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When we realised we were horrible people...

We stumbled on a sleeping (enemy) Minotaur and our sorcerer decided to charm it, so we could get him to assist in fighting through the dungeon and so he wouldn’t kill us.

Our horrifically violent shunned Gnome monk decided we could eat him if that didn’t work out.

3 dungeon rooms in, I suddenly name him Mike, as he’s helped us and is now injured in the line of duty.

Cleric: “Should I heal Mike?”
Group: “Uhh…”
*DM rolls dice, looks up and grins silently*
Me (woodland based druid): “I think Mike is becoming slightly, uhh…disenchanted(?) with us.”
Sorcerer: “I pat Mike on the shoulder, say ‘Good fight buddy, thanks!’…then cast shocking grasp”
DM: “He’s stunned.”
Ranger: “I’m going to put him out of his misery before he kills us. I’ll roll to slit his throat.”
*rolls nat20, doing 48 damage*
DM: “You completely sever his head. Well done, you killed your buddy, Mike.”
Me: “A moment of silence for Mike’s friendship and sacrifice.”
*Silence, some giggling*
Gnome Monk: “Did the electrocution cook him, at all?”
Me: “Don’t be so dishonourable, he’s barely fallen to the floor! I’ll pour one out for you, Mike.”
Me:“Wait, can we use Mike’s skull as a helmet for Goat*?!”

*Goat is a…well, super healed goat with slightly vague supernatural intelligence and a full set of armour. This is what happened when you have the rule “If you can make the story good enough, you can do it.”

┃┃╱╲ in this
┃╱╱╲╲ house
╱╱╭╮╲╲ we
▔▏┗┛▕▔ appreciate
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲


A typical day in my beloved Nightmare

Remember kids, If it’s your first time on any map, consider LISTENING to someone who knows it better ! щ(ಠ益ಠщ)


I wanted to animate this but didn’t have any fitting voice lines, so next time

@reye-chan and I have had a good bit of Chara discussions lately about our Chara interpretations, Charas throughout this strange website, and canon Chara. Today we speculated about the event of our Charas meeting each other somehow, and so my 75% asleep self put together this shoddy doodle of them.

The two of them in the same area does not bode well for anyone nearby. Running in the other direction is advised.


you can see argus from all zones in outland except hellfire peninsula, nagrand, and shadowmoon valley

i think the reason why you can see it in outland is because the belf and draenei starting areas are in the same map file as outland, and so someone wasn’t paying attention and accidentally put argus on ALL skyboxes in outland, instead of only in eversong woods, or azuremyst isle.

(if you want to know more abt that whole thing, hayven games did a good job explaining it.)

Trope breaking headcanons

Since a post got me thinking, I decided to throw some headcanons that aren’t what the usual fandom trope dictates. Have fun!

1. Bruce and Tony are science bros but Thor and Tony are also science bros. Thor doesn’t really use much of Midgard tech, not more than he needs, but he always loves giving inputs about improvement. Tony and him can debate space theories for HOURS and Bruce will drop in one-liners as he passes by, but will make his point in those quips.

2. Steve is considered the strategist but he always takes pointers from Thor because Thor has a varied extent of battle experience and can calculate probabilities just as well as Tony can through his tech.

3. Bruce is amazingly great at video games and geeks out over every new space based game that comes out.

4. Clint hates crossword puzzles and sudoku but LOVES riddles.

5. Rhodey can mix drinks like nobody’s business and always chats with the bartender when he goes out for a drink. He and Tony have similar tastes for most cases .

6. Steve is the Master of double entendres. Once he starts, you cannot stop him.

7. All the male Avengers, except for Bruce, get their chests waxed. Tony is used to it by now. Steve thought shaving was fine but apparently not. Natasha doesn’t wax her legs or arms. She and Bruce enjoy while the others hate everything.

8. Sam is NOT a morning person at all. He doesn’t like mornings. He feels functional only after a run pumps up his adrenaline enough to be awake.

9. Vision is very cautious about his wardrobe choices. Tony blames Happy for everything.

10. Wanda practices yoga to stay fit.

11. Tony is actually not at all a slob. He’s a neat freak and extremely organised. Everything has a place and everything in its place. His chaos has an order.