and general arrangement of his face

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Is it bad that I feel bad for Danielle a little bit lol? I mean we are suppose to buy this as real right ? And the general public does? So in that sense Danielle basically got dumped during the holidays, moved out of his house , and a week later Louis is back with his ex and taking her on a trip. From a real perspective it comes off like a huge dig and slap in the face and also the lack of time between the two sort of makes louis look like he was cheating? I mean thank god larry is real as fuck.

it’s hard for me to feel bad for someone when they willingly entered into this arrangement and knew what they were getting themselves into… and i know it to be fake anyway.

but tbh it makes louis and not danielle look like a dick to the public.. and thats one of the biggest reasons why we’re pissed off about eleanor being back. because they continue to make louis look like this and it’s not cool. danielle looks like she got out of this unscathed and with her good girl next door image intact like shes always had… louis looks; desperate, has a fear of being lonely, possibly a cheater, and a bad father who goes through heaps of girlfriends and takes them on lavish holidays while leaving his kid at home . i have ZERO sympathy for danielle or eleanor or briana or whatever other name you want to throw my way and ALL the sympathy for louis who is NONE of those things i described which is what his public image shows him to be.

Enough (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Summary: You, a Resistance spy, fell madly in love with Kylo Ren. Upon finding out you’re pregnant, Kylo must tell Snoke about the baby. But Snoke has some unexpected news for Kylo.

Request: @my-fucking-world-13(???disappeared??): (oneshot) if you infiltrate the first order and get involved with kylo, you end up falling in love and getting pregnant, when kylo discovers he promises to stay with the child and kill you. But when he enters the room and sees you talking to his belly he gives up and runs away with you

Warnings: Pregnancy

Word Count: many

A/N: So…im not good at writing Kylo outside of “the bedroom” i suppose. But I don’t only want to write Kylo smut. So please excuse Kylo being OOC, i’m working on writing his characterization. Also sorry this is incredibly late. 

You were a spy for the Resistance. You hated the First Order, hated what they stood for. But you were a good actress, smart and cunning. You were quick in all the right ways. And so you were given the task of infiltrating the Order.

You started out small. Recruited as a petty officer. But you weren’t just an officer for long. Something went wrong. Or something went right, you supposed.

You’d barely been on the Finalizer for 48 hours before Kylo Ren noticed you. You thought it was just because you were new. And then you thought it was because he knew that you were a spy.

But that wasn’t it.

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Falling For You by LoveActually_rps [Read on AO3]

[Otayuri | 8K | General Audiences| Royalty AU, Humor, Arranged Marriage, False Identity, First meeting, Prince!Otabek, Prince!Yuri]


Otabek gaped at the intricately carved silver frame that held a painting of a face. A big scowling face.

The boy, certainly Prince Yuri, was wearing fine clothes beneath a worn out cheetah print jacket. His studded crown was tilted on his head, ready to fall at any moment if the boy decided to sneeze. A distinct pinch of the eyebrows was a strong indicator of frustration, even anger. Crystal green eyes - an eye, to be precise, was half visible under the curtains of his messy blonde hair and was currently glaring right back at Otabek.

“Holy mother of God!” Otabek flinched away from the painting which he thought might somehow take on a life of its own and punch him square in the face.

[Royalty, Arranged marriage AU where Otabek owns a sturdy, black stallion and names him Elizabeth]


I need to stop thinking so much about the tragedy of SW.

So I was up early waiting for Eurovision to start, and it struck me that actually, there were still quite a few characters around as of RotJ who could have had some idea about Luke’s parentage but canonically either never did or never said. And then this popped into my head.

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Raiding TATFS’s Sub List- Fic Recs Beginning with ‘B’

     Balanced Again                by MissReylo   
The Force is unbalanced and Rey, hoping to save Queen Leia, goes off to bring Ben Solo home. Will she succeed?

     Bathtime                by FoxesDance   
Kylo comes upon Rey in the bath. Shenanigans ensue.

     Bathwater                by Hormonal_Trashbag   
Rey sells BB-8 to Unkar Plutt and with the droid in the hands of the First Order at last, Kylo Ren discovers it doesn’t have the map. If he wants a job done, he’ll have to do it himself.

     Before The Saber Swings                by WaterlilyRose   
The night before his execution, Kylo Ren asks to see Rey.

     Betrothed                by All_The_Feels   
What if King Prana had an ulterior motive when he sent Han Solo out looking for rathtars? And what if that ulterior motive had to do with his own obsession with Princess Leia? While visiting for what was supposed to be a diplomatic mission, Rey, General Organa, and Poe find themselves held prisoner at King Prana’s palace. When the news reaches Kylo Ren, he is NOT happy about this development. Not the arranged marriage fic that you might be expecting.

     Birthday Whacks                by the-reylo-void (Anysia)   
Rey’s never really had a birthday, but the Resistance is about to change that. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Resistance pilots have a wry sense of humor, and Rey finds herself facing her very first piñata… in a very familiar shape. [total tongue-in-cheek crack, inspired by Tumblr]

     Bitter                by glyphsbowtie   
Kylo Ren’s misson is to capture Rey, regardless of the cost. A single stolen kiss reignites something dead within him.

     Blood (Series)             by KillTheDirector   
He will prostrate himself at her feet while she will order him to destroy galaxies. 

     Blossoms                by FoxesDance   
Drabbles for MMoM

     Bread Flour                by Hormonal_Trashbag   
Five years after the war ended, Ben is a free man. Unfortunately, the one person he wants to see most has all but disappeared.

Seeds of thought : Wicdiv 455AD

Hey everyone ! Fair warning, this month’s analysis is a bit heavy on the History lesson side. I try not to go all nerdy on here because I want to emphasize that this is only my opinion/thoughts and not “10 things you need to know to understand this issue” but the further we go back in time, the harder it gets to analyse things without putting them in context first. So yeah, sorry about that. Anyway, as usual spoilers under the cut. Enjoy !

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i personally love how kira’s theme becomes progressively louder and more distorted across his various songs on the ost according to how far along in the show we are

like “killer” is very soft and minimalistic and almost sparse in its arrangement (until the very end where it just Explodes [pun intended]). “another face, same mind” starts off in the same sparse way but then quickly picks up with a more industrial sound, intercut with moments of atmospheric quiet, which i assume is to symbolize the contrast between the intensity of kira’s emotions at having been driven into a corner and him struggling to keep up kosaku’s facade. and then we get “third bomb”, which i consider more of a theme for melon kira in general, which is incredibly warped and distorted and LOUD, and his leitmotif is almost overpowering towards the end, which of course makes sense considering the situation (i also adore how they cut in “second bomb” and “another face, same mind” in there as well. but you know. reversed.)
here as we speak (i feel madness subside) - Chapter 1 - Baesthetic - Still Star-Crossed (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Still Star-Crossed (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Benvolio Montague/Rosaline, Rosaline Capulet/Benvolio Montague
Characters: Rosaline Capulet, Benvolio Montague
Additional Tags: Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Arranged Marriage, au where everyone talks like its modern day, they are very sarcastic


“What are you doing?” she hissed an inch away from his face.

“What am I doing?” He raised a brow “I was quite literally just standing here.”

“Well, go do that somewhere else.” She ushered.

“Adorable how you think I’m here for my own enjoyment.” He quipped “Someone has to play the part of the loving spouse, Capulet, and you obviously suck at it.”

She narrowed her eyes at him.

“Plus abandoning my wife at the party thrown for our very wedding seemed like a bad move.”

“Oh, you are so thoughtful,” Rosaline said sarcastically.


Chapter 180: The FATHER and SON’S formal Discussion

Note: NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!, in the comments or anywhere on this account. We have not finished reading the novel. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes/comments are highly appreciated. 

Hello, it’s 3:00am here, I’m dead. Ignore grammar errors, I will edit after work. Also, sorry I haven’t been able to answer any of the questions I’ve received, its piling T^T I will work on it in a day or two! Thank you! ^^ GOODNIGHT and have a great day!  T^T

Translator:  Sae    

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Impressive, Girl - Part One


Summary: (Y/N) Hux is General Armitage Hux’s sister. With their father’s failing health, the First Order assasin must go back to live with her brother. But her moving from a distant planet to the First Order base allows for more intersting things to happen, especially when a certain Knight takes an interst in her. 

Warnings: Death, minor violence

Pairing: None for this part – Reader Insert (female)
*quick note* at this point in the story there are no physical descriptors of the Reader, since it is reader insert, but at some point there will be some. I will do my best to avoid specifics, but since she is Hux’s twin, I might accidently put some very obvious ginger traits in there. Pre-apology.


Hux sighs at the message in front of him. His father’s health is failing, rapidly. Brendol Hux only has a maximum of two weeks, according to his twin sister.

She is a warrior, leading from behind a control panel isn’t her thing. It took years for their father to let her do any training, but once she started, she rose the top of the combat group in no time. Her technique was a lot quicker and brutal than what the standard solider is taught. Her skills were and still are so refined that she is the First Order’s main assassin. Even Snoke is amazed by her raw talent; it surprises him that she is not Force sensitive.

Her senses are so heightened; her reflexes are faster than a good portion of the trained Siths; her full potential is still not reached, even over thirty years after birth.

Their father had told Armitage that he has never seen such a skilled fighter. A conversation like that always finished with a pat on the back and a sly comment about Hux’s slower progress.

The General isn’t sure what he should do. With their father’s failing health, he knows he needs to visit. But that also means his sister will be transferred back to the base instead of being with their father during her off time.

Armitage may love his father, but he does not particularly enjoy his sister. His father raised both of them on the values of whoever is best is on top and females rank lower than men, to name a few. Though Brendol admits there are some amazing female leaders and pilots, combat is a man’s job. The fact that his sister was allowed to train in combat angers Armitage. He should have been trained in the physical aspect. Sure he became an amazing General, but still. It was his duty as the son of the bastard children to be impressive.

Armitage needs to take at least two days off to visit his father. It will be the last time for him to see him. The General needs to see him just one last time.

Hux knows he should wait a few more days and go towards the last few days of his father’s life. His sister will want to come back with him. His sister will demand to live on the base instead of some almost off the grid planet getting missions through a shitty connection. She will require it. And if he says no, especially in front of their father, he will be berated until their fathers last words.

“Why must life be this way, Millicent?” He rubs the cats head. She meows in response. “I know you are only a cat, but I know you have more insight than a soft meow.”

Millicent meows again, but this time jumps out of his lap.

The man sighs. He needs to go. There is no other option.

EIGHT days later, General Hux is on a ship to the Unknown Regions, more specifically to a little planet named Jakara. The name was chosen by their grandfather before either of the two were born. Their grandfather enjoyed exploring the Unknown Regions and found one planet with no civilization at all.

It is now only the General, his cat, and a single pilot who is leaving immediately after dropping him off. The pilot will return in a maximum of six days, depending on everything.

The small, but still grand house is only yards from him. He just doesn’t want to go in. It’s as if the wooden porch and cottage-feel are threatening him, instead of being inviting him like it is intended to be. With a sigh and sudden act of courage, Hux makes his way to the house.

He has not seen this house since his sister was first stationed here 12 years ago. The house is quite lovely, a decent size too, but it holds far too many memories the General wishes to remove from his mind.

Like the day his sister was practicing some killing tactics and he nearly walked in front of her knife toss. The tip clipped his shoulder, severing a few nerves. Of course he received immediate medical care, but his father looked down on him again. He told the young boy that is training needed to be increased. That he was foolish.

Or the time one of the other officers in training started to beat up the young General. Knowing the boy had little to no physical conflict training, the other officer had the upper hand. What they didn’t know was that his twin was rounding the corner. She went into a dead sprint, threw the larger boy off of her brother, and picked up him up. The other trainee was thrown so hard his back cracked against the brick wall. Her twin was embarrassed. He couldn’t event take care of himself.

The General shakes his head. That was the past. He is stronger now. He is the General of the First Order and he has gained his father’s pride.

He has become stronger.

As he walks up to the house, his sister walks on to the porch. Her matching hair is in a high ponytail, but her matching eyes are glaring. She has a sad look if you remove her angry lies. Armitage can tell his sister is exhausted. She has almost every exposed exhaustion; now, it is obvious.

“I’m glad you came, Armitage. It is nice to see you again.”

Armitage smiles. “Nice to see you too, sister.”

Millicent sprints up the stairs of the porch, jumping onto the railing in front of the girl. The girl’s face doesn’t change, but her hands pet the cat. The cat purrs, indicating her immediate love for the girl.

“Father is not doing well.”

OVER the next six days, the tensions in the house were high. The medics were careful not to interrupt either of the twin’s time with their fading father. House servants avoided the rooms where the twins both were. Though they twins were glad to see each other again, their hate for each other was maintained during the trip. They could barely stay in the same room for more than ten minutes.

Six days is longer than their father should have lasted. It’s a bit of relief that he didn’t die immediately after Armitage landed. It’s a bit of stress, however, because though he is struggling, their father still knows how to make small, sly comments.

“Miss?” a medic bows, walking into the kitchen where the girl stands, munching on some fruit. The girl looks to the female medic. “Your father. He’s in his last moments.”

She drops the bowl to the counter. With a stoic face, she follows behind the other female. She’s known this day was coming for the past month. She just didn’t want to accept that it was actually coming.

Once inside the large bedroom on the second floor, the girl catches sight of her twin on the opposite side of the bed from where she is. There is a chair set up on the other side, assuming she will sit their.

But she looks to their father while rushing in. His face is much paler than just yesterday. His eyes are also very heavy… he looks already dead. She sits quickly, grabbing his open hand. The old man attempts to grasp back; it does not work. The hand just twitches in his daughters.

For a moment, his eyes flutter open. Just a moment of open eyes before their father speaks.”

“You have both brought me pride,” their father coughs. “I couldn’t ask for two better children. Continue the family legacy, my children. I love you both very much.”

Armitage and Y/N both let a few tears escape. The most emotional and sincere their father has ever been is right now, on his death bed. It’s almost as if he wanted them to realize ‘I wasn’t a complete jerk, just a bit’. That he wanted the best. That he was a father, not just a cruel ex-general. That he really did love them.

The sound of the flat lining heart rate echoes. A medic comes next to the girl to adjust some of his pumps to let his body truly rest. But she doesn’t mind. Her eyes are on her father’s dead face. Her eyes on the person who gave her a chance.

“I hate to do this, but we must ask you to leave. We need to disconnect items and prepare him.”

Armitage stands slowly while his twin bolts up, knocking her chair over and sprinting out of the room.

The funeral arrangements had been pre-arranged. Once he dies, there is to be a one-hour waiting period before he is cremated. Once cremated, he was to be placed inside the hilt of his sword. Once that occurred, the twins were meant to bury him.

The first two actions are finished, leaving the burying of the sword. The General’s sister stares as the blade rested in her hand. A hole has already been dug, they just need to wrap the cloth around it and place it inside. But (Y/N) can’t do it. She turns to Armitage, whose eyes are also cast downward and extends it to him.

“I can’t do it, brother. Please.”

Hux glances to his sister. He has never seen her more tearful. With his own heart breaking, her grabs the sword from her in one hand and uses the other to wrap it up. Though it hurts, he places the sword into the earth. A grave attendant covers it with dirt, exposing the indicator.

Brendol Hux, father and fighter, never forgotten.

(Y/N) Hux falls to her knees before the grave, sobbing. The General just watches as her body shakes. He wants to help, but there is no good way to. So he remains next to her instead.

“Sister, we will be leaving in four hours.”

And with that, Armitage leaves the grave teary-eyed and emotional deflated.

Request: For me and all of you! I was hit with this idea at 2AM and then it wouldn’t leave me alone…

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Fem!Reader 

Word Count: 3,311

Warnings: None! Fluff! All Fluff!

Authors Note: I re-wrote this three times… due to this fact I’m rather ambivalent to this story, haha! I’ve worked on it for far too long. I just hope I was able to portray the intensity and sincerity of the emotions. Feedback would honestly be appreciated! In other news, I made a Master List!

Your name: submit What is this?

Poe Dameron was a busy man. However, he was not busy enough to let you to go unnoticed. You had immediately gained his attention as you took your first steps off a transport and onto the Resistance base. He remembered the moment rather vividly. It was a breezy day in mid Spring. As you exited the transport and walked across the yard, your hair caught hold of flower petals that had been floating in the wind. The colour of the petals had nicely contrasted your hair; giving it a shimmery effect. To the eyes of Poe Dameron, you bore resemblance to a goddess. And over the past year, nothing had been able to change that opinion.

It was Spring once again on D’Qar. General Leia Organa had an announcement which affected all Resistance personnel. The only area large enough to hold such a meeting was the court yard. Poe stood only a meter from you. He was caught up in his memories as he gazed at your visage. Your lips were a deep pink and held a small smile. Your skin seemed to softly glow, as if proving celestial heritage. Large eyes shown brightly with curiosity and vitality. You were indeed an ethereal beauty. But you weren’t just some pretty face. No. You were so much more.

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In My Arms (Poe Dameron x Reader)

Request: One where you are captured and Poe, being your fiancé, comes to rescue you (requested by @asirenscalling).

Warning(s): Mentions of violence. Language.

A/N: in this fic, the reader is captured by one of those scavenger gangs, not the First Order. hope you like it!

You heard the echo of footsteps outside of the metal cell they were holding you in, and did your best to sit up. The newly-established bruise over your ribs made this task more difficult that it would have been before, but then again, they did kick the shit out of you.

The automatic door slid open and in marched the same sleaze that decided your ribcage and his boot should become quite friendly with each other. He started coming closer to where you were seated, and you immediately backed up only to hit the cold wall.

“C’mon, sweetheart, you need to tell us where that base is. Some people really want to know, so why don’t you just make this easy.” The man kneeled beside you and the smell of his breath burned your nose.

Being a part of the Resistance, you had specific orders to never release the location of the main base. Those coordinates were thought to be more valuable than a single life.

You glare in his general direction, avoiding his eyes. “I’ll never tell you.”

“Well then, we might just have to make other arrangements for you. I know someone who would pay a pretty price for a pretty girl like you.” He reached out and held your face, running his dirty thumb over your cheek. You jerked back and forth, trying to escape his clutch, but his grip only became tighter.

You instantly thought of your fiancé, Poe, and how destroyed he would be if you were sold into slavery. He would have begged you to give up the coordinates so he wouldn’t have to lose you, screaming on his hands and knees. He would go mental and do anything necessary to get you back. Your eyes watered at the thought, making your next response much more difficult than it would have been before.

“I’d rather be a slave than give up the coordinates to scum like you.” You mutter.

That earned a slap from the man, and the frigid sound of his hand meeting your cheek made your stomach turn. Your left eye was leaking tears now, partially from the stinging and partially from the water that had already collected there.

“No one is going to come for you, no one cares-” He was interrupted by a loud thud from outside the door and he stood to see where it came from. 

The door to the cell opened and a masked scavenger came inside, holding his gun out. The man who had been interrogating you appeared confused. Something about this scavenger seemed strangely familiar.

“What do you want?” He questioned angrily.

“My fiancée.”

You knew that voice. Poe. You watched in shock as he shot the gang leader, the man’s limp body falling to the floor beside you. You shifted away so the puddle of blood oozing from his chest didn’t reach you. Poe rushed over to you, pulling off the mask and tossing it across the room.

He started checking you for injuries as he rambled on, “(Y/N), are you okay? They told me you had been captured on a supply run, I came as soon as-”

“Poe,” you silenced him by placing your hand on his cheek, “I’m fine. I’ve just got some aching ribs.” You laughed, groaning when the pain shot through you. Poe’s face twisted with concern. “I’m just glad you shot that fuckface over there.”

Poe smiled softly, leaning in to place a gentle kiss on your forehead. He ran his hand through your hair as if he was trying to memorize the feel of it, before pulling you into his arms.

“I love you so much, I’m just so glad you’re safe.” He whispered into your neck.

You felt the tears prickling in your eyes; his words were so comforting after all you had just been through. “I love you too.” A moment of silence passed between you before loud alarms started blaring down the corridor. “So, did you kill everyone on this ship or do we need to be making our escape right about now?”

“Oh right, an escape plan. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” Poe chuckled, helping you up.

Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: LADS hi i wrote this like 46 years before today im on a roll i love organisation anywau i hope this is okay help




Vienna is pretty.

Fuck, Vienna is beautiful. It’s intricate. Otherworldly. Dan doesn’t know. He can’t just select one adjective to perfectly fit the appearance of the city he’s just stepped out of a plane into.

He can sense Phil’s in the same state of awe, because he’s gone quiet too. In the midst of the excited chatter flooding their surroundings, they’ve both taken to simply standing on the stone stairs of the airport in a state of silent admiration, and it’s the longest Dan thinks Phil’s gone all evening without talking.

He lets a grin tug at either corner of his lips as they proceed to drag their suitcases over to a minibus-like taxi, claiming the two-seater in the far left corner at the back of the vehicle before anyone else has a chance to clamber in beside them.

They join a motorway and Dan’s defocused eyes gaze out at amber streetlights swishing rapidly past them in the blackening sky, the distant hills of land around them, and the stretch of buildings even further in the distance. He figures in any other car journey this would be his cue to plug in his headphones and drown out the surrounding reality, but with Phil beside him, with the same glitter of wonder in his eyes as he looks at the dashing lights outside, he realises this isn’t a reality he cares to drown out; not even with his favourite band.

He catches Phil’s eye, and they exchange a private little grin, before returning back to the window.

He knows this fortnight is going to be one he’ll remember.

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rp wishlist:

  • josh falling in love with an outlaw and vice versa (i really love the love-hate ships and the good guy / bad guy trope)
  • josh has to take care of a kid for ___ reason(s)
  • josh opening up to someone and talking more about literally anything in his life!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • unrequited love from either him or another person
  • josh gets framed and someone puts out a bounty for him
  • arranged marriage / forced marriage by circumstance
  • more of josh on the chain gang or something similar!!!
  • soldier days 
  • kid / teen josh
  • outlaw josh!!!
  • josh put into a predicament that forces his hand to shoot / kill a friend or loved one
  • josh being forced to face his demons (whatever that may mean)
  • josh finds someone who is either pretending to be or is actually a distant relative of his that he had no knowledge of
  • just a lot of angst in general or anything that pushes my muse to break bc 1) i love pain and 2) i have never had a muse so difficult to open up emotionally and that’s saying something considering i play a lot of emotionally closed off characters
  • oh yeah one more…
  • DAD JOSH but like ACTUAL DAD JOSH!!!!! someone have a baby with him
senator kylo ren, human disaster, part 1/3

Because @valinwhore​ won’t stop doing illustrations that are driving me out of my mind, I’m posting the fic in installments so people can understand why on earth we are doing these things. Oh, and @cy-lindric has not refrained from contributing from this ecstasy of group production. 

Note: you may have read this in snips and snabs before as I cut juicy tidbits out, but this is the Real Deal. Content warning for some references to homophobia in the First Order, anvillicious foreshadowing, and for Kylo trying to bump heads with Palpatine for ‘worst most evil senator’ ever. He’s young, but plucky!

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Tutoring//Josh Dun

Requested: how about an imagine where y/n meets josh through tutoring/helping his little brother.


               “Ah just the person I’m looking for! Y/N, do you have a second?” Mr. Harrow asked, he was the school’s science teacher. He was a friendly guy, loved his job and his students more than himself at times—considering his motivation was to have his class succeed and feel fulfilled with themselves. Not just high test marks. Which was probably why he was approaching you; when you had went through his class 2 years ago you were a great student. You understood the material, you got great grades. You loved his science class. “I have this one student, Jordan Dun I think his name is and well he isn’t grasping the concepts as well as he should. He’s talked to me about wanting some one on one help. Which is why I’m walking with you right now, would you mind tutoring him? I know senior year is beyond busy and you’re probably stressed already which I’m sorry for.”

               “Sure Mr. H, I’ll help the kid. Which unit are you guys working on right now?” You asked, watching as the teacher’s face lit right up. He had apparently arranged to meet this guy afterschool in his class, so all three of you would discuss it then. It wasn’t like you had a lot of free time, but you weren’t a social person. You typically hid out in your room, did homework. Normal stuff that you’ve been doing since you first made it to high school. With that being said you did have friends who you hung out with sometimes, but senior year for them was different than for you. Different aspirations, schedules, lives in general. So you could afford to take a couple days a week to help this poor kid.


               “So you’ll come to my house Tuesdays and Thursdays?” The boy mumbled, obviously grateful for your offer to help him. “I do have 3 other siblings, so are you sure you want to do it at my house?” You merely shrugged; siblings couldn’t be that bad.

               “It’ll be fine. Easier for you anyway. If I help you at your house, your mind will be able to take in the information easier. Or something like that—psychology stuff.” You shrugged, grasping the piece of paper firmly in hand as you said your goodbyes to the sophomore. He had given you a scrap piece of paper with his address on it, just in case you didn’t catch him afterschool Tuesday. This couldn’t be too bad, you thought anyway.


               “So this is the hardest part of chemistry is balancing the formulas. Well science chemistry anyway; not to scare you but Chem 20 and on is something.” You laughed, pointing to the notes you had written out on a looseleaf piece of paper. “The main thing you want is for everything to balance out. The same amount of each element on both sides of the arrow.” You pointed, the boy was about to ask a question when a guy who looked like an older version of him walked into the kitchen where the two of you sat.

               “Remember J. The only chemistry here is on the paper, not between you two.” He teased, causing the boy’s face to burn bright red. “Nice to meet you, I’m Josh.” The guy smiled at you, holding a hand in your direction.

               “Y/N. The tutor who would appreciate if you didn’t interrupt and embarrass him.” You deadpanned, causing Josh to back off awkwardly. You had no intentions of being rude, but you had limited time to help Jordan figure out the basics of chemistry before he’d be tested on it. Not to mention you also had homework sitting at home awaiting to be done.

               “So, I have carbon on this side, but carbon dioxide on this side. What do I do now?” You began explaining the concept when a woman—probably his mother walked into the kitchen and began preparing supper. You were awaiting another interruption as you spoke, only to hear her speak when you were done explaining.

               “Oh you must be Y/N! Thank you for coming and helping him. Mr. Harrow raved about you—would you like to stay for dinner?” You tried declining, only to have the woman insist that you stayed.

               “Thank you Mrs. Dun, that’s very kind.” You smiled, grabbing the paper to write out another example.  

               “It’s Laura, and no worries! It’s the least we can do for you helping. Just let me know if you need anything.” She smiled, she seemed like a wonderful lady. You heard the boy beside you mumble something about locking his brother up in the basement so he couldn’t cause anymore embarrassment.

               “So, how about with this reaction?” You asked, pointing to the next example.


               “So last session; crazy right?” You laughed, it had been 2 months since you started tutoring Jordan and you’ve gotten closer to his family than you ever expected. Every time you came over you would stay for dinner. You even went as far as helping tutor him with biology too. You were going to miss coming over here all the time. But it wasn’t like you were about to admit it—and you definitely wouldn’t admit how you’ve found yourself maybe slightly, sort of liking Josh. Since you started tutoring his brother you noticed him more in the hallways; noticed him sitting a bit closer to you in class (though never directly beside you). You’ve noticed the two of you would partner up or end up in the same group for assignments in your History class. Needless to say this isn’t what you had planned.

               “I’m going to miss you. I think we all are.” The boy laughed, before opening his textbook to a page of questions. He started independently answering them, only grabbing your attention when he needed help with a concept. Which had been going on since they started their biology unit. You would bring your homework over and work alongside him, pausing to answer any questions he may have had.

               “Hey J, hi Y/N.” Josh walked downstairs, reaching into the fridge to grab a drink. “Uh Y/N, I was wondering actually. A few friends of mine are having a bit of a get together tomorrow night, since there’s no school. I was uh, wondering if you’d want to come along. It seems like it would be fun, and our classes have been busier than ever. So it would uh be a well needed break for both of us.” You could’ve swore he was about to raw out the back of his neck due to how much he was rubbing it in this moment.

               “I’d love to Josh. I’ll meet you here and we’ll go?” You smiled at him, did he seriously ask you on a date?

               “Sweet. Does 6 work?” You nodded and watched him walk out of the room trying to contain the smile that was spreading across his face.

               “Did he finally ask her out?” You heard one of Josh’s sisters yell from the family’s Livingroom causing your face to burn red. Was he thinking it would be a date? No, the two of you rarely talked besides the dinner conversations like twice a week. No. His younger siblings must be dreaming. Right? Josh wouldn’t want to go on a date with you.

Kylux fic- "Something More"

Pairing: General Hux/Kylo Ren, Hux/Ben Solo

Summary: When Kylo Ren falls pregnant with Hux’s child, the two men begin to doubt their allegiance to the First Order. They flee together, desperate to prevent their child from becoming Snoke’s next weapon.

Warnings: Mpreg- I don’t really go into the science here; this is set in a universe where men can get pregnant and this is the norm. Mentions of miscarriage. Spoilers for TFA. A happy(ish) ending though- this is a redemption fic, folks.


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Neverland Renaissance 2.0 Prompts

General prompts : 

  • life on the Jolly Roger : diners, cleaning
  • life on the camp : searching for food, Hook shows Emma how it’s done, sleeping arrangement :)) 
  • taking showers in the Neverland lake 
  • getting dressed / getting nakey 
  • “um it’s totally your time to watch the camp”
  • “David, Emma and Hook are gone together again.”
  • Pan loves tricks. He messes around with Killian’s mind and he makes him fall into an unconscious state, making him live his worst fears. Emma uses magic to get inside of his head where she face both Killian and his fears and she realizes she’s the only one who can help him through it.
  • Emma eats a poisonous fruit by accident and Killian is the only one who knows how to take care of her
  • Mermaid’s are common in Neverland: the same kind of mermaid who tried to deceive  Charming in 1x13 is now taking Emma’s / Hook’s form to deceive Killian / Emma
  • Pan and Hook moments 
  • Digging into Hook’s past on the island 
  • taking an aspect of the Peter Pan’s book and putting in our Neverland

Sentences :

  • “I would never hut you intentionaly”
  • “I beg you pardon but why the fuck are you laying on top of me ?”
  • “It’s a tale of two lost boys who only had each other to get through the day, a quite depressing one really Swan.”
  • “I never meant to fall for you.”
  • “I would do it all over again.”
  • “Sorry Swan, but you were bloody jealous of me and Tink.”
  • “I don’t want you to go back to being just a story again. ”
  • “You’re the first person who seems to care about me for who i am and i’m not sure i can handle it.”
  • “If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t leave you on top of that beanstalk.”
  • “Why ?” “For you.”
  • “Your eyes are the most soothing ones I have ever met.”
  • “I’m not in love with him.”
  • “The fact is, I could totally fall for you and it’s freaking me out.”
  • “You smell good though.”
  • “How are you not hot in this thing ?” (“I’m always hot.”)
  • “You just had to ask : I would have followed you anywhere.”
  • “See, this is exactly why I shut up about Hook’s appearance.”
  • “There’s no choice to make.”
  • “It’s you.”
  • “You are not alone.”
  • “Sometimes the night gets a little bit too dark for me, that’s when I like to search for your eyes. They always calm me.”
  • “Do you ever get used to it ? To their cries ?” “You get used to everything.”
  • “Now sleep.”
  • “I’m keeping you safe.” “I don’t need you to.” “I know, but it’s quite appreciable, sometimes, to have a shoulder to lean on.”
  • “This place can be our little heaven.”

Under the cut prompts by episode (from 3x01 to 3x11)

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Well okay then, my downloads are fine..

Last episode ended on this scene

Usually before the title card there’s a short recap of ‘Previously on Hunter x Hunter’, but instead we get

THIIIS…this was not any part of last episode

Or at least, not what WE saw. Took me a while to sort it out because this isn’t the usual way things are arranged, but apparently we’re seeing some kind of dream from Gon before the title card while he’s unconscious. Clearly, this is the point where he’ll meet his spirit guide and unlock his Nen powers… or maybe not.

First thought: this somehow represents his dad - the goal at the end of his quest. Doesn’t look particularly like his silhouette though, from what I remember.

Ok yeah, the bill from the cap and the general face shape is enough to convince me. What else would Gon dream about, anyway?