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annyeong! I rly like ur art just thought I'd pop in nd say hi! Also on your 'current mood: nap' post, I had a giggle at McCree. He's wearing his prosthetic and it's under his leg nd as someone who used to wear one with a lot of uncovered joints, this always made me afraid to touch people or furry/hairy things because the joints would always pinch the skin or hair off. I just remembered this one moment where I accidentally pinched my neck scratching it and I got asked if I had a hicky. Imagine -

(2)  - (Korean prosthetic anon) @-@ imagine poor McCree getting a little pinch…Though maybe not, it is the future and surely they’ve already taken care of the little problems like that xP anyway sry for rambling, thanks for blessing us with your art.

Hello there! Oh wow! Thank-you so much for sharing this is so nice! ;w; omg i was thinkin’ of that the other day! yeah i wonder if that does still happen they have visible joints, so i guess? but that’s a very interesting thought!

remember when an interviewer asked who their idols were as kids and zayn told niall his were the power rangers because he was shy but niall gave him the courage to share it with everyone else ouch

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(NSFW) What made the sex in the night you got back together so great? Who made the first move for it?

Draco: Make-up sex is always brilliant.

Harry: Hear hear. And I made the first move because this one was too busy crying and trying to convince me (mostly, himself actually) that he didn’t want me back.

Draco: I wasn’t crying.

Harry: Baby, you were literally sobbing; I remember because it made my chest ache just to watch.

Draco: Well, you’d been screaming at me like a maniac for ten bloody minutes and I was still down from having broken up with you in the first place, alright?!

Harry: Then why were you insisting you didn’t want to get back together?!

Draco: I don’t know?! *suddenly grins at Harry’s expression of incredulity*

Harry: Well, when I realised our little shouting match was getting us nowhere and we were about five seconds away from his neighbours reporting us, I just gave up and snogged him.

Draco: It was gross, I had tears and snot everywhere and was blubbering pathetically like a fucking–

Harry: It wasn’t gross; I was crying by that point too. 

Draco: I know, it was your fucking tears and snot I was referring t– *shrieks and thrashes as he’s attacked* Okay, I’m sorry, PLEASE! HARRY, FUCKING STOP–

Harry: *panting slightly and releasing him* And then we fucked all night and it was like I’d died and gone to heaven.

Draco: *grumpily smoothing down his hair* You, sir, are going straight to hell!

Harry: And what made the sex so great was that it was just right there, in that place between frantic and brilliant, and still almost overwhelmingly emotional–

Draco: Basically a reminder as to what I’d be missing out on if I didn’t take him back.

Harry: Rude.

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Hi! If you don't mind me asking, what/who is your mobile header a picture of? (You're an amazing artist, by the way!!)

Hello! and THANK YOU! <3

I’m assuming you mean this little banner thing, right?

Lemme tell you a story of my twelve-year-old self who loved writing and had a ton of notebooks filled with short stories all of which have no conclusion whatsoever. I don’t actually remember writing any of it but I picked up a story about twin superheroes and I drew them - reinventing them too! It’s an entire concept of having one hero per generation - like an incarnation of sorts and pictured here are the heroes - or legacies as I’d call them of the Medieval Era and the 25th Century. It’s also an excuse for me to merge my two favorite tropes of sci-fi and fantasy. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this idea tho? I tried to launch it back last year but it kinda went silent.

I actually have this thing thought out - like I do many things but I dunno; it’s a really weird story about time travel, genetic templates, clones [?] and alternate realities ??? It’s like a massive sci-fi cliche cauldron. I’ve also based the main Legacy on Cameron Monaghan because I can.

also military-esque uniforms and organizations and bad guy is not the bad guy and everyone’s being played for the real bad guy’s benefit and there’s this twist that I don’t want to say because this still might go somewhere and ???

It’s also lowkey an excuse to get some costume design off the ‘for use later’ pile in my folders. and I can’t find the third one - it’s a red costume because I’m a sucker for color-coded groups and RGB seemed a good idea ??? It can be barely seen here (*rolls eyes at dark aesthetic me*)

I found this sequential piece tho’ It’s a little small but the piece above is here without all the dark filters and all

I also made an icon should I make this a thing (Zed Gunn is the lead’s name - and yes, it is one of those, ‘that can’t be his real name’ things. Maybe it’s not? maybe it is? Who knows?)

I digress. The answer to your question is actually just, ‘they’re my OCs’ I have a habit of talking too much ??? Especially about these kinds of things ??? It may not be what you meant ??? but here it is for the world to see ig ???

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Hello, Sleuth! I'm sorry if you've been asked this before, but I recalled that many ASOUE fans thought that the S in S. Theodora Markson, but stood for Sunny, but aren't the Baudelaires named after dead Snickets? Which in case, Thedora is a) a Snicket b) dead?

And a good morrow to you, @antisocialarchives​!

It’s never said that the Baudelaire orphans are named after dead Snicket. What they say specifically is that their family names children after dead people and that the Snickets do that too. This is actually an echo to a number of Ashkenazic traditions.

“I could not ask for better,” Kit said quietly. “Name the baby after one of your parents, Baudelaires. The custom of my family is to name a baby for someone who has died.” “Ours too,” Sunny said, remembering something her father had told her when she had inquired about her own name. “Our families have always been close,” Kit said, “even if we had to stay apart from one another. Now, finally, we are all together, as if we are one family.
[The End, Chapter Thirteen]

Technically the Baudelaire orphans are named after Arlene Violet, Claus von Bülow and Sunny von Bulöw, the main protagonists of the von Bülow case. Beatrice and Bertrand had considered naming Violet after Lemony Snicket if she had been born a boy, but that was only because they thought him dead at the time (and also, theoretically, because some doubt remained about Violet’s biological father).

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Hullo Hullo friendo! I am wondering of an ask for the ut, us, and uf skelebros! Where the s/o has like this really huge family! Like a mom and a dad, three sisters, and five brothers! And the grandparents live with them to! To rule it all out the oldest sibling of the so is 43 years old! Thank you!

Hello friend :D  You are very welcome.  I’m going to assume that the family is fairly tolerant.

Sans:  Damn, that’s a lot of people.  He’ll do his best to remember all of their names but at family gatherings he’ll be leaning over to quietly ask who the heck he’s talking to often.  It doesn’t help that he isn’t exactly the best at placing human faces.  He’s an ambivert; he often spends time in crowds like Grillby’s, and has no problem performing stand up.  He just needs time to recharge after, and of course it’s easier some days than others.

Papyrus:  He loves it!  So many new potential friends!!  Papyrus is!!  Very excited!!  He is a 100% extrovert so he throws himself into your family with gusto.  Any kids love the heck out of him.  So does everybody else, which is relieving.  He really wanted them to like him!  “SO, DATEMATE, ARE WE GOING TO HAVE A FAMILY THIS LARGE!?  RIGHT NOW MY ONLY OTHER FAMILY IS SANS, WE’RE BEHIND, WE’VE GOT TO GET CRACKING!!”  Grandma goes ‘oh my’ and drops her knitting.

Red:  He is having a bad time.  So many people and all of them can fuck off.  He hates them, and they hate him, he’s sure of it.  Why is he even here?  Well because you want him to be, you specifically asked for him to be there, and the free grub obviously.  But he’s passing out as soon as you both get home.

Edge:  He immediately tries to assert himself, making it known that he is very great and superior!  This does not work very well.  However, for some reason, young children tend to love him.  The adults are not happy with this, and may request you not bring him to events any more so as to avoid being a bad influence,  Despite this, Edge actually likes the idea of a large family, though he isn’t saying it out loud any time soon.  The more members there are the higher the likelihood of forming a blood feud, and he’s always wanted one of those.

Blue:  Y E S.  Having a huge family has always been a dream of his!  This is heaven!  He desperately wants your family to like him, and subtly hints that if you’d like a large family like this one, since it’s what you’re used to and all, he wouldn’t mind.  Not at all.  He makes sure to spend time with the kids, gently playing with them.  He’s low-key showing off how mature and parental he can be.

Honey:  Oh shit he’s nervous.  He plays it cool, and everybody likes him well enough.  He’s very smooth after all.  The only way you can tell he’s uncomfortable is the fact that he’s taking a few more smoke breaks than is polite; he suppresses the urge to bounce his leg.  After every meeting with that huge family of yours he needs to take a bit to recharge, flopping face down on the bed and just laying there for a bit.

Bonus Black because I misread US as SF at first: Have you ever seen a cat slowly, deliberately, while making eye contact with you nudge a glass of water off of a table as some kind of display of dominance over you, glasses of water everywhere, and gravity itself? That is black’s approach to your family.  Why did you bring him?  Who thought this was a good idea?  Him and your entire family are essentially at war.

Bonus Bonus Puppy because heck I did everybody else I can’t leave him out like that:  He follows you around like, well, a Puppy.  Oh my god he’s so awkward.  If you leave him somewhere he’s gripping his cup tight, struggling not to growl, or be rude, slowly dying inside.  He wants a family one day maybe, but not one this big!  This is too many people.  He needs to take a walk.

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Ive seen this 'shiro who ???' so many times jesus. Shut the fuck up he's a mentally ill disabled japanese man he'll always be more important than your thin ass mayo boy lmao. Im sorry for venting but you are one of the few people who actually give a shit about poc in this fandom

no don’t worry abt it (venting) anon! i completely get why this is a problem. shiro is representation for so many people and saying “shiro who” in response to matt holt is rly transparent…. those who forget history are doomed to repeat it ya know

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Maybe a shinigami is helping bravat or however is bravats actual boss? Remember when they found the machines? Othello said they were too advanced for this time? Maybe it's the undertaker or it's someone else? I really wanna know what's happening :'<

Yeah, I, too, think that there’s at least one shinigami involved in the sect. However, I’m not 100% sure yet who it might be. Undertaker seems to be the primary suspect but

if Othello meant him by “that person” in this scene, then it means that Undertaker isn’t really familiar with/interested in technologies, so there might be someone else at play. And at this point, I personally don’t think that a completely new villain character (be it a demon or a shinigami) will be introduced to the story, so I hope it’s someone we already know (like Brown, for example)!

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irhujkdfdf I'm glad you removed that from your byf, people who undermine anxiety and depression are the worst. Just because they're "common" in the nd community doesn't make them less of a burden to have.

RIGHT. remember when people acted as though having anxiety and depression only was a privilege

For some reason, people who were spanked or even treated harshly as children claim that they wouldn’t have learned to respect their parents otherwise. This is a bizarre claim to me, because I have a hard time remembering any time that my dad lost his temper and screamed at us as children, even when we were shitty teens. My dad has been super chill pretty much his whole life. That’s not to say he was the “cool dad” who just let us do whatever we wanted. There were rules and expected behavior, but none of it was enforced with a loud voice or a threatening hand.

Just like I can’t remember any time that my dad screamed at us, I also can’t remember any time we talked back to him. We’ve never yelled at him. We’ve almost always done things he’s asked us to do. He asked. Not demanded. My siblings and I are all really different, too. My sister was the hardest child to deal with, and she and my mom have gotten into shouting fights. As a result, my sister doesn’t want anything to do with my mother, and she (and my brother and I) won’t tell our mother some things because we know she’ll rush to judgment.

But we’re all very close to our dad. We treat him like a dad, not a friend– some strawman claim made by pro-spankers who think that sparing the rod results in spoiled, selfish children who have no respect for their elders. If my dad asked me to do something, I did it. When my dad talks to me, I listen to him. When he makes a recommendation, I do my best to follow it. All of this is accomplished not through shouting or hitting or threats, but because we share a deep sense of mutual trust. I trust that my dad wants what’s best for me, and he trusts that I am doing my best, and so our interactions remain civil and respectful.

My sister is dating an ex-gay porn star. My sister has told me that she will never, ever tell my mother this, and that if my mother ever finds out, she just “won’t have a mother anymore”. Yet she told my dad the first time he flew out there to meet her boyfriend, and she left them alone for a few hours to talk and get to know each other. Afterward, she asked my dad for his honest opinion, and his was “if he makes you  happy, then that makes me happy.” To my knowledge, her boyfriend and my dad like each other.

My brother is about to do something stupid, by moving to a city with two people who don’t have jobs and then driving 45 minutes every morning to a job that doesn’t pay much. Maybe it’ll work out for him, but knowing my brother, probably not. When I asked my dad why he was letting this go, he said “Your brother is an adult, and he needs to make his own mistakes to learn. Maybe it’ll work out. Maybe it won’t. But it’s up to him to figure it out.”

My dad is not faultless. But I’ve never in my life been afraid of him. He’s never made me cry. I’ve never yelled at him, and in recent memory, he’s never yelled at me. Despite all this, me and my siblings trust our dad with nearly everything about our lives. We bring to him our deepest concerns and value his advice. He’s not our friend and not our enemy. He’s our dad.

All of this is perfectly possible without physical reprimand or even angry shouting. If you respect your child as a human being with their own desires and fears, that child often repays your efforts with respect as well. It’s almost like you get what you give. Amazing.

“Little older-brother:
Hello, it might be a bit weird to suddenly write this letter to you, because you probably can’t even remember me well and of course don’t know who I am. We’ve only met a few times before, and don’t have any special relations. But, if there’s anything you need help with you’re very welcome to ask me. I will help you in the best way I can.
Please trust me, details can’t be explained well in a letter. If you’re willing are you able to meet up with me? On the 10th of next month I have a day free. I will wait for you at the park in the city. I hope you really will come, I really anticipate seeing you again.
- A friend”

Unfortunately, although Jinghua was in the same room at that time, he didn’t see what was written in the letter.

Lil tip to remember guys

Have a ref page and tag for your muses in your blog and make them easy to find through buttons and such

Makes it a ton easier to send asks cuz people won’t have to search too deeply just to find who they’re sending the ask to and what has be asked before.

Doesn’t need to be anything fancy right away, just enough info to get us started!


IF YOU WERE HERE THE FIRST FEW MONTHS OF THIS BLOG YOU MIGHT REMEMBER THIS FACE!!! It belongs to all-mystic-messenger who is now deeeeleted (I know at least half of you loved her headcanons, not as much as I did, of course, cause I’m #1) but since I do get messages asking about her from time to time, I wanna show you this pretty pretty pretty face to let everyone know she’s doing veeeerrryyyyy well and is VERYYYYY HAPPYYYY!!!!!! So there is no need to worry~ isn’t she cute? I loves her LOTS FOREVER~ - Mod 606

I don’t remember much.
But I remember it rained the night you left me.

I was standing there on my porch as the rain fell, and the skies screamed with an intensity that made the entire house shake, as you walked down the sidewalk and to your car. 

I do remember screaming, crying,  begging you to stay. My hand reached for yours, but your touch felt foreign in my own. And I asked you right then and there to try to recall what it was like when we were in love, back in the beginning. When things were simpler and easier to grasp onto. 

But you didn’t.

Instead you shrugged your hand out of my grasp and continued to walk away from me like it was the easiest thing that you’d ever done.

And I remember that you didn’t turn around to face me as you left, not once. Like instead of the girl you said you loved, I was someone who had broken your heart. Someone you felt disgusted with by just looking at. Someone you couldn’t stand being around for a moment longer. 

So instead, you rushed to get away quicker. 

And whether it was because of the increasing downpour or the need to get away from me sinking through your skin and making home in your bones, I do not know, nor ever will.

And I remember, as I watched you climb into that vehicle and drive away, thinking to myself:

“Is this what it feels like when love dies?" 

But looking back now, I sincerely doubt it. Because in order for love to die, it has to be there in the first place. It has to live. Has to breathe.

And after months of thinking over things, replaying every word, and reliving that night more times than I can count, trying to pinpoint the exact moment you changed your mind, where things went wrong — I’m not even sure you loved me to begin with.

And I was foolish to believe that in a universe that constantly breaks hearts, dishes out handfuls of unrequited love, and  leaves people with unexplained goodbye’s, that I would be an exception.

That I could find happiness. 

And I should have seen it coming.

Fuck, should I have seen it coming.

Because boys like you aren’t supposed to fall for girls like me. 

They never were.

P.S. I don’t like the rain anymore. It reminds me of unspoken words and the way the tail lights of your car blurred as you drove further away.

 — I don’t write poetry, but for you, I made an exception. 

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What is everyone like when they're sick? If they can get sick, anyway.

Jeff normally stays in bed and coughs a lot. He’s really irritable about it. Laughing Jack can’t get sick so he normally just takes care of Jeff. Eyeless can’t get sick like a human would, but he can get food poisoning and stomach bugs so when that happens Toby is usually by his side with a bucket and Imodium. Jane normally walks around in a robe with her hair up. She also doesn’t wear her mask because it makes it harder for her to breathe with it on. Masky also does not wear his mask when he’s sick. He gets very exhausted when he’s sick and lays around a lot. He tries to stay in bed as much as he can. Hoodie powers through it and just takes cough medicine. Toby whines and complains about it but eventually gives up and just tries to remember the days when his nose isn’t stuffy. (To the anon who sent in an ask like this one: I hope you like this as well! Hopefully this matches up close since your ask was similar to this one.) 

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Hi again! I regret to inform you that the person who answered my ask and said it is drop dead (I'm 99.9% sure) is incorrect. I've already read that fic and I know it's not the one I'm looking for. I'm so sorry if I sound rude! I'm just really really really annoyed that I cannot remember the name.

Hi! I read a fic that I’m pretty sure is on Tumblr and it’s complete. Dan was very rich but dan left to prove that he could live without being spoiled. He meet phil in the streets and they didnt like each other at first but end up in love. They also broke into Dan’s house a few times. I’m pretty sure phil was in love with plants and dan had a drinking/ smoking problem. I checked the homeless tag but none rang a bell. Thank you if you find it!

does anyone know this fic?

- Eliza

remember when somebody asked dan ‘are you sure youre not gay’ and he answered 'find me the right guy who knows what will happen’? good times

Seeing people with a different icon and different name here that you ask yourself “who is this?”. Then you check and you still can’t remember who this person is, and worse, they haven’t posted anything that you now you ask yourself “why the hell im still following?”

(this is why I unfollow a lot of people here)

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So I'm re-watching PLL and 2 things struck me: 1) the Ezra stalking the girls for his book in S4 was even creepier than I remembered and I don't understand how the show even considered getting Ezria back together because "they're in love!!!". What he did is 102930293% wrong and the fact the girls don't seem to have an issue with Ezria is SO ANNOYING. Like who cares if it was 'just for a book'? Like someone in the show said, if he knew, why didn't he help aria? AND in the scene where Aria's [1/?]

[2/?] flicking through his notebook under all the notes about her before they met it says “Find out favourite music” - I mean this was calculated from the beginning, doesn’t matter if he “didn’t mean to fall in love with you!! [aria]”. Ahem. End rant. The 2nd thing was how much Shay’s improved. She’s still pretty mediocre as an actress - sometimes bad, mainly ok, but occasionally really quite good. And she seems really passionate about it which makes that improvement all the better!

I know this is….a very old message but. Yepyepyepyepyepyep 

Originally posted by survivorgamechangers

(also I didn’t see the part about Shay and I personally disagree)

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Who is Humpo? In what issue can I find it for the first time? And apart from Krypto, Humpo and the little blue one that transforms into a giant electric beast, whose name I can't find or remember, there are more "Super-Pets"? (Not the Silver Age Super-Pets)

Humpo is this pet of N52 Superman that was created by Garth Ennis and only appeared once in All-Star Section 8:

Isn’t he the cutest? One of the best things that Ennis gave Superman (y)

The little blue one is Baka! And I srl think Clark must have a lot of pets, he has a whole zoo in the Fortress after all! I just love it when he is seen with other alien creatures tbh XD

just look at those adorable space fox (?)