and full of kids

FML, I swear.  xD  First crash not ten minutes in because NNNNGGGG.

I’m okay.  >_>;

At any rate, Andrei’s been dying to go home.

By all means, go home.  Even though none of this happened because TS3 is a fickle beast.

It turns out it’s hailing on the surface.

My poor sims are all standing out in the hail like idiots doing weird tourist shit.

For some reason Avernus is here, bitching about some poor schlub within the schoolgrounds.

Right here, paused, doing nothing to nobody, my game shit the bed.  After a few minutes, even, because God hates me.

My husband noticed it and said the obvious: “Something died.”

I’ve had a bad case of the wrong place at the wrong time and Lucy is trying to make up for it. My foot got in the middle of a cat/dog riff and Lucy’s back claw sliced my toe open all the way down the side.

She feels bad, I think. Even though it wasn’t her fault.

Have I said lately I can’t wait for us to have our own home again?

I’m feeling trapped.

I had a talk with the kids mom today when she picked them up. She knows they’re out of control. Her and my nephew are working on it. It’s a long story but she just recently obtained full time custody of the kids. Unfortunately, they’ve been through too much. I try to remember that. But even the kindest of hearts can only take so much at one time. I’ve given her my notice. She’s currently pregnant with my nephew’s first baby and he wants her to leave work anyway so I dont feel quite as bad.

Okay. I think I’m gonna go watch Deadliest Catch and zone out for a bit.

THAT REMINDS ME i used to babysit my cousins constantly. and one was obsessed with pokemon and one day i forgot my pouch of games at his house. i knew theyd all play with them and didnt really care cause they werent really thieves. but this kid stole soulsilver which i almsot had a full pokedex on. he took it to school to show off as his pokemon (despite the female trainer named chey) and left his ds unattended and some other kid STOLE THAT

i lost all those pokemon but i felt comforted

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Genji, McCree and Hanzo having to kill a young scared Talon agent? Like they didn't know Talon were the bad guys?

G U I L T 


He didn’t know they were that young, they were wearing a mask, after all. But when his shuriken hit them in the neck, they slumped the ground, mask falling off. They looked no older than 17. They were still a kid, a kid who could’ve grown up, lived a full life. But now they wouldn’t, because of him. Guilt immediately fills him, and he probably aborts the mission. He will go Zenyatta to help, seeking guidance. Genji mediates more frequently until he can find peace.


They were just a kid, and had to have been at least sixteen, maybe younger. They had just rounded the corner before the gunshot ripped through the air. Their look of shock and horror as they looked up from the blood on their chest to McCree. “I-I thought you were a h-hero.” Their final words are what truly hit him in the gut. He drinks a little more, smokes a little more, trying to drown his guilt. 


It was like he was killing Genji all over again. Their eyes were wide as they stared at the arrow protruding through their chest. For a moment, he saw Genji’s face instead of their’s, but he blinked and it was gone. He grows colder, a little more distant. He also makes a little more of an effort to talk with Genji, even if it’s just a polite hello while walking down the hall. The others notice, but don’t say anything. They suspect it had something to do with the mission, but they don’t know.

Just a tad overexcited....

I am going to New York ComicCon!!! Tickets bought, flights booked!!! Going with hubby and kids (6 and 11)! Me and the kids are only going one day, hubby for full four days, so I will be hitting NYC with the kids!! Bit of a worry as I have no sense of direction and can’t tell my left from my right!! But hey, it’s an adventure!! Not telling kids till we are on the way to the airport!! How can I keep this secret!!! Don’t even really care who is appearing!!!! Aaaaaaaagh!!!

How a four year old brought me to my knees.

So some good stuff has been happening lately, a few things are in motion and I’ve been feeling pretty good about myself. Getting a little bit of a big head.

Anyway. My boss’s daughter was at the store on wednesday, telling me all about her 4th birthday party on thursday, as we were drawing together on a big sheet of paper. She was drawing monsters, and I asked her if it was cool if I drew some sunhats on said monsters. She seemed okay with it, so I did. She then put her hand on mine, looked at me, and said:

“You don’t know how to draw, do you?

And I came crashing down to earth in about .5 seconds. Oh, and when we finished our drawings and signed them, she informed me that my name was Butt and made me write it. So it was Monsters by Thalia and Butt.

I love that kid.

Well I just found out this was a thing and felt a need to share it with @sixpenceee

In Tonopah, Nevada, there’s such thing as the Clown Motel. The office is FULL of clown merchandise and each hotel room has a clown on the door as well as any kind of clown merchandise they can put in a room. The one thing that makes this place creepier than it is is the motel shares a lot with a cemetery full of miners who died of a plague. I’m not kidding. No one really knows the backstory of this motel and why it has such an odd theme. 

Here’s how I found out about this one thing you’d only find in the US:

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hi i was just wondering what your job is at the hospital you work at? (not meaning that in a condescending manner i also work at one and just wanna know cause you're amazing <3)

I’m an emergency admin officer so I basically do patient registrations and fam history and make up the medical charts and organise admissions and figure out who the hell is getting admitted under what doctor and speciality and help the doctors and nurses with paperwork and frantically run around the emergency room like a crazy person doing their bidding while trying to be warm and welcoming to patients.


ladynoir kisses another time and this time it gets caught by cameras and it′s reported on every tabloid. marinette just wants to hide everyime she hears someone talking (especially her friends) about it while adrien has bought every magazine and cut every picture of the kiss in every size and attached them all over his room walls


I know Pokemon GO is all the rage right now, but can I just say I saw a guy in a bookstore today giving a full Pokemon card game tutorial to a group of little kids. He was super patient, calling out each play, explaining the Pokemon moves, and offering suggestions, and the kids were very excited and focused on the game.

This is OBVIOUSLY a Hot Single Dad Derek AU. 

Derek, frowning: I thought the special event sign meant this store was having a book reading, not this

But his kid’s so happy…and frankly, the guy running the game isn’t too hard on the eyes, and it still gives Derek a little bit of a break. He can sit back, relax a little, keep his eye on his kid but without needing to devote 100% of his attention. (He’s obviously the kind of dad who’s super protective of his kid and doesn’t really like anyone else watching them, not even Laura, not when he knows exactly how scary the world out there can be.) 

After the group has dispersed, Mini Hale the last to be pried away, Derek shamelessly not doing much to prevent them from lingering, he ends up finding out a little more about the guy. 

Stiles, he’d told the kids, laughing cheerfully at their attempts to say his last name, and assuring them his real first name was even more of a mouthful.

“Like Rumpelstiltskin?” Mini Hale had lisped (that same lisp Derek had taken YEARS to grow out of, which still slips through sometimes when he’s tired or drunk, a soft blurring of certain syllables when he’s not worrying so much about how to talk clearly around his stupid bunny teeth).

Stiles had grinned and winked. (Derek wasn’t sure which was more devastating.) “I suppose it could be magic,” he’d allowed.

“So if Daddy and I can guess what it is, we can keep you forever?” Mini Hale had asked.

Stiles had looked over at Derek, seemingly for the first time, and tripped a little over his words, definitely for the first time, and steered the group back to the game. But Derek had seen the quick up-down sweep of his eyes, the intriguing flush along his cheekbones, spreading a little down his neck.

Later, as Mini Hale insists that they help Stiles pack up the materials he’d been using (most of the kids having dragged their parents to the registers, in a successful business boost), they end up talking a little more.

“I figured a lot of parents can’t afford smartphones for their kids, or don’t want them to have those yet,” Stiles confides. "So I thought it’d be a good idea to show them how they can still have fun playing Pokemon. That way, maybe they won’t feel quite so left out at school.“ 

Derek’s…oddly charmed by the thoughtfulness. And grateful, both for the way his kid lit up with happiness all afternoon, and…well. And for the chance to meet Stiles. Whose real first name he wouldn’t mind knowing, if it really holds that kind of power.

SHINee as Kindergarteners
  • Onew:The kid that's always willing to share his crayons with you so long as you put them back in their proper spot in the box when you're done. The big brother of the class that quietly helps the other students but also likes to keep to himself.
  • Jonghyun:The lowkey troublemaker of the class that always somehow gets dirt on his clothes even if they spend recess inside. Immediately points a finger at some other kid when he gets in trouble and makes full use of his puffy cheeks and quick tears to get out of serious trouble.
  • Key:The child that will not at any time share any of his toys. If you touch his toys, he will burst into tears even if he wasn't using it. Any other time, he's a sweetheart who will give you hugs or pats when he notices you're upset and tries to comfort you. But you still won't get his toys.
  • Minho:The teacher's helper that is the first to raise his hand when the teacher asks "Who wants to help?" Will share everything: toys, food, crayons, he'll probably give you his shoe if you ask. The sweetheart child everyone prays for but is also so hyperactive during recess time that you wonder if he's okay.
  • Taemin:The kid that cries on the first day of school because he refuses to let go of his parents leg. He learns early on how to pretend to be sick to avoid going to school. Kind of quiet in class but also the kid that is willing to play with everyone. He tries to act like a big boy but lowkey can't go to class without his little stuffed bear thats at the bottom of his bag so no one sees.