and for you too melanie

this is big gin, who was recently diagnosed with a thyroid condition! i lost my job as a nanny since my babies are moving to florida and won’t start my new one until april 3rd. i need to purchase medicine and finishing paying for her bill at the vet which is roughly $110. if you could reblog or donate it would mean so much to me and my baby. i’m selling some melanie martinez merch and vinyl too if you’re interested. message me. my paypal is

I fell in love with you.

I was so infatuated by the thought of someone who was so familiar

Yet such a mystery
That I lost track of all that lies ahead

My future, goals and dreams
You would never understand this

Although you’re the greatest mystery I’ve ever been slightly able to solve

The fact that you remain a distant figure in my life helps all too much

—  You’re gone
Life continues on
Melanie Garcia

anonymous asked:

I really liked your tweets with rose background edits, do you think you could make Melanie icons with rose backgrounds too?

Sure! It might take me awhile but I definitely can ♡


Melissa McBride is soon going to celebrate her 51st birthday. @empressmcbride and I thought we should do something special to share our love for this incredible actress and human being, and celebrate the occasion with a Birthday Week scheduled to start on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 and end with one special last post on the big day (May 23rd, 2016).

We wanted to make it possible for everybody to participate with gifs, fanart, fanvideo, metas, etc., so for each day we have two different topics/options - you can pick one or mix it up. Here’s Melissa McBride Birthday Week schedule:

Day 1 (Tuesday, May 17): Favorite television role OR Favorite movie role

Day 2 (Wednesday, May 18): Favorite photoshoot OR Favorite look

Day 3 (Thursday, May 19): Favorite interview OR Favorite appearance

Day 4 (Friday, May 20): Favorite social media posts OR Favorite Quote

Day 5 (Saturday, May 21): Favorite con moment OR Share your con experience(s) with Melissa

Day 6 (Sunday, May 22): Favorite Friendship OR TWD Cast Love (quotes, tweets, pics)

Day 7 (Monday, May 23): [Freestyle] HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Melissa McBride!

If you decide to join, please use the tag #melissabdayweek (in the first five tags of your post), so all Birthday Week posts will be accessible via the #melissabdayweek tag LINK. You can share it with fans outside of Tumblr and even Melissa herself. 😉

Please do contribute with your own original posts (gifs, fanart, fanvideo, metas, etc.), but do not repost other people’s work. If you have any questions, please contact Melanie @empressmcbride! Have fun y’all!