and gayyyy!

feeltheaaronburrn  asked:

Cassius, and do them all~! c:

1: sexuality headcanon


2: otp

cassius x brutus, cassius x titinius

3: brotp

casca!!! (and portia too!)

4: notp

cassius x caesar?? antony?? idk if anyone would do that but

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

this is another one we were discussing at pride but—imagine cassius at pride with rainbow socks and a shirt that says “i’m only at pride because my boyfriends dragged me here”

6: one way in which I relate to this character

i am not as much of an anxious mess as he is but still… sometimes he is Relatable in that way

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

how extra he is

(brutus every 2 seconds: “calm down edgelord”)

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

both i think

The Sorting Hat
  • Sorting hat: </b> you belong in Slytherin, bro
  • Harry: </b> no, pls anything but Slytherin
  • Sorting hat: </b> no drarry is my otp
  • Harry: </b> but Gryffindor-
  • Sorting Hat: </b> did I FUCKING STUTTER
  • Harry: </b>
  • Sorting hat: </b>
  • Harry: </b>
  • Sorting hat: </b> SLYTHERIN
  • *Craig, Tyler, and Evan are standing in a line in front of Jon*
  • Jon: *points at Craig* Fuck you.
  • Craig: *is still looking down at his iPhone* What?
  • Jon: *points at Tyler* Fuck you.
  • Tyler: I don't give a shit. *wraps his arm around Craig's waist*
  • Jon: *points at Evan* Fuck me.
  • Evan: ok *rips off pants*
  • Jon: Hey Evan, what is sex?
  • Evan: Oh that's simple Delirious, sex is a sensation caused by temptation when a guy puts his location into a girl's destination, causing the next population of the next generation. Is that a good explanation or do you need a demonstration~?
  • Jon: I need a demonstration.
  • Evan: *starts sweating profusely*