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“Ok… but what if Bucky told Tony about his parents? The last fight could’ve been completely avoided.” Cas’ methodical tone crackled through the phone.
It brought a curl to Dean’s lips imagining his angel, tucked away in the bunker, watching the Marvel cinematic universe and contemplating every scene. “Babe, that’s the most intense fight. It made the movie.”
“Hm.” A few calculated breaths before Cas had his rant back. “I don’t understand why we needed a movie of them fighting. And why each time was split right down the middle. They shouldn’t have been fighting! They are the Avengers!”
Snorting, Dean glanced over to the passenger seat to make sure Sammy was still sleeping. “The three of us fight, right?”
“Well, yes, but-”
“Any team is gonna have their arguments. It just happens. Don’t worry about it to much, sweetheart. We are gonna be home in a few hours and we will watch the next movie together.”
“I really enjoyed Antman, Dean. It was a very compelling story of a man who was raised by ants.”
Not being able to keep his laugh from barking out of his lungs, he heard Sam shuffle a bit. “He wasn’t raised by ants.”
“Dean. How can you watch these movies, claim to love them, but know so little? It’s astounding.” Cas gasped softly. “I ‘goggled’ it and he wasn’t raised by ants!”
Now the laughter was bringing tears to Dean’s eyes but he worried he might crash the car if he kept it up. The last thing he wanted to do was silence Cas’ voice in his ear but he knew he’d be seeing his angel soon. “I gotta go, honey bee. I love you.”
“I love you, too, Dean. Please drive safe.” There was a click and then static.
Placing his phone on his lap Dean eyed the road ahead of him. What he didn’t tell Cas about this hunt was that he made a small detour to a local jewelry store and bought a ring. The ring was nestled in his jean pocket, shining like nothing Dean had seen before. All he wanted was his angel every day for forever. Especially when the goof thinks things like Antman was raised by ants.

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Who’s the cuddler: tbh i can see both of them, but fucking jake man 

Who’s more clingy: rich

Who wakes up first: rich has troubles sleeping so usually he just stays up all night (and in the morning when early sunbeams come from the window and lights up jakes face rich is like ’!!!!’ inside) but when rich manages to fall asleep so def jake 

Who tends to get more sick: rich 

Who’s the little spoon: FUCKING JAKE 

Who’s more productive: tbh i can see both of them being productive but mostly jake 

Who sings in the shower: jake sings every time we touch in the bathroom and rich yells at him to stop but he secretly loves it 

Who likes to embarrass the other: jake (tbh i think it’s kind of canon?? idk) 

Who cries during movies: RICH 

Who kisses more roughly: both 

Who’s more dominate: uh 

My rating of the ship from 1-10: tbh it depends on my mood it can be 10 (or even more) on a good day and like 8 on a bad day but overall i love this ship

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It wasn’t on an impulse that the male decided to say those words ; — he had been thinking about it for quite some times now but he never had the chance to actually go to the blonde and ask him. ( be brave, itachi. ) After all, he was known as a great shinobi, heir to the Uchiha as well as a flee on sight. He wasn’t scared of anything. Or well, even him was scared of rejection. He was never good when it came to relationships, mostly spending his time with Sasuke or his cousin, Shisui… Or well, Naruto.

A relationship that didn’t go unseen by most of the village… Not that Itachi cared about what they could say. “ — Together, yes. ” He loved the way that word sounded on the Uzumaki’s tongue, dark hues usually emotionless couldn’t help but glint with hope. He was prepared to all eventualities… Which didn’t mean it would hurt any less if the answer was negative. What if he didn’t read the signs well ?

A sigh of relief escaped him at the answer given and a smile slowly curved the corners of his mouth upwards. “ No need to worry about that, really. As long as you’re happy. ” The young adult didn’t mind about the bills, considering the long mission he just came back from… He would have no problems with money for at least a year. “ Is tonight too soon, Naruto ? ”

John Winchester Always Wins

Summary: John Winchester explores new territory.

Warnings: Lord where to begin: smut, oral, anal, fingering, daddy!kink, NSFW, handcuff, idk… Reader Beware.

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Note: So, I surprised myself with how fast and easy this was to write. That probably means its trash but I figured, I am JW Trash, so it works. Sorry if it’s too NFSW or graphic for you tagged people! I need a shower. Also, thank you @ruby-loves-supernatural for pointing out that I should never a) Write/Post whilst horny and lonely, b) post from my mobile, c) Write/Post whilst drinking.


Word Count: 1081

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Voyager synopsis: the crew travels up to 70,000 light years to get home, but really they just crave that mineral.

Not Everything Can Have Happy Endings

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Words: 699
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(Will have part two if there is enough interest)
I stood in the large salt ring i had made around myself as the howls drew closer. You would have been begging for your soul right now if you hadn’t sold it for something you truly believed in. I pulled out my phone and looked at the time. 11:51pm. The light from the screen lit up the small room as i unlocked it and dialed a far too familiar number.
“Hello sweetheart.” Dean’s voice filled my head and I smiled.
“Hello handsome.” I chuckled “How’re you and Sam doing?” I asked
“Pretty good, we killed the son of a bitch tonight, should be home tomorrow before lunch. Also do you know if I packed my rag to clean the guns?” He asked
“The rag is in the side bag, under the boxx of bullets.” I chuckled
“What would i ever do without you?” I choked on air as those words echoed through my head
“Oh I don’t know, maybe crash and burn.” I laughed quietly trying to convince myself i was going to make it through this
“I don’t doubt that one bit” he laughed with me. “But anyways. How are you?” I could hear Sam making smooching noises in the background and chuckled
“Everything here is going good. A bit lonely without you though. I miss you.” I sighed
“I miss you too, but like I said. We’ll be home tomorrow.” He said quietly
“Hey Dean.” I quickly pulled the phone away to check the time. 11:55.
“Yeah (y/n)?”
“I just want you to know how much I love you. I mean without you, my life would have no meaning.” A tear rolled down my cheek as i heard shuffling on the other end of the phone.
“I love you too baby. Is everything alright?” He asked
“Everything is perfect. You’re alive and well; and I’m in love with you.” I winced at the intensity of the growls as the door swung open.
“(Y/n) what’s going on?” He asked worried
“Dean I love you, please just remember that. Anything that happens was my choice okay. Now I’m going to have to let you go because I have some dishes I have to clean before you two get home.” I paused as i choked back tears “I love you, drive careful. Tell Sam I say hey.” I tried to sound as cheery as I could.
“(Y/n) tell me what’s happening. I can help you, you know that.” He sounded desperate as I heard the sound of the keys and him running to the impala.
“Just tell me you love me, that’s all I need help with right now.” I saw dog slobber hit the ground in front of me. “Dean please.” I begged
“I love you. (Y/n) I love you oh so much you are my world. Please tell me what’s going on.”
“A year ago today. You were shot in the back of the head and died on a hunt. A year ago today, I told you i’d do anything for you.” I gulped as i heard footsteps. “Now i don’t want to see you again Dean, not anytime soon at least. Don’t try anything to get me back, I made the deal with the king of douchebags himself-.”
“Hello Darling.” Crowley smiled at me
“Theres nothing you can do to bring me back. I love you. And be safe.” I looked down at my feet and back up at Crowley.
“Time to say goodbye.” He walked towards me.
“Goodbye Dean.” I hit end on my phone before Dean could even form a response. “You promise he can’t get me back?” I asked
“We had a deal. Dean Winchester cannot do anything to get you back. No matter how hard he, Dean Winchester, tries he will not be able to bring you, (y/n) (y/l/n), back to life.” Crowley held out our contract.
“Good.” I looked back down to the ground and kicked away a line of salt.
“See you on the dark side.” Crowley grinned and snapped his fingers, the next moments were filled with the sounds of ripping flesh and my scream. But within minutes it stopped.