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Please answer for Primrose (becauseI am currently reading the Hunger Games for the first time :D) and Lily ^^

🌹🌹Primrose: If you could share one message with the world, what would it be?

🌹🌹Don’t measure your success against other people’s yardstick. Everyone comes from different places, has different opportunities, and their own happy accidents. Your success is your own, no matter the size in the scheme of the universe.

🌸🌸Lily: What’s something you’ve achieved that you are really proud of?

🌸🌸I have a really fantastic job. I made it through high school, and college, and graduate school alive. I have lived on my own since 18, have a wonderful, beautiful wife, 8 wonderful pets, and rent a house I can afford. I have a good life, even though my experience with an abusive family, repeated rape, and health issues could have stunted that. My lovely therapist said, at my intake interview, that I should be proud of the life I have built, because my circumstances should have prevented it. I am proud of the stability I have cultivated in my life.

Thank you for this! I am such an emotional wreck today, and this little bit of reflection really helped. 💕💕💕

why a sana season will be AMAZING

sana bakkoush was my first favourite character on the show, as it was the iconic first bus meeting in ep3 of s1 that really sold me on this show! this post is really just all my positive thoughts and feels about my girl sana possibly getting a season and it is waaay too long, but it turns out i love sana a lot ok?? ok:

  • probably most important: a muslim hijabi girl as a main character. 
    • amazing representation that young hijabi girls deserve. 
    • also in the current political climate in europe and the us, this is so important
    • the show is and should be targeted at norwegian teens, and muslim girls are a group of norwegian teens that are rarely represented in our media
    • i want to know more about sanas relationship with islam, what does it mean to her? we know a bit and i would love to know more
    • also related to that, how does islam fit into norwegian cultures and traditions and how sana interacts with that?
    • im a culture nerd, literally that is what i study atm, so: culture in our global multicultural society is ever-changing and closely related to our identities and how chose to take part in different communities. sana is a perfect character to explore this: 
      • obviously, she choses to wear the hijab which right away signals to others her faith
      • she doesnt want to drink or hook up, her faith is more important
      • but she actively wants to take part in a russebuss, a tradition very closely related to some of those things she isnt interested in
      • she also wears the traditional costume of norway, either bunad or festdrakt
      • basically, sana is representative of so many people in our society today, who challenge the outdated way many people think about culture as something static and clearly defined (looking directly at some right wing politicians in norway, who talk like they only know the 1960s definitions of culture)
    • the show smacking down on islamophobia - i am READY to see that on my screen and on the most popular show in norway atm
    • the lovely @imansmeskinis​ wrote a very good post about things she wants to see explored wrt sana and islam, if you haven’t: read it!!
  • and obviously: more sana - who is undeniably a Badass character who has had some of the best moments of this show tbh
    • when she took over that first bus meeting, with a “well-functioning plan”, leaving all the girls shook and very ????? and sana goes: “i think this well good..” with that knowing look. ICONIC SCENE imo
    • that time she apparently asked one of the penetrator guys if his nose was bigger than his dick!!???”!?
    • actually got at least vilde and eva to believe that her hijab was magical, that she was psychic and that she could see the ghost of kasper lol
    • getting the guys’ weed out of evas house while the police was there, then use it to blackmail isak into going to kosegruppa while still keeping 10% of the drugs, because it’s “good to have”
    • wrapping said 10% as a christmas gift for isak
    • what a legend!!
    • imagine a season where every clip has the potential for this level of greatness!

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Newt Gingrich says America can’t “be multicultural and still be a single country”

  • Newt Gingrich went on Hannity Wednesday night to discuss the London attack. The discussion veered into America’s so-called “issues with refugees and migrants,” as host Sean Hannity described them.
  • Gingrich replied that Americans needed to get over the “mythology” that people from different cultures can coexist peacefully in the same country:
  • “[Part] of it is when people come here, we need to go back to teaching people how to be American — to assimilating them into an American civilization,” Gingrich said. “We absorb lots of people from lots of places. We can do it again, but part of that requires that we defeat this left-wing mythology that you can be multicultural and still be a single country.”
  • Gingrich assumes that there is one monolithic “American” culture — implying one centered on white Americans — that all others must conform to in order for the U.S to function properly.
    He frames the idea of different cultures living in harmony as a “myth” compounded by immigrants unwillingness to assimilate.
  • Yet it seems not to have occurred to Gingrich that maybe he is the problem, not immigrants. The U.S. has certainly had trouble getting people from different races to coexist peacefully. 
  • But most of that can be attributed to our centuries-long history of white supremacy. Read more (3/23/17 11 AM)

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Look at all of these trainees getting hate from Knetz because they’re becoming popular among us. It’s disgusting the things they are saying about some trainees like calling Jisung “Ugly” just because he ranked 3rd during the eliminations. Each trainee has received hate from different groups of people including popular trainees among Knetz like Daniel and Samuel. But some have it worse than others such as Daehwi. Daehwi has done nothing wrong but try his best on the show. Knetz started hating on him because he was ‘too arrogant’ for wanting to be noticed, when in reality he just wanted to show how talented he is. Hyunbin has also received a ton of hate because he wants to fulfil his dreams. Yes, okay he may not have the vocal ability of some of the other trainees but he is trying his hardest. Did no one see him basically broken in the last episode because of all the comments? This poor guy has come on the show (which must have took a lot of confidence having zero background in training) to give his all and potentially debut. But instead is being attacked for trying by Knetz. 

Knetz also commented saying that the 4 Nu’est members should leave now that their albums have climbed back up the charts. These boys are on this show because they feel like it’s their last chance. They’re probably not going to see the money from their album sales due to Pledis. Jonghyun has blamed himself for the band not doing as well as they hoped and has called himself the worst leader. 

No one should feel like they have let everyone down because they haven’t surpassed a certain level. This includes all the trainees that were eliminated in the first round as well. These trainees are all so hard working and they deserve to be loved by everyone.

These trainees are trying their hardest to live their dream and make their families proud, but are consistently being brought down the by unnecessary comments made by Knetz.  

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So hey, there are some times when I'm worried that I'm a horrible boyfriend because I'm so attracted to certain people that aren't my 'partner' (this list of people includes you by the way) So am I really being a crap boyfriend if I'm 99% sure nothing will go down? For example, I've always had a crush on Johnny Depp, but I'll probably never even meet him. I'm just sorta worried my partner will get jealous and I don't want to hurt them.

(( OOC: Attraction doesn’t go away once you decide to become monogamous/committed. We’re humans with hormones and finding other humans physically appealing is part of life. 

“Looking” will happen… because we have eyes… but being a good, committed partner entails not acting on those fleeting attractions… 

If you have chosen to commit yourself to being with someone, and only being with them, then you need to openly discuss what you want from the other person and understand what they want/expect from you

Be considerate… everyone has different levels of comfort. Some people won’t want to hear that you find someone else attractive because it causes feelings of insecurity or discomfort, some won’t care… it all depends on the person. 

Also, keep this in mind… you’ve chosen your partner because you care about them on a number of different levels, not simply base, instinctual “attraction”… and if you are happy/healthy in your relationship, then you will consider their comfort and happiness as a top priority. ))  


raven and murphy literally have the Worst (Best) humor, god.

okay, but seriously. what emori says (especially in the first shot) is so important because from where she is standing the sky people really do not differ much from what she has experienced in her own society with the grounders (being marked as a stain in the blood and getting cast out/left behind) and later with ALIE, scavenging tech in order to survive… like, people are mad at her a lot these days for whatever reason, but she’s keeping things real tbh…


Small Tales from the Borderlands/Doctor Who crossover! :D

Basically… Yeah, I got inspired by Wikipedia xD

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I saw you say on tbs page that as long as it stays in audio format the charecters looks won't be confirmed. Does this mean you're thinking about doing a visual format of the story? If the podcast was turned into a movie and you had control of production and stuff would you want the voice actors to play the same charecters in the movie? Or would you find new people?

I would love to bring this story and these characters into any kind of medium. Each medium - audio, TV, books, etc. - has its own unique challenges and benefits and it’d be so fun to explore all that. 

It should be said that, if the show ever moved out of the podcast space and into something else, I would have less control. I have an insane amount of creative control right now - I literally get to decide everything, a luxury that basically doesn’t occur in any other medium. But I also have extremely limited resources/budget, so my choices are fenced in in that regard. 

The moment more money and more people get involved, the less control the creator has. And this can be a great thing! New people means new brains means new ideas means better storytelling. But very few writers get large sway over casting, etc. and no one has 100% control. 

On top of all that, there are some actors that sadly couldn’t play their roles in a visual format. For example, I love them dearly, but Briggon and Alex aren’t actually teenagers anymore. That’s one of the beautiful things about the audio medium - I can cast the actors I admire and love working with and not worry about whether they are the right age or type or could actually be related to each other. 

In mainstream media, there’s a lot of considerations that go into casting, etc. because there is so much more at stake. My casting process for the podcast has been going up to my talented friends and saying, “Hey you, want to come hang out in my bedroom and talk into a microphone? I can’t pay you very much”. If it were up to me, I’d want to work with these actors for ever and I plan to - I have so many more characters in my brain that these amazing people have inspired. But it would also be really fun and interesting to see what different actors do with the same characters (yes, even Sam!). If I am ever fortunate enough to bring TBS to the screen, I’d really relish that chance to build a new version of the characters with different actors. 

Ship Fights

I usually don’t get into ship fights, because everyone  is allowed to like what/who they want and no one has anything to do with it, but the minimum required is respect. Respect especially when we talk about real people.

Whenever I go to twitter or facebook and search for Jikook, I always see fights between Vkook and Jikook shippers. But what shocked me the most was when I read certain comments that offended, humiliated and denigrated Jimin, so much that I felt the need to write this.

1st: We are talking about real people. This is not a book in which some like the main character to end with x or y, this is not fantasy. Jimin, Jungkook, and V are real people;

2nd: Everyone ships whoever they want with who they want. I like Jikook for several reasons, but that is not a reason to go on social media and write hateful comments towards V, or speak ill of the relationship that exists between him and Jungkook. I love V, I love Jungkook, and above all I love BTS. To have respect and manners is the least some people should have.

3rd: It’s horrible to see people calling themselves fans, and trying to create little groups to boo the part where Jimin and Jungkook sing together in the 21st century girl, in example:

This is in Portuguese and it came on my Jikook search in twitter… This comment was written by someone who ships Vkook. Nothing against it.
However what this person wrote was basically that in the concert that BTS will have in Brazil, when Jungkook and Jimin sing their part together in the 21st century girl they will boo them, yes you read well, boo them, and you ask why? 

Because they just don’t like them together. This, aside from being sad that it came from a “fan” is horrible to BTS as a group. Can’t these people imagine how BTS would feel to being booed over by something they probably don’t even have a clue about?! In addition, this person also says that if Jikook fans take boards with sayings about JiKook to the concert, they will destroy them … surreal ….

4th: But what shocked me the most was the hatred that runs through the human being. When we talk about BTS, we are talking about 7 young people fighting for recognition, fighting for their music, fighting to be heard. Friends, brothers, united family … one for all and all for one. 

So what I read, that I’m going to leave the screens snaps for you to see, shocked me so much.
All of us, within a group, have our Bias, we all have more preference for one or another member, but to expel free hate just because people have opinions different from ours, it has to end. In what society do we live? A society that does not respect itself, that does not respect the opinions of others? This society, every day shocks me more ….

The person is saying that BTS is only Taehyung, the others don’t matter. Don’t really understand how someone can call herself “fan” and say this…

And now, the real hate starts…

Basically, someone said that Jimin was the most handsome of the group … this person says that, that is insane and that would never be possible and that there is a reason for the members to always put Jimin at last in the ranks of beauty, in other words, she is saying that Jimin is ugly.

I don’t know if people reading this post, know how to read Portuguese, but even for me (that I speak Portuguese) it hurts to translate this …. because it is just disgusting.

This person, because I do not consider her a fan, asks if anyone would mind if she made a poster with the body of a pig and Jimin’s face …
Then she asks if the fans think it makes any difference to stand up for Jimin …

This is wrong in so many ways. Who really knows BTS, knows how much Jimin fights daily, how much he strives to improve the few, that in his eyes are many, imperfections he makes. Who knows BTS knows the complicated path he walked to this day, and who doesn’t know at least listen to his solo, and will probably understand him a bit more.

But we’re not over yet… no, there’s more ….

Basically, she says no one can force her to love Jimin, and that to her, he is ugly and irrelevant …. that to her, Jimin is as if he desn’t even exist in BTS.

I write this today, to show how hate exists. How people are mean.
No one is obliged to like the same things, but at least respect people.
BTS is a group that we all love, and if we really are fans, we like all members independently of the ships.
They are real people, they have their own lives. And we as fans, should support them, and be on their side. The hate needs to stop!

ARMY, that’s who we are. An army that protects. ARMY is a family, a family that does not let anyone hurt what we protect.
I am an ARMY and I will never get tired of writing how BTS is wonderful, and I will never stop defending my group when I see one of the members being insulted without being able to defend himself.

Share love. Share peace. Fight against hatred. Because of wars, the world is full.

BTS is union. BTS is friendship. Don’t ruin that with hate.

Underrated Games: Why You Should Play The World Ends With You

The World Ends With You takes place in a fictional version of Shibuya, Tokyo and follows the story of Neku Sakuraba, a fifteen year old who has been raised in Shibuya his whole life who feels no need to interact with society, and keeps to himself. However one day he finds himself in the middle of the city with no memory about himself aside that of his name and when he wakes up, he finds a strange pin that allows him to read the minds of others and receives a cryptic text reading: “Reach 104. You have 60 minutes. Fail and face erasure.”

He suddenly finds a timer on his hand and is attacked by monsters called Noise.

Neku has entered the Reaper’s Game. A game where those who have died may fight for a chance at life again by completing various missions for a one entire week. Along the way, Neku meets a girl name Shiki Misaki and they forge a pact, now having to team up and complete the various tasks thrown at them for the week. Some circumstances occur in the game, lead to Neku having to play the Game more than once, and gives the player the opportunity to partner up with two other characters.

TWEWY is a ds game that came out in 2007 from the company of Square Enix (or as sometimes like to call them, Sqeenix) and the company Jupiter. It’s a Jrpg game, has made a cameo appearance in the series Kingdom Hearts, and a rarity in terms of finding it in any store aside from Amazon, however, this game is a diamond in the rough and rightfully a game you should play at least once for the following reasons:

1. The Lessons on Interpersonal Relationships and Skills

There is very much an introvert in the character of Neku, especially in comparison to some of the more extroverted partners he receives throughout the weeks he spends in the Reapers’ Game. And due to that being where a lot of Neku’s character development comes in, the lesson on interpersonal skills, such as trust and putting your differences aside, are a big part of the game.

In the Reapers’ Game, there is only one other person you can rely to help keep yourself alive: your partner. If you need help and can’t think of a way to complete the mission you guys have been given, you go to your partner. If your partner dies, you will be dying shortly afterwards as well. “Trust your partner.” They’re the only ones who have your back and if you both can’t manage to work out any differences you have and come to some kind of truce, you might as well give up.

This is very much a real skill people need in life. Everyone is different from you, has their own dreams, and everyone has their own values and things that are important to them, even if you think otherwise. TWEWY does a very good job in displaying this fact as Neku encounters the different things that matter to particular characters from Shiki’s insecurities about herself to the reason why the Reaper’s do what they do. Especially with the Players, the deceased individuals you meet throughout the game because in the Reapers’ Game, not only is your right to exist on the line, but so is your most important thing which can be intangible, like memories or dreams, or tangible, like relatives or a physical characteristic you have.

There’s more to some people than it may seem and sometimes it may actually take getting out of your comfort zone to realize that. To see what they think in order to come to some kind of mutual understanding.

2. Relatable Characters

There is a very diverse cast in TWEWY from quirky to downright standoffish, but the realism put into the characters as a whole really puts things into perspective to the person playing, whomever that may be and really pulls you into the story going so far as to even make you feel the things the characters may feel.

For instance, as an introvert myself, I was quite annoyed with Shiki for the first several in-game days as she constantly attempted to get the more standoffish Neku out his bubble. I, as Neku, personally felt as if she were prying into my life and was pretty urked every time Neku’s inner train of thought was interrupted due to Shiki trying to get Neku to stop living inside his head to talk to her in order to know what he was thinking.

However, I realized, coming from Shiki’s point of view, any extroverted person playing the game would probably find extreme annoyance in Neku’s lack in wanting to talk. After all, in a game where there’s only one person you can count on, it must be extremely annoying and worrying when that very person won’t even give you the time of day.

And it doesn’t stop there. 

There are plenty of other characters that you can relate to as well like Rhyme and how she is concerned with the fact she has no real goal or dream for her future.

Outgoing introvert Joshua and his fickle ways of pushing people away from him by not hiding and emphasizing his flaws.

And even some of the minor characters and their relationships with each other, for instance, best friends Mina and Ai having a strain in their relationship when Ai thinks Mina is trying to go on a date with the boy she likes.

A very real problem that has even completely severed friendships in real life.

The cast overall is very quirky and interesting, and give an interesting twist on personalities and how they may and or may not clash with one another.

3. The Soudtrack

If there is one thing you will hear any TWEWY fan gush about aside from Joshua or Sho Minamimoto, it is more than likely going to be the music you hear through out the game. TWEWY is renown for having an amazing soundtrack. There is a large assortment of songs that play throughout the game.

While most games just choose one theme for each battle and area, TWEWY instead randomly chooses a song from its soundtrack ensuring that you probably won’t get bored of the song since it is forever changing in every battle and each area you explore in the game. 

If Give Me All Your Love played in the last battle you were in, then you might be listening to Twister  or Calling next time.

The soundtrack covers a number of different genres and you just might even find yourself listening to the songs for fun.

4. The Underlying Message of Hope

While I won’t be delving into the story line and circumstances that Neku is often tossed to in the game, one thing that will be eventually realized by the end of your experience with TWEWY is the message of hope. Or to be more accurate, the hope that some people might change one day, preferably for the better.

In the beginning of the game, Neku is an extreme introvert who finds no need for friends and is to the point where even if it’s just a person offering help, he’d just be downright rude to them. His issues with trusting people are very prominent and the way his headphones symbolize blocking people out from his life really speaks out. However, by the end of it all, Neku is a lot different. An introvert still at the end of the day, but he’s changed.

He’s learned a lot. That there’s more to people than he initially thought, that there’s more than just ‘the world Neku lives in’. Learning to trust people and even having that trust broken. That within the small place he lives in, there are much more things going on. That maybe, some things are little harder to forgive.

And when you realize the overall message, that, if the worst person in Shibuya can go from hating the world and everything in it

 to a guy who learned that life isn’t all that bad, 

it really speaks to you.

 That maybe even you can get some happiness in your life if everything just feels very, nice. It’s a warm feeling and one definitely guaranteed when you play this game.

TWEWY is an overall amazing game, much more deserving of the popularity it seems to lack due to marketing. It has an interesting game mechanic, a great soundtrack, and an even greater message with its spectacular cast of characters that will put you through quite the roller coaster as you see them laugh, cry, and work together for the second chance of life they are all striving for.

So, if you ever get the opportunity to play this game, take it and maybe even show the goodness of it to other people.


I’ll admit I’m not on Tumblr a lot. I don’t have many followers. I’m really not that big of a deal. However I just wanted to throw in a reminder that opposing views are what make us unique as a society. You can vehemently disagree with someone but you can still be classy about it.

I wonder what kind of world we’d have if people used common respect, especially on the internet. Some of the disgusting displays of commentary between different people from “different ships,” “different shows,” etc. has been shocking recently.

It’s disappointing to see people treat each other with such disregard over fictional people, stories etc.

Take some time to think before you post. You don’t know who’s behind the screen. You don’t know other people’s journeys. There are kids out there. Vulnerable adults. Shy people. Hiding people. Scared people. People with mental health issues.

You can love something and not hate someone for loving something else. You can have different opinions and still be friends.

Eh. I guess this is a silly post. But damn folks. Be good to each other. Life is too short for anything else.


💕✨ 💕✨ 💕✨ Happy Myeon Day 💕✨💕✨ 💕✨
 I didn’t make a gifset but I just wanted to share with y’all some photos I took of Suho during the EXO’rDIUM in Singapore, because I think they aptly show how much he sincerely loves the fans  :’)

C: I love all cultures as well my own, however, today I sincerely thought about teaching my son how to love others. He loves all people, but he has felt different from other children in his class because of his color, so he clings to an Indian child and has made him his best friend. He has been blamed for things constantly and I do not like that the fact that his little heart tells him to apologize. I hate taking away his innocence.

If Supernatural were to get a spin-off consisting of female characters, would it be as successful?

Earlier today @hopespringseternal wondered if a Supernatural show of women would’ve been as popular as the one with men in it. My answer: No. Here is my reasoning why I think that.

In October of 2016 the new Doctor Who spin-off Class premiered. There were many problems with the airing of the show. First of all, it was aired online, meaning that if you wanted to watch it it had to be actively sought out. Not only that but airing it online eliminated any chance of stumbling upon the show on cable. Second of all, it wasn’t advertised at all. Hardly anyone knew that the show actually existed. Thirdly, when aired on BBC One, two episodes where aired every Monday night at 10:45 which meant that the show would finish airing at midnight. What a shitty time slot, right? 

The reason why I am pointing out these factors is because I wanted it to be known that there were many problems when it came to airing the show. All of that contributed to some pretty low ratings. I’m not surprised. 

Here was another reason why the show got terrible ratings and this contributes to the argument I want to make. Even if you aren’t a fan of Doctor Who, you have at least heard of it. You know that the fanbase is large, powerful, and has LOADS of content. A spin-off would be good right? You would probably make the assumption that a new spin-off would be popular as well. I made that assumption, which made me surprised when I watched the show and found out that there was an EXTREMELY small fanbase. Not only was the show treated poorly by BBC Three and BBC overall, the show was treated unkindly by DW fans as well. 

Before Class, the most recent and most popular spin off was Torchwood. I loved Torchwood when I first watched it and I can understand why people would want that show to come back, but I guess the cast was unable to get together again and the show never got a fifth season. When BBC announced the new spin-off Class, a large amount of people were furious and most of that was because Torchwood was not coming back. The show hadn’t even aired but it quickly earned a ‘not Torchwood’ label on it and many people didn’t even bother watching the show because it wasn’t the show they wanted. This attitude eliminated a rather large chunk of the fanbase from watching.

Now I want to discuss a different spectrum of this argument. The non-Whovians. Class is an extremely diverse show, it’s one of the most diverse shows I have every watched. The show consisted of six characters. Two of these characters were gay, and in fact a relationship was established in the first episode between those two characters. The relationship was casual and it was normalized. It is worth mentioning that one of the characters in this relationship was a Polish immigrant. These characters were not side-lined, they were mains. The show also had two POC characters. One of them is a 14 year old black girl named Tanya Adeola. She is so smart that she moved up three grades in school and is now in a class with 17 year olds. The other is Ram Singh, whose religious background is Sikh. They actually discuss his religion in the show! The other two characters are female. All three of these female characters are badass, intelligent, and beautiful. The reason why I am pointing out the diversity in the show is because I thought this blue website would’ve exploded upon hearing about it. It didn’t have a single straight white male in the main group (I say main group because one of these character’s dad is white and presumably straight but he only makes an appearance in eps 4 & 5), it seemed to be everything that this website wanted, and yet hardly anyone watched it. 

Why was that? There is still the fact that hardly anyone has heard of the show but there is also the fact that many non-whovians won’t watch it because it is connected to Doctor Who. It didn’t matter that it was completely separate from DW, it was still a descendent from the show. I am not placing blame on anyone. What I am stating is that a chunk of the DW fanbase would not watch it because it wasn’t Torchwood, which meant that we couldn’t count on the viewers of the parent show to bring in ratings. Then there are people who wouldn’t watch because of it’s parent show. This eliminated the chance of it getting many non-Doctor Who viewers, despite the fact that it had loads of diversity and a well written plot. 

There is a reason why I am pointing out these two sides. If a Supernatural like show, or a spin-off of Supernatural were to happen consisting of mainly women, I don’t believe it would be successful. The Supernatural fanbase really loves those three male characters and their actors, if a show were to be made and they weren’t apart of it, you could definitely count on having a large chunk of the fanbase not watch it. I am basing this guess on the fact that many female characters of spn are treated poorly by the fanbase, not by just the writers. If the show had three females as their main and did not have Sam, Dean, and Castiel, you could not count on the fanbase of it’s parent show helping out with the ratings. A chunk of the Supernatural viewers would most likely not watch it. If the show were to be diverse and have female characters, I don’t believe many non-Supernatural viewers would end up watching it because SPN was it’s parent show. 

I am not comparing fanbases or shows. I am purely going off of what I have seen and heard from different people. Class is not perfect show. Like all shows, it has some flaws. Some people did give it a chance and it just wasn’t meant for them. That happens with every show. But my point is that Class was mistreated by many DW fans and it just wasn’t given a chance with non-whovian fans. If a new Supernatural show was made that had well written female characters, the same thing would happen. It would earn a ‘not supernatural’ label and you wouldn’t be able to count on the Supernatural fanbase for good ratings and you wouldn’t be able to count on non-supernatural viewers to join in. I am not trying judging anyone who does not like Doctor Who or Supernatural, but it is a fact that some people won’t watch it because of it’s parent show. 

I love the idea of having a Supernatural spin-off that has women as the main characters and is more diverse as well, but I don’t trust CW with that idea, and I definitely don’t believe that it would be as popular as Supernatural. This is my opinion and thoughts on the idea, please respect it. 

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why do you think you (and many other harries, including myself) get really into Harry ships like him with Mitch or him with Liam but then we completely ignore or don't support him being in a relationship with girls like Kendall or Tess? Is it because we know him being with a man isn't going to actually happen so we don't see it as a threat? Also, does all this hype over Harry with men count as fetishizing mlm relationships?

well this is … mildly accusatory despite you including yourself, but to answer this as best as i can, when do we really see harry with girls?? this is not me saying that he doesn’t have relationships with women or that he isn’t attracted to women. he has spoken about his past relationships and been fairly straightforward in letting people know that he likes women. however, aside from like, taylor swift in what? 2012? and kendall jenner, without any digging and/or borderline invasive detective work, harry keeps all of his relationships (whether long-term or ~short-term) pretty private. which he is totally entitled to. for me personally, i dont really care who he ~dates or who he chooses for his dick to spend time with. 

i think because harry has been relatively clear about his attraction towards women, people are more inclined to immediately hop on the bandwagon whenever he’s in a ten foot radius of a woman, and claim that theyre either fucking or ready for marriage. and then there’s a complete 180 where people screech at the top of their lungs that ‘he’s allowed to be Just Friends with women!!1!!!1!!’. i mean, there a happy medium which is seen less often, where people are just pretty indifferent. but harry dating ANYONE seems to bring out a lot of strong feelings in people, but that’s a different story. 

as for harry with dudes ….. we just, see it? more often? like harry was in a band with 4/3 other guys for Years, in which said band provided essentially unlimited content. 1d was touchy-feely. they were visibly affectionate. we saw them interact on stage, in behind the scenes, etc. harrys new band? i dont think anyone is very serious about the mitch thing (that i know of). we know nothing about the guy, other than what harry himself has said, and people, like myself, think its cute. im not very well versed on what constitutes actually fetishizing mlm versus just fictional shipping, so i dont really know how to answer that. i dont think people are fetishizing it, but thats just me.

lastly, my dude literally just said that he doesnt label his sexuality, so saying that we ‘know’ him being with a man will never ‘actually happen’ is kinda …. presumptuous, to say the least. harry is a grown ass man who can make his own decisions, and is making his own decisions, regardless of what people say or talk about on 

How was the GENE NYC concert????

Lets start at 10am…we were allowed to get there early to get an early admission ticket and 30 min into standing in line NYPD shows up and asks my group (bc everyone else wasn’t really speaking english and sis looked like she was trying to get in and out of the situation. She just asked why there was a line in front of the building and whatnot. Things got hectic when it came to lining up (language barriors too bc most of the fans were foreign and the venue staff and the ldh staff seemed to not be on the same page at one point…but i digress). (Fast forward to 2pm) I got a t-shirt, sweatshirt and a flag. I was going to get a towel but they sold out. So VIP went in an hour before the show (at 4 pm) to see them and we saw them rehearse “Sun and Moon” and “Evergreen”. The boys just kinda went through the motions, just making sure they had enough space and were in the right spot. They also joked around with each other too. (Mendy and Yuta had a funny moment on stage, as well as Hayato and Mendy lol). The high touch….I forgot to say something to Mendy bc i was beyond nervous but his smile cleared my pores and warmed my heart. I told Ryuto that he was “cute” and he paused for a quick second and thanked me lol. They all were so cute, and yes they look better in person than in pictures. Hayato came for my heart and I tried to resist him…..still trying. The setlist was short but I felt completely satisfied with what I was and experienced. The dancing was flawless, Vocalists hit EVERY NOTE, DJ Alan was impressive (he played Mask Off and I lost my ish), FANTASTICS (minus Taiki) was too great!!!! The performers showcase was one of my favorite parts was the boys dancing to “Se Encendio el Beeper” lmao. One thing that was just a cluster fuck: they threw out money with the members faces on them and the crowd rushed to the front. I almost fell, I dropped the card that I wrote for Mendy (almost cried), and it was really just unsafe in general. What would have been better is if they released it from the ceiling of the venue. Trial and error though. Their song “Sora”, which has been sung by LDH’s Deep, was soooooooooooo beautiful. The harmonies were great and the dance was so smooth.


Evergreen…….I thought i was going to cry but when it started I was just in a state of awe and amazement (I was going to record it but I didnt want to worry if my phone would capture all the members or the dance break, so I didn’t) They sang the english version and i know that song like the back of my hand but i forgot all the lyrics and only sang the chorus. I was mesmerized by them. The dance break was perfection and Ryota and Ryuto great! 

I got some pics but they move so damn fast that most of them are blurry lol. Photographing Gene should be left to the pro’s or at least someone with a steady arm. The clear pictures that I did get had perfect meme-worthy faces lol.

HIRO WAS THERE!!!!!!! I had to hold my composure bc I have a love hate relationship with HIro and I didn’t know at first if it was him but then i saw that middle part and his bun. Project Taro was there as well and they were just watching from upstairs. Elly and Ryuji were in NYC the day before but i didnt see either of them.

Overall…….this was definitely one of the best experiences in my life. I met friends that I’ve only known from behind a computer screen and met new friends while waiting in line (we even got coffee *weeps*). Music literally has the power to bring people from different corners of the world together and I’m so thankful for LDH and Generations. I did not cry during the concert but i did on my way to the airport this morning bc reality had set in.

ps: Ryuto’s vocals made me fall so hard for him. Like him and Mendy are fighting for the #1 spot in my heart lol 

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ohromanovas replied to your post “just for the record i will stand for no anne boleyn bashing in my line…”

tbh all his queens had flaws and idk why people tend to paint her as the worst villain like give them all break

for sure, but besides katheryn howard (although she’s generally dismissed as a fool or slut-shamed, rather than vilified), people come most for anne as some kind of she-demon

there’s contempt for anne fans as she is the most infamous, but as a huge anne fan, i’ve always seen (with the exception of, like, joanna denny, who has a whack interpretation of anne period) even the biggest fans willing to admit she was not perfect by any means; even eric ives deems her perhaps someone more to admire than like

tl;dr just yesterday i saw anne referred to as “THAT woman” smhhh