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why a sana season will be AMAZING

sana bakkoush was my first favourite character on the show, as it was the iconic first bus meeting in ep3 of s1 that really sold me on this show! this post is really just all my positive thoughts and feels about my girl sana possibly getting a season and it is waaay too long, but it turns out i love sana a lot ok?? ok:

  • probably most important: a muslim hijabi girl as a main character. 
    • amazing representation that young hijabi girls deserve. 
    • also in the current political climate in europe and the us, this is so important
    • the show is and should be targeted at norwegian teens, and muslim girls are a group of norwegian teens that are rarely represented in our media
    • i want to know more about sanas relationship with islam, what does it mean to her? we know a bit and i would love to know more
    • also related to that, how does islam fit into norwegian cultures and traditions and how sana interacts with that?
    • im a culture nerd, literally that is what i study atm, so: culture in our global multicultural society is ever-changing and closely related to our identities and how chose to take part in different communities. sana is a perfect character to explore this: 
      • obviously, she choses to wear the hijab which right away signals to others her faith
      • she doesnt want to drink or hook up, her faith is more important
      • but she actively wants to take part in a russebuss, a tradition very closely related to some of those things she isnt interested in
      • she also wears the traditional costume of norway, either bunad or festdrakt
      • basically, sana is representative of so many people in our society today, who challenge the outdated way many people think about culture as something static and clearly defined (looking directly at some right wing politicians in norway, who talk like they only know the 1960s definitions of culture)
    • the show smacking down on islamophobia - i am READY to see that on my screen and on the most popular show in norway atm
    • the lovely @imansmeskinis​ wrote a very good post about things she wants to see explored wrt sana and islam, if you haven’t: read it!!
  • and obviously: more sana - who is undeniably a Badass character who has had some of the best moments of this show tbh
    • when she took over that first bus meeting, with a “well-functioning plan”, leaving all the girls shook and very ????? and sana goes: “i think this well good..” with that knowing look. ICONIC SCENE imo
    • that time she apparently asked one of the penetrator guys if his nose was bigger than his dick!!???”!?
    • actually got at least vilde and eva to believe that her hijab was magical, that she was psychic and that she could see the ghost of kasper lol
    • getting the guys’ weed out of evas house while the police was there, then use it to blackmail isak into going to kosegruppa while still keeping 10% of the drugs, because it’s “good to have”
    • wrapping said 10% as a christmas gift for isak
    • what a legend!!
    • imagine a season where every clip has the potential for this level of greatness!

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in light of that one interview i just want this scene
  • corrupted jasper writhing on the ground or s/t: we all get what we deserve, I deserved for this to happen
  • garnet, sitting placidly cross-legged on her shoulder: the hilarious thing is that's completely true but not for any of the reasons you think

Imilchil, Morocco. The town is a symbol of Amazigh/Berber culture, known for its Marriage Festival (Souk Aamor Agdoud N'Oulmghenni). Legend has it that 2 young people from different tribes fell in love, but their families did not allow them to see each other. The grief led them to cry themselves to death, creating the lakes Isli (his) and Tislit (hers). The families decided to establish a day on the anniversary of their death when members of local tribes could marry each other. Thus the marriage festival was born. In reality, the region has many tiny villages. When a young person needs to find a partner, they cannot simply go and look for one, due to conservative social norms. So the festival allows for fathers to show their daughters and find husbands for them. When a woman accepts a man’s proposal, she says “You have captured my liver” (Tq massa n uchemt). Up to 40 couples take their vows on the same day. The festival is rich with music, dancing, feasts, and colorful clothing.

C: I love all cultures as well my own, however, today I sincerely thought about teaching my son how to love others. He loves all people, but he has felt different from other children in his class because of his color, so he clings to an Indian child and has made him his best friend. He has been blamed for things constantly and I do not like that the fact that his little heart tells him to apologize. I hate taking away his innocence.

Mon El- a boy from Daxam

Mon El was recently named the Best New Character in an Established Drama by TVLine and many of the comments that followed were why he didn’t deserve it because he was a typical white male character who was basically trash.

I understand why some may hold this opinion & from their perspective, they probably think they’ve made an accurate assessment of Mon El. However i think that many who hold the opinion of Mon El being just another white male fuckboy has forgotten a key aspect- Mon El is a guy from Daxam.

We must remember that he isn’t a white male Earthling; he wasn’t born or brought up here. He came to Earth a fully grown man from an entirely different planet with its own set of rules, norms, way of living & customs- some of which we haven’t been introduced to or may not make sense to us.

Kara has said that Daxamites differ from Kryptonians & their peoples don’t get along because of their different ways of living- a planet of partiers was how she described Daxam. We should keep all of this in mind when judging Mon El’s character- he is only acting in the manner he was brought up, as a Daxamite. He is simply being who he is, who he was taught to be by the social constructs of his world- his planet Daxam, not our blue one.

With regards to race, he may be white to us Earth people but on Daxam, there is the possibility of there being no such thing as race (God, i hope so). There has been no mention of it; not only with Mon El but with any alien species that has been portrayed on Supergirl.

The same guy who thought women pleasing men was a norm here on Earth because that was the way back on Daxam, was unashamed to admit that he is only courageous because Kara taught him how to be. She is the one who shows him that there are other ways of thinking in this new strange world called Earth. She can show him a better quality of life & world view. That’s one of the best things about their relationship- he’s willing to learn from a female Kryptonian with no qualms or prejudice & she is willing to help & teach a male who was previously only exposed to Daxamite social norms & constructs (norms that might be rather archaic).

It is unfair to shoot his character down because he may conform to a certain Earthly stereotype - he just got to Earth, he’s still learning, it’s only been 8 episodes, 3 of which he was unconscious. Guys, give him a chance, he might surprise you in his journey on Supergirl…may it be a long one❤️

just gonna be a bit corny rn but honestly? the support I get from my blog and everyone following it is something I can never be too thankful for. Being able to vent and find legitimate advice and general love from so many different people has helped me through some really really difficult times in the past 4-5 years. I might not be relevant blog anymore, but just knowing there are people that barely know me and still care enough to give inputs and support is something I’ll always appreciate.


Being extra af makes me feel better. 

Can someone please tell me WTF IS WHITE CULTURE???


Thank you for blessing us with the most beautiful, epic love story I have ever had the honor to experience.

Thank you for creating characters and telling stories that we have needed for so long we lost hope of ever seeing them realized.

You showed the world that being queer and mentally ill shouldn’t keep you from having your own love story, that we too can have it all. The romance, the struggle, the happy ending.  

The fact that so many of us are having such a hard time saying goodbye to this season is a true testament to the magnitude of this story. It has touched so many people, for so many different reasons. It has brought together people from all over the world. Because the truly great stories, they break barriers and transcend our differences.

Thank you for showing us that we are not alone.

This show, this experience, has honestly changed my life, and I will be forever grateful.

Mountain lion, puma, cougar, panther—this cat is known by more names than just about any other mammal! But no matter what you call it, it’s still the same cat, Puma concolor, the largest of the small cat species. So how did it get so many names? Mostly because it has such a large range, and people from different countries have called it different things. (photo: Scott Pollard)

Oh shit, it’s ya boy Mod Kaito, coming at ya with the latest ships!

Kirumi/Korekiyo Headcanons

•Korekiyo often helps Kirumi with the cooking and cleaning (despite her many objections.)
•While Kirumi’s cooking is more modern and “normal”, Korekiyo cooks many traditional dishes from many different cultures.
•Neither are very dirty people, so Kirumi rarely has a lot of cleaning to do.
•Korekiyo often tells stories while they relax, his soothing voice and flamboyant nature making each story even better.
•They both enjoy drinking tea, and will often provide it when they go to a gathering.
•They both sleep rather separately, though they know the other one still loves them.

Hey… I managed to finish something small for myself. It’s not much, but it’s a start… 
Cassie Winters and Arthur Maxson… because I think they would make a hell of a couple. Cassie is stubborn enough to deal with Maxson’s megalomaniac tendencies… And Maxson accepts that she has a past that is different from most people’s pasts. 

Cassie looked at the holotape in her hand for quite some time. She couldn’t bring herself to listen to it again. It brought too much pain. She missed Nate and his silly jokes. She missed Shaun and that she had had no chance to really get to know him. 
“Are you all right?” Arthur asked and Cassie looked over her shoulder. She hadn’t heard him enter her quarters. 
“Yes… I’ll be right there for the mission briefing,” she replied and her smile must have looked forced because Arthur closed the door behind himself and stepped up to her. He put his hands on her shoulders and looked at the small item in her hands.
“We’ll bring them down for everything they did,” he said. 
“It won’t bring Nate back… maybe not even Shaun.”
“It might give you closure.”
“That it might,” Cassie agreed and allowed herself to lean back against Arthur. “And with you… maybe it’s the start of a new chapter for me. Nate would  want me to move on…”

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Why does Jenelle think that putting her diary entries from years ago will make people see her differently? She has always been an immature compulsive liar. I'm sure in my diaries when I was under the age of 10 I used to write about how I had such a hard life just because my parents wouldn't let me eat McDonald's every day!! It's just another chance for Jenelle to tell the world what a hard life she's had....yawn!

I think the majority of us agree with you on this!


Watch Time After Time on ABC on Sunday nights! I don’t mean to sound like an add but it’s very good! The story follows writer HG Wells as he basically chases the famous Jack the Ripper through different time periods! Hg has to keep him from killing people in these different time periods and HG follows him by his time machine he built because he basically had writers block from writing a story about a time machine so he built one! And Jack the Ripper wants this time machine :)) I would hate to see this cancelled I truly believe it has great potential, it’s just starting this month ((: ty 💘

I miss fall. Please let me live in cold weather forever.

tip for parents with disabled children: If your child has an “adjusted’ behavior to help them do something better, I don’t care how much you don’t like it, don’t tell them it looks weird or “socially embarrassing” to discourage them from doing it. Just don’t. Jus’t fucking don’t. A disabled person HAS to do things differently from able bodied people in order to function. You don’t get to decide what coping behaviors your child gets to do based on how good it looks to other people. Fuck off.

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Anyone in the order you likie like? Besides that what are your tastes in this field O' mister Blushsalot

No comment on the first bit


I dunno man, like, I like  a lot of things.. girly girls, tough girls, people who are strong or like to wrestle???

It’s hard to explain, cause like, there IS more like, like, smarts or just A THING about them that sets me off that I can’t explain. 

It different from people to people but almost everyone has a thing I really like and am attracted to? 

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Why bina?

I made a joke about the Calder twins. It was Eleanor and Tina, so when people say this B and the B from the beginning are different people, I can only think about that: she has a twin sister called Bina lmao