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Can you please make the blocking system better? If I block someone, I want them COMPLETELY gone from my sight. If people I follow still reblog the person, I see them. I don't even want people to send anything from their accounts. Please. That would be so helpful, thank you.

This feature is a huge part of keeping people safe and in control of their experience on Tumblr. We made a lot of progress last year, and the team knows we have more to do. Thanks for your patience and please know we’re listening.

I need more hockey blogs to follow so please reblog if you’re a hockey blog!
Doesn’t even have to be all about hockey; if you make occasional hockey posts/reblogs here and there,that’s fine


Andi Wellinger delights crowds of fans gathered at Mühlenkopfschanze with his victory and two excellent jumps (147.5 and 135 meters), Willingen 29.1.17 (Andi wins, gets hugs from eveyone, and everyone is happy 💖 😍 😌)

So Naruto ended... again...

Which means it’s time for feels ;‿;

Shippuden is over, and the focus of the franchise is now switching to Boruto. So, while we don’t exactly have to say our final goodbyes to this fictional world, this was technically the last time we had Naruto as the main character. Ever… probably.
And it just hit me hard, that this was the last time Team 7 were our heroes!

I personally only read the manga, and didn’t really watch the anime except for the first like 100 episodes of the original series, which introduced the little me to the franchise. From then on, it’s only been occasional visits to the show, like when a big manga moment was getting animated. 

However, I did watch all of this last arc that mostly adapted the novels, because I’m a sucker for domestic lives of these characters. I was a little bummed they didn’t adapt Sakura Hiden (SP neglecting Sakura and SasuSaku as always, I’m used to it) but other than that, I loved this Epilogue of sorts, it gave most characters a more proper and detailed closure. Well, at least we got to see what most of them were up to after the war.

While I can’t complain we got to see the preparations for Naruto and Hinata’s wedding, I can’t help wishing we’d seen even further into the adult lives of Team 7. They were the main characters, and their bonds were what drove most of the plot. I believe they deserved a heartwarming moment or two at the end. Something nostalgic to remind us of their earliest moments, only with more maturity and more emotional depth. 

Now, I absolutely loved the NaruHina wedding preparations, and how the focus on romance in the arc highlighted the final pairings, and also that tiny, but meaningful SasuSaku moment when Sasuke’s hawk landed specifically on Sakura’s hand.
But with all that, I still can’t help feeling like I was missing an actual Team 7 moment. A moment between Naruto and Sasuke, and the whole team together, Kakashi included; something to show how far they’ve come. Even if it was just a single, very short scene, I’d be satisfied.

I personally always imagined Naruto ending with Team 7 going on a mission together, like good old days, but with the way Kishimoto ended the manga, it obviously wasn’t going to happen. So a close second, in my opinion, would have been a Team 7 reunion.
Of course, Naruto and Hinata getting married was also important, because it conveyed that Naruto is finally a grown, dependable man now, and it’s fine if they wanted to end the show with it. But Team 7 has been such a crucial part of the show that I found myself eagerly expecting an after-credits scene featuring Team 7 finally reuniting and having a moment of their own. It would have been THE perfect ending!

Nevertheless, I still cried my eyes out throughout most of that finale! And a part of me died again. The manga ended back in 2014, so I didn’t think I’d feel quite so strongly about the anime ending, but I did. The fact that it was the last episode actually surprised me, I didn’t know they were planning to end Shippuden just before Boruto started. So it hit me all at once, and I was a crying bundle of emotions ;‿;

All I can say is, even though I was more of a manga fan, the end of Shippuden yet again marked the end of a phase in my life (I feel so old, I’m like the fandom grandma, and all these kids will watch Boruto for the next few years and see us original fans as dinosaurs or something). 
And I must say - I will keep following the Naruto franchise through Boruto’s story (don’t forget, you’re here forever!) - and to my first and only hero, Naruto,


Rating of the Kyurangers
  • Lucky: A happy and good lion! Needs a hug and a morale booster in his sensitive moments. Deserves the best. 10/10.
  • Stinger: A sad boy. Really needs a hug and some "how to talk to people" lessons. Soft despite his prickly exterior! 10/10.
  • Garu: My son! I am so proud of him. Perfect paw beans, and a healthy fighting spirit. Fight on, my boy! 10/10.
  • Balance: A real comedian! Maybe needs to chill. Very extra, but in a good way! 10/10.
  • Champ: Utter perfection! Super courageous, loyal, and devoted to justice. His recent accident is far too tragic! Please come back soon, my brave, freedom-fighter friend! 10/10.
  • Naga Ray: He's learning and always growing! You can do it, snake boy! Emotions are within your grasp! 10/10.
  • Hammy: Very cute and determined! I really admire her devotion to hard work and ninja training. Keep it up! 10/10.
  • Raptor 283: The best pilot ever! Always follow your dreams, even if they seem silly, Raptor! You're amazing! 10/10.
  • Spada: A chef boy! How talented and clever of him. Lots of fun food puns, too. You rock, from one cook to another! 10/10.
  • Xiao Longbao: If anyone needs some hot cocoa and a hug, it's him! You've been through so much, but you can keep fighting, you wonderful old man! I believe in you and your team! 10/10.
  • Koutarou Sakuma: The youngest! Needs protection for sure! You'll go far with Champ and Stinger at your side, young boy, but don't grow up too fast! 10/10.
  • Houou Soldier: An enigma... I hope you'll be very interesting in the end! I love you already! 10/10.

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I'm usually a Mercy main (117 hours) but last night in quick play I found another with even more (135 hours), and so I went tank the whole game and did my damn best to protect her and thank her for every heal. She was so surprised she got all the teams votes despite being drunk at the time. I don't know if she follows this blog but just in case, thanks for a fun few games Kat

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you said at a picture of a fan kissing her gf (who was wearing a pens jersey) "gosh if she wasn't a pens fan it'd be cute" like sure don't hate on the team but at least keep ur opinions of the team to urself and be proud that she felt comfortable enough to kiss her gf at a sporting event like goshdarn

So, here are the receipts. And for any of my followers who weren’t a part of the gc, this was the night the Pens/Leafs played in Game 81, aka, the night we made playoffs. The minute after we made it, in fact.

I think Pens fans should just stop defending their team/players and just enjoy things. There’s nothing more you can say. All the people you are arguing with have made their minds up a long time ago. You’re not friends with them so why even care? Block them and move on. Same can be said for any fan. Don’t you guys get tired of the same shit every night? Nothing you say or do is right in their mind so it’s pointless to even engage with them. Let people hate or do whatever it is they are doing. And maybe stop acting like your sports team is 100% perfect and get over it. I’ve been on this site since the Pens won in 2009 and nothing has changed. Get over the fact that people hate your team for whatever reasons whether they are valid or just stupid. Once you do that you will enjoy things a lot more. It shouldn’t be this serious.


Camp can get boring from time to time so the gals resolve to… Social Media! And they looove IG so.. 

What’s a normal SM day for the gals?

Well.. they like each other’s pics.. 

(even if Kling’s injured she’s still part of the team, don’t judge)

And leave profound comments on them:

They also spend so much time together they start to follow the same accounts..

Share jokes with people..and we get to know their purchases.. only Kriegy..

The member of honor shows she’s still supporting her gals and loving babies all at once.. typical Cheney ;)

Ashlyn is just being Ash..

Christen has the ability of making her CRS love puppies too.. the #PressEffect

(Steph is still on the team in my heart and is Carli’s)

But if there’s one thing that’s consistent is that Tobin’s..

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Do you have any writing projects outside of team PEAK? Which one is your favourite to work on?

I have loads of ideas, but actually sitting down and writing is the hard part for me. Even the Team PEAK story series is taking forever because I just can’t make myself sit down and do it. Though as far as full on writing projects, PEAK is the biggest one I’m working on at the moment. I’ve published 13 chapters, have 14 about ready to go and am about halfway through 15, but to actually get to the end point I have thought up, that’ll be chapter 40 it least, jesus christ. With the exception of one or two I basically have until chapter 22 planned out scene for scene in my head, I just have so little motivation. Aside from PEAK, I’ve done a few short stories that I don’t know what to do with, and a few big ideas that seem too daunting or messy to even start. The character I described in that ask reblog is from a planned novel/series called “Missing Pieces” but as much as I love some of it, I hate other parts. I think most of the characters are top notch but the plot is so convoluted and contrived in some places that like, I don’t even know. Plus I came up with the idea a few years back so some integral parts are tainted with that edgy teenage shit and nobody needs that. But what’s good in it is really good so I can’t let it go. The character arcs are amazing and everyone’s like a foil of everyone else, and everybody’s got backstory that could probably end up being a novel in themselves if I fleshed them out. Like the James Finn guy I described in that reblog, like that level of detail for like nine different main characters each with their own arcs and shit. I actually wrote and directed a short film about these characters with my college film club. It’s kind of a mess but I’m super proud we got it done. That counts as some sort of writing achievement doesn’t it. I’m rambling at this point, I just love any excuse to blab about my stories. 

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Please tell me more about Tyson, I got an anon asking about him and I honestly I don't follow the Avs that closely? Thank you!!

aah yes!! my boy tyson!!

  • first of all he smol. he’s 5'10 and 190 lb but that just means A LOT of intense love contained in a small person so it’s okay, he’s fine. and he’s a defenceman! like imagine! a 5'10 dman and they still said marner was too small for the NHL smh
  • he used to play for the WHL team kelowna rockets and even was a captain! what a kid honestly. he was drafted to the avalanche in 2009 and made his NHL debut in the 11-12 season and has played with avalanche ever since, though sometimes going back to play in the AHL but it ok now
  • he scores like…..sometimes but he mostly puts up assists, last season his stats were 13+36=49. he was there with his other avs buddies when canada won gold in the 2015 world championships so he’s a gold medalist too!
  • but anyways!! he’s like the FUNNIEST and sweetest guy ever, his instagram is hilarious to scroll through. he called drake his fan, for example. and called landeskog “landesnerd”. please, please check out his ig (I’m too lazy to start linking but there’s so much good stuff you don’t even have to look)
  • the top stuff abt his insta is definitely the pics he shares of his friends bc it’s SO PURE. he spends a lot of time with nathan mackinnon (purest!!! I can’t even believe how pure honestly), jamie benn & some avs dudes and basically everyone. he also has hanged a lot with roman josi especially while they’re in france which I still don’t quite understand.

idk if this helped you get a grasp of him in any way but there’s so much to him and his love for his friends that I literally can’t succesfully sum it all up. I hope some of this made sense though!!! also thank you for your ask I’m happy to help spread the love for this smol goofie

A little bumblebee skit inspired by admin's incredibly painful anxiety
  • Yang, walking over to Blake, who's sitting alone at the club: Hey Blakey, you okay?
  • Blake, her head resting on her folded arms: Yeah...I'm fine...just places like this. So many people. Not my thing.
  • Yang, looking around at the crowded dancefloor, where she was having so much fun just moments before: Hey...wanna go somewhere else?
  • Blake, sitting up and rubs her arm: Oh...I don't want to take you awa-
  • Yang, smiles and motions for Blake to get up, which she does: There's no worries kitten, I'll be having an even better night knowing you're happy.
  • Blake, following Yang out of the club: But what about Weiss and Ruby?
  • Yang, tossing the valet her keys: Team CFVY is here. They'll bring them back to the dorms. But you and me. We're going somewhere nice. Come on.
  • Blake, getting onto the back of Yang's bike after the valet gets paid, wrapping her arms around Yang's waist and buries her face into the blonde's shoulder: Somewhere nice...okay...
  • ~~~
  • Yang, her bike slowing to a stop in an empty small parking lot, the light illuminating a heavy tree line: Come on, there's a beautiful lake here, perfect for just laying on the sand, listening to the water.
  • Blake, smiles weakly: Stargazing?
  • Yang, taking Blake's hand, and walking them to the woods: You can look to the sky, I'll only need to look at you.
ode to the Pittsburgh Penguins

Early in 2015, I decided that I was going to pick an NHL hockey team to follow. This decision came from a growing interest in the sport, starting with UK’s club team which played on Fridays at midnight, and which was always a blast to watch, even when they weren’t very good (often). I wanted to pick a team that was in the middle of the pack- I didn’t want to be called a bandwagon fan, but I didn’t want a struggling team that would never win, either. I didn’t want a team on the other side of the country, but the teams closest to me (Nashville and Columbus) had never won a cup before, and I wanted a team with a little history. I picked the Pittsburgh Penguins. They were, at the time, about 12th in the standings. They had last won the cup in 2009. I don’t remember what other factors there were, but I decided that the Penguins were my team. That year, they made the playoffs but lost in the first round, and I followed them and watched the playoff games, but I wasn’t really invested.

The 15-16 season started out…slow and boring. The Pens weren’t at the bottom of the standings, but they weren’t at the top either, and they were no fun to watch. In December 2015 they fired the coach and hired Mike Sullivan, and this is when the story really begins. They started winning, and they haven’t stopped yet. This is when I became truly obsessed. I watched every game, I started listening to podcasts and reading fanblogs and analysis, I watched every interview my players did. They finished the 15-16 season in 4th place in the league., and going into the playoffs, my mom bought me my first piece of Pens merch- a scarf that I have worn for every playoff game (spoiler- it’s lucky as hell). Playoffs took place from the last month of my senior year into the summer, and I have to admit, they were my first priority during that time. But I graduated, and the Pens kept winning. It was a great couple of months. On June 12th, the Penguins and the Sharks were playing Game 6 (in San Jose, so it was pretty late here). If the Sharks won they would push it to game 7, but when the Pens won, they won the Cup. I woke my family up screaming. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. I got to spend all summer watching my team celebrate, and I fell more and more in love with the sport. I started following other teams, and I watched the draft obsessively.

And that brings us to this season. I could go into great detail about the makeup of the team, their playing style, their horrendous injury luck, but I won’t bore you with that (unless you ask me! I’m always happy to gab about my team…obviously). I’ll just tell you about the games that have been important to me personally. In October I went to Nashville to watch the Pens play the Predators. The Pens had a…rough night, and lost 5-1. It was disheartening, especially as an away fan in the enemy’s building, but that was one of their only bad stretches all season, and hopefully that’s not how this matchup will look in the coming series. In February I drove to Pittsburgh to watch them play the Calgary Flames. They lost that one also…maybe I should stop going to games in person…but it was a much less embarrassing loss! In March I went to Nashville again to watch them play the Toronto Maple Leafs. Those are my 2nd and 3rd favorite teams, so I would have been happy either way, but it was very exciting to watch the young upstart Leafs do their young upstart thing. They won 3-1, two of those goals coming from their frankly unfair group of rookies.

The Penguins came in 2nd in the league in the regular season, but they were going into the playoffs heavily wounded and missing a lot of central players. Somehow, despite those odds, and despite not being favored at all, the Pens have won three series, and they’re going to the Stanley Cup Final for the second year in a row. Last night’s game was a nailbiter, game 7 double overtime versus the Ottawa Senators. The game went to almost midnight but mom and BethAnn stayed up to watch with me, and they can verify that I shed a few tears of relief when Chris Kunitz (my first favorite player, by the way) scored the game winning goal.

That’s what prompted me to write this up. This incredible, emotional game has given me so much joy over the last couple years, and I know that many of you know that I can bring hockey up into any conversation, but I just wanted to put into words how much the Pittsburgh Penguins mean to me. When I chose them, I never expected to see them play for the Cup in two of my first three years watching them. I never expected to pour so much of my team, energy, and money into supporting them. I never expected to become so obsessive that I got my sister and several of her friends to follow the sport too. But here we are. Even when I try to keep it short,  I wrote nearly 1000 words about myself and my love for this team. I could have written so many more, honestly, I cut myself off so many times. Here are the most important words, though: Let’s go Pens!!

Merry Christmas everyone! During the Holidays I like to let people know how much I appreciate them! There are so many amazing blogs & people who run them who deserve shoutouts! Happy Holidays & I wish all of you a very happy 2017 💓! May all your teams win trophys & your favorite players stay healthy! @arsewenger @atomhumber @abitlikelove @antvibe @antoinegreizmann @barethgale @babysharkdraxler @bayern-xo @bavarian-pretzel @buyerns @babellerin @bornandbredinwhiteandred @chelsearealmadrid @christmatshummels @chamberss @debuchies @d-yedlinny @d-urm @frostytheshkodran @fyeah-fabianjohnson @thomasmullering @thorganhoezard @mertes4cker @welbecks @myleatherjacketismybestfriend @xhaakas @granitxhakas @granit-xhakas @verrcass @sykesylauren @wegotmesutozil @abcde-fc @robinholding @robertsatandowski09 @robholdingg @kimmichoursaviour @kimmearth @juliandraxxler @nixiswriting @football-rambles @kroosmas @mulllered @oezily @frommybeautifulmind @alexisnchez @alexiwobi @ultragooner89 @imagoonerbitches @tommy-the-ball-boy @jamesalarcon @itsswaghetti @j-u-v-e @lahmm @oliviergiroudd @schweinstgrs @neuersnutella @thebayern @panic-at-the-isco @gunnersatheart @matuidis @merryneuer @wordsrandomlytumbling @thebluesideofmyworld @usmnts

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svt playing hide and seek
  • s.coups: team seek, leaves nothing un-searched, not even that pillow that is definitely too small to hide behind, "WHO IS BEHIND THERE? oh- just the tissue box... NEXT PLACE QUICKLY"
  • jeonghan: team hide, under the bed bc nap time but nearly gets caught, throws a wadded ball of paper towards vernon to distract seekers but that's how they find him oops
  • joshua: team hide, in the hallway near the ceiling wedged up there spidey style, how did he get up there? no one knows, one of the first to get caught and can't get down lol
  • jun: team seek, he's got techniques from watching cop shows, inspects room before looking dramatically into the distance and pointing at the hiding spot, "he's ri...GHT THERE"
  • hoshi: team hide, all the hiding spots he wanted were taken so he's a wild card, half the time he's following team seek and they don't even know, gets caught talking to dk
  • wonwoo: team hide, behind the bookshelf, exposed himself when he started singing out of boredom from waiting for seekers, found by mingyu ofc "i hate mingyu"
  • woozi: team hide, under the table, that is until he sees a seeker and grabs their legs from below to scare them lmao, winner of the game tbh, "what took you so long?"
  • dk: team hide, kitchen cabinet hider, legit thought he would fit in that small space and ended up cramped up in there with his foot hanging out so he got caught smh
  • mingyu: team seek, hella competitive, finds three people within the span of ten min wtf, lost his streak when woozi grabbed his ankle and scared him half to death
  • the8: team seek, he's got wicked good sense for this sort of thing, laughs when mingyu gets scared so he purposely leaves woozi in the game so he can see mingyu get scared again :^)
  • seungkwan: team seek, stellar seeker, uses high notes to drive the rest of the hiders out, *metal scream* "cO ME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU AREEEE", standing ovation for that performance
  • vernon: team hide, concealed in curtains for the most part, well until jeonghan's wad of paper hits him and he peeks his head out, chillest one about being caught
  • dino: team seek, hyper lil bean just wants to get everyone back together again so they can eat snacks, runs along missing nearly all the hiding spots wyd but has a lot of fun