and found my usb


This is completely irrelevant to anything but

In my effort to be lazy while trying to do XIV things, I found and connected a USB controller to my PC. And it works fine.

Now after seeing a post, I remembered I have Tales of Symphonia on Steam





I forgot I had my mic sharing settings still on when I was recording my romance scenes with Curie

I found a thing on my USB xD (I feel the page layout is horrible, I can do better now..) I got a couple asks before about who her kids belong to. Ex: “So is are the filly’s yours ? Or both of the doctors with you of course “ So I had started drawing this out before. I figured might as well post it-

Sparkler is her only actual daughter (Father is pokey pierce) and Dinky is adopted.

In the newer one the fact was the same, I was going to have Derpy work part time at the orphanage. While working there she fell in love with the small filly and adopted her.

you guys I got winter boots today because there’s about to be a blizzard and I had no boots and I found a usb essential oil diffuser

you guys. its plugged in my laptop right now and it smells like lavender and I’m so happy! also its like $8 

EXO when they’re scared of a bug and you kill it without even blinking


Xiumin: *too shocked to speak*

Luhan: Once his brain processes your fast reflexes he tries to play it cool. “What? No, I wasn’t scared of a little bug. I was just about to squish it myself.”

Kris: *tries to cover up his reaction*


Lay: “Y/N you really weren’t scared at all?” (bonus: someone applauding your bug killing skills)

Baekhyun: “I’d better not get on her nerves or she’ll squash me like that bug just now.”

Chen: “Sorry little bug, but you had it coming.”

Chanyeol: “Jagi, was that really you just now?” *can’t believe what he saw*


Tao: He isn’t sure now whether he’s more scared of bugs or you.


Sehun: “Who are you and what have you done with Y/N?”

momma also left my bookbag out in the open and someone took the change in it. i also found my usb stick with all my saves from the 360 which they got stolen in their bedroom. i hatw them so goddamn much. theyve made my life fucking misreble here. i was in noahs face and his such an asshole i swear to god i was fucking close to putting his head through that door behind him. i dont want to come here ever again. i just want to live somewhwre else.

Send me a number and a member and I’ll write you a drabble

1. “You found my USB but you were NOT supposed to look through my files!”

2. “Hey, isn’t that mine?”

3. “Great! Let’s do it!”

4. “I think this is the part where you say thank you.”  

5. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

6. “Where are you?”

7. “You’re such a nerd.”

8. “This all your fault! I can’t believe I let you drag me into this!”

9. “If anyone finds out I swear to my undug grave I’m going to kill you!”

10. “Who the hell took my… Oh.”

11. “Is there a reason you keep looking at me when you think I don’t notice?”

12. “Why did you keep this from me?”

13. “I almost lost you.”

14. “I need you.”

15. “I’m… right here.”

16. “Just so you know this doesn’t change anything.”

17. “I had a perfect plan and you just had to ruin it didn’t you?”

18. “Of course I’m on your side! Always.”

19. “I might hate you but dammit I’m not going to lose you too.”

20. “Okay fine, but you have to dance with me. I don’t care if there’s no music.”

21. “Of course I’m not jealous! Maybe you’re the jealous one!”

22. “I liked you so much better when you were just the nice boy from the coffee shop.”

23. “Oh thank god you don’t know what’s going on too!”

24. “I’m sorry. I should’ve known.”

25. “Did you just…? Oh I am so making you pay for that!”

26. “We can be alone together!”

27. “I think I might just be mad a little longer because you’re being really cute right now and I’m enjoying it.”

28. “No it’s not okay but right now you have to pretend it is.”

29. “Please? For me.”

30. “Oh my god what the hell did you do?”

31. “Wow! I did not see that one coming.”

32. “Oh so you’re that guy!”

33. “I need a ride home but you’re a stranger.”

34. “You have to let me sleep over because my roommate kicked me out and I have no intention of going outside in this thunderstorm!”

35. “I should not have said that. Dammit I really should not have said that.”

36. “And now you’re giving me that look. Great!”

37. “I know you’re just my neighbour and we don’t know each other but I really need to borrow your first aid kit.”

38. “How can you not like my favourite character? Are you crazy? There must be something wrong with you!”

39. “That doesn’t even make any sense!”

40. “Please don’t leave me tonight.”

41. “I’m terrified.”

42. “Stop looking at me like that!”

43. “You’re sitting at my desk. No it doesn’t have my name on it. I know it’s not allocated seating. But it’s my desk!”