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Low Spoon Spirit Work/Companion Tips

12 Spirit Work Tips for people with low spoons, or just anyone who doesn’t have as much energy at the moment.

Tip #1 -Look at the stars with them

I really love to look at the stars with my companions. It is amazing after a hectic or stressful day to just sit outside and think about nothing with my spirit family.

Tip #2 -Watch Tv

Seriously just sit down, and decide on a show together. Ro is a huge fan of Peaky Blinders on Netflix, so I always try to watch at least an episode of it when I can with him.

Tip #3 -Find a YouTuber they enjoy

Ro is a big fan of beauty gurus and Archie likes to watch horse videos with me. Hyl seems to like when I binge watch music videos. There is something for every companion on youtube.

Tip #4 -Hum to music together

I love to sing but sometimes I don’t have enough energy to. I usually just hum while laying down if I can’t sing right then.

Tip #5 -Write a story with your spirit companion as a character.

I’m currently working on a story with both Archie and Ro in it and Hyl is gonna make an appearance in one of my other story’s. For me writing is super relaxing and low energy.

Tip #6 - Draw a Doodle of them

I doodle anyways so just channeling a little energy into what my companions might look as a doodle isn’t a huge thing. (This is a bit more high energy and is only for when I feel a little better than normal.)

Tip #7 -Cuddle them

My all time freaking favorite. This is the lowest of all the energy things. Its also pretty self explanatory.

Tip #8 - READ BOOKS!!!

Can you tell I like reading with my companions? Hyl and I bond over reading literally every day.  

Tip #9 -Write a letter

Pour out your feelings, hopes and dreams in this letter and then show it to them. Also one can try channeling with their companion to receive a letter from the companion.

Tip #10 -Write a poem

If you are an artistic person or like writing poems this one is for you people that are blessed with an awesome vocabulary. Also you could write one line of the poem and they can write the next line.

Tip #11 -Play Hot&Cold

Try to feel their energy and use how your body responds as a way to detect them when they are nearby. It is super easy to turn this into a fun and entertaining game.

Tip #12 -Twenty Questions

Use a twenty questions app to learn things about them that you might not ask them yourself.

Sorry if this post seemed a little lackluster. I really had to push myself to finish it… Low spoon problems. Anyways I hope someone finds this helpful. Thanks for reading.

Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 2]

Summary: [part 2] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomons have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggests an alliance by marriage.

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Summary: You and Tommy have been seeing one another secretly. You had been in an unhappy marriage since you were seventeen and you know you never loved him. Your husband finds out about your affair with another man and hits you, causing you to run away. 

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing for Peaky Blinders, I hope you enjoy! (Gifs created by me)

You sat on the front step of the Shelby home with your knees pulled beneath your chin. It had been damp when you sat down; rain was still falling, harsh and stinging, darkening your hair into thick wet curls. 

He almost didn’t recognise you, preparing himself to move another homeless person who had decided to seek shelter on his doorstep, until you peered up. If it wasn’t the state you were in that shocked him, it was the sadness on your face. A forming bruise sat high on your cheekbone, complemented by the burst of red on your top lip. You shivered, your body too tired to stand up.

“Tommy,” you whispered, voice cracking as you reached out to him like a child.

“(Y/N), what the fuck?” Instantly he leaned down, placing his arms under yours and pulling you up towards his chest.

As soon as your face came to rest on his chest you shoulders began to shake violently as you sobbed, attempting to bury your head deeper into him. Placing his hand on the back of our head, he opened the front door trying to guide you inside as best as he could.

He sat you down in front of the fire, wrapping a towel around your shoulders and moving some strands of hair that had stuck to your face. You were blubbering, barely taking a breath between crying and talking as you tried to explain what happened.

Shushing you, he placed an arm around your shoulder pulling you towards him on the couch. “You don’t have to tell me anything right now, just relax. You’re safe.”

Later you stood by yourself stripped from your damp clothes as you peered at yourself in the mirror. Your hair had dried slightly, forming an unruly mess around your face, the bruise was barely noticeable in the low lighting of the room but the dull pain was evidence enough of it being there. 

Sighing, you turned to the bath Tommy had put together, setting the towel and soap where you could reach it, and stepping inside gingerly. You liked the way the bath relaxed you as you slipped deeper into the water, your shivering subsiding. You sat soaking for a while before you heard footsteps enter the room.

Lowering himself beside the bath, your heavy eyelids drooped closed as he ran his fingers along your hairline, around your ear, and down your jaw towards your mouth where they lingered.

“He found out,” you whispered, opening your eyes and staring at Tommy through your wet lashes. 

His features were difficult to make out due to the lack of lighting, but you could still see the way his jaw was set stiff. Reaching your hand from under the water you grazed your dripping fingers across his cheek. Letting out a deep sigh, he gripped your hand from his face, bringing it to his mouth and kissing your knuckles.

“I’ll fix it.” He mumbled. “You don’t have to go back to him or that house ever.”

Smiling softly you leaned your head against the side of the tub.

“I love you.”

Q: What can we expect from the new series of Peaky Blinders?
Cillian: I can’t really tell you anything without giving the whole thing away. But you sort of see them rewind and go back to their roots, away from the material gain of the last season.

Q: There’s hype attached to your job – fame, adulation. You’re not a fan of that, are you?
CM: I hate that other side which has nothing to do with me and that won’t ever change, but attention is never really something I have to contend with. I’m left to my own devices for the most part.

Q: But it happens…
CM: Yeah, of course it does. And sometimes I get a good laugh out of it. I was in a chipper in Galway – keeping to myself, getting my cod and chips – and I could see this elderly lady looking at me. You just know when they’re going to come over, it’s the moment of bracing yourself. And on cue she says: ‘Are you Cillian Murphy?’ And I say: ‘Yes, I am.’ And she goes: ‘Your eyes – you know what? They’re not even that blue!’

Q: You moved back to Ireland recently. How has the transition been from London?
Really great. We’ve been back a while now and feel pretty settled… We thought, our kids are growing up, do we want them to be London teenagers or Irish teenagers? We both grew up Irish teenagers ourselves; there’s something very sacred about that and that was a big decision-maker for us.

Q: You started out as a musician back in the day, do you ever think you might revisit that?
CM: No, I have very limited talents as a musician and I haven’t got any better. I knew I was never going to be good enough to reach the heights I wanted. No, I’ll stick to the day job. Music is a hobby.

— Cillian Murphy in OK! Magazine

power | john shelby

[a/n - wooo, guess who’s finally uploading!! I have had such a stressful few weeks with exams & stuff but I’m here. Please be patient for the next imagine because I have no idea when it will be posted. Adios]

Could you do an imagine were the reader is dating john and she catches him in the garrison with a girl all over him and he tries to play it off like it’s nothing but she puts him and the girl in there place in front of everyone (sorta a girl power/takes no sh*t/knows she deserves better/mic drop and walk out kinda situation). He realises he’s acted like a little sh*t and goes to find her?? Just an idea for you to play around with??

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I will come for you… 

Requested by the lovely dreamcatchercouture

You were Alfie’s right hand for about a year now. You began as his assistant in his office. You had a few good ideas about a few business and since then he sometimes asks you for advice. 

There was a word on the street that Alfie had someone else helping him out with the business but no one knew who. 

You were walking home through the back streets of London. When out of nowhere you are pulled into a house with a bag thrown over your head. You tried to get yourself free but they got hold of your arms and your legs. You tried to get yourself out of their hold but you couldn’t. They threw you into a room. You hit the floor pretty hard and a few seconds later you hear a door close. 

You picked yourself up from the floor and got the bag of your head. You sat on the hard wooden floor and rubbed your arms. You looked around the room and you only saw two chairs in a corner. The rest of the room was stripped naked. There were no windows in the room. You got up from the floor and walked towards the door. You started kicking the door trying to get it open but nothing happened. 

Alfie walked into the bakery. He walked strayed to the office. He needed to talk with y/n about a deal he could make but he needed her to help. 

He opened the office door saying “Y/n I need your help.” He looks towards Y/n desk but she isn’t there. He walks to his desk’s and sit’s down. He looks towards y/n desk again wondering where she is? She was always earlier than him. 

A few hours passed by and she still didn't arrive. 

Someone knocked on the door. Alfie looked at the silhouette towards the office door and saw it wasn’t Y/N. “Fuck Off.” He screamed to the person on the other side of the door. 

The person knocked again and opened the door a little bit. “Mr. Solomons?” 

Alfie looks u from his desk towards the door. “I said fuck off.” He repeats himself towards the men in front of him, 

“Sir…” the man continued. “A note just arrived for you from Sabini.” the man walks into the office and gives the note to Alfie. In a matter of seconds, the man is out of the office with the door closed behind him. 

Alfie looks at the note. He sees his name in front of the note. He opened the note and began reading it to himself.: 

Mr. Solomon, 

I’m ready to make a deal with you. 

A few of your fine bread expertise in exchange for the lovely Y/N. 

You know where to find me if you want to make the deal. 


He hits his fist on the table and looks at the note again. He knew something was wrong Y/N was never late. What was he going to do? He couldn’t make a deal with Sabini but he also couldn’t let Y/N in his hands. She was his. He looked at the note again. She was going to be pissed when she knew what he was planning to do. 

“Open the fucking door.” You screamed. 

You heard footsteps and a key opening. You took a step back and looked at the person who was walking into the room. SABINI you thought to yourself. 

“Well Y/n, that’s not how a lady talks,” Sabini said towards you. You took a few steps backward. Two of his man also walked into the room. Sabini walked the chairs in the corner of the room. He took the two chairs and brings them to the middle of the room. You watched him put the chairs one in front of the other and sit in one of them and making a sign for you to sit in front of him. You stood there looking at him. One of his men walked towards you and sat you down on the chair. 

“Y/N,” Sabini said with a smile on his face. “Let’s see how much Alfie cares about you.”He said lighting a cigaret. He looked towards you and offered you one. You took a cigarette from him and you lighted it in front of him. 

You blew the smoke towards his face. Making him hit you in the face. You looked towards him. “Alfie is never going to make a deal with you.” You said to him. 

He laughed at your comment and got up from the chair and walked out of the room with the other two men behind him. You heard the keys close the door again. 

Alfie was standing in front of his workers in the bakery. 

“Bakers we are going to get Y/N back and I knew that she wouldn’t want to like this but we need her back.”He said looking down at his hands holding the cane. “We found the place were they hiding here so we’re going to go get her.”

“Yes sir.” the men reacted towards Alfie. 

“Let’s go then.” 

the men walked out of the bakery with Alfie behind them. They all got in the car and rode to the other side of Londen. 

The night was falling and you we’re getting pretty tired. You got almost nothing to eat or to drink… And it was slowly making you weaker. 

You sat on one of the chairs in the corner of the room, watching the door. 

Your eyes almost felt close when you heard a gun shot. 

Was this it, had Alfie really kept his word to you. Not matter what happens he would not come to save you, nobody could know that the two of you worked together. Was this it, you were going to die. The thought was racing through your mind. 

There a few other gun shots, te sound was getting closer and closer. Your heart beat was racing every time the gunshot sounded closer. 

You couldn’t take your eyes off the door. A gun shot was fired, the sound was so close like it was at the other side of the door. There was a few minutes of quietness after that gunshot.

You were staring at the door. You saw a few shadows walk past the door. You tried to stay as quiet as possible. 

“Find her!” You heard a man say. His voice was so recognizable. Was it really him? 

“Alfie?” You said quietly to yourself. “Alfie?” You said now a little bit louder.

“Quite!” the man at the other side of the door says. His voice now louder and clearer. It was Alfie. You got up from the chair and walked towards the door. 

“Alfie?” You screamed, knocking on the door. 

You hear footsteps get closer to you. 

“Get back!” you hear Alfie say and a few seconds later you hear a gun clinch. 

You walked away from the door and you saw a few gun holes appear on the door around the door lock.  

The door opened up and Alfie walked into the room. Without thinking you run towards him and hugged him. It took him a few seconds but then he hugged you back. You broke the hug when you saw all of his man look towards the both of you. 

You looked him in the eyes. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” he says with a little smile on his face. “I really couldn’t let you go.” 

“That’s the nicest thing someone ever said to me.” You said with a smile. 

You both walked out of the door and made your way towards the streets of London. Alfie stopped in his tracks and looked towards you. “Sabini wasn’t around and he knows now that I will come for you, that you’re important to me. I mean for the business. ”

“Okay, I just have to be extra careful.” You said to him. 

“Yes, and your staying with me till all of this has been forgotten.” 

“But that can take months and I thought you said you didn’t like company?”

Alfie looks towards you… “I made an exception for you.” and he walks away towards a car. He opens the door and looks towards you again. “Are you coming?” 

Ask me a question or make a request! 

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Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 4]

[part 1]   [part 2]    [part 3]

Summary: [part 4] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomas have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggest an aliance by marriage.

16+ ONLY

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so yeah, I guess it won’t get better. The truth is what u see on the picture is not finished painting. I was working on it but it’s kinda ruined now and the cause is wrong paper I used. So I’m showing u a picture when it wasn’t so bad. and btw it was my very first acrylic portrait so please don’t hate haha

Don’t hurt me like this

Summery: (Y/N) discovers Tommy is still married to his wife Grace. (Tommy is unhappily married, which is different from the original storyline, I have nothing against Grace’s character but I thought it fit quite well.)

A/N: Please give me your feedback, it’ll mean a lot.

Gif by me

Your parents had always been a little wary of your boyfriend, mainly due to the fact he was over ten years your senior. You wanted to prove you were mature enough for the relationship, promising them that you would focus on achieving your scholarship for the university in London; you had always been very bright, it was one of the things Tommy liked about you.

Of course, you were still a young woman, and the appeal of Thomas Shelby was going to be an obvious distraction. Often more than not you found yourself sneaking out of your bedroom window like a naughty teenager, shimmying down the drainpipe, where he would be waiting to catch you by the hips. It wasn’t until recently you realised your abandonment of your application essay, and despite your efforts, your parents had grown suspicious of your behavior.

Your mother had been thrilled when she discovered you had invited Tommy over for tea, it wasn’t often you had guests and she wanted to show off a new pie recipe she had learned from one of the neighbors. However, your father didn’t have quite the same reaction, but you didn’t really expect him to; he had never been happy about any of the boys you brought home, never mind a gangster.

“Oh come on daddy, cheer up!” Plastering a sweet smile on your face, you leaned over and kissed his cheek, wiping the rouge stain you left behind with your thumb.

“I wouldn’t trust a man like him as far as I could throw him, especially with my daughter.” His grumbling was interrupted by a knocking on the door.

Smiling slightly, Tommy stubbed his cigarette out on the wall, before leaning down and kissing your cheek. You moved to let him inside, following close behind as you both entered the dining area. Your mother was the first one to greet him as she eagerly grasped his shoulders and kissed both of his cheeks, causing him to laugh.

“Lovely to meet you Mrs (Y/L/N).” He said charmingly.

“Oh it is so wonderful to finally meet you too, please call me (Y/M/N)!” She said enthusiastically, before moving out of the way so your father could come into view. “This is (Y/N)’s father.”

He didn’t even try to hide his distaste as he nodded at Tommy’s outstretched hand causing your mother to shove him slightly. However, it didn’t seem to deter Tommy in the slightest as he politely smiled and said “Sir.”

“Here why don’t you two take a seat,” your mother said as she guided your father back to the table. “(Y/N), take Mr. Shelby’s jacket and hang it up in the closet please.”

Nodding, you held the shoulder part of the jacket as you helped him take it off, before walking back into the hallway towards the closet. Halting your steps, you noticed an envelope had fallen from one of the jacket pockets. Bending down, you picked it up and went to place it back, when you noticed the names on the front.

Behind you, Tommy stepped out into the hallway, shutting the dining room door as he did.

“Well your mother seems to like me, although I am not too sure about your father.” he laughed.

“Are you alright?” Stepping up behind you, he placed his arms around your waist as he peered over your shoulder, his laughter coming to an abrupt stop.

“Listen, I can explain-”

Wriggling out of his arms you turned to face him, the anger clear on your face.

“Mr. and Mrs. Shelby.” You read, shoving the envelope at his chest. “You’re married?”

He sighed, rubbing his face. “You weren’t supposed to find out this way.”

You stuttered for a moment, trying to understand what was happening.

“We’re not happy together, you have to understand,”

You scoffed, interrupting him as you tried to create space between you both.

“I can get a divorce.” He muttered, face serious as he stared at you. “I love you.”

I hate you.” You whispered, looking at the floor.

“Don’t be like this,” touching your cheek he attempted to wipe the tears that were now blurring your eyes.

Sniffing, you shook your head from his grasp. “What now… I jeopardized my only chance at a successful future,” you gestured between the both of you. “For what?”

He stood merely a few feet in front of you, your proximity cramped due to the small hallway, causing you to shove past him and stop near the dining room door.

“Go and tell them,” you gestured towards the door. “Then go and tell your wife.”

Breathing deeply, he shook his head. “Not now.”

Your throat closed over and your nose pinched, “please don’t do this.”

“I’m going to go.” He whispered, grabbing his jacket from where it was strewn on the floor and backing up towards the front door. “We can talk about this tomorrow.”

Please don’t hurt me like this,” your voice finally cracked. “Don’t make me tell them on my own.”

All anger from before had softly dissolved into sadness as you desperately walked towards him, gripping his arm.

Leaning down he placed his hand behind your head, kissing the top before he loosened your grip on him and opened the door.

You stood and watched as he walked away from you, the cold air gushing towards the dampened patches on your cheeks like a slap as the realisation of what just happened hit you.

babysitter | john shelby

request: can I please request a John imagine where you babysits John’s kids for him and eventually thing starts to progress with the two of you, like just flirting and stuff and none of you go any further than flirting even tho u both like each other and John gets jealous when u get a boyfriend. Thanks x

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Nothing At All - Alfie Solomons Fic - Chapter One

The new Peaky Blinders Fan Fiction featuring the volatile baker we know and love, Alfie Solomons.    I like the slow burn when writing folks - so if you’re looking for sex on the desk in the first chapter, I got nothing for you.  Yet ;)

Chapter One: The Man With The Beard

 The sounds of a lively jazz quartet spilled out from the dimly lit club windows and into the crowded evening streets of London.  The stained glass casting sparkling shadows upon the pavement that had been carefully swept free of the normal London dirt and grime.    Here and there, people dressed in attire that ranged from evening garb, to meagerly thin peasant coverings, milled about or were scurrying to their destination.  No one wished to linger on the city streets as the night rolled in.   With the music was heard the tapping sound of a cane that changed it’s staccato beat mid stride to accompany the beat; suggesting it’s user perhaps did not have as much need of the apparatus as he implied.   

Elegantly garbed men brushed past with their equally adorned ladies on their arms, as the doors swung wide to admit them into the glitzy establishment beyond.   Perhaps they would not be so rude with their mumbled halfhearted apologies, if they knew to whom they hastily spoke.  The man who was abruptly pushed cursed aloud as another rushed past, bumping him off stride.  A deft move of his wrist and the gentleman soon found himself kissing the hard cold London pavement.   A solid oomph whooshed from his prone form.  From his low station, the man raised himself halfway to sitting, and shaking his head turned to see a man wearing a top hat; arms crossed and brow furrowed.  The  offending cane held tight in his hand.  

 “What the devil are you about man?!   Do you know…”   but before the man could finish, he was rapped once upon the head, and with a bellowed “yeah, fuck off eh,” the man stepped passed without a glance backward.   Quickly he gained his feet intent on pursuing him, but one of the elegantly garbed door man stepped forward quickly and with a hand on his shoulder, halted him.

“I wouldn’t if I were yew.   Do ya even know who he is?”

 “I don’t rightly care who he thinks he is.  The man requires a serious lesson in manners and gentlemanly decorum!”   And with that he continued past the beefy doorman and on into the brightly light expanse of Eden Club.

“Suit yerself,” the doorman mumbled as he stepped forward to assist a lady from her vehicle.

 Inside the music was near deafening, though the groups and couples that sat around small tables, or crowded into side booths didn’t seem to mind.   A few danced on the polished marble dance floor.   As it was still fairly early in the evening, the place was not filled to capacity.  Tuxedo garbed waiters rushed about the place, but still managed to look almost as haughty as the clientele.   A few scantily clad lovely ladies added to the overall expensive and somewhat gaudy decor.    It was through this noisy, chaotic mess that Alfie Solomons and several of his lackeys made their gradual way to the side office of the club’s owner Darby Sabini.   

Out of the corner of his eye, a flash of silk caught and held his attention.   Alfie glanced towards the young female server that easily balanced a tray of drinks in her small hands as she navigated the crowd.  She was dressed in that new style that was becoming all the rage inside the clubs, but had not taken to the fashionable crowds beyond just yet.  Though the bodice was low cut, it was not overtly revealing, and the style suited her slender, yet curvy frame.  Her long, dark, wavy hair was caught back in a sparking head band, which accentuated the exotic lilt to her eyes.  Alfie took in the full lips that parted into an easy smile as she arrived at the table and greeted the customers, handing each one their drink with a nod in return.   Then she turned with grace upon the impossibly high heels and headed towards another table.   Silently he thought to himself; she looked as good going, as she had coming.   He paused briefly to watch the long straight curve of her back and the swish of her skirts, thinking perhaps it might be nice to dally around after his business with Sabini was finished.  He didn’t normally publicly socialize with business partners, or in such places, but as his eyes continued to follow the young woman, he thought she was definitely worth some extra time.  And any risks.  

 It was just at that moment the man from the streets caught up to Alfie and grabbed him by the lapels of his long overcoat.  He pushed a ruddy face that now held beads of sweat, into Alfie’s own surprised face and proceeded to unleash a string of curses upon him.

 Four men immediately appeared at Alfie’s side, two of his own and two of Sabini’s, that had witnessed the man rushing towards Alfie, his face flushed red in anger.  They pushed the gentleman backwards and held tight, while casting nervous backward glances at Alfie.   His top hat had been knocked askew in the shuffle, and Alfie slowly bent to retrieve it.   As he righted it upon his head once more, his head dipped down to glare at the man beneath furrowed brows.  His men and the bouncers immediately held their breath and awaited the forthcoming explosion of rage.   Alife folded his arms across his chest and slowly began to walk towards the man who had assaulted him.  Again.   And inside the four heads of his protectors a silent chant of “oh shit oh shit oh shit” began.  But their outward faces remained stoically silent, though paled considerably.   When Alfie was within reach of the man, he dared tried to speak again, though Alfie had not uttered one word.

 The blow came so fast none of them were really sure he had even hit the man.  The next thing they knew he was just sprawled out upon the painted tiles.    Blood already spilling from his nose.  

 “I said, Fuck off yeah.”   And with that he turned around in disgust and proceeded towards his destination as though he had merely swatted some annoying insect from his path.  The music never stopped playing.   As he glanced up, he noted that Sabini had already exited his office, having seen the altercation through the small window, and was coming towards him hand outstretched.

 “What the hell Alfie?  Ya come to my club and start trouble?  I thought we were friends.”  

 Alfie grunted and shrugged his shoulders, “Yeah well, he weren’t my friend now were he.”

 Sabini glanced down with a frown at the still out cold man and with a nod towards his men who had intervened, turned back to Alfie with a hand on his shoulder.   “Then fuck him, right?”

 “That’s what I told him.”  Alfie gave a rare chuckle and together the two men entered the office to discuss business, while Sabini’s men dragged the unconscious gentleman towards a back door to the club.   All the customers wisely kept their gaze focused on the Jazz band playing upon the stage.

 Before Alfie entered the office, he glanced one more time towards where he had last seen the beautiful young woman.   Perhaps he could make inquiries to Sabini after they talked. As his gaze quickly scanned the interior, it finally came to rest on a darkened corner.   Even from this far across the room he could guess her eyes were a beautiful shade of hazel.  Illuminated as though the only star in a dark sky, from where she stood leaning against one of the pillars, her face caught in the soft glow of the wall sconce behind her shoulder.   Her gaze hovered just past him, not really resting on him, as though the light from the suddenly opened office door had briefly caught her attention.   Alfie froze in place, hoping to catch her eye, but alas a waiter appeared at her elbow and whispered something in her ear, and just like that – she turned on her heels and was gone.   Alfie was not even aware of the heavy sigh that escaped him as he crossed the threshold and greeted his somewhat not always old friend.


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Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 3]

Summary: [part 3] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomas have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggest an aliance by marriage.

16+ only

Days of you moping around and sobbing passed before you stepped foot out of your’s and Alfred’s shared room. He didn’t dare step foot in there once, not after he tried to sleep in there on your wedding night and you woke up screaming at the top of your lungs and crying out to him that you hated him and wanted to go home.

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A birthday to remember | Second request

Tommy Shelby request of having grown up with the Shelby’s and Ada views you as a older sister and the boys pissed her off by forgetting her birthday so they decided to throw her a giant overdone birthday party to try and make it up to her and the reader is like ‘that’s not how things work’ but shows up anyway looking fabulous and stunning and Tommy has always loved her and thought her drop dead gorgeous but things are going well in the business and Ada is happy so they finally confess?” 

(There’s a little bit of swearing but that’s about it)

Today started off like any other, you did some cleaning and washing at home and then went over to the Shelby’s house to see if there was anything for you to help out with like there usually was, upon arriving at their door however, you hear a lot of shouting coming from inside their house, more shouting than usual anyway. ‘What’s going on?’ you say as you let yourself through the door. ‘They forgot Y/N, they all forgot my fucking birthday’ Ada said with intense anger, ‘Really? come on guys, get your act together’ you said, They all noticed the disappointment in your tone of voice. You noticed John holding back a smirk, ‘Something funny John?’ you say, which quickly gets him to stop. 

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Release - Alfie Solomons One Shot (requested)

ok i’m here to request a nsfw prompt for alfie and alyona ;) it’s not detailed so you can go anyway you like with this but could you write a smutty one shot about them doing the dirty deed in alfie’s office😉😉thank youuuuu and there’ll me more coming ur way :)   


Alfie jumped startled from where he sat behind his desk, feet raised upon the scattered papers, when the door to his office flew open, hitting the glass wall behind.

“What the hell is this?!”

Alyona stood small and angry in the door frame, a piece of paper held tight in her fist.   Which was raised and shaking at him, making the paper flop like a limp sail.   Eyes narrowed, he considered her confrontational stance; eyes roaming the length of her body.  He could see it held rigid even from across the room.   Keen gaze lingered on the slender legs, curve of her hips and finally the heaving swell of her bosom, as she waited his reply.


His eyes finally lifted to meet her own; fingers distractedly working his beard. Fuck but she’d been in a mood all day it seemed.   He had been hoping that keeping her busy would help work off her temper.   Clearly he’d been wrong.

“Hello love.  Rough day?”  He rubbed the whiskers around his full mouth; ghost of a smile hiding behind.

“Don’t you patronize me right now Alfie, I’m not in the mood.”

“Well, it’s some kind of mood, innit?”   He ignored the glare that cast daggers at his head, tipped his hat – he knew it made her weak in the knees.  “Let me see that… since I can’t fuckin read from a mile away.”

His hand reached out for the paper, as she stormed closer, heels pounding so hard there were probably little dents of anger in his floor.  Alfie took the paper, raised his half glasses and quickly scanned the contents.   His brow knitted in confusion.   Just a regular work order; he didn’t see any cause for her anger.

“Well it’s a regular work order love, nothing to get all worked up over.”  His brow furrowed as he looked at her standing in front of his desk, arms folded across her chest and foot tapping the floor.  He tossed the paper back on his desk.  Hell but he wasn’t exactly in the mood to be dealing with feminine temper he didn’t have a hope in hell of understanding either.

Her voice pitched high within the space, “It’s not a regular work order Alfie dammit.  It’s changed the whole routine for the day… work I already did is now pointless, AND I have to go back and redo other work to now fit THIS.”  She picked up the paper and then tossed it back at him.   His brow furrowed deeper.

“I’m sorry Alyona, I am really, but it’s not like I could prevent it.  And just get Gil to help ya… that’s why I fucking hired the lad.  To work.”   His feet lowered from the desk and he leaned forward a tone of impatience coating his words, “Ya know work… that thing I pay ya, to do.”

Her jaw dropped, “Ohh, that’s what I’m here for am I?  To do your bidding?”

Once again Alfie, normally very astute regarding the flow of conversation, was at a loss as to the direction of her thoughts.   He leaned back, spread his arms wide and with dumbfounded look, “What?  The. Hell?”

Her mouth opened and closed, words half uttered but losing their force as she struggled to give voice to whatever emotions swirled inside her.   Watching her pass from anger, to confusion, to finally a frustrated sigh, Alfie suddenly leaned forward once more.

“Alyona.”  He waited until her eyes raised to meet his own.  “Are ya picking a fight with me?”

He could tell by the colour that immediately rose in her cheeks that he had finally hit the truth. Rising from his desk, he slowly advanced around its edge, lean fingers trailing along the wood as he held her now unsure gaze.

“Now why would ya be doing something like that love?”  Folding his arms across his chest he stopped before her.  Felt the tension coiled inside her and a wicked smile carved his features.  “A man such as myself…known of short temper.  Likely to take matters into my own hands… hard.  Fast.”

Her chest rose and he heard the hitch of her breath.  Jaw slackened, her pretty, little pout of a mouth once more trying to utter words stuck in her throat.   But her eyes… they held his own and a fire burned within those swirling depths.  The challenge she silently issued.  His hands raised to grab either side of her head, his voiced rasped against the skin of her cheek.

“Get on the floor.”

One tiny part of her mind knew she should have resisted him.  Pretended to fight harder.  But her knees submitted and slid to the floor, before her will registered even a tiny slip of a feigned defense.   His fingers tangled in her long hair, while the other hand unfastened his trousers where she could see the bulge of his erection straining against the fabric.   He freed his swollen cock, its head already glistening a drop of his own now raging need.   His hand ran over its length with a few slow pumps and her lips inadvertently parted as the desire swept through her.   Eyes still holding his own, eyelids fluttering, she reached up and took him in her soft hands.   Alfie’s arms dropped to his sides and he leaned back against the desk for support.

Bending her head, she took his long length into her mouth.  Alfie watching every inch of himself slowly enveloped by her warm mouth, his breath held, fists clenched at his sides.   The urge to grab her head and guide her motions a battle waged and nearly lost, as her mouth and tongue stroked and sucked a fire into his gut. He sensed this was not about his need, but something within her; a need she couldn’t name but judging from how she hummed and moaned upon his throbbing cock, was desperate to fulfill.   She swirled her tongue about the tip, around the sensitive underside and his head tipped back and almost gave in to the intense pleasure.

“Fuck … God Alyona….easy…”  His hands finally twisted in her hair, but in attempt to tug her off before he erupted.  Instead she swallowed his entire length and as he hit the back of her throat his knees damn near buckled beneath him.  With some force he squeezed her head and she finally released him with a loud, sucking pop.   Fuck no one ever worked him better.   “Hell love… I said easy…”

There was victory and wickedness in her gaze, and it sent another jolt of heat straight to his already flaming desire.   With one strong hand he raised her, while the other dove straight up her skirts and pushed her panties aside.   Already dripping with need and he groaned in his chest, pushing her up against the desk.   If he was in charge, and he didn’t fool himself that he was, he would have turned her pert backside up and pounded the climax right out of her.   But he could see that her eyes still had a challenge, the embers still brightly burning, as she settled upon the desk and kicked her panties off.   They hit his chest and she smirked, catching her full bottom lip in her teeth.  He grabbed her hips, bringing her to the edge and drove himself in with no hint of gentleness.  If it was a hard fucking she wanted, she was damn well going to get it.    Only too happy to oblige this unexpected wanton need, he thrust wildly into her soft flesh.  

Heart pounding as the desk shook, and papers fell to the floor; the one lamp balanced dangerously close to the edge, and still he could see the lingering clasp she maintained on her will.   Keeping this pace, he was desperate for release, but he’d be damned if he let that happen.   Death first before this little minx got the better of him.  Fuck he loved her with a madness he’d never known.   Loved that she craved him like this.   Suddenly he pulled out slowly, held her gaze for a moment before gliding back in her wet and warm walls with an exquisite slowness.   Saw the surrender of will as it left her gaze and her face softened.   Slow and gentle he fucked all the tension and heat right out of her skin; every nerve opened to him.   When her eyes rolled back and her head tipped to his ceiling, he smirked in satisfaction, but it was when the begging begin he truly knew she was his.

“God.. Alfie, fuck please… please.”  

Her hips strained up against him and he swore his prick was now stroking bone.   Her arms reached back and gripped the far edge of the desk and her back arched up, raising her hips even further so that he was pulled even deeper.  All the air left his lungs and the blood rushed to his head when he felt her clench and clamp around his pulsing shaft.   Legs locked about his waist, trembling and shaking as her climax tore through her entire body.  Her teeth biting down so hard to halt her moans, he saw she’d drawn blood.   Eyes glued to her, he managed a few more fast and deep thrusts before he exploded inside her with a guttural shout; his own body shaking in long drawn out convulsions that rocked him to his core.  He didn’t even know how he was still standing.  His legs had gone numb, and he’d pay for this tomorrow.   He would have no regrets of course.  Keen eyes scanned the still heavily breathing body laid out beneath him.  Her eyes were closed and one hand lay across her forehead.   Lightly he stroked the soft curve of her hip while his own breathing calmed.   Finally her eyes opened and she sought his gaze, a hesitant smile etched her lovely, flushed face.  Raising on her elbows, she loosed a heavy sigh.  His brow raised as he stared back.

“Feel better, yeah?”

She could only nod feebly, a measure of uncertainty in her eyes.  He reached for her hands and pulled her against his chest, stroked her long hair, while she collapsed against him fully spent.

“Has been a day, has it love?”

Felt the nodding of her head, before it turned and lightly pressed a kiss against his bristled neck. He chuckled softly as he kissed her temple.

“Yeah, well glad I could be here for ya.”   His strong hands ran down the length of her back.  “I mean, officially ya know I’m a bit offended to be used so… but listen sweetie…”

She swatted him lightly and met his eyes; saw the teasing glint within though he tried to hold onto the feigned offense.  “No yer not, and yer a shitty liar Alfie Solomons.”   She kissed him softly.

He pulled her in for a lengthier kiss, and then drawing back chuckled lightly.  “It’s not lying love… it’s negotiating.  And I think ya must know, I’m the best at resolving…” he cast a wink at her, “tense situations, right?”

At least she had the decency to blush, and he loved her even more for it.   She licked her lips as though ready to devour him again.  Alfie fastened his trousers, and then pulled her legs back around his waist and walked them over the couch.  Sinking down into the cushions, he cradled her close.  

“So, how do you think ya will feel tomorrow… because ya know I got a busy schedule and ya can’t just come barging in demanding sex sweetie.”

Her chest shook against his own as she laughed, squeezing him closer.


“Yeah Alfie.”

He shifted slightly and groaned softly.  “Fuckin hell… I think I pulled my back love.”

This time she laughed out loud.

“Yeah sweetie… well, it’s been a day, hasn’t it.”

  ~ The End ~     

Kiss Me | John Shelby

Summary: You are hired to be Tommy’s secretary, you’re a kind and educated girl. You always have a smile on your face and rarely caught in a bad mood. John is unhappy in his marriage, and slowly falls in love with you without you realizing it. (Inspired by the song; Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran)

I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet.

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