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Hi! I wonder if you have fic rec for BAMF! Emissary Stiles that kinda have a bond with alpha!Derek? Or maybe some angst-happy ending with secret relationship between Stiles and closeted!Derek? The longer it is, the better. Tysm! Love your blog! 😍

We just did a closeted!Derek list here. And here’s Alpha!Derek and Emissary!Stiles - Anastasia

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Always Had the Key by Omni

(1/1 I 3,304 I Teen)

Years after Derek’s left Beacon Hills, he runs into Stiles at a conference for werewolves and their emissaries. While they both have changed a lot, some things still remain the same.

The Lightning In Me (that strikes relentless) by TheHatterTheory

(5/5 I 4,861 I Mature)

Stiles hated how he’d put his faith in something again, how he’d let himself think for even a moment that someone could endure, might not be fragile like his mother, like his father, like him. He hated that he’d been dumb enough to hope for something resembling stability.

The Ink Under My Skin by rainsoakedshoes

(1/1 I 10,430 I Mature)

Derek is looking for an Emissary. What he finds is Stiles Stilinski; resident witch.

Stiles would do whatever it takes to protect the Hale pack and his Alpha.


“I want to protect my pack as well as I can,” Derek continued. “Emissaries traditionally keep balance, having someone who wants to tip the odds in our favour may come in handy.”

Stop Crossing Oceans by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)

(1/1 I 11,570 I Mature)

“There are no absolutes, Scott! No hard rights or hard wrongs! The world doesn’t fucking work that way and we can’t afford to think like that, because people are going to die! We signed up for that the moment we got involved with all this!”

“We? We?” Scott hisses. “Don’t you think you? Don’t forget that you’re the one who dragged us into that forest the night it all started, Stiles. So if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s yours.”

Something inside Stiles cracks, so strong and so deep that he practically hears it.

Imperfect Isn’t Easy (But It’s Us) by RayShippouUchiha

(1/1 I 11,599 I Explicit)

Derek is so tired of everything being his fault, so tired of always losing. He’s also tired of not admitting that he wants to own Stiles in ways he can barely describe.


Derek is far from perfect but maybe that’s okay. Maybe in the right company perfect isn’t necessary.

Fangless by planiforidjit

(6/? I 15,161 I Explicit)

As both a preternatural and a spark, Emissary to the United States Government and all around good looking fella, Stiles Stilinski is in high demand. He’s expected to attend late night, secret meetings with the highest ranking supernatural creatures in the country, act as an upstanding member of high society, and be ready to attend the supernatural police force should they need him.

That doesn’t mean he’s not handling it beautifully. Until Derek Hale, Alpha of New York and owner of the finest rear end this side of the Mississippi, gets involved after a vampire attacks Stiles at a party. Then anything is fair game. Vampires, automatons, evil blondes, missed meals, not enough sleep, and a few not unwelcome glances at Alpha Hale’s thighs.

clenching my jagged jaws (over the capture) by Marishna

(1/1 I 21,945 I Teen)

Derek Hale was never supposed to be alpha, but he’s a good one. He doesn’t need any help and he definitely doesn’t need an emissary.

Stiles Stilinski is Derek Hale’s emissary and come hell or high water he’s going to see the Hale pack through the impending arrival of the alpha pack, even if it means he can never return to Beacon Hills after.

Forging Bonds by mikkimouse

(8/8 I 27,553 I Teen)

The loft was flooded, the water shimmering in the moonlight streaking through the huge windows. The twins held Derek on his knees, with his arms extended and claws out. Kali had Boyd, and she was dragging him toward Derek, and—

Stiles aimed at the twin closest to him and threw the Molotov cocktail as hard as he could.

(In which Stiles gets to the loft just a few minutes sooner in s3e7, and what happens because of it.)

Pulling the Pieces Together by fireflystiles (cuddlehazz)

(1/1 I 34,366 I Teen)

“You never have hurt anyone. Not then and not now. You just made Coach piss his pants and that’s funny shit there.” Jackson told Stiles. They all underestimated how responsible Stiles felt for the Nogitsune and what happened. No wonder he was afraid to go near the pack, not to mention the whole no control over magic thing. He felt Stiles huff out a breath at the part about Coach which was a good start.

Or after the Nogitsune, Stiles keeps secrets, there are new people in Beacon Hills, and the Pack has fallen apart. Stiles starts to figure out his role in the pack, piecing it back together, and trying to keep everyone safe.

Aching for you by LittleRedEmissary

(22/22 I 45,416 I Teen)

When Stiles tries to cast a protection spell on Derek and accidentally casts a spell much stronger than either of them expected, the duo has to relearn everything that they’ve learned about protecting the pack, because the old methods won’t do anymore. With the infamous Winchesters coming to town Derek hopes that the hunters will just drive through town, but the pack has never been good that laying low.

Came For The Spark, Stayed For The Flame by orphan_account

(15/15 I 54,091 I Mature)

Derek felt the panic build up in his chest as Jezebel held out a hand. He smelled it before he saw it, because who could forget the scent of what destroyed your life? Fire and spark and smoke curled from Jezebel’s hands, and the wood stacked at Stiles’ feet flared up.

When Stiles and Derek get bonded as Emissary-and-Alpha, hidden attractions become a lot harder to hide, secrets are kept and secrets are surfaced, and an evil teenage girl is planning even more ritualistic sacrifice.

me: *freaks out over tomska sketch thing that may or may not involve tinder and has something to do with rejects 2 and dan and phil and something about dancest and what the fuck i don’t understand*

me: iS tHiS pHaN pRoOf


me: wait

me: why am i searching for phan proof this is 2017 i know they’re together they’re already married

me: *forgets about sketch thing and starts writing phanfiction*

Mona was the one who threw Charlotte’s body from the belltower

I can think of two possibilities of how this could have gone: 

  1. Let’s not forget that Mona was also at the dollhouse, and she stayed there longer than the liars. Whoever stole HER game had been playing it with her. She wanted to put an end at what she started. So the night Charlotte got out Mona killed her and threw her from the belltower. (That’s the same reason why she’s now involved with the game. Mona wants to end the game she started once and for all).                                                    
  2. Mona found Charlotte already dead at the belltower. (What was she doing there, I don’t know, maybe following someone). She thought one of the liars did that so, in order to protect her, she threw Charlotte’s body from the belltower. That way, it would be more dificult to find out how she died. That would be a great parallel from ThAt Night. Full circle. 

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I really hate to be THAT anon, but why is it that when a male and female interact it's automatically assumed that they're going to be romantically involved (or even that they're straight, for that matter)? I mean, I know it's because Hollywood shoves this mentality in our faces, but that doesn't mean BTS will fallow the same tropes. :P

Ya I feel you. Even though I went on a tangent about breakups, the vibe I got from Yoongi’s and Taehyung’s was that they were their sisters. From Jeongguk’s, I had the vibe of them being friends who come together due to similar situations. With Namjoon and Seokjin’s, there is hardly any interaction to put a name on it. Hoseok and Jimin’s interaction was the only one that remotely hints at there being any romantic interest. 

Besides, I think we are all focusing so hard on the involvement of girls that we are forgetting that end scene with Hoseok and how in the heck that all ties into it. Perhaps that is the focus? I would not put it past BigHit to be leading us down this trail of questions because there are now potential “love” interests involved, but they suddenly direct the attention onto that smaller detail and expand it from there. Anyway, I am just going to wait until everything is released to cast my judgment on it!

Midnight dance (Spike x Reader) (Request)

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wanderingwhedonite : Hello! I am a huge fan of your writing on your previous blog and I would love it if you could maybe write me a story, if you’re willing. If you are okay with it, could you please write a Spike BtVS x Reader where the reader is secretly into the Sex Pistols and heavy metal despite her being a really shy and sweet girl and she surprises her boyfriend Spike when he finds her CD collection? Thanks!

Word Count: 1,497

Warning: slight swearing

EXTRA: While writing this I was listening to “My Way” a cover by the sex pistols. I just thought it would be a cute song for the reader and Spike to sing out loud together.

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moana and maori culture

when i was 13 my mumma moved us to New Zealand for 2 years. I went to school there and traveled all over the south island and had a generally beautiful time, but the one thing I will never forget is how much of the Maori Culture is embedded in New Zealand’s everyday happenings.

Over the two years I was there, I (like everyone who attended school) learned about Maori language, customs and history. Not in a superficial “yes they exist” way like Australia does with the Aboriginal culture, but actually got involved with the Iwi and leaned about language and practices from Maori chiefs and members of the community. It was a privilege that I’ll always be grateful for.

I just got back from seeing Moana and while I would never boast to be an expert or even a part of Polynesian culture, I couldn’t help but recognize the Hongi (the forehead touching Maori greeting) that Moana does with her grandmother, and the Hukka Maui does when he faces Tefiti. Maui himself is a figure in Maori mythology I remember learning about when I went to school in NZ.

Admittedly I was a little worried this film would be one giant visual scrapbook of cultural appropriation. But with a strongly Polynesian cast and crew leading the production, my worries proved unnecessary.

But like I said, my knowledge is limited and I don’t claim any connection to the culture, biologically, I was just really pleased to see a culture I have appreciated and respected for a big part of my life be shown so beautifully through a story so heartwarming and i hope Moana is a film everyone goes and sees and loves and i never hear about Frozen ever again.

also s/o to my boi taika waititi for anything he touches being golden

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Do you know of any fics where Stiles is Derek's Emissary? Or in his pack?

15 Years by supernaynay

(1/1 I 726 I Teen I Sterek)

It has been a long time since Derek has been here, he hasn’t been able to make himself come here since the day after the funeral. Laura was busy with Peter and making sure she had custody of Derek so he came back to tell them that he was sorry and that he hoped that someday they could think about forgiving him.So many things had happened, had changed since that day.

Bad Karma (Or Really Good) by BelieveInTheUnknown

(3/? I  6,798 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison, Marrish, Berica I Celtics)

The world isn’t as big as Jordan Parrish thought it was and when his past swoops in to help him with the current badies (Alpha Pack), the McCall and Hale Pack begin to question the young deputy.“What exactly are you?”“I’m what you’d call a Guardian; someone who is connected to nature and it’s elements and uses them to protect.”“And they are?”“They’re my ‘pack’, but the official name is the Celts.”

Neither Here Nor There by FelOllie

(1/1 I  7,083 I Explicit I Sterek I De-Aged)

“Yeah.” Stiles ran a hand through hair he hadn’t washed in days, not since he’d come home from his dad’s to find the loft littered with shotgun shells, black blood staining the floor and the heavy scent of wolfsbane cloyingly thick in the air, with Derek nowhere to be found. “We’ll get him back. But…”“What?” Scott asked, crossing the floor to stand before Stiles, lifting a comforting hand to his best friend’s shoulder.Stiles met Scott’s eyes, his own orbs glittering with terrified tears. “What if he’s just ash by then?”

Lost Cause? I Think Not. by fireflystiles (cuddlehazz)

(1/1 I 10,055 I General I Sterek I College)

Enough was enough. Apparently Stiles has a spark, whatever the hell that means, but every time he asks about it Deaton shoots him down or gives him a round about answer that leaves Stiles with even more questions. After everything he has been through Stiles know that the supernatural will keep coming to Beacon Hills. He has learned many things over the years of being a human in a supernatural shit storm.or Stiles decides to find someone to teach him how to use his Spark

Stop Crossing Oceans by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)

(1/1 I  11,570 I Mature I Sterek I Scott is A Bad Friend)

“There are no absolutes, Scott! No hard rights or hard wrongs! The world doesn’t fucking work that way and we can’t afford to think like that, because people are going to die! We signed up for that the moment we got involved with all this!”“We? We?” Scott hisses. “Don’t you think you? Don’t forget that you’re the one who dragged us into that forest the night it all started, Stiles. So if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s yours.”Something inside Stiles cracks, so strong and so deep that he practically hears it.

Pre-Emptive Strike by Brigantine

(1/1 I 13,272 I Teen I Sterek, Scira I Angst)

Scott and the pack are holding their own against the weirdness the Nemeton lures to Beacon Hills, but Stiles can’t sleep, and he suspects Derek’s starting to crack beneath the surface. Stiles decides that something fundamental has got to change. He’s going to need some help.

don’t forget where you belong by bistiles (alis)

(1/1 I  20,710 I General I Sterek I  College AU)

Stiles is an emissary in training, about to start his freshman year at college. He had hopes for a new start, but he got more than he expected: old and new friends, a pack of wolves and maybe even love.

Aching for you by LittleRedEmissary

(22/22 I  45,416 I Teen I Sterek, Scira, Berica, Jydia I Slow Build)

When Stiles tries to cast a protection spell on Derek and accidentally casts a spell much stronger than either of them expected, the duo has to relearn everything that they’ve learned about protecting the pack, because the old methods won’t do anymore. With the infamous Winchesters coming to town Derek hopes that the hunters will just drive through town, but the pack has never been good that laying low.

Don’t Savage The Messenger by exclamation

(61/61 I Explicit I Sterek I Werewolves Are Known)

There is an uneasy truce between the werewolves in the woods and the humans who live in Beacon Hills, protected by a magical boundary that gives warning any time a werewolf crosses it. Then the sheriff is taken by the werewolves and his son offers himself in exchange.

Stiles promises to serve the werewolf pack, not knowing what horrible use they might have for him. But it turns out his most useful skill is the ability to cross the boundary line between humans and werewolves. Life with the werewolves is nothing like he feared and the werewolves themselves are nothing like the hunters’ stories would have him believe.

Hallowed Grounds by damnfancyscotch

(13/13 I 105,518 I Explicit I Sterek I Coffee Shop AU)

Stiles is home for the summer after graduation and he is so ready to relax, work a little bit on his second book, and then he almost crashes his car when he swerves to avoid hitting a wolf. But, it’s like his dad says, there are no wolves in California.Stiles doesn’t think much about it after that, especially once he runs into Erica who’s working at a coffee shop and her boss, the lovely Laura Hale, offers him a job.Oh, and apparently he’s suddenly running a doggie summer camp because they just keep showing up at his house, especially the big black one who has the prettiest fur and the judgiest face on a dog he’s ever seen.

i. Always wear your seatbelt, even for short distances. Look both ways, and right once more.

ii. Be one with nature. Admire the river’s reflection and the songbird’s melody and the thick vines that climb trees.

iii. Fall in love. Fall in love with someone beautiful. Fall so hard that your heart races and your chest aches.

iv. Read all of your favorite books again. Understand the story from a new grown perspective.

v. Spend a night completely sober with your closest friends. The most precious times of your life will not involve alcohol.

vi. Thank your mom, even when she didn’t do anything. She cares for you more than you will ever know.

vii. Try to recognize when someone really cares for you. The ones who do will prove it when you need it most.

viii. Know that it is okay to let go. To start over. Starting over doesn’t necessarily mean to forget, just to live on and remember.

—  Things I’d tell him if I got the chance
// 15 of 366

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Heyyyyyy!!! I just wanted to know if you knew any fics where Scott is like a real jerk to stiles for some reason, and derek yells at Scott and makes stiles feel better?i really have been wNting to read something like this cx

i might

Stop Crossing Oceans by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf) (1/1 | 11,570 | R)

“There are no absolutes, Scott! No hard rights or hard wrongs! The world doesn’t fucking work that way and we can’t afford to think like that, because people are going to die! We signed up for that the moment we got involved with all this!”

“We? We?” Scott hisses. “Don’t you think you? Don’t forget that you’re the one who dragged us into that forest the night it all started, Stiles. So if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s yours.”

Something inside Stiles cracks, so strong and so deep that he practically hears it.

Alphas by Pirotess666 (1/1 | 41,865 | NC17)

Stiles is attacked by vampires and he’s about to die so he has to accept the bite and become a werewolf. What will a sourwolf do with a hyperactive teen wolf on his hands? Especially since a blue moon is approaching and on that night mature werewolves are guided by only one instinct. To mate.

The Fury of the Righteous by superagentwolf (3/? | 8,537 | PG13)

Stiles has been afraid of himself since October. He knows, rationally, that the Nogitsune is gone- but he also knows that what he felt when Donovan died isn’t right.
Or maybe it is.
Maybe what Stiles felt, what he’s feeling, is completely right. And maybe he isn’t the only one feeling it.

I know (I’m worthless) by Mittymitty (9/? | 24,568 | R)

Years of abuse has destroyed Stiles’ self esteem. It began to change once Derek came around, slowly but surely.
It changes back to sour once the pack pushes him out.

As he tries to overcome his abuse, while being ignored by the pack and pursued by the town’s latest supernatural creatures, controlling his fire gets harder because Stiles Stilinski never does anything half way. He couldn’t be a spark with a traumatic life, he had to go and be an uncontrollable flame.

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I love you!! Love your blog too!! I was wondering if you knew of any fics that Sterek is happening and very much in love, Scott (or anyone else) decides he (or they) love Stiles (or Derek) and try to break them apart. Many thanks


okidokieartichokie said:Hey do you have any fics where scott causes stiles to be suicidal? happy endings are better, but sad endings are ok too Thanks so much for all the hard work you do!!! ❤️


mais5minutoos said:I want more!(Zombie Mode) Hey! How are you? Do you know any fic where Scott attacks Stiles and Derek come to rescue? Thank you for this piece of heaven!


Anonymous said:Hi in love your tumblr I was wondering if you had any fics about stiles being bullied by Scott because he’s a bad friend and stiles get bullied by thepopular group but soething happens and stiles takes over the school and becomes the most popular person in the school and is kinda a bitch to the rest of them for what they did Derek can be nice or mean i don’t mind which

You know what all these asks say to me? Scott Is A Bad Friend list! And here’s our tag for more! - Anastasia

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3650 by ShyAudacity

(1/1 I 1,258 I General)

Yet, what Derek doesn’t understand is Stiles. The party has been going on for over an hour and he hasn’t said more than fifty words. Which is odd for someone who has no filter in the first place. Every time someone comes up to him to congratulate him all he does is smile and nod. Even his smile looks like a lie. Another thing that Derek doesn’t understand is the sheriff. Stiles has barely left his father’s side since the party started. When he does, it’s to go attach himself to Scott or Lydia for moments at a time. There has to be something that he’s missing.


Stiles misses his mother and Derek helps him feel better.

Waiting For It To Sink In by AlmostSilent

(1/1 I 3,535 I Teen)

Waking up with Derek was probably one of the best feelings ever, Stiles decided. At some point in the night they’d moved so Stiles was laying on his stomach with one of Derek’s arms thrown over his back. His right arm was kind of numb from where it was wedged under Derek’s body and he was maybe verging on uncomfortably warm, but he’d never really felt so content before. It was definitely a nice feeling, it also helped distract Stiles from the thought that they’d have to deal with the pack today. He’d have to talk to Scott today. At least he was distracted for a little while.

But eventually he had to face reality, which meant moving from the comfortable weight of Derek and actually getting out of bed. Stiles was hating this plan already.

99 Pounds by orphan_account

(5/? I 7,522 I Mature)

Despite the constant ache in his stomach and the blinding pains in his head, Stiles had never felt better. He felt invulnerable - he finally felt that he was in control.

All of Me by WhiteFoxx

(3/? I 6,363 I Mature)

Stiles feels really lonely lately, with Scott hanging out with Allison all the time and his dad constantly at the station. One Saturday night, Stiles decides to go into town, to go to a club to get black out drunk. When it’s late and is in need of a ride home, he calls Derek…and that’s where the adventure begins.

Or where Derek is being kind of an idiot and kind of rejects Stiles after kissing him.

Maybe by alovethatconsumesyou

(7/? I 9,051 I Teen)

Stiles has always been there for Scott and everyone else in the pack, but when will they be there for him? He’s beginning to feel worthless and hopeless.
Basically my musings on Stiles’ feelings and his relationship with the rest of the pack.
Scott, Stiles and Jackson are part of the pack. Erica and Boyd returned after the Argents captured them. There is no alpha pack…yet.

Derek is a lone wolf emotionally and Stiles is alone too. What happens when they are unintentionally drawn to each other?

Designated Driver by a_force_of_nature

(3/? I 9,493 I Teen)

Stiles is tired of feeling like he’s only invited to pack meetings so he can drive the other humans home. Come to think of it, he’s just tired. Period. When a meeting ends with him left alone in the middle of nowhere, he’s sure he can manage to drive back into town by himself, without supervision. Right? Not so much.
After a car accident leaves him fighting to hold on to his future, the pack appears to abandon him when he needs them most. Is this the last straw for a Stiles who is struggling to remember why he is fighting, or is there someone who can give him something to fight for again? Because Derek has a secret, one that he’s kept for far too long, and the truth could change everything.

And now the fun begins by WolfandFoxareAwesome

(1/1 I 10,814 I Explicit)

Derek “Rescues” Stiles from the Sheriffs office.

And thats where the fun begins…..

Stop Crossing Oceans by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)

(1/1 I 11,570 I Mature)

“There are no absolutes, Scott! No hard rights or hard wrongs! The world doesn’t fucking work that way and we can’t afford to think like that, because people are going to die! We signed up for that the moment we got involved with all this!”

“We? We?” Scott hisses. “Don’t you think you? Don’t forget that you’re the one who dragged us into that forest the night it all started, Stiles. So if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s yours.”

Something inside Stiles cracks, so strong and so deep that he practically hears it.

Best served cold by Nival_Vixen

(10/10 I 35,604 I Mature)

Stiles and Derek want revenge now that they both have their powers and memories back. They’re planning on annihilating the human race, completely and utterly wiping humanity from the face of the Earth that they created.

Scott’s not happy about that and is determined to stop them, no matter the cost to himself or his pack.

Glowing eyes by 0809m

(16/? I 37,852 I Teen)

“If you accept it, the bite will take. Someone so loyal like you, with so much will, you’re born to be like this Stiles.” Derek says.

Stiles stays in silence a big amount of time. He really wants this, as much as he would like to think, he can’t protect himself and he can’t count with Scott, not anymore. He wants this.

“Do it.” He says, no trace of doubt in his voice.

AU after “Abomination” Sterek, werewolf Stiles, jerk Stiles (only at first)

The New Normal by midnightcas

(15/? I 37,873 I Teen)

After Stiles gets hurt…again, Derek puts him on the metaphorical supernatural bench. Meanwhile, Stiles tries to have a normal life and make new friends. But if he thought that HE was the one following the supernatural around, he has another thing coming.

So basically, what Stiles was saying, was that more good than harm came from him shattering his ankle. And yeaahhh, that statement would come right back around and bite him in the ass for sure.

…It was all that damn nymph’s fault.

All In by myredturtle

(3/3 I 39,120 I Mature)

Scott finally pulls a a stunt so boneheaded that Stiles can’t think of any way to get him out of it. Hoping to outrun the fallout, he packs up his father and they move to Canada. Unfortunately, nowhere is safe.

Alphas by Pirotess666

(1/1 I 41,865 I Explicit)

Stiles is attacked by vampires and he’s about to die so he has to accept the bite and become a werewolf. What will a sourwolf do with a hyperactive teen wolf on his hands? Especially since a blue moon is approaching and on that night mature werewolves are guided by only one instinct. To mate

Stiles The Teen Wolf Season One by AkemiAsh

(13/13 I 79,540 I Mature)

What if it hadn’t been Scott. What if it’d actually been Stiles who was bitten that night? When the werewolf shoe was on the other foot, Stiles isn’t the one supporting anymore, he is the one who needs support, but with Allison Argent capturing Scott’s attention, who will support the newly turned werewolf? Sterek Werewolf!Stiles Human!Scott

Intention by AliDee12, ReadablePlot

(14/14 I 125,612 I Explicit)

The idea of making things better clings to Stiles: He needs to undo even a fraction of what he did, stop it from happening again, make something around him better in a way he can’t for himself.

And things do get better, for all of five minutes.

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I haven't gotten very far in the show, and I was wondering why you hate John Winchester so much?

He neglected and emotionally abused his children.

He turned Dean into a substitute parent for Sam, robbing Dean of a childhood and fostering the beginning of Dean and Sam’s co-dependency. He did this so he wouldn’t have to be a parent and could pursue his revenge mission instead of taking care of the boys. 

He treats Dean as responsible for Sam’s behavior so when Sam runs away, Dean is the one who gets in trouble. There are hints in the show that John may have been physically abusive to Dean. This is debated, but I think it’s pretty clear. (see - Dark Side of the Moon, Something Wicked and Bad Boys) However, he was clearly emotionally abusive and Dean still has issues that are a direct result of how he was brought up. 

In Bad Boys, when Dean is caught stealing (to feed Sam!!) John Winchester is happy to leave him behind and also would have been happy for his sixteen year old son to be left in prison. 

He’s emotionally manipulative. In one episode, he has a long monologue about he wishes he could have given Dean a nice life and let Sam go to college - all things he could have done! Never forget this as a man who cut off all contact with Sam because he got into college. I know I’ve been pretty Dean-centric, but he wasn’t much better to Sam!

Depending on which writer is involved in the episode, they flip flop over acknowledging how bad John was as a parent. This creates a kind of see-saw effect where sometimes Sam and Dean acknowledge he hurt them, and other times they defend him to the death which is why fandom is often divided on John. 

There are, however, no excuses for his behavior and the way he treated his children. He’s awful and a pretty good example of the fact that the monsters in your life don’t need to be Supernatural. 


BSD Chapter 28 Translation

Pls reblog if you can! I think a lot of bsd fans don’t know translations are happening lol;;

In this ch of Bungou Stray Dogs… (honestly should i keep this section? i do it to entertain myself)
-(¬ u ¬)
-yokohama wilderness fight (if anyone can think of something more creative, i’d love to hear it!)

This is a heavy ch! Lots of dialogue and sad things ;o; I really liked this chapter tho! As usual, pls let me know if anything is wrong/weird! Enjoy!

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The Thousand Deaths of Laurel Lance

Arrow recently killed off a major character. They killed a character that a lot of fans believed was safe, and essential to the Green Arrow mythology. But Arrow’s Laurel Lance started dying a long time ago. In a lot of ways, the character was doomed from the beginning because she was seen as part of Green Arrow’s mythology as opposed to a character with a history and myth-arch of her own. This is a long structural analysis of the missed opportunities I see in how Laurel Lance was written. 

Full confession. I’m not writing this as one of the betrayed. I started watching Arrow, and liked it. I’m a Felicity and an Olicity fan. It was when went back to pull comics, because I liked the show, that I first found and fell for Dinah Laurel Lance and the Black Canary. I didn’t come to the show with a deep love for the character, or big expectations, or a need that yearned to be fulfilled. Once I started reading I was mostly just confused. Because the Laurel Lance on screen was not the one I was meeting in comic books. I had a hard time reconciling them as the same character. (Translation: if you are coming here for Felicity hate, you aren’t going to find it. If you just want to talk about the opportunities that were missed with Laurel/Black Canary, read on.) 

Black Canary, my Black Canary, the one I met in comic books, is amazing. She’s got a fantastic set of stories with a lot of interesting and ripe history to draw on. Part of that collection, was her relationship with Green Arrow, but that romantic plot is not the best thing about her history. I think screen Laurel Lance never found firm footing in the show, or the fandom, because she was treated as a love interest before anything else. Everything that made the comic book version of the character really compelling, at least to me, was chucked before the opening credits of season one, episode one.

I know that there will be people who claim that given more time and effort the show writers could have fixed it. But I don’t think they could have. Basically, TPTB shrunk Dinah Laurel Lance so that Screen Laurel could be all about the Oliver Queen love story. Nothing in her history was left to compete with the prominence of that story. Then the love story was then bungled. (Structurally, from day one.) Without a love story, the writers didn’t know what to do with the character, she’d been stripped of too much. So they killed her in a trite and tone deaf way. Here’s what I see as the worst choices.

  1. My Black Canary got her superhero legacy from her mother.
  2. My Black Canary was never interested in philandering, pre-Green Arrow, playboy Oliver.
  3. My Black Canary would never have gone back to a man that cheated on her. With her sister. Then got that sister killed. Or at least put in mortal danger. Even if she forgave him. And her sister.
  4. My Black Canary met Oliver on the streets, already a super hero and vigilante.
  5. My Black Canary was involved with a very different Oliver Queen, one that went out of his way to make her laugh.

Let’s take those in turns. 

1. My Black Canary got her Superhero Legacy from her Mother.

This is everything. It’s the Alpha and Omega of what went wrong with Laurel. Once this was chucked, Black Canary stopped being a completely independent story. In the mythology, Black Canary often works with Green Arrow, but her path to the superhero world had nothing to do with him.

He doesn’t cheat on her creating trust and anger issues. He doesn’t get her sister shipwrecked so that said sister can end up trained as an assassin. He doesn’t then get involved, again, with that sister making her a target for his nemesis, so she dies and drives Laurel into despair. He doesn’t set an example for Laurel of recovery from trauma through vigilantism. He doesn’t train her. He doesn’t help her get her costume, or nifty canary cry. She never needs his team. He doesn’t mansplain the bad parts of the job to her. 

Screen Laurel Lance, though, needed Oliver’s story line to exist. She was always written as deeply reactive to Oliver, loving him, hating him; helping or hurting him were always prime motivations. If he disappeared again, her life would go back to being static. (Or near static)

Most of this is not in and of itself bad for a secondary character. But it does mean that Screen Laurel was a secondary character. She was not the Black Canary of the comic books who could take or leave Oliver, walk out of his existence and continue having crazy adventures. The Black Canary whose primary life and adventures mostly occur no where near Oliver Queen.

I mean, Oliver’s complex relationship with his father, is basically the entire motivation for season one. It’s not hard to imagine a story where Black Canary has a parallel plot, with equally complex and powerful reasons for being a vigilante tied to her mother. Hell, I kind of just want to watch that show with no Oliver at all. Give me Dinah Drake and Daughter(s). (I’m already a little flushed just imagining Alex Kingston as Drake facing down John Barrowman’s Merlin. The Dr. Who crossover fics would be amazballs.)

I think the choice to get rid of Black Canary’s independent back story was made because Screen Laurel Lance was supposed to be The Love Interest. So TPTB didn’t see the need to preserve her independent story line. I suspect they actually thought increasing the dependence of her story on Oliver was a good creative choice. That it would increase the will-they-won’t-they tension, and the resulting sense of satisfaction when the characters finally fell in lurve.

If that was the thought process, though, it was a stupid understanding of romance. And a stupid understanding of story structure and character structure in general. It reduced the possibilities for the character, and limited her potential growth and flexibility within the story. I’ll try to explain more of what I mean below. Because each of my next criticisms have to do with how the intended love story was bungled.

If you don’t care about Laurel’s love story. You can stop reading here. 

2) My Black Canary was never interested in philandering, pre-Green Arrow, playboy  Oliver.

So this is the first place that the love story went off the rails. It was a dangerous structural choice to have Laurel in love with early Oliver.

In the first season Laurel was a semaphore. Oliver cried over her picture on the island, because she was the symbol of what he’d lost. He chased her in Starling, because her love was the symbol of his past reclaimed. All pretty typical plot structure. But as anyone who has ever watched any romantic comedy or drama, ever, could tell you, the object of past adoration is never actually the final love interest. Laurel was written as synonymous with Oliver’s past. A past he was constantly trying to atone for. A past where he wasn’t a very good man. A past that the structure and drive of the story is constantly trying to move him away from.

This might not be named a bad drama in Aristotle’s Poetics, but its Storytelling 101, and nearly as old. Oliver hated who he used to be. Therefore, he has a psychological desire to redo that period of his life, and do it better. Very relatable. But we, the viewer participant, know that it’s impossible. Nobody actually gets to do it over. And the person who loved that older version of you, they don’t actually tend to like the newer versions of you. The driving tension of this story/trope/plot structure is that you can get the old flame back, but only if you become the version of yourself you hated. And most of us know the happy ending is choosing the better version of yourself. Which in this case, with this plot, would have to mean Oliver not choosing Laurel as a love interest.

In the comics, Black Canary meets Green Arrow after he’s become a vigilante. She is already on that path, slightly ahead of him, moving in the directions he wants to be moving. In that story she represents the future, the best version of both characters. And that’s exactly the structure that makes you want to smoosh two people together. Screen Laurel Lance has never been in that position. 

3) My Black Canary would never have gone back to a man that cheated on her. With her sister. Then got that sister killed. Or at least put in mortal danger. Even if she forgave him. And her sister.

I can’t even with this one. He slept with her sister. From Laurel’s season one perspective, he also got her sister killed. And this was after serially cheating on her for who knows how long. I don’t know anyone who would forget that, even if they somehow forgave the parties involved. Arrow premiered before Frozen taught TPTB that sisters put each other first, but still. This is no.  

I mean, Diego Rivera was the love of Frida Kahlo’s life, and she put up with a lot, but he still got dumped him when he slept with her sister. That is a betrayal of trust that isn’t tolerated by psychologically healthy people.

Screen Laurel should have been completely over Oliver. Not angry, jealous, vamping “over it,” but actually really Over. It. When Screen Laurel is still moony-eyed at Oliver after this particular series of events, she seems a bit unhinged. Which a ton of fans noticed.

The choice to behave this way was made so that TPTB could continuously flag the character as an available love interest for Oliver. She was contorted into a series of choices that telegraphed a person without self-respect. It put the character into an impossible psychological place, commonly called “the Crazy Ex- Girlfriend Trope.” The woman who is cruelly contemptuous one moment, then possessive, flirty, and seductive the next. All with a good dose of crying and angst. (And I do think that Rachel Bloom’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the exception that proves the rule. Note: Josh still did not sleep with her sister.)

Making Laurel a crazy ex-girlfriend is basically asking your audience to find her disgusting. It’s a reductive position for any female character, and one we, as an audience, have been trained not to identify with.

4) My Black Canary met Oliver on the streets, when she was already a super hero and vigilante.

I’m sure you can already see the themes emerging in my criticism. And this one is also related to the problems of making Laurel the symbol of Oliver’s past, and the The Love Interest without developing anything else. But it’s was also the biggest missed opportunity to fix those problems.

Imagine if Oliver had come back from five years on Lian Yu, put on his hood, picked up his bow, and then met Black Canary. He sees her saving someone on the street without knowing her secret identity, and she earns his grudging respect. He only finds out later that this super heroine is also his old flame Laurel Lance. Meanwhile, she gets to know and respect the new him, only later realizing that he’s also the asshole ex she never wants to run into. 

Now, that’s a set-up for romantic tension.

If you don’t see it instantly, let me try and explain why that idea would work better than what the show did. First, the cathartic satisfaction of stories functions largely on a symbolic/metaphorical level. If Oliver comes back from Lian Yu and is exactly who he was before, that’s not actually a cathartic story. The pleasure in the story is mapping out how he has changed. Therefore, the story doesn’t want him to go backwards. Neither do those of us enjoying the ride along. We want the progression to continue, for Oliver to keep becoming more than he was. When Laurel is designated as the placeholder for Oliver’s past, the story doesn’t want to lover her. While the past motivates us, in stories the past is always the stick, it is never the carrot. We all eventually get tired of being beaten. For there to be true romantic potential, a character has to symbolize continued movement in the direction of change. They have to be a carrot.

If Laurel Lance had been Black Canary from the beginning, then it’s possible she could have held both positions. A reminder of the unhappy past we want to undo, and a companion slightly ahead of us, on the path we want to be on. That’s a crazy sweet spot for a character. Full of all sorts of dramatic irony. The kind of set-up that can really engage an audience and telegraph to the Jungian unconscious. There is nothing more pleasing than having a romantic pairing that affirms all parts of ourselves. But that’s not what they did. Laurel was never the carrot. She was never a step ahead of Oliver. He never needed her to do something new/different/bigger in his vigilante team.

Second, it would have been better if Laurel was the Black Canary from the beginning because romance between equals is hotter. It just is. People have been discovering, and rediscovering, that since before Much Ado About Nothing first premiered in the 1600s. Better writers than I have spent books explaining why, and explaining the stupid reasons we forget it. (Coughs into sleeve: “Sexism!” Sniffle, “excuse me.”)

And yes, the show has been working to undo that damage and equalize Laurel and Oliver, but honestly, they didn’t do much. The first time Laurel did something no one else on the team could do, (and possibly do better), was less than a month ago, when she prosecuted Damien Darhk. Far too little, far too late.

5) My Black Canary was involved with a very different Oliver Queen, one that went out of his way to make her laugh.

I don’t think anyone would argue that the Oliver Queen in Arrow is the classic version of Green Arrow. He’s a lot more stoic. And broody. (The character on TV that’s most like the classic GA is probably Richard Castle.)   Stephen Amell’s serious, scary Green Arrow is a completely different personality than old school GA. He’s not the Green Arrow that had a romance with my Black Canary.

Screen Laurel, though, she wasn’t that different. At least not in season one. Personality wise, when Screen Laurel was fighting crime as a career minded lawyer who worked with other lady lawyers, yeah, that actually was pretty close to my Dinah Laurel Lance.

The problem is, you can’t give one half of a couple a complete personality make-over, and then expect the couple to work in the same way. Especially when you’ve got them in a bad structural set up.  

So. Yeah. All of those bad choices were made before the first episode of the show. That’s how the love story was bungled. I don’t really think there was anyway to write out of that. 

And once the love story was bungled, I’m sure the TPTB saw Laurel as a walking reminder of things that they did wrong. 

Still, none of that meant that she had to die.

It’s an insult to all of the female viewers for a female character’s value and utility to be measured primarily in whether or not she’s The Love Interest.  Thinking that way makes for bad writing, and bad stories.

Laurel Lance could have decided that Star city had enough heroes and that she wanted to live near her mother for a while, work on that relationship again. Dinah Drake and Daughters is still a show I’d like to see.

lorrainebroughtcn  asked:

okay so I'm a huge Bellamy fan, right from the first episode I was there for my adorable freckled son (okay I hated him for like the first 3 episode but you know) BUT after defending him like all of the time, I just broke after watching this weeks episode and I maybe made 4 posts about disowning him. I'm on NO ONES side but this feels so so wrong 4 Bells character and I don't kno how to not be so angry at him. like ive been seething; I'm 17 not 90 and yelling at kids on my lawn. HELP

I completely understand your feelings!!! Just know that it is okay to love a character who is in the wrong, who is making mistakes and doing bad things.

Now in defense of Bellamy, there really is no defense. Only that he doesn’t think that what he is doing is wrong. He’s not TRYING to be evil or bad, he’s TRYING to protect his people the only way he knows how. The most I can do for you is offer Bellamy’s point of view. Not so you can condone his actions, but so you can understand where he is coming from:

  • Since the day the 100 landed on Earth, they have been attacked by Grounders. The 100 were just a bunch of clumsy and clueless juvenile delinquents who were viewed as enemy invaders by the TriKru and attacked. TriKru declared war on them first without even trying to understand them or talk to them and find out what was going on. They saw falling spaceship and thought “War; let’s kill them”, regardless of the fact there were only 100 of them and they were CHILDREN. They literally saw 100 children as an enemy threat. Even Lincoln said in season 1, “What my people are doing to your people is wrong.”
  • Bellamy as the oldest felt it his duty to protect them, and you can see how at the end of season 1 he felt he failed. (“18 dead.” “82 alive.”) He took each death incredibly hard and never really felt like he accomplished anything and mostly that he failed as a leader. This may be the reason he took a step back in his leadership roles season 2 and let Clarke make most of the decisions, and now in season 3 just completely listens to Pike.
  • Moving on to season 2, Bellamy and the rest of Skaikru were sort of forced into an alliance with TriKru by Clarke. It’s not something they really agreed with but they grudgingly accepted it because they saw the Mountain Men as the greater evil, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Even then, they saw much violence with TriKru. For one thing, the alliance began with Finn’s death. Finn was Bellamy’s FRIEND. Then Lexa had Raven tortured for a crime her own bodyguard committed to undermine the alliance. The he saw Lexa and Clarke allow TonDC to be destroyed and all the people in it die. His own sister almost died and only made it out by chance. And finally, when Skaikru needed them most TriKru threw them under the bus. Lincoln called this act dishonorable, and it was. They had promised to get EVERYONE out of the mountain to spare the innocents, but when things got tough they easily sold out Skaikru and left his friends to die. Then Bellamy was put into a position: Let these kids who I promised myself I’d protect die, or spare the innocent people in this mountain, the ones who helped me and the ones who trusted me. It was a lose-lose decision as he cared for both parties involved, but ultimately he chose family and killed 300+ people in that mountain.
  • Now in season 3, Bellamy is trying to move on with his life and forget the horrors of Mount Weather. Something he has to do by himself since Clarke left and Monty is on 24 hr Jasper watch. And when his friend Echo comes along - someone who had been in a life or death situation with him and saved him life - and told him a lie, he believed her. He vouched for her. He trusted her. And she used that to help the Ice Nation kill 40+ people in Mount Weather, including his girlfriend Gina. At this point Bellamy is full of guilt, because he vouched for Echo. He trusted her and she stabbed him in the back and killed his people, just as he trusted Lexa and she stabbed him in the back.
  • Bellamy had been questioning himself for a long time now, but this Echo incident was really the final nail in the coffin. At this point he had absolutely no confidence in himself, and thus he had that tearful conversation with Kane where he resigned from the Guard. Bellamy didn’t believe in himself anymore, and he hadn’t for a long time, and so he feels he needs to place his faith in someone else. For a time it was Clarke, but she left. Then it was Kane, but the Mount Weather incident happened. And now it’s Pike.
  • And now Clarke reappears, making all the decisions for Skaikru as she always does. Making alliances with Grounders AGAIN. The same people who have killed and lied to Skaikru nonstop. And Bellamy just doesn’t trust them. Not anymore. He’s been lied to too many times, broken too many times, and lost too many people. He literally cannot afford to trust any Grounder anymore.
  • Bellamy is scared, angry, and confused, and Pike is saying a lot of things that make sense to him. “I blame myself too. I’m also responsible for those deaths at Mount Weather. But I’ll never let that happen again. I’ll never let another Grounder take advantage of me and abuse my trust and kill my people.” Why do you think Pike chose Bellamy of all people to be his protegee? He saw a broken man and decided to piece him back together in his own way.
  • Clarke, Kane, and Octavia keep insisting that Bellamy killed an army that was there to protect them, and Bellamy is just not listening anymore. And why should he? That SAME ARMY had been killing his friends in season 1. He has been fighting with them nonstop since landing on the ground. And they have NEVER kept their word before, so why should he believe them when they say this enormous army is just there for “peacekeeping” and “to protect them”? Lexa’s word means nothing to him. Not anymore.
  • Now from the audience’s POV, Lexa IS trustworthy. We’ve seen a change in her and we’ve also seen the Grounder Culture. We know what they’re truly like. But we have an omniscient POV. We’ve seen things no other character has and know everything. Bellamy only knows what he knows through his limited experience. And honestly, Lexa hasn’t made an effort to appeal to the Skaikru or speak to them. She only concerns herself with winning Clarke over. But Clarke does not speak for the Skaikru. Unlike Grounders Skaikru have a democracy and elect officials. So if a majority of the people feel threatened by Grounders and don’t trust them, they’re going to vote for an official with that mindset, like Pike. Clarke should not have been wasting time being an ambassador for Skaikru when she didn’t bother asking them if they WANTED an ambassador. She should have been at home EDUCATING her people. They won’t know things unless you tell them, and their experiences have been negative!!

So basically: Bellamy is wrong. Does he think he’s wrong? Maybe. He seemed quite conflicted in this last episode. But does he think he’s protecting his people? Yes, he does! Bellamy is making poor, yet understandable, decisions. What he needs is help. Not for people to turn their back on him.

And I want you to notice how Clarke was with Bellamy during that scene in 3x05. She wasn’t angry or accusatory. She was sorry. She was understanding. She wasn’t like, “Fuck you, you murderous piece of shit!” She was like, “I know you. This isn’t you. I need you. We can fix this.” Because Clarke understands that Bellamy is not coming from a place of bloodthirstiness. He’s scared and he’s following someone he thinks can protect the people he loves.

Hate comes from anger. Anger comes from fear.

People do horrible things when they’re scared.

lipglosskaz  asked:

Just to be really annoying i would also like to know about when you gave J2 their 200 ep prezzies, if you don't mind x

So for those who don’t know, a few of us got the idea to pool together some money to get a gift for the crew - we thought custom shot glasses would be fun, with the thought that maybe we’d get some extra special ones for J2. The whole thing was spearheaded by kellios, who collected the money and organized all the logistics. We kept it by word of mouth (and yes, there were people who we simply forgot to contact or didn’t get a chance to), and we were quickly amazed by how many people were willing to help. Because of this, we went way beyond the original idea. I’m summarizing based on my own recollection of what we did, but I know kellios has already posted with more exact details of what was collected.

We got 300 custom shot glasses for the crew to celebrate 10 years of SPN. We had this, along with a few bottles of whiskey, sent to the set. We also had enough money to send some shot glasses and some Johnny Walker Black to the writers in LA. PLUS, obviously we wanted to do something special for J2, so we got them two large bottles of Johnny Walker Blue, engraved with “Jared n Jensen 10 years of Supernatural”. We then had enough leftover money to donate $400 to charity.

We had wanted to do this in front of a crowd, but Creation wasn’t a fan of the idea, so we had to do it during a photo op (we did get the clearance from both Creation and Chris to do this ahead of time). I donated one of my photo ops, as did kelios, so four of us could present it to J2. To reiterate again, because there have been a few complaints, the photo op was the only option we had, and by Creation’s rules two photo op tickets = 4 people allowed to be present. Creation specifically asked us to wait until the very end of the photo op time, which we did, although there ended up being some stragglers who were behind us in line even after we thought we had waited until the very, very end.

Jared and Jensen flipped the fuck out - literally, Jared kept telling all of us to fuck off every time we told him there was MORE to the gift. Then they just kept saying thank you - Jared kept touching his heart while he did, and they all hugged all of us at least once, LOL. I tried to tell him it was just a little thing - and he got all wide eyed and said “No it’s a VERY big thing!” Jensen told us he has two bottles of scotch at home, and this is one of them, and he’s “almost empty”. they were both especially amazed at the engraving on the bottle, something they said they didn’t know was possible. After all about five minutes of this, we finally took the picture.

Oh - we also got was a custom water bottle for Mark Sheppard, since he’s been sober for years and doesn’t drink, so giving him a shot glass felt a bit tacky. But yeah, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I really do wish that every person who donated could have been involved in presenting it to them, but logistically, with the resources we had at hand and Creation’s restrictions, this was the best that we could do. Please do know that we told Jared and Jensen repeatedly that this was something that many, many fans had been involved with, and a list of all the fans who had been involved was included in the gift to them, along with the gift that was delivered to set and to the writers.

petercapaldish  asked:

One thing that concerned me about 'Mummy' was that almost all the experts that were left behind after the holograms dispersed were men. I think I saw one woman. I don't know if it's just a generic TV thing where the default for background characters is male, or if it was a conscious choice, but it really threw me. It feels like they're really concentrating on developing Clara- which is fantastic- but they haven't really clocked on to the fact it's not just that. 1/2

2/2 - It’s a space train set hundreds of years in the future, is it really that unbelievable that women could do science too? Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks

I actually took a look into this and I think this perception brings up a fascinating point.

So, if you take a second look at all of the scientists, the group is actually a little bit more diverse than you remember.

Here’s half the scientists:

And here’s the other half:

Ignoring the four named characters (Quell, Perkins, Moorhouse, and the Doctor) I count eleven unnamed scientists. Seven are men, four are women. So men definitely outnumber women, but there was definitely more than one woman scientist.

So why, thinking back on the episode, do we forget the other women are present? Why, when we remember the science scenes, does it feel so heavily male? I think it has to do with which characters were named and which characters got to speak.

As I said above, there are 15 people present in the room but only four, to my recollection, are named and have lines, and all of them are men. They are the ones who are most actively involved in the science and deductions. Quell and Moorhouse provide data as they die, and Perkins bounces off deductions with the Doctor. For most of these scenes, the other scientists sit in the background with lab coats on. We’re meant to infer that they’re doing vaguely science-y things, but we don’t actually know what they’re doing for the most part. There is one woman who provides information about who they’ve deduced is the next victim, but that information is passed on wordlessly to Perkins, who then passes that information on to the Doctor.

When we look back and think about these scenes, we remember the characters which are most distinctive, particularly those who are named and have lines. None of the female scientists are named and have lines, and there’s only one who does something that appears to contribute to the plot. I think that’s why we forget how many women were actually present.

The Bechdel Test isn’t necessarily designed to capture things like this, but it can provide a useful framework for how to think about representation of women in situations like this. Remember, the three conditions of the Bechdel test are that the female characters must 1) be named, 2) talk to each other, and 3) talk to each other about something other than a man.

The Bechdel test touches on three important elements of representation in film: which characters, by virtue of being named, are given extra importance by the narrative; which characters get to speak; and what do they get to talk about? It is important because it helps illustrate how few women are given prominent roles, and that when they do get prominent speaking roles, they tend only to talk about the male characters.

The female scientists are present. But most of the important scientific and deductive work is done by the men. There are a lot of scientists in the background who don’t get any lines, and Clara and Maisie do contribute to uncovering the mystery of the Foretold and the Orient Express, so I’m not particularly bothered that those female scientists didn’t get any lines. But I understand where your perception that most of the scientists on the train were men comes from. The female scientists just didn’t receive that much attention.

(For the record, “Mummy on the Orient Express” passes the Bechdel test. And the Bechdel test even received a subtle call-out in the episode! Clara, trying to get Maisie to stop talking about the Doctor, says “Seriously? We’re stuck in this carriage, probably all night, and all we can talk about is some man?”)

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Who forget their lines most often?

There was one scene where Rowan had to keep asking for a line, and Auggie had some trouble with one scene too. But really, the whole thing was a pretty well-oiled machine.

Oh and side note William Russ (Alan!) is the dialogue coach and he’s very involved. So I kinda sorta got to see Cory with his dad and my heart almost exploded.

“It’s an idea I had for a manga story.
About a grim reaper who makes a scheduling mistake that results in the death of a child.
He struggles to put things back the way they were, but the more he acts, the more other people involved suffer.
Even though he means to do the right thing, when he gets mixed up in it, other people get hurt.”

This is one of my favorite quotes from Erased
I finally got around to digitally drawing some fan art for it
I ended up forgetting something but I didn’t realize what it was until I got around to posting it so oh well
And thanks to me getting blood work done I recently found out why I’m always exhausted and I now have medication for it so hopefully it will help my productivity