and for that i am grateful



Papa Kogane: Hey, Keith.

Keith: Yeah?

Papa Kogane: Did you say anything weird to Lance?

Keith: …No. Why?

Papa Kogane: He said something that sounded a lot like a line from that movie we watched–

Keith (laughing): Dad… Just let me have this.

//in which lance throws some interesting words over his shoulder on his way out. keith’s dad is perplexed. (Does…he know what he said?)

yay finished it! thx a bunch @tafih-toffee for letting me know that the korean i found was a bit too formal for a kid to say for which i am ever grateful cause i probs would have never considered that omg so let’s just say that keith heard it in a movie instead :D

i really liked how papa kogane turned out. he doesn’t look exactly like how he looked in the show, but i think it works :)

btw part 1 here

I am so grateful for the best mechanics ever. I am preparing for a little road trip to San Diego and always feel so much better after they make sure my car is solid. I have been stranded on the I10 before and don’t want to repeat that experience if I can avoid it. 😉

I don’t think people understand how important it is… to be told ‘yes, you could be right’ rather than, ‘no, you’re wrong’ when it comes to interpretation. I’m so fucking grateful that we have such caring, open minded people like Toby in the cast. For him to assure us that we’re not crazy for shipping two characters is so important. For him to let us know that our opinions are valid means so much. I have literally never had that with any other show before so *blows kisses* thank you thank you thank you


“Everyone should get to have an education, and it’s ridiculous that not everyone gets to. However, when you are getting an education you shouldn’t have to put up with things like bullying, or social anxiety, or depression, or all of these horrible things that happen to people who are in school. And if you do have anxiety or depression then there should be resources for you to get help with that.”



I still can’t believe this body is mine. I am so, so grateful.


I feel like I haven’t done a Jin appreciation post on here in awhile. Recently, my sister asked me why I think Jin is my ideal. Physically he is gorgeous, it’s true..but it’s not just his body and face that I think are perfect…Kim Seokjin is so much more..he’s caring, funny, sexy, a dork, has an amazing voice, cooks, confident yet still has insecurities, loves his family…and loves his BTS brothers unconditionally…he’s a literal ray of sunshine - his smile is enough to make me feel better when I’m down..not to mention his laugh. His presence is a blessing and I am truly grateful to have such an all around amazing guy as my inspiration!!

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You got so tiny, look at you! How sweet~ What's it like being a Gastly again? (daily-cofagrigus)

spork is still,,,, adjusting to the transformation, hehe. they could sorta pass for a normal haunter when they evolved, but their odd coloring was a lot more apparant when they were a wee bab!! 

Four hundred. Four hundred of you crazy people have stuck around for Pyrrha’s antics. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for that.
When I first made Pyrrha’s blog about a year and a half or so ago, she was just a side-blog to my personal — and in November of last year, after a bit of deliberation, I moved her here, to a blog separate from my main. Since then, things have really picked up and I’m so glad so many of you enjoy my interpretation of Pyrrha as much as I do.
So, without further ado, my bias list!

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Just wanted to share For years I'm pretty sure my parents and the rest of my family thought I was gay bc I never talked about boys or wanting a boyfriend or anything, and a few months ago they all kind of cornered me and pressured me to kind of come out as gay to them. I did come out - but as ace. It wasn't their intention to upset me but it did at the time, they were all very supportive once i explained what it was and everything but I was still feeling pretty shit about it. (1/2)

(2/2) But then later I told my friend on my own terms and it was wonderful and she didn’t question it at all, she accepted it and me and treated it with respect while also not seeing me any differently. And I just am so grateful for that. I’m also thankful for this blog for helping me come to terms with everything, you guys are the best.

Your friend sounds great and I’m glad we helped <3
Big spender - Chapter 20 - Port_in_a_storm - Emmerdale [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 20 up! This one is a lot shorter, and quite fluffy. But see it as an intermission of sorts. The next few chapters will likely be a bit more Aaron heavy!

Thank you guys so so much for your continued support and love for this fic! I am so grateful to all of you <3

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Maybe a heated argument in the rain where BB and raven get pissed off. But in the end they have one of those dramatic moments when they kiss in the rain ( idk if you've seen the notebook but that's where I'm basing it off) some lemon too? xx

Raven stalked down the sidewalk, hardly noticing the pouring rain. Dark energy crackled from her fingertips, skittering across the puddles forming at her feet and rattled the lampposts overhead. Still, she marched onward, anger fueling her every step. 


Beast Boy’s voice echoed in the empty street, grating on her ears. She grit her teeth, her scowl deepening. Talking to him was definitely the last thing Raven wanted to do. 

“Raven, wait up!” 

His voice drew closer, and Raven whirled around with a huff. “What?” she snapped. “Am I incapable of walking, now?” 

Beast Boy flinched. “N-no, I-”

“I am not some helpless little girl,” Raven seethed. “I don’t need saving. And I certainly don’t need you throwing yourself into danger when I have everything under control!” Raindrops filled the silence as she glared at the boy in front of her. Raven trembled, though whether it was from fury or from the rain, she couldn’t tell. She moved to turn away, only for Beast Boy to lurch forward and grasp her arm. 


Raven jerked her gaze to his, furrowing her brows. 

“I’m sorry, okay?” His shoulders sagged, and an overwhelming sensation of despair bushed forth from him like a geyser. Raven stilled, blinking the raindrops from her eyes. 

“I know you’re not helpless. You’re Raven for fuck’s sake. I just…” He trailed off, his gaze raising to meet hers. There was something there, welling up within those endless mossy depths. Raven sucked in a breath, hugging her sodden cloak to herself. 

“Fuck it,” Beast Boy muttered. He jerked forward, cupping her face in his hands and kissing her. Raven stiffened in shock. 

Beast Boy was kissing her. 

Her eyes fluttered closed, and Raven found herself kissing back. His lips were warm and slippery with rainwater, and he tasted faintly of mint. The kiss was slow and passionate, and Raven felt warm inside despite the chill of the rain. 

They broke apart, and Beast Boy rested his forehead on hers. “I just can’t bear the thought of losing you too.” 

Raven’s heart leaped in her chest. She reached up, brushing her fingers along his jaw. “You won’t,” she murmured. And then she kissed him.

Anon, you have discovered my weakness. The ‘kissing in the rain’ trope is one you all will have to pry from my cold, dead fingers ‘cuz I’m probably gonna write it until I can’t write anymore, lol. Also, sorry for the lack of lemon here. I just don;t know how to make it work for this one…

But don’t worry. I’ve got a little something in my drafts that’ll satisfy that craving ;) So stay tuned. 

-mod vixensheart

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Lie to me,What are your thoughts on Shrek-kun?

[ lie to me. ] [ accepting.] [ anonymous ]

▐ 羊頭狗肉▐         SH…SHREK-KUN…. He holds a very… special place in the depths of my chilled heart… He i-is someone I cherish deeply and I am most grateful for the certain dream that involved me with him… Shrek…. Shrek is love and Shrek is… life, yes? If that’s how–how you properly say it….”

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Sorry I know people have already been bugging you about this, but any update on teenlick coming soon? I just can't wait to see what happens!

Don’t be sorry, y'all have been so patient and I’m very grateful. Writing is hard sometimes–takes so much time and effort and attention, and that’s a tall order when you do it for a LIVING, much less when it’s what you do in the stolen moments your real life allows. Or doesn’t, as the case may be. Waiting is hard too, I know.

So it may interest you to know that at this very minute I am working away at the final update of In The Library with the help of some piping hot coffee, a very large scone, and the constant, dulcet tones of Ben Folds in my ears.

The TEENLICK is coming.

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I want to let you know how damn appreciative I am of you. Thank you so much for standing up for people like you do. It should be common decency, but we aren't quite there yet. Thank you so much for your efforts.

I very much appreciate your encouragement and kindness. Messages like these are truly heartening and I am deeply thankful for them.

I think, to whatever extent possible, we all have a responsibility to defend the vulnerable and marginalized, although it’s not always easy nor clear how to do so most effectively. But I have learned much by running this blog. My interactions on here have ranged from the hostile to the benign to the profound and enlightening. But they all have in common the tendency to challenge me and to incite in me humility and patience (though not always successfully deployed on my end). I am very grateful to have this platform and the opportunity to interact with folks such as yourself (even if anonymously!).

So thank you.

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how do you feel about imaginebeinghamiltrash?

I think this has been very well established but I’m gonna tell you anyway. 

Temp is the best. She is so incredibly supportive of me when it comes to everything, like when I have fic ideas or anything I usually tell her because I know she’s going to be supportive and tell me what she thinks about it (I usually tell her my Daveed smut ideas tbh, which reminds me I wanna tell you about an idea I have floating around). 

She is the kindest and funniest person? I have so much fun when I talk to her and I don’t feel like she’s going to judge me for things. I can tell her what I’m feeling and I know she’ll be there for me. She is beautiful inside and out and I am so damn grateful that she decided to start talking to me because fuck she has helped me through some stuff lately. 

She is so fucking talented it’s insane, like every time she tells me about something she is working on I get so excited because I just know I’m going to love it. I can’t count the times I have read her Oak fic Cold Hands, Warm Heart or her Laf fic The Sleepy Scholar because they are both so amazing (so is everything else she has written tbh). I just love her writing so much and she deserves all the recognition. 

@imaginebeinghamiltrash I love you a lot okay <3 

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I believe in you. You are a smart, beautiful person and you can do anything you put your mind to. I can't donate money because I am just a student too, but things will get better. I learned this in a book I've recently read, sometimes it doesn't matter if something is real. You just have to believe it is. Believe your situation will get better and work hard to achieve your goals. -💕😘

Im feeling a lot better after reading amazing messages like this one, This literally means so much to me, I can not even express how grateful i am for everyone’s support. Im literally in tears,  thank you for believing in me, when i can’t even do it myself. 

This is so sweet, thank you so much, i love you!   ❤️ ❤️ ❤️