and frigga´s like


“…This doesn’t mean I’m not still mad at you. Just means that I’m less mad. Kind of a half-peace offering.

And don’t ask what kind of flower it is. I pulled most of them up from a garden outside.

…I like your helmet-thing.”

Gastly is giving a flower to… @marshie-daily ??? wh a a ??

(is this what forgiveness is, idk i’m too petty to know)

Imagine Woozi quietly walking up to you and suddenly placing a kiss on your cheek before casually walking away, leaving you to be surprised and flustered by his unexpected action.

Can’t be bitter about your friends having dates and steady relationships when you’re single if you love and support their happiness and relationships regardless of your own status

hello peers i have been high lately and i finally decided to draw this out (moar demons & angels AU cuz why not)

the ‘ why is life like tis children ‘

this smol and insecure child is precious, please protect him

while this poor child is sometimes fed up with dumb life and pretends to be happy.


moar stats ( i was high okay?) :

Isogai Yuuma

Age: 14

Type: Demon ( cuz why not )

Height: 172 cm ( considered sadly short for a demon that age )

Ability: Healing ( why is he so precious )

Special: Understands animal language ( i sold my soul for this)

( and yes his horns and wings are that smol and tiny )


Karma : “ You’re so small, it hurts. “

Gakushuu: “ Do you have an allergy of saying ‘no’ ?”

Maehara: “ If it weren’t for you Nagisa would seriously kill me.”

Nagisa: “ I know how this feels too…” 

Maehara Hiroto

Age: 14

Type: Angel ( surprise. )

Height: 175 cm ( considered average )

Ability: Multiple ( fire, wind , earth , light :3< )

Special: Able to conduct fire ( keep him away from the kitchen XD ) 

( and yes he owns that spear XD)


Nagisa: “ We ran out of bandages. Again.”

Isogai: “ I really admire you :) “

Karma: “ We should go out more often….”

Karasuma: “ You should stop setting your healing instructor on fire.”

oh my god i never made such a long post before





Omg I almost forgot to show you guys this

But once I was feeling a little savvy, I decided to do an extension from the patra drawings I showed earlier and…tried my hand at armakan’s mom? I don’t believe she ever got an official appearance since she was already dead before Sin and Co. reach Heliohapt for the first time in SNB, so I completely went blind with this

she has heterochromia ( one red + one green eye ) and normally doesn’t open her eyes very often, like her son; she’s calm and collected, but has a knack of being incredibly hostile around those outside of family.  not sure on how she feels about patra, but I’d suspect she doesn’t totally hate her—