.

There had been an airstrike on their camp and his general who was twenty nine cm tall and thin as a twig, was missing.


He can’t breath.

That’s the first thing he realizes when he comes to consciousness.

Or well he can but its hard, there’s dust in his mouth and his chest feels restricted.

His next realization is that its very dark and something is pressing down on him.

Obi-Wan swallows heavily.

Then he tries to lift it with the Force.

But he can’t make whatever that is on top of him budge, he only succeeds in making himself throb worse and Obi-Wan wonders how much air he has left.

He reaches out into the Force, trying to ascertain where Anakin is but everything feels to muddled for him to get a good grip, the very Force around him feeling almost oily slick.

He tries again to push but can’t get a grip on with the slickness.

He tries to use his hands and feet to push and feels whatever is on top of him quiver.

But Obi-Wan gets no further.

And then there’s sudden light.

Obi-Wan hisses in pain and clenches his eyes shut.

“General…” There’s a breathless whisper and then gentle hands lift him and Obi-Wan groans before forcing his eyes open to look into Cody’s wide amber eyes as the scarred commander holds him, cradles him against his chest on one arm as the other comes up as a barrier around his body.

“Cody…” He laughs, his entire body in pain.


Obi-Wan tries to laugh but Cody can’t take the usual sass, not when his general looks like a tiny broken doll that some child has thrown away after playing to rough. There’s to much blood everywhere and the small mans left leg is twisted awkwardly and Cody can see BONE.

It sends his heart thundering as he sets of into a sprint to find General Skywalker or Commander Tano.

Or Helix.

Or Kix.

Someone who can help Obi-Wan!

“General Skywalker!!!” He calls out, pounding the ground past other troopers. “I found him!”

Its all he has to say before the man materializes in front of him, Ahsoka not far from him. “He was trapped under debris, I barely noticed it move!” He offered, aware that panic was creeping into his voice as he removed the guarding arm to show them the broken form of the small Jedi in his arm

Koth, Obi-Wan had never seemed as small as in that moment as he took labored breaths in Cody’s grasp. Yet he tries to quip at the other Jedi, a smile on his bloody face as he tilted his head to look at Anakin Skywalker.

“Shut it Obi-Wan” The blond said almost harshly, taking Obi-Wan as gently from Cody as he can. “We don’t have a karking bacta tank here for you. Your kiffing leg…” He hissed a bit then looked at Cody. “We’re going to need extraction. The Negotiator has his bacta tank.”

“Yes sir, I’ll get it arranged sir.” Cody needs to be able to do something, anything to help his General.

Arranging a evac is something he can do as Skywalker settles in to keep Obi-Wan stable with the Force, Kix setting the General’s leg as best he can and treat what he could of the tiny body.

Its only later, when Cody is on the Negotiator too, that he notices the blood smears on his vambraces.

Obi-Wan’s blood.

For a moment it sends bile up the back of his throat before he forces himself to walk to the medbay where Helix is treating several vods who got injured in the airstrike.

He gives the other a nod then moves to the tiny bacta tank beside the two much a larger ones, watching Obi-Wan float in it as his vitals indicate that he is fine.

For the first time since he became aware after airstrike, the tight knot in his chest eases as he rests his fingertips against the lukewarm tank, lips twitching ever so slightly in relief.

“I think I don’t have to say if you hurt him, I’ll bury you in sand.” A quiet voice offered Cody and the clone tensed before glancing behind himself, blinking at General Skywalker who was sitting on an available medical bed.


“You like him. A lot. Obi-Wan likes you too though he doesn’t think you could care for him that way.”


“He thinks his size is a rather, no pun intended, large hindrance towards any romantic relationship he might wish to engage in.” Anakin stood of the bed and brushed of himself. It was clear the other had yet to change clothes from the airstrike, was still dirty and had been watching the bacta tank. It was a sentiment Cody could get behind.

Then he realized what the other had said.

“He…would he…welcome my attention?” He hesitated, feeling awkward asking. There were so many reasons not to do it. Regs for one, this was his general after all, the fact that Obi-Wan was a Jedi,  Cody’s aging.

But Obi-Wan’s size was not one of them.

“I honestly think it would be good for him. He knows he’s loved platonic but romantic… And you’d treat him well.” Anakin shrugged before sighing. “Look…just…take care of him. You’ve done a good job about it until now.” He plucked at his clothes and grimaced at the dirt clinging to the fabric before smirking at Cody. “Better then Dooku did at least.”

Cody shifted. “…Is it true that Healer Che at the temple holo called him to yell about his neglect of the General’s dietary habits?”

“Yes.” Anakin gave an evil grin. “She did. I wish I had a holovid of it.”

The commander sniggered a bit before looking back at the bacta tank, staring at Obi-Wan. ‘…When he wakes up…’

Raiding TATFS’s Sub List- Fic Recs Beginning with ‘B’

     Balanced Again                by MissReylo   
The Force is unbalanced and Rey, hoping to save Queen Leia, goes off to bring Ben Solo home. Will she succeed?

     Bathtime                by FoxesDance   
Kylo comes upon Rey in the bath. Shenanigans ensue.

     Bathwater                by Hormonal_Trashbag   
Rey sells BB-8 to Unkar Plutt and with the droid in the hands of the First Order at last, Kylo Ren discovers it doesn’t have the map. If he wants a job done, he’ll have to do it himself.

     Before The Saber Swings                by WaterlilyRose   
The night before his execution, Kylo Ren asks to see Rey.

     Betrothed                by All_The_Feels   
What if King Prana had an ulterior motive when he sent Han Solo out looking for rathtars? And what if that ulterior motive had to do with his own obsession with Princess Leia? While visiting for what was supposed to be a diplomatic mission, Rey, General Organa, and Poe find themselves held prisoner at King Prana’s palace. When the news reaches Kylo Ren, he is NOT happy about this development. Not the arranged marriage fic that you might be expecting.

     Birthday Whacks                by the-reylo-void (Anysia)   
Rey’s never really had a birthday, but the Resistance is about to change that. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Resistance pilots have a wry sense of humor, and Rey finds herself facing her very first piñata… in a very familiar shape. [total tongue-in-cheek crack, inspired by Tumblr]

     Bitter                by glyphsbowtie   
Kylo Ren’s misson is to capture Rey, regardless of the cost. A single stolen kiss reignites something dead within him.

     Blood (Series)             by KillTheDirector   
He will prostrate himself at her feet while she will order him to destroy galaxies. 

     Blossoms                by FoxesDance   
Drabbles for MMoM

     Bread Flour                by Hormonal_Trashbag   
Five years after the war ended, Ben is a free man. Unfortunately, the one person he wants to see most has all but disappeared.

Deception - Chapter 3

Fandom: Divergent.
Pairing: Eric/OC
Rating: M

With a Father in power and a past based on rumors, a story of deception entails.

Find the second chapter here.

A/N: Thank you as always. And this will eventually be updated to when they sort their shit out.

@murmelinchen  @beltz2016  @tak3th3sh0t  @singingpeople@frecklefaceb  @equalstrashflavoredtrash  @pathybo  @tobiasbebrave @xxrubyredrosexx @maan2442 @ariwolff14 @kenzieam @lauraaan182

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Seeds of thought : Wicdiv 455AD

Hey everyone ! Fair warning, this month’s analysis is a bit heavy on the History lesson side. I try not to go all nerdy on here because I want to emphasize that this is only my opinion/thoughts and not “10 things you need to know to understand this issue” but the further we go back in time, the harder it gets to analyse things without putting them in context first. So yeah, sorry about that. Anyway, as usual spoilers under the cut. Enjoy !

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Fic 487: Family

The prompt for today is Past, Present, Future all in the same fic

“Misha, come sit by me.”

The boy, hardly more than twelve, looked up from his reading and into the stern face of his father. It was an expression he’d see more frequently as of late, and that seemed to etch a strange sadness into the older man’s countenance. Setting his book to the side, he joined his father next to the fire the burned in the hearth that dominated the small house.

“We will leave tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, sir.” Misha replied obediently. It would be their third move in almost as many years and, just like the others, done with less than three day’s notice.

“You will help your mother with the girls.”

“Yes, sir.”

“They depend upon us, Misha.” His father looked down at him. “Our women are strong, but your sisters… they are so young.”

Misha nodded. Father was right. Bronislava couldn’t even walk yet.

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the color of lightning, pt. 3

Darcy/Pietro, rated T

read: part 1, part 2

Agent Darcy Lewis is called in after the Battle of Sokovia to help identify the bodies of the deceased. Except, it turns out, one of them isn’t quite dead.

Also on AO3! (it would mean a lot if you could leave a review.)

well, i said that i wouldn’t be updating anything because of nanowrimo, but then i had inspiration for the chapter that’s been blocking me for weeks.

Originally posted by marvelmaximoff

a million thanks to @dresupi and @georgiagirlagain for reading this over. (also, check out @paranoidwino‘s companion fic!)

There was dead silence for a long moment, then the room burst into a cacophony of sound. Wanda threw herself at her brother, sobbing hysterically. She hugged him so hard she was practically smothering him. Clint took a step toward the bed, then thought better of it. He and Darcy looked at each other.

“I, uhh—I’m gonna call Tony and Coulson,” Clint stammered, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

Darcy commiserated; she felt uncomfortable too. Like an outsider intruding on a private moment. “Good idea,“ she said. “I’ll get the doctor.” Wanda didn’t look up as they left the room. Pietro was buried under her hair and unable to see anything at all.

It was easy to find a doctor. Apparently, the loud cries of a family member could mean several things, but all of them were important. The nurses were already eyeing the general direction of Pietro’s room, theorizing amongst themselves, and had no problem directing Darcy to his doctor.

The doctor’s face lit up as soon as Darcy told her what happened. "I don’t get to see outcomes like this very often,” she confided. “Times like these make my whole year.”

The doctor entered Pietro’s room immediately, but Darcy loitered in the hallway. She stared at her fingernails for moment, eyeing each speck of dirt critically. For the first time in days, she was at a total loss. There were no forms to fill out, no security to arrange, no coma patient to take care of. Which was amazing. She hadn’t let herself think this far ahead, avoiding the crushing disappointment she would’ve faced if Pietro didn’t make it through after all.

But he did. And his sister was here, and Clint was here, and they were going to take him to the Avengers facility, probably, or at least some place where he would have better care. That was the plan, and it was a good plan. The problem was that Darcy didn’t know how to go back to her normal routine after all the excitement. Just thinking of the prospect of desk duty at Headquarters was enough to give her hives.

Scrubbing a hand over her face and plopping down in a nearby chair, Darcy shoved that thought away. Right now was a time for celebration. She’d figure out all the rest later.

She wasn’t sitting there for very long before Clint came back. He dropped down next to her so exuberantly that the chair creaked under his weight and thudded against the wall. Knocking her shoulder with his, he asked, “Why the long face?”

Forcing a tired grin, Darcy replied, “Just exhausted. And trying to figure out what I’m going to be assigned to next.“ She halfheartedly joked, "It’ll be kind of tough to go back to the usual assignments after this, you know?”

With a genuine smile, Clint teased, “Trust me, I know. You have met me, right?” More seriously, he continued, "But I understand. I might have a solution for that, actually.”

Whatever he was going to say next was cut off as the doctor exited the room. “They’re asking for you,” she told them. Before leaving, she added, “I’m recommending that he stay another 24 hours before you move him, just to be sure he continues healing as he should.” With a significant look at Clint, she challenged, “Will that be a problem?”

Clint grinned and threw a sloppy salute. “No, ma'am, that’ll work just fine.”

Wanda looked up with a smile as they entered. She had relocated to the side of the bed, no longer smothering her brother. A nurse stood next to the bed, fiddling with the IV and murmuring to Pietro. Based on the flutter of her eyelashes and his accompanying smirk, her whispers weren’t entirely related to his medical care. Pietro smiled broadly at something she said, prompting the nurse to flush. Darcy couldn’t blame her.

Upon seeing his smile, Darcy’s first thought was, Wow, that should be illegal, and her second was, Damn. Of course he was a flirt. If she looked like that and had just come out of a life-threatening coma, she would be too. Not that it mattered; she shouldn’t be thinking of him in that capacity anyway. It wasn’t professional. Screw professional, her ovaries whispered. Darcy steadfastly ignored them.

(read more link here)

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Kylo’s head hurt.

There was pounding at his temples, as well as low, thrumming ache everywhere else around his skull, a pressure like a metal ring squeezing his brain. He kept as still as he could, lying down, but it wasn’t really helping much.

The lights were turned down to ten percent, just barely enough to see the shape of things in his quarters. There weren’t any outside sources of light on a ship, no singular glow to become a centre of his focus and a source of meagre distraction. Only soft darkness he could get lost in.

He wouldn’t be able to stand any light.

His head hurt, and there was a whirlwind of thoughts inside of it. He’d rather not think at all, and yet it seemed impossible, the constant buzz of everything he tried to keep quiet during the day. Hours like this, when he was supposed to rest, were always the worst ones, with no distractions to keep himself up and moving and not thinking of everything he was trying to forget.

He hadn’t slept in more than fifty hours. He knew he wouldn’t sleep today.

He used to haunt Finalizer’s corridors on times like this. Used to get up, put on his helmet on and roam, terrorizing the crew on gamma shifts. The lack of actual night time on a starship was a blessing then, the constant activity an excuse enough for him to move. Sleepless hours had a rhythm of their own, Kylo’d discovered. They were quiet and still and unbearable, unless they were filled with something. There was little, besides the sheer exhaustion to the point of collapse, that could help him fall asleep, so there was no point in trying. Even if he did manage to sleep, it would be for no more than an hour and he would wake up even more tired. It was better to move, and with personnel’s fear palatable around him at least he could feel almost-

Whole. Powerful and in control and not at all like he was running from something which existed in his own head.

But that had been before Starkiller.

The next day found him stiff and more tired than he felt when he had laid down. He didn’t manage anything more than a micronap.

There was a point, when one hadn’t truly slept for days, when everything felt quite unreal, misshapen and blurred, like reality itself was turning into a dream. Everything seemed like too much, like breathing itself was a tremendous effort, and even his own thoughts felt sluggish.

But this Kylo considered a good thing.

The Finalizer was as busy as it had always been, with people running around in all directions. It would’ve been comforting, if it hadn’t felt so much different to what it have been before. The crew wasn’t afraid of him anymore, not as they had been. They had more terrible things to fear now.

Still, most of the officers still scuttled out of his way. But Hux had always been an exception.

“Ren,” he said, as soon as he saw Kylo in an otherwise empty corridor. “Have you not been sleeping again?” This wasn’t a first time he had asked that question, nor it would be the last.

“I don’t think it’s any of your concern, General.” Kylo was too exhausted to think of anything new to say in response.

“It’s precisely my concern. You’re of no use to me like this,” Hux said, clearly intent on not letting the issue go. That had been an old argument, too.

“Hux,” Kylo started. They had this exact discussion before, and he had little desire to rehash it, not as tired as he was. “Leave it. This isn’t something you can fix.”

Hux looked at him with something that Kylo would’ve thought concern on anyone else.

“Come with me,” he said, and then turned around sharply.

Kylo followed him before he even thought about it, the instinct a second nature by now. He was dead on his feet, anyway, on a verge of falling asleep standing, and he didn’t have any energy to spare to overanalyse his own behaviour.

Hux, he realized after a moment, had been leading him to a part of the ship where both of their quarters were located. He must’ve really looked bad, he thought self-deprecatingly, if the General intended to tuck him in.

But Hux had led him to his own door instead, not even checking if Kylo followed. He took off his uniform jacket and mentioned to the couch.

“Come lay down.”

“Hux, no,” Kylo said. “It won’t help.” Actually falling asleep during the alpha shift was impossible for him, and trying would only leave him alone with the thoughts he didn’t want to face.

Hux turned around face him. He looked softer, only in his undershirt, less like a General and more like a person. He took Kylo’s face between his hands and kissed him sweetly, without any heat, quite unlike himself. He nibbled at Kylo’s lower lip, and Kylo moaned in response, melting into it. He was so tired, and it was so easy to let himself be kissed…

“Come lay down with me,” Hux whispered. Kylo nodded in response. He led himself be led around, like a puppet whose strings were all in Hux’s hand.

Hux arranged them on the couch to his own liking, keeping himself half-seated and Kylo laying on his chest, nestled between his tights. He kept one hand buried in Kylo’s hair, massaging slow circles into his scalp, and Kylo could feel himself relaxing. It was, he thought, only a temporary distraction, one he shouldn’t rely on, but still, it was so nice to just lay like this…

He drifted into sleep.

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Obi-wan doesn't really have much contact with people. How would the clones react to the fact their Jedi/general is touch-starved

Cody finding out Obi-Wan is touch starved and making it his mission to hug him as much as possible. Maybe recruiting other clones to help him.             

Two anons

“Have you noticed how he kind of…tenses?” Cody looked up, raising his eyebrows at Helix standing in front of him in the mess.

“Who? And we’re in a war, if someone is tense, there’s a explanation.”

Helix gained a frustrated look then sighed. “I mean General Kenobi and each time someone touches him. Its just for a few seconds before he looks like he’s melting into the touch as long as he knows the person.”

Cody blinked and shifted a bit, sitting up. “Okay, explain that one to me. He tenses up when touched and then melts if he knows the person?” He asked in confusion.

“I think he’s touch starved, its the only thing I can get it patted down to that makes sense.” Helix finally settled on, rubbing the back of his neck with a frown.

“You’re going to have to explain that to me.” Cody gestured for Helix to sit down in front of him. “Touch starved.”

“Lack of affection and deprivation of positive touches that reinforces that they are cared for, wanted…loved.” Helix expanded on the subject. By now the whole mess was listening and Cody absently noted Boil pulling Waxer into his lap and holding around the other.

“Okay, when you say it like that, I understand what it is. What does that mean for General Kenobi since you felt the need to bring it before me…before us.” He gestured around since Helix had done it on purpose and the medic gave him a thin lipped smile.

“Because of the way it affects him and by that extension us. We know the importance of closeness, of having someone to lean on and backup.” Helix offered seriously and Cody nodded at that.

“Skin starved sentient experience emotional instability, anxiety, high elevation of stress, depression, are more open to  secondary immune disorders  and are more likely to distance themselves from healthy relationships because they don’t know how to handle it. None of these are things we need from a General in war time.”

Cody blinked, mentally racing through every campaign and mission the General had gone on, the lack of self preservation for many of them suddenly in clear light.

“I see. What do we do about this?” He sat up, ignoring his tray of still steaming food.

“Best way to solve it? Human contact. Start slow, simple hand touches and brushes and evolve towards hugs if he allows it. Shoulder taps and so on.” Helix nodded firmly. “It would be easier if you were the one to instigate it Commander as for now, the General is most comfortable with you. I’d enlist General Skywalker if I could but he’s kind of…busy.” The medic shifted and every clone snorted.

Oh yeah, Skywalker was plenty busy visiting his ‘friend’, Senator Amidala.

“I’ll see to it Helix, get the ball rolling on it.” Cody glanced down at his dinner then took a deep breath. “Do you know if the General’s eaten yet?”

“Not as far as I’m aware of.”

“Good.” Cody stood. “I’ll need two trays of dinner and a cup of red tea on one of them…and if we still have those sponge cakes from Ryloth, one of those too.”


“General sir?”

Obi-Wan looked up in surprise and then sat up fully when he saw Cody standing in the tent opening with two trays in hand, wearing his blacks and no armor. “Commander, I…its dinner time?” He sat up, setting the datapad aside on a low spindly table.

“Yes sir, Helix sent me to make sure you ate sir.” The other held out one of the trays, a small smile on his face as Obi-Wan accepted it. “I also arranged for some tea for you sir.” He sat down beside the Jedi, watching him stabilize the tray on his lap and start eating.

“Thank you Cody, I appreciate that. I haven’t had a decent cup in a week.” Obi-Wan chuckled and started eating the mashed tubers first, enjoying the lightly spiced flavor. He tried not to be surprised when there was a gentle pat to his shoulder.

“Of course General, dig in and fill up. If you lose anymore weight Helix will be very annoyed with you.” Cody turned to his own tray, pretending he hadn’t noticed the man tense up at his touch.

Over the week, he started slowly working in ways to touch the General. A light touch to a arm for attention, resting a hand on the others shoulder while pointing something out.

When the 501st arrived, he pulled Rex aside to inform him of what was going on, gratified to see the others eyes widen in surprise.

So he had not been the only higher ranking clone not to notice issue. He did however notice Kix and Helix talking together in low tones not far from the General’s tent as Skywalker, Tano and Kenobi greeted each other.

“Okay, so, what do you need me to do vod?”

“So far I’m still working on getting him to relax around me but…general touches honestly, shoulder pats, touch his arm to get his attention. That kind of thing. Helix thinks I can get away with more if I tell him what we know but I think if General Kenobi knew what was going on he’d try to deny it and deflect it.” Cody rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“Want my opinion?”


“Drag him into your lap, hold him tight and don’t let him go. That way he can’t deny it.” Rex shrugged.

“And get my ass dragged for unseemly conduct. Yeah right.”

“You really think General Kenobi would do that to you?” Rex asked sceptically.

“He has a point sir.” They both jumped and Cody cursed under his breath. “Longshot, how long have you been there.”

“A few minutes. It might be easier to help the General if he outright knew we were trying to.”

“…If I get dragged for this, I’m dragging you all with me for reprimand.”


“…I’m going to yell at you all…later.” Obi-Wan muttered against Cody’s shoulder, closing his eyes when a careful hand ran through his hair, mussing up the carefully styled hair.
“I’m sure you are General.” Cody chuckled, wrapping his arm tighter around the other waist and dragging him closer. “But how about you first relax and perhaps have a nap?” He suggested lightly while teasing the soft strands of hair.

Obi-Wan’s hands tightened its grip in his blacks at that suggestion.

“I’m not going to leave if you do General sir.” Cody gentled his grip, resting his cheek on the others head and tucking both arms around the narrowed man. Those bulky robes really did hide him away, no wonder Helix was running himself ragged trying to keep the General’s health going.

“I’m not tired.”

“Alright sir, if you say so.” Cody hummed.

“…How many of the others are in on this?”

“All of the 212 and most of 501. I imagine that by tomorrow all of 501 will be in on it.”

There was a low embrassed noise at that. “Everyone is not going to…I mean…”

“Not in public no sir. But if its just us? You can bet your lightsaber.”


“Fair warning, Waxer likes to cuddle so you know. Boil denies it but he does too.”

“That makes so much sense…”

i personally love how kira’s theme becomes progressively louder and more distorted across his various songs on the ost according to how far along in the show we are

like “killer” is very soft and minimalistic and almost sparse in its arrangement (until the very end where it just Explodes [pun intended]). “another face, same mind” starts off in the same sparse way but then quickly picks up with a more industrial sound, intercut with moments of atmospheric quiet, which i assume is to symbolize the contrast between the intensity of kira’s emotions at having been driven into a corner and him struggling to keep up kosaku’s facade. and then we get “third bomb”, which i consider more of a theme for melon kira in general, which is incredibly warped and distorted and LOUD, and his leitmotif is almost overpowering towards the end, which of course makes sense considering the situation (i also adore how they cut in “second bomb” and “another face, same mind” in there as well. but you know. reversed.)


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Settling his fingers on the keys of his keyboard, Michael continued his memorandum for his father. “According to San Myshuno City Law, the rule is well settled that an advertisement is merely an invitation to enter into negotiations, and is not an offer that may be turned into a contract by a person who communicates an intention to purchase the advertised item. Tentley v. Dreier & Blunt, 439 S.M.S.2d 1005 (Dist. Ct. Miranda Co. 1981); Frederick v. Engleton & Co., 207 S.M.S.753 (San Myshuno Mun. Ct. 1924); Schenectady Stove Co. v. Holbrook, (1885); People v. Terrier Bros., Inc., 115 S.M.S.2d 857 (San Myshuno Ct. Spec. Sess. 1952). The only general test is the inquiry whether the facts show that some performance was promised in positive terms in return for something requested. Tentley, 207 S.M.S.2d at 755. However, a purchaser may not make a valid contract by-”

Knock, knock, knock—yet another interruption made itself known at Michael’s door as he was scanning one of his many, many law books for an appropriate case to cite in his memo. “Come in,” he called out, once again making sure his face was arranged in a neutral expression.

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you’re the only one

Title: you’re the only one

Pairings: Shiro/Keith (minor: Pidge/Lance)

Rating: General Audience

Tags: Modern AU, Arranged Marriage, First Dates, Awkward Dates, Dating, Aged-Up Characters, Anxiety Attack, First Kiss, POV Alternating

Summary: “I don’t,” Shiro nervously licks his lips, composing himself, “I don’t think that’s the case right now.” He closes the door and sits down at the arm of the couch. There’s a forlorn expression on his face and although he’s never one to show the real emotions inside him, he can’t help his features from contorting into something sad.

“He might have really run away this time.” Shiro remembers the look on Keith’s face, how red it was from the anger bubbling just under his skin during their dinner with their parents two days prior. They haven’t talked since and Shiro had been meaning to, though only gathering enough courage to do so now, when it might be too late.

“What?” Hunk bites his fingernails. “Why?”

“Our parents,” Shiro can feel his friends’ expectant eyes on him and he pushes the words out to end their curiosity, “they’ve arranged for us to get married.”


Roped into an arranged marriage by their parents, Keith and Shiro’s friends prepare dates to help them ease into the new stage of their relationship.

Notes: My entry for @sheithbigbang! My first ever big bang /sobs/

Biggest thanks to my beta, Jayci, who made this fic decent from the trash that it was;^; Forever indebted to you;; Thank you for putting up with me;;;

All my love to my amazing partner @treycain03 for the wonderful, CUTE AS FUCK accompanying fanart!!! I am still squealing!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!;;;; /caresses screen/ Sheith…

Thanks to the mod for organizing this awesome big bang all on their own!! H O W @^@ Thank you for this opportunity! TOT Great job to all authors and artists!! Def looking forward to holing up in my room and reading everything ; - ;

I know I could’ve probably done better but this is all I can offer for now/ _ ; I hope you all can still enjoy this!ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ /coughs/ I might write a sequel or side stories for this /coughs/

Read the fic here :)