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Bucky x Reader p3

The next morning you and Bucky were walking around a small town looking for some person that has been hacking into S.H.I.E.L.D.S computers. The thing that was troubling was this person used a different computer every time and would only hack maybe once every other week. So there was no consistent hacking which annoyed everyone. Right now you and Bucky were sitting outside of a books and coffee shop, you both had not spoken since last night. You were stressing out because after the incident you ended up dreaming about Bucky doing some inappropriate things to you. So when you get stress you engage in your stress reliever: smoking. You rummage through your bag and find your handy Roll-your-own-cigarettes case and a lighter. You never really paid attention to the lighter so you were surprised when Bucky said something, “Why does your lighter have Steve’s Shield and my mask on it.” You try to put off answering him for as long as possible, shrugging you go back to your chemistry set. “I got it one time I went to the museum that is all about you guys. The boy I was watching at the time was obsessed with Steve. We went into the gift shop because he wanted to get a little memento and I saw this and they were cheap I got like 5 of them.” You are about to light it when you look up at Bucky, “Do you mind or do you want me to go somewhere else?” Bucky shrugged his shoulders and went back to looking around. So you lit it and inhaled, enjoying the feeling of your stress reliever. You don’t even realise how much this makes you relax closing, your eyes you were content with life. Of course it didn’t last long, Bucky clears his throat and that’s when your mind goes back to what happened last night. The feeling of him causes you to blush and get hot, you shake the feeling away feeling the heat between your legs. “You alright? Seems like that cigarette is getting you off.” Bucky comments while flipping through a magazine. You just roll your eyes, “Does a better job then you would. I am going to go to the music store over there. If anything exciting happens call me.” You get up and walk to the store. He can be such an asshole and can be just…fuck. As you walk into the store you hear someone say hi can I help you. Shaking your head you go over to your favorite genre of music. You decide to pick up a couple of CD’s when you hear heavy footsteps, “Oh god what now James?” “Sorry to disappoint but I am not James.” You froze as a wave of fear came over you, legs buckling, hands getting clammy. “Nice to see you still like same type of music, you never change (Y/N).” Out of the corner of your eye you seem him, his blonde hair all perfect, his skin with no imperfections and it scares you to death. That is when you realize that he can’t do anything to you. You’re in public. “What do you want, Ray?” You said trying to sound annoyed but it coming out more shaky. You walk over to the counter, standing in line to pay you hope he will leave you alone. “Just thought I saw a familiar (Hair color) chick. Glad I finally found you.” He stands to close for your liking and you shove your hand in your pocket pressing the small device that Tony made. Across the street in his right pant leg Bucky’s device started shaking, he takes it out, thinking it’s malfunctioning he turns it off. He goes inside to order another coffee and a muffin for you. Ray never leaves your side as you pay he wraps his arm around your waist gripping you tightly. You don’t make a sound because you know if you do, it will get worse. Walking outside of the store you look to where you were sitting and don’t see Bucky. You mentally start freaking out and try to move away from Ray. His grip stays firm as he shakes his head, “Oh no, (Y/N) you are not going anywhere. It was hard to find you, you clean up your tracks well. But now I got you and you will get away again. He puts both arms on your shoulders to make you face him, all you do is look at the ground trying to stay calm. His grip tightens and you quickly look up as you feel bruises forming. “You can’t do anything Ray, we are in public.” You say pushing away from him. He’s hands slide down your wrist, “I can do anything I want, your word against mine.” He smirks knowing he can get away with anything. That is when Bucky finally comes over, snaking his metal arm around your shoulders, “Everything alright babe?” He says looking Ray in the eye. You just shake your head, not trusting your voice. “(Y/N) look at you! Finally getting a boyfriend, sorry we worked at the same company for a while I’m Ray.” Ray says letting go of his hands you see anger in his eyes for one second but it is replace with a kind charming look. You don’t waist any time before you wrap your arms around Bucky’s waist, holding on as if your life depended on it. Because right now it does. “James pleasure.” Bucky says “Well I’ll leave you two, but (Y/N) if you’re in town for a while I’d love to catch up.” Ray pulled out a piece of paper and wrote his number on it. You just take it and slipped it into your pocket nodding. Ray then walks away while Bucky turns and walks you back to the table. “So what was up with that?” He asks handing you a muffin. “What are you talking about?” You say sitting down and start eating the muffin. “You left here about to kill me but when I showed up you clinged onto me like a scared puppy.” He said sipping on his coffee. You just shake your head, “Just shocked to see him and you surprised me.” Bucky knew you were hiding something but decided not to push.

Back at the tower, Fury and Phil were listening to the bet going on. “So you expect those two to come back in love? Da fuck is wrong with you Stark?” Fury says, “No I am so on Steve’s side, those motherfuckers are still going to hate each other.” “Oh I am so shipping it!” Phil says jumping up and down while Wanda pulls out a t-shirt shipping you and Bucky.

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Hi! Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY!

I’ve been a bit down recently so let me try to find five things!

1. I have a good relationship (I hope) with the vast majority of my students. I believe that I’m someone they can talk to if they need to. I hope that’s the case anyway. I really value the times we connect about something.

2. I have perfect pitch. Comes in handy when singing unaccompanied and the choir needs a note.

3. I’m well-travelled. I’ve been lucky and I really appreciate it. I love my ability to go off to places on my own and explore them and really get something out of the experience.

4. When something’s important, I don’t give up on it. This is my fourth year in the teaching profession. I’ve lasted longer than a lot of new teachers.

5. I make really amazing roast potatoes. I’m never going to not like that about myself!

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five things you’ll find in my bag
1. A bag of tissues because I am a serial sneezer. Everyone asks if I’ve got a cold but I usually don’t - its just how my nose is! Also tissues always come in handy.

2. A notebook. So I can write things down. Its currently got reading lists and poetry fragments and an entire novel that my mum and I plotted out on the train once using the station names for characters.

3. My diary/planner thing because I have the worst memory in the world and even with it I keep forgetting to do important things.

4. Paper and school folders that are bursting they’re so full of notes. I’m looking forward to the distant day when I don’t have to carry so much around and break my back all the time.

5. Sometimes, my latest knitting project, to keep my hands busy at a lunch time.

five things I’ve always wanted to do in life
1. Fall in love.

2. Fly a plane. Like a stunt plane. A strange thing for a girl who’s still a bit scared of heights to say, but something about gliding and soaring through the sky would be so freeing.

3. Be a re-enactor. Technically this shouldn’t count because I have been doing Medieval re-enactment for the past few years but my true love is early 20th century (and early 19th and late 19th and mid 20th) and one day I really hope to get the chance to be an elegant Edwardian lady in a grand old house for a weekend.

4. Travel. I used to dream of being an adventurer when I was a child - I think I’d watched too much Indiana Jones! These days its less of a dream but I still want to go exploring across Europe and see Morocco and Eygpt and Istanbul and more.

5. Go to university. Having grown up on tales of my parents’ adventures, it was always my goal and as of next (school) year (I’ll start in September), soon to be achieved.

five things I’m currently into
1. knitting. I’ve started my second pair of socks (ever) and its taken my ages to find a pattern that will fit but I love sitting there in the evenings with my family and a drama on tv, knitting quietly.

2. The Halcyon, itv. Its your regular period drama, its got love, intrigue, revenge plots, angst you name it. I love it.

3. Also in the vein of period dramas I literally just started watching ‘A Place To Call Home’ which is an Australian period drama and again, I adore it.

4. Vintage clothing. Circle skirts in particular. There’s just something so classy about a swishy skirt.

5. Every minute I don’t have to study. Which sadly is not right now. Oh well I’m going to finish this first.

five things on my to-do list
1. Survive prelims.

2. Get into the Uni of my dreams. I’ve got offers from other places but the one I want, not yet. I’m keeping all my fingers crossed.

3. Make my prom dress. I need to hurry up with that one but finding appropriate material at affordable prices is ridiculously impossible, especially given the fact that there is barely one habadashers near me that sells dressmaking fabric.

4. Learn to drive.

5. Be happy?

five things people may not know about me
1. My favourite colour is blue? I keep fiddling with my blog theme so its not that obvious anymore.

2. I wear glasses and I’m effectively as blind as a bat without them.

3. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about 4 years old.

4. I was worn in Texas, although I’m British through and through. (Now living in Scotland)

5. I’m currently attempting to teach myself how to edit film (okay its with iMovie which is so easy and straight forward its a miracle) to put together a short film my friends and I made for my 1920s themed Birthday party last year.

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Went on download spree yesterday and got amazing houses by @illawara  for my Strawberry Acres save. The first one is for potential neighbors, the second one is the one I’m actually using. It didn’t have a backyard so I decorated that part in the neighbor house style. 
Also tried messing with re-shade once again, since @alverdinesims kindly shared her settings. I’m not using it for the actual gameplay and screenshots, however I find it pretty handy to borrow some editing ideas and experiment with effects in game to transfer it to PS later (the pictures edited manually from scratch, but I kind of tried to make it re-shade like). I love editing just as much as gameplay process, so I’ll probably stick to PS. But I do want to try and make black and white re-shade preset at some point, because I think it would be cool to actually play black and white movie style.  


s8 #11: “Once upon a time… I did something good. […] I found a way to share my power. Girls all over the world were given power – not just strength, although that does come in handy – but purpose. Meaning. Connection.”

s10 #25: “You’ve made these amazing sacrifices – for me… for the world. I’ve always wondered if I could do something like that. If I could be that brave. It’s kinda cool to find out that I can.”

Yay me.”

A Little Project

So as some of you may know I’m close to reaching 1000 Followers and so as a little project to celebrate I have created a blog that documents every song Ed has ever performed or covered or mashed-up, you name it.

Everything is sorted into the Album or EP it was featured on, plus an assortment of Unassigned songs, Covers and Mash-Ups

All the lyrics end with a link to a performance or audio of that song, plus they’re also tagged with their sorting details (if you want to view all the songs from one album at once for example)

And finally the search function means you can find any times Ed mentions a certain word in any song (eg. finding the times he curses), which is also great if you know the lyrics but can’t remember the name of the song!

Hopefully it comes in handy, its more intended as a reference blog than an active one, and i’ll only post new lyrics/covers.

Love you all. xxxxxx 

Pricing up Hogwarts

*an amalgamation of two posts I’ve made on this topic

So, we’ve wondered how much it’d really cost to go to Hogwarts, right? I’m sure loads of people have seen the ridiculous costing CNN pulled out of their ass once.

(Pictured: the ridiculous costing CNN pulled out of their ass once.)

I was discussing this quite some time ago with the lovely badmadwolf when we were discussing how much it would cost her OC to get all his school gear. As we couldn’t find any reliable sources at the time, I decided to use up a few idle hours working it out myself.

I went into Pottermore, the Potter Wiki, and any other sources that I could conveniently lay my hands on, and also found a handy online conversion program, and set to work trying to estimate the prices.

And the results are as follows, shown in wizarding money, pounds sterling (the UK currency) and US dollars.

The average cost of a full kitting-out for the first year of Hogwarts would be 63 Galleons, or just £313.73/ $490.23 in today’s money. Back in the 1970s (Marauder-era, for anyone curious) I’m fairly sure it would be a different exchange rate, but we don’t have anything other than JKR’s rather vague approximations to go by, so I’m going to take a wild leap based on my very sketchy knowledge of the past currency and inflation in the UK and say that in the 70s it’d be closer to £200-250 ($312.52-390.62). Buying second-hand can always reduce that though.

Here’s my estimation of the realistic prices, broken down:

Tuition - NOTHING. Hogwarts is the UK wizarding equivalent of a state/public school and there is no tuition fee to attend!
Three sets of plain black robes - 9 Galleons new, 3 Galleons 5 Sickles second-hand
One plain pointed hat - 2 Galleons new, 9 Sickles second-hand
One pair of protective gloves - 2 Galleons new, 12 Sickles second-hand
One winter cloak - 4 Galleons new, 1 Galleon 4 Sickles second-hand
Books - 13 Galleons in total for the eight of them* when new, 2 Galleons 14 Sickles second-hand
One pewter cauldron - 15 Galleons new, 10 Galleons second-hand (you do need a damn good-quality cauldron, especially as a first-year where accidents are common)
One set of glass phials - 3 Galleons new, 1 Galleon second-hand
One telescope - 5 Galleons new, 3 Galleons 8 Sickles second-hand
One set of brass scales - 3 Galleons new, 1 Galleon 16 Sickles second-hand
Basic potions ingredients - 2 Galleons
Wand - 7 Galleons

Totals: Full price 65 Galleons/ £323.69/ $505.76.
Second-hand: 33 Galleons, 16 Sickles, 28 Knuts/ £169.30/ $264.51

That is far more reasonable than the absurd $43425 total in the original image (which equates to £27,800.91, if anyone was interested). It sounds about right for someone starting a new school at age eleven in the UK, especially with some of the specialist equipment.

And yes, I know I left out things like quills and parchment, because those are fairly cheap, and are things that most families would have around anyway and thus aren’t a school-specific item.

Feel free to add your own comments, thoughts, etc. - I’d love to see what other people come up with, and if this was of any help to anyone.

* The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk
A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot
Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling
A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch
One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore
Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander
The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble

Ship Names

OKAY I’m starting up a handy dandy guide for the ship names! Because I can never remember a thing and it seems like we get a good three wonderful new ships every week. This’ll be updated as the ships come in!

Once I collect a fair number I can make an excel graph so ships are easy to find. Let me know your ship names, no matter how big, small, romantic/platonic, or rickety they might be. Every ship counts!

A few quick Mains/Popular:
Pearl + Rose = pearlrose
Pearl + Garnet = pearlnet
Pearl + Amethyst = pearlmethyst (or Opal)
Lapis Lazuli + Peridot = Lapidot
Peridot + Jasper = Jaspidot


Ruby + Sapphire = Rupphire (Or Garnet)

Pearl + Stevonnie = Peonnie

Garnet + Amethyst = Gamethyst (Or Sugilite)
Pearl + Garnet + Amethyst = Polygems
Pearl + Mayor Dewey = Pewey
Peridot + Ronaldo = Deny Everything
Jamie the Mailman + Kevin = Kevamie or Javin (I’ve seen this go both ways, but it tends to lean towards Kevamie) (update: yup mostly kevamie)

Jasper + Amethyst = Junkfood

Peridot + Pearl = Pearlidot
Peridot + Garnet = Perinet

Lapis Lazuli + Garnet = Lapinet

Jasper + Lapis = Lasper, Jaspis, Japis (seems to be evenly divided mostly)

DUNDUNDUN The alpha graph is here!