and forget this is all happening

Everyone going on about how Trump has had his “Watergate moment” forgets that Watergate wasn’t a moment. The criminal activity began in early 1972. Nixon resigned on August 8, 1974. In between was a daily grind of reporting and protests and people going on with their lives – none of which benefited from panicky overreactions about how the nation was doomed. So buckle in for the long haul. Whatever comes from recent exhausting events, and all the exhausting events of the future, it’s unlikely to happen overnight.

But social media doesn’t thrive on people quietly grinding through their days. It thrives on alarmism, on making every day sound like the most elaborate and shocking episode yet in the soap opera that is reality. And that depresses people because if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss asks Mike Huckabee to tell you a shitty “joke.”

Constant outrage and fear are not healthy. It makes people stressed, tired, and sad. And it makes people wonder when something will be done. Well, things have been done. But you aren’t being given a chance to savor them because other people are constantly yelling at you about how today’s new development is definitely the one that changes history forever and anyone who believes otherwise is a traitor. So let’s pause for a moment and take stock.

Don’t Get Discouraged: Real Political Change Takes Time

Okay guys, this episode was wonderful. Everything about it was AMAZING. But a lot of people expose this amazingness way better than I do so now I would like to address something else : WHAT THE HELL IS GONNA HAPPEN WITH THIS PREMIUM CARD ?!

We all agree that it would be pretty lame if Trigger showed it to us so we know that Diana has it, but Akko never sees it, right ? It must have some kind of role at some point, right ? Well, here is my idea on what is going to happen with this card :

Shit is gonna happen in ep21 or 22 (and that’s why they put this tidbit at the end about Akko forgetting her hat and, presumably, Andrew going to Luna Nova to give it back to her. I’ll expand on my theory about his presence in another post) and Akko will learn that Ursula is Chariot, but at the same time, she will see Croix defeat her. After that, Akko loses all hope, so to give our brunette her yay back, Diana shows her the card which, if I’m not mistaken, is about “A believing heart is your magic”. Seeing it, Akko gets all her courage and determination back and is ready to fight again !

@azurathemagician‘s addition : after that, Akko hugs Diana. Bonus point if Diana blushes. (and we all die in peace)

I can’t express how deeply hurt i am. I’m suppose to go work and there’s tears in my hot chocolate. Since what happened at the Bataclan (Paris), i’m afraid of concert and public places in general. And i’ve to fight this everyday to go to work and just live. I live at 5min only from a regional hospital and this very particular night i heard so many ambulances passing accross my window. From far away, it looks magnificent - all those flashing lights. But that sound.. I’ll never forget. Some of my friends are young doctors and they saw horrific things that night. And now, it’s happening again in manchester. My sister begged us to go at ariana’s show with her friends. I said her no… Because of that. And i sounded totally paranoid. I wish so bad i was wrong.. Since 2 years, i am living with fear. Isis - or whoever this is - succeed. This all they wanted and we’re playing right into their hands. My thought for the families and friends who’ll receive the most hurtful phonecall in their lives. Be strong.

You know why Liam keeps forgetting stuff that happened like going to the Philippines or seing Niall recently? That's because he is so focused on keeping track of all the BS that NEVER happened an that he needs to keep pushing.It can mess your head more than any drug you all think he's on.

The American nation through economic and social collapse engendered the rise of the Imperial Americana. The new autocratic regime was welcomed with open arms from a people that was all too weary with a seemingly hopeless and bleak picture. Lest we forget what happened to all others that promised a return to glory. History is bound to repeat itself, we seem unwilling to learn from our mistakes.

Damaged and unable to recover?

I recently posted about Ciel’s weight/silhouette,and what I can certainly tell is that is not a healthy silhouette.
Now,let’s not include everything that is skinny into the “normal” category,because being underweight can be as dangerous as it is to be overweight,and Ciel looks even past underweight,way too much.
As someone pointed out,this is most likely due to the trauma 3 years ago,and I agree 100%.That is when he lost weight and became malnourished,we can see(when Sebastian takes him to wash him) that his ribs are showing and his stomach is sucked in…which is exactly just like how he is in the present.
Now,how he does not gain any weight?I guess what happened damaged him and left him unable to gain weight despite all the sweets and food Sebastian makes him.Let’s not forget that he has been born sick so that adds to that inability!
Something that would come up to my mind to also justify his skinny silhouette is anemia.Now correct me if you need because I am in NO WAY any doctor or expert on this subject,but anemia might be causing Ciel to be so skinny and other factors that I will tell you in a bit.How does he have this though?Well,either that month in the cult made him or he was already because of his mother,since we know Rachel had asthma and a pretty low imunity,why wouldn’t she be anemic too?
I also noticed some behaviours of it,like seeming often tired,getting tired very easily and getting dizzy very easily.Of course,those things depend on certain circumstances,but the thing is that these things are like something typical to Ciel.
He may try not to show these things too much since he wants to look as harsh and strong as he can get,but when he lets go of it(possibly accidentally),you can see he is tired.When he dances for a bit,he got tired,and wayy tired.
He’s got work to do,but that doesn’t happen necessarily when it’s work;that is what I noticed.
A factor for his fatigue is also asthma,but I think his silhouette(and possibility of anemia) still has a big impact in this.
Well,I don’t know if this subject was interesting for anyone since it’s all about Ciel and I know people want theories about 2CT and what will happen in the future of BB,but I wanted to discuss this xD
Feel free to correct me if I am mistaken and add if I missed something and well,tell me what do you think.

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I started watching this show called skam after I saw the trailer for s4..after seeing a hijabi WOC being portrayed on tv i was shook tbh. As a hijabi woc, I really did not expect that at allll…like at all my jaw was literally hanginggg! sana is my fave character because I can relate to everything she’s been through but I'm really disappointed in how this season has handled her storyline. during this hiatus, i watched s1-s3 and was shocked that each character had so much storyline to them and they were given so much screen time. I’m even more shocked that this theme of main character screen time wasn't carried over to sanas season. I haven't been able to see sana actually finish her salah. I haven’t seen her even pick up a Quran and read it. I haven’t even seen her step inside the masjid…I just feel like the other characters (who I love except vilde) have had 3 seasons to develop their character and storyline but were stuck with the same abuse towards sana. anyways I really was hopeful for positive representation and a great storyline. I love iman meskini and hope she gets more amazing opportunities to represent hijabi’s on screen. 

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I feel so bad right now Like we disappointed iKON 😢😓 We cant even bring them to TOP10

I think we shouldn’t be obsessing over charts, i mean it would be nice if they were #1 but lets just enjoy their comeback :) i saw people (mostly ikonics) calling them flops… in my opinion they’re still doing so well despite that long ass hiatus… also both of their songs aren’t really public friendly so we can’t expect miracles to happen. As Bobby said not getting an all-kill isnt the end of the world. This is just the first day and everything can happen ^^ 

also did u see bling bling views? dayuuuum

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So there's this author on wattpad who had a joshler fic. I forget who but she made one of them Ace. Recently she had to unpublish her story (which was really good btw) because of all the mean comments she was getting. At first it was people being mad because there wasn't any smut and then it was because the author asked them to stop and respect her character's sexuality. I can't believe people sometimes. - Dead Inside Anon

That’s so stupid omg. I don’t feel like that would happen to me tbh. I’ve written stories before with no smut and yeah a few people were a bit disgruntled but it wasn’t a big deal. My readers are pretty great actually and I think most would be excited about an ace main character. Plus I wouldn’t put up with anyone’s shit and would put people in their place. But that sucks that that happened to that author.

Michael is a Freckle Boy

He has one on his tum and when he and Jeremy have a sleepover and Jeremy notices it the first time he bolts for a pen and makes a smiley face out of it

Ok that is all goodbye

SU fandom critical

I know what Sugar said about the gems having no gender and all like two years ago, forget it, they’re all basically girls. Not in a biological way, just that they all go by feminine pronouns unless stated otherwise, which never happens, so….The faster people realize that, the faster we can stop having people act surprised when a character calls Topaz or any of the rubies by she. Good? Good.

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Argh the day got worse!!!! So what if Ut, Uf, Us Sans' s/o had a bad day and when they came home they just wanted to let off some steam (via sex). Basicly shit happened and they just want to forget. (Also yes ik what I'm doing by puting Blueberry in the mix)

*taco hugs*

undertale sans-

questions first sex later. he knows that something is up with you and he’s not gonna fuck you until you tell him what happened. once you tell him how bad your day was, he’ll kinda.. stop all of the sexy things and ask if there is another way that he can help?

underfell sans-

fucking yes he wants you to fuck him. fucking fuck in your hole. he realizes that something is up but he’s not gonna pry until he’s done fucking you. because fuck.

underswap sans-

what is this you are trying t- put your clothes back on!! if something is wrong there’s not need to remove your clothing and try to get on top of him! he’s so confused! once you tell him how bad your day was, he’ll help in all ways that he can (besides the sex x’’’|)

not a fan of the push to erase the killing joke from the main continuity, it’s one of the only stories left that make people remember barbara was oracle. instead of acknowledging what happened and making it right by turning babs into oracle people want to just forget that the terrible storyline happened at all, like as if simbolically erasing sexist writing from a continuity that is already very fragile would fix the problem instead of sweeping it under the carpet

Some doodles I did on the side yesterday night ( @blesstale drew Zunde that there ) including Dreby taking his first steps. I saw this kid screaming “NOOOO!” at some meat in a grocery store before running to his mom, so there we go ✌️