and for lex and mary who love the sea just as much as me

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fix prompt in response to the video you posted with clarke seeing alicia clark and she jumps into the water - somehow clarke is looking for lexa in another world and she finds her as alicia clark but she doesn't believe her but clarke keeps on trying and eventually she does , sorry i just had this idea and i thought you're such an amazing writer you would be able to do it justice

ok yes i wrote a thing it’s long-ish but it’s got a happy ending

The first thought that crosses your mind when you wake up is regret.

She was right.

You’re in a new body, a new world, your mind is new as well, but your soul – your soul is the same. The air tastes different, the ground beneath you feels different. Everything is different, save for you, the you inside.

You open your eyes and for a moment, you’re blinded by the blaring sunlight shining in your face. You’re lying in rubble, a rock is pressing hard into your spine, and you dart up.

Too fast.

You stumble down a little hill of rocks and only barely catch yourself before you fall face-first into the concrete.

That’s when you first see them.

Walkers, you later learn.

You don’t really care. All you care for is surviving.

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