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How do you farm for hearts?? I see a lot of slbp blogs talking about it. Don't you just use them right away when you hit the 7k gates in event stories? :/

Hm… How do I explain this properly… LMAO

So you know how during an event story, once you finish a certain mission, you always get x10 hearts? No matter what story you play, or however many times you play it, you will ALWAYS get x1 closet space and x10 hearts once you finish those love point missions. 

You can use your hearts in various ways–some people use them specifically for when they hit the 7k wall, and hey, it does work just fine. But if you want to use your hearts more effectively it’s best to do a few things. 

This is personally the way I use my hearts and how I optimize their use:

  1. ONLY USE YOUR EXTRA HEARTS ON LOVE POINT FEVERS. If there’s no fever, then only use the hearts that recharge every hour. It’ll be slower, but when the fevers come, you’ll get double the points you usually would–and in turn, you’ll get more points and theoretically use less hearts. This is especially important if you’re trying to get a ranking prize, because you’ll just run out of hearts faster and have to either spend more money or fall in the rankings by the time the last fever comes. 
  2. PLAY EVENT STORIES MULTIPLE TIMES. This is where you “farm” hearts–remember how you get x10 hearts for every story you complete? The more stories you play, the more hearts you will get. So theoretically, say you play all six stories–that’s x60 hearts right there, and you didn’t have to spend money on them. It’s even better to save these so you have more when you most need them, which brings me to my next point…
  3. IF YOU DON’T PLAN TO RANK, DON’T USE YOUR HEARTS. Honestly, I think it’s a huge waste of your resources if you use them when you don’t necessarily need them. The nice thing about SLBP is that it is always possible to finish all six stories by the end of the event without spending money, so you don’t really need to use your hearts over that span of two weeks. Hearts are money–if you don’t like the clothes, then don’t buy them.
  4. OPTIMIZE YOUR ALLY LIST. This is super essential to both getting you over point walls and helping you rank in the long run–allies share a portion of their points with for your total (when you get to skill walls), and they give you points when they take you on trysts. So find people you know will be dedicated to that event, or at least to gathering points–the more points you have, the easier it will be to finish the stories. And the more you take allies on trysts, the more they’ll do the same for you in the best cases.
  5. THE FINAL FEVER IS A BLOODBATH, SO BRING OUT THE BIG GUNS. This is especially for if you’re trying to stay in the top 100, but everybody who wants a prize is always out to get the most they can out of this last fever to keep their rank until the very end. If you need to assure your position in the ranks, then make sure you’re mostly using your hearts here.

These are probably the biggest points in the way I do it? It’s very much a strategy, and “farming” for hearts to play stories over and over and saving them for later is SUPER, SUPER ESSENTIAL. It’s a lot of strategy in deciding where and when to spend them. Another easy way to attain hearts is from the Goddess Item Packs they sell for every story event AND battle event–they both contain varying amounts of hearts, if you have the pearls for them.

 If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered, I can certainly try answering them, but I hope this helped!