and full of admiration in the second gif

Synopsis: You’re distracted during training, so James gets you worked up to show him your true potential. 

Warnings: implied smut, combat

Words: 1149

A/N: Here’s my first ever Captain James Conrad imagine! Also, just a reminder that Christmas requests are open! More info is in my bio, and I also made a post about it. 

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just short of two weeks, and i’ve already met and written with so many awesome people and gotten over 200 followers. which is crazy? because i never would have expected that to happen. i’m completely new to this side of the rp community, and i made this blog knowing literally no one here. & yet everyone has been really kind and welcoming and i just appreciate it a ton. here’s a little thank you to everyone who follows me ( i know it’s not much. i’ll do a giveaway or something soon!! ) & there’s little personable mentions for a few people under the cut as well <3 

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So, 2016 is finally over and with that It’s also over my first year with sciencebabies on tumblr. This has been an hard year for most of us i guess, I’ve had a lot of fear because of things that happened in the world and right beside me. However, In those months I’ve always find here a place full of love and full of beautiful people who always had sweet words for me.

I am so shy, so I have never spoken with most of you and maybe you don’t even know who’s tagging you on this post but if you’re here is because I have always admired you and look up to you. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. This fandom is full of talented people who can do really great things but most of all have a great heart and I really wanted to wish you an amazing year because you deserve pure and endless happiness. I hope life gives you everything you need. 

I also want to thank everyone who spent a second of their life reblogging, liking or answering my posts. And to those who become even my friends. Thank you thank you thank you you are precious. You always made my day and made me incredibly happy. I’ll always be grateful to have met you in this life. 

Love you all, Camilla. 

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