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At age five, the grocer’s wife cracked a stick over Levi’s knuckles when he reached for an apple. It took years for that ache to heal. At age twelve, he took that stick from her hands and broke every window pane in their storefront. At age seventeen he bought his first apple from the grocer himself. It was mealy and had spots, but it was his, he’d paid for it with his own money—sure it was dirty money, but still. At nineteen, he joined the Survey Corps and the rations were better than anything he’d ever tasted in the underground.

He never forgot Isabel’s face their first day training on mounts.

“They give the horses apples,” she whispered to Levi, face ashen.

“Only the rotten ones,” Dita said grinning, feeding a spotted apple to a mare and completely unaware of the horror in their expressions.

That was it. That was the moment he realized his life, Isabel’s, his mother’s…everyone in the Underground was worth less than beasts. Even the luxuries he was denied as a child were fed to the livestock as slop.

If he could have, Levi would have given Isabel apples every day. On his last ride outside the walls, they passed by an abandoned orchard. He snagged one for himself. The first bite was so crisp, the juice fell down his chin and onto his cravat. He’d frowned at that, but the taste was unbelievable, like nothing he’d ever experienced. It didn’t have the brine of walled life on it. It was unsullied and wild.

As a captain of the Survey Corps, he learned that he had to lead by example. He lived a spartan existence. The higher ups look for any reason to withhold funding. He kept his meals small, but proportional. He passed by stands of overpriced fruit in the market. He knew he could easily slip one into his pocket without the store owners seeing him—and if they did who would deny Humanity’s Strongest?—yet he kept walking. Tea was his only vice and now they were getting whole shipments for free from the Reeves Corporation thanks to his little side deal.

At a meeting with Zacklay and the other Commanders they offered him sugar for his tea. Typical Military Police gluttony. He declined the artfully shaped sugar cubes, instead taking his seat by Erwin in his usual show of silent support.

Eren sat in on the meeting, as the plans often included him or his abilities, but he had a hard time paying attention. He nodded his head and then jerked awake, wiping a spot of drool from his chin. He caught Levi looking and flushed in embarrassment. Levi turned his attention back to the meeting. When he next looked over at Eren, the bowl of sugar cubes was empty. Levi’s eyes trailed from the empty container to Eren’s face pointedly. Eren pretended to look outside at the birds. Levi glowered.

Levi waited until after the meeting to say something. He didn’t want the other Commanders to think he didn’t have complete control over his subordinate. It wouldn’t bode well for the Survey Corps or Eren’s life. Levi fell into step behind Eren as they made it to headquarters. Sensing his Captain behind him, Eren quickened his pace. Levi stepped around him, cutting off Eren’s path to escape.

Before Levi could utter a single word of admonishment, Eren pressed a sugar cube to his lips. Levi’s mouth closed around it. Eren kept his finger there, his lips hovering over Levi’s own. Levi could feel Eren’s panting breath against him, hesitant and unsure of what to do next. His thumb brushed against each little grain of sugar still left on Levi’s parted mouth, index finger caught under Levi’s chin.

And just like that, he was gone. Eren staggered back, shoulders tight, face pinched, his entire body preparing for Levi to chastise or punish him. Taking advantage of Levi’s shock, he ran down the hallway in the opposite direction.

Levi stood there, tongue rolling over the treat, looking out at the sunny day.

“Huh,” he said to himself.

That day Levi bought a whole bushel of apples for the kids at the orphanage.

[beautiful liars]


There’s a new source of explosives being trafficked in and out of Kerch, and by dumb luck Jesper is the one stuck with the bombmakers salesboy. One a year younger than him with ruddy curls and a grumpy attitude. Business deals are quite an event between these two.

Jesper didn’t like the idea of being Kaz Brekker’s errand boy, but in all truth, that’s what he was. Of course he had other uses–more defining characteristics that proved him important to his gang, The Dregs. Such as being the best sharpshooter in all of Kerch. Being a dark, gorgeous man with a shining personality. Jesper could go on.

It was times like these that he felt…under-used. His talents could be needed elsewhere, in a number of places actually. Saints knows with the Dregs always stirring up trouble, they could use a good Zemeni by their side. Jesper was definitely a man you wanted on your side in a firefight.

Not coddling the accountant who shipped half the bombs in Kerch.

It was a mix of emotions for Jesper. On one hand, he surely had better things to do. Play some cards. Hit on some pretty people. Polish his revolvers. On the other hand though, he found there was something he looked forward to when visiting the man behind the explosives.

Hopelessly shy, small, caring Wylan Hendriks. Innocent puppy, Wylan.

Jesper just couldn’t resist torturing the fellow. His visits were short, his sentences even shorter, and his eye contact level nonexistent. A puppy in a room full of fighting dogs.

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May’s Theme is “RENOVATION.”

From talking to astrologers, shamans, and metaphysical junkies, we have learned we are by far not the only people feeling this ‘renovation’ theme.

We are bringing a lot of new surprises and news to you guys this week. We have done a lot of astral adventuring, and are also working on re-vamping the store, our services, and the way in which we serve you in the coming years.

We will be sharing our plans for customer service, shipment expediency, free counseling and education, blogs, workbooks, and more, as well as some spectacular species of entities that we have not shared with you guys before. These folks are absolutely fabulous, and are so skilled and interesting, we cannot wait to make friendships happen!

We will keep you all updated with the amazing changes happening at the Menagerie. We are ready to continue to serve you, and to do it better than ever before.

We love and appreciate every one of you, and thank you!

“My father owns the Safari Zone in Route 121. He used to charge people to enter the Zone and would make them use ‘special’ Poké Balls, which gave everyone the idea that this was where their money was going. In truth, those balls were just plain Poké Balls painted over to look fancy, and my father gets free shipments of those balls from a small Poké Ball factory his brother owns in Kalos. He made a huge profit from charging the visitors, so it didn’t take long for it to get to his head.

“He started raising the entry fees, with fees being doubled in less than a month. Visiting trainers noticed, and their number became less and less each time the price raised. To make up for it, he started cutting the salaries of his workers. In turn, his workers started quitting one by one. The whole situation made him so mad that one day, he made me and Mom pack our bags and move out to Kalos to live with his brother, and we couldn’t say anything to change his mind.

“While we were in Kalos, he tried asking himself what went wrong in the business. He started blaming the workers for leaving, then the trainers for not appreciating the Zone, until he finally realized that there was no one to blame but himself. He knew that he let his greed get the better of him, and as a result, the entire business went down the drain.

“It would be five whole years before we heard anything about the Zone again. My father got a call from one of his old business partners saying that the Pokémon he left in the area turned the Zone into a fully functioning ecosystem. Stricken with guilt, my father came back and reopened the Zone. This time, he removed the entrance fees and asked for volunteers to sustain the Zone’s day-to-day business, with he himself becoming one of these volunteers. He claimed that it was under new management, and he wasn’t really lying—by the time we moved back here, he was a changed man.

“He tells me this story all the time, and one time I jokingly told him that he should write a book about it. Apparently, he took it seriously, and you can get free copies of the book at a stand in the Zone’s entrance. As much as I’m sick of the story myself, it’s an interesting read, and it’ll be worth getting one next time you visit the Zone.”

And the winners are...

Nobody yet. Actually I know who they are, but I’m not telling. Tomorrow I will perform the winning poems in a private spoken-word poetry slam event that will be videotaped and uploaded to my channel next week. I will contact the winners soon to arrange shipment of free Official Katya blouses. Thank you for your poems. Many of them were bad. But many of them were good.



I’m trying to raise some money for art supplies (pencils,markers,watercolors etc.) since i’ve almost finished them all,so i’ve decided to open commissions and see how it goes! These are the style i’m more comfortable with,but if you have seen anything else in my blog that might interest you just let me know and we can discuss it in private.

[Close up]
Pencil sketch + flat digital color = 6€ (add. chara +5€)
Ink lineart + flat digital color = 8€ (add. chara +6€)
Pencil lineart + watercolor = 20€ (add. chara +15€ / ink lineart +10€)

[Full Body]
Ink lineart + flat digital color = 15-20€ (add. chara + 10€) *variable*
Pencil lineart + watercolor = 40€ (add. chara +20€ / ink lineart +10€)

[Realistic Portrait]
Black and white = 80€ (background +15€)

I won’t draw
-Furry and Mecha
-Extreme gore (Blood,scars and bruises are ok)

-If i don’t feel comfortable with the subject i have the right to decline the commission.
-Private use only.
-Upfront payment through PayPal
-Shipment option only available for watercolor pieces and realistic portraits.

[over 35€ shipment it’s free and you’ll get a little gift/letter from me]

If you’re interested send me an e-mail at and try to make your request as detailed as possible (poses,colors,reference pictures,style,etc.).

In case you have any doubt,don’t hesitate to ask!! (You can also send me a message on here)


PSSSST! The holidays are coming, and i have a new screen print for sale! 
‘The man who knew everything’ , a limited edition of 25, printed by me on a delicious 300 g’ Munken paper, signed and numbered, obviously. 
30 Euros. FREE SHIPMENT IN EUROPE (And Israel because i’m visiting soon). 
Drop me a line here: 
and make your walls happy!