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So I know Caitlin basically wasn’t in this. It was a few moments of Killer Frost being all mean and frosty. But you know what, I found it very interesting who talked about her, and how.

Because Barry addressed Killer Frost as if she were still Caitlin, and could hear and respond to his apologies. Basically, Killer Frost was Caitlin to him - different hairdo, bad attitude, but still Caitlin. Is this because he was able to get her back the first time by basically giving her puppy eyes? Does he think that might work again?

But Cisco separates Killer Frost from Caitlin, right from the first scene. (“Caitlin wasn’t the only thing Killer Frost took.” Oh my GOD that line.) The woman standing in front of him is not his friend. Caitlin’s not the one at the wheel (”how abut the next time you release my friend’s inner demon”). Caitlin’s not even in the front seat. She’s locked in the trunk, bound and gagged. Cisco is very clear on this: Caitlin is not Frost; Frost is not Caitlin. Is this because he has experience with doppelgangers, considering Reverb? Is this because he doesn’t want to believe Caitlin can be like this in any way?

And now for Killer Frost herself.

I was incredibly intrigued by the way she spoke of Caitlin. Before, she’s always mentioned Caitlin’s name with a curled lip - weak, soft little Caitlin who doesn’t want her powers. Ugh. Such a bore. Such a drag. You see what I have to put up with?

But that was always her speaking to the Star Labs crew. To Savitar, she spoke of Caitlin as if she feared her, as if her coming back would be more than a momentary distraction. She wants to keep that from happening. She wants it more than anything.

Which makes me hope (this show’s abysmal track record with female storylines aside) that they’re setting up Caitlin to take back the wheel at some point, and then hit the fucking gas.

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Why ask for the httyd fandom birthdays if the fandom is dying, it's not the same as it used to be. Mostly everyone is gone and it's no fun.

Can’t disagree with you there… I decided to make it for multiple reasons actually

  1. I really liked the design for that page and I wanted to use it
  2. The last time someone did this kinda thing was 4 years ago
  3. I haven’t really been active in the fandom lately and I know there’s some new members so I kinda wanted to know who they were
  4. I’m curious as to see how far into the fandom I can get a post (it’s not very far)
  5. I want to know how many people are actually in the fandom now
  6. I’m trying to procrastinate on my finals
  7. If this ends up being a more popular thing, less popular blogs could still receive happy birthday messages
  8. And a more conceited reason: I want other blogs to know that this blog exists/I’m a five year old that needs constant attention

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Katrina's acting is so tragic in the new promo lmao

Barry wants to travel to the future to save Iris he doesn’t have time for Frosty’s a$$

He is a man on a mission and he will not be deterred. 

Katrina turns fully evil. Barry’s solution: I’m going to go to the future to find out how to save Iris. LMAO!

Hey, do the important shit first, Katrinelsa will be fine. 

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Hi this is extremely random but its your Local Grandpa™ here to tell you to stay frosty

i never had a granpapa :’) well more specifically 

i never meet my granpapas-


Fire Emblem Fates: Rebirth

Chapter 30: Divided We Fall

Also known as: The Path We Chose

After dying at the hands of a possessed Takumi, Corrin wakes up before Hoshido and Nohr are at war.

Determinded to undo all her regrets, Corrin sets out to save Ryoma and Takumi, unaware of their true, hidden enemy.

Spoilers for all routes.

Corrin was still fuming when footsteps sounded behind her. She sucked in a sharp breath of the frosty air and folded her arms. She focused her glare at the horizon, the setting sun casting a blinding glare across the sky. Whoever followed her from the cavern stood just behind her in silence. Corrin internally dared them to speak. To tell her off, to chide her for being childish and naïve. She imagined Ryoma or Xander, disappointment in their eyes. Or Leo, shaking his head with a click of his tongue.

She thought, with a start, what she would do if it was Takumi behind her. She didn’t know how she’d face him. How she’d deal with the hurt in his eyes.

Whoever it was, they stayed silent, and Corrin forced herself to look over her shoulder. Camilla gave her a warm smile, full of love and understanding that doused Corrin’s frustration. A wave of relief washed over her. Her arms dropped to her sides as her tension fled.

“Camilla…” Corrin didn’t know what to say. She turned to face her sister fully, suddenly feeling fragile. The walls she’d drawn around herself had cracked over time, again and again, tiny faults building until one touch would be all it took for it to break again. She’d turned to anger instead, too frustrated at herself to cry.

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oh frosty nights, thick vines and ivy, the tingly feeling of a warm cup of cocoa in cold hands, the colour midnight blue


I had the weirdest GW2 dream. I had a dream that they had SAB open just for folks to get the Bee Cat (so World 2-2) and when you went back in it spat you further forward than where you needed to be except…….nothing looked right.

What I mean is, everything looked frosty and mechanical although it was assured that this was World 2-2, Pain Cliffs. I guess the devs were reluctant and made this trek for the cat like….Ultra Tribulation Mode because of traps and just real unfair ways to get back to the Piranha fish.

I woke up before I got to the Cat Bee but I’d thought I’d share.