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I just cannot

RWBY OC Trash Ship Minicomic

  So I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but I finally managed to finish up a short Dear Rabbit comic based on this minific by @taura-arts - just in time for @itsthegoldenlover‘s Birthday! - (Enjoy the trash ship friend)

  (A surprising amount of you guys seemed to like the ship as well, so hopefully this’ll be - idk, something XD)

(Comic under the cut)

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no offense but what do u have against merchant of venice??? (sorry i just? love portia?? the scene where she fucking rips all her suitors to nerissa is my fav inscribe it on my tombstone tbh)

i suppose that if people just stumbled across my tags they’d be a bit confused about why i despise that play so much

  • i think it’s extraordinarily boring
  • portia is the least awful character in that play
  • i don’t find the plot interesting
  • antonio is incredibly whiny from his first fricking line onwards
  • all shakespeare meta about the play seems to solely be about antonio and bassanio and how gay they are, which of course is fine, i love all queer readings, but if it’s the only meta out there when people could be talking about literally anything else in that play (such as whether or not shakespeare was a racist, or how he incorporates cross-dressing once again, or the importance of goddamn launcelot gobbo, i really could not care less), it gets tedious
  • all the adaptations i’ve seen of the play have been awful (including the al pacino version, which i tried to like, i truly did)
  • i personally view it as super anti-semitic and not as social commentary, due to the fact that despite his moving speeches, shylock is still portrayed as villanous and is ridiculed constantly throughout, and various other reasons that i won’t get into here because i would rather not argue at this hour of night (so if you send me an anon about this i will ignore you but feel free to ask me off-anon or direct message me if you’re curious)
  • on a more personal level i had to read it in school in tenth grade (and unlike literally every other shakespeare work i’ve had to read in school, it rubbed me the wrong way) and it was taught badly and because of that and the above reasons i have decided that i never need to read or see it again

come on to tumblr to a bunch of people writin’ me really poorly-researched essays about how awful Solas is.

I just got to say, if your essay in all seriousness says, “Solas destroyed the world only because he wanted revenge for Mythal, and that’s the only reason” 

I will just… start laughing, and laughing, and then wipe the tears from my eyes, and that’s pretty much all your essay deserves in response. If you didn’t bother to understand even that relatively straight-forward aspect of the situation, then what else could you have to offer? If you don’t put any effort into researching or understanding the character, your meta is going to be painfully off-key.

Imagine Amethyst and Lazuli play with their food at the table, constructing a complete soap-opera-esque drama that continues on every night at dinner. Steven tunes in like he’s watching an Emmy-nominated masterpiece:

Amethyst: This is my homegirl, Pizza

Lapis: I’m pizza, right?

Amethyst: *rolls eyes* Not everything is about you, Linda.