and for you too melanie

to be quite honest.. i believe they did have sex… i believe they did choose to do it together. i think in the heat of the moment things went too far and at the time timothy didn’t know what to think and maybe enjoyed herself. it happens. and now she regrets it. maybe in her mind she has come to label it as rape to help her cope with the fact that she regrets doing something she CHOSE to do. so she is simply mislabeling what happened to her as rape. it’s not any less traumatic and i am in no way blaming her for this or saying it’s wrong to feel like this or use this as a coping method.

i’m simply saying that this is a possibility as well. because it seems like they for sure did have sex.

and since melanie’s statement did not deny they had sex.. her statement says

“she never said no to what we chose to do”

timothy chose to do this with mel.

dancing in a snow globe | shawn mendes




word count: 10,143 (you didn’t think it was possible for this to be longer than the last one, did you?)

author’s note: thank you all SO, SO MUCH for all your feedback on part one (which you should probably read before you start this, and you can find it HERE). this second part covers sophomore year, and it’s a bit more nsfw so, like, don’t read this at work or your grandmother’s house, ya feel? i’m dedicating it to emily aka @saysweartogod bc she’s been my main cheerleader and literally revived herself from the dead to tell me to finish this. title comes from “you are in love” by taylor swift. enjoy xo

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It had always been strange to you that time never felt consistent. One second could feel as though it stretched out into several eons, but three months could be compressed into one blink. As your freshman year of college ended, you felt like you weren’t looking around enough to notice the changes: the trees becoming lush with green leaves again, sweatshirts becoming t-shirts becoming tank tops, your boyfriend becoming more open, more kindhearted, more incredible with each passing day.

As your sophomore year progressed, you learned two things:

  1. You were in love, and
  2. You had no idea what to do about it.

But let’s start a bit before that.

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You lost me too (Dean X Reader)

Request: @cry-baby-melanie

*Supernatural* Could you do a one-shot about when Sam loses his soul (He and the reader are going out) and he says something really mean to her so she runs away crying and Dean finds her and confesses his love for her and then she realizes she’s always loved Dean and then fluff. (Sorry if it’s confusing English isn’t my first language.)

P.S. You don’t have to apologize, I admire the fact that you know more than one language. That’s amazing.

Words: 793

Pronouns: They/ Them

Warnings: Mean/Soulless Sam, Slight cursing

You were walking through the bunker with your mug of tea, and heading off to bed with Sam. Although, he’s been acting weird lately. He’s been more distant and just plain weird. He doesn’t care about the things he used to care about. You pushed the thought aside and kept walking down the large hallway. You nodded a hello to Dean as you walked past him in the hallway and he did the same to you. You have been really good friends with the boys for a long time, but you have always felt safer around Dean. You refused to admit it though, but you liked Dean a little more than a friend. Now don’t get me wrong, you also loved Sam. Oh god did you love Sam, and he loved you. Although it didn’t seem as so anymore.

You opened the door to your shared room with Sam. Setting your mug down on the table next to your side of the bed, you laid down. Waiting for Sam to get out of the bathroom. You had planned to watch movies together tonight. Finally a few minutes later Sam walked out and laid next to you, and you curled up next to his chest, his arm wrapped around you. You guys watched part of a movie, then you decided to go get more tea. You paused the movie and stood up, Sam sat up not saying much. You reached down to grab the mug and accidentally knocked off the framed picture of the two of you. It shattered on the ground.

“Shit.’” you muttered setting the mug down.

“What did you do now?” Sam asked simply.

“I…uhh…knocked the picture frame over and it shattered. I’ll clean up my mess.” You muttered setting down the mug.

“You should be used to them by now.” He said staring down at his phone. You scrunched your eyebrows.

“What do you mean, ‘I should be used to it by now?’” You asked annoyed.

“Well, you should be used to cleaning shit up by now, because you always fuck shit up. That’s why I basically have to babysit you now.” He stated.

“You know you’re a real ass, Sam.” You said bitterly.

“Then leave. If you don’t like me then leave. It would be easier for the both of us.” He said finally looking up at you. He had no emotion at all.

You felt your heart drop into your stomach, your eyes burning with tears threatening to come out. “Fine. I will.” You mumbled leaving. You set the mug down on the table and walked out.

You waited next to the door to see if he would come after you. When he didn’t you decided to leave. You walked into the library and sat in one of the corners. You couldn’t help, but start crying. Tears quickly flowed down your face. You assumed nobody would know since it was like 3 a.m.

You didn’t try to muffle your sobs. You just let them go. What you didn’t notice was the footsteps coming down the hall. You also failed to notice Dean walk in.

“Y/N?” He asked quickly walking over to you crouching down in front of you.

“Sam…Sam…He…He doesn’t care about me.” You were barely able to get out.

“Y/N, he does care. Maybe you’re just overthinking things.” Dean tried to explain, but you shook your head.

“No, Dean. He told me to leave.” You explained looking up at him. His face fell and he sat down next to you.

“Where did that come from? What happened?” He asked concerned.

“I…I broke a picture frame, and he said I screw everything up.” You explained still crying.

“Don’t listen to him.” He said pulling you into a hug. “He’s been acting weird lately, but we all still love you.”

“I’m starting to think that nobody loves me anymore.” You muttered.

He pulled away and looked into your eyes while holding your shoulders firmly. “Don’t say that, Y/N. I love you. Oh god, I love you so much.” He said pulling you into a hug again, before whispering. “I’ve loved you since we met. I’m in love with you.”

Now it was your turn to pull away. “Dean…” You started.

“Don’t. I know. You don’t feel the same way.” He dismissed before you started shaking your head.

“Dean, I love you too. I didn’t notice before, but I’ve been realizing this lately.” You explained quietly. You looked into his eyes, as he put his forehead against yours. “So much,” you whispered. Before you could say anything else you guys were kissing. You weren’t sure who initiated it, but you both wanted it. You both got what you wanted to.

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This is perfect

  • Minseok: Why are you wearing a onesie for actual babies?
  • Baekhyun: You told me to put clothes on
  • Minseok: This isn't better where did you even find one in your size?
  • Baekhyun: You don't need to know what I do with my life.
  • Yixing: Your cute but isn't the pacifier and teddy bear too much?
  • Jongdae: Yeah, you listen to too much Melanie Martinez.
  • Baekhyun: I'm starting to feel really attacked right now.
Steve, marry her

Pairing: Pre-Serum!Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1829

Category: Fluff

Warnings: Badass female reader, 1940s Steve and Bucky, sassy reader, kinda insecure Steve, 

Summary: Steve defends your honor, so you invite him and Bucky to go dancing with you. But all is not as it seems.

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“Melanie, I need a huge favor,” you beg as she rounds the corner.

“What Y/N?”

“You know Steve and Bucky? They live across the street? I need you to agree to go on a date with them. Please.”

“No way. I don’t want to go on a date with Rogers. Have you seen him?”

“No, you’d be going with Buck. I want Steve to come dancing with me. But he won’t go unless Buck goes.”

“Why do you want to dancing with him?”

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I’m support Melanie, cause we’re don’t have a proof of her guilt.

No, I’m not the person that takes violence from the man for granted and requires proof of guilt women.

I am the person who believes that rape is the same crime as beating/murder/robbery. I am the person who believes that the crime you need to prove before you accuse someone.

Stop hate, please. Melanie’s music anyway great. And you may love it. You may love Martinez now too.

anonymous asked:

Carnists always say how vegans push their beliefs on them, yet everytime i see a vegan recipe on facebook or a vegan meal with names like "Wings, hot dogs, tacos, etc" Carnists throw a fucking fit and tell everyone how thats no real food, or start preaching about why protein from meat is important yadda yadda, then you get your "fuck vegans lol" comments too

Melanie Joy outlines this as one of the defense mechanisms of carnism. 

Veganism is obviously seen as a belief system, because it is. However, even though carnism is also a belief system, carnists make it invisible by presenting it as the norm, a given, even a necessity. When it’s presented this way, carnists no longer feel they are responsible for the consequences of their actions. It follows, then, that if they’re not the ones that are responsible, they are not to be criticized for it. 

It’s a double standard they use to shut down any opposition.

Trash Tattoo & Salon - Monday, 1pm

“Kyth, this is Melanie. Melanie, this is my brother and stray, Kyth.”

“That wasn’t even original. Nice to meet you, Melanie.”

“You too. Pri speaks of you a lot.”

“That must mean I have to clean up my reputation if this guy was talking about me.”

“No!” Melanie laughed. “It was all good things, really.”

Melanie watched the exchanged between Kyth and Pri. There was true friendship and understanding between them. Something that was very rare with relationships in general. Their friendship was similiar to hers with Regan. Knowing each other for years and somehow, knowing your friend better than they knew themselves.

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A Punch To The Heart | Roman Reigns x Reader


Word Count: 2,001 (oops?)

Warnings: Language (but like shit and crap so basically not a warning)

I opened the front door, full of excitement and full of energy. I decided to join the WWE Company because I spent 6 years in gymnastics and 3 years in the wrestling company back home. But I wanted to get out of that town and luckily WWE accepted me.

Stephanie McMahon greeted me warmly together with her husband Hunter. “Welcome to the WWE Melanie.” She smiled as she shook my hand. “Thank you.” She gave me a tour around the building and showed me where my locker room was and most importantly the catering area. “This is the men’s locker room. You won’t be coming in here.” She opened the door and didn’t realize that there were the Superstars present. My eyes landed in a tall, dark man; his long wet hair was put up in a bun, he was wearing a pair of grey sweat pants; revealing his V line that God knows where it ended and he had no shirt on, his rippling abs glistening from what it seemed like water. Enjoying myself so far. He sent a sweet smile. I felt my cheeks burning and I smiled back. I felt someone slightly shoving my shoulder as he got past me. “Sorry sweetheart.” He looked at me again. “Hello. I’m Dean Ambrose.” He winked at me and looked over his shoulder as the men in the locker room scoffed. “Back off Ambrose.” Stephanie said sourly. “Don’t mind him. So let’s move Melanie.”

“Oh Melanie. Nice name, I had a cat name Melanie. She died a few years ago. Now I got a plant…called him Mitch.. But hey…the job for a kitty is still open.” Dean bit his lower lip and winked back at me. I laughed at Dean’s compliment. “Thank you?” A two toned man walked towards us. “I’m Seth Rollins, I am the Architect of The Shield.” Dean scoffed at his friend’s introduction. I looked at the tall man behind him who was laughing too. “Nice move Dean. But you need to up your game.” As the two of them were busy trying to out do each other, a tall, pale man approached us. His red hair was gelled up and his red beard. “I’m Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior.” Stephanie’s phone began ringing. “I need to get this Mel. I’ll come back in a minute.” She left. Behind Sheamus was another two men staring at me. “I’m King Barrett but you can call me Wade Barrett.” The other man pushed Wade back and introduced himself. “I’m Alberto del Rio. Eres hermosa como una rosa en la naturaleza.” I cocked my eyebrow as I did not understand a thing he said. “Rusev is not here yet.”

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“Can’t you see you’re confusing the girl?” The tall man split through the men. He looked at me as I pursed my lips. “I’m Roman Reigns.” Holy shit. “Welcome to the men’s locker room.”

“Thanks.” Steph returned from her phone call. “Well, in like 10 minutes be at the arena because I need to talk to you all.”

“Bye Mel.” The men said in unison.

We walked to the women’s locker room. “Girls this is our new Diva, Melanie.” A tall pale woman approached me together with a blonde woman. “I’m Paige.” She introduced herself. “This is Natalya.” She pointed at the blonde woman. “Nice to meet you Melanie.”

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

“Nice to meet you too.” I smiled and we began talking. “I’ll leave you girls alone.” As she walked out of the door, she popped her head from the door frame. “Girls meet me at the arena.” She left. “I’m Becky Lynch.” The red head shook my hand and grinned. I got out my phone and looked at it. “I have to go and settle in my locker room. It was nice meeting you girls.” Natalya’s eyes widened. “What room are you?”

She asked all curious. “Umm…B13.”

“That’s next to mine! I have a new neighbor!” She began jumping up and down. “Calm down Natty.” Becky giggled.

Natalya and I walked down to my locker room. As we were about to enter my locker room, a tall blonde man wrapped his arms around Natalya. “Oh Mel, this is my husband Tyson Kidd.” He shook my hand with one arm still wrapped around Natalya’s waist. “Hey Mel!” I heard someone calling my name from behind me. I turned around and saw Dean waving at me. “Hey Dean.” Seth was with him. “Where are you going?” he asked.

“Well you see me next to my locker room.” I turned around and I was taken aback when I saw Roman smiling. He was wearing a shirt this time. But he was still sexy as Hell. I pursed my lips as I looked down to hide my burning red cheeks. I swallowed (which I think everybody heard) and looked at Natalya who was too busy with her husband mouth. “Hey umm…Nat. sorry to interrupt but umm…we need to go.”

“Right Melanie.” Someone gripped tightly on my hand and pulled me away from Roman. It was Paige. “Now you boys better behave yourselves and you’d better not mess with my girl.” My cheeks turned even brighter.

As we arrived in the huge arena, we saw that everything was settled for the show that was going to take place that night. I sat down between Paige and Becky. Paige looked across the room. A tall blonde woman was holding the WWE Diva’s Championship belt around her waist while on her left she had an old man with white hair that was thrown back. He had a wide smile that reached both ears. “That’s Charlotte.” said Becky. She climbed up the stairs proudly as the Divas and the Superstars cocked their eyebrows and shook their heads. As she walked past our row, she stopped in her tracks and looked back. Shit. “You must be Melanie aka Bane.” She chuckled.

The arena went quiet and all eyes landed on me. “Listen up Melanie.” She spitted. “You won’t last long in this business and you will never win this.” She raised the belt in the air. I got up and faced her. “At least I didn’t bring my grandpa to support me.” The people in the arena giggled from under their breaths. “This is my father! Ric Flair!” I gave her a confused look. “Doesn’t ring a bell.” The man’s face turned red. Stephanie and Hunter got in the ring. “Okay everyone settle down.” I sat back down; I saw Dean nodding at me. “So tonight we have a special match; it’s a mixed tag team match. We groups of Superstars are going to choose a Diva to fight with them. The team are The Shield and The Wyatt Family since there had always been a feud between you two. And also That’s all. Run along.”

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“That was the whole news?” Paige whispered. She sighed and got up. “So Mel, what are you going to dress for the match?” She asked. “You’ll see.”

Paige, Natalya and Becky followed me to my locker room. I opened my bag and got out a badass gear. “Oh my God! I love it!” She moved in front of a huge mirror and began posing with the outfit in front of her.


I got dressed up and went to meet Nat who was next door but someone called my name. “You must be Melanie.” Two twin sisters said. “Hi I’m, Brie. This is my sister Nikki.” They greeted. “You’re waiting for Natalya? I saw her in the catering area.”

“Thank you.” I smiled and left. As I entered the catering area someone pulled me away from the door. “Goddamn!” I saw The Shield smiling. “Hey Mel.” said Seth grinning. “What was that for?”

“Oh yeah. Sorry about that but we want you to be the Diva to join our team.” My eyes widened. I immediately looked down and but my lower lip. This was Karma doing its job right. I didn’t give it much time to think about it. “Yeah…sure. But next time don’t pull me like you’re going to hustle me.” They chuckled and I went back in the catering area. Nat began waving from the other side of the room. “I saved a chair for you.”

“Thank you Nat.” As I was about to sit, a crew member said “The Shield, Wyatt’s and the two Divas chosen please come with us.” I sighed and got up. “Good luck Mel.” Nat hugged me and I left with the crew member. “Okay so Melanie you go out with The Shield. Charlotte you go out with the Wyatt’s.” Charlotte? I had to fight that bitch? Her father, Ric Flair threw a death stare at me. “Got something in your eyes Flair?” Sheamus came up from behind me, which made me jump. “Did I scare you?” He asked.

“Yes.” He smiled. “I’m here to tell you good luck against Charlotte. You can beat her.”

“Thanks Sheamus.” The Shield arrived made their pep talk and we walked down the ring. The crowd’s screams almost made me deaf. I saw posters all over the arena like Sheamus in a mayonnaise jar, ‘Yes’ signs, even a ‘Kiss me Roman’ poster. I pursed my lips to hold in the laughter as I saw the poster. We got in the ring and the lights went out. The crowd had their phones in their hand. The lights went back on. Two men were wearing a black and white sheep mask respectively. The other two members had their face uncovered. They circled the ring but where was Charlotte? She walked down the ring with her father by her side and the Championship Belt on her shoulder. The referee came and we took our places. Dean went out first against Luke Harper.

Charlotte’s stare was about to grip on my throat and shove me down the ring. Luke was thrown out of the ring and he hit the barricade, Erick went after Dean who were both thrown out of the ring. Bray looked scared so he got out the big guns…Braun Strowman. As Roman went for a punch, Braun grabbed Roman’s neck and choke slammed him. Seth got on the top rope and jumped on Braun. I looked down at Roman who reached for the bottom rope. He looked up at me “Are you ready?” As I reached my hand out, someone pulled me off the apron. The referee managed to put everything in order. I got in the ring and Charlotte threw her leg at my face but I caught it and twisted it. She let out a scream. I let go of her leg and slapped her. With a Suplex I put her in submission. She began tapping on the mat.  Her father pulled her out and placed the Heavyweight Championship over her shoulder again. The Shield’s theme song came on. “Good job.” Roman suddenly hugged me tightly making me weak to the knees. He gently released and giggled.

We went backstage. I heard scream. Paige and Natalya came screaming at me and hugged me. “You did it! Holy crap!” They released me from under their grip. “Well Melanie we shall leave you and your girlfriends here to fangirl. Good job Melanie!” Dean hugged me and they left. I watched them leave. A shirtless man walked past them. “Shield.” He said.

“Randy.” They kept walking away until they got out of sight. He walked towards me. “Hi, I’m Randy Orton.” He was covered in baby oil and he was hot. His blue eyes made me blush. I looked down at my shoes and smiled. “I’m Melanie.”

“I know who you are. I saw you fighting. You’re really good.” His tattooed arms crossed each other and he smirked. Nat and Paige cleared their throats. Randy was snapped back to reality. “I have to go Mel. Here’s my number.”

He wrote it on a piece of napkin and gave it to me. “Call me.” He winked and left. As he got out of my sight, Roman who was in the background, saw everything. Shit. “Mel, I think we should go.” Nat put her hand over my shoulder and we left. I felt bad for Roman. All night my mind was constantly running through the expression on his face. The corners of his lips fell and his eyes frowned. I closed my eyes but his Roman’s face kept flashing in front of me. His beautiful face, his cute smile and his muscles and cologne…don’t get me started. After what seemed like an hour, I managed to sleep.

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