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fallout week 2017:  Amber or green?… without radiation there wont be these cool ghouls n mutants

….I wanted to draw just Harold but ended up doing this stupid thing… I always loved how is Lenny excited about meeting the Vault dweller and how he regretted not going with them..that he wasnt part of that big adventure…Also Harold must have been really….great…mayor. 

I would wait for her every school morning. Her mom drove her every day, so she was consistently on time.

Her mom would pull up, I would quickly walk out the door, then offer to carry bags as we walked in. I avoided her mom. She gave me bad vibes.

I would wait for her after tests, usually. I would either know the work, or not at all. The end result was usually the same. I finished first, then waited for her. I drew her on my work sometimes. She didn’t know.

I waited for her calls. We would talk while doing homework we could complete by ourselves. Sometimes she would panic. I was there to comfort her.

I would wait for her to get to my house, whenever she could come. We would go on walks, smash old beer bottles, and toss rocks. Sometimes we chose to stay on my bed and talk.

I would wait on her when she asked me to stay up. I was never one to stay awake late, especially on school nights, but for her I would. She was worth it.

I waited on her as she was in another relationship. It wouldn’t work, I was straight damnit, she had a boyfriend.

I waited on her when she broke up with him, made sure she was ok. He hated me.

And then one day, I decided not to wait.