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Malec Fanfic Rec!

Malec writing goodies from amazing writers.These are some golden works

4 times Alec almost said I love you, and the one time that he actually did by sufferingbisexual

Alec realized he was in love with Magnus. However when will he be able to actually tell him.

Across the Hall by clato27

“'She looks just like your wife,’ Magnus said, offhandedly. His gaze tore back to Alec when he heard the other man choke on the coffee he was drinking. ‘Oh, I’m sorry, are you two not married.’ 'Uh, no,’ Alec said after recovering from his coughing fit. 'Izzy is my sister.'”

Aka, the “I fell in love with the pregnant girl across the hall’s brother” AU.

Addicted To You by @imawriteriwrite

Magnus Bane’s the head of his own company. Alec Lightwood is in his last year of law school. They’ve never met but have one thing in common: neither does relationships. Just one night stands. That is until they find themselves matched on a hookup app and suddenly one night is not enough.

Also known as the one where Magnus and Alec meet and think they can have no strings attached sex and not develop feelings.

Alecs Husband by NotEvenThat

Max misses Alec and finally demands that he go with Alec and his friend.. Even if Mom says no.

Amor Aeternus by @lolguess

In a world where the Clave encourages soulbonding you would think Magnus and Alec have it easy.

And Then I Met You by @everydayfandom

Sometimes someone comes along and throws you of your life path. And sometimes that’s not such a bad thing.

Bibliophile by @dorkberto

Despite what his sister thinks about his non-existent love life, Alec is not in danger of an oncoming descent into recluse crazy cat owner. For one; Church would eat his competitors for Alec’s undivided attention and two; Alec’s a little hung up over Magnus Bane.

Blue storm by @dorkberto

Ragnor was gone.

Ragnor was gone

Bright Lights, Small Town by @lecrit

When Magnus gets to Nashville, Indiana to handle his late mother’s will, he doesn’t expect to be forced to stay there for six months. Six months away from New York and lost in the wildness of the countryside.

It quickly appears that he is going to go through six months of living hell.

The fact that he hates the local veterinarian on sight isn’t helping.

Broken Arrows by @gibberish10

Over his parabatai’s missing, Alec lashes out at everyone, including Magnus Bane, his warlock lover.

Come Undone by @gibberish10

No one has asked him how he felt, but Alec did.

Complete Me by Maleciseverything

“What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever.” -Mary Jo Putney

Drop It Like It’s Hot by @janoda

Alec tries to deal with people behaving differently since the wedding. He hadn’t counted on Dylan from Accounting.

Fusion by prfctdaze

Magnus gets the surprise of his life when he walks in to Jade Wolf.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful by @themagnusbane

The thing about having lived for centuries is that birthdays are no longer such a big deal. A pity no one told that to Magnus Bane’s party extraordinaire boyfriend: Alec Lightwood.

Hold me tightly by Tchell1

“I thought you had died, Alexander” Magnus finally said as a way of explaining himself “I saw you die”

Hypnotise by highlytrainedfangirl

Alec had a problem. One that was wrapped up in exquisite clothing and dusted in glitter. Alec was quickly realising that being around Magnus was terrible for his composure. Ignoring the fact that he could barely string a sentence together without tripping over his words, he’d discovered a new distraction: magic.

I found God but it wasn’t supposed to be by @intangibel

After closing a particularly spectacular legal case Magnus sends Ragnor a celebratory text only to find himself the victim of autocorrect and having to explain to a very handsome angel (Alec) that he isn’t God, no matter how much he wishes he was right now.

In The Cards by Obssesivecompulsivereadr

Magnus wore cardigans and baggy slacks. He owned two cats, and he lived in a home more suitable for an elderly mundane woman for a reason. He was to remain boring and unsuitable for most associations with people. He did not like attention, no matter how positive it might be. He was to seem eccentric and weird. Living a life focused on magic that was supposed to not exist.

Into You by @darrenchristsupastar

Alec has more layers than we may have previously thought

It’s Time To Lose Your Virginity, Brother Dearest by @themagnusbane

Magnus Bane is a famous stripper, used to pretty boys falling in love with him after one dance. The feeling is hardly ever mutual. But when he meets the freshly turned twenty-one year old Alec lightwood, he can’t take his eyes off him, and they find themselves in love quicker than they expected.

Looking at him by @jainsel-and-the-ships

Alec Lightwood is in love with his best friend and colleague Jace.
Jace is straight and at the moment he’s dating this Clary girl. Alec is certain it won’t last, as all his friend’s previous relationships.
Then there’s Magnus Bane, another co-worker and a man who sure knows how to make Alec feel embarrassed.
Something’s going on between Alec and Magnus.
Something’s going on between Jace and Clary too…

Magic and Rum by NotEvenThat

Shortly after the party, Magnus finds Max in the kitchen.

Make a home out of you by @thealmostrhetoricalquestion

“There is a delicate system in place and you are destroying it, Alexander Lightwood. Unhand my pants.”

“Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear you say. You’re usually encouraging me to put my hands on your pants.”

Morning hair by @lollylokoala

While Magnus was completely aware of the effect Alec had on him, he didn’t know that a tiny little detail in Alec’s morning look could make his heart skipped a beat.

My Heart Smiles by pseudofoucault333 

Magnus is an interior designer who is dreading going to his yearly Christmas party and Alec a waiter who has dealt with more than enough Christmas cheer to last a lifetime. But when the two set eyes on the other across a crowded restaurant are they going to be destined for more when the festive season is over?

My True Love Gave To Me by @imawriteriwrite

Magnus Bane had a plan, a perfect Christmas Eve just like always. Hang out with his friends, bask in the Christmas Spirit. Then everything went wrong.

Now he’s stuck reliving the same day again and again and again. The bright side? Maybe Alec Lightwood isn’t as terrible as Magnus always thought.

Never Stand Between Two Mirrors by @oncethrown

Alec has enough on his plate right now. His parents are furious at him, Magnus Bane is making him feel things he’s trying so hard not to feel, his wedding is coming up, and his world is breaking apart.What he doesn’t need is a fussy mundane version on himself showing up in the Institute basement. What he doesn’t need is Magnus telling him that they’ll just have to wait for Seelie Magic to suck that version of himself back to his own dimension.But since when does Alec get what he needs?

Alternate Dimension Alec gets trapped in the Shadowhunter reality at some point after the “I know you feel what I feel” scene. The gang desperately tries to stop chaos from ensuing. 

Nothing But A Distraction by @actuallyredorchid

Clary doesn’t sneak away when Alec’s on the phone, so Alec accepts Magnus’ invitation to “go out for a drink”.

Off to a bad start by @fangtasticsaphael

“How did you manage to never run into him? He’s always helping with stuff and he’s even been at the institute about three weeks ago to strengthen the wards against further attacks from Valentine,” she replied and looked at her brother incredulously. Alexander scrunched up his nose and shrugged.

“Well, maybe I have better things to do than waiting around to watch some overrated warlock do magic tricks,” he commented a little defensively but it was the truth. He always had something to do and even when they were not out demon hunting, he had either paperwork to do or train.

“Pardon me, but I’m not just some overrated warlock. I’m the High Warlock of Brooklyn and that title is well deserved, if I may say so. And I’m appalled that you refer to my magic as petty tricks. You Nephilim always act to high and mighty, yet you’re constantly in need of some tricks from overrated warlocks to help you out of some unnecessary dilemma,” a foreign voice interjected and Alec whirled around, fingers instinctively curling around his bow to be ready to attack if need be. The owner of the voice was not what Alexander had expected, to be honest.

Oh lover, hold on by @fireblazie

The mask and goggles clatter to the ground. Isabelle makes a choked noise, and Jace whispers, paper-thin, “Alec?”

Magnus stops breathing as Alec’s gaze—cold, dead, and empty—comes to rest impassively on them.

“Who the hell is Alec?”

(Loosely based on Captain America: The Winter Soldier.)

One Show Only by KouriArashi

It’s hard to stay in the closet when the guy you had a one-night stand with two nights ago turns out to be your new partner … but Alec will be damned if he isn’t going to give it a try.

People say crazy things by @ohlafraise

“But what I don’t get is why Magnus cares so much about a random shadowhunter,” Jocelyn said.

Simon winced. “Oh, boy.”

Pick up lines by Gracefanfics

Admittly maybe using pick up lines in the middle of your brother’s rune party was a bad idea.

A short fic about Alec not having great timing in using pick up lines on Magnus.

Shooting Pool by @malec-is-pretty

Magnus and Alec go on their date and a simple game of pool gets them a little wound up.

Somewhere safe to finally break by onefootintheboilinghotlava

With the war finally over, Magnus had time to be alone and his mind decided to bring up all the things and people he had lost in the war at once. At his own loft, with his two beloved cats sleeping soundly, Magnus broke down……

Tampons and Concealer? By onefootintheboilinghotlava

So Izzy sent Alec to get tampons and concealer…Alec was standing in the drugstore, not even sure where to begin, when a handsome stranger offered to help.

That’s your cue by @theleftboobgrabber

“Keep your hands to yourself,” Alec tells Magnus apropos of nothing.

Magnus frowns. “I’m on the other side of the table!” he protests… not that he wasn’t thinking about some light groping per say, but they’re in public, Alec might not be into it and, while he’s good at concealing it, Magnus does have manners. Sometimes.

My take on Magnus and Alec’s date.

The Choices of the Chosen by KouriArashi

The day after his 21st birthday, Alec is sent to the demonic court as a gladiator, where he makes both friends and enemies … along with meeting Magnus Bane, who doesn’t seem to fit in either category.

The Only Magic I Believe In (Is The Magic I Receive From Loving You) by @delilahbelle

Or, four gifts Alec gives Magnus.

“No one’s ever done anything like that for me before.”

Alec’s face softens. “Well, I’m going to do it for as long as I’m alive. So get used to it.”

The Second Kiss by @simonseroticfriendfiction

“So here we are.” Magnus said, taking a step closer to Alec.

Alec gulped and took a deep breath in through his nose. “Yeah, here we are.” He squeezed his fingers nervously in his fists as he caught Magnus glancing towards his lips. “I-I suppose you want me to kiss you?” He stuttered, voice faltering.

This Christmas (You’re Someone Special) by vulturemonem 

Last Christmas, Magnus Bane had his heart broken.

Again, and again, and again.

And he didn’t think it would be mended anytime soon. He certainly didn’t think he’d be ready to let anybody in. Until a beautiful boy walks into his shop, and steals his breath with shy glances, kind words, and a fantastic coffee machine.

Maybe this Christmas will be better.

Or: In which Camille is awful, Ragnor and Raphael are an old married couple, and Magnus can’t help but be enamoured by Alec Lightwood.

This Night Is Not Forever by @isabellebiwoods

Alec Lightwood is a happily settled down man in a loving, caring relationship. But things weren’t always that way… and once upon a time, Alec used his Valentine’s Day to celebrate the spirit of the night as much as possible.

aka. world inverted legendary lothario alec lightwood

Too Much is Never Enough by Obsessivecompulsivereadr

They are on opposite edges of the same ideal. Alec so young, and Magnus so much older. Alec a blessed acolyte of the Angel, Raziel. Magnus the abandoned son of the Greater Demon, Asmodeus. Magnus with so much more unimportant and irrelevant experience, and Alec with none. They could not be more different if they tried, and yet, they are also the same. A matched set of uncertainty and inability to accept that someone might want them for exactly who they are.

Top Three by @nebulein

So.” Alec flops back onto the bed, sprawled in a lazy heap on his back, sated and boneless. Magnus is already lying on his belly, basking in the afterglow, and he surreptitiously steals closer, burrowing against Alec’s side. “Best sex of my life.”

Magnus hums, resting his head on his arms, revelling in the thrill those words send through him.

“Or, well,” Alec hazardously waves an arm around, “easily in the top three.”

Magnus giggles. He has no idea where that came from. It’s uncharacteristic for him. Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn is usually much too dignified to giggle. But then Alec turns his head and grins at Magnus, lopsided and loopy but brilliant, oh so brilliant, warming Magnus from the inside out and maybe this is exactly the kind of situation which calls for a giggle, so Magnus will allow it. Just this once.

“How about you?”

Twenty-One-Year-Old Alec Lightwood by Obsessivecompulsivereadr

Alec tries not to want Magnus, but it goes about as well as all those other things Alec’s tried not to want throughout the years. Which is… badly

Warm In Your Light by @actuallyredorchid

It’s far too easy, letting himself be swept away.

(S02E07 missing scene)

We must choose to reach out and touch by Ambros

Magnus holds out his hand, a silver chain running around his middle finger and wrist, and Alec doesn’t have the time to process it – to think, doesn’t have the time to realise what’s going to happen because he has to take it and he does, electricity dancing through their fingers and down his back and he tries not to think about it, holds out his own hand for Jace and feels unbalanced; he knows Jace’s touch, remembers it from roughing each other up when they were kids even though he tried to forget it, to turn it into a ghost when he understood, but Magnus’ is new and smooth and unassuming and he feels uncomfortable, doesn’t know what to do with it.

Who Ya Gonna Call? By @menckenschrestomethy

“You have to—“

“Help you?” Magnus filled in dryly.

Or: The Six Times Magnus helped someone, and the one time they try to help him

Will you be my best friend? Will you be my last? by @lightwoodlesbians

or the 'you pretended to be my partner bc my ex wouldn’t stop talking to me’ au

You Are Certainly My Poison of Choice by iktwabrokenbone

So there he was. Midnight, at a party. Preparing himself to do something with a guy. To spend one night getting all of this- this unspeakable desire out of his system. He needed to forget it before he made a mistake and ruined his career, his chances of becoming Head of the New York Institute.

(Alec’s panic attacks were getting worse and worse and maybe if he spent one night with a guy he could get it out of his system, and he could forget being gay and loving Jace. But nothing went that smoothly, so of course Alec’s one night stand had to be Magnus Bane, and they had to keep bumping into each other. It wasn’t like Alec wanted to understand his emotions, anyway.)

For more Malec Fanfics

The nephilim and Team Free Will: future and determinism

This is a post that started out as an analysis of the scenes where Kelly’s and Cas’ eyes glow golden with the power of the nephilim, and ended up a long longer than I planned. My argument is that the nephilim is the new agent of determinism in the show, and somehow I accidentally ended up drawing the conclusion of romantic Destiel. I never do it on purpose but it always happens. (It’s not a post about Destiel. It’s a post about free will and destiny. Go figure.)

Please read this, it took hours to write and I should be writing my thesis instead.

The starting point of my reflection is: is the nephilim exercising a form of mind control over Kelly and Cas? My answer is yes and no. I mean - in the substance, it’s something like that. But I think it comes from a different place than ‘mind control’, and has larger implications in the context of the show.

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Hey LITs! It’s been another great year for this fandom with another amazing season gone and by. And some people have been asking if i’ll be holding the same Shipathon I did last summer, and the answer is an enthusiastic yes!

Last spring, me (queerseth) and some other LITs had the idea to spread a celebration of all of our wonderful ships over three months, since three is the magic number, and it also leads up perfectly to when the show will return in the fall! Just like last year, this year’s Shipathon will be taking place over the summer and into the fall, from the start of July to the end of September. 

Each week has a designated ship/relationship/group of relationships, and for each week you can do whatever you want to celebrate that relationship - gifs, videos, writing, edits, playlists, just posting about what you like about that relationship! We tried to be as inclusive as possible!

Just like last year, the ships are chosen based off of what is most prevalent in the show and in the fandom. This fandom isn’t very big, so trust me when we tell you, we know it like the back of our hand. But if you have a ship that isn’t included, remember that this is only a guideline for a general celebration of ships and you can post about whatever rare ship you want! Just remember to tag it with #librariansshipathon so that we can all see it, find it, and so that I can reblog it to this blog, which will serve as a kind of archive. 

With 5 months until July still, I’m posting this now to give us all as much time as possible to prepare! Last year we had less time but it still went off wonderfully, let’s see what we can do this year, to fill the void of the hiatus!

NOTE: This isn’t just about romance! You can appreciate the dynamics between these characters in any way you want! Please respect everyone’s ships and interpetations, no hate here!

Week 1 -  July 1-7 -  Eve/Flynn

Week 2 - July 8-14 - Cassandra/Estrella, Cassandra/Lamia, Cassandra/Any minor female character 

Week 3 - July 15-21- Jenkins/Cassandra, Jenkins/Ezekiel, Jenkins/Jake

Week 4 - July 22-28 - Cindy/Ezekiel

Week 5 - July 29 - August 5 - Jake/Ezekiel

Week 6 - August 6-12 - Flynn/Ezekiel, Flynn/Cassandra, Flynn/Jake

Week 7 - August 13-19 - Cassandra/Eve, Jake/Eve, Ezekiel/Eve

Week 8 - August 20 - 26 - Flynn/Moriarty

Week 9 - August  27 - September 2 - Cassandra/Ezekiel

Week 10 - September 3 - 9 - Jake/Cassandra/Ezekiel

Week 11 - September 10 - 16 - Jake/Cassandra

Week 12 - September 17 - 23 - Eve/Moriarty

Week 13 - September 24 - 30 - Flynn/Eve/Moriarty

Mon-El v Lena, Maggie and Lillian

So, TV Line has elected Mon-El from Supergirl as the Best New Character on an established drama series in 2016. I do not have anything against Mon-El and I do believe that he can become a very interesting character on the second part of Supergirl’s current season. However, the decision to elect a best new character cannot be based on the potential said character has for the future, but on what he has done so far. So, let’s take a look at Mon-El and three other new character on Supergirl, shall we?


  • Was found in a Kryptonian Pod and ran from the DEO as soon as he woke up.
  • Attacked a man in order to force him to send a message to Daxam
  • He got judged wrongly by Kara for being from Daxam, but didn’t really do much to change her view of him in the beginning
  • Did not want to take a job or try to learn how to be human to fit in
  • Acted like a party boy at CatCo. He gave all his work to Eve, used her credit card and fucked her in a supply room
  • He did not want to take any responsibility even for himself
  • He helped The Guardian fight the Parasite
  • He invited himself to L-Corp’s party (rude)
  • He clearly lied about who he really is and what really happened in Daxam before he got in the Pod
  • He only tried to be better after Kara talked to him constantly about this

Conclusion: he did not do anything really important and, except for the fact that he seems to be keeping a secret about whom he really is, he has no more depth of character.

Now, let’s see other three new characters on Supergirl’s second season:

Lena Luthor

  • Carries the surname Luthor which automatically makes everyone distrusts her.
  • Was unjustly accused of being behind the Venture explosion just because of the name Luthor and was proved innocent when Superman and Supergirl realized she was the target of the attack
  • Renamed her company in order to distance it from the evil image created by her brother, even though she knew that Lex had people trying to kill her for him because of this
  • She did not hesitate to kill the man who was trying to kill her and save Alex
  • Helped Supergirl with useful information that could land her in the bad side of some very powerful people by giving the address to the alien fight club.
  • She didn’t shy away from the threat of a gang using alien weaponry given to them by Cadmus and devised a way to destroy them, setting a trap for the gang and eliminating the problem almost single-handedly.
  • When presented with the possibility that her mother was the leader of Cadmus she didn’t ignore Supergirl’s words, instead she confronted her mother and, finding out that it was true, she set a trap to her mother avoiding the genocide of all aliens in National City and sending her own mother to prison.

Conclusion: Lena is a bad-ass woman with incredible talent not only for business, but also technology. She has a good heart and is trying to prove that although her surname is Luthor she does not share the hate and madness that runs in the family.

Okay, another new character.

Maggie Sawyer

  • She is a detective for NCPD who gives Alex, a DEO agent, a little lesson on not contaminating crime scenes in her very first appearance
  • She figures out the place the alien suspected of trying to kill the US President was and got there before the DEO could, even though she has none of the DEO’s technology at her disposal
  • She has a great source of information with the aliens in the alien bar and they trust her
  • She helps Alex and the DEO find and end the alien fight club
  • She is openly gay and does not give a shit about what people think of her
  • She is extremely understanding and patient with Alex when she comes out to her and tries to help the best she can
  • She does not shy away from action even when it means getting shot by an alien
  • She gets the girl, gets shot and yet, doesn’t die

Conclusion: Maggie is a self-assured, strong woman who is not afraid of danger and is constantly throwing herself in the line of fire in order to do her job well, but she also has a soft side and can be a friend and lend a hearing ear when necessary.

And last, but not least:

Lillian Luthor

  • She is a mother that is trying to make the world a better and safer place for her children, however misguided her ideas might be
  • She is the leader of an organization that escaped detection even from the DEO for a long time
  • She managed to kidnap Supergirl and actually make her temporarily powerless so she could hurt her and get her blood to access the Fortress of Solitude
  • She managed to get her hands on the Medusa virus and would have killed all aliens in National City if Lena had not interfered

Conclusion: She may be a force of evil, but she is a powerful and complex woman with strong arguments in favor of her anti-alien actions even if we cannot agree with her.

So why did Mon-El win the title of best new character? Easy, because he is the white heterosexual male who gets to kiss the girl. TV Line’s decision to elect him the best new character undermines the amazing work that has been done so far by Supergirl. This show is about strong women who are not afraid to be themselves, work hard and succeed on their own terms. And yet, TV Line seems to believe that a playboy was the best new character the show had to offer on its second season. Shame on you TV Line.

She Should Be
  • **221B Baker Street. Sherlock and Archie are sitting on the couch, with his laptop on the coffee table in front of them. Rosie is dozing in her Moses basket next to Sherlock.**
  • Archie: *browses through crime scene photos* Is Dr Hooper coming over?
  • Sherlock: *on his phone* Yes. *glances at Archie with a smile* Molly's promised to bring a heart after work. We're experimenting on it once your parents pick you up.
  • Archie: *nods* My mum watches this show called 'Murdoch Mysteries'. It's about Detective Murdoch, who's like you if you were a Canadian copper in the old-timey era.
  • Sherlock: What kind of 'old-timey' era? Regency? Victorian? Edwardian?
  • Archie: Victorian, I think.
  • Sherlock: *types on his phone* What about this Murdoch character?
  • Archie: He uses new, scientific methods to solve murders, just like on 'CSI'. But his methods are only called that cos they're in the Victorian era and his boss prefers old-school ways of solving murders.
  • Sherlock: *puts his phone down next to his laptop* What does that have to do with Molly coming over later?
  • Archie: Detective Murdoch has a girlfriend. She looks at the corpses at crime scenes and works on them at the morgue to find out what killed them and stuff. They get along great as friends. She supports him all the time, and he trusts her skills and knowledge. She helps him out a lot too. Dr Ogden's like Dr Hooper. That's why she's your girlfriend!
  • Sherlock: *stares at Archie* Molly isn't my girlfriend!
  • Archie: *turns to Sherlock* She's not?! *stares at the photo of a severed head* *frowns* Oh. *glances at Sherlock and shrugs* She should be.
  • Molly: *walks in carrying a small cooler* Hello, boys! *looks sheepish when Rosie starts to fuss* Whoops! *goes over to the basket to pick up the crying baby* Sorry, Rosie!
  • Sherlock: *stands up* *takes the cooler from Molly* She'll need feeding soon, so I'll go warm her bottle.
  • Sherlock & Molly: *work together to change Rosie's nappies, feed her, and put her back to sleep*
  • Archie: *opens folder of more gruesome photos* *mumbles to himself* Yep, she's his girlfriend.
  • **Later, after the Watsons and Archie's parents pick up the kids.**
  • Sherlock: *gathers Molly in his arms and kisses her*
  • Molly: *kisses him back after a moment* *gives him a shocked look when they come up for air* Wh-what was that for?!
  • Sherlock: *smirks* Archie helped me realise something.
  • Molly: Realise what?
  • Sherlock: That you should be my girlfriend. Or wife, if you pref––Mmmmmmmph!
  • Molly: *snogs the daylights out of him*

anonymous asked:

Can you do 1, 8, 15, 16? Lovee you

1. “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”

8. “Go to hell.”

15. “It doesn’t matter. You’ve moved on and I have to be okay with that.”

16. “Do you wish things had happened differently?”



Four months was a long time. The seasons had changed from the bitter dry cold of January to the damp mildness of April. I thought the warmth might make things better, but the melting of snow just revealed the dead grass underneath, the litter that had piled up and been hidden by the white of winter. Things were the same.

We’d broken up on New Year’s Day. New Year’s Eve was a confusing blur of overwhelming crowds and saying the wrong thing and missing the midnight kiss. I was crying on a curb when the ball dropped. I don’t know where Shawn was. The next morning we met up at a small coffee shop and he broke up with me in the corner booth, by the window. We’d drifted apart, he claimed. Neither of us felt the same way we did when we started going out three years earlier. We had to grow up. He had to focus on his music, I had to focus on school. Or so he told me. I wasn’t really listening though. I was stuck wondering when he’d figured this all out. Was there a specific moment he realized he didn’t love me anymore? Did he wake up in a cold sweat wondering why he was still sleeping beside me? Surely he’d dwelled on this decision for a while, so when did he come to a conclusion? How many times did he look me in the eye and tell me he loved me since realizing he didn’t anymore? Four months later and I was still dwelling on that.

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Inch by Inch

[I got a request! Actually I got two requests in the same day, I couldn’t believe it. I’ll be working on the other one next, and I, ugh, I just hope their good. I picture it in my head and I can see it but I don’t know….But enjoy!]

“ – and after that he just wouldn’t stop laughing. I swear those boys are crazy, they have to get it from Will’s side of the family.”

You laughed, watching the screen of JJ’s phone as she showed a video of Henry making silly faces at Michael; the little toddler waving his chubby arms and squealing in delight with each contortion.  

“It’s so adorable, Henry was made to be a big brother. Thinking about having another one soon? Maybe a little girl this time so Garcia and I have someone to dress up and have tea parties with finally?”

You and Garcia had talked about that while JJ was pregnant with Michael. Both of you fantasizing over the clothes and toys you could buy for a baby girl. But with the bulge of shock coming from JJ’s eyes you knew that possibility was a ways away.

“I think I’m good for right now on the baby front. Maybe you two could just dress up each other. Right Spence?”


Glancing over next to you, Spencer blinked his eyes blearily. “Have you slept at all during this case?”

Child abductions had been happening in a small area of Wisconsin, and with no similarities between victims, Spencer had been the one to piece together that though they had no physical similarities, the children were all on the same medication. Leading them to the unsub which was the doctor that had prescribed them. But during that time you doubted the genius had used his bed even once, now beginning to nod in and out on the jet.

“I slept some. Just really tired now that it’s over.”

“Want a blanket?”

“No, no I’m good, thanks.”

JJ’s eyes crinkled. “Well, you need to be a little careful there, Spence, with the way you’re swaying you’re going to bop into Y/N’s skull.”

“Oh, hush, he’s fine. Go back to sleep, Spencer.”


“Oh, he’s gone.”

You laughed. “I’d say so. Hey, pass me some of those Cheetos.”

“You have three steps to the kitchen, get your own.”

“Don’t be like that, JJ, I always share with you. I’m only asking for a few – oh.”

During your debacle Spencer had decided to face plant onto your shoulder, and like JJ had predicted the thud of his skull had sent a sharp signal of pain up to you.

“How did he not wake up from that?”

“I have no clue. Should we wake him?”

You shook your head. “No harm in letting him lay there. Kind of feels nice if you discount the bruise I’ll have tomorrow.”

With that the two of you carried on your conversation, sneaking a few Cheetos from JJ’s bag while discussing where the next team dinner should be. Until you felt a Spencer moving next to you, in almost slow motion you watched as Spencer begin curling up against you, his body moving in closer to you.


“Want to move him now?”

Honestly, you didn’t. His chest pressed alongside your arm, his breath a millimeter from your ear, you could even feel his lips moving near it though nothing intelligible could be heard. He was warm, and he smelled nice, his hair somehow smelled spicy, woodsy.

Cinnamon. How the hell did he get his hair to smell like cinnamon?

Not unless one of the baristas attacked him with one of their seasonal flavors, it didn’t seem logical. But it fit him. It was nice and though JJ’s eyes stared at you in an incredulous amusement you pretended like nothing was out of the ordinary.

“So, I was thinking we’d spend Christmas Eve with the team and Christmas day with –“

And again, Spencer’s spastic motion cut you off. But this time…

“Oooh, I see Pretty Ricky copping a feel over there.”

Great, now Morgan knew what was going on. You huffed, carefully moving Spencer’s hand away from your chest only to have him flop it back in your lap.

“I think he like’s you, your body is like a magnet to him.”

Damn you and your baritone chuckle, Morgan.

JJ was covering her mouth to hide her smile. “I don’t think he’d be offended if you woke him.”

Before you could answer the hand began to shift and squeeze, tugging you closer to him.

“Hmmm, Y/N.”

With Morgan’s laughter the rest of the everyone’s attention was drawn to you, and you had no idea what to do.

“Tell you what Y/N, if you can last with him on you like that I’ll give you fifty bucks.”

Well, thanks Emily.

You still wouldn’t move him, not even out of liking it now. It was more of a point to make. It didn’t bother you, but them thinking it bothered you, bothered you. By the time you were getting ready to land Spencer had folded himself nearly across your lap, his face pressed into the thin fabric of your shirt, which you could feel a small wetness from what you guessed was him drooling. His arms encircled your waist fully now while one of his legs had tangled with yours. In short, the two of you looked like a mutant pretzel.

“Pretty Boy! Rise and shine! Come greet us and look at the mess you’re in.”

The yelling and the jolt of the jet making contact with the ground was enough to get Spencer to open his eyes. Blinking slowly before becoming large when he realized his position.

“Sleep well, Spence?”

The jeers were enough to get you to roll your eyes, as you patted Spencer’s knee in attempt to tell him it was all right. Everyone filing out before the two of you.

“I guess, you won, Y/N.”

You glared up at Emily as she tossed a fifty in your lap. With the two of you remaining Spencer fidgeted with his hands as he looked to you.

“What did you win?”

“Not waking you up while you did your yoga poses on me.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N. Are you mad at me?”

“Not really. Though you do get that they’re going to find out about us pretty soon now.”

“Probably, is that a bad thing?”

“No, I don’t think so, I just wanted to tell them in a better way than you slobbering on me.”

“I do not –“

Giving him a pointed look his mouth clapped shut. “Fine, I just, I can’t help it, you know? Whenever you’re next to me, my body knows somehow that you’re near and wants to be close to you.”

Giving his cheek a kiss, you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend’s neck. “My body likes your body close, it’s the reason I didn’t throw you off.”

SERVAMP Festival Fanreport (2/5) (Night)

Take note this report contains only the night session. Noon session can be found HERE. And since it will be made into a DVD (that will be released on 28th June), it will be considered spoilers if you are intending to get the DVD so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to! My report may or may not be a little Kimura Ryohei/Greed pair-centric since I unconsciously focus on them most of the time.

I should also mention that it might not be 100% accurate as it is based off from memory, so sorry if I mess up! I’ll only write what I can remember.
And also because I fail at English and suck at writing a report it probably turned out being messier than I thought it would be…….sorry.

※Also, just a light heads up that the night session contains quite a bit of ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモぉ… tension and fanservice (a lot of hugging too) so if you’re uncomfortable with things like that please read with care..(or skip it wholly if you just can’t stand it)

It’ll get pretty lengthy so I’m placing everything under a cut!! ↓↓

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My Check, Please! Survey Paper has finally been completed (and graded 0_0)

thank you again to all the contributors, some of the stuff you guys wrote genuinely made me cry. the way you all opened up about your feelings and life experiences just reminds me why we all love this comic so much. 

the good news is… i got a 95%!!! and my professor recommended that since this paper had a 5 page limit (i still wrote 6 *cough* nerd *cough*) i should revisit the topic for a senior seminar paper once i have the chance to do some even more extensive research!! remind me again how i lucked out into a major that allows me to do research papers on our gay hockey hell?

anyway, i *THINK* i have everyone on this list (except for a few people who for some reason i wasn’t able to tag and will be DMing), so if i forgot anyone i am incredibly sorry and i still appreciate you!!! here’s the list of bloggers who answered my survey questions, and the paper is below the read more. let me know what you guys think, and what i should talk about in my next paper! 

@des-zimbits, @itsacpsideblog, @omgpieplease, @tdkeh, @bittysbetterbootybureau, @ittybittyzimmermann, @thehockeyhaus, @kent-parsons-cowlick, @star-of-the-anime, @ladymajavader, @tahleeur, @thatlittleauberginebitch, @accidentallyblah, @emilyisabadger, @freelancertexas, @dragonsspire, @piesandfalcs, @long-live-the-crystal-princess, @cryingfandomtrash, @irritatedismymiddlename, @miscgays, @myonetruebutt, @beejohnlocked, @chilldexie, @striffyisme, @tomuchfangirling, @silverthroatednightingale, @taeldonkyriin, @cabeswaterswolf, @mycroftholmesiscuteaf, @offbrandratatouillemovie, @welcometothebakaparade, @addicted-to-t-e-a, @whothehellisjessicajones, @oonabashed, @blushing-bumblebee, @fancychopsticks, @melancholydandelion, @dauphinedolphin, @bubblegumbaseballboy, @ravenofathena, @believememylove, @bittybaking, @enzoctopus, @thequeerkhaleesi, @earthbender-nursey, @jewishtango, @wetwellie, @sadquebecois, @peypeymh, @awfulruby, @mkaybuddy, @redporkpadthai, @jazzisabatmanfan, @connor-mcbaevid, @klimpaloon-loves-superwholock, @eve-baird, @bakingsouthernbelle, @ohjustletmewriteinpeace, @omg-bannana

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the progression (and regression) of first names

hurt/comfort, mini casefile, msr ust

first in a series of fics accompanying my x files rewatch this summer. (technically this is cheating since i’m already on season 2, but whatever, i wanted to do this.) spoilers for beyond the sea, lazarus, young at heart, darkness falls, and tooms. some of these sequences are partially borrowed from chapters 4 and 5 of half-light, but i liked them so i kept them. (it is not necessary to read half-light to understand this fic.) also dedicated to my recent trip to dc; you haven’t lived til you’ve hobbled around museums and memorials on aching feet from walking too much.

warning for passing mentions of murders/death

Scully spends New Year’s Eve in a hospital room: “Because my life isn’t depressing enough,” she laments to Melissa on the phone, and Missy tries to laugh like it’s funny but it’s not. They are in mourning; their father is dead, their mother is all to pieces, and Charlie didn’t come to the funeral. Bill and Melissa are staying with their mother in Baltimore. They wanted Dana to come too, but Dana has never been one to show emotions around other people. “I need to work,” she’d told Mulder, and it was the truth. The sad thing is that Mulder getting shot has given her the perfect excuse to hide, here in North Carolina where she thought everything would matter less. 

(It doesn’t. Boggs yanked her out of hiding by her ankle, wouldn’t let her rest. She doesn’t go to Boggs’ execution because she’s afraid to believe. She’s afraid of what he’ll tell her. She hides in Mulder’s hospital room because it’s easier, but he won’t let her hide, either. He calls her Dana and touches her shoulder and she shrinks into herself like a crumpled piece of paper. He knows her too well; she is the pathologist, but he would be just as good with a scalpel. He has a way of bringing hidden things to the surface.)

There’s a pathetic TV in Mulder’s room and they watch the ball drop in Times Square on it. Mulder’s on pain medications, which make him goofier; he counts along with the spectators in Times Square with a glazed-over look in his eyes. Scully watches in silence, hands knotting in her lap. She’s had plenty of good New Year’s Eve memories to stock up over the year - she spent the last one with Ethan, tipsy from champagne and giggling hysterically when he kissed her, teeth bumping together - but the only one she can think of now is the first year she was allowed to stay up til midnight, at nine. (She and Missy had snuck out on the back porch minutes away from midnight and sat on the step, watching the stars. She’d tipped her head up to the sky, mittened hands pressing into her knees when she felt the pressure of her father’s hand on her head and turned to look at him. “It’s a new year now, Starbuck,” he’d told her seriously. “It’s your chance to start over, to make your life whatever you want it to be.”) Scully blinks hard to stop the onslaught of tears and reaches for the tissues she’d crumpled in her pocket. 

“Hey, Scully,” Mulder says, touching her wrist. “Scully. Are you okay? Are you sad again?”

He’s high as a kite, Scully thinks wryly. “I’m fine,” she says, scraping her fingertips under her eyes. Maybe she should take some time off with Mulder after this case, give herself some time to recover so she won’t be crying all over the place every case. “I just… memories. You know how it is.” And with his sister, he must know. 

Mulder rests his head against her shoulder. “It’s 1994,” he slurs into her jacket. “Anything can happen now, Scully; make a wish.”

“I’m pretty sure you’ve got the wrong holiday,” she tells him. 

He points to the TV where a couple is kissing, confetti falling down on them like rain. “We should do that,” he says, raising his head to look at her. “In honor of the New Year.” 

For a half-second, she considers it. He’s been more affectionate with her over time; something shifted with them, in Alaska. Something had made them stronger. He’s called her Dana three times now. He tried to comfort her. She remembers him kissing that ex-girlfriend, Phoebe. She’s wondered how he kisses before. 

Then she reconsiders. Considers the consequences. She’s broken enough Bureau policy this year, she thinks. She is grieving, not in her right mind, and he’s on pain meds, he might not remember a thing tomorrow. She rolls her eyes and says, “Go find a nurse, Mulder.”

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Pastel Blue - Taeyong x Reader - Superpower [Reader] Royals!AU

Pastel Blue ; Taeyong - Red & Grey ; Johnny

Dedicated to and requested by: the one and only amazing babe @taeyongbelviso ; have the happiest 18th birthday, darling! i love you so much <3

Word Count: 2329

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of death and emotional parental abuse, Poverty

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Superpowers, Royals!AU

Your parents were afraid for the kingdom’s future.

When you had been born, you had brought joy to everyone, and they all couldn’t wait until you grew up.

You were going to be the best heir to the throne; everybody knew that your mother, the Queen, could no longer bear any children, leaving you to be the only one left to rule the lands when the time was to come.

Then came your ninth birthday. 

You had been out with your parents in the royal carriage, passing through the villages before the dawn of winter in an attempt to give the people hope to get through the harsh conditions that always seemed to accompany that bitter season.

During the past few years, the snow and ice that had appeared around the kingdom had begun to thicken and fall in a much more steady and alarming manner, worrying everybody as to whether the weak and poor could survive the cold, much less keep their offspring safe and well-fed.

It was at Christmas Eve, right after your tour around the villages had ended, that you had discovered what you really were.

You were always locked inside the palace, the King and Queen afraid for your health during such times because they could not risk the future of their rule to a sickly child.

In fear of having you hurt or influenced by those who lived outside the castle, your parents had the guards keep you under constant surveillance, watching your every move and preventing you from leaving.

They brought you tutors to help you master the refinery of manners and the finest arts that all Royals had to possess knowledge of, and by the time you were nine, you spoke like a forty year old in a child’s body.

You had been isolated, with no friends your age, or any at all, for that matter. Your tutors were changed periodically so they could remain strict with you and not form any bonds or attachments. Your guards were changed up every fortnight to make sure they did not grow a soft spot for you.

And the King and Queen?

They saw you during the Holidays, such as the very Christmas Eve that ruined your life when you were nine.

There were other people whom you were not familiar with at that gathering, and your father had been discussing agricultural expansions with a man when you had decided to eaves drop on their conversation, your ears perking up at the topic at hand.

“My Liege,” said the man hesitantly, “you cannot expect all those farmers to simply leave their women and children and work all of harvesting season of the next year; they cannot do it.”

“And why is it that you think so?” your father had replied, clearly irritated at the lack of festivity in the conversing man’s voice.

“Their spirits would not let them get through the times unattended to by their families, it is just impossible, my King!”

You did not quite understand the man’s concern, but you did not like your father’s feeling of unsettlement.

Your father’s frown grew more defined, and your skin itched at those man’s words, making you speak up before you could think properly and stop yourself.

“Excuse me, sir, but I am fairly sure that these men are supposed to be well-informed that the efforts they invest in such tedious farming techniques are what keeps their families alive and well throughout such a season as this, do you not agree?”

The whole room had stopped their chatter to look at you indignantly, your mother scoffing and your father turning his head away from you in disgust at your childish behavior.

As though you were not an actual child.

“I will not be belittled by a child, regardless of your status,” fumed the man, attempting to maintain his composure in front of the audience gathered in the ballroom.

You were going to speak up and hastily apologize for your actions when your father spoke.

“Go back to your room. We will not be celebrating any festivities together for another year. I duly hope you learn your lesson.”

You felt betrayed. 

How could he, your own father who only saw you almost three times a year, be so cruel when all you wanted to do was defend him?

So you lost your temper and let out a scream of frustration.

And the entire room turned into ice, furniture and drinks and all.


Shocked silence that seemed to last an eternity and a second too long before somebody broke it.

“Freak!” shouted the woman seated closest to the Queen, and everybody was at their feet almost instantly, some of them slipping on the icy floor.

“Y/N, what have you done?” cried your mother, a look colder than the floor masking her face.

“I’m sorry! I-I didn’t mean to-!”

But you were cut off.

“Guards, this child will not leave their quarters or meet with anybody who has not been assigned directly by myself until I declare otherwise.”

The King. 

His glare sent you a clear message, his expression stoic and ashen hard.

“You have shamed us all.”

You spent the next two years loathing your parents, screaming and stopping whenever it sent shrilly notes that bounced off the walls and rebounded with ice.

Your tutors stopped coming, and you were bombarded by one hundred books that you had to read by the end of each year.

You didn’t want to touch them for the first year, but you soon grew bored and realized you were not getting anywhere as long as your father lived to dictate your fate.

The guards were not allowed to converse with you, so you began talking to yourself in order to maintain proper communication skills, and you could hear them whispering amongst themselves when they thought you were sleeping or dozed off, speaking of the heir to the throne that had lost their bearings and threatened the future.

Word had not gotten out amongst the villagers - the King had made sure that the situation was contained.

He and the Queen searched endlessly for a doctor. A magician. A witch. 


Anybody who could fix the you who was never broken.

Your interest in books took a slight twist when you happened across a romance novel when you were older, a little past seventeen now.

You had always avoided the genre, the flashbacks of your parents giving you anything but the love and support you’d always yearned for. But this one book seemed to steal your attention, and you sat down to read.

A few hours later and the book was already over, angering you and making you run around the library, looking for more as you talked yourself down about missing out on such a wonderful story all these years.

For the following few months, you had engrossed yourself in the romance, reading every book on it that you could find and dreaming of your own one true love.

It was a winter morning when you were walking past the kitchen and almost fell through an unlocked door underneath the carpet in the dining hall. Surprised, you realized that the dining table had been moved for maintenance for a few hours and it usually covered this spot, hence why you’d never noticed it before.

You snuck into the kitchen, taking a few loaves of bread with you before heading through the door and covering your tracks, wondering where you would go.

And it led you outside, and it brought forth your tears.

You touched the snow fearlessly for the first time, not even feeling the harsh stinging of the wind over your pure ecstasy and joy.

So you started on a trail, making sure your footprints weren’t easily discernible by the guards as you headed towards the closest village, its fires burning softly in the distance.

It grew colder the longer you walked, but you couldn’t seem to care.

The roads were all deserted, not a soul in sight.

Walking the streets of the village, you came across a shambled house with the door ajar, the wails of a boy sounding through the harsh wind.

“Mother, please hang on. I will find you something to eat, please just last a little longer. You can’t leave me, too, mother.”

You rushed into the house before you could think twice and brought forth the loaves of bread you had snuck out of your kitchen.

“Here,” you said impatiently, already picking at some bread, “help me feed her this.”

The boy looked at you, eyes wide and mouth open, absolutely confused.

“Now!” you urged, feeding the sickly woman in front of you who seemed to claw at your hand for the bread, devouring it instantly.

“Please slow down, ma’am, or you might choke or upset your stomach,” you fussed, worried.

“Hey,” you turned to look at the boy, who still sat their in shock, “close the door before she freezes.”

His legs were moving instantly as he jammed the door shut, throwing more firewood into the burning embers and lighting them once more for warmth.

He, too, looked rather on the skinny side, so you gave him a separate loaf. “Have some yourself, you look like you might get sick, too.”

He nodded silently, biting slowly into his bread like he couldn’t believe it was there and beginning to chew on the freshly baked food.

The woman fell asleep shortly, and you were left with the boy.

“Are you an angel?” he asked later.

You laughed. “No, I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Taeyong,” he replied, eyebrows furrowed.

“It’s nice to meet you, Taeyong.”

It was then that the two of you properly looked at each other, your cheeks heating up as you realized how good looking he was.

“Where is your father?” you asked, trying to focus on anything but his face.

“Mother thinks he’s dead. They sent him to farm the last harvest but nobody’s heard from him since.”

Your heart shattered. “Oh, no. I’m so sorry. Why can’t anyone tell you of his whereabouts?”

“The King doesn’t allow it. He’s taken almost all the men to work for him. I am almost nineteen, he’ll take me soon enough, too, and then mother will be left all by herself.”

“My father did this?”

The shock returned to his face. “I knew your name sounded familiar, you’re the lost heir to the throne!”

It was your turn to be confused. “What do you mean, lost?”

“Everyone thinks that the King and Queen cannot find you and that you’ve run away. The King’s been sick for a while now, so more people have been searching for you in hopes to end his horrifying reign.”

“I didn’t run away, the King locked me up,” you answered simply, voice emotionless and unfeeling as your parents’ hearts.

“Why would anybody do that? You’re so kind,” he reasoned, baffled.

So you told him what happened, just the way it is.

“That sounds even more horrible than my life,” he said miserably, on the verge of tears.

“How could you possibly say that? They’re letting you starve, Taeyong,” you replied sincerely.

“Yes, but I still have my family. You never had one.”

And then you did something you never thought yourself capable of doing in the presence of another being.

You cried your eyes dry.

From that day on, you always found some time to sneak off and meet with Taeyong and his mother, always bringing them food and giving as much as you could to the other villagers as well, refusing to tell anybody who you truly were.

Your relationship with Taeyong grew, and you could tell from that very first day that you had his heart just as much as he had yours.

It was a few sunrises after your eighteenth birthday when your father passed away from his illness, and the people revolted against the Queen’s rule, demanding the rightful heir to the throne.

Finally realizing that she would leave the kingdom in its own ruins otherwise, your mother called upon your guards and asked them to prepare you for your coronation, which was to be held in a day’s notice.

You requested from the guard bringing you your outfit that he send a similar one to Taeyong, and that all the nearby villagers were to be invited.

The morning of the coronation, you saw your mother again for the first time in eight years and a half.

“These people do not know you,” she had sneered, attempting to get a rise out of you.

“On the contrary, I think they might know me more so than you assume to be true,” you answered simply.

“With that attitude, you will remain as alone and unfeeling as you always have been.”

“That’s okay, I’ve already found someone.” It took her by surprise, to say the least.

“Yes, I’m sure they’ll be fond of your nature,” she added, stressing on the last word in order to emphasize the issue at hand.

“He is. Finds it quite charming, actually.”

Those were the last words you ever spoke to your mother, and you had earned a standing ovation when you stepped forth to claim the crown you had always been destined for, the villagers whose lives you had saved recognizing you instantly.

“Long live Y/N, Ruler of the lands!”

You would recognize that voice anywhere. 

That melodic sound that you had gotten so dearly accustomed to.

The orchestra began to play as everybody took their stances and began to waltz, and Taeyong walked over to you, looking stunningly ethereal in his matching pastel blue dress clothes.

His smile was endearing, and he extended his hand to you so you could take it.

“May I have this dance?” he asked lowly, whispering it into your ear.

“You may have all of them,” you replied breathlessly, letting him lead you to the middle of the ballroom as the two of you began to waltz.

Who’s your daddy Waverly Earp

So in season one everyone knows by now Bobo dropped the bomb that Waverly is not actually an Earp (by blood bc shes the Earpiest Earp of them all gdi)

 Throughout the series was creepily affectionate to Waverly like he was Willa, he was one of the other people to give Waverly any attention as a kid. He seemingly knew 100% that Waverly wasn’t an Earp by birth and he even his Wave from “his love” Willa. He really had no reason to do that and at the time it struck me as odd (now we know why. nice job wynonna)

We’ve also got:

  • Killer Miller in episode 2 telling Waverly: “Bobo will be sad to lose you little sister”
  • Doc in episode 2 as well: “It’s a shame a pretty little thing like you never gets to leave”
  • Gus telling Waverly to “unstick those wings of hers” implying that Waverly has stayed in Purgatory her whole life
  • in fact she never went away to college, she took online courses but every bit of information we’re given points to the fact that Waverly has never left the Ghost River Triangle

Waverly being part revenant falls perfectly in line with her mom leaving her, her dad ignoring her, and Willa treating her like shit. So. If Waverly is part revenant, what does that mean for Wynonna’s quest to break the Earp Curse? The heir has to send all the revenants back to hell right?

We know Daddy Earp had been colluding with Bobo to break the Earp Curse in a different way, but we’re never given a reason why. Ward Earp was a shitty dad to Waverly (inattentive, forgot her birthday, etc.) but probably not shitty enough to kill a child… So instead he tries to make a deal with Bobo that goes awry and Bobo takes Willa away and grooms her in an attempt to have another Earp heir who will willingly cross the boundary with him to end the curse.

 We saw how that all went to complete and total shit though when a giant tentacle beast tried to rampage and a bunch of other demons entered the GRT. However the other thing that was established in the finale was it matters when walking across the boundary is the INTENT of those walking across. Why point that out at all if it was never going to come up again? Because Wynonna crossing the boundary with Waverly would be completely out of love and unselfish and pure and not at all out of selfishness and filled with malice and betrayal like it was with Willa.


  • Waverly who wants so badly to help fight the Earp curse that she spends her time researching the revenants to identify and find them more easily
  • Waverly who wishes that she could take Wynonna’s place instead but has been excluded her whole life
  • SISTERLY BONDS HOLY SHIT I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!! the whole show when it comes down to it centers not on Wynonna being the heir but Wynonna’s relationship with her family. Right now the only family she’s got left really is Waves. Wynonna’s relationship with Waverly is basically the healthiest thing in her life even if it was strained when she first came back to Purgatory. Once Wynonna begins her hero’s journey though Waverly becomes her main source of support. I’m not trying to diminish her relationships with anyone else but even though Doc and Dolls support her there’s a weird love triangle happening there and all three of them just aren’t that great with communicating with each other at times. 
  • Another bullet point for sisterly bonds because even more so now Waverly’s entire existence and protection from Bobo is tied to the weird time loop created when Robert sees Wynonna and Wynonna says Waverly’s name

If Waverly is truly part revenant then as a result her life is tied up into breaking the curse which is literally what she’s always wanted…. just not like this. So we’ll have Wynonna getting rid of revenants as per usual and Waverly will be coming to terms with her heritage but still kicking ass. Because no matter what if she’s part rev she’s still part human, a brilliant strong smart too good too pure cinnamon roll of a human being and if anyone can handle that it’s her. She knows more about revenants than any of them because of all the research she’s done for years. 

Gus’ line telling wave to “unstick those wings of yours” back in 1x09. That’s really stuck with me a lot, aside from the obvious hint of her not leaving the GRT. I think that line had way more meaning then we thought. Based on my very limited knowledge of angels, a child of an angel and human is a nephilim and I used to think that was a huge stretch but the fact that she’s being referenced as an angel now by Bobo and apparently by her mother as well makes me think that maybe it’s a bit more literal than we thought. That plus Wynonna’s creepy possible baby daddy rev said that they’d “be the next Adam and Eve” which is gross but also looks like they were beaten to the punch there.

Bobo’s return though is going to impact this somehow but ultimately I think he’ll be something of an anti-hero. I don’t think it’ll change the way the curse gets broken, but whether or not he’ll be around when it gets broken remains to be seen.

TL:DR- Waverly is part revenant but she’s going to be able to handle it just fine because she’s still an Earp even if not by blood meanwhile wynonna is going to take down the rest of the revenants (Except Bobo???? Haven’t figured out his spot yet) and when that’s finished wynonna and Waverly will walk across the boundary together and it’ll work where it didn’t with Willa because they’ll be walking across with pure intent not malice and the curse will be lifted.

Farkle x Reader

Originally posted by 80smileven

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Character: Farkle Minkus

Request:  Hey can u write a farkle x reader where back in the new year episode when farkle told everyone riles still loved lucas she told everyone farkle loved the reader and idk please

Requested by: anonymous

Word Count:  1,078

* season 2 spoiler alert *


    New Years Eve had been fun, yet awkward. You were invited to join the celebration by Riley and you were having fun, but you couldn’t help but feel the tension between Riley, Farkle, Maya, and Lucas. You weren’t sure 100% what was going on, but you did know that Maya and Riley both liked Lucas. What you didn’t understand was how you ended up playing the Couple’s Game with Farkle as your partner. You were both excited, yet nervous that this came to be. On one hand you got to sit next to your crush, Farkle, on the other, you were sure he could here your heart pounding from the limited space between you two.      

     Smackle and Zay were the only ones missing from the bunch. They both had attended their celebrations elsewhere with their families.    

      During the game, Farkle and you surprised everyone; especially yourselves. You two knew more about each other than anyone had known. You knew his most ticklish spot and he knew the little habits you did when you were stressed or worried. You two realized things about each other that nobody else knew. 

     The game was almost over since the tension had grown even more. Riley drew the last card,” Have you ever kept a secret from somebody you love– game over!” Riley stated slamming the card down on the table surprising everyone. “ Why? Because you know secrets are dangerous?” Farkle questioned her. Riley stood up defensively,” No, Farkle, because it’s almost midnight.” She stated. “ And you know what happens at midnight.” Farkle said while giving Riley a knowing look. “ Okay, it’s time to go up to the roof!” Riley exclaimed rushing towards the door yanking Farkle with her. You all looked at the both of them knowing that they knew something everyone else didn’t. Nevertheless, you all followed them up to the roof where the fireworks would be starting in any minute. The only question left was, who would be together at midnight? 


     “ You dragged me all the way up the stairs. I liked it.” Farkle stated cheerfully as they both stood on the roof of the building. Riley sighed,” Farkle, I just need a little more time-” Farkle cut her off. “ No more time. We made a deal, Riley. We’re not starting off the new year with lies between friends.” Farkle said indefinitely. Riley defended herself,“ I’m lying for my friend, Farkle.” Farkle shook his head,” I don’t think you know what you’re doing. I don’t think she knows what she’s doing.” He stated. “ Do you know? What about Y/N, Farkle? You haven’t told her you like her.” Riley questioned him. “ I’m sorry, RIley. This is all new for me too. I’ll tell Y/N when I feel like its the right time. All I know is that we should all tell each other the truth.” Riley tilted her head to the side and sighed,” Farkle, if you really care about me, I know that you will do the right thing.” Riley stated. Farkle nodded,” I do, and I will.” 

     You all joined Riley and Farkle at the roof. It seemed as though they had been bickering before you all arrived. Not wanting to interfere, you stood to the side and stared at the sky. Charlie soon joined Riley and Farkle had disappeared. You looked around for him, but you couldn’t find him until someone approached you. “ Y/N, who you looking for?” Farkle asked you. You smiled,” I was actually looking for you. You okay? You seemed a bit, agitated during the game.” You asked him. He smiled at you,” I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. It’s actually those three I’m worried about.” He motioned over to Riley, Maya, and Lucas. You nodded,” I’m worried too, but I feel that things will sort themselves out as time goes on.” You explained. Farkle frowned,” You do?” You nodded again,” It always does.” you stated once more. Farkle shared a quick glance with Riley before changing the conversation with you.

     Farkle and you had lost each other in your conversation that you two didn’t realize what time it was. It was nice for the two of you to just talk in the chilly air amongst the stars. You both had enjoyed it and had wished to stay like that for a while longer, but midnight was only seconds away. 

In 5…





     It was finally midnight! You all cheered as a year came to an end and another one had just begun. You all couldn’t help but notice Riley trying to make a quick escape, but Farkle didn’t let her.

“ Riley still loves Lucas.” 

     Everyone froze in disbelief. You were the only other one that knew so you weren’t shocked. You were more shocked of what was said next. 

“ Farkle loves Y/N.” 

     You stood frozen in place. You didn’t know what to say. Riley said a quick Happy New Years and then just stood there frozen as well. Everyone else except for the group ran back downstairs. They didn’t want to be part of the awkward situation. Even Charlie left, carrying the sleeping Auggie back to his room. You didn’t want to be near the love triangle so you walked to the farthest side of the roof to clear your head. You were happy to know Farkle had returned your feelings. You couldn’t help but fear that since it wasn’t him who said it, he wouldn’t act upon it. You were wrong.

     As you stood there watching the fireworks, Farkle approached you. “ Y/N I-,” you cut him off,” Farkle, before you say anything. I just want you to know that I love you too.” You felt relived that you had finally put your feelings out there. You were nervous to see Farkle’s response, but as you lifted your head you met the happiest Farkle you had ever seen. You smiled back as he surprised you by giving you a quick peck on the lips. Your first midnight kiss…

     You two pulled away and held hands. “ I wish it was at my own pace, but I’m glad Riley told you how I felt. It was hard keeping it from you.” He confessed. You smiled,” I’m happy she did too. If she hadn’t, you might have not been my first midnight kiss.” you told him. “ I hope to be many of your firsts and your lasts…” he trailed off giving you another kiss.

You’ve been a couple ever since… 


hope you liked it! :)


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IMAGINE…being set up on a New Year’s Blind Date with Richard Madden

New Years One Shot #1 !!!

Word Count: 2,554

Warning: None….OH it ends on a cliffhanger!

((I TRIED SO HARRRDDDD….I’m not very good with writing about real people! I’m sorry! This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now though so…here it is. Perhaps next time, if there’s a next time, I’ll try it with Richard and Reader in a more private, relaxed environment.))

Y/B/F – your best friend

Y/E/C – your eye color

Y/n – your name

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Three Days For Us  - Zig x MC

#ChoicesCreates Round 21

Book: The Freshman/The Sophomore
Pairing: Zig x MC
Prompt: “What if…?”
Rating: T 
Hosted by @catsrtheboss this week!

[A little note: The first ship I thought of was initially something else but I decided to take a small break to work on some other stuff. This is supposed to take place after Hartfeld University; except Zig and MC has never met formally until now].

[Summary: Another end of the year, means another round of Christmas parties and exchanging of holiday gifts. In a world filled with family and couples, MC despises this season until a twist of fate means she might not have to spend it alone this year.]

The mall was overflowing, cluttered with people three nights before Christmas Eve. Little children scurried with their parents trailing not far behind and couples walked hand in hand, laughing and joking with one another as if they were sharing some sort of private joke. They might as well had been.

Dia was distracted by her own sullen thoughts, when her eyes had swiftly snapped at attention. Three children were incoming fast and she narrowly avoided slamming into them in her distraught fumble of angling out of their way. She clutched her own shopping bags tightly, startled as they raced by her.

Seconds later, their parents had followed. They spared a glance in her direction, uttering a hasty admission of guilt as they swept by her.

She bristled at the sight of pity in their eyes and found herself wanting to say something. The urge to convince them as she had often tried to convince herself nearly overwhelmed her. She didn’t mind being alone. 

Everyone had someone during the holiday season, everyone except her. Her messy entanglements never lasted till Christmas, and she had never wanted them to. But as she mumbled miserably at the misgivings of seeing everyone else quite happy, watching and wedging herself between crowds of people on a night such as this; she had never been so painfully aware of just how alone she was. 

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My Choices Fic

The Crown and the Flame:
Raydan and Kenna
A Comforting EmbraceKenna seeks out Raydan’s company on the eve of battle. 
Dancing With Shadows [NSFW] -  After defeating the Nevrakis army, Kenna celebrates with a rendezvous with a certain spymaster.
Who We Become The night of her coronation, Queen Kenna reflects on the enemies who tried to break her and the allies who put her back together and how each has shaped her. [ChoiceCreates #18]

Diavolos and Kenna
What the Heart Wants  -  On Kenna’s wedding day, she struggles with the disapproval of her friends and her decision to follow her heart, even when it picked a very unlikely mate.[ChoicesCreates #17]    
The First Day of Forever [NSFW] -  Diavolos and Kenna’s wedding night, follows “What the Heart Wants”.
Loyalty-  Diavolos Nevrakis has always defined himself by his loyalty.
TouchKenna changes everything about Diavolos’s life, including his view on being touched.
More Than HIs Name-  Kenna remembers a long-ago conversation with her mother that helps her come to terms with her complicated attraction to Diavolos
Hold Me-  Kenna is feeling overwhelmed by the impending battle and Diavolos offers her comfort which soon turns into something more.[Companion to “Filling in the Blanks]
In the Shadow of BetrayalReeling from a lover’s betrayal, Kenna wonders if she’s setting herself up for more heartbreak by falling for the enemy. [Minor Kenna/Raydan]
Wrong Turn -  Diavolos escorts Kenna back to her room after getting her wounds looked after, but unfortunately makes a bit of a wrong turn.
Dance With Me - Kenna asks Diavolos to prove that he’s as good of dancer as he claims.
A Happy Future -  Kenna and Diavolos talk about children.
BedmatesFenris wakes Kenna up to ask why there is a man in her bed. [ChoicesCreated #22]
Trust UsDiavolos and Kenna have a conversation about jealousy.
Waiting, Hoping- Kenna waits and hopes for news that will change her life. 
The Waiting Game-  Diavolos waits anxiously while Kenna gives birth to their first child.
Hollow-  Kenna and Diavolos have a terrible fight before he leaves for Lykos and while he’s gone, disaster strikes.

Persuasion [NSFW]-  Diavolos shows Kenna why sleeping in the nude is best.
Heat [NSFW] -  Kenna and Diavolos have their first real fight as a married couple but get distracted as the heat of anger turns into a different type of heat.
Torment [NSFW] -  Kenna attempts to get ready for a ball, but her husband proves to be very distracting.
A Joining of Hearts and Kingdoms [Multi-Part]Part One Part Two [NSFW] Part Three-  Queen Kenna negotiates a new everlasting peace amongst the Five Kingdoms, while also settling on the husband of her choice. 

The Duty of the Crown Series (Kenna/Raydan, Kenna/Diavolos)
The Good of the Kingdom -  Queen Kenna struggles with what to do about Abanthus and receives surprising advice from an old friend.
The Crown Comes First On the eve of her wedding, Queen Kenna says goodbye to the man she loves.
Flowers of YesterdayAfter three years apart, Raydan and Kenna meet in the garden of Aurelia. 

A Convenient Marriage Series (AU, Kenna Diavolos, Kenna/Dom)
More Than Convenience Princess Kenna is initially unhappy about her impending marriage to Prince Diavolos, arranged since she was a child, but as she gets to know her future husband, she begins to think it might not be so bad, after all.

Multi-Parings/Unspecified Parings
Loving Her (Kenna/Dom, Kenna/Raydan, Kenna/Diavolos)-  Loving Kenna Rys was easy, keeping her was a different story.
Terrors in the Night (Kenna/Male Love Interest)-  She wakes up shaking in terror, remembering what Azura did, but his presence calms her.
What If (minor Kenna/Dom, Kenna/Raydan, Kenna/Diavolos) -  Over the years, there were many times Kenna wondered “what if”.   [ChoicesCreates #21]

Gaining Clarity (Dom/Sei, mentions of Kenna/Diavolos)-  Dom clears up a few things for Sei in regards to his feelings.
Filling in the Blanks (Dom-Centric, mentions of Kenna/Diavolos)-  After being rescued from Hex, Dom gets introduced to the newest member of the rescue party.
Kindred Spirits (Whitlock/Lia) -  Lia and Whitlock immediately bond over being the youngest rulers and form a relationship that develops over the course of five years.

The Royal Romance
Prince Liam/MC
Love & Duty -  Liam and the King talk about what is required of a royal bride. 
Matters of the Heart [ROE x-over] -  Prince Liam and his favorite potential bride discuss the events that led to his brother’s abdication.
What Comes Next Liam and Eleanor finally get to move forward.
Stay With Me [t
akes place after What Comes Next]-  Liam and Eleanor, the morning after the Coronation Ball.   
Now and Forever Liam is plagued with doubt, Eleanor sets out to reassure him.
Old Wounds-  Eleanor has a bad night. 
So Close to Losing YouA riding “accident” puts everything in perspective for Liam and Eleanor.
CrossroadsAt the Coronation Ball, Eleanor finds herself at a crossroads wondering how to respond to the prince’s proposal.  [Choices Creates #21]
Emotional CurrentsLiam and Eleanor talk about Drake.
Christmas in CordoniaEleanor is having a hard time adjusting to Christmas in Cordonia until a special surprise from Liam reminds her of the most important things in life. [Choices Creates 22]
Living Dangerously [NSFW] -  Liam shows his naughty side at the Cordonian Derby.

Background (MC, Queen Regina) -  The Queen and Eleanor talk about Eleanor’s life in New York.
Obstacles (Madeline, mentioned The Prince/MC) [ROE x-over] -  Madeline reflects on her desire to be Queen and the woman standing in her way.
Battered, Not Broken (Olivia, minor Olivia/Liam, Liam/MC)-  Olivia works up the courage to face a new social season, even if it means watching Liam with his new bride.(ChoiceCreates #20)

Rules of Engagement
Birthday Gifts Maya gives her husband a very special birthday gift.

The Heart Knows (MC/Prince, MC/Businessman, MC/Bartender) -  While trying to decide which proposal to accept, you are torn between logic and a connection that you can’t explain. (ChoicesCreates #17)
The Bitter End (MC/Prince, MC/Businessman)-  Before Maya can accept one proposal, she has to turn another one down.

Endless Summer
His Princess -  The evolution of a nickname. 
Midnight Ramblings (Also Female MC/Diego platonic) -  Stephanie and Diego have a late night conversation about a certain pilot.
Late Night ConfessionsStephanie overhears a conversation between Diego and Jake.
ReunionThree years after returning from La Huerta, Stephanie learns that Jake is back in the States and goes to confront him.
The Wrong ChoiceWhile deciding where to sleep, Stephanie ponders her attraction to Jake and the fact that even if he is the wrong choice, he’s the one she wants.

Safe (Estela/MC)-  MC tries to decide who to sleep next to during the trek up to the Observatory and decides on the person who makes her feel safest: Estela.
Something (Sean/MC)-  Stephanie ponders who to sleep next to and knows that if she chooses Sean it will be start something more, something that scares more than any fling with a bad boy ever could.

The Freshman/Sophomore
Full CircleThe gang plays one last game of “truth or truth”.
Shared SpaceSavannah gets frustrated by how much of her stuff is in Chris’s room, leading to the two of them having a serious discussion about their living arrangement.  
The Great Pumpkin InvasionThe roommates prepare for a Halloween party.
The Freshman: Thirty Years LaterSavannah and her daughter have a conversation the night before the latter’s first day of college.
Every Story Has Two Sides -  While visiting Chris for Christmas, Savannah meets his ex.

OTP Questions:
Liam/MC Pt1 Pt2 Pt3
Kenna/Diavolos Pt1 Pt2 Pt3

Angsty Relationship Questions:
Kenna/Diavolos Pt1 Pt2
Liam/MC Pt2 Pt3

Breakdown Ship Questions:

Fluffy OTP Asks

Character Name Guide:
The Royal Romance: Eleanor Sloane
Rules of Engagement: Maya (MC), Matthew, Mikayla (party twin), Melissa (nerdy twin), Aunt Natalie, Marcia (cousin)
The Freshmen: Savannah (short-haired blonde)
Endless Summer: Stephanie (blonde female MC)

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Peter Pan Fic Rec

Okay so since I’m the one who’s been complaining about soft hearted OC or Y/N, I think I owe y’all this. I keep track of every single fanfiction I read on a rec blog (but it’s in French and not on tumblr) so I figured I should make the same thing here.

Echo by PurpleLady

I just had to be her. The one he fell in love with, the girl who was taken away from her brother, got aged back to being sixteen- forgetting my memories for 28 years in the process, and then having to jump into a giant portal not knowing where I would be taken. “He thinks I’m Robin Hood’s twin sister who got kidnapped by Peter Pan for two decades.”

It’s over 300k long and it’s mindblowingly good. The author recreated the way the episodes work, she swtiched between past and present scenes that intermingle really well and everything is perfect. She did incredibly well with so many characters and the OC has depth and is relatable. Also, she’s a ‘bad guy’ technically.

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anonymous asked:

so if madi is telling the story like fairy tales and legends or myths,than bellarke love story is gonna be also a legend/love story like in myths and tales,adam/eve,romeo/juliet,tristan/isolde,greek myths,fairy tales you know years or centuries later they are gonna be still remembered the king and the queen(princess) of the new world,really Jason wants to create his own myth legend love story in a postapoc show,i don't know if you follow me.he loves trag love stories he is making BC one of them.

Although we know next-to-nothing about the S5 overall plot, I’m coming to you with this question from a storytelling perspective. Because you’ve read & studied so much literature & film. When is it realistic for Bellamy & Clarke to get real with each other in the course of S5 from an entire series pacing viewpoint? Imo so many obstacles were thrown at them in s4 to purposefully avoid it & drag it out. But is that likely to occur again in S5? Are the writers really going for true end-of-series—

-endgame to get them to finally confess and be together? Like end of S5 or S6 if it goes another season? I want the battle couple you do, Rosy. I’m just not sure if the show wants it. The show has them as a battle platonic couple, they’re already most of the way there. Now it’s telling their love story’s development or re-development after 6 years. So, does that up the odds for it being drawn out. Because I’ll just sit here dyyyyying. Thanks, Rosy! xoxo

Yeah. I know, right? It’s crazy and hard to deal with. So here’s what I’m figuring out about this show and these writers. They are using a lot very traditional story telling techniques. They’re pulling on archetypes and mythology and tried and true tropes and conventions, but they mix them all up so you never know what is going to come up on top.

And it turns out that while I have a pretty decent background in traditional story telling techniques and modern fiction and post modern concept and mythology and psychology and all that good stuff, what I’m NOT an expert in is tv. Hollywood is not my thing and perhaps I think it’s not as *literary* or something. I’ll examine that as my bias. But it’s clear, I’ve stated, that I don’t like soap operas. And the thing is, soap operas sell. And a lot of the pacing they’re doing with the show is based on the soap opera thing and the rules of hollywood and tv and sweeps week and what works for this medium which is not my medium…. so I’m not so sure I can speak to you about the pacing of tv stories.

In my world, you put a chekhov gun at the beginning of the story, you use it by the end, so the romance story put into play should have been clear at the end of the season. Except a season in tv is not a novel. Not quite. A season needs a cliffhanger. At least the way they do this show. So they didn’t shoot the gun of the Bellarke romance, they just cocked it and pointed it, and… didn’t pull the trigger. They showed it to us, but no bang.

We have to wait for next season. Now according to that, they have to give it to us next season. But tv has different rules. And a lot of people have been saying all along that they would wait until the end of the show to make it canon, so I can’t say for sure. I don’t like it. I don’t like the time jump. I don’t like holding off on the romance. Stupid Hollywood. 

But what I can tell you is HOTDAMN I was right about the creation myth. I’ve been saying Bellarke was a mythic love story and origin story about the beginning of the world since 2.05. 

This pacing is a lot slower than we usually see in tv and that can be really frustrating. I’m not even just talking about Bellarke, but also character development. They let their stories sit and grow. They let them backslide. They start a story and then pick it up again later, they drag a redemption out three seasons. Healing takes time. People don’t get over trauma. They hold grudges for seasons. 

It’s very much more realistic. 

They give us the tropes, and then hold out on the payoff. 

I do think it is realistic that they might give us romantic Bellarke. It could happen. I don’t know if it’s guaranteed. Because what if they’re waiting. I think they should read their audience better than they did season 3, because people are getting frustrated. They’re going to need to give us something and not just SELL Bellarke in marketing but start giving us a little in canon, besides the subplot and cinematography and non explicit narrative development.

The clues I’m seeing that they MIGHT be ready for canon romantic bellarke, full on relationship and kissing and everything is 

  1. They hired that romantic scene director. Not a random guy, but they guy that wrote the best primetime love scene I’ve ever seen. Like I can’t believe that made it to PG it was so hot. Olicity. SUPER HOT. 
  2. They ended last season with the near confessions, head and heart, hug, together, then separation going immediately into Clarke being, basically in love and committed to Bellamy, although he’s been gone 6 years. You just can’t have her in love like that, PINING like that, and not do anything with it for the season.
  3. The sizzle reel was a bellarke fan video and only spoke Bellamy’s name (also true for the 6 year later finale scene) It was refocusing the story on a fairy tale that feature Clarke and Bellamy as the heroes. 
  4. The way they are talking about Clarke and Bellamy in marketing and cons is as Clarke and Bellamy being the story. JR once said Clarke and Bellamy weren’t the story they were telling right now. They didn’t. They told other romantic stories. Now they are saying it’s Clarke and Bellamy’s story. No ambiguity.
  5. Does Clarke love Bellamy? YES CLARKE DOES. Again. No ambiguity. Oh y’all didn’t understand the hug and head and heart and gun scene? Didn’t understand the talking to him for 6 years although he wasn’t there? HERE HAVE A SCRIPT TO SCREEN where Clarke talks about Bellamy WHO SHE LOVES. 
  6. I feel like the marketing and social media conversation is getting people ready for Bellarke, both fans and antis. Please note. All these reasons, except #2 which is about narrative, are all about hollywood and the business and the marketing. Because going by just the narrative, I can tell you what story they’re telling, but I can’t tell you WHEN they’ll do it. 

Does this help? The story is definitely Bellarke. The pacing? Mix a soap opera with an action flick and a mythic fairy tale. I can’t tell which pacing they’re using. Action wants it quick and dirty. Soap opera draws it out. Fairy tale makes it inevitable. Hollywood is a mess. What’s wrong with a nice novel, huh?




Wednesday, December 22nd.
Dr Jackson was making a lot of notes, which was weird, because I hadn’t said very much.

“I finished for Christmas today.” I chirped. “I’m going home.”

“You seem… excited? I wasn’t expecting that.” She didn’t lift her eyes from the paper.

Myself and Harry had both discussed not telling Bryony about our little set up, because fucking hell, I’d never get out of therapy if she knew I was setting up fake relationships to deal with my family. I’d have to keep seeing her for the rest of my damn life.

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Merry Christmas! Thanks to@l8nitl0vr for the request. I’m hoping that this is what you were looking for. It’s less ‘little fluffy things’ more ‘grand sweeping gestures’. Let me know what you think. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: Reader is a little heartbroken about a failed relationship and when Thor notices he does all kinds of fluffy things to try and make her feel better? >///

“The Man in Red”

Thor wasn’t a studious man. He believed in learning by doing things and consequently making mistakes (of which he had made a few in his time). However, at this time of year, he’d made an exception.

The Avengers’ first Christmas together reminded them that one particular member of their team was not as well-versed in Earth traditions as the others. Even Steve felt like a font of knowledge when describing Halloween. So when December rolled around, everybody chipped in to give him all the information they could about the festive season.

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