and gaaaaay!

soft klance things

  • keith always straightens out the hems of lance’s shirts because them being folded bothers him. lance just smiles and lets keith do his thing
  • whenever keith gets into a Mood, lance’ll come and lay his head in keith’s lap and start talking, about anything, just to see if he can make keith smile. 
    • and when keith finds lance crying at night because he misses his family, he takes lance’s hand and kisses each finger. 
    • “one,” he says, counting after each kiss. “two. three.” they both count, and on ten their mouths meet and lance feels a little more calm, focused. 
  • keith gets out of the shower and his long hair is sopping wet, so he shakes it like a dog to get lance all wet. 
    • “stop! you’re the worst!” lance is yelling, but he’s also laughing.
    • his revenge is to take a towel and vigorously rub keith’s head until his hair poofs out. afterword he’ll sit, legs spread out and keith between them resting against his chest, and brush out keith’s hair. 
  • early morning jogs around the halls of the castle, talking softly to one another, voices echoing in the quiet.
  • lance finds a machine in the castle that takes sound and converts it into a holographic light display that fills a room. 
    • lucky for them, keith’s ipod was in his jacket pocket when blue abducted them. 
    • he plays soft vintage melodies from the beginning of the millennium while he and lance slow dance. lance’s arms are looped around keith’s neck, keith’s head resting on lance’s shoulders. soft blue lights like waves fill the room and pass through them.
    • “does this count as a bonding moment?” keith asks slyly, still not letting that go. 
    • lance grins and kisses him. long, and deep as a well, savoring it, savoring keith.. “Hm…I guess so. I’m cradling you in my arms, aren’t I?”
  • Aloy, talking to any man: *looks bored as hell, unengaged in conversation, uninterested in their lives, doesn't care for an explanation, Done™ with male nonsense overall*
  • Aloy, talking to any woman: *is sassy and smiles, engaged in the conversation, interested in what they have to say & their backstory, Flirt™ mode activated*
  • Me: *wiping a tear from my cheek* my lesbian warrior daughter, I am so proud of you bby

If you ship either:

Raven x Luna


Best Lines in Sincerely Me

“I rub my nipples and start moaning with delight”

“I gotta tell you life without you has been hard.”
“Has been bad.”
“Has been rough.”

“Very specific.”
“Shut up”

“I like my parents.”
“Who says that?”
“I love my parents”

“Smoking Drugs”
“Just fix it”


“Stop doing drugs just try to take deep breaths and go on walks.”

“You’ll be obsessed with my forest expertise.”

“My sisters hot”
“What the hell”
“My bad”

“But not because we’re Gaaaaay”

“The only man I love is my dad”

“Mmiiiss you deeaarrly”