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ennotana week day 1: third year

Memorial Day

Summary: Steve and Bucky go to the museum on Memorial Day 
A/N: I just couldn’t get this out of my head and I just had to write it out. Let me know what you think. Thank you to those who serve/served. 
Word count : 650

Bucky pulled his baseball cap lower as he walked behind Steve. It had been Steve’s idea to visit the museum on their walk, Bucky had been hesitant but his therapist had suggested it earlier so he gritted his teeth and followed Steve. Steve dressed similarly in a baseball cap, walked into museum straight past his face plastered on the wall. Bucky’s eyes widened slightly as they roamed over his best friend’s face so largely printed. Sometimes it was still jarring to Bucky, he’d remember how they grew up, the scrappy fights he saved Steve from and then he remembered everything else and it felt like a bucket of ice water over his head. Steve’s voice pulled him from his thoughts, Bucky focussing on his face as Steve nodded to something behind Bucky. Bucky looked behind him, moving out of the way of a group of people. He tilted his face lower, avoiding eye contact as Steve did the same. They walked further into the exhibition together.

“Did we have to come on Memorial Day?” Bucky grumbled, eyes focussing on all the people milling about.

“We’re remembering, and Dr. Bourke said it would be good for you-” Steve looked at Bucky, pausing when he saw his skittering eyes “-we can go if you want, Buck”

Bucky shook his head and a sad smile gracing his lips, “let’s go remember those idiots” he joked, nodding up ahead to the billboard of The Howling Commandos. Steve and Bucky stood shoulder to shoulder staring at the faces of people they had lost, including theirs. Bucky stood on Steve’s right, with his arm still not replaced he rarely let anyone on that side beside Steve.

“Do you still think about them?” Bucky asked quietly, thoughts and memories running around in his head.

“Every day” Steve mumbled back, his eyes not leaving those of his men.

Bucky was pulled out of his thoughts by a tugging on his arm. His brows furrowed before he looked down to see a little girl tugging at his sleeve. She was maybe 5 or 6, blonde hair in a messy ponytail a cute dress on. The only abnormality in her appearance was the medal pinned to her dressed proudly shining amongst the soft pink of the fabric. Steve looked on, as Bucky crouched down to her level. A woman stood close by, the little girl nervously looking back at her. The woman - her mother – nodded with an encouraging smile.

“Are you-” she pauses to look up at the poster of the Howling Commandos “- Sergeant Barnes?” her voice was quiet and unsure. An involuntarily smile spread on Bucky’s face as he nodded once.

“I’m Bucky and that’s Steve” he gestured over his shoulder to Steve who smiled tenderly at the young girl.

She grinned brightly at the two before motioning for Bucky to hold his hand out which he did willing. She opened his palm and placed something in his hand. Bucky looked down and saw two homemade bracelets with letter blocks spelling out two words, Thank You. She looked him in the eyes, his eyes lifting from the bracelets to hers. “Thank you for your service” the words held sincerity he didn’t think one could muster at that age, yet she managed. She smiled at both Bucky and Steve, who watched the exchange behind his friend. She turned to walk back to her mother but looked over her shoulder to give a small wave and bright smile. Bucky and Steve waved before nodding to the mother as the woman did the same in silent gratitude.

Bucky’s knees clicked as he stood up next to Steve, handing one of the handcrafted bracelets to him. Steve looked down at the bracelet before clapping Bucky on the back gently. “Happy Memorial Day, pal”

Bucky shot Steve a soft smile, pocketing the bracelet. It was a Memorial Day he wouldn’t be forgetting.

> Reg defects, tells Sirius about Pettigrew

> Sirius tells Dumbledore

> Instead of revealing Pettigrew, they feed him false information about the Potters’ whereabouts

> Order sets up a major ambush waiting for Voldemort when he arrives

> Voldemort is defeated, but Reg reveals the Horcrux to Dumbledore

> They manage to hunt/destroy all of the horcruxes in the next decade before he’s able to be resurrected

> Everyone is hAPPY

@darthluminescent replied to your post: So my son has this massive Star Wars Lego…

Honestly, I’m putting my money on the Ewoks.

My favorite part is that the Main Darksiders and practically all of the Jedi we own were waaaaaaaay off in the back fighting each other while the Main Event went down between the Death Watch and the Ewoks. GUYS. FOCUS. 

Oh, and there’s like 4 Padawan Kenobis hanging out away from all of the fighting with a lone Padawan Anakin. That just seems like we’re asking for Drama. 

  • Shinya: I can fit the world in my hands
  • Guren: That's impos--
  • Shinya: *cups guren's face*
  • Guren: *blushing uncontrollably* I have a reputation--