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Slingshot, episode 1, Vendetta, 13/12/2016

Can we just bask in the gloriousness of the scene?

How happy she is to see him!

I love that we have Elena, who knew Coulson for less amount of time compared to other people, telling him she ‘misses the old boss’, without making it sound like she thinks he gave up too easily, or like she believes he should feel guilty for stepping down or that he didn’t fight hard enough to stay the director.

(And look at her smile when she says that in the third to last gif and his breathless, surprised smile at the second to last.)

People are getting angry bc Yurio won gold??

Like, the whole point of the anime was the skaters making history. Yuri literally made history by winning gold on the GPF in his senior debut. He deserved gold. He was the one who gave his all no matter what, just for what he wanted.

Yuuri gave up too easily, and constantly. He even wanted to retire. I think thats enough reason for Yuri to keep first place, and Yuuri second. Besides, Yuuri made history in a completely different but also amazing way.

Still, both cuties won, so. Please stop getting angry.

Both of them got what they deserved, and what they wanted.


Hear me out for a second.

Why are we trusting “A” so easily to tell us the truth?

Its no secret that the plot holes in this episode reveal is so big it’s almost stupid.


Remember when Marlene King tweeted something  about how this show is only viewed by merely peoples own perspective?
What if this WHOLE 6X10 Finale episode was written to throw us off of the truth. Charles/A/CeCe/Charlotte gave up WAY too easily in the end.

2 things we can be sure off from the past 6 seasons is that; 1) -A gets caught if -A WANTS TO get caught and 2); People in Rosewood has so much secrets that it’s so easy for them to get manipulated to do things.

 What if the REAL A made Cece confess to a completely false story. She told us her point of view and let herself be caught. Caught in such an easy way. For someone who is smart and have played such a game for a long time, saying “okay, nvm i give up.” is way too easy for a mastermind.

Also in the way that Sara Harvey allowed them access to the lair when we now know that she has been working against the girls. This is all planned out.

As a lot of people have already stated, there are so much plot holes and time lines that don’t add up in CeCe’s story. Just because she gave her story and threw in some flashbacks, doesn’t mean its true. I mean some of her story is soo off the events that we know that maybe it actually isn’t suppose to add up. A could have used her as bait and the flash blacks that we saw was off of her imagination.

If this is the way the producers are headed, THAT WOULD BE GENIUS. Look at the reaction that it got from the crowd, everyone went wild out of anger and disappointment.

If they route 6B to that Cece really isn’t Charles, then the mystery of A still goes on and it only gives everyone a sense of reality in how powerful A truly is.

I would love if the show plans out this way!

The reaction to this episode was so big that if they surprise people in the next season that 6x10 is all HOAX, everyone would freak!

I mean please, a master mind torturer stands on the edge of a building ready to jump to death but then suddenly turns around and hops back down like “ oh well ” is way too easy for it to be real. There’s still quite a bit of this show to go and if there’s one more pattern that i notice, it’s that whenever we think we’ve got it all figured out, we actually dont.

Felicity does love Oliver. She knows that, in her bones. She hasn’t lost faith in him and maybe she’s realizing that she gave up too easily. So, Oliver isn’t the only one with a mistake to fix. Oliver isn’t the only one who has something to prove. Felicity does too. She needs to show Oliver she won’t run… and what better way to show that than to stay when everybody he loves leaves?

@jbuffyangel | Arrow 4x22 Review

Last Breath - Part 2

Inspired by this (and written before the latest promos)

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Part 1 (and you must read part 1 before, honestly ;))

In the end, it was Malcolm who forced him to move away from the door. He didn’t even have enough strength to push him back. He barely noticed Thea falling down next to him, her arms around his shoulders as she tried to comfort him through her own tears. He almost collapsed on her, his weight too much for her. She tried to talk to him but her words were choked up and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Nothing made sense. Nothing could make sense. She was gone. Nothing would make sense ever again.

Seeing Malcolm finally opening the door – the door that gave up so easily now that it was too late, as if it was mocking him and his futile attempts – was like an electrical shock. He couldn’t let him touch her. No one had the right to touch her, not when she was still so perfect, so beautiful and peaceful as if she was only sleeping. But the hair, the make up, the jewelry, the dress… they were constant reminders that she wasn’t sleeping.

He finally got up, pushed Malcolm out of the way as he walked inside the room. He sensed Dig following him but staying outside, respecting the boundaries that Oliver needed at that moment. Kneeling, he delicately pushed a strand of hair back, his fingers grazing over her still warm skin. It was his undoing. Knowing this would be the last time he would feel the heat of her skin underneath his fingers broke whatever was left of him. His legs couldn’t carry him anymore and he crumbled on the floor besides her, cradling her body close to him. His head buried in her hair while uncontrollable sobs tore through him.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Were the only words he could get out and he repeated them over and over again, not even noticing how his own tears were dripping on her hair. He pressed trembling kisses on her forehead, his hand cradling her face like it had when he had first kissed her. He had lost so much time. If only he had known how little time they would have had together. If he could turn back time, to that first day he met her, and re-do everything. Spend every possible minute of his existence with her, tell her how much he loved her. How much he had loved her from the beginning. How his heart had known instantly even if his brain had taken a while to catch up. Tell her about the secret he was forced to keep from her. Tell her that there was no Oliver Queen without Felicity Smoak. Tell her how the world was already a sadder place now that she was gone. Tell her that the sun would never shine bright for him again.

“Come on, man. We have to go” Dig’s trembling voice finally got through the haze of his mind. Hearing the sorrow in his best friend’s voice only made his even more real but it was enough to make him tear his eyes off her. Seeing the tearful face of his brother, his eyes red and his mouth still trembling made her absence even more brutal. She was really gone.

Dig put his hand on his shoulder, trying to give him the strength he didn’t have anymore.

Thea approached the two men as well, her small hands reaching for Oliver’s face as she tried to dry the tears that were still running.

He tried to take a deep breath, choking on it. He tried again, and again, and again, until he finally was able to breathe somehow normally. He then delicately put his hands underneath her body, cradling it as close to his as possible.

A deep intake of breath, her eyes shooting open.

She coughed violently, trying to get some air in her lungs. Her eyes watering, she blindly reached for Oliver, putting a hand on his chest as she focused on her wheezy breathing.

The shock had Oliver moving from her, his brain unable to comprehend what was happening in front of his eyes.

“Felicity!” Dig fell to his knees besides her, supporting her and already lowering her down in a position that would make her breathing easier.

“O… Oliver” she coughed, he voice so throaty he barely recognized it. But the love behind it… he would recognize it anywhere. It was enough to shake off the shock as he leaned over her, his hands shaking so much he was afraid to accidentally hurt her.

“Hey. I’m here. You’re OK. You’re gonna be fine. I’m here.” His own voice sounded foreign, the emotions making it so raw it almost seemed like the one of a stranger. His mind was forming words, questions, prayers. How? Why? Questions that were being echoed by the rest of his companions as they were trying to make sense of what had just happened.

“What were the odds, really, that he would use the very same virus I inoculated you against?” Malcolm’s voice reached through them from the other side of the door where he was still standing.

Dig and Thea looked at him, remembering the virus Ra’s had used, while Oliver kept his eyes on Felicity. Questions could be answered later. All that mattered was that she was still there, with him, and he had to take her to safety.

Looking at Oliver visibly helped her calm down as she mimicked his breathing. She finally sat up with his help, but he didn’t let her move any more. He stood up, picking her up in his arms. She let her arms fall around his shoulders, like they have done so many times before, her head resting on his chest as he carried her to safety. 


So this will totally turn into a small fix it fic… Probably in 5 parts or so.

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On July 4, 1989, NATO radar operators spotted a slow-flying Russian fighter plane approaching the border between East and West Germany. Two American fighters based in the Netherlands were launched to see what was up with the intruder and soon reported that it wasn’t an intruder at all. It was just a Russian MiG-23, cruising the skies … without a pilot.

This was a disastrous situation, not because it meant that poltergeists had finally learned how to use advanced weapons, but because it meant that this speeding hunk of metal full of explosive materials was inevitably going to crash land somewhere. And, it was already flying over a populated part of Belgium. So how in the hell did things even get to this point? Because of a pilot who gave up on the mission way too easily.

The 5 Least Courageous Things Ever Done in a Crisis

random thought: did booth fall out of love with brennan then fell back in love again?

personally i think not …because of what he said about having this person you love the most. but i’m not sure if that’s enough proof that he never fell out of love with brennan. i think he just gave up hope too easily.

yeah i know water under the bridge..