and forgot how perfect they were for each other

Boyfriend Ten
  • heyyy~
  • more of this boyfie series, uh?
  • i never really talked about how much i love ten but, if you didn’t know, he’s my ultimate bias and i love him to death
  • writing this made me realize one more time how perfect he is and how i’m love i am with him
  • but anyways, shoutout to anon for requesting this!
  • let’s start this for once  (◕‿◕✿)
  • so since both of you are two clumsy little babies you meet when you accidentally you bumped into each other
  • “shit, i’m sorry, are you alright?”
  • “yes, don’t worry about it, I was the one who wasn’t looking"
  • you looked up and you swear you forgot how to breath for like two whole seconds
  • and it happened the same thing to him, his eyes were shining like never before
  • and he gave you the most beautiful smile when you amde eye contact
  • then he giggles a bit and god even his voice and laugh are beautiful too
  • “you’re an artist too?”
  • “uh?”
  • and then you remember all the art supplies that you were buying
  • “ah~~ yes, well kind of, I just really enjoy drawing when i’m bored but i’m not terrible at it"
  • “same thing here”
  • “but you just said you were an artist..”
    and you already were like ugh i h8 boiz their alWays lyiNg to mE!!!1!!
  • but he just laughs again and you’re like fOR THE SAKE OF MY HEART STOP
  • “it’s because i’m a dancer”
  • and you were ready to cry like
  • ??? how’s ??? a person ??? so perfect ?? like??’ i’m shook????¿
  • he was handsome, friendly aND ALSO TALENTED???
  • the conversation continued for a few mins before he had to leave
  • “would you like to go out with me someday? i would love to continue this conversation someday”
  • so yall exchanged phone numbers and since that day you started to be insparable
  • the very next morning you had your first date
  • yall had breakfast together in a really cozy cafe that he knew
  • he came ten minutes before the hour yall decided and waited for you outside the cafe without caring about how cold it was
  • he even paid for everything!!! he’s an actual gentleman
  • he even remembered to brought the notebook where he had all his drawings
  • and he was so talented! you feel in love with the different types of strokes that he used and the abstract concept that he had
  • the more you looked the more obsessed you get with them
  • while you keept telling him again and again how talented he was and he would only giggle at how adorable you are
  • you spended the rest of the day together
  • he invited you to the doorms to watch a movie and he introduce you to some of his friends
  • after cooking a little meal for you as dinner he walked you home, having a conversation with you while walking
  • “did you had fun today, y/n?”
  • “yes! today was really fun!”
  • “should we do it again other day?”
  • you looked down whe you suddenly felt his hands slightly touching yours, silently asking you to hold hands
  • “i would love to”
  • and when you grabbed his hand his smile was angelic
  • a little fastforward hehe
  • you went together to even cuter and artistic dates
  • he inspires you like no one else could and in lots of different ways
  • it took you months to realize that he’s everything you’ll ever need, someone who can inspire you
  • but once you realize, you didn’t want waste more time so you called him immediately
  • “ten? can you come over? I have something to tell you”
  • and the way you confessed was so cute
  • you played with his hands the whole time while you told him everything
  • "i understand if you don’t feel in the same way, i just though that it was something you should know”
  • once you finished he put you into a tight hug
  • “i’m so in love with you, y/n”
  • he whispered with a soft voice in your ear, making you pull away from the hug just to look at him
  • his eyes were shining and he was unable to stop himself from smiling just like in the first moment he saw you
  • “please be mine”
  • you felt so happy, you though that your heart was going to explode
  • and you had your first kiss just a few seconds later
  • and his lips were so addictive and sweet hkdfjsadjasdjh
  • i’m actually feeling butterflies in my stomach hELP
  • yall r those couples who takes cute aesthetially pleasing mirror selcas until one of you gets tired of it and it’s like
  • “bABE i’m tired let’s cuddle”
  • and talking about that, he’s a really clingy and he love having lazy dates when he just can cuddle you for hours
  • and everytime you are cuddling he says the cheesiest things
  • “did you realize how perfectly we fit in each other arms?”
  • “i’m so convenced that you were made just for me”
  • “why did i do to deserve someone so amazing like you?”
  • he just loves you with his life, he would do so much for you
  • so don’t get too suprised by how easily jealous he gets
  • and it’s rlly weird coming from him because he has such a bright personality like ?? who r u ¿¿??
  • that’s why he’s always with his arms all over you when he’s in public
  • he wants everyone to know that you’re his and he’s yours
  • and when he’s jealous he searchs confort in your cuddles so u r like
  • aw he’s going to be more clingy than usual for the next two months aw, it’s such a pity that there’s nothing we can do about it
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • your dates are really adventurous, yo go to places like art museums, bookstores and new cafes
  • also, don’t get surprised if hansol or johnny are part of those dates
  • even though you’re used to being the third wheel now lmao
  • you get revenge on them by remembering everyone their amazing predebut pics lol
  • next month he’s going to do it again tough
  • but since this cutie is part of your life nothing is the same
  • he’s always there for you, not matter what the problems is
  • he would give and do everything just to make you happy
  • basically, he’s the type of boyfriend that want to be by your side in every moment
  • sharing experiences and memories together
  • now i’ll go and cry bcs of how perfect ten is bye
I love the pain

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Pairing: Demon!Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: angst, Dean beating the reader, fluff.

Word count: 1.206

Request:  Maybe a story where Dean still has the mark of Cain & is a demon & the reader comes to him and tried to talk to him, not really trying to change him just kinda tying to have closure and for a second Dean has a bit of emotion but then out of anger attacks the reader and Sam get there just in time and after Dean is human again he finds out what he did ( when he sees you with bruises/cuts ) and is so upset with himself. Sorry it’s a really weird ask, it just came to me & you’re a great writer! (requested by anonymus).

A/N: I changed the idea up a little, hope that’s okay. I’m sorry if this is pretty shitty but I hope you like it! xx

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Old and New, Senior and Rookie

Super Junior Heechul

Summary : The leader of an S.M. rookie band has caught Heechul’s eye, and he’s caught hers. What type of fun would arise being on weekly idol together?

Word Count : 1,467

Originally posted by gaemerkyu-ssi

One of your members, Eun Hye, came to you with excited news. She was the maknae so she got exciting about little things like you used to. She had her phone with a video pulled up

“Weekly idol is starting a new thing! They’re taking rookie groups and bringing on multiple at once! We’re a rookie group, what if we get to go on?” she said. You admired her hopeful attitude. Your group hasn’t been on a variety show yet, however, you were scheduled to appear on After School Club soon. You watched as Astro, KNK, and 4ten attempted to dance to other groups songs. You had to admit it would be very fun to go on yourselves, paired with other groups. You were laughing with Eun Hye as you watched Moonbin and Rocky dance to Dumb Dumb better than the girl group next to them.

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anonymous asked:

Ok I need an explanation for why you think Kaner gave Segs a handy in Switzerland. Like I'm all for it i just wanna know 😂😂

A fair and understandable question! I’ll refer you first to [this fic] which is basically how I think it went down.

The headcanon is this: they were both young and horny and away from home, which is basically a perfect recipe for a little no-strings-attached bro hookup. 

christmas pudding | m

◇ Hoseok and Vernon were complete opposites - but don’t opposites attract?

◇ Vernon x reader x Wonho

◇ college!au + poly!au

◇ aaaah k-smut trash anon!!!! This was supposed to be for ur birthday but i got so far behind on schoolwork that it’s only coming out now TT I hope you had a good birthday though!!! Also, i have a feeling you wanted more pwp than i wrote? Something like ‘birthday girl’, maybe? But i just wrote this kinda cutely with a bit more plot so i hope you like!!!

◇ also i cant add gifs like i usually do bc tumblr is shit so im sorry :( ill try and add them later!!


Hoseok and Vernon were as opposite as black and white.

Vernon was the awkward one - the bashful friend, the ‘stay-up-till-one-playing-video-games’ one, the one who could never talk to the opposite sex without going red in the face and stuttering. With his pale skin, light eyes and floppy brown hair, he was the epitome of a childhood friend.

Your mothers had been friends and by default, that made you two friends - but it never felt forced. Vernon was easy-going, even in his childhood, and he was kind and smart, too. It was no surprise that you stayed friends from Kindergarten to middle school to high school, and even until college - which was when you met Hoseok.

He was beaming, blonde hair slicked back charmingly and head cocked to the side as he took in both you and Hansol. He was easy to get along with, and although his inappropriateness took a while to become comfortable with, you were soon just as chill with Hoseok as you were with Vernon, and vice versa.

With tanned skin and blonde hair and his beautiful dark eyes, Hoseok really was the opposite of Vernon, but that didn’t matter. You and Vernon decided to ask Hoseok to move in with you both 2 years after meeting each other; the rent is high and we can’t pay it alone - hey, Hoseok, weren’t you saying you were looking for a new place…?

And from then, it was smooth sailing. You eventually realised how you all worked together and in harmony to accommodate all 3 of you - Vernon cleaned because he couldn’t cook, Hoseok went shopping because he detested cleaning, and you cooked because that was what you were best at. And yes, there were times where Hoseok left all his dirty clothes in a pile or when Vernon left the toilet seat up, but it was all good because once it was brought up, it rarely ever happened again.

You just - you just worked. And you never thought it was weird, like others would: your mother would tsk at you, folding her arms in a huff whenever you mentioned your two male roommates - “You can’t beliving with two men, ____!” - and despite the fact that she’s known Vernon since you were in diapers, her trust was wearing down with each day.

But the point is, you never found it weird, even when slowly yet surely your relationship with them became much more… romantic. You were just so comfortable with them that it never bothered you if Hoseok walked in while you were showering to brush his teeth, or if Vernon wanted to cuddle with you, or when Hoseok kept kissing Vernon’s cheek and slipping in cheesy comments when you were hanging out.

It wasn’t until it was pointed out to you that you realised that Hoseok and Vernon were basically acting as if they were your boyfriends - and even more strangely - you didn’t mind.

“_____?” Hoseok’s voice is uncharacteristically quiet, yet it instantly snaps you from your deep daze. The blonde is laying next to you on your bed, his head resting on your stomach and eyes fluttering with every second as you pass your fingers through his bleached locks. He had been weirdly affectionate and soft today - well, more affectionate than usual - and as a result, the apartment was much quieter, especially with Vernon still at college for the time being.

“Yeah?” You hum with a deep inhalation, stretching your arms above your head carefully so as to not disturb the sleepy man beneath you. The TV plays meaninglessly in the background, and you block out the sound of CFs playing to focus on what he’s about to say.

“We…” Hoseok’s voice trails off, already ridden with sleep and a few tones deeper than usual, his chest rising and falling with each quiet breath he took. You raise an eyebrow at him, but his eyes are closed anyway, so you wait patiently for him to to finish. “What - what are we?”

It takes you a few seconds to actually register his query, and when you do it takes every nerve in your body to refrain from stiffening up. You don’t know why, but you can feel heat gathering beneath your cheeks and the room suddenly feels incredibly hot, the air becoming tense and almost making it hard to breathe.

“I - that-” You begin, your words stuttered and slurring together as you desperately try to come up with an answer for him - your reaction only makes him sigh deeper, and suddenly he’s turning on his side so that he face you, his head still resting on your stomach, and the contact seems much more intimate now than it did earlier.

“I want to hold your hand and kiss your lips and cuddle you when you’re sleepy - but with a different title,” he mumbles, and despite his drooping eyes he seems much more awake than earlier. You can only watch, gaping, as he reaches down, intertwining your fingers together.

“But,” he bites his lip, hesitating, “I… I want to love Vernon, too.”

You realise that your stunned silence is probably giving him the wrong idea, and after blinking a few times, you come to your senses.

“Hoseok,” you murmur softly, tightening your grip in his hand and continuing to brush your other one through his hair - he waits patiently, looking up at you expectantly, “I think that’s a wonderful idea.”

And then his hesitant expression on his face is almost immediately replaced with his signature eye smile, and he’s definitely not as tired as he was before because he’s rising to his knees and lunging forward to encase you in a bear hug, and the only thing on your mind is what do we do about Vernon?

Yet you’re laughing, and you rest your chin on his shoulder, giddiness building up in your stomach like a volcano ready to erupt, and you close your eyes from the sheer happiness that you’re suddenly feeling, when-

“What’s going on here?”

Vernon’s voice makes your eyes snap open in milliseconds, and your heart jumps out of your chest as you see him - he’s only just shed his bag, his jacket still on and his nose red from the cold outside. He watches you both with a frown, but Hoseok is quick to separate from you, the joyful grin still on his face as he launches himself at Vernon.

“She agreed!” Hoseok cheers, and with a start you realise that Vernon and Hoseok had already talked about this without you - which explains the growing dopey smile on Vernon’s face, too. He lets out a high pitched sound that’s between an excited scream and a squeal, and he drags Hoseok back towards you, collapsing on the bed with an umph!

And strangely, you realise how relationship-like your friendship was already, because after that, nothing really changes - well, except for the kissing, and the holding hands and, yeah, the sex, too.


Two years later, and your relationship is still thriving as it did when it began. You hadn’t realised how much you really, truly loved Hoseok and Vernon until you noticed the little things you hadn’t noticed during your friendship - how Vernon would nod his head to any music that was playing (any music - trust me, you’ve witnessed it), how Hoseok pouted when he couldn’t have ramen at 4 AM.

You found yourself smiling more and worrying less, and you knew more about your boyfriends now than you had before. Although you would get strange looks in public, your relationship was so comfortable and pleasant that you didn’t care.

“Christmas is near,” Vernon reminds you with a slight nudge, petting his hand over your hair comfortingly. You nod, still focused on the drama playing on the TV. You hear him tsk, and then suddenly his hand is gently on your chin, turning you to face him.

You huff, “So?”

So,” he begins with a roll of his chestnut eyes, drawing you closer to him to place a lingering kiss to your lips, a hum of content leaving his own, his voice a mere whisper as he finishes, “I want to know what you want for Christmas.”

You groan, rolling as far as you could on the couch so that you were laying on your stomach, your head on Vernon’s own stomach. You yawn mindlessly, wrapping your arms around him and focusing back on the drama on TV. “I don’t care.”

You’re not looking at him but you know his eyes are narrowed, because he scoffs and tugs at your hair playfully. “You can’t say that! I have to know…”

“Surprise me,” you shrug. You hear him tsk again, but he doesn’t beg you to tell him again.

“Why can’t you be like Hoseok?” Vernon groans, throwing his head back, “I didn’t even have to ask him. He’s been dropping hints since December 26th last year.”

“What?” You raise your head, an eyebrow cocked teasingly as you lean into him, smirking mischievously, “Am I not worth the effort, Vernon?”

“N-no, of course not - I mean, of course you are, that came out wrong-”

“Well, then,” you raise your eyebrows once more, waiting for him to oppose, before you collapse back into your earlier position for what you hoped was the last time that night.


It was the night before Christmas and every was perfect. When you woke up, you made breakfast for your boyfriends (which was not ramen, much to Hoseok’s disappointment), you got dressed, and you all went out for some last minute Christmas shopping.

The day was chilly and the snow was a few inches thick, but nothing that couldn’t be solved with a hot drink and gloves (Vernon forgot his gloves, though, so you and Hoseok had to settle for holding his hands).

One thing you noticed, though, was how strange they were acting. 'They’ referring to your boyfriends, of course - you had spotted them exchanging secretive grins, or whispering to each other when you walked ahead to go look at some cute trinkets. But you left them alone - you were much too preoccupied with finding the perfect gift for your mother.

Vernon ends up leaving 2 hours later - something about an essay to finish (which makes no sense, but once again, you’re too preoccupied), leaving you to drag Hoseok around the city on your quest for a good present.

“_____,” Hoseok whines, 4 hours into shopping. You’re on the brink of going mad, because the present you had planned to get for your mother wasn’t in stock. You could only blame yourself, really - leave it to you to wait until December 24th to get Christmas presents. The blonde is lingering behind you, and wraps his arms around your waist with a pout, resting his chin on your shoulder. “I’m tired…”

“Hoseok,” you groan, trying to push him away unsuccessfully. “Can you please stop? I need to figure something out for my mother…”

You hear him exhale from behind you, and it’s silent for a second - but he leans in, pressing a gentle kiss on your neck as you scan the shelves for a suitable gift, before he whispers, “What if I told you that I already bought something for her?”

Your head snaps toward him, eyes wide and incredulous. “You got her something?” You echo, curiosity tugging at your mind, “When?”

Hoseok shrugs but he has the most haughty look on his face, brushing his hair away from his face. “You always leave stuff to the last minute, so being the amazing boyfriend I am, I bought her the present you wanted to get her. You’re welcome~”

You can only stare at him, mouth agape and eyes wide in disbelief.

“Why didn’t you say that earlier?” You demand, a sigh of relief leaving your lips, holding a hand to your forehead in an attempt to calm down. A few seconds later, though, you heave a sigh, a grateful smile blooming on your face. “Thanks, baby.”

Hoseok practically glows, and seizes your hand. “Come on, let’s go home before Vernon burns the building down.”


Your nose is running and red and your hands have almost lost feeling in them, but the feeling of stepping into your warm apartment fills you with a warm coziness. You shed your jacker in seconds, your shoes following, when you perk up.

“What’s that smell?” You ask Hoseok, sniffing the air curiously. It couldn’t have been Vernon - he can’t cook for his life. Hoseok shrugs, but he’s grinning so you can’t trust him. Shooting him a jokingly suspicious look, you turn on your heel towards the kitchen.

And lo and behold - Vernon stands in front of the dining table, a beaming grin on his face. The table is set all fancy - candles, napkins and rose petals, and the food looks absolutely amazing. Vernon looks proud of himself, and rightfully so.

“Merry Christmas,” Hoseok whispers in your ear, before he walks around your frozen body, towards the table. You’re still in shock, and you feel tears prick at your eyes as you take in all the work that went into this. And all for you?

“You told me to surprise you,” Vernon smiles, his hands placing themselves on your shoulders, roaming down to your lower back as he leads you to the table, “Did I do a good job, baby?”

“It’s amazing,” you confess truthfully, sitting down beside Hoseok and pulling your chair in. Vernon grins, and takes the seat beside you.

“Well, Mingyu helped too,” he says sheepishly, “Because I didn’t want to give you food poisoning - but the rest was me, and a bit of Hoseok, I guess.”

Hoseok shoots him a childish glare, and Vernon beams back. “This is amazing,” you repeat, glancing at them lovingly, “Thank you, really.”

And so, you spend the next few hours at the dining table, eating delicious food and conversing with your boyfriends and just being happy.

Soon though, in the warm atmosphere, you find that your eyes keep veering towards Hoseok’s lips, and that you have to stop yourself from shivering at the feeling of Vernon’s hand on your thigh.

After clearing away the plates, Vernon sits back down and leans back in his chair, stretching his arms over his head with a lazy grin, turning to look at you. “You ready for dessert?”

“Sure,” you agree easily. Seeing him exchange a glance with Hoseok, you turn to the elder, raising an eyebrow curiously. “As long as it’s not Christmas pudding - I hate that stuff. What’s dessert?”

And Hoseoks smirks that stupid smirk that only comes out in the bedroom, his face inching closer to yours, and you feel your breath catch in your throat. “You.

And before you can completely register his words, his lips are pressing against yours. Instinctively, your eyes are fluttering shut, and you find yourself leaning into the perfect sensation of his soft lips against yours, his tongue slipping into your mouth so easily that it almost makes you forget about Vernon.

Key word: almost. Vernon is quickly making his presence known, and the feeling of his hands drifting up and down your body make you sigh pleasurably. They’re warm, and big, and they feel even better pinching your nipples through your bra, making you whimper.

Hoseok gets impatient easily, though, and minutes after, he tugs you onto his lap, resting his hands on your ass. His blonde locks are so easy to run your hands through, and you hear him moan softly every time you pull just a little harder than usual.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say Hoseok did this for you,” Vernon’s teasing voice cuts through your daze like a knife, and you draw back from the mind dizzying kiss. Lips swollen and eyes dilated, you peer at him - he’s biting his lips, taking in both of your panting forms with appreciation.

A scoff slips passed your mouth, but nevertheless, you clamber off of Hoseok’s lap, drawing a disappointed whine from him, and start towards Vernon.

“We need to get you prepared, don’t we, baby girl?” He whispers softly, pulling at your blouse. You raise your arms over your head, and he pulls it off you easily. The next to go is your belt, and after, your jeans. You’re the only one naked, but you don’t feel uncomfortable, especially with Vernon’s hands nearing between your thighs. “Or else you won’t be able to take us, huh?”

You only let out a weak moan of agreement as his fingers begin to trail up and down your pussy, dipping slightly into your entrance and gathering some wetness before pulling back up, bumping your clit roughly.

Chest heaving with every breath, you lean forward to rest your hands against the back of his chair, steadying yourself as your hips begin to rock against his hand. Your eyes begin to flutter shut, the pleasure that comes from the feeling of his fingers inside you almost overwhelming you, but a low groan stops you.

Through half-lidded eyes, you watch as Hoseok pumps himself slowly, eyes fixated on how Vernon’s thumb circles your bundle of nerves precisely, his bottom lip caught between his teeth and a light sheen of sweat coating his temples. He seems to sense your eyes, and his eyes travel up your bare body to meet your dark, dazed orbs.

“I think you’re ready,” Vernon nods, and despite the irritated huff that escapes you, he slips his fingers from your warmth. You almost moan aloud, though, when instead of wiping your juices off of his fingers, he reaches over to Hoseok and begins to use your juices as lube to pump him.

Hoseok does moan aloud, however, his head resting against the back of his chair and his Adam’s Apple bobbing with each shallow thrust of his hips. You take the moment to climb off of Vernon’s lap, setting yourself on the kitchen table and watching with flushed cheeks as Vernon leans in to Hoseok, connecting their lips in a passionate, sloppy kiss.

They only break away minutes later, their lips as swollen and puffy as yours are, their eyes dark and lust filled. Vernon plants one last kiss on Hoseoks’s lips, before he stands, shedding his clothing and joining you on the table.

His hands grasp your thighs, and he pulls you towards him roughly, his arms hugging your hips tight as he connects your lips in your own passionate inferno. By reflex, your arms are already winding around his neck, and it allows him to switch your places almost instantly - him, laying down against the cool glass, and you on top of him.

You vaguely register Hoseok undoing his own clothes, but your eyes are purely transfixed by Vernon’s. He watches you, his pupils blown up and his cheeks flushed - and then, his voice husky and breathy, he speaks: “Will you ride me, baby girl?”

And he doesn’t even have to ask you, because you’re already grasping his cock with one hand and guiding it towards your entrance. You sink down on him with a breathy groan, screwing your eyes shut as you stretch to accommodate his girth.

It’s only seconds later, when you’ve bottomed out on him, that you begin to ride him properly, raising your hips and dropping down on him at a growing pace. Every explosion of pleasure that occurs beneath your skin is only heightened when you manage to raise your hands to your boobs, rolling your sensitive nipples between your fingers.

Hoseok is fully naked, now, and the sight of you riding Vernon like the queen you were makes him groan. He’s quick to stand behind Vernon, the younger’s head dropping lightly off the table to please Hoseok, his mouth opening invitingly.

Your thighs are growing tired and your arms are screaming in pain but the feeling off Vernon inside of you is too good - you can’t stop, especially when you open your eyes and spot Vernon taking Hoseok in his mouth expertly. The way Hoseok’s tongue shoots out to wet his bottom lip and how he allows his hooded eyes to gaze at you makes arousal pulse in your stomach, and it’s hard to take air into your lungs for a few seconds.

You let out a tired whine as you throw your head back, and resort to grinding your hips roughly back and forth instead of bouncing on top of him, your eyes fluttering shut as you chase your orgasm.

Hoseok’s moans are increasing in frequency and pitch; he’s close, you can tell, and the way Vernon’s right hand is digging into your thigh tells you he’s definitely close too - suddenly, he’s jamming his thumb against your clit, and the sudden stimulation throws you over the edge.

It starts from the bottom and makes its way up - toes curling, your legs tense as waves of white heat wash over your body, travelling up to your arms and making goosebumps rise over your skin. Your eyebrows are deeply furrowed, eyes closed so tight it’s almost painful, and you can’t even muster the strength to moan. Your mouth remains open in a silent scream as you cum hard around Vernon, hips still moving furiously.

You seem to set off a chain reaction; Hoseok lets out a last high pitched moan, grasping Vernon’s hair tightly as he pumps his seed into his mouth, and the taste of Hoseok and the feeling of your tight walls contracting around him sends Vernon into a powerful orgasm.

As the pleasure fades to a dull thrum, Hoseok gently removes himself from Vernon’s mouth with a groan. You follow his lead, and lift yourself off of your boyfriend tiredly, almost collapsing right back onto the glass. Vernon, meanwhile, lays still and sated, his eyes shut and his chest heaving as he basks in the afterglow of his orgasm.

Some paper towels are placed in front of you, and you send Hoseok a tired smile as you take them up. “Thanks,” you murmur, almost groaning as you feel the scratchiness in your throat. You begin to clean Vernon’s cum out of you gently, while Hoseok retrieves some glasses of water - however, he doesn’t give them to you straight away, only gesturing to you to follow him to your bedroom.

With a yawn, you pick yourself up, wobbling on your feet as you hit the ground. You pull Vernon up, and the man groans as you guide him away from the kitchen and to where Hoseok was waiting.

“My throat is dead,” Vernon mumbles with a whine, collapsing next to Hoseok on the bed. The blonde grins, massaging his thumb over Vernon’s neck fondly.

“I’m sorry,” he pouts, reaching to get one of the glasses of water he prepared. Hoseok frowns as he sees Vernon beginning to doze off. “Nuh uh - you have to drink something first, baby…”

He sends you a warning look too when you clamber onto the bed, ready to completely face plant and sleep the rest of the day away. “You too, baby girl.”

“Alright, alright,” you groan playfully, taking the glass from him. Hoseok makes sure you both drank your water, and then downed one himself - and then, after making sure you were all alright, and dressing you all in oversized t-shirts, he tucks all three of you into bed.

“Merry Christmas, baby girl,” Vernon mumbles sleepily, before he’s completely knocked out. Hoseok whispers a Merry Christmas, _____, before he too has blacked out.

You fall asleep with a smile on your face, and wake up the next morning with one, too.

(“Vernon! How did you know I wanted this?”

“Don’t act like you haven’t be shoving hints down our throats for the passed year, Hoseok-”)

The up- and downsides of being with a Winchester.

Just some Dean x Reader fluff for ya all. Request oneshot will hopefully be up tomorrow. :)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 1748 Words

Warnings: None, expect maybe a lot of fluff. :)

{Imagine Dean taking you on a special date for your birthday}

Originally posted by cassammydean


You watched as Dean sliced off the last vampires head and as it rolled over to stop directly in front of your feet.
Dean wiped his blade at a curtain and grinned: “Happy birthday (Y/N).”
You looked at the head and rolled your eyes: “Oh yeah, that´s right, I almost forgot the one downside of being with a Winchester.”
He still smirked and raised an eyebrow: “And what would that be?”
You made your way over to the door of the farmhouse and sighed: “You never get normal things for your birthday. Usually boys get flowers and jewelry for their girlfriends, and all I get is the head of a vampire. Fancy.”
Dean laughed, while he followed you outside, where Sam was waiting for you, having checked the backyard on his own.
When you all got in the Impala -  you were actually riding shotgun - Dean picked up the conversation again: “So you´re basically saying that there almost only advantages of being with a Winchester?”
Sam laughed: “What are you guys talking about now?”
You sighed, but grinned: “Dean sliced off the head of a vampire and said happy birthday, so I complained that I don´t get normal stuff like flowers from my boyfriend.”
“And”, Dean joined in, “She said that this was the only disadvantage of, and I quote, being with a Winchester.”
“And I´m reconsidering that statement right now, I´ll add you being overly annoying to the list.”
Instead of answering he just put a hand from the steering wheel on your leg and squeezed a little.
For a while nobody said anything until Dean spoke up again: “Okay, so what are the advantages of being with me now?”
You laughed and looked at him: “You really trying to make me mad on my birthday, aren´t you?”
Dean just made a pouting face: “Hey, I just want to feel loved.”
Sam and you laughed in unison and after a while you shook your head: “I don´t think that you deserve to hear that, after you only got me the head for my birthday. You didn´t even wrap it up.”
Dean smirked, obviously pleased with the fact that you were being sassy: “I tell you what sweetheart, if you like what I have planned for tonight, you tell me every positive thing of being with me.”
Your eyes actually widened: “You have something planned for tonight?”, you turned around to face Sam, “He actually planned something?”
The younger Winchester smiled and nodded: “Yeah he did, and I think you might have to tell him what he wants to know, because I guess you´ll might like it.”
Your heart was beating faster now at these awesome news and you smiled at your wonderful boyfriend: “Okay, Deal.”

The whole afternoon you spent in your room, talking to Charlie on the phone, telling her all about the mysterious date Dean had planned.
When the evening came around, you got yourself ready, putting on the only dress you had, and you had to say that you were kinda proud on how you looked.

When it knocked on the door and Dean walked in, you smiled at him brightly for a second, then you noticed that he wasn´t dressed up at all, but was just wearing his usual jeans and flannel and felt immediately overdressed.
“I… I thought we were going out for dinner or something, so I put on the dress”, you tried to defend yourself, but Dean just came over and hugged you tight: “You look absolutely perfect sweetheart.”
A weak smile formed on your lips again: “If you say so.”
He nodded again and you felt better, letting him lead you towards the garage and open the door of the Impala for you.
Sometimes you really forgot how sweet Dean could be because of his daily behavior during hunts.
The ride was rather peaceful, and you two weren´t talking much, just sitting there in comfortable silence, enjoying each others company.
“So”, you said after a while, “where are you taking me, if not for dinner?”
When you looked at him, a smug grin was on his face: “Who said we wouldn´t go for dinner?”
That statement confused you completely, because you already left town like ten minutes ago, and you had no idea where he was possibly taking you for dinner in the woods.

You were just about to ask that, when he stopped the car at the side of the road, leaning over to you: “And here we are.”
A look out of the window showed you that in fact “here”, seemed to be nowhere, because you saw nothing but trees, but you were going to trust Dean on this, because you knew he wouldn´t possible do something you wouldn´t like.
When you got out of the car you heard him rummage in the trunk and for a second you actually thought he was going to get a weapon, but then he appeared beside you with a big basket in his hand.

“You made a picnic for us?”, you asked slightly amused and he smiled and nodded.
You squeezed his arm and kissed his cheek: “That´s going to be perfect, where do you want to set the blanket up?”
This time Dean laughed: “Oh honey, we aren´t quite where I want to take you yet, you have to follow me.”
You nodded, ready for everything he had planned, and you followed him through a small group of trees for a while until he suddenly stopped, making you halt too:
“I want you to close your eyes sweetheart.”
Not quite fond of having your eyes closed in a dark forest, you hesitated for a second, but when he took your hand and squeezed it a little, you gave in.

He led you by your hand, always making sure you were stable and you actually felt pretty taken care of and when he finally said: “Open your eyes”, you felt strangely at peace.
What you saw when you opened your lids, took your breath away.
You were looking at a lake, that was reflecting every star and the big full moon and there was a really small beach, that looked so perfect you just wanted to sit there all night long.

Tears reached your eyes without you even noticing it and you whispered: “Dean, that´s absolutely perfect.”
He smiled and pulled a blanket out of the basket, to make it more comfortable for you.
After you sat down, he spent five minutes with setting everything up:
He had sandwiches and a few pieces of fruit, and of course an apple pie.
You sat there, talking and laughing, eating and drinking for almost an hour and when you started to shiver a little bit, Dean gave you his jacket, and considering that you were pretty short, you could almost use it as a blanket.
When the conversation died a little bit, and there was just silence for a moment, you stared out of the lake until Dean finally asked: “So, are you going to tell me the advantages of being with me now?”
You heard the teasing in his voice and grinned when you looked back at him: “Well, I would, but you still haven´t given me my present.”
When his face suddenly went blank, you feared for a second that you might had taken it to far and that he was getting tired of playing this game with you, but then he smiled again and said:
“My bad, I´ll give it to you in a second, but you have to stand up for me to give it to you.”
You did as he said, your heart pounding for some unknown reason.
He got up from the ground too and grabbed your hands, his eyes never leaving yours:
“I asked you about what were the advantages of being with me today, but now I´d like to tell you the advantages of being with you.
You´re funny and you´re cute, and you´re also pretty badass.
You´re kicking butt every day and I love it to watch you switch between being that cute little neighbor´s girl and the tough hunter.
I love that you always seem to find something positive about almost every situation and I love how you sometimes get so excited over stuff that you get these cute little red dots on your neck.
And, and that´s the most important one, I love you.
I love you, and I will love you until I die.
And that´s why I figured…”, he got down on one knee and your heart almost exploded in your chest, while you put a hand over your mouth,
“…that´s why I figured that there be no better time to ask you something.”
And with that, he pulled out a little black box out of his jeans pocket and opened it and the cutest little silver ring, with a red stone appeared.
“I wanted to ask you”, he continued, “will you marry me?”
For a moment you felt as if you might faint, but then you nodded: “Yes, yes of course I will, I love you so much Dean.”
He smiled so brightly like you had never seen him before when he put the ring on your finger and then he got up, picking you up and twirling you around.
When he sat you back down, he kissed you and then you just looked in each other´s eyes again.
Without thinking further, you said: “You´re amazingly handsome, you´re the most dangerous guy I know, but you are so sweet, just for the people you love, just for me.
You always manage to piss me off and make me laugh at the same time, so it´s impossible for me to be mad at you, and you care for me so much.
Also you always try to make things work between us, even when we´re living this life, this unusual different, difficult life.

You always give your best Dean.”
He cocked an eyebrow: “What are you talking about?”
You smiled: “The advantages of being with you. I told you I would tell them to you if I like the date.”
The grin came back to his face and he kissed you again and then said: “So I´m amazingly handsome?”
You slapped his arm but grinned: “You´re impossible.”
He smirked back: “And you just told me that´s a reason you love me.”
Rolling your eyes, you leaned in to him once more, wanting to never make this moment end.

So We Meet Again (Part 2)

AN: I tried to be a little more descriptive this time but I’m not sure how well that worked out for me, so permit me. Anyways, time to finally get that Kylo action.

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, mentions of blood

Word Count: 2K

Part 1  Part 3  Part 4

You looked into the face of your closest friend; Ben. He was laughing, something he didn’t really do often. You had told him a joke, what, you couldn’t remember, you were just enjoying the way he scrunched up his nose and threw his head back as his deep laughter filled the air. You remembered this moment in perfect detail each time it floated back to the surface of your mind. It was the time where the inkling of a crush started scratching its way to the surface, and no matter how much you hated it, you couldn’t really help it. He was definitely handsome, but that was only a bonus. Even though he could be the most stubborn, silent jerk, he still had a great personality that he never really showed anyone. Damn his introversion. All the other padawans thought you were crazy for trying to talk to Ben, but they often forgot that Ben was the first person to talk to you. Even if he never reciprocated the deepest feelings of your heart, you knew you two would always have a bond that couldn’t be severed, after all, he had told you so himself.

Now you felt foolish for ever having felt that way.

When you had woken up you felt the ship landing. You shivered at the cold of the cell you were in, the darkness of its walls seemingly fitting to the eerie atmosphere. Another dark chuckle left your lips as you rested your head against the wall. The ship shook as it stopped moving, and you looked up at the door to the cell expectantly. Sure enough, within a few minutes, two Stormtroopers opened the door and picked you up by your arms. Your leg had bled enough to where you didn’t even think of giving a fight, and you just let them carry you away to one of their interrogation rooms. When they strapped you down, they were anything but gentle, and you found yourself wincing when they held your legs down. After they left, that same silence overcame and you let out your millionth sigh. Now all you had to do was wait until that murderer came. Fuck, fuck, fuck. This situation didn’t seem to be looking up for you any time soon.

After what felt like countless hours, you heard the door opening and heavy footsteps coming into the interrogation room. He stopped right in front of you, but you couldn’t look at him. You stubbornly had your eyes closed, refusing to look at the man in the mask, the man who ruined your life.
“(Y/N),” came a distorted voice. You couldn’t resist your curiosity, so you looked forward. You thought you heard something through that mask but you decided to ignore it. This man wouldn’t feel anything at all for you, how could he? You just stared at him with the hatred of all the years gathered together. Then you heard the sounds of his helmet, and he removed it, revealing a face you thought you’d never see again.

Kylo Ren was just as handsome as Ben Solo had been, if not more. His features looked more stressed, and his hair had grown a considerable length. He looked at you with disbelief as if he expected you to react to his face, or to respond to his use of your name, but you stayed quiet and angry, fuming beneath the surface. Just seeing him was filling you with all the rage you had buried over the years, and you wanted to be loose of your restraints so that you could show him exactly how you felt about him.

“(Y/N), are you not going to say anything?” he said, his deep voice coming out smoothly. You looked away again, and refused to look at him any longer. You kept it up for a few more minutes before you heard his footsteps coming closer, and then a glove resting on your chin, gently turning your head to look at him.
You wanted to focus on anything but actually looking him in the eye, you wouldn’t give him that power, so you turned to examining his many freckles and spots that you once thought were adorable, and were now making you sadder than anything. You tried looking away but his grip increased, and you felt an angry tear falling down your face.

“Let the fuck go of me,” you whispered shakily. He didn’t listen, and instead you felt his glove wipe off your renegade tear.

“It’s been so long,” he whispered, so silently that had he not been so close to you, you might not have heard.

“I said let go.” You forced your chin out of his grasp, and he stepped back, almost as if he was shocked that the reaction he got out of you wasn’t positive. You saw his jaw clench as his anger began to build. Good. Fuck him.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” He said, his anger seeping through.

“Fuck if I am,” you sneered. “After all it’s not every day you see the murderer of your family.” He didn’t say anything, but you knew he was growing angrier and angrier. This was bound to hit a nerve. Maybe if you were lucky, he would get angry enough to kill you, and you would never have to deal with him again.

“It’s not like they ever really cared. Remember, I was the first person who spoke to you, you, the girl abandoned by her family.” That one hit home, and you looked away from him so that he couldn’t see the tears that were forming in your eyes.

“They weren’t my fucking family. And you didn’t speak to me, Ben did. You’re just a monster wearing his skin.” You heard his fists clench and footsteps coming closer. “Kill me and get it over with. No one would be surprised when they hear that (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was killed by Kylo Ren.” The room was silent for a few seconds, as if he was debating whether or not to actually kill you. The footsteps started again, and you looked back to see him putting the stupid mask back on.

“I’m not going to kill you. In fact, you’re going to be my guest,” he said in the mechanical voice caused by the mask. It caused shivers to run down your spine. He looked down at your leg and saw the blood seeping down and then turned away. He left the room promptly, leaving you to wonder if this was how the First Order treated all their guests.

Not long afterwards the door opened again, and in came Kylo Ren and a doctor. The doctor approached you with gauze and disinfectant in hand as they kneeled down in front of your leg. Ren released the restraint on that leg so that the doctor could clean and cover your wound. You looked away as it was going on, wincing when the doctor put on the disinfectant. After the doctor was finished, they addressed Ren.

“It’ll need to be changed every day. Would you rather I do it, sir, or would you feel better doing it?” the doctor said in an almost nervous tone. You could sense their anxiety about being in Ren’s presence, and you scoffed, causing both Kylo and the doctor to turn their heads to you before addressing one another again.

“I’ll change the bandages, doctor, just bring the necessary supplies to my quarters,” he said through that malicious mask. You heard the footsteps of the doctor scurrying away before two more pairs of steps entered the room. You looked up to see a pair of Stormtroopers that were approaching you. They released you from your restraints and began to carry you away, closely followed by Kylo Ren.

This gave you a good chance to look at the ship. Its durasteel walls were plain and every time someone passed by, they walked a little more quickly at the sight of their commander. Groups of troops passed by hurriedly, except for a few, who watched as this unkempt woman was being carried away by their comrades, and in their minds, they were thinking about the inevitability of your death, how Ren was sure to kill you as he had never passed up killing anyone else before.

Finally, you came before a door, and as it opened, you realized where you were. Oh great. His fucking living quarters. You supposed this meant he really had meant that he wasn’t going to kill you, but you weren’t sure what was worse, being killed now or dying of boredom having to stay prisoner in his room forever.

The troops dropped you onto the couch and then promptly left as the commander came closer to you. The door closed and you two were alone again. He reached up to his mask and removed it again, setting it on a small table. He looked back at you and let out a sigh of his own.

“Look,” he said in a tired voice, “you’re going to be staying in here. Don’t even try to escape, it won’t take long for you to run into trouble.” He ran a hand through his hair and then walked over to a small kitchen where he pulled out a glass from a cabinet and filled it with water. Kylo then walked back over and handed you the water that you grudgingly took. You didn’t want to accept anything from him, but you knew it had been a while since you had drunk anything.

There was a tapping on the door, and Kylo got up and headed to it. You tried to look around him to see who it was and you noticed the doctor from before. They were speaking in hushed voices before, once more, the doctor bustled away, leaving you alone with Kylo again.

You looked up into his brown eyes, finally taking a good look at them. They were clouded with emotion, but what exactly, you couldn’t tell.
“How long will I be staying here?” You asked, a small part of you hoping that he would let you go at some point.

“In this room? Until we, General Hux and myself, can trust you. With the First Order?” He was silent for a little bit, contemplating his answer carefully. “Indefinitely. You can either sleep on the bed or the couch. The choice is yours. As for what you can do in the meantime, you can mess with anything in here, just don’t go digging through the stuff in my room.” You looked around the room and examined exactly what all you could do. There wasn’t much, some books and a datapad, but other than that it looked like you were going to suffer boredom like you initially thought.

Kylo walked away into a separate room, one that you assumed was his, and soon came back, a t-shirt in his hands. He put them on the same table where he had previously placed his helmet.

“Change into that if you want to. I don’t think you’ll want to stay in those clothes forever,” he said before picking up the helmet and walking towards the door.

“Wait,” you said, right as he was about to put the helm back on. “Why didn’t you kill me then? Why aren’t you killing me now?” You asked, your curiosity once more getting the better of you. You were too tired to fight anymore, but those two questions were tearing away at your insides like mad beasts.

Kylo was silent again. He wasn’t particularly sure he wanted to answer your question, but part of him knew you deserved at least these two answers.
“Remember how I told you to go on a walk? I did that so they wouldn’t kill you. I wanted you to come with me but I knew you wouldn’t, so I opted for keeping you alive. I won’t kill you now because I can’t lose you again,” he spoke softly. Kylo then finished putting on his helmet before heading out of the door.

(Awww cute fluffy aokaga in the public eye. Yay!)

Aomine walked down the sidewalk, his arm brushing against Kagami’s as they went. He didn’t know what they were talking about, but as the slight wind ruffled his boyfriend’s red hair, he felt himself smile softly. He had been with Kagami since they were 18 and just heading to university. He remembered how awkward their first times had been together, but as they grew as men individually, their relationship had also grown much stronger. Now they were both in America, both on professional basketball teams. Of course not the same, but that was deliberate, both conceding it would be much more of a challenge to face each other. They saw each other often, both making time for each other. Yes, everything seemed perfect and with that warm feeling bubbling in his chest, Aomine forgot where they were as he reached over and locked his fingers with his boyfriend’s. The surprised look on Kagami’s face was the first reminder of where they were that hit Aomine’s mind. The second being a flurry of flashes and yelling.
“Aomine are you and Kagami in a relationship?!”
“Kagami, tell us how this happened?!”
“How long have you two been secret lovers?!”
As white flashes continued to blind his eyes, Aomine groaned and started to retract his hand. He wasn’t used to the fame that his career brought, nor did he particularly enjoy the constant unwanted attention from the paparazzi, but he had tried to ignore them as best as he could. When they had become famous, both Kagami and he had decided it was best to keep their relationship to themselves and their friends. Although same sex relationships were becoming more accepted, they weren’t exactly the everyday norm, especially for athletes. Aomine didn’t give a shit what people thought, but he needed to care about how his teammates interacted with him and the same went for Kagami. Neither were too sure how the basketball world would handle it, so they had hid it. And now here he was, getting lost in his stupid boyfriend’s red hair and holding his hand.
“We have been together since we were 18 and it happened because Aomine couldn’t resist my amazing basketball skills, which he was super jealous of.”
The sound of Kagami’s voice had Aomine staring at him with shock as the paparazzi laughed at his joking nature. He felt the redhead lock their hands together, refusing to let Aomine pull away. As Kagami looked over at him, he nearly melted on the spot at the grin and wink his boyfriend gave him. The flashing continued at max speed at the action, though Aomine was completely ignoring it at this point.
“You’re ok with this?”
A gentle squeeze to his hand had him smiling softly, “Yeah. We shouldn’t have to hide it anymore. Plus we already made a name for ourselves in basketball. If someone has a fuckin problem they can step forward.”
At the protective scowl on the redhead’s face, Aomine couldn’t help but laugh softly and lean in to give Kagami a soft kiss. The flash of lights and snapping of cameras had both men seeing stars for the rest of the day and night. The next morning their gentle kiss was on nearly every magazine that they came across, their relationship the main topic of conversation wherever they went. But as they both headed to practice, neither of them could have been happier. They loved each other too much for the world to even come close to ruining it.

I still feel it every time -Harry S. Imagine

Her face was beautiful but emotionless. Her makeup was perfect but her eyes were empty. Y/N was standing by her window, staring out of it, watching the blossoming cherry tree in the backyard. The weather was supposed to be nice and warm, but she woke up for dark clouds and a chilly wind. Neither the nature wanted that day.

She let out a deep sigh and left her previous spot by the window to go and put on her dress. She didn’t want to go, but he wanted to see her. S he did how he commanded. After all, it was his day. And if he needed her, she will go and see him. Even is her heart broke over and over again.

The venue was extravagant, too much for Y/N’s taste. And she knew Harry hated the colours and the too much glittering decoration as well. She made her way down the aisle, trying so hard to not to fall apart. Her dark purple dress was hugging her body, keeping her together as a metaphor. She soon found his door, and knocked on it softly. Harry quickly opened the door and pulled her in.

- Finally - he let out a sigh and looked at her from head to toe. He was out of breath, she took it away. The dark purple colour was perfect for his lightly tanned skin, an the thin material hugged her slim frame perfectly, showing off her beautiful curves. Her hair was half way up in a messy bun, so her neck was visible. Her eyes were covered with long as blck black lashes, lips were a light pink colour. She looked so natural, so alive. But she was dead inside.

- What do you want? - her once soft ad loving voice was now filled with concern and pain. Harry tried to hug her, but Y/N stopped him and took a few steps back. It broke him. She didn’t want his hug anymore.

- I just wanted to talt to you - he took a frustrated sigh and sat down on the chair. His hands were running through his long locks, pulling the roots slightly - I needed someone who knows me better than anybody else. Who knows mebetter than I know myself, Y/N.

She was just standing there, not sure what to do or how to react. Why did he wanted her? On his own wedding day, when he was supposed to be excited and happy. Why on Earth did he call her out of all the people who knew Harry almost as good and she? It was painful enough for her, to read the invitation for the wedding. Harry and she had history. They were the perfect couple, who were madly in love with each other, but they never dated. They were enjoying their time so much, that they forgot to put a label on their relationship.

- What do you want, Harry? - her voice was softer now. She wanted to hate him. He broke her heart, and she hates him for it, but she hated herself just as much too, because she still loved him. She tried to move on so many times, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t just let go of her very first love. -Why did you call me here, huh? After all this time, why now? Why today?

- Because nothing is making sense - he was angry becausd she was stubborn and didn’t try to read him like she used to do when Harry had hard time - I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. I’m freaking out, because I’m about to make the best or the worst move in my left. I am so fucking clueless - he stood up and kicked the chair away. With three big steps, he crossed the distance between them, and grabbed her arm - But the main reason is…I miss you.

She was frozen. After all this time. After all this pain and heartbreak. After all those fucking sleepless nights wishing for this moment..he got the nerves to tell her these things on his wedding day.

- Harry - she tried to escape from his grip, but he was stronger - You are getting getting married in a few hours. You are marrying the girl who you love and…

- No - he yelled. His green eyes were empty. They weren’t shining like they used to. Pain, confusion and frustration were showing in them - If you say the words, I’ll call off the wedding. I won’t marry her. Y/N please.

- What words, Harry? - her voice was just a weak whisper. Both of them were selfish and stubborn.

- Tell me you miss me - his lips were so close to her mouth, she could taste his minty breath - Tell me you want me - she was getting weaker under his spell - Tell me you don’t want me to get married to her - just an inch. Just one inch was between her lips and his - Y/N…tell me you still love me - she could feel his lips brushing her while he was talking - I need to know, because I’m still madly, deeply and crazily in love with you, baby girl.

His soft lips kissed the corner of her mouth. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach, but she had to ignore them. Harry took a deep breath and kissed her. Y/N wanted to return the kiss. She wanted to feel him again, but she didn’t do it.

- Kiss me back - he murmured in the kiss. He was desperate - Please…

- Harry - she pushed him away. Tears were running down their faces - I can’t kiss you. We can’t do this - she took a step away from him and stood by the window - I can’t be selfish - she whispered to herself - What we had was deep, amazing, unforgettable, passionate…perfect. But we made a decision a long time ago, Harry - she didn’t look at him. She couldn’t. If she did, she would have given up and tell him what he wanted to hear - Go and marry her. Be happy.

she tried to get out of the room as fast as she could, but he grabbed her and pulled her back.

- Look me in the eyes and say that you don’t want me. Tell me you gave up on us. Fucking tell me that you don’t love me anymore - he was almost yelling at her. Angry Harry always scared her, but he never hurt her - If you can tell me these things, I’ll let you go. But you can’t ask me to be happy with her or anybody else, when I still hope for my happy ending with you.

- I… - she tried to come up with something. Another lie probably. She always wanted the best for him. And marrying her was supposed to be the best thing he could have done.

A knock saved her. Louis stepped into the room. He looked tired…disappointed maybe. When he caught the sight of Y/N, his eyes light up and he let out a relieved sigh.

- Mate, it’s time to go - Harry was still looking at her, waiting for the miracle. She took her chance to escape. In the door, Louis stopped her.

- Save him - he whispered and let Y/N go. She walked as fast as she could in her heels. She left him there with her lies. She had to lie. It was the right thing.

But the hurt and heartbreak was unbearable for her and for him too. And maybe, she should have been selfish. And maybe…she wasn’t late.

Request Scenario: You and Yoongi are in a long distance relationship. You are in Korea and you two have you first time together :)

Genre: fluff and smut

Word Count: 1224

A/N: I died so… I hope you enjoy reading it. I love writing about Yoongi. xx


The soothing breeze ran through your hair as you extended your hand, feeling the wind dancing along the side the bus. Foreign as this place may be, the daily description and photos Yoongi sent you made you felt like you were returning to someplace familiar. It was impossible to hide the smile that was forming on your lips, you were finally going to see him again. Take that, people who doubt long relationships.

*6 months ago*

“We’re going to make this work Y/N. No matter what…” Yoongi’s hands consumed your smaller ones, tracing random shapes on your palm with his index fingers.

It was a strange enough coincidence that you ran into Yoongi one day during his time in a new country, but for you two to fall for each other was unimaginable.

“Who would have thought, huh?” You weren’t one to believe the whole love at first sight scheme, but karma have seen to have a kin way of biting you back in the butt because when you first saw Yoongi’s pure smile, it was contagious and you knew you were done for.

“I did.” The pad of his thumb kept fondly stroking your cheeks, he never knew he was able to share his focus from his love for music for anybody, but then you came alone and he knew he couldn’t give you up.


To say that you were excited would be an understatement, his house was getting closer and closer as you kept walking through the familiar streets. The same ones you’ve seen every evening on your phone screen when he was walking out to rehearse. Fumbling around your coat pocket, you held the keys in your palm, starring at it, unable to comprehend that you were actually going to open this door and see him.

“Yoongi?” You quietly called out, poking your head through the corridor to see if he was in the living room, but you were lifted up off the ground by the arms that you’ve been longing to be embraced by for the last few months.

“I’ve missed you so much. Agh, how could I ever forgot how felt in my arms.” Yoongi mumbled into the crook of you neck, tickling you, resulting in giggles erupting from you.

“Yoongi-ah…” Turning around in his arms, you wrapped your arms around his neck, while his laid comfortably on your waist. The silence between you two was calming, just taking each other in once again. You stared at the nose that you always found adorable and was never shy to let Yoongi know, which never fails to make him blush. Traveling down to his lips, oh those lips, you were finally able to kiss those lips that you’ve expressed how perfect they are every time your emotions was on overdrive.

“I can finally kiss these lips I’ve been craving for over video chat.” Biting your lips before allowing yourself to sink into his perfectly soft lips. The passion that was always masked behind a text or screen was finally unleashed between you two. Your legs were lifted to wrap around his waist as he continued to caress your lips with his, he secured you on his body as he walked towards his bedroom.

Releasing a gasp, the feeling of the cool sheets against your heated skin made you realize what you were getting into, but you didn’t hesitate. You’ve waited long enough to share this intimate moment with the one you love.

“Are you sure Y/N?” Yoongi’s tone was dripping with desire, but he needed to know that you were okay with moving forward.

“Yes yes yes yes. Yoongi please just take off your shirt.” You groaned impatiently, you felt like you were burning, every part of your body was burning with thirst for his touch and love.

Chuckling at your eagerness, Yoongi slipped off his shirt, revealing the pale and lean body underneath. Thank god, he doesn’t like showing off his body. I don’t know how am I going to be able to take those girls drooling over him like I am right now.

“Yeah I’m pretty ripped.” Yoongi laughed, poking his stomach.

“You’re pretty perfect.” You pulled him onto you, having him hovering just above you, you were greeted with the familiar scent of his cologne washing over you. It wasn’t until a cool gust of air, that you realized that you were baring your whole body in front him.

“I don’t think I can ever let you leave now, knowing that I will missing out on this everyday.” His groan for you body awoke confidence inside you as you flipped him over.

“Then you better love me right Min Suga…” You mewled, dragging out the last syllable of his stage name, and he did not need to be told twice because the next thing you knew you were withering under his stimulations on your nipples. Swirling his warm tongue around the tip before diving in to sucking and nipping it softly with his teeth. Lifting your chest mindlessly, you wanted his mouth all over your body, it felt just too damn good. That quick rapper tongue.

It wasn’t long before you began to feel your wetness seeping onto the sheets and he hasn’t even touched you remotely around that region.

“Oh babydoll, you are soaked. Who made you so wet, princess?”

Princess? oh god.

“I asked. Who made you so wet.” His guttural voice shot a pleasurable sensation through your body, not only that but so was the excruciatingly slow circles he was rubbing onto your responsive clit.

“You. Fuck… you. Yoongi. You.” You whined, clutching onto the fabric underneath you, bundling it into your fist.

“That’s right.” You didn’t even need to look at him to see the cocky smirk plastered on his face. You didn’t want to wait anymore, your entire body was screaming to filled by him, yet he was taking everything so slow.

“Yoongi, please—“ You eyes snapped open as he thrusted his thick length into you, he was so big, the burn within you was only rapidly increasing in sensation. Every instead of breath was faster now as he rocked into you, holding you against his chest, you two moved in harmony, feeling every crevice of each other. Slamming into you, you had your breath knocked out of you every single time. Delirious to anything else, all you could feel was your body pulsing along with each thrust. Staring at your lips slightly agape, while sometime taken by your teeth in a vicious bite, Yoongi wanted to capture this moment forever. Your face of pleasure and the lewd sounds slipping from your sinful lips motivated him to quicken his speed. So desperate to release with you.

“Y/N!” His animalistic groan echoed throughout the room as your cries died down, riding you down from your high, his lips dusted wet kisses along your forehead and cheeks.

“That’s was— wow.” You panted, you’ve never experience anything like that before. It was pure and raw, every part of it so full of lustful passion.

“And that was only our first time…” Yoongi smirked as he nuzzled into you, holding you tightly, and tiredly mumbled sweet-nothings into your ear.


Hope you enjoyed reading it xx

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Castle Flash-Fiction Challenge: pre-couple Caskett drive home a very drunk Esposito, who won't shut up about how the two are perfect for each other


The heavy body of Detective Javier Esposito was bearing down on both of their shoulders, feeling like he was part bear part bull in a chinashop as his head lolled back and forth.

”How’re you not drunk Becketts?” he mumbled in her direction, unfocused eyes trying to pinpoint her.

”I didn’t drink, Espo,” was her tired response. This was the fifth time she had explained her mysterious soberness to her partner. For some reason it wasn’t getting through (she guessed it had something to do with the fumes that rolled off of him in waves. He stunk of stale beer and cheap vodka, and Beckett guessed he’d probably been ripped off by the bartender more than once during the night.

”How much did he drink?” Castle’s head shot up over Esposito’s, along with his eyebrows knitting his face together in a confounded grimace. Just then they reached the car, or better yet: the car service that Castle had called after they had witnessed Esposito struggling for five minutes to open the door to the restroom (it was, in his defence, not the restroom, but the locked broom closet that was about ten inches left of the door to the restroom).

”Enough to drown his sorrows of Lanie and him being over,” Beckett answered.

”That’s not the reason I’m drinking.” Esposito’s head lolled back towards Beckett, resisting the tugs of both her and Castle trying to get him to bend his knees and fall into the backseat of the car.

”Whatever you say,” Castle said, earning a surprisingly focused glare from the male detective whose knees started to understand their function. What broke his glare was also what made him bang his head on the top of the car; his knees giving out under him.

Some pushing, and pleading, and asking Esposito to move her and there, the man was finally sitting in his seat, buckled up, and his head resting against the window and not Beckett who was squished between Esposito and Castle in the small backseat of the town car.

”Ya know what I wonder ’bout?” Esposito asked after a few minutes of glorious drunken silence.

”What do you wonder about?” Beckett figured that it was best to talk to Esposito as if he were a child at this point. Anything beyond a 3 year old’s comprehension levels was above Esposito’s at this stage.

”The two of you.” He looked at the unlikely partner duo pushed up against each other beside him. ”You like…” His eyes widened, trying to find words to explain his thoughts about them. ”Becks, Beckett, Kate… you like him, right?” He didn’t pause to witness the blush that spread across Beckett’s cheeks, nor to look she gave him pleading him to shut up. No, he continued. ”And Castle, Rick Castle, you, I know a man who likes a girl, y’know, I can see it, can see those eyes looking at her. No man looks at a girl like that without something being there.”

”Espo-” both Castle and Beckett start, but are interrupted by Esposito who (somehow) had managed to unbuckle his seatbelt, and was now nearly crawling over Beckett’s lap to lean forward, catching the attention of the driver.

”So, uh driver…” he looked around for an ID, but too drunk to notice the ID on the dashboard. ”Mr. Driver, what is the most romantic thing you’ve done for your wife?” The driver’s eyes flickered between the road and the rearview mirror in which all he could see was the detective’s scalp bobbing up and down.

”I… I took her on a vacation for our 25th anniversary?”

”Aha!” Esposito shouted, causing the driver to almost swerve out of his lane, to the apparent dismay of the honking of cars that followed his outburst. Esposito, still, wasn’t sober enough to make the connection. ”Hey! Eyes on the road, don’t crash us now, I don’t have a seatbelt on!” he admonished the driver. ”Okay, okay now… Mr. Driver, what would you think about a man who writes a book about a woman?”

”He… has feelings for her?” Now the driver didn’t make the mistake of taking his focus off of the road.

”Castle, I rest my case.” He sunk back into his seat, oblivious to the two par of eyes in the backseat  that were peeled to the ground, the two people now doing their best not to touch each other — and failing — in the confined space.

”Espo, Castle and I are not—”

”Are you kidding me Beckett?” Esposito groaned. ”I know you, I know how you are with guys you don’t like, with guys you are attracted to, with guys you like, and lemme tell you: that thing between you two,” his fingers snap between of them,” that’s not anything but… you two like like each other.”

”That’s not —” both of the his backseat companions tried to interject.

”Why are you fighting it?” He was whining by now. ”Castle she is perfect for you, and Beckett he is perfect for you. Castle you need someone to slow you down and make you think, and Beckett you definitely need someone who speeds you up a little and makes you stop overthinking things! Castle makes you happy, he makes you live and have fun, and Ryan and I —”

”Ryan!?” Beckett exclaimed.

”— both know you need someone to make you lighten up a little.”

”Espo…” her tone took a warning edge.

”It’s true,” Esposito said, nodding vigorously and pointed towards Castle for backup.

”It is true, actually,” Castle said. Beckett eyebrows pulled together as she pursed her lips together. It took all of her might not to cross her arms, too.

”Castle, you wrote a book about her, you already know why she’s perfect for you,” Esposito shrugged his shoulders, as if he was denouncing himself of any guilt for this observation.

”That is true,” it was Beckett’s turn to back Esposito up. ”What’s up with that?” Castle sunk back against the car door, looking more like a scared cat than a plus six-foot adult man.

”What… eh, what do you mean?” He cleared his throat.

”Writing a book about me, that’s kind of… unusual.” She shrugged her shoulders, something playful was running across her face, pleased that the attention wasn’t on her anymore.

”It’s uh… you are great, Beckett, really.” Trying to smooth things over was failing for him, hard.

”Mhmm,” she raised an eyebrow, smirking at him trying to shrink away from her.

”Yo Castle,” Esposito then spoke up, making Beckett freeze in fear of what might fall out of his mouth next. ”Did she ever tell you she owns all of your books, she was totally a fan of you even before you came to the 12th.” He sniggered, even more oblivious in his drunken (now sleepy) haze of the horror-stricken face of Kathrine Beckett as Castle’s eyes widened in glee.


”Yup, so you are like fans of each other… like I said: perfect for each other.” Before either of them got another word out he was out cold snoring loudly. It was the only sound that could be heard in the car for many long minutes, all the way to Esposito’s adress.

When they pulled up the two unlikely, and now very embarrassed, partners looked at each other for the first time since Esposito’s snores started up.

”I’m uh—” they both started. ”We uh—” They glanced at Esposito, their movements synced to perfection.

”He probably won’t remember anything —” he said.

”Should we just not… speak about this again?” she suggested.


”Ask tomorrow?”

”Yes, ask me tomorrow.”

He did, but before an answer came the next morning they were interrupted by a case, and somehow they didn’t talk about, even forgot about it, until one rainy summer’s eve some year or so later, when she was curled up naked against him. Even then they blushed furiously, promising that one day they’d lay the truth bare. It took another ten years for them to dare to confess how early on they knew how perfect they were for each other (and how scared they was of that conviction).

Time 46m 11 seconds

Words: 1380

Note: this is like written and posted without a read-through or anything. Probably loads of mistakes, hehe. But this is how a 1st draft looks life for me, hehe.

Destination Austalia...? #9

 Destination Australia…? Part Nine

Sorry for the delay! Enjoy! xxx

Part one  -  Part eight

“Finn!! Have I missed your slot?” Izzy yelled at the top of her voice. She was stood by the entrance, and considering Finn was behind the counter serving coffee’s, there were a lot of people between them that she’d made jump. He laughed as she pushed her way through the crowd, her face a picture of embarrassment as she tried not to disturb them further. Not that anyone cared, the tiny cafe was packed, but the young girl on stage was currently murdering Adele’s someone like you so they were just waiting around for the next act.

“No Iz, you’re fine there’s a few before me, including Arch. Have you seen him? Or Chopper?”

A blush came across her face, and Finn looked her over properly. She was wearing a skintight red dress that outlined her small frame, but the one side had been pulled down more than the other, and her hair was loose and wild (showing a serious case of sex hair). She avoided Finn’s eyes and hugged Chloe in greeting who had also appeared at the mention of his name again.

At that moment, Chop came through the doors, equally as rumpled as Izzy and grinning like a mad man. Finn raised an eyebrow, laughing at Izzy’s guilty face.
“We…missed the bus..” she began, but was cut off with Finn’s loud laugh as he exchanged surprised faces with Chloe. At least someone was getting some.
“What happened to Ben?” Chloe asked, leaning on the bar.
Finn chuckled, joining in “Yeah, bet the poor lad is going to be heartbroken.”
“Hah! Hardly, that was over before it began” Izzy pretended to look disappointed, but her beaming smile as Chop came over and stood next to her gave it away.

“Alright guys, what’s happening?” He asked, playing the innocent. Finn and Chloe looked at each other again with raised eyebrows.
“I don’t know, why don’t you tell us Chop?” Chloe teased
“What d'ya mean?”
“Drop the act Chopper, what’s happening is you and Izzy have telltale twigs in your hair” Finn laughed, which resulted in Chop’s facade falling. He relaxed and wrapped an arm around izzy, pulling her closer to the sound of Finn and Chloe Cooing at them.
The gang quietened as they finally found Archie. He was finally replacing the Adele wannabe onstage, giving the audience a cheeky wink as he set up. The gang gave whoops of cheer- except Finn that was, who had caught sight of Rae again on the side of stage. She was stood rubbing her temples in relief as the girl’s slot finished, giving Archie a relieved and hopeful smile. Finn’s lips couldn’t help but turn up at the corners as he watched her scribble on her clipboard, her eyebrows furrowing in concentration. His view however was suddenly ruined as James came up beside her, glass of water in hand. He placed a hand on her shoulder as he handed the glass over, which let off a strange flip in Finn’s stomach as he caught the friendly look Rae gave James.

“Woah, you look like you’re about to throw that mug at something” Izzy said, wearing an amused expression “Who’s got your back up?”
Chloe also gave him a funny look, though it was more…annoyed, than humorous. Finn shrugged it off, but Izzy followed his line of sight and gasped.
“James is here? Why didn’t you tell me? I would have got here much earlier”
Finn shot her daggers, then relaxed as he saw she was just trying to wind him up.
“Is that Rae? Damn someone’s getting laid tonight in that outfit” Chop raised his eyebrows and let out a low whistle, earning a nudge from Izzy and a glare from Finn.
“Look, if you like her, why dont you just tell her? You’re such a coward sometimes Finn” Izzy giggled. At that point Chloe left them to it, weaving back through the crowd and zoning in on a random guy in the little crowd.
Finn suddenly wondered if he had hurt her feelings, but was distracted once again by the pair by the stage. James’s hand still hadn’t left her arm, and she was laughing at something he was telling her.

So much for not liking males…

Guitar chords interrupted Finn’s thoughts, and Izzy burst into applause and cheers as Archie began. It wasn’t the first time Finn had heard Arch sing, so he knew how good it was, and as Archie’s rendition of The Rembrandt’s classic I’ll be there for you had the room singing along Finn couldn’t help but just stand and watch as James sung along with his Rae.

Elaine came from around the back then, signalling Finn could come from the till as she’d take over. He moved into the crowd, but found the Chop and Izzy had moved out of sight so he weaved through people trying not to get into their way too much- finding himself smiling at how many people had turned out tonight. It may have been James idea, but for once, it was something that had come out of his mouth and wasn’t complete crap.
Talking of the jerk, he was still hanging around Rae, talking intently to her with his arm leaning on her chair; their eye contact never leaving each other.
Well, if she was into stupidly attractive guys who think they know it all, she was welcome to him.

As Archie’s song came to a finish, applause sounded around the room, breaking the eye contact between the two, and Rae’s eyes met Finn’s across the room. The soft, relaxed expression she wore changed into something much colder and almost sad, and then she turned away to clear the mics with Archie. Finn looked at his brother and found he was looking out at the room, until he also found Finn’s gaze. Then, a slow, deliberate smile crept onto his mouth. The obnoxiously condescending twat actually smirked at Finn, looking like the cat that got the bloody cream.


“Are you ready Finn? You’re on after these, so get your guitar, or whatever” Rae snapped, not bothering to look up from the clipboard in her hand. Finn was still feeling pretty jealous (though he’d never admit it) that she was friendlier with James than with her and confused by the look from before, and her attitude wasn’t helping.

“Oh, was that directed at me? Or did you mean to speak to Mr. Perfect over there?” Finn regretted the words as soon as they had slipped out. She finally looked up at Finn, her eyes widened slightly. Finn took a deep breath and reminded himself it wasn’t really her he was mad at, then had to remind himself why he was even mad in the first place, or who he actually was at that point in time as her eyes bore into him.
“What do you mean?” she questioned, confused “Why would I be speaking to anyone else, perfect or not, when I specifically said ‘are you ready Finn?”’

That one, he had to admit, stumped him a little.

“I guess it just confused me” he began, glaring at her “how you can be a bitch to me, yet you seem perfectly fine cosying up to my brother earlier?”
Her expression was no softer than Finn’s at this point “Maybe because he’s both attractive and charming, unlike you who just gawked at me the first time we met” Finn thought back to his first shift at Armando’s, which seemed longer ago than it actually was and cringed as he remembered how dumbstruck he was. “And besides, I don’t know why you’re being pissy with me, you’re the one neglecting your little shadow” she added, and Finn followed her line of sight to Chloe, who was pretending not to look at us.
Finn sighed, looking back at Rae “She’s not my shadow, shes my friend- not even that, a friend of Izzy”

“I know who she is, she’s my best friend. And I can see the way she looks at you, how you lead her on”
Finn pulled his hand through his hair, annoyed “It’s not like that, for god’s sake. I’d never try anything on with her”
“Yet you don’t seem surprised to hear how she feels, so you must know which makes it worse that you’re not going to make anything of it and yet you’re still leading her on!” She chuckled humorlessly at Finn’s silence “Thought so. Don’t go acting all jealous with me, when you’re not exactly prince charming.”
Finn laughed at the thought of James filing that title, which earned him another glare and a questioning look. How the two were possible together, he’ll never know but Rae managed it damn well.
He thought again and decided he may as well voice his thoughts seeing as things weren’t exactly rosy anyway “So, you’re saying James fills that quota? He’s your idea of a knight in shining armour?” Sarcasm was now thick in Finn’s voice, and she knew it
“I don’t know Finn, he certainly seems more fun than you” she shot back.
“He’s a manwhore, and his ego is bigger than his abs”

“So have you! But at least he makes conversation, instead of just gawking at me then expecting sex handed to you on a plate!” Her voice had risen, and if it wasn’t for the fact Finn was deeply offended at the words she was saying he’d have been very turned on by the way she held her hips and showed defiance. “You’re so boring I don’t think you know what having fun is! Most teenagers get a job so that they have money to waste at parties, or on stupid dates and cars. You save up so you can start a career in bloody Australia! Can you even sing? You seem so damn intent on going away, you’re letting go of what life you actually have here!”

Finn was seeing red at this point, and they were almost yelling over the music. A few people near the pair were either giving them glares for their rudeness, or laughing at how stupid their argument was becoming.
“What do you want?” Finn exclaimed “Spontaneous, reckless? I forgot, all the girls want a bad boy, the leather jacket and motorbike look that James has perfected.”

“Why do you care about what I want?”

The singers finished, leaving the pair in silence, before the audience clapped. Both Finn and Rae were both quite het up, staring crazily at each other, and Finn didn’t realise how tight his grip had become on his fender. He then noticed how close he had gotten to Rae, and how inviting her lips looked at that moment. Better yet, he noticed how her gaze had fell upon his mouth with a questioning yet furious manner. Izzy’s small voice cheering him onstage broke the trance unfortunately before Finn could act upon anything so he took a deep breath, and turned to the stage.
As he sat on the stool set up, he saw the gang waving like mad things. Finn winked back, before deciding to play the song that just almost fell onto his fingers, rationalising his mood and carrying his anger with it.

“Is it okay if I speak to you today?
You’ve been pissed off for a week now,
and nothing I can say can make you look up,
Or crack up,
Is there anything that I can do,
Anything to show y

You’re a bitch,
But I love you anyway,
You can’t sing, but you still put me to sleep,
Oh, you’re a bitch, but I love you anyway
You make me sick, but don’t ever go away…

So you tell me that there’s nothing left to say,
I drive you face the window, but then you’re in my face telling me to grow up,
’'I wish you’d grow up!”
I can’t wait for you to fall asleep, I wonder if you know that

You’re a bitch, but I love you anyway,
Hey you can’t sing but you still put me to sleep,
Hey you’re a bitch, hey hey, hey hey
You make me sick, but don’t ever go away..

Yeah you’re a bitch, but I love you anyway…

So why don’t you, stay?“

As Finn finished playing he looked back back over to where Rae was stood, and watched her roll her eyes. However before she had turned away, Finn was sure he caught a glimpse of a smile tugging at her features.

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