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The Sun and His Sunflower

Request: “Hi!! Can I ask for a neville x reader fic where he tries to change and tries to be popular to impress the reader but the reader loves him for who he really is? :) Thanks!!” + “Hey!! I don’t know if requests are open, but it says they are in your bio, but if I’m wrong please just delete this!! Anyways, may I politely ask for some Neville Longbottom sMUT?? Idk I’m so thirsty for this boy”

Pairing: Neville Longbottom x Reader

Word Count: 2.6k


It was Wednesday, Neville realized as his finger followed the jotted plans in his notebook. Today he would visit Professor Sprout to help her with the new Shrivelfig saplings. He’d try to squeeze in a bit of cardio in the afternoon, but crossed that out with a huff, knowing he’d either be too tired or lazy by the end of the day. He had made an important note to check the growth of his collection of Mimbulus Mimbletonia, since some of them were in the early stages of a rare flowering, and would require constant observation and care. At this moment, he sat with his favourite one: a tall, spiky, dull green plant which closely resembled a cactus. When it needed water, it made an effort to move its limbs, a little twitch that Neville found quite cute. Since it was a plant it didn’t have bones, nor muscles, so its movement was extremely limited.

“Whatcha working on Neville?” You asked, jolting him out of his hasty note scribbling.

“Oh, hi (Y/n).” He blushed, unable to look at you directly. He had to take at least a minute or two to become accustomed to your sunny presence. “I-I’m just planning out my day.”

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More than a diet

Vegan is more than the way you eat!

Vegan is more than avoiding meat and dairy!

VEGAN is..

Avoiding meat and dairy
Avoiding fur and leather
Avoiding products tested on animals
Avoiding zoos and mills
Avoiding bad pet relationships
Avoiding anything that harms another

Vegan isn’t a “trendy” diet, it’s about taking action to the injustice done to animals EVERYDAY! It’s about making a difference as a community and staying positive even when things seem bleak. It’s about seeing you and your own species as an earthling living with millions of other species instead of gods gift to the planet and the superior.


| 28.07.17 19:43 | the beginning of this week’s spread + some cute plants i found while on a walk / also!! i took my senior pictures yesterday and may have a job lined up for november!! i’m very excited

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