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One thing I like about the BTVS fandom in particular is that it’ll criticize the show on like, writing grounds, not just representation/shipping grounds.  I mean, there’s plenty of the latter going around (and I don’t mean that criticizing representation is bad), but very few fandoms I’m in will look at plot/character arcs and go, “I love this thing, but it could have been written better.”

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(Shoot. Let me try that again. Ignore the last one) He is determined to serve milord, but I fear he is pushing himself beyond his limits. I wonder if he misses his friends.

( my guess is @softspokenrigelian! )

fernand has no answers to offer but a harsh gaze and lips contorted in irritation. how pretentious to step so casually in his boundaries, speaking her thoughts so freely. well, there might be a sense of relief— perhaps she wasn’t a little mute plaything, after all. the doll has a voice.

he forces himself to tolerate her because she is the one the walk by his lord’s side. fernand is as silent as ever but the scowl he constantly wears tell another tale. such impotent woman— he does not comprehend what his lord sees in her. much to his dismay, her gentleness reminds him sometimes of mathilda; and he makes sure to keep her at arm’s length to eliminate any possibilities of reminiscence of his glorious days, basking under zofian sun. the nobleman wants to snap, but her kind exterior prevents him from doing so. perhaps he isn’t stubborn as he likes to think he is. damn it all.

     ‘‘ i have no time for camaraderie and i couldn’t care less for such a thing. i miss no one. ’’

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For Ficus: What do you think about movies, books, etc, about vampires?

F: *rolls eyes* Honestly? Load of crap. I don’t know what it is about humankind that they don’t accept anything that isn’t coated in sap and drama. As if real life didn’t suck enough without all the unneccessary extras. I’m telling you, 90% of this shit is made up. Vampires…aren’t a romantic subject in any way. The huge mass of them? Evil. Not in the ‘oooohhhh my thirst is so strong but I will bear it for you and let me slay all your enemies’ kind of way, but actually evil. Backstabbers. Trust me, you do not want to cross paths with them. Chances are pretty big you won’t even make it out alive. Fucking sugarcoating only makes things worse with all those stupid adventurers coming by the Hollow hoping to meet and greet some vamps. It’s a feast for all of them, except me I guess. Being a vampire isn’t all fun and games like they make it out to be. You’re powerful, sure, but what does that matter if you use it to make everyone else’s life hell? Or if you never even wanted it in the first place, if you’d be happy living a perfectly normal life, with a job, not having to hide from your own parents, not being chased by a cop who has no life? It always blows my mind just how many damn cliches they fit into these stories, most of them just make me want to laugh, really. But it stops being funny when applied to real life. I’ve lost count of the times Miracle’s asked me about yet another ridiculous stereotype. If I’m destined to live…or…I guess…die? this way, at least let me do it in peace.


when you, a person who can’t look at a carbohydrate without having to run 3 km, go hang out with your friends with their perfect metabolism…. yeah