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imagine your favorite character gently brushing/braiding your hair after a long day

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I think I remember you saying you screen episodes for your sister (as I used to for my brother but now he's a bit older) so I was wondering if there are actually any episodes that you never showed her because you thought she would have a problem with them. I'm not trying to be creepy I'm just curious Cus I still have some early episodes of SU that I HAVNT shown my brother and I'm wondering if I should now as he has been watching the recent episodes on his own (he just turned 10)

well, I screen episodes specifically for problems that my sister might have with them, which are probably different from the issues other people might consider a problem. She specifically has issues with, like, violence toward inanimate things. Like people breaking stuff (toys especially) or ripping paper (this is a big one for some reason). She also has an issue with anytime people mock or excessively laugh at a character (though luckily this has never come up in SU). Depending on how much of all that is in an episode, I’ll either fast-forward through the bit or just have her not watch it.

So far the only episodes she hasn’t seen are “Watermelon Steven”, because of the watermelon slaughter at the end, and “Horror Club” primarily because at the end Lars rips up the photo (she’s also scared of it because the name has “horror” in the title, so she’s reluctant to even try even though I’m fairly certain she wouldn’t find it scary)

I think she might be getting over some of the issues, though, because I thought she might have a problem with Ruby flipping the table and Steven breaking the plate in “Keystone Motel” but she didn’t.

Why Morrowind is Best Scrolls

Morrowind has the greatest advantage of almost any open world RPG by having a TRULY unique fantasy world.
Vvandanfell was completely other worldly, it’s flora, fauna, towns, people and cultures all different from what has existed in real life or previous fantasies.
I noticed that the more useless shit there is the more real the world feels, if you can carry 50 bowls and each one is different then THAT’S a fucking world. 

Oblivion heavily cut down on this with a reliance on European and roman design but had enough daedra and monsters to make up for it. 

 Skyrim Fails tremendously and irrevocably, it’s not fantasy, it’s just vikings.

 Most enemies are either animals or exist in common culture like films and books, skyrim didn’t even do anything new with them either.
Think of an enemy from Morrowind, all unique and interesting, now think of Skyrims … what does it have? Bears? Big Spiders? Boring re-colours of bland dragons? woopdy fucking doo! 

You explore Morrowind for hours and hours because you will always see something new. 1 hour in skyrim with a single dungeon and That’s the game.

 Can we stop copying Tolkien please and get some real creativity again?

It’s just hit me that the ‘gentle facial features resembling his mother’s’ comment about Bolt basically means this is the ‘Kushina’s face+ Minato’s hair and eye colour’ thing all over again.

no offense but copic markers are so expensive and they die quickly and the ink doesn’t fill up the marker ever and that’s expensive and why the hell does everyone buy them ?

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what is ur weirdest, most random, useless akuroku headcanon

Axel’s ring tone in general is this song, (which, yes, it is the ringtone from Mall Cop), and different people get different remixes of it.

Roxas has heard it so much he just subconsciously knows all of it and every time just sits there like why.

who are all those people on my dash? tbh I don’t know half of the people y’all reblog and post about lol

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Messages to 7300 from two different people: "England is an amazing country. And our food has less sugar in than American food. Bar the chocolate. Your chocolate sucks." And "I really hope you enjoy your trip. My country is lovely. Please don't be scared! I know that flying can be quite scary! And the people over hear are quite kind too, i'm just trying to ease you a little bit."

“Hi there! For summer job Im working in one career company… I have to create a research about young people careers in us. May You please enter your dream job, click continue & input your email address there and click continue one more time? Under the most recent repost on my blog there is a website address. This will be the part of the statistical survey for my paper and its completely nameless! Would be so wonderful to over this research and could enjoy my summer :) Thanks a lot Darling! :)” I’ve gotten this message three times from three different people, has anyone else gotten it? bc im p sure it’s a scam

Good bye for now

I will never stop wondering
What she might look like.
Ringlets like clock springs
And eyes so wide
They would swallow us both…
She may never come to be.

The future is an indefinite concept,
One that I have convinced myself
That I could map out
And discover
Like the great explorers
Of this flat earth.
Little did they, or I, know
That there are
Too many pendulum curves
For our old fashion tools.

He and I are perhaps only
A tablespoon’s difference
From the people we were before,
But that has still made us
Too sweet and too salty to bear
And a tablespoon is enough
To ensure that her wide eyes
Will never swallow me.

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“Amortentia” -zevranrp

Leather soap, wild roses, and Antivan fish soup with lobster. I am not very fond of the smell of the soup, but did enjoy it when the Lady Ambassador insisted it be made for the Antivan diplomats when they arrived at Skyhold. 

i watched a little clip from daredevil and now i might have to watch the show because the guy playing matt murdock has such a nice voice (and also almost exactly what i imagined in my head? that almost never happens)



I hate when people waste my time when I’ve told them numerous times that “I don’t have enough time” or that “I’m going to be late” etc. as it can make me freak out.

It’s not even funny, this comes from someone who has Autism (Autism affects people differently though). It is very inconsiderate for people to do that to me because if they make me have an autistic meltdown (which are rare nowadays because I fight to avoid them) then that is on them and it would be their fault.

Just a PSA to people who see this.

Please, NEVER EVER do something like that to people who have Autism (if that sort of stuff does affect them), it might not turn out pretty and then you’re probably going to need some sort of manual on how to calm down the person with Autism. Good luck!

Few people understand the different ways people treat men and women more than trans folk.

Almost every person who transitions or presents differently from their assigned gender has their eyes opened to how differently people treat you based on your appearance.  I’ve spoken to trans men who talk about how people literally took them more seriously after they started presenting as male.  I and many other trans women have been through the very difficult experience of being suddenly treated as inferior when we start identifying as female.

The funniest (or perhaps saddest) part of this is that I was actually taken more seriously as a feminist before I came out as trans.  I used to have people suddenly seem shocked to hear me call myself a feminist when they read me as male, but the moment I came out as trans?  Suddenly I lost my credibility.  Men suddenly saw me as an affront to their masculinity in the same way that people sometimes see vegans as a threat to their right to eat meat.  Women suddenly saw me as a sexual predator, which is especially odd to me since I’ve also been preyed upon by creeps who fetishize trans women.

The fact of the matter is this: people don’t want to believe we might be right.  They don’t want to believe that they may have been complicit in misogynist culture.  They have this belief that only bad people are misogynists, and so if they’ve been complicit in it, then they would be bad people.  They don’t understand that it’s not about being a good person or a bad person; it’s about doing the right thing versus allowing injustice to continue.

But nobody listens to us when we defend ourselves.  They would listen to me when they thought I was male, but now that they no longer identify me that way, I suddenly no longer know what I’m talking about.  They don’t want to listen to us, but they’ll listen to each other, and that’s why they live in a bubble that will never pop.

Cherry’s Tree - By Alexandrea McCandless


Hey my name is Cherry, yes like the fruit but here I am going to tell you my story well the parts I can remember. I am only 18 and still have my life to live and it may seem weird someone so young telling a ‘life story’ but some people can live more in 18 years then others have in 80. I have three older sisters and two younger sisters and a step brother. My life hasn’t been perfect but let’s faces it; if it was then we wouldn’t be here. I feel like I need to let this information out so that other people going through similar experiences like mine won’t feel so alone. I couldn’t count the amount of times I felt alone in my years. This is just one way for me to get out what I have kept inside for a really long time. My life has been different from most people and not for the good either. There have been times when I did think of self-harm and suicide but it’s never the answer. So in the wise words of Mario, Here we go!


Chapter 1 – Just a kid!

So this is me, about three years old, I wake up and come out into the lounge room to mum and dad talking. Dad turns to me and asks if I want to go with him to the park. See my father was a gold miner and always took his metal detector with him to the park to see what cool treasures we could find. Most of the time we only found lots of old coins and bits of wire but this time was a little different. We get to the park and dad sets up his detector as I look over at the other kids playing games and running around and think to myself that looks like fun. We start looking for treasure’s and found some coins and bottle caps but this one item had caught my attention. We took it home with all the other items wrapped in a dirty white handkerchief which had red and blue stripes on the edge.  We arrive home and mum asks what we found. We showed her the coins and bottle caps and then dad gives me the last item to show mum. I walk over to her and I have it covered with my hands, as I slowly open my hands there is a small golden teddy bear with Safire eyes covered in dirt. It is a little dinted but that will add character my mum says. As all my sisters come to see I give the little bear to mum and she goes to the kitchen to wash off the dirt. When mum leaves the room dad sits me on his knee then turns to me and says, see that little bear I want you to have it because you are my little Cherry bear. When mum comes back with the clean bear she ask dad what we are going to do with it, dad turns to me and smiles then replies with, I think Cherry bear should have it then winks at me. A few weeks later we go to visit one of my Aunts. My sisters and I were playing with our cousin and then he get a brilliant idea, lets ride the tricycle down the stairs. There weren’t that many stairs but all my sisters were hesitant to do it but I bravely stood up to the challenge. As I started off it was fun but when I got to the bottom the ride changed for the worse. The trike tumbled and fell over and I ended up breaking my big toe. I cried but dad didn’t want to take me to the hospital. Mum was going to take me but I wanted my daddy to. He eventually gave in to his crying child and came to the hospital. While I was getting checked out a nurse came in and took my dad and my mum just outside the door. I didn’t think anything of it but mum started to cry and dad was just standing there looking disappointed. Mum gathered herself together and came back into the room. The doctor told me I only had a broken toe and I was fine. So we went back home and that night mum and dad got us kids a happy meal and took us into the lounge room. We stood in a line facing them thinking that we were in trouble. Mum starts to weep again as she says, you know your farther and I love you very much but sometimes very bad things happen and we can only hope that they get better. She chokes on every word as she forces them out. She pauses then continues, and sometimes people get sick very sick and we have to be there for them. I look over at dad and his eyes are getting watery too, mum is crying now with tears rolling down her cheeks. My oldest sister Elizzy only seven years old puts her hand on mum and asks, what is it mummy? Mum looks up at her then looks at all of us and says, there is no easy way to say this and I know you won’t understand yet but one day you will. Then she pauses again like if she doesn’t say it then it won’t be true then she says, your daddy has cancer. As us kids look at mum she takes a deep breath then continues with, cancer is a terrible sickness where daddy might die. She breaks down in tears and I see a tear roll down daddy’s face. Don’t cry I say to mum as all of us kids hug her. We kiss her then hug dad and then go to bed with a heavy thought in our minds. A few months have passed and daddy is in hospital on chemotherapy, it is hard to see him like this with all the tubes hanging off him. We visit him very often and he gets so much joy when he sees us kids at his bed side. Daddy’s brother, Uncle Angelo came over from America to see him and he is staying with us. I spot his laptop and think to myself wow that looks so great what is it? But I don’t say anything because he is holding daddy’s hand and trying not to cry. Many weeks go by and he isn’t getting any better, in fact he is getting worse. Mummy had stopped going to the hospital as much to try and save money on cab fare because the medical bills were so expensive but she aloud my second oldest sister Fay-ann to take me to the hospital to see him. Mum had packed us a bag of things; we didn’t look into it until we got to the hospital. In the bag were three cans of soup, a woolen blanket and a letter addressed to daddy. Fay-ann puts the blanket over daddy and gives him the letter, he looks at I then places it to the side and says he will read it later and gives a kind half smile trying to be strong. I ask him where he would like me to put the soup but he says take it back with you, I don’t want soup I’m not a baby. I grasp his hand lightly and ask him if he was going to be alright, he looks down at me and says I hope so sweetheart then puts his other hand over mine and kisses me on the forehead. Fay-ann tells me it’s time to go home so we both hug daddy once more and leave. Mummy had visited him a few times after that and had gotten really sad. A month or so has passed and I wake up to find mummy in her room crying alone. I walk up to her and ask her what is wrong. She looks down at me and I see sadness and emptiness in her eyes. She gestures for me to sit on the bed next to her so I do as she hugs me she tells me a story. As you know your daddy was very sick and the doctors were doing everything they could to fix him but sometimes it doesn’t work and sometimes they get worse sometimes like your daddy they don’t make it, I ask her what she means and she looks at me as a tear rolls down her cheek and she says your daddy passed away last night and he went to… she chokes on the words as she cried and she continued with heaven. I ask her when is he coming back and she cries more than says never. I start to cry I become very sad I get off mums bed then lay down on the floor face down, mum lays next to me as she says it’s okay to cry when a person goes to heaven. I can’t believe what I have just heard.

Integration, Not Fusion

My favorite cultural observation I’ve made about Singapore goes hand in hand with its rich diversity. The word “diversity” gets thrown around a lot, and I’d like to make an observation that goes much deeper than the typical definition. There is something to be said about Singapore’s diversity that can’t be said for many other countries around the world, including The United States.

The United States has historically been called “The Melting Pot.” I learned this term in school to explain how people from all over the world immigrated to The United States at different times and eventually created the country we live in now. As a young girl, this term was used to describe to me how diverse our country is, because we have people from many different backgrounds. “The Melting Pot” however, has very negative connotation. It describes a country where historically white colonists took power and created a culture of assimilation. Instead of preserving rich diversity through respecting others for their differences, they wanted everyone to be the same. The United States is not the only country that has done this, and I can see how something like this could easily happen when many people are fighting for power. However, Singapore is a great example of a country that has intentionally avoided this.

It was best described to me by one of my advisors, Shannah, from the Academic Internship Council at our first meeting. She told us that, “Singapore is not a fusion of people, rather it is an integration of different cultures.” She explained how there are certain laws in Singapore that prohibit mass groups of people of the same background from living in the same area. This is to prevent people of the same ethnicity from clustering in one area and thus isolating themselves. For example, they intentionally prohibit all Chinese people from living in one area, or all Malaysian people from living in another area. This intentional integration forces people to respect, and appreciate each other for their differences. There are still certain areas in Singapore, Chinatown, Little India, and Malay Village, where one can experience these cultures. However, the people that work in these areas cannot also live there. Shannah elaborated that for example, a Christian, Singaporean family might live right next door to a Muslim Malaysian family. They both will live their lives very differently, but maintain respect for each other. This also allows for people to learn about so many different cultural traditions and history.

There is a lot to be said about the fact that there is not one skin color or facial structure that encompasses Singapore’s culture. Many countries could learn a lot from Singapore’s integrated culture and ideals of respect and love of diversity.