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Can you please make the blocking system better? If I block someone, I want them COMPLETELY gone from my sight. If people I follow still reblog the person, I see them. I don't even want people to send anything from their accounts. Please. That would be so helpful, thank you.

This feature is a huge part of keeping people safe and in control of their experience on Tumblr. We made a lot of progress last year, and the team knows we have more to do. Thanks for your patience and please know we’re listening.


Andi Wellinger delights crowds of fans gathered at Mühlenkopfschanze with his victory and two excellent jumps (147.5 and 135 meters), Willingen 29.1.17 (Andi wins, gets hugs from eveyone, and everyone is happy 💖 😍 😌)

I need more hockey blogs to follow so please reblog if you’re a hockey blog!
Doesn’t even have to be all about hockey; if you make occasional hockey posts/reblogs here and there,that’s fine

So Naruto ended... again...

Which means it’s time for feels ;‿;

Shippuden is over, and the focus of the franchise is now switching to Boruto. So, while we don’t exactly have to say our final goodbyes to this fictional world, this was technically the last time we had Naruto as the main character. Ever… probably.
And it just hit me hard, that this was the last time Team 7 were our heroes!

I personally only read the manga, and didn’t really watch the anime except for the first like 100 episodes of the original series, which introduced the little me to the franchise. From then on, it’s only been occasional visits to the show, like when a big manga moment was getting animated. 

However, I did watch all of this last arc that mostly adapted the novels, because I’m a sucker for domestic lives of these characters. I was a little bummed they didn’t adapt Sakura Hiden (SP neglecting Sakura and SasuSaku as always, I’m used to it) but other than that, I loved this Epilogue of sorts, it gave most characters a more proper and detailed closure. Well, at least we got to see what most of them were up to after the war.

While I can’t complain we got to see the preparations for Naruto and Hinata’s wedding, I can’t help wishing we’d seen even further into the adult lives of Team 7. They were the main characters, and their bonds were what drove most of the plot. I believe they deserved a heartwarming moment or two at the end. Something nostalgic to remind us of their earliest moments, only with more maturity and more emotional depth. 

Now, I absolutely loved the NaruHina wedding preparations, and how the focus on romance in the arc highlighted the final pairings, and also that tiny, but meaningful SasuSaku moment when Sasuke’s hawk landed specifically on Sakura’s hand.
But with all that, I still can’t help feeling like I was missing an actual Team 7 moment. A moment between Naruto and Sasuke, and the whole team together, Kakashi included; something to show how far they’ve come. Even if it was just a single, very short scene, I’d be satisfied.

I personally always imagined Naruto ending with Team 7 going on a mission together, like good old days, but with the way Kishimoto ended the manga, it obviously wasn’t going to happen. So a close second, in my opinion, would have been a Team 7 reunion.
Of course, Naruto and Hinata getting married was also important, because it conveyed that Naruto is finally a grown, dependable man now, and it’s fine if they wanted to end the show with it. But Team 7 has been such a crucial part of the show that I found myself eagerly expecting an after-credits scene featuring Team 7 finally reuniting and having a moment of their own. It would have been THE perfect ending!

Nevertheless, I still cried my eyes out throughout most of that finale! And a part of me died again. The manga ended back in 2014, so I didn’t think I’d feel quite so strongly about the anime ending, but I did. The fact that it was the last episode actually surprised me, I didn’t know they were planning to end Shippuden just before Boruto started. So it hit me all at once, and I was a crying bundle of emotions ;‿;

All I can say is, even though I was more of a manga fan, the end of Shippuden yet again marked the end of a phase in my life (I feel so old, I’m like the fandom grandma, and all these kids will watch Boruto for the next few years and see us original fans as dinosaurs or something). 
And I must say - I will keep following the Naruto franchise through Boruto’s story (don’t forget, you’re here forever!) - and to my first and only hero, Naruto,


Other people in the cars fandom: Yeah I love Cars! I’m so glad they made a movie about racing! And I love how they used characters based on real cars and racers like Bob Dylan Smith™ Jr! I really love it cause I grew up watching NASCAR and seeing a character based off my favorite racer Ricky Jim, number 32, is great too! I love racing and I’ve followed it my whole life and now there’s a series of movies about racing where they got the dynamics of a race team ON POINT !!!!

Me: the cars go nyoom. really fast. i like that shit. Also they can talk. One of them even says “Ka-Chow”…

one of my favorite things about Designated Survivor is the powerful, badass female characters. Emily Rhodes is literally my new inspiration to wake up, crush the patriarchy, go after my dreams, and everything that follows. BUT THAT’S NOT EVEN WHERE IT ENDS. Kimble Hookstraten? basically a likable version of Hillary Clinton. ruthless and smart af, but caring and a team player when you need her. Alex Kirkman? best First Lady since Michelle O. seriously can we have her for real?! and then there’s Hannah fucking Wells, beating up every bad guy who stands in her path. do not cross her. she will fuck you up, and then maybe kill you too.

Rating of the Kyurangers
  • Lucky: A happy and good lion! Needs a hug and a morale booster in his sensitive moments. Deserves the best. 10/10.
  • Stinger: A sad boy. Really needs a hug and some "how to talk to people" lessons. Soft despite his prickly exterior! 10/10.
  • Garu: My son! I am so proud of him. Perfect paw beans, and a healthy fighting spirit. Fight on, my boy! 10/10.
  • Balance: A real comedian! Maybe needs to chill. Very extra, but in a good way! 10/10.
  • Champ: Utter perfection! Super courageous, loyal, and devoted to justice. His recent accident is far too tragic! Please come back soon, my brave, freedom-fighter friend! 10/10.
  • Naga Ray: He's learning and always growing! You can do it, snake boy! Emotions are within your grasp! 10/10.
  • Hammy: Very cute and determined! I really admire her devotion to hard work and ninja training. Keep it up! 10/10.
  • Raptor 283: The best pilot ever! Always follow your dreams, even if they seem silly, Raptor! You're amazing! 10/10.
  • Spada: A chef boy! How talented and clever of him. Lots of fun food puns, too. You rock, from one cook to another! 10/10.
  • Xiao Longbao: If anyone needs some hot cocoa and a hug, it's him! You've been through so much, but you can keep fighting, you wonderful old man! I believe in you and your team! 10/10.
  • Koutarou Sakuma: The youngest! Needs protection for sure! You'll go far with Champ and Stinger at your side, young boy, but don't grow up too fast! 10/10.
  • Houou Soldier: An enigma... I hope you'll be very interesting in the end! I love you already! 10/10.

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how do i start getting into comics? like there's so many i don't even know where to begin

Hi! God this is a mood… tbh I think the easier way to get into comics is to pick a character/team that interests you and then find some recommended reading lists to start getting into it.

Here are some recommended comics for dc / here for marvel, though I’d recommend looking around for lists. If there’s anyone you’re friends with/that you follow that likes certain character/comic a lot and you trust their taste, I think you’re probably better off asking them for their opinion for a reading list. (in case you’re interested in batman, heres a really complete reading list

Some tips I guess:

  • Comic’s continuity a mess so don’t feel bad if there’s some stuff you don’t get at first. There’s always google or people who can help you out if you ask, and in most cases we’re all in the same situation.. we don’t know what the fuck is going on, we’re here just for the laffs.  And anyways, most comics have been around for a reeeally long time and have been passed around a lot of different authors who cherry picked events and characterization to make their own canon, so at the end continuity doesn’t matter i guess.
  • Personally I don’t worry about context and just wing it when starting something new (and end up getting whats going on in the comic twenty issues later but that’s not the point) but if that’s overwhelming for you I’d start getting into comics with either new(ish) books, or books that were made especially to make things easier for new readers. (for example in dc’s case, any Year One comics, and anything from New 52 and Rebirth)
  • Talking about rebirth and new 52, Here’s some additional info about comic terms that you’re going to see around 
  • Don’t worry about getting into big events (such as Blackest Night, Forever Evil, anything with Crisis on the title etc etc etc) bc tbh? In most cases they’re not that important to keep up with whats currently happening, and the best non-event comics integrate these seamlessly or avoid them entirely. I’ve never once in my life read a single event and I’m doing fine. If you still want to have a general idea here’s a list of them, explained a bit and heres another list with them explained better imo, though I’d honestly advice you not to worry about them unless you’re interested in getting that over with first because it might confuse you more.
  • Uuuh and tbh the most important part is don’t try to read everything (like.. all events/crossovers/ continuity n universes differents etc) bc there’s… too much. Like, don’t bite off more than you can chew u kno what i’m talking about? give yourself time to get used to the characters/story/etc, and don’t fixate too much into the things that don’t make sense. Like, of course if that thing you don’t get keeps coming up to the point its impossible to enjoy what you’re reading, i’d tell you to google it and try to read the source, but if it’s something minimal, just a reference or something, dont stress too much to get it. Either way you’re gonna end up getting it as you read more or it won’t matter in the big picture.
  • and im so sorry i made this all about dc.. other comics machine broke. though if you want to get used to how comics work before diving into big companies, i’d rec you to start with stand alone indie comics (here a really good list)

anyways i hope this was useful n not a complete mess to understand rip… if you have any questions hmu!

Please! let me know that I'm not the only one who fell in love with Maggie Sawyer even more seeing all those fantastic gifs in #maggiesawyerweek

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I'm usually a Mercy main (117 hours) but last night in quick play I found another with even more (135 hours), and so I went tank the whole game and did my damn best to protect her and thank her for every heal. She was so surprised she got all the teams votes despite being drunk at the time. I don't know if she follows this blog but just in case, thanks for a fun few games Kat

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I find it funny how white liberals will retweet Tariq Nashithead on a daily basis , even after he called black women all sorts of "bedwench" but the moment he starts going in on them , they start feeling some kind of way. Like ,he talked mad shit about black women for a good minute and none of them saw anything wrong with it but if he had said that shit about anyone else his words would have been an "act of violence". And don't even get me started on Black women's continued support of him. Ugh!

Tariq Nashid and the dudes that follow him ARE white nationalists. They’re just a darker toned, less powerful, unorganized sector. Thats why I stay out of black men vs. White men beefs. Let them duke it out. Not my problem. When the smoke clears both black men and white men will team up to talk about the “black bitches” as they clink their beer bottles and share a hearty laugh.

This is the same dude that called black women who cosplay bedwenches but then turned around and tells black men to only date biracial women with white mothers. There’s absoultely nothing he or his bum ass DVDs can teach me about black pride when it’s clear as day that his “black pride” is rooted in toxic masculinity and the Mandingo Complex.

As far as black women supporting him, what’s new? He’s black, he talks a good game, and he sells pipe dreams. I’d be more surprised if most black women DIDN’T support him. He chooses his words very carefully so that it may seem as if he’s for black people but all he cares about is black men getting their dicks wet and white men staying out of the way. He’s just a more suave, more calculated version of Tommy Sodomizer, but the pimp hand is still strong.

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I don't know how some of the last remaining Zigis don't realize how obvious this is. He's been away from Instagram for ages and comes back just to promote her newest cover? Is that organic to them? It's like his team isn't even trying lol and then having him follow Bella for no reason and Bella and Gigi immediately liking his post as if they were waiting for it, so organic (not)

Anonymous said: The funny think is that “zayn” followed bella and then bella followed him back like 1 minute after he followed her… like she was told he was going to follow her?!!?! and last week bella unfollowed him, this is so messy


It’s frankly kinda pathetic at this point. Anyone who claims otherwise is being willfully ignorant. This whole thing has been super coordinated by all involved. Organic it ain’t!

That mess could just be to ensure that people are paying attention. I don’t see what that would accomplish other than getting eyeballs on their every move.

Something’s probably coming that needs promo. What else is new, right?

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you said at a picture of a fan kissing her gf (who was wearing a pens jersey) "gosh if she wasn't a pens fan it'd be cute" like sure don't hate on the team but at least keep ur opinions of the team to urself and be proud that she felt comfortable enough to kiss her gf at a sporting event like goshdarn

So, here are the receipts. And for any of my followers who weren’t a part of the gc, this was the night the Pens/Leafs played in Game 81, aka, the night we made playoffs. The minute after we made it, in fact.

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Dusky I don't understand, how do the "skeptics" still think that sophie and Benedict's children are a PR stunt?? They claim the pr team is reading their blogs because Benedict wore clothes according to their predictions during hamlet period, I mean what?? First they said it's pr for tig, and now that narrative doesn't even follow through but they kept assuming things like Sophie is an escort and Ben is a sex addict,I mean WHAT??? How do they seriously believe this??? I'm dumbfounded

oh I’m so sorry but it is!

I’ve been closely scrutinising pap pics and red carpet images and it’s obvious to me that BC is indeed playing the long-game to win that 2025 Oscar by carefully selecting a broken, amoral woman to collude with him, his PR team, all his friends, and heads of major studios to buy babies off the black market over an extended period in order to meet the Academy’s strict and somewhat arcane criteria for nominees to win etc etc.

i’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news but i felt someone should tell you xx

this blog is a pro TEAM FREE WILL blog which means this is a pro Sam AND Dean AND Cas blog thank you this has been a psa

i hate when i follow a hockey blog thinking they’re like a normal person and then they start live-blogging a game and it’s all “oh the other team just scored but it’s alright i believe in our boys :) :)” and “stay positive! everything is still okay even though we’re down by 7 goals! lots of time left! :) :)”

like, everything is not fine, this is a goddamn dumpster fire and i know you have the same deep, dark well of rage as everyone else, I KNOW IT

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Camp can get boring from time to time so the gals resolve to… Social Media! And they looove IG so.. 

What’s a normal SM day for the gals?

Well.. they like each other’s pics.. 

(even if Kling’s injured she’s still part of the team, don’t judge)

And leave profound comments on them:

They also spend so much time together they start to follow the same accounts..

Share jokes with people..and we get to know their purchases.. only Kriegy..

The member of honor shows she’s still supporting her gals and loving babies all at once.. typical Cheney ;)

Ashlyn is just being Ash..

Christen has the ability of making her CRS love puppies too.. the #PressEffect

(Steph is still on the team in my heart and is Carli’s)

But if there’s one thing that’s consistent is that Tobin’s..