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every westallen scene ever (123/?)

how many more grown ass adults do i have to listen to complain abt how the new magic school bus is “ruining” their childhood as if i greenlighted the fuckin thing myself

There is no ship "war" for the Flash

It doesn’t exist. There is only one main ship and that’s WestAllen. Just being real here. Of course there are other ships people can like but it’s not a “war” if it doesn’t exist. IrisxEddie and BarryxPatty actually happened and they don’t get much attention for a reason. It is what it is but we are making them more relevant than they are. Like who you want but when you have to replace Iris with your fave it just shows your true colors. Iris West is important to the Barry Allen character. Always has been. It’s just a fact. You know that even if you hate it. They won’t fuck her over like poor Dinah Laurel Lance who deserved so much better. Ship whoever you want, there’s nothing wrong with liking different pairings. Just know (and you do) that it will never be more important than WA and no one will ever mean more to Barry Allen than Iris West. Enjoy your ship but there is no “war”

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You're getting a lot of hate today girl. What'cha need? "Haters Back Off" spray or "Read The Post Before Making Comments" pole? Also, I stand by you with the PewDiePie thing! ouo

Hahahaha ya know honestly, I could really go for some “Read the Post before making comments” right now. XD haha can I also get an extension that says “make sure you read it correctly, and not misinterpret my points?” or heck even a “Read it three times, just so my message didn’t go over your head like it seemed to have” Cuz that would be awesome! XD 


But it’s ok! I think I’m good, thank you tho! :D 

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Excuse me, do you know if there's any way someone in South America can watch the first live?

Unfortunately, your options are limited to the following:

  1. Travel to Japan or a country that has a Live Viewing to watch the concert.
  2. Wait for the Blu-ray to come out.

This goes for any region that did not receive a Live Viewing ヽ(゚、。)ノ


Chat: I’ve been in a very “equality is for everyone” mood

Summary: Feliciano likes wearing make up, he likes the feeling of wearing dresses and curling his hair. No, he isn’t a girl, he’s a boy and he’s proud

Excerpt: I can’t find a right part for this, but it’s about how Feliciano starts a YouTube channel about make up

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You seem a bit more sassy on twitter. Is it more banter vs Tumblr having more room for explanations? Not being rude--just curious, I guess.

HA! Is this a compliment or an insult? Please come back and let me know, I’m really amused right now.

I’m always pretty sassy… I think those who really know me would agree. Twitter is a different format than Tumblr, as you said - I can’t say as much in 140 characters, and you have direct interaction with cast and other fans if you so choose to tag them, so depending on the situation, I allow my saltiness to come out. Tumblr I can be as long winded as I want and I feel like we get into more discussions here, so… I don’t know if that explains it at all or not.

But yeah, I can be pretty snarky on twitter. I like to think it’s part of my charm, not sure if anyone else agrees. ;)

SOME of you don’t deserve these characters, nor these actors, nor any of the good things that you don’t seem to appreciate in this show. Like honestly, I’m sorry the show isn’t up to the false expectations you’ve created from the fanfictions. Okay, there, I finally said it. Yes, the show isn’t perfect, it has its flaws and yes, there were some issues that I personally thought that they should’ve acknowledged. But the showrunners are trying to please everyone and some of you take them so much for granted sometimes and real talk, at times there’s hardly any respect from what I’ve seen on twitter. Message me if you have any issues with this because I’d be happy to converse in a civil, mature, understanding(!!) manner. Sorry if this sounded salty, the reason being it’s in my nature.

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🔥 FCs

                                                                       @vezosdarilaros // unpopular opinions meme 

you’re not better if you use the show fc? also you’re not better if you don’t y’all? you do you honeybun and i’ll write with you w/e. literally the only goddamn rule about fc’s is DO NOT FUCK UP WHEN IT COMES TO RACE. i swear,   i see this more on pinterest than here,   but like???  RHAENYS TARGARYEN IS NOT WHITE.  she is the mother fucking daughter of a DORNISH WOMAN and if y’all fuckers turn her to make her look like her milk bottle dad i will scream.   AND NEITHER IS GODDAMN AEGON. YO, I GET THAT HE LOOKS LIKE HIS DAD BUT ALSO LETS ALL REMEMBER THAT HIS MAMA IS DORNISH AND SHE IS NOT WHITE. SO HE IS NOT WHITE. I WILL FIND YOU ALL THE FCS WHO MAKE MORE SENSE PLS.