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so yeah, I guess it won’t get better. The truth is what u see on the picture is not finished painting. I was working on it but it’s kinda ruined now and the cause is wrong paper I used. So I’m showing u a picture when it wasn’t so bad. and btw it was my very first acrylic portrait so please don’t hate haha

My Stupid Fan Fiction Writing technique PART 2

So a friend asked me how I write certain scenes in fan fiction like sad, tense and romantic moments. So I told her how and she said it was both stupid and brilliant at the same time, so now I’m going to share it with you all…

I watch videos to make me feel the emotions I want to write about, literally I have go-to videos to make me feel happy, sad, angry and scared, I know it’s silly but it really works. Here’s a selection…

Dramatic scenes

Peaky Blinders is one of the best TV shows the BBC has ever released and it’s main strengths are it’s superb writing and excellent performances from the stellar cast. This scene stands out for me because you can feel the henchmens’ dread when Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomons loses his temper…

Zootopia’s press conference scene….Damn. This scene is a real assault on the feels, we start off with a funny bit of advice from Nick then Judy gives him the ZPD application and carrot pen lulling the viewer into happy comfort then BAM Judy f**ks up, she f**ks up big time, and the worst part is that she doesn’t know how hurtful her words are. When Nick challenges Judy’s words she even attempts to defend her views which drives Nick to become more upset but it’s when Judy reaches for the Fox Repellent that Nick’s (And the viewer’s) heart breaks and the heroine of the story has unexpectedly become the villain.

The Last of Us set a very high bar in video game storytelling taking the drawn out ‘Cure in A Zombie Apocalypse’ plotline and breathing new life into it with the story of 50 something Joel who lost his child many years ago who suddenly has the responsibility of protecting a 14 year old kick ass survivor called Ellie as they trek across the decimated United States to hopefully cure a Zombie pandemic. The ranch scene showcases the fact that Ellie sees Joel as a father figure and Joel’s reluctance to have a daughter once more in case he loses her.

Sad scenes 

Anohana is another anime that isn’t that well known but boy does this one rip out your heart and trample all over it. It’s a different kind of a Ghost story. wherein Menma, whose been dead for at least 8 years, starts haunting her old gang of friends so that they can reunite after they grow distant. After her job is done she writes each of her friends a note telling them the thing she loves about them most and…oh crap I’m crying while typing…just watch it please.

That UP scene…nuff’ said

Low Spoon Spirit Work/Companion Tips

12 Spirit Work Tips for people with low spoons, or just anyone who doesn’t have as much energy at the moment.

Tip #1 -Look at the stars with them

I really love to look at the stars with my companions. It is amazing after a hectic or stressful day to just sit outside and think about nothing with my spirit family.

Tip #2 -Watch Tv

Seriously just sit down, and decide on a show together. Ro is a huge fan of Peaky Blinders on Netflix, so I always try to watch at least an episode of it when I can with him.

Tip #3 -Find a YouTuber they enjoy

Ro is a big fan of beauty gurus and Archie likes to watch horse videos with me. Hyl seems to like when I binge watch music videos. There is something for every companion on youtube.

Tip #4 -Hum to music together

I love to sing but sometimes I don’t have enough energy to. I usually just hum while laying down if I can’t sing right then.

Tip #5 -Write a story with your spirit companion as a character.

I’m currently working on a story with both Archie and Ro in it and Hyl is gonna make an appearance in one of my other story’s. For me writing is super relaxing and low energy.

Tip #6 - Draw a Doodle of them

I doodle anyways so just channeling a little energy into what my companions might look as a doodle isn’t a huge thing. (This is a bit more high energy and is only for when I feel a little better than normal.)

Tip #7 -Cuddle them

My all time freaking favorite. This is the lowest of all the energy things. Its also pretty self explanatory.

Tip #8 - READ BOOKS!!!

Can you tell I like reading with my companions? Hyl and I bond over reading literally every day.  

Tip #9 -Write a letter

Pour out your feelings, hopes and dreams in this letter and then show it to them. Also one can try channeling with their companion to receive a letter from the companion.

Tip #10 -Write a poem

If you are an artistic person or like writing poems this one is for you people that are blessed with an awesome vocabulary. Also you could write one line of the poem and they can write the next line.

Tip #11 -Play Hot&Cold

Try to feel their energy and use how your body responds as a way to detect them when they are nearby. It is super easy to turn this into a fun and entertaining game.

Tip #12 -Twenty Questions

Use a twenty questions app to learn things about them that you might not ask them yourself.

Sorry if this post seemed a little lackluster. I really had to push myself to finish it… Low spoon problems. Anyways I hope someone finds this helpful. Thanks for reading.

Nothing At All - Alfie Solomons Fan Fic:  Chapter 14

Read previous Chapters

WARNINGS:   mentions of violence, mature, sexual content, NSFW

so ya wanted a right proper desk banging eh? @banes-tshirt

Chapter 14 - Understanding Often Comes Too Late  

 Aylona awoke to a room bright with light causing her to squint red, swollen eyes tightly closed.  The previous night scenes playing back in her mind as she watched the dappled sunlight spread it’s warm glow about the room.  She felt no such warmth inside, but instead a hard knot in her stomach and with a groan rolled over in the bed.  And came face to face with a sprig of daisies upon the pillow; the sweet scent filling her senses.  Her heart squeezed and an image of Alfie standing over her while she slept swam before newly tearful eyes.   No note accompanied the gift this time, and it pained her to think she had rendered such a man as he mute. 

She tried to summon a flash of anger to protect her from the pain, but it was regret that stuck like a ruthless residue.   A stain on her character in how she had come to him in the night, and then cruelly pushed him away; and worst of all that he had seen through her.  Full knowing it was a punishment, he had welcomed her into his arms, willing to take whatever she offered.   Alyona held the daisies beneath her nose, willing their scent to be a soothing balm upon her troubled mind.  But remorse now pierced her heart like a dagger and the room had lost its sunny disposition; as though the anguish of her mind had hung the world in odorless, shrouds of gray.  She lingered within the downy comforters until the heartache had wrung her dry and there were no more tears to shed.   With their last conversation still an echo in her ears, the knot inside drawing tighter, she made her way to the bakery;  fearful and nervous regarding what the day might bring.  

After suffering through several hours at the bakery, the anticipation of their meeting a punishing thing in her mind, with some dismay faced the truth:  Alife had not come into work that day.  


The building Alfie exited was in a very, very secret location and it had taken him the better part of the day to travel to this meeting.  Had night not been falling, the three large men that accompanied him were of sufficient size to block out the light of the day.  This was not a task for the as yet untried Ollie, evidenced by the blood he now wiped from his brow and mouth.  Given the amount of time that had passed, Alfie new he’d have to prove the worth of his crowns before these men.   With no small amount of satisfaction at the outcome of more than a few polishing the floor with their prone forms still fresh in his mind, a slight smile also split his face.  More importantly he had learned what he needed, though it gave him no similar satisfaction.   The Russian gangs had not participated in any robbery of the Eden Club, and more worrisome – it had been quite some time since any new crowns had been earned.  The legend of Alfie Solomons was a tough one to best.   It also meant that someone was playing a very dangerous game with very dangerous men.   And Alyona was caught right in the middle.

“When you find these men, you know what must be done, ya?”

Alfie nodded his understanding.  The stakes now considerably raised, dread crept down his spine settling into an already pained hip, and his limp while walking towards the vehicle was more pronounced.  An itching had begun at the back of his neck and a deep sigh escaped him as he realized he could not halt that pain, any more than the approaching train that was coming.  The darkness engulfed the men as they drove away and once again it was with stony silence that Alfie watched the landscape blur past.   It was better to not think of such things as happiness, or the bliss of warm, soft skin when one must concentrate on the necessary violence about to erupt.   Those who had the misfortune to deal with Alfie Solomons soon learned the hard way it was not an excellent poker face he presented… he quite literally knew no fear.

At least not concerning the matters of violence and death.

Love and loss?  Now those were completely different matters.

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Peaky Blinders Season 4 | On location (Day 2)
March 24, 2017.

@jessicalisettjones “Just the best thing ever #tomhardy #peakyblinders #tomhardyfans”

@jessicalisettjones “Met my absolute hero #tomhardy today. Always hate the lead up to Mother’s Day so was particularly amazing for me.?thank you so much”

@Laura Horrocks “Meeting one of my favourite beards last Friday. Tom Hardy”

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