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21. “He’s a bad kisser.”

“Ah shit!” Isak groaned throwing his head back as he threw his keys on his bedside table and dropped his bag. 

Even looked up at the frustrated boy in alert “What? what is it?” 

“Jonas has my phone.” Isak moaned into his hands. 

Even shook his head “why…why would Jonas have your phone? is there literally anything you guys don’t share?” 

“Even the only thing you are wearing right now that isn’t mine is your underwear.” 


Isak screwed up his face “Eveeeeen” 

Even’s beautiful laugh filled the room as his eyes squinted up in slits “Kidding!” 

Isak blushed and smiled, an involuntary reaction whenever Even did that. 

Anyway, Jonas has my phone because he took it away when I kept texting you instead of listening to his rants about soft and hard tacos.” 

Even nodded “sounds like an interesting debate. on one hand the soft shell is easier to eat, but the hard shell adds an interesting authenticity that you just can’t-” 

“Oh my god stop!” Isak laughed. 

Even pursed his lips and tugged at Isak’s hip “can we go get tacos?” 

Isak smiled and shook his head “You are so random. We can if you give me your phone so I can text Jonas and tell him to bring my phone to school tomorrow.” 

“Anything for the man of my life.” Even replied, handing him his phone. 

Isak rolled his eyes, his cheeks hurting from all the smiling Even always got out of him.

“I’ll go get my jacket.” Even said, heading to the living room. 

“you mean my jacket” Isak laughed. 

he went into the messages to find Jonas’s name when he saw something he couldn’t unsee. 

There was a message to a number that hadn’t been added to contacts. Isak squinted at the message, his heart pumping hard. 


Yeah i’m seeing him again tomorrow. He is really sweet and everything but he is a baaad kisser. But yeah I’ll call you tonight :)

Isak felt his heart sink into his stomach, and his fingers instinctively touch his lips. Was he really a bad kisser?? he always thought Even was happy whenever they were intimate. But maybe, maybe it was all a lie? Then what else is a lie? Isak felt sick. 

“Hey baby you ready to go?” Even called from the living room and Isak swallowed his emotion. He wasn’t meant to see this. He will just try to forget about it. 

But of course he didn’t, he ended up staying up all night wondering if this whole time he was doing everything wrong. Why was Even still with him if he was bad at everything? What was the point? 

The next day he showed up to school grumpy and Jonas noticed. 

“What the hell is up with you? I gave you your phone back.” 

Isak grunted. 

“Okay speak up” mahdi said, all the boys leaning towards Isak, ready to listen to his problem. 

“Even thinks i’m a bad kisser.” 

Magnus laughed and Jonas furrowed his brows. “he said that?” 

“No he texted it to someone.” 

“Isaaak” Mahdi shook his head in disapproval. 

“I didn’t mean to see it! It was just there.” 

“Well who did he say it to?” 

“I don’t know, there was no contact name.” 

Jonas dismissed it with his hand “it’s probably nothing”

“NOTHING??? My boyfriend hates me!” 

“Even loves you.” Magnus stated shaking his head. 

“He basically kisses the ground you walk on” Mahdi agreed. 

“But my kissing!” 

Jonas shrugged “It’s just one thing.” 

Magnus nodded “Yeah he loves you despite your terrible kissing skill. that’s sweet.” 

Isak glared at him. 

“What? it is is! I mean you can’t all be pros like me” Magnus grinned smugly. 

The boys all looked at him unconvinced. 

“It’s true! Vilde can’t get enough. She is obsessed. I mean I could teach you some tricks if you like Isak” 

Isak screwed up his face “No thanks Magnus.” 

“what? I don’t mind. Your my friend. Theres nothing wrong with a friend showing another friend how to kiss.” 

Mahdi laughed, Jonas shook his head “You are seriously deranged Magnus.” 

“Okay so i’m gonna go. Sorry Magnus. I’m still not going to hook up with you.” Isak said walking away. 

“I don’t- that’s not- Guyyyys!” 

That night Even and Isak were snuggled up watching a movie when Even kissed Isak’s neck. he tensed up. The anxiety creeping up his body. Oh no. All he could think was how bad he was at kissing and how much it must disappoint Even. 

Even pressed his lips against Isak’s and Isak just sat there, unresponsive. 

Even pulled back confused 

“Baby what’s wrong? Are you upset.” 

Isak crossed his arms “I just, I don’t feel like doing anything.” 

Even nodded “Okay. That’s okay.” he smiled and wrapped his arms around Isak. 

Okay now Isak was mad. Even gave up way too easily. He must be relieved! Isak is a bad kisser. 

He shook off Even’s arm and lifted his head up. 

“Okay.. talk to me.” Even said, closing the laptop. 

“Well why did you give up so easily? Are you? Are you grossed out by me?” 

Even looked at him blankly “What? Isak what are you talking about?” 

“You think I’m a bad kisser.” 

Even laughed “baby, you are the best kisser in the world.” He raised his eyebrows “I’ve taught you everything you know.” 

“You’re lying.” 

Even’s eyes became concerned and he took Isak’s hands in his. “Isak I love every single part of you. I can’t even be in the same room without wanting to jump you. Your kisses send me to paradise.” he kissed his knuckles. “What is this really about? Tell me.” 

Isak finally caved “I saw your message. on your phone.” Even didn’t react so he elaborated “it said “he is really sweet but he is a bad kisser.” 

Even was confused and then he smiled “And you thought it was about you? Oh baby you’re everything but sweet.” he winked, poorly. 

Isak scrunched his brows “Then…who were you talking about?” he found the biggest fear hitting him hard in his chest. Was Even cheating?

“I don’t know, I didn’t write it.” Even said nonchalantly

Isak felt relief flood through him. 

“Then who did?” 

Even laughed and when realisation hit him “Oh my god! Vilde borrowed my phone when I was helping her plan Kosegruppa last night because hers were flat. She wanted to text Eva” 

Isak smiled brightly “So it was about Magnus.” 

The laughter consumed him and Even kissed his forehead with his smile. 

“Baby whenever you think you are a bad kisser, just come to me so I can prove you wrong.” 

and then his lips were on Isak’s and everything disappeared. 

No. This wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. 

I hope this was okay <3 


Word Count: 1.1k yiiikes that’s short

Summary: Tom is away for shooting and posts some pictures, you do some posting of your own. However, the message the pictures portray just doesn’t seem right anymore

Warnings: Starts out as fluffy, turns to angst real fast. Basically the the written equivalent of writer’s block. Kinda sad at the end. And my once again terrible writing holy craaaap

Note: You guys this is amazing I had barely any homework tonight so I got to work on this!! This is the second part to my ed sheeran series, hope you enjoy it!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

The pitter-patter of rain outside matched the sound of your fingers frantically typing away on your laptop, writing on some news story that you were sure would never be published. You had quit your job at the flower shop only a few months before, Tom insisted that you pursued your dream of becoming a writer, so he had you apply for just about every job in journalism the two of you could find in your area.

So now you sat in your newly shared London apartment, Tom off in America for a new job. The year the two of you had been together had been great. Tom always encouraged you in your dreams, and you in his. However, you couldn’t help but miss the curly-haired, brown-eyed boy as the cold rain continued to fall. You sighed to yourself before looking back at the bright computer screen, the cursor seeming to accuse you with every blink. You were stuck, the words didn’t fit correctly, and any sense of progress was quickly overtaken by your brain simply blanking out. This report had you stuck.

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We Have A Lot Of Talking To Do

||| Requested by anon, based on my Seventeen as the Mafia |||

Boo Seungkwan x Reader

Summary:  You showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time and ruined all his perfect planing.

Genre: Mafia AU

Word Count: 983

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“What? What is it?” Hansol asked.

“It’s her again,” Seungkwan said pointing at the screen. “How the heck she keeps showing up wherever I go is beyond me.”

He watched you sneak around the cars and approach the building they had their trap set up in. His eyes widened when he realized you’re actually planning on going inside.

“For fucks sake,” he grabbed his gun and ran out of the truck.

“Where are you going?” Hansol shouted after him.

“If I don’t deal with her now, she will ruin everything again!”


You heard someone shouting from the opposite direction. You saw one of the trucks parked there open up and a man running out of it. Before it closed you noticed a bunch of screens and computers inside. Were they spying something? You thought that maybe you shouldn’t be here after all, you didn’t expect meet more people, now you have to hide from them too but a job is a job. You leaned onto one of the nearby walls and peaked around the corner. That group of people you saw before was still there. Great, you’re surrounded. You turned around but couldn’t see the man who just exited the truck. You got on all fours, hoping to go past the group by the crates on the ground when somebody grabbed you by your leg. You glanced behind you and saw a man pointing his gun at you.

“If you scream we will both get in trouble,” he whispered. You didn’t wait for what he will do next kicked him in the face with your free leg.

“Fucking hell!” he shouted, holding onto his nose. Blood started streaming down from it. You just smirked and quickly stood up, no point hiding now. They definitely heard him.

“There,” someone from the group shouted, pointing in your direction. You dashed to the building that was your destination in the first place as shots began firing everywhere. They had no idea who to attack because the only enemy here was you (and of course that nose guy). They started looking around, searching for someone else. You used their confusion and backed yourself up against some boxes. As soon as they turned around you started running again when somebody tackled you. He rolled you over, pinning your hands with one of his. The other grabbed you by your shirt.

“You! You sneaky little shit! I think you broke my fucking nose!” he was about to smack you against the ground but you wrapped your legs around his waist and lifted yourself up, hitting his head with yours. You wobbled away from him, falling on your knees not far from him, holding onto your head. The hit made you all dizzy. Damn you and your hard head. You started crawling to the building when the same man, picked you up again and dragged you to another hiding spot. Slumping down on the ground, he put his hand over your mouth to muffle your voice.

“Shhh,” he whispered to you, gesturing with his head to the two men passing by.

“You don’t want to go in there because as soon as you open that door and set your foot inside, the whole building is going to blow up,” he told you as soon as the other two went away. “You must have some kind of super abilities because you ruined my plan once again and that happens so rarely, you have a better chance to win in a lottery.”

He stood up, still holding onto you. He took his phone out and dialled a number. You waited not sure what to do now, when you noticed that the group finally decided to go back to this building. They seriously gave up searching for you two too easily. Fools.

“Seokmin get me out of here,” you heard him speak again. “I don’t care that the plan failed, I got what I needed right here. Now move your ass to the truck before I get blown up with the rest of them.”

He glanced down at you and you stared back at him. A satisfied grin appeared on his face and you wondered what he was thinking. He set his gun against your back, prompting you to move. You started struggling again and he kicked you down on your knees, taking his tie off he wrapped it around your arms before flinging you over his shoulders.

“Somebody!!!” you shouted as he started running, to the now fast approaching truck. The group noticed you again and began shooting at you. The back door opened up and another man came out offering him a hand. He jumped inside, throwing you down on the cold metal floor, before closing the door. You looked at the screens inside and saw that they had cameras set up all over the place, that’s how he probably found you as well.

“Thanks,” he said to the man who helped him in, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

“Seungkwan I thought you’re more clever than that. Actually I thought you’re the smartest of us all, why the hell did you take her with you?” the man asked, before sitting down in the chair, near one of the computers. So that’s what his name was.

“I refuse to believe it’s only a coincidence she shows up at these places every time,” he took another piece of cloth and put it in your mouth, making sure your bindings are tight as well. “For safety reasons,” he said to you. “I don’t want you running away again.”

“What are you going to do with her?” the computer guy asked.

“Talk,” he smirked, checking his nose and cleaning the dry blood off. “We have a lot of talking to do.”

Oh how you wished at this moment, you had not only broken his nose that time but knocked him out as well.


Happy birthday !!! @dreamy-94

(honestly, it’s like 2am and i apologize for this terrible excuse for a birthday present I promise ill draw something better later

Heart and Daggers part 2! Hope all enjoy
After Klaus left I went to bed feeling drained. I didn’t have to pack, everything that was at the apartment I had bought either, all my other belongings were at the house in the quarter. I laid in bed second guessing myself until I fell asleep. Early in the morning there was a knock on my door then Rebekah’s voice, “rise and shine Juliana.” She waltzed into the bedroom. I let out a groan, “did you have to come this early?”

“Yes, Elijah’s still asleep. Now come on, Klaus has everything ready, your room all set up.” She pulled the blankets off and left the room. I got up and dressed rather quickly not wanting Elijah to wake before I got there.

“Ready now?” Rebekah asked by the door. I nodded grabbing a coat, “yeah.”

“Good, my car is out front.” She left swiftly and I followed locking the door behind me.

“Now the room Klaus picked out for you is on the other side of the house, near his, and it’s big.” Rebekah talked through the drive to the house, I answered every once in awhile with a nod, or a few words.

“Here we are, come on I’ll show you to your room.” Rebekah took me inside, up some stairs and down a hallway to some rooms.

“Here’s yours.” She opened a door and let me in. She wasn’t kidding when she told me the room was big, it had cream colored walls, a large bed with purple covers opposite the door, a wardrobe, desk, and its own bathroom. I soon found that Klaus had indeed moved everything of mine into the room, clothes, pictures(none of Elijah, which I was grateful for), new blankets, and covers.

“Will it suit you?” Klaus asked suddenly standing in the door. I turned and nodded, “thank you Klaus.”

“We’ll leave you to get settled. If you’re hungry just let us know.” Rebekah said walking back out shutting the doors. I let out a shaky breath as I was left alone. Looking over my room, it looked like I had lived here for a long time. Klaus had even put a few books on my night stand. My stomach was turning from nervous and anticipation. I sat on the bed trying to read and listened to the household wake, Klaus had been yelling at someone or about something. Suddenly there was a knock on my door.

“Juliana?” Cami’s voice questioned.

“Come in.” I answered and smiled as she entered.

“Hey.” She says kindly, “what’s up?”

“Nothing really, just reading.” I responded.

“I was wondering if you’d like to get a coffee? Walk around town for a bit?” She asked.

“Sure, just let me get my purse.” I hopped off the bed and grabbed my purse from the closet. I was dressed in jeans with brown boots, and a violet colored top, my brown hair lying loose upon my shoulders. We made it out of the house unnoticed.

“So who asked you to do this? Klaus or Rebekah?” I asked Cami as we walked down the streets to a coffee shop.

“No one, I figured I’d come out and hang out with you. I know what you’re going through.” She explained. I smiled slightly, “thanks.” We went and got coffee, window shopped walking around town, and laughing all afternoon.

“Thanks for cheering me up.” I smiled brightly.

“No problem, it was fun.” She smiled back, “I’m sorry to leave but I gotta start my shift.” She said apologetically.

“It’s okay. I had a really good time.” I reassured her, “I’ll see you later.” With that she left. I slowly made my way back to the house. It was quiet and everything in the house seemed still. I began up the stairs when I heard other footsteps coming down. I glanced up and walked faster passing Haley. I turned a corner and was gone not stopping until I reached my room. I pushed the door open and walked in slowly seeing the figure looking around in my room.

“Can I help you?” I asked as Elijah turned around.

“I was wondering why all your things had disappeared from our room…now I know. No doubt Klaus did it.” He said looking around then to me, “he left all the pictures of you and I with me…” I saw the hurt in his eyes.

“Yes, well I think he thought it was for the best, and I agree.” I opened the door more moving to the side inviting him to leave. He didn’t.

“I’m glad your back.” He said softly coming closer.

“Klaus asked, so did Rebekah.” I responded holding my head up.

“Is that all?” He questioned.

“Klaus said I should come and hold me ground.”

“Is that what you’re doing?” He was inches from me now.

“Yes, in the process of.” I said firmly, “now I’m sure you have many things to do, so please don’t let me keep you.” I ducked away and walked further into my room. I kept my back turned to him and heard his footsteps retreat. I closed the doors to my bedroom, took a hot shower then began a new book. Suddenly I hear a loud crash followed by Klaus yelling. I looked up slowly waiting for a response. Soon another crash came followed by more yelling. I got up quickly and jogged to Klaus’s painting room. I looked in and saw Klaus bursting with rage, Elijah was in the room his back turned towards the door, so was Rebekah. Klaus suddenly hurled a large old vase out the door narrowly missing my head.

“You know now I’m gonna have to explain that to the museum.” I said as it broke on the ground. I walked further into the room.

“Niklaus please calm down.” Elijah said.

“What’s happening?” I asked standing next to Rebekah.

“Klaus lost Lucian.” She answered clearly bored with her brothers’ attitude.

“I DID NOT LOSE HIM!” He shouted, “IT-IT WAS THOSE IMBECILES! THE THINGS THAT THINK THEY ARE WORTHY ENOUGH TO SERVE ME! THE STUPID IGNORANT VAMPIRES HAVE LOST LUCIAN.” He gritted his teeth, “now I have to pick up they failed, I have to stop my search for the witches, who are trying to kill my child, and chase after a LUNATIC!!”

“We are all protecting her, Nick.” Rebekah answered, “nothing is going to happen to her.”

“HOW DO YOU KNOW?!” He yelled stepping closer.

“Niklaus please. Let’s be rational about this,” Elijah spoke, and I looked straight ahead, “we can track down the witches then Lucian.”

“I can track down Lucian.” I spoke up earning looks from all three of them, “if we split up we can, we can get both things done faster.”

“No, not alone it’s too risky.” Elijah said before turning back to Klaus, he began to speak again but I stopped him, “you don’t get to decide that.” He looked at me again stepping closer, “he is too dangerous, you are not going out there alone.”

“And why are you the one that gets to decide what I can and cannot do?” I hissed stepping up to him, “I got rid of him once before when you could not.”

“She has a point Elijah.” Klaus stepped up, glancing at him then looking at me, “you can go. Take Marcel. The last of my vampires heard of him, he was near an old farm house.” He handed me a piece of paper with an address on it.

“Thank you.” I grabbed the slip of paper and walked out, and down the stairs.

“Juliana.” I heard Elijah call, “Juliana, wait.” I kept walking. Suddenly he flashed in front of me. I stopped with an irritated sigh and looked up at him.

“Don’t do this.” He said, “not alone.”

“I’ll be with Marcel.” I answered.

“And what protection will he offer you? Lucian is stronger than him.” He continued, “let me come with you.”

“Why do you automatically assume that I will fail? I got rid of him last time.”

“Does it not strike you as odd at how easily he backed off last time? How do you know this will not be a trap?” He stepped closer his voice soft. A shiver went down my spine having him so close.

“I don’t expect it to be anything less.” I answered, “I’m not an idiot, neither is Marcel. Now let me go. You can do what you’re good at and stay here with Hayley.” I turned on my heel and left.

“So I trust you have an address?” Marcel asked sliding into the passenger’s seat.

“Yep.” I handed him the slip of paper.

“Alright let’s go.” He buckled as I drove off, “so Klaus filled me in a bit, you think it’s a trap?”

“Don’t know what else it would be. He gave up too easily last time.” I kept my eyes on the road.

“Mhm…so how are things?” He asked, his voice sounded hesitant. I glanced at him, and shrugged, “I don’t really wanna talk about it.”

“Understandable.” He nodded patting his legs, silence filled the air.

“We’re here.” I said after about twenty more minutes of driving. We had stopped outside of town at an old rundown farm house, “lets go see what we can find.”

“It looks empty.” Marcel answered walking up the stairs.

“I think that’s the point.” I answered looking in the window.

“So, are we supposed to bring him back alive? Or not alive?” He answered trying the door, it was locked.

“Alive, Klaus wants to talk to him.” I answered, then went to the door and pushed on it until it opened breaking the hinges. We walked into the house carefully hearing nothing at first, it looked like no one lived there.

“This place looks deserted.” Marcel said walking around a corner.

“Remember what I said about trap.” I answered looking around.

“Juliana-” Marcel called but was cut short ending with a gurgle. I raced around the corner, and froze, Lucian stood with his arms around Marcels neck.

“Lucian don’t.” I spoke softly stepping closer.

“Not another step.” He hissed tightening his arms around Marcels neck. I stopped and raised my hands slightly, “alright, I’ll stay right here.”

“Good.” He smirked, “well since that there has been nothing thrown at my head, I assume that you two came alone.”

“They know where we are.” Marcel choked out.

“Now now, you are in no position to talk.” Lucian answered, he looked back at me, “I assume you have come here to capture me? Bring me back to Klaus?” He chuckled, “I don’t plan on seeing him again, unless it’s to kill him, and Elijah. Then after that the rest of the Mikaelsons.” He smiled smugly. I swallowed roughly, took a deep breath, then suddenly I was beside him clutching his neck.

“Let him go.” I hisssed.

“Snapping my neck won’t kill me.” He his voice tense.

“No.” I replied smoothly, “but it will give me time to bring you to Klaus…or rip your heart out.”

He chuckled and Marcel go, “do you really think I’d be doing this alone?” He mused then sent out a shrill whistle. At first nothing happened, then suddenly a large brown dog jumped on to Marcel, he screamed in agony as the wolf bit into his shoulder.

“No!” I screamed, “call them off Lucian!” I jerked him closer.

“Do you really think you’re the only ones with wolf allies?” He laughed cruelly, “try getting out of-” I snapped his neck letting him fall to the ground limp. Marvel threw the wolf off of him smashing him into a wall. I turned quickly at I heard a growl, several more wolfs moves forward. Quickly I slammed one into a wall as it lunged forward.

“There’s more this way.” Marcel breathed out.

“Try not to get bit again…” I replied. Side met all the wolf’s lunges towards me. I tossed one away as another bit into my arm. Tossing it into another room, then suddenly my body jerked downward. I held a wolf back as s it lunged at my throat. Marcel and I kept fighting as they kept biting. Finally they stopped, no more came.

“I think they’re gone.” Marcel said weakly falling towards a wall. I caught him by the arm and helped him sit.

“They bit you sever times.” I looked over his wounds.

“I think you got more.” He answered beginning to breath heavily, “I don’t think it’s good to have that much werewolf venom in your system.”

“But it won’t kill me.” I answered then glanced over at Lucian, he was still unconscious, “stay here. I have a vile of Klaus’s blood in the car.” I got up slowly and vamped towards the falling against the door. I looked threw the console until I found the bottle.

“Got it.” I stumbled back into the house and to Marcel. My chest was rising and falling rapidly as I felt my body begin to heat up. Marcel took the blood, I sat next to him against the wall, “you need to drive us home, get Lucian in the trunk.” I handed him the keys. After a few moments he got up, got Lucian and put him in the trunk. I walked to the car slowly and dizzy, Marcel helped me into the passenger seat, then he got into the driver’s seat.

“How are you feeling?” He asked starting the car.

“Like crap.” I grumbled sinking into my seat.

“We’ll be home soon.”

I closed my eyes as the car moved. Sounds seemed a distant muffle, every jolt that the car made felt like nails digging into my bones. I heard someone saying my name, but soon it drained away into nothing.

I touched the soft fabric of the draped in the room as I looked around. I turned as the door opened, Elijah walked in. I could tell by the look on his face he was concerned.

“You’re worried.” I said softly. He looked up sitting on the bed, “we are putting our lives in the hands of a stranger. It would be unwise not to worry.”

“Rebekah seems happy to be sleeping in a bed. So does Finn. We could stay here.” I replied walking closer.

“If Kol behaves, if they do not find us out, if no one is suspicious. There are too many things that could go wrong.”

“Nothing has yet.” I set a hand on his shoulder.

“That does not mean nothing will.”

“Well nothing has.” I sat next to him, “Kol seemed pleased to have a warm place to sleep. No one suspects us, how would they find out? The family we are suppose to be, are…taken care off.”

“Lucian is, if he decides to betray us, if that-”

“Elijah.” I cut him off turning his head towards me, “nothing has happened yet, take a breath. Today, was a good day.” I gently pressed my forehead to his.

“What did I do to deserve you?” He whispered. I smiled softly, “I love you.”

“Always and Forever.” He kissed my lips.
Light flooded my vision as my eyes opened slowly. Blinking I recognized the ceiling. I was back in my room, I swallowed my throat sore.

“You’re awake.” I heard the voice before I saw who it belonged too. Elijah walked forward and gently put a hand on my forehead, “how do you feel?”

“Drained.” I answered.

“You were out of it for a while.” He answered, “this is why I wanted to come with you.”

“Where’s Marcel?” I tried to sit up but Elijah gently pushed me back down, I stared up at him.

“He’s fine. You need to rest. There was a lot of-”

“Venom in my system, I know.” I finished for him. He nodded slowly, bent down to kiss my forehead, but I turned my head away. “Rest.” He whispered gently before leaving.
“You’re suppose to be resting.” Klaus said walking into my room as I finished dressing in new clothes.

“Bed rest never suited me. I feel better.” I answered turning towards him, “do you have Lucian?”

“Yes, thanks to you and Marcel he is safe and secure in the basement. Ready for me questioning him.” Klaus nodded

“Well I’m glad you have him. How did it go with the witches?”

“It was…eventful.” He said prolonging his words, “they won’t be giving us any more trouble for a while. Now I must get back to Lucian.” He went to the door but turned, “please do take it easy…and if you must know, when Marcel brought you back, Elijah? He never left your side.” With that he gracefully left the room. I sat on the bed, replaying Klaus’s words in head…honestly I didn’t know what I was thinking. I was still furious at him, hated him…but how could I hate someone that I could loved for hundreds of years. But how could he forget what we had for hundreds of years?

a oneshot literally no one asked for

Let’s get some Alfred taking care of and loving Ludwig

The breakfast on the bedside table started to get cold as Alfred sat by the edge of the bed, a tender emotion flashing across his facial features at the man sleeping before him. Ludwig was laying on his stomach, the pillow that was originally under his head now squeezed in a tight hug between his thick arms. He was snoring with his mouth open, and Alfred’s shoulders shuttered with quiet giggles at how his cheeks were squished against the mattress. One leg was curled up in what Alfred called the “humping position”, much to Ludwig’s dismay at the crude name.

As he gazed at the man’s naked back, he was hit by a sudden feeling of fondness that constricted the beating muscle in his chest, and he took a breath. The air was crisp from the opened window, and light shadows danced across the walls of the room from gentle the ruffles of the curtains. He noticed the sun had risen higher in the sky, and thin strings of light peeked through the blinds and landed on the toned back of Ludwig like soft strips of silk.

Alfred exhaled a dreamy sigh. His boyfriend was so beautiful like this, wrapped in his own world of peaceful dreams, not a tensed muscle in sight. The only movement was his rhythmic breathing, his back rising and falling in slow motions. The blankets barely covered the top of his plump buttocks, and Alfred would have laughed at how ridiculously godlike he appeared in that moment if he wasn’t afraid the sound would scare the sleeping bear of a man.

Teddy bear, Alfred corrected himself with a smile. He leaned over so he could kiss the side of Ludwig’s head, smoothing his hair back with a gentle, feather-like touch. The man’s eyebrows twitched together, and Alfred pressed his lips on Ludwig’s temple.

“Sleepy head~,” he murmured against the skin, his grin widening when he heard a low groan from the snoozing man. “It’s time to wake up….” he trailed off with another faint kiss as he ran his fingers through short blond locks.

Ludwig groaned again and tightened his grip on the pillow, burying his face in the fabric.

A laugh bubbled from Alfred’s throat at the sight, and he rubbed the other man’s back.

“I made you breakfast,” he said, amused at how Ludwig froze at that one sentence and lazily lifted his head in search for this so-called food. He thought it was cute how hungry Ludwig was immediately after waking up. He also loved how he always rolled over to look up at him with a sleepy smile every morning, which he was doing at that moment. Alfred was almost certain Ludwig wasn’t even aware he did that most of the time.

Alfred leaned back down to press his forehead against Ludwig’s and hummed, rubbing light circles across both cheekbones before nuzzling his pointy nose. He then helped him sit up, a light blush dusting his cheeks when the blankets slipped a little too far down his hips.

While Ludwig stretched and rubbed his eyes, Alfred laid the tray of food on his lap. “I tried to make those potato pancake things,” he said.

Ludwig looked down at the plate of food at that, then back up with a wide, amused grin on his face, dimples and all.

“Not a breakfast food,” he slurred, his eyes still wet and bleary from sleep. “And where is the applesauce?” His voice was quiet and high-pitched, signaling that he was joking and still half asleep. Alfred scoffed.

“Well, then pretend they’re hashbrowns, ya picky pickler.”

Ludwig’s chest rumbled with deep chuckles as he already began eating, devouring first the cheesy scrambled eggs with vigor. “You have no applesauce, do you?” he mumbled with a mouth full of food.

Alfred lightly slapped his leg in response to the snarky question, and they both giggled.

Ludwig cleaned the plate in record time, both of them throwing jokes and teases at each other here and there. Alfred had even managed to steal a bite or two, resulting in a half-hearted glare from Ludwig.

Alfred took the empty tray from his hands to set it back on the bedside table. “Alright Big Guy, I’m gonna head to the shower. The dogs were fed and taken out - “.

Before he could finish listing all the wonderful chores he had already finished, Ludwig reached around his waist and pulled him backwards, causing Alfred to tumble on top of him on the bed.

“Hey!” Alfred giggled, pretending to struggle as they both wrestled around for a bit. Alfred was stronger of course, but Ludwig was sly and sneaky, using kisses and calloused hands to tickle him into submission. They were both able to keep their volume at a minimum, as if respecting the calm and quiet morning. Even the rough rustles of Alfred’s flailing arms and legs weren’t loud enough to interrupt the placid atmosphere.

Finally though, Alfred was forced into a little spoon position, one thick leg thrown over his hip and an arm wrapped across his chest. He curled inward at the ticklish kisses at the back of his neck, his eyes crinkling in genuine happiness. The covers managed to get tangled around his legs, and Ludwig’s kisses gradually became sweeter and more gentle. The tenderness behind each kiss made him melt, and he shivered at the hand around his chest now tracing random patterns on his skin.

“Stay in bed….” Ludwig hummed against his neck, and Alfred couldn’t say no. He probably gave up too easily, but the morning air was brisk and chilly, and the bed was still warm from Ludwig’s body. Ludwig’s body in general was still warm, and that thigh around his hip not only kept him from moving, but also acted as a nice heater that left Alfred feeling comfortable and cozy.

After a while, Ludwig’s kisses started to become scarce and lethargic, until finally they came to a halt and Alfred could hear the familiar sound of mellow snoring. Alfred tried to look behind him  and check to see if he was really asleep, but Ludwig’s face was tucked against the back of his neck. He figured he should chance it anyway and attempt to slide away, but that damned leg tightened before he could even move a muscle.

“Don’t.” was the only warning he received before the snoring continued once again.

Alfred froze at the threat behind that tired voice, but then smiled at the situation and intertwined his fingers with the hand around his chest. Ludwig had a weird way of making him feel special and wanted, but it worked nonetheless.

He scooted further back into the naked body behind him, marveling at how well their bodies fit together; like lock and key. He dozed off easily, a feeling of a serene type of happiness he’d only ever felt until recently, that he’d only ever felt around this man alone. It caused his heart to swell, and he began to wonder if maybe there was a such thing as too much love, because he was sure his poor, blood pumping organ would pop one day.

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Magnus said it. He finally said it. All those words that were stuck in his throat. All those memories that he tried to forget for centuries. He couldn’t bare the idea of showing his “terrible, ugly side” to the man he fell in love with. He was so afraid to see the same reaction he has received all his life… starting with his mother.

What he didn’t expect was to see tears in Alec’s eyes. Once again, Alec continues to surprise him. Still with his fingers interlaced, Alec take his hand to Magnus’ cheek and with his thumb starts to remove all the tears that hasn’t stopped falling. The Shadowhunter is hesitating, but finally decides to speak.

“Can I see your eyes?”

Magnus’ answer is a surprised look. “After everything I have told you?” he thinks.

“Please…” Alec insists, and Magnus now is the one hesitating. The warlock closes his eyes just for a few seconds and slowly focus his eyes, his cat eyes, in Alec once more… who doesn’t do anything but smile. Alec Lightwood is still so very new to Magnus Bane. With his hazel eyes lost in his lover’s, Alec finally speaks.

“They’re beautiful. Your eyes are beautiful. And you, Magnus Bane, are beautiful. And I love you. Not just because of your eyes, or your glorious cheeks or gorgeous hair… I love you… because you are generous, kind, brave, marvelous, strong, magical- because you give all yourself to help others. Just look at all those downworlders you have helped… You saved Raphael… You saved Madzie…… You saved me……”

Magnus is sobbing again.

“What happened to your mother… to your step-father… it wasn’t your fault. Whatever all those 17000 did tell you- about not being enough, or being too much… they gave up on you so easily. They didn’t know just how lucky they were… for the simple fact of having you in their lifes.

Alec breathes slowly. He kneels in front of Magnus, and now his both hands are holding the warlock’s face.

"Forgive me… Please, forgive me for not believing in you… back then- I- I’m so sorry…

Now Alec is the one sobbing.

"You never have to hold all to yourself. I’m here- and I will always be here- here for you. Whatever it is, I will try my best to- to never, ever let you fall.”

Magnus Bane never expected to be so lucky. He never expected to fall in love again. But definitely, he never expected to be so, so loved. Alec Lightwood took his breath away.

“Oh, Alexander!”

That’s all it takes for both of them to erase any distance between them. Alec rest his head in Magnus’ shoulder, and the warlock doesn’t do anything but to hold tight to Alec’s clothes… letting go all his sorrows and tears. Those sorrows, those tears, those memories… he don’t have to face them alone, not again.

Yeah that cat eyes scene in 2x08 never happened

“Before He Is Lost To You Forever”

When Ra’s left her, Felicity stood alone and listened to the flowing water emanating from the Lazarus Pit. Its lambent sound reached out to her, both wondrous and dire. The water was capable of bestowing long life, but it also brought the darkness of unknown theurgies, of powers and passions to rend souls. Uneasiness touched Felicity with trembling fingers of dread; she did not want to be any closer to the eldritch waters.

Ra’s words sank deeper into Felicity’s heart. Like the Pit, he offered her the possibility (or at least his version of one) of what life is and what it can be. He spoke to her of his own loss and how regret can blind one to happiness and contentment. He let his life before the League drain away, knowing that his wife and two children would be safe. Felicity told him that he gave up too easily on that life.  Yet in spite of the anger and defiance flowing through her when she sought him out, she was not without some compassion for the man. Ra’s gave up his family and was forced into committing evil in the name of the League’s dark conception of justice. Maybe in some small way, Ra’s felt it was his duty, his homage to the happy existence he left behind.

Felicity understood such motives; she had seen Oliver make similar choices to ensure those he loves are safe, even if those choices were not conceived very well and a bit misguided. She knew that Oliver did not live in the same vacuum that Ra’s did. His heart was not just an empty organ in his chest. Before Thea was dragged into the black traditions of the League by Merlyn and his selfish desire to stay alive, Oliver, in his own way, tried reaching out to Felicity, even though at the same time he was pushing her away. He was conflicted by energies that propelled him into doing what was right, by trying to find another way. Felicity’s frustration, as he continued keeping the distance between them, was born out of his willingness to give his life, as if saving those he loved made his sacrifice necessary. Still, when Oliver told her he loved her, even when his dysfunctional choice made him challenge Ra’s, Felicity had, and always will, believe in him.

A sudden breeze drifted into the room with her, as if cold hands of fear were groping at her thoughts, bringing a deep chill to Felicity’s heart. Ra’s was right about one thing though. It she had to say goodbye and leave Oliver here in this dark fortress, then she wanted to, needed to let him know how much he means to her. Felicity felt no more uncertainty in her feelings. She had driven out of her mind Oliver’s guilt and shame for failing his sister, and all thoughts of her own anger and sadness. She would not let any of that come between them again. She was poised to do this on their first date. She was ready to give Oliver her complete love, to show him how it can make all the difference; the only difference. Ra’s told her to tell Oliver she loved him, to express her heart’s desire, before it was too late and she loses him forever.

As Felicity turned and left the chamber, she felt a small part of her that thought maybe she had waited too long.


Felicity steered herself toward Oliver’s room. There was longing and anticipation in her steps, as if the path ahead was bringing her to the end of a long journey. As she got closer to him, her heart and spirit began to fill with intimations of yearning and need. She thought of being happy and of both of them making their dreams come true. It felt strong in her, like the same strength of the stone walls surrounding her; impenetrable and steady. Flickering torches contained on those walls showed Felicity the way through peripheral darkness. The fire-lit glow seemed to increase the pace of her desire and the heat the torches gave off warmed her fantasy of having Oliver wrap his arms around her.

But the torches also opened her memories, taking Felicity back to that night Zytle fired his RPG into the restaurant. Just before the explosion, Oliver seemed ready to open the door in his heart (a door that was nailed shut by tragedy and death and fear) and bring Felicity inside. Not just as his friend and partner in crime fighting, but as his own journey’s end. Both of them were at the cusp of letting the other know how far they wanted to go—and that distance was a lifetime.

Afterwards, Oliver’s need to protect her took over and Felicity found herself back on the outside looking in. Denying himself her love became a defense mechanism. The only way he knew how to endure losing the possibility she could give to his life, how to keep her safe and alive, was to choose to be alone. He told himself he couldn’t be with her and be the Arrow. He made himself believe that if he opened his heart and his life to her, he would find damnation if anything happened that would take her away—like being blown up in a restaurant.

Felicity came to the end of the passageway she was traversing. There was a T junction and she turned right, into another hallway that ended at Oliver’s door.

As much as she hated admitting to herself, Ra’s was right about another thing he implied—denying herself this moment to tell Oliver how he has captured her heart; it would be something she could never reconcile with herself.  She wanted Oliver to know that she is the one person in his life not afraid of the darkness within him. Even if that RPG had killed her, loving him for just a brief moment without barriers or self-doubts—it would be enough joy for her, contained in one heartbeat.

Felicity approached his room. More than any other time in her life, she knew what she wanted. She reached out and knocked on the heavy door.

“Yeah,” Oliver called out from the other side.

Felicity opened the last barrier between them and went inside to be with her heart’s desire.

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Set in Grey’s episode 8x14 “All You Need Is Love”. Ok, so I was talking with @astoldbyacertifiedunicorn and it wasn’t about Japril this time 😆. It was about how Slexie were meant to be and should have gotten back together. So I had to dig around my computer, find this and finish it. Oh, and include Japril in it too.

 Also, I think if you’re gonna watch Grey’s you need a survival buddy because talking about it will definitely calm you down.

He said that it was new and fresh Lexie thought as she walked down the hallway with Zola on her hip. 

And while that statement was supposed to be something that meant possibility and hope for Mark and whoever he was seeing, it meant something more to her.

It meant that she still had a chance.

She knew it and had even voiced it to Zola. Lexie doubted that her niece could understand her but as they walked down the hall to Mark’s front door she was grateful for the moral support.

However, she didn’t expect her ex-boyfriend to be hanging out in the apartment that she and Mark. It always rattled her that Jackson and Mark were such good friends and she was about to say some very personal, life-affirming things and she could do that with him here.

Lexie had managed to sit through dinner with two men, a toddler and a baby and she was counting down the minutes until she could leave and question her life choices.

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Sorry this took so long! It’s been a hectic week. I hope you like it.


It had been an uphill battle for Oswald to exact his revenge on Edward. From the river, to the greenhouse, to the mansion, and finally to the 35th floor of a luxurious skyscraper full of traps and peril, Oswald was downright tired. How had Ed managed to get himself taken in by the Court? Did he turn himself over to them, for some reason? He had always been incredibly self-destructive when someone wasn’t there to level him out… and Oswald had been that person to him.

He had to admit that there was some measure of pride he felt at the anarchy Edward was managing to spread under his new moniker, even if he personally felt it was pretty sloppy. The elaborate traps he set, the careful manipulation of both the general public and the GCPD… It was thrilling to watch.  But Ed gave himself up too easily, made it too easy for the authorities to track the crimes back to him. It was like he wanted to be caught; but Ed craved attention and validation, and without Oswald giving him constant praise, he had apparently gone off the deep end. He supposed without constant companionship, Ed had to fill his needs elsewhere.

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8 & 27 w/ Simon

“Were you ever going to tell me?” Simon spoke from the doorway, watching you furiously pack your bags.

“I’m not going to apologise for this. Not anymore.” You spat out, anger ridden in your veins.

“So, you’re just gonna give up? Just like this?” He ordered, equally as mad as you are.

“No, you already did that a long time ago Simon.” You snapped, zipping up your bag and storming out, only to be blocked by him.

“Move.” You shot, trying to get past and failing.

“No. I’m not letting you leave.” Simon demanded, crossing his arms.

“Oh yeah? Well, you should’ve thought about that a long time ago then.” You scolded, trying to remain strong and not crack.

“I love you Y/N. You can’t just walk away from us.” He consoled, shaking his head.

“Watch me then.” You announced, barging past him, going downstairs and out of the house, slamming the door behind.

It was too late to pick up the pieces. He should’ve thought about the consequences before his actions. You loved him - still do. That doesn’t change your choice though, he gave up too easily, never even bothered to fix what was breaking. Too late. 

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How comes all her friends gave up so easily as well? They were just like oh okay we'll help you find someone else and they didn't ask why she cancelled

either they’re shit friends OR they have something else planned. they gave up waaaaaaaaaaaay too easily so there’s something fishy going on

Slam Dunk Chapter 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to the third and final part of the Defense series. I cannot wait for you guys to read this series, you’re in for a crazy ride!

Most of the chapters in this series will be inspired by Banks’ songs, the song inspo is real right now! 

The song that I seeked inspiration from is, Alibi by Banks

Here is the link to the song

I hope you enjoy this first chapter.


“Mom, can I stay over Dad’s for dinner?” Mackenzie asks Ahsha who just came in from a long day at work at the dance studio. The mom had been working on choreography at her dance studio and was in need of a well deserved nap.

“Yes sweetheart. Where is your brother?”

“He’s hanging out with Daddy. Do you want to speak to him?” The eleven year old has a sly smile on her face as she looks at her great aunt, Katharine.

Ahsha tenses up at the mention of Derek’s presence and she finishes putting the papers into their appropriate files.

“No Ken, it’s okay. I can just talk to him later.”

“Ken, is that your mom?” Derek asks as he strolls into the room with Carter at his side, the two just finished watching basketball.

“Yeah, here dad!” Mackenzie cheers and practically throws the phone into her father’s hands. Derek chuckles at his daughter and shakes his head.

“Thank you, Ken.”

Derek and Ahsha have not spoken to each other in two years and had just finished with the finalization of their divorce.

“Hey.” Derek answers the phone, letting out a light chuckle at Ahsha’s incoherent rambling on the other end of the phone. He hopes that she says something to him over the phone.

“Hey. Derek, I have to go. I’ll be at the mansion to pick up the kids around eight, if that’s okay.” She blurts out and smacks herself in the head for talking, grabbing her laptop.

“Yeah, it’s fine Ahsh,” Derek answers and his eyes widen at the mention of his wife’s nickname, Ahsha’s heart skips a beat. “Remember, you’re always welcome over for dinner.”

“Thanks Derek. I really need to go, I’m in the middle of something important. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay. Talk to you later.” Derek retorts.

“Bye.” Ahsha says and quickly hangs up the phone. She feels her heart racing once again and feels tears rushing to her eyes. She quickly wipes them away before they turn into full on sobs.

“You already cried over him last night. When are you going to stop?” She asks herself, unable to stop the tears from flowing this time.

Her phone rings once again and her heart races as she closes her laptop. She grabs the phone and realizes that Kyle is calling her phone.

“Hey Carebear!” The blonde answers excitedly. Little does Ahsha know, she is making her way up to her condo now.

“Hey.” She answers the phone, sounding glum.

“Carebear? Spill it.” Kyle drills, sensing the tone of her best friend’s voice.

“I’m fine, Kyle.” Kyle’s phone cuts off and she knocks on Ahsha’s large white door. Ahsha jumps up and opens the door for her best friend. Kyle walks right into her best friend’s condo and gives her best friend a tight, comforting hug as she cries in her arms.

“Sister intuition told me you weren’t fine which is why I came over. Now spill it.” Kyle says as she lets her best friend go and takes a seat next to her on the chair, putting her Celine bag on another chair.

“Derek invited me over for dinner and I don’t know if I can go. Kyle I’m not even over him yet.” Kyle nods her head in understanding and rubs Ahsha’s back.

“I know it’s been a year since the divorce and I know how hard it is seeing him everyday and not being able to still jump in his arms and tell him you love him. It’s okay to still be upset. Getting over him is going to take some time, take as much of it as you need but don’t rush it.”

“I still love him.” Ahsha admits for the first time since the day of the divorce being finalized.

“And that’s okay, love.” Ahsha wipes her tears away and wraps her arms tighter around Kyle, holding her close.

Ahsha’s phone rings once again and she sees Derek’s number pop up on the screen. Kyle gently rubs her back as she picks up the phone.

"Mommy can you please come for dinner? We’re having chicken parmgon.” Chloe answers. A chuckle escapes Ahsha’s lips, giving both her and Kyle some light at the end of the tunnel.  

“Chloe it’s parmapon.” Lillianna answers, causing Mackenzie and Katharine to crack up at her.

“Sweetheart, it’s Chicken Parmesan.” Mackenzie says before taking the phone. Ahsha sits at the other end of the phone chuckling at her girls.

“Mom can you please come for dinner?” Ahsha’s eldest inquires.

“Please mom?” Carter says, standing next to his sister while his father is still busy preparing dinner in the kitchen.

“Pleaseeeee?” All four kids beg, warming Ahsha’s heart.

“Fine, I’ll come to dinner tonight. Auntie Kyle’s coming too.” Kyle’s face has confusion written all over it.

“I’m doing what?” She asks.

“Okay mommy! I’ll talk to you later, bye!” Mackenzie answers before she quickly hangs up the phone, seeing her father walking into the den.

“What are you guys doing?” Derek asks, noticing Mackenzie’s nervous expression. Chloe and Lillianna look at each other with their eyes wide open.

“Nothing!” The twins exclaim at the same time.

“Chloe and Lilly are up to no good like always.” Carter says, causing the twins to give him the side eye.

“They look just like Ahsha.” Katharine laughs out loud as she sees the twins’ little faces.

“Right?” Mackenzie chimes in and sits next to her great-aunt on the chair.

“I’m going to take the chicken out of the oven. Dinner should be ready in about fifteen minutes.” Derek tells everyone and leaves the den.

“Kids.” He scoffs as the thought of Ahsha coming for dinner crosses his mind.

Back at her apartment, Ahsha is now tapping away at the emails on her laptop while a million and one questions escape Kyle’s lips.

“What if you two get back together again?”


“Ahsha. I’m just asking Carebear, it’s so obvious that you still love him.”

“Really? How so?” The mother asks as she stops typing up the roll sheet for tomorrow’s hip hop class. The conversation strikes a nerve and she tenses up.

“Shall we talk about when he walked in here with the twins yesterday? You couldn’t stop staring at him.” Kyle says as Ahsha looks down at her lap.

“Yeah. But.”

“There’s no buts Carebear. Plus you told me twenty minutes ago that you still love him. I may be blonde, but I’m not stupid. Let’s go to dinner, I’m hungry.” The blonde chuckles and wraps her arms around her best friend.

“I’m not driving.” Ahsha tells her. The two best friends head out the door and get into Kyle’s car.

En route to the mansion, Kyle starts to ask questions again. “So are you excited to finally talk to Derek?”

“I don’t want to talk to him Kyle,” Ahsha replies bitterly. “The last time he and I had a full conversation, it was the day I divorced him.”

Kyle stays quiet and continues driving, knowing Ahsha’s stubbornness will wear off after a while. “What?”


“What, Kyle?”

“You don’t think you guys gave up too easily? I get that he was hurt about Mary and that he decided to shut down, but you shut down on him too.”

“Kyle, I really don’t want to discuss why he and I divorced. I am trying to move on.”

“Move on or keep stuff from me? Carter told me that you still cry in your sleep. I know today wasn’t the first time you’ve cried like that.” Kyle takes a glance at Ahsha before she pulls up to the red light.

“It happened once or twice.”

“Not counting tonight. Last night, two nights ago?” Kyle asks, seeing Ahsha crumble.

The young mother looks out the window, feeling her heart racing. “Yeah.”

The blonde stops the car and looks over at her friend again. “Like I said, It’s okay to still be upset babe. You two have been divorced for a year, no one says you have to heal overnight.”

“It’s easy for you to say when you’re married and you two are going strong, Kyle. Do you know how bad it hurts to see him everyday and know that what we had is gone?” Ahsha asks as tears fill the rim of her eyes.

Kyle pulls into the driveway at the mansion and hugs Ahsha after putting the car in park. “I can’t go in there crying.” Ahsha jokes and wipes her eyes.

“I’m right here, remember.” Kyle tells her and grabs her hand.

“Thank you, Kyle.”

The two get out of Kyle’s car and walk to the door of the mansion. Kyle knocks as Ahsha stands there somewhat frozen in fear of what the evening holds.

Max the Pit Bull barks in excitement as he smells Ahsha’s scent and runs in circles around Katharine who makes her way to the door. “Calm down, buddy.”

Katharine opens the door and beams as she sees Ahsha. “I missed you!”

“I saw you earlier at dance, Kath.” Ahsha chuckles and hugs Katharine back.

Max waits for Katharine to stop hugging Ahsha before he jumps on her and then jumps back down. “Max!” Ahsha coos and plays with the large dog who is very excited to see her.  He excitedly rolls over and lets her rub his stomach. He snorts out loud and moves his large legs as Ahsha reaches his ticklish spot.

“Mommy!” The twins scream and run to their mother. Ahsha perks up and stops rubbing Max. The dog gets up and runs out of the room, going to greet Derek in the kitchen.

“Hi my babies!” Ahsha coos and kisses Chloe and Lillianna all over their little faces. They let out their little laughs and hug their mom.

Ahsha puts the girls down and notices Lillianna’s hair is out of its ballerina bun and into a regular ponytail. “Where’s your pretty bun, Lil?”

“I like ponytails better, mommy.” The three year old sighs.

“Auntie Kyle!” Lillianna screams, making Kyle laugh.

“Lilly pie!” Kyle happily cheers and picks Lilly up, kissing her all over her face.

“What about me?” Chloe says, crossing her little arms in disbelief about her godmother’s behavior.

“If you aren’t your daddy’s twin.”

“No! I’m Lilly’s!” Chloe replies as Kyle kisses her cheeks. Kyle places both the girls down and notices Ahsha and Katharine in conversation.

The twins run off to go tell Derek that Ahsha and Kyle arrived. Ahsha and Kyle take off their shoes and place them next to the door with everyone else’s shoes.

“Hi mom!” Mackenzie calls out and rushes to give her mother a hug.

“My big baby!” Ahsha says and wraps her arms around her oldest child.

“Your favorite baby.” She reminds her mother as Ahsha kisses her forehead.

“Actually, I think Carter’s my favorite.” Ahsha says as she sees her son coming into the room to greet her as well.


“It’s not my fault I’m mommy’s favorite.” He replies as he hugs Ahsha as well. Ahsha presses a kiss to her little boy’s forehead and holds both of her children close to her.

“I love the both of you.”

“We love you too.” The two siblings reply at the same time. The three let each other go and they go to hug Kyle.

“I’m your favorite, right Auntie Ky?” Mackenzie asks, batting her big brown eyes.

“Yes, you are, my sweet Kenzie.” Kyle tells her and kisses her forehead, wrapping her arms around her goddaughter.

“Me too?” Carter asks, seeming hopeful. Kyle laughs loudly and hugs her godson.

“Yes, you too, my handsome.”

Derek walks into the living room with the twins at his side, he looks at Ahsha and suddenly forgets what he has to say. He is taken aback at her beauty.

Even in a pair of leggings, a Loyola Marymount hoodie, no makeup, and her hair up in a bun, Ahsha Hayes could still be the most beautiful person to Derek.

“Dinner’s ready?” Katharine asks, noticing Derek and Ahsha looking at each other without breaking their gazes.

Katharine and Kyle look at each other and wink. “Yes.” Derek states as Lilly bumps his side on purpose. She and Chloe look at each other and laugh loudly, the two wink at each other.

“Yeah, dinner’s ready.” He replies again, rubbing his head.

“Let’s eat!” Chloe cheers and rushes into the large dining room, pulling Lilly with her. “They still love each other!” Chloe excitedly whispers to her little twin.

“I know!”

Everyone follows behind the twins, unaware of their whispers to each other regarding their parents.

Taking their seats, Ahsha notices that she is sitting in between Mackenzie and Kyle.

Derek says grace and then everyone passes around the food. The parents each help out the twins with getting their chicken and spaghetti on their plates.

The dinner table was filled with small conversation as everyone enjoyed the delicious dinner prepared by Derek. Ahsha internally sighs, appreciating the taste of Derek’s cooking all over again. Chloe and Lilly were the first to finish and were excused from the table to go play. The kids finish eating and everyone around the table shared stories about their day, except for Ahsha who stayed quiet, feeling awkward in the presence of her former lover.

The sound of her ex-husband’s deep voice was enough to send Ahsha’s heart beat into shock. The angelic voice was enough to take her brain to places she had forgotten all about in the past year. The thought of the former baller turned Devils CEO’s body pressed against hers made her soak in a place where she thought was a desert.

“Well guys I have to go. I have a presentation that I have to prepare for class tomorrow.” Katharine tells everyone.

“Go ahead, Ms. high schooler.” Ahsha teases. The seventeen year old lets out an exasperated, “Two more weeks until graduation.”

Katharine gives Kyle, Ahsha, and Derek hugs. “Goodnight guys.”

“Goodnight. Let me know when you get home.” Derek calls out. Ahsha and Kyle finish eating their food and are stuffed.

“Will do, nephew!” Katharine teases as she makes her way out of the dining room. Derek rolls his eyes at his younger aunt’s statement. Having a great aunt who is eighteen years younger than him seems a little embarrassing, but having her around was like having a younger sibling.

Katharine says goodbye to her great-nieces and nephews, then heads home to her parents, John and Elise.

The girls run back into the dining room. “Daddy what’s for dessert?”

“Apple pie and ice cream in thirty minutes.” He answers. The two run back into their playroom right after they get the answer they were looking for.

The table falls awkwardly quiet as the three adults sit in silence, not knowing what to say next.

Ahsha realizes that she has to use the bathroom.

“Excuse me.” She says and gets up from the table feeling hot, dizzy, and nervous. The young mom wanders upstairs and straight into her large, spacious, old master suite without even realizing her actions. She heads straight to the bathroom and starts to use it. Looking to the left to grab toilet paper to wipe with, she notices that there is barely any toilet paper left.

She uses what she needs and gets off of the toilet. She then gets dressed again and goes about her business in the bathroom.

After washing her hands she plans on getting more toilet paper but remembers she cannot reach. “Okay, jump.” Ahsha says, speaking to herself jumps as high as she can to grab the toilet paper.

“Dang it.” She says aloud and continues to try and reach the toilet paper.

Derek finds himself checking up on Ahsha who has been gone for a while. He makes his way to the master suite and hears Ahsha trying to reach the toilet paper and chuckles. He knocks on the door and she answers it, breathing heavily due to jumping around.

“Do you need help?” He asks, sending an entire army of butterflies to her stomach.

“I got it.” She snaps, realizing that her tone came out somewhat harsh when she sees his face change.

“Sorry I didn’t mean…”

“It’s okay. Here.” He tells her. He comes behind her and wraps her arms around her waist, picking her up so that she can reach the basket with the toilet paper. She grabs a roll and Derek gently places her back down, slightly hypnotized by the smell of her perfume.

“Thanks.” She tells him and looks up at him, realizing that she cannot look away from his eyes.

She notices what is happening and excuses herself. “I’ll see you downs…” she is cut off by her ex husband’s lips covering hers.

Without giving any thought to their ordeal, the two continue to kiss. Ahsha forgets about the toilet paper in her hands and lets it fall onto the bathroom floor.

Derek picks Ahsha up and places her on the bathroom counter, still attacking her with body with kisses.

He starts to slip his hands underneath Ahsha’s hoodie and she quickly removes it without hesitation. She grabs Derek’s white tee shirt and slips it over his head and goes back to kissing him. In one swift motion Derek manages to pull off Ahsha’s leggings and lacy peach thong. She feels the cool air in the bathroom hit her bare center and she shivers.

Derek presses hard kisses to Ahsha’s neck and she pulls his pants as well as his boxers, revealing his large, erect piece.

The kisses on Ahsha’s neck start to move down to her breasts as Derek twirls his tongue around her hard, sensitive buds, causing her to moan. Derek’s large hand covers Ahsha’s bare center and she nearly jumps when his large finger traces a circle around her clit and she bites her lip.

Derek senses her body’s reaction and gently moves his two fingers into her. Ahsha struggles to hold on to the bathroom counter and nearly falls off when Derek places her back on. Her fingernails claw at Derek’s back as he continues his hard movements. Ahsha’s moans grow louder and before she knows it, Derek’s face is now in between her legs, cleaning up her juices himself.

Ahsha’s legs turn into jello as Derek continues his work at making her moan his name. “Derekkkkkkk.” She screams as she releases into his mouth. The feeling of euphoric pleasure takes over and a smile graces her lips as he continues to pleasure tease her with his soft lips.

“Please Derek!” She screams, begging to feel him inside her warm body. Derek gives in to her plea and stands back up, moving himself into her, nearly shocking her. Her eyes roll to the back of her head and she rubs Derek’s back as his lips devour the sweet spot on her neck.

He stops to look at the beautiful woman that he is having sex with after a year. His brown eyes scan her beautiful face, sensing her love filled emotion.

Ahsha looks into his eyes as his movements continue. Their eyes automatically read “I still love you.” and Ahsha lays her head on Derek’s shoulder as he quickly moves in and out of her. She feels herself release for the second time and Derek moans when he feels Ahsha’s walls tighten around him once more.

The dancer picks her head back up and presses another kiss to the baller’s lips, this time pouring pure lust is in the kiss.

As Derek keeps moving Ahsha feels his piece pulsing inside of her and decides to mess with him a bit by going faster than his pace. She smirks as he slows down, this time stroking her hard and slow.

He releases inside of her and kisses Ahsha’s lips. The both of them stay silent, the pleasure still takes over them and without a word, Derek slides out of her, leaving her sore.

Ahsha gets up and quickly gets dressed, finally realizing what she had just done with her ex husband. Derek passes her her gray hoodie.


“You’re welcome.” He answers.

Ahsha finishes getting dressed and fixes herself in the mirror. Derek does the same and lets her leave the bathroom first.

He runs his hands over his face and realization of recent events hit him. “What did I do?” He asks, feeling nauseous and dizzy due to his actions.

Ahsha practically races out of her old bedroom and downstairs to Kyle who looks at her best friend as if she has two heads. She notices the small mark on her neck that wasn’t there an hour ago and her eyes widen.

“Girl!” Kyle screams, causing Chloe’s head to snap up.

“We have to talk later.” She whispers, running her hands through her short hair.

“I’ll tell you everything.” Ahsha whispers back as the kids go back to playing amongst themselves.

Derek is in the kitchen moving the warm, freshly baked apple pie slices to plates when Kyle walks into the kitchen. “What the did you two do?”

“Nothing.” Derek quickly chirps and finishes plating the desserts.

“D-Ro.” Kyle sternly says, causing Derek to look up from the plates.

“Ahsha and I had sex.” He admits, tears threatening to rush down his eyes. Kyle’s heart breaks as she hears Derek’s voice crack.

“You did what now?”

“I’m pretty sure I messed things up even more, Ky.” Derek says, trying not to become too upset in front of one of his best friends.

“No you didn’t. Look, between me and you, Ahsha still loves you even if you think she doesn’t. You didn’t mess things up. Who knows, maybe this was a good thing.”

“How Kyle?”

“I don’t know, but it could probably help you two get back together again.” She says, rubbing his arm. She heads out the kitchen, leaving Derek to ponder his conflicting thoughts.

Kyle sits down next to Ahsha in the den as Mackenzie tells Ahsha a story about something that happened earlier in the day. Derek walks into the room waiting for Mackenzie to finish telling her story. She finishes and looks at her dad.
“Pie time?” She excitedly cheers.

“Pie time!” Derek mimics.

Everyone walks back to the dining room and sit down for dessert. Ahsha feels a little awkward as Derek passes her some pie and ice cream. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Derek takes his seat and starts to eat his dessert with Ahsha completely on his mind.

The group finishes their dessert when Ahsha notices that it is now eight thirty and that the kids have to be in bed my nine thirty.

“Okay guys lets go home and get ready for bed.” Ahsha says to her four kids.

“Goodnight daddy!” Chloe and Lilly cheer and run to go hug their father. Derek laughs and kisses his little girls’ faces.

“I love my girls.”

“We love you too.” They tell him and let him go.

Carter is the next to go hug his father. “I’ll see you tomorrow dad.”

“Sounds like a plan to me CJ. You know we still have that basketball game to watch.”

“The one where the Sixers beat the Devils! Yes!” Carter cheers excitedly, causing everyone in the room to laugh.

“We’ll see about that, Car.” He tells his son and rubs his head.

Mackenzie is the next one to say goodnight to her father.

“I love you daddy.”

“I love you more, Kenzie.” Derek presses a kiss against his daughter’s head. A feeling of sadness waves over Derek’s most sensitive child and he hugs her again.

“I’ll see you tomorrow okay baby?”

“Okay.” She tells him and holds back her tears.

“Hey, no crying. I’ll be right there to pick you up from school.” He tells her and presses another kiss to Mackenzie’s forehead. The young girl leaves her father’s side and heads to the corner of the room to grab her backpack.

Kyle says goodnight to Derek as Ahsha helps the kids out their backpacks on.

Ahsha says goodnight to her ex husband, also holding back tears. “I’ve been crying way too much today.” She tells herself as Derek pulls her in for a friendly hug, holding her tight.

“Goodnight.” He tells her.

“Goodnight. Thank you for inviting Kyle and I over for dinner.” She tells him and lets him go.

“You’re welcome. You’re always welcome to come for dinner, Ahsha.” He tells her, looking deep into her eyes. She quickly averts her attention elsewhere.

“Well I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” He almost immediately says, trying to relieve the awkward tension.

Derek opens the door and the army of four children run out of the mansion and straight to Kyle’s Ford pickup truck.

Ahsha and Kyle follow soon after.

“Drive safely!” Derek shouts, waiting for everyone to get into the car.

“Thank you!”

Derek chuckles to himself and closes the door to the now empty mansion. He looks out the window and sees Kyle drive off, heading back to Ahsha’s condo.

“Max!” He calls out. The large dog comes running out of the den and straight to Derek, sensing his sadness. Max whines and licks Derek’s hand.

“I miss her, buddy.” He tells his dog and heads upstairs to take a shower feeling upset over what happened earlier in the evening. Max does not leave his side and crawls into bed with him later in the evening.

Back in the truck, the kids are talking amongst themselves when Lilly starts to speak up. “Mommy, are you happy?”

“Yes, Lilly I’m happy. Why sweetheart?”

“Nothing!” She quickly says, earning a confused look from Mackenzie. Kyle pulls up to Ahsha’s condo and puts the car in park.

Ahsha leans over and hugs her best friend. “Thank you so much Ky.”

“You don’t have to thank me Carebear. You know I love you.”

“I love you more.” She tells her. Kyle hugs her tighter.

“Call me later.” She whispers in her ear. Ahsha nods her head, understanding what Kyle meant and lets her best friend go.

“Let’s go little people.” Ahsha tells her four kids. They all climb out of Kyle’s truck.

“Goodnight auntie’s babies!” Kyle calls out.

“Goodnight auntie Kyle!” All of the kids cheer at the same time causing Ahsha and Kyle to look at each other and laugh.
“Alright girl.”
“Let me when you get home.”
“I will, Carebear.”
Kyle drives off while Ahsha and the kids go into their condo. Mackenzie and Carter head to their rooms while Ahsha goes with the girls so that they can get ready for bed.

Whoever said that getting four kids ready for bed was easy lied like a cheap rug.

“Mommy can you tell us a story!” Chloe eagerly asks as she climbs into her bed.

“What would you guys like to hear?”

“How you met daddy and got married!” Lilly cheers, pulling her fluffy blanket over her small body.

“Of course.” Ahsha tells herself. She takes a deep breath and tells the story, smoothing down her eyebrow, a nervous habit of hers.

“I met your dad when I was fourteen. We weren’t friends but he loved me very much. One day, a couple years later, I was running outside and I ran into your dad. He and I started talking and he asked me to be his girlfriend, then we got married a year later.”

“Can we have more details?” Lilly asks, shocking Ahsha.

“How in the world are these little three and a half year olds so smart?” She asks herself, internally groaning.  

“One day, babies.” She tells her little girls and kisses their foreheads.

“Mommy loves you guys.”

“We love you too.” They tell her and settle into their individual beds. Ahsha turns their lights off, leaving their matching Elmo night lights on.

Ahsha closes their door and leaves to go check on her other two children.


“Yeah Chlo?”

“Mommy and daddy need to get married again.”

“I wish they were married.” The twins wish out loud before closing their eyes, heading to sleep.

Ahsha goes to Mackenzie’s room and finds her daughter already asleep. “Goodnight baby.” She whispers and kisses her daughter on the cheek.

“Goodnight mommy.” Mackenzie whispers back and reaches her arms up to hug her mother. Ahsha wraps her arms around her daughter, holding her tight.

“I love you.”

“I love you more, Ken.” Ahsha answers and kisses her daughter one last time. She leaves her bedroom, closing her door.

Mackenzie opens her eyes again and jumps up, seeing that Ahsha is gone so she grabs her cell phone.

“Kath! I think my parents kissed!” She texts quickly, before heading to sleep.

Ahsha makes her way to Carter’s room and finds him sleeping as well. “Goodnight mommy’s big boy.” She tells him and kisses his forehead and gently hugs him, silently thanking God that he does not wake up too easily to her being in his room. Carter keeps his eyes closed, feeling exhausted after a day of basketball with his father after school.

The young mother heads out of her son’s room and she goes back to her room feeling a sense of emptiness, so she goes to take a shower. She removes her hoodie and immediately smells Derek’s signature scent of Gorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gio written all over it.

She throws the jacket into the dirty clothes bin and continues to undress herself. She makes her way to the bathroom and starts to take a shower.

She closes her eyes and lets the water hit her face. Flashbacks of Derek standing with her in the shower pop up in her head, she feels herself wanting to reach out and grab him. She opens her eyes and begins to wash her body of the day’s events.

“You just had to go over his house.” She tells herself as she finishes showering and turns off the water. She dries herself off and walks back to her room with her towel wrapped around her wet body.

She lets out a sigh and finishes the rest of her night routine by getting dressed for bed in a large tee shirt and a pair of shorts. She gets into bed and grabs her phone, scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and is interrupted by her phone ringing.

“Ahsha Marie!” Jelena fake scolds on the other end of the phone.

“Jelena Anne!” Ahsha mimics, her voice unknowingly cracking.

“What’s wrong love?” Jelena asks, sensing the tone in her best friend’s voice.

“Nothing. I’m fine, J.”

“Come on, you’re like my sister. You can’t make an attempt to cover your feelings Ahsha.” Jelena tells her, tucking a piece of hair back in her curly bun.

“Jelena, I’m fine.” Ahsha tells her, her voice cracking even harder. She quickly wipes her tears away.

“You’re okay.” She tells herself as the tears continue falling.

“I’m coming over.”

“You don’t have to.”

“You’re my sister. I’m not going to let you be upset by yourself.” Jelena insists and starts to put her shoes on. She hangs up the phone and Ahsha texts Kyle.

“Can you come over?” She sends and lays down in her bed. Crying was something that Ahsha Hayes had not done since the divorce.

Jelena and Kyle get to Ahsha’s condo at the same time and rush to their best friend’s door, being careful of the noise. The Roman kids are irritable when woken up, but just like their father, they all sleep like rocks.

Ahsha comes to the door no longer crying, her eyes bloodshot.

“You guys didn’t have to come over.” She tells the two women and they both hug her without saying a word. Ahsha gives in and allows herself to cry in her friends’ arms.

“Aww Carebear.” Kyle says, gently rubbing Ahsha’s back. Jelena gently closes and locks the door and goes back to tending to her best friend.

“Let’s go sit down.” Jelena suggests. Ahsha sits in the middle of the short, comfortable chair while Jelena sits on the right side of her and Kyle sits on the left.

“What happened babe?” Jelena asks, holding Ahsha and trying to calm her down. Ahsha begins to speak but is very incoherent so Jelena just holds her.

“I know you haven’t spent much time crying over this but it’s okay.” Kyle encourages and lays her head on Ahsha’s shoulder and tries to comfort her as well.

“I can’t keep hanging on to him.” She sobs out. Kyle removes the large throw blanket from behind her and places it on hers and her two friend’s legs.

“Hey, look at me,” Kyle tells her and moves her head off Ahsha’s shoulder. The blonde wipes her best friend’s tears away and gently caresses her cheeks. “It’s okay to still be upset, Carebear. He means a lot to you and losing him was heartbreaking. You haven’t given yourself time to grieve.” Kyle says and wraps her arms around Ahsha tighter.

“You’re going to get better. I promise Ahsha.” Kyle reassures, pressing a kiss to Ahsha’s forehead.

“I promise too Carebear.” Jelena also promises, grabbing her best friend’s hand.

Something inside of Ahsha has a small glimmer of hope that things between her and Derek would be fine, but of course her stubbornness would never let her admit it out loud.

“What if I don’t get better?”

“You will, in due time, love.”

In due time.

And that was chapter 1. I hope you enjoyed reading this long chapter, and if you listened to the song, I hope you enjoyed that as well!

Thank you for reading! :)


Hear me out for a second.

Why are we trusting “A” so easily to tell us the truth?

Its no secret that the plot holes in this episode reveal is so big it’s almost stupid.


Remember when Marlene King tweeted something  about how this show is only viewed by merely peoples own perspective?
What if this WHOLE 6X10 Finale episode was written to throw us off of the truth. Charles/A/CeCe/Charlotte gave up WAY too easily in the end.

2 things we can be sure off from the past 6 seasons is that; 1) -A gets caught if -A WANTS TO get caught and 2); People in Rosewood has so much secrets that it’s so easy for them to get manipulated to do things.

 What if the REAL A made Cece confess to a completely false story. She told us her point of view and let herself be caught. Caught in such an easy way. For someone who is smart and have played such a game for a long time, saying “okay, nvm i give up.” is way too easy for a mastermind.

Also in the way that Sara Harvey allowed them access to the lair when we now know that she has been working against the girls. This is all planned out.

As a lot of people have already stated, there are so much plot holes and time lines that don’t add up in CeCe’s story. Just because she gave her story and threw in some flashbacks, doesn’t mean its true. I mean some of her story is soo off the events that we know that maybe it actually isn’t suppose to add up. A could have used her as bait and the flash blacks that we saw was off of her imagination.

If this is the way the producers are headed, THAT WOULD BE GENIUS. Look at the reaction that it got from the crowd, everyone went wild out of anger and disappointment.

If they route 6B to that Cece really isn’t Charles, then the mystery of A still goes on and it only gives everyone a sense of reality in how powerful A truly is.

I would love if the show plans out this way!

The reaction to this episode was so big that if they surprise people in the next season that 6x10 is all HOAX, everyone would freak!

I mean please, a master mind torturer stands on the edge of a building ready to jump to death but then suddenly turns around and hops back down like “ oh well ” is way too easy for it to be real. There’s still quite a bit of this show to go and if there’s one more pattern that i notice, it’s that whenever we think we’ve got it all figured out, we actually dont.

Papa zawa back at it again
  • Aizawa: you know, maybe I was being to harsh yesterday. I gave up too easily, today will be a better day, I'm sure of it.* opens classroom door.*
  • Izuku: *sitting in corner traumatized and mumbling to himself.*
  • Uraraka: *crying next to Izuku.*
  • Iida: *trying to get the class under control.*
  • Bakugo: *blowing everything up in the classroom, setting it on fire.*
  • Everyone else: *screaming and the ultimate panicking.*
  • Aizawa: *sighs* no... Just, nope.*slowly closes door* I didn't sign up for this shit and such high levels of stress. I'm going home.
Tutoring the freshman Jungkook. (Fluff)

“This goes over here,” You helped Jungkook—a freshman at your high school.

“Thank you, (Y/N).” He thanked you, scribbling on his notebook while looking at the math problem carefully.

“You’re tall for your age,” You randomly said, since we had been working at this for a while and he was on the last problem. He did some sort of noise, “Wait, how old are you again?”

“I’m 15, why?”

“Just wondering.” You shrugged, sitting back in your chair.

“Okay, done! You can check it now!” His grin was huge as he held his notebook out to you.

You checked it over, while nodding after each. “Good job, Jungkook.” You handed him it back, “You should get home,” you said while looking at the clock, “It’s gonna get pretty late soon; you don’t want to worry your parents.”

He turned away while putting his things back in his bag, “I thought I would do poorly, so I told them to pick me up at a later time.”

“Why would you say that?” You gave him a puzzled look.

“So I don’t have to walk home in the dark?”

“No, not that.” You slightly laughed, “Why didn’t you think you’d do well?”

“Oh..” The color in his cheeks tinted to a light pink, “I-I’m not the brightest..”

“Just because you don’t think you are doesn’t mean you are,” You soften your facial expression, and rubbed his shoulder. “You’re not stupid or anything, so don’t worry about it.”

“But you don’t know what goes through my mind,” He frowned, “I struggle a lot with math, and sometimes other subjects—but mostly math. I see everyone understand it the first time the teacher explains it on the board, and I don’t understand.”

“It’s okay..” You sat up, leaning into him. “Everyone’s different, and you have to accept that. Just because you don’t learn as fast as the other students doesn’t mean you don’t have the same potential—I mean, you did get it after the third problem.”

“Yeah, after you having to explain it carefully over and over.” He sighed, putting his head down on the table. “Then I felt like an idiot because I understood after.”

“You’re supposed to feel like that, it means you’re learning!”

“Noona~” He groaned, hitting his head on the table. “I don’t like feeling like that.”

N-Noona? You cleared your throat, “Don’t look at yourself being an ‘idiot’, focus on how relieved you feel afterward; you don’t need any help anymore, and you’re good at it—or at least decent.”

“I guess..” He peeked at you through his arms, “Noona, why do you always have other guys do stuff for you? It’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask you for some time,”

“What do you mean?”

“What’s his name?” He thought for a while, with his finger on his lip. “Oh, Yoongi! He brings you flowers pretty often,”

“I don’t make him bring flowers, he just does..” You felt your face beginning to heat up.

“What about Namjoon? He always walks you home, and carries your bag.” By now, he really looked like a child the way his head was resting on the table.

You breathed a laugh, “Namjoon’s my neighbor; I’ve known him since we were in diapers.”

“What about that boy..Jimin? He’s always on you..” He slightly blushed.

“He’s just horny..” You nodded, “Namjoon has to drag him out of my room when he visits him. He runs into my house, and finds me.”

“Oh,” He laughed. “Can I ask you a question? It’s only fair,”

“Mhm.” He nodded.

“Why are you calling me noona?” You tried fighting a smile because it was quite adorable the way he said it.

“Because you’re older, and a woman..not to mention I look to you now.”

“I’m not a woman, yet.”

“You are to me, and I’d like it if you helped me more.”

“Hm, okay.” You rubbed his back, as he leaned down tiredly. “Oppa, get some rest.” You cooed.

He jumped, and hit hit knee on the table. “Agh!” He yelled, grabbing it. Your hand jolted back in surprise, and fear.

“Sh!” The librarian scolded Jungkook.

“Sorry!” He yelled again, then lowered his voice after flinching at the pain and rubbing it. “Sorry.” He whispered.

“What’s wrong?” You held back your laughter.

“You called me oppa..” He looked down.

“And you called me noona.” You stated matter-of-factly.

He pouted, “(Y/N).”

“Don’t you mean ’(Y/N)-ah’?” You joked.

“I’m not that young!” He wailed, still clutching to his pant leg where his knee was.

“Sh, Jungkook!” The librarian scolded him yet again, “One more time, and I must ask you to leave my library.”

“I’m sorry.” He weakly smiled to her.

“You’re in trouble..” You giggled, poking fun at the vulnerable boy.

“Why? She’s still giving me a chance,”

“I know..but I’ll make sure you cry out again.” You challenged him, “If I do, you owe me a dinner.”

“And if you don’t?”

“I’ll take you to dinner—my treat.” You beamed brightly, with your hand on my chest.

“That’s sweet, but I can’t let you spend money on me. How about you hang out with me for a week?” His eyes glittered with hope.

“I would’ve done it anyway, but deal.” You stuck your hand out. “Are there any rules you’d like to establish?”

“No.” He shook his head, “None that I can think of.”

“When we shake hands, that means there’s no going back: no rules, and the deal is on.” You looked each other in the eyes, squinting in competition. Your hands met, and you two shook.

“Deal.” Whispering in unison.

“Oppa~” You snickered, “There’s a book that might help you, I’ll need to show you.” He shook his head with a look of playful hatred, following you to the part of the library in which the librarian couldn’t see.

“What book?”

“One here.” You pointed by his rib cage, and he dodged quite quickly. You gasped, “Are you ticklish?!” you whisper yelled.

“Stop, noona!” He whispered back, slapping your hands away as you giggled lunging towards him.

“You really are a child, aren’t you?” You grinned, cornering him.

“Noona~” he pleated, putting his hands up in self defense. “Not tickling!”

“There are no rules; I guess you just have to keep quiet.” You walked towards him menacingly, dancing your fingers around.

“No!” He choked out as you managed to break through his ‘barricade’. Both of you glanced at the woman behind the desk, and all she did was look your way. She dismissed Jungkook’s outburst, and went back to doing her work. “I almost got caught!” He whined, “That’s no fair!”

“I just told you, do you need reminding again? There are no rules.”

“But it’s so soon in the game; how could you already find my weakness?” He covered his body with his arms, and moved them where your hands were going to.

“Because you gave it up too easily,” You stuck your tongue out, still struggling to get to his sides. He slid down into a tiny space, still dodging your attacks. “Ugh, Jung!” You groaned, growing impatient for your success.

He clutched your wrists, and crawled in between your legs to run away. “Haha.”

“At least I know your weakness!” You crossed your arms, then noticed you had a skirt on. “Jungkook!” You growled, walking over to him fiercely.

“What?” He held up a huge encyclopedia to protect himself from me.

“You crawled in between my legs!” You knocked it out of his hands with great force. The book fell with a loud echo, and you all jumped at the sudden noise. You shook your head regaining your focus, and why You were here confronting him so aggressively. “I’m wearing a skirt!”

“I didn’t look up it, I swear!” He rose his hands.

“I’m not sure if you’re a perverted child, or an innocent one..” You trailed off, staring at him.

“Innocent, innocent!” He jumped frightened of what you’d do if it was the opposite.

“I’ll have to take your word..” You sighed heavily.

“Are you ticklish?” He asked, picking up the book and placing it back.

“No..” You lied, turning away.

“(Y/N)-ah!” He laughed, pulling you back to him by my arm. “You are, aren’t you?”

“No, I am not.” You insisted, crossing your arms.

“Then turn around, and look actually look at me.” You spun around, and took steps getting closer to him.

“I am not ticklish,” You said looking up to his eyes.

“It’s funny..” He smiled, “You’re older, but you’re so much shorter.” He teased, ruffling your hair. You pushed his hand away, “Wanna know what else is funny?”

“What?” You raised an eyebrow. He leaned in, close to your ear. “That you think I believe your lie..”

“Jung-” Before you could utter another sound, he pounced on you. Jungkook and yourself fell on the carpeted ground, struggling to control your laughter.

“What was that? Who’s gonna win?” He confidently asked you, cocking his head to the side as he straddled you. “Come on, (Y/N)! You gotta know!” He smirked, tickling you mercilessly.

“N-No fair..” You gurgled in between laughs.

“Hm, funny you mention that..” He held your wrists down, “I said the exact same thing just a few moments ago—but I was told, what was it?” He looked out, then down at you getting closer to your face to add emphasis. “There are no rules.”

“You’re on top of me!” You wiggled under his body.

“You were attacking me!” He countered, “I think it’s pretty clear who’s gonna win, so just give up.”

“No.” You whispered.

“Hm?” He came closer to you.

“No.” You said a little louder.

“Come again?” He got extremely close.

“No.” You said slowly He stared at your face—fighting a smile, then finally bursting into laughter.

“Oh!” He covered his mouth quickly.

“Jungkook?” The librarian stood, and we heard her heavy footsteps coming towards you.

“Help me up, quick.” You held your hand out. He put all his weight on his side in order to stand you up, and you dusted off your skirt. “Hey, did you find that book yet?” You touched random books.

“Um,” He trailed off clearing his throat, “Nope.”

“Hm..” The woman narrowed her eyes suspiciously, “I could have sworn I heard a certain little boy’s laugh.”

“Oh?” He nervously smiled, scratching the back of his head. “Maybe it was a ghost?”

“A ghost..” Her facial expression dropped, “Y-You don’t think it could be that one child..”


You elbowed Jungkook’s ribs hard, crossing your arms after. “I mean, I’ve heard so many people complain about random cold spots in here.” You looked around rubbing your arms, “It’s giving me goosebumps thinking about it.”

You glared behind yourself to Jungkook. “Yeah!” He nodded aggressively, “I’m pretty sure I saw something this once I was here, too. It’s crazy to think a high school would have a spirit..”

“I thought this was just a joke..” She looked around, “I should read up on them; I’m here all day.”

“You should,” You both told her.

“Better to be prepared.”

“You two are right,” She began walking away.

“You believe in them?” Jungkook blurted.

“Jung!” You smacked his arm.

“Oh, yes! Why wouldn’t they be? It might sound crazy,” She came back to us—very close this time. “When my great uncle passed away he left my mother his house, and of course my family moved in; it was huge. I was only in elementary school, but I know what I saw.” She pointed to her head.

“What did you see?” “My great uncle, of course. I wasn’t the only one, either. My father often complained of glasses in the kitchen being relocated to his old office,”

“Whoa..” You two said in awe.

“I have a lot more. Are you two done with studying? We can read some in books, and I’ll tell you some that I know personally—only if you’d like.”

“Cool!” You jumped in excitement.

“A-Actual ghost stories..?” Jungkook squeaked, “Um, I think I should check if my parents are outside-”

“You said later,” you pulled his uniform jacket, “It’s only been a few minutes; you have time!”

“Yeah, Jungkook.” The librarian nodded happily, “I’ll get some snacks from the teacher lounge, and we’ll have a great time.”

He looked down at you giving him sad puppy dog eyes, “Please?” You begged.

“Okay.” He sighed looking at his shoes.

“I’ll be right back, you two.” She went off on her way.

“What’s the matter?” You asked.

“I’m not that into scary stories..” He mumbled, looking towards the wall.

“Aw, is the child afraid?” You gushed, pinching his cheeks.

“N-No.” He stuttered, “That’s absurd, (Y/N).” He lightly blushed.

“It’s okay, Jungkook; I’ll be here.” You grinned, “Let’s go to her desk while we wait for her.” You dragged him along by his sleeve.

The both of you waiting patiently for the librarian to return with your much craved snacks. “Whoa, what was that..” He said slightly afraid, and jumping away from the door as an instinct.

“You’re really acting like a child now,” You rolled your eyes, setting your arms on the front desk’s surface.

“No, really!” He whined, scooting away from the door quickly and transferring to your other side. “Noona!” He started getting antsy.

“I don’t hear anything-” Just then, there was a loud crashing sound coming from the hall.

“See!” He pointed to the door, “It’s the ghost!” He held onto you.

You couldn’t lie, it did frighten you. However, you couldn’t let Jungkook know; you’re his noona, someone he looks up to now. To show weakness would allow him to believe it was okay, and it wasn’t. “I’m sure it’s one of the janitors,” You tried waving it off, “Surely there isn’t a ghost of a child in here.”

“Okay..” He let you go hesitantly, not completely believing you.

You stood awkwardly now, not knowing what to say or how to comfort him. It happened yet again, only closer and louder. “Agh!” You screamed as it caught you off guard, jumping into Jungkook’s arms.

“You can’t tell me that isn’t him!” He started moving backwards holding onto you, “What if we hide? Will that make him go away, and leave us alone?”

“I-I don’t know..” Your voice quivered as you heard tiny taps on the hard tile floor just beyond the doors.

“It’s worth a try, it could be something else..” His face turned worried.

“An alien..” You frowned, holding onto him tightly. “Go, go! We have to hide!”

“A killer, a monster, one of those guys with the masks in movies!” He listed, snatching you up and running quickly to a safety place.

You peeped out of a tiny hole in your haven—a table with many books around it. The darkness made it eerie, and the fact your backs were exposed didn’t help. “Watch behind us..”

“But we’re watching the door, I don’t think anyone would come in-”

“Sh.” You cupped his mouth quickly as the doors slowly opened. “It’s getting closer,” You whispered to him.

You slowly released his mouth, allowing him to get the same view you had. “(Y/N), it was nice knowing you. I studied hard for a math lesson for nothing, too.” He hit his forehead.

“Right now isn’t the time for jokes, Jungkook!” You angrily pushed him out of the way.

“Ow.” He covered his own mouth. The humanoid figure turned its attention to the weak wooden table, and began walking towards it. Jungkook swiftly slid you in his arms, holding you securely while burying his head in your neck. He made an odd scared sound, “Noona..” He breathed, squeezing you tightly and moving you onto his lap. “I don’t wanna die..” You checked on the thing hunting you two down, and held him close as well.

“Neither do I..” You whispered, squeezing him. The thing sighed, and a loud noise was heard above you.

“That sounded like knives..” He looked up, and shook his head. “No, no, no.” He went back to his head buried in you again. You did the same, only putting your ear against his chest closely. His heartbeat was erratic, and you could feel yours practically beating out of your chest. Between you guys, your shivers were out of control—like dozens of spiders were crawling down your back. You clenched onto his shirt tightly, and shut your eyes.

“What on Earth are you two doing?” The mysterious monster spoke. You looked up slowly, and saw the librarian woman back now. “I knew something was going on here..” She shook her finger, smirking at our position. “It’s quite cute, but this is still school grounds.”

“We were going to scare you!” You nervously laughed, letting Jungkook’s shoulders go.

“Well it’s time we scare ourselves,” She stood up, “I brought cake.”

“That’s what that sound was,” He mouthed to you, dragging his hand along his face. “I’m an idiot.”

“Come out of your hiding place, kids.” She put the cake down, and began cutting pieces.

“Let’s go.” You sighed at the misunderstanding, about to crawl out.

“Wait,” He pulled you back, “You were really scared.” He gently placed some loose piece of hair behind your ear.

“So we’re you.” You snapped, wriggling out of his grasp.

“No, that’s not the point.” He explained, pulling you back on him again. “I’m glad I tried to protect you, noona.” He seemed like he was going to do something else but stopped with big eyes.

You sighed shaking you head, “So childish.” You held his cheek, pecking the other side tenderly. “Get up, oppa.” You patted his knee, standing up yourself. You fixed your hair, smoothing out the frizzy parts in your distress. “Are you coming, or what?”

You stared at him. Jungkook stood under the table, staring in the direction where you were. His mouth was slightly open, and his eyes were wide surprise.

Moving On - Chapter 6

At Ease

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

“Kiseok…” She called his name, so soft and sharp and the same time, catching our attention. We both turned around to the source of the voice and the grin on his face immediately vanished upon seeing her.

“Ji Hye,” his eyes went wide and his whole body froze. 

Based on the looks they were exchanging and the condescending glare she was giving me, it wasn’t hard to guess who she was, and she definitely was getting the wrong idea.

“It’s not what it looks like,” he quickly said.

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Lawl and Order: Special Snowflakes Unit

I’m gonna keep this quick because so many other people have said it better than I can so I’ll link to some of their videos.

This is one of the funniest things I have seen on the internet in a long time.  It wasn’t so much the GamerGate inspired episode itself that was hilarious, but it was the reaction.  Not by Pro-GGers, but ANTIS.

I mean, sure, there were some lol-worthy moments in this episode like 2 dudes walking right up to a booth promoting the “Zoe” character’s game, and saying to them “GO HOME GAMER GIRL YOUR DEV IS A SLUT” then they follow her into the bathroom and viciously assault her.

Seriously, who fucking does this?  Maybe I’m wrong but when has this ever happened at a real con to the extend of a woman being viciously beaten and raped simply for being a woman gamer, other than in the minds of a professional victim?  Then, when the agent questions her by saying “What happened?” She answers “They leveled up.”

And this was the entire episode.  Nothing but “gamer lingo” being used and abuse more often than a hooker at Chris Brown’s house, in order to click it and be hip with the cool kids.  There’s even a part in the climax where one of the “gamers” points a gun at an agent, then it switches to an FPS Camera POV.  I was laughing so hard.  I was actually expecting them to throw in a life bar or some shit just to show how disconnected from reality they were.

Back to my point.  You see, ever since the episode was pitched, Antis have been talking about it like it was going to be the stake in GG’s heart.  This was going to put the nail in the coffin for GamerGate.

However, the complete opposite happened.

This episode was so god-awful not even many Anti-GGers wanted anything to do with it.

Sure, there were complete nutjobs like Brianna Wu and MovieBob that thought that this was somehow grounded in reality, but for the most part Anti-GG went apeshit over it, while Pro-GG was sitting back and watching the happenings while laughing gleefully.

Even Anita Sarkeesian, one of the antis who this was catered to, tweeted out that Law and Order SVU made light of violence against women.

Zoe Quinn complained that her character gave up too easily at the end.

Jason Schreier of Kotaku wrote an article basically stating that this was a disaster from start to finish, adding that all this episode succeeded in was demonising gamers.

But here’s the thing, guys.

SVU didn’t pull this out of thin air, they didn’t make this shit up, they listened to YOU.

YOU for 6 months, sat there behind your fucking keyboards and typed article after article, tweet after tweet, blog after blog, and forged a narrative.

That gamers are terrorists, gamers hate women, gamers want to kill women, gamers want to rape women, sexism this, misogyny that, gamers are dead, gamers are dead, gamers are dead.

6 fucking months.

And what exactly do we see play out in this episode?

A group of gamers who kidnap a woman game dev for being a woman.
They are dressed up and act like ISIS.
They beat her.
They rape her.
They talk about earning points and completing levels while doing this.
They can’t tell fiction from reality because they have gone insane from games.

And now that it has been released, you want to back out?

You have the fucking nerve to act offended at how they portray gamers?

NOW you want to act like you have OUR backs?



Videos on this you can check out

The Letter

Summary: It was a letter that was long forgotten and never supposed to be found. But it was. One shot. In the future.

Author’s Note: I have two stories on the go yet this is what my muse wanted to write. I’m not actually too sure about this but I needed to get it out of my system. Now that it’s done, I’m hoping my focus will shift back to the other things I want to write. Also, the summary sucked. It’s a short story and pretty self explanatory.

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