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  SILENCE!! a message from the King !! 

   ❝ i HATE to break it to all of you, but I AM the tallest in your
     little colonies. just a reminder that i can and WILL crush you
     all. good day.~ ❞

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hey there I hope this doesn't come out the wrong way but your saltiness about certain things (especially antis) actually gives me life, you always seem to say the things I'm thinking but am too afraid to say lol, its cathartic somehow

really? that’s nice to hear; i just assumed that people find my saltiness annoying since it always makes me lose followers

i understand about being scared to say things though. i only ever post like 20% of my saltiness and i usually regret it because backlash. but now i know at least one person is probably supporting me, so thanks anon

I’m kinda salty that staff cleared my queue though…I had uploaded original gifs to it and I don’t keep my gifs after uploading to tumblr. So…I kinda lost those. And I’m not re-giffing cuz idek which ones they were. So whatever. At least I had some on draft. 

Better that than not having my blog back. 

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unpopular opinion: lowkey salty bc bts didn't win first in relay but also i'm glad they had fun but i wish they won and defended their title? but also happy for svt for winning even tho I'm bitter bc bts didn't?

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Lol when I found out that they switched up the people for relay, I was like oh man. I had a feeling they’re not going to win. But like you said, they had fun and they tried their best. I know Namjoon was proud so it’s all good :’)

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Dude my self-insert Killjoy oc is a salty middle-aged woman old enough to have worked in print journalism before the wars. Let’s face it, older characters have the most potential to be interesting in this setting.

That’s awesome. I love older characters in the DD universe. Younger characters can be interesting, too, but I think it can be easy to fall into the whole “badass rebel teen” trope. I love older characters because they have so much knowledge and experience, and probably lived through the wars, if they’re old enough. I also love older characters that are a bit gruff and crabby, lol :p

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name: Chloe
nickname: Clo but some write chlo which is fricken annoying and looks like you forgot to finish typing my name. Yes, I’m salty.
gender: female
star sign: Capricorn but I think that star sign stuff is a load of bs but each to their own
height: 5'4
sexual orientation: keeping it a secret since an anon got curious 
favourite colour: bluey green whatever that colour is and dusky pink
favourite animal: almost all of them. I’m in awe of each unique existence
average hours of sleep: 4-12 :|
cat/dog person: both
favourite fictional character: Aragorn will always hold a place in my heart
number of blankets i sleep with: one
favourite singer: none
dream trip: anywhere outside of Australia
dream job: being a mum
blog creation date: Sometime in September
blog reached peak: Idk? How would you even know? It’s continuously growing whether fast or slow?

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it just makes me so salty cause time travel is my favorite thing and as soon as it happened i was already theorizing about it. i didnt even know about btd and i was already ready for a final showdown with time travel. and then it never happened. so bitter

My bet was that Josuke got dragged back in time with Kira somehow, Bites the Dust ends up flinging them back further than expected, Josuke ends up separated from Kira in the process, starts wandering around, finds the car and realizes that he’s The Guy who saved him, does what he has to to save himself and Tomoko, finds Kira, dukes it out with him, weird time shit happens, they end up back in 1999, Kira dies, THE END.

But that may have been shot down by editors or whatever.