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Some highlights from the Class DVD outtakes/deleted scenes:
  • Charlie’s mother is the reigning monarch of the Rhodia, the bloodline runs through her. Charlie described being her son as “like having a really strict boss all the time”.
  • Charlie’s father “wanted nothing more than to be a fisherman, but he had the misfortune of being born a prince. The duty of a prince is to marry the Queen.” Matteusz asks if that meant Charlie would have had to marry a Queen as well. Charlie says, “Yes… I would have. I’d almost forgotten that with all the… genocide…”
  • The montage in Nightvisiting lasts for the whole first verse of the song and has lots of really adorable moments from Tanya’s childhood.
  • Varun Singh is a dentist
  • Ram’s mom has a few scenes with Varun and Ram. Her nickname for Ram is “beta” (not sure of the spelling) but I couldn’t find any definition of the word that worked in context. Ram points out that it means “second” in English.
  • Dorothea, Quill, and Charlie inadvertently watch a Coal Hill student get devoured by the petals. The kid was in Charlie’s history class. Quill looks disgusted at Dorothea and Dorothea looks utterly shaken.
  • In Detained Ram has a speech where he talks about wanting to excel and be “better than the best” and how he was on the elite level but now he feels like he can’t ever be there.
  • In a cut scene from Detained, April reveals that her mom looks at her like she’s afraid of her, and April feels guilty about magically healing her spine, agreeing that it was a violent thing. “She’d accepted it. She’d created a whole new life and identity for herself, and I just reached in and took that from her.”
  • This leads into a really cute Macsingh moment where Ram kisses her hand and they play footsie under the desk
  • Tanya and Matteusz try to figure out if the asteroid/meteor is telling the objective or subjective truth about there being no way out of the prison. Matteusz says something like, “I’ve seen belief mistaken for truth before. The consequences can be very bad." 
  • April: "I’ve got the brain and the strength of a King running through me. What exactly do you think you’re gonna contribute?” Ram: “…I’ve got really nice pecs.” *music starts playing and Fady dances out of there like a boss* 
  • Katherine Kelly in full Quill makeup, screaming at Greg Austin in full Rhodia makeup: “I have a feeling one day we’re gonna be on a planet where you have something called a mobile phone and I’m gonna smash it so hard that you won’t be able to text your boyfriend!” *both dissolve into laughter* 
  • Katherine also keeps accidentally referring to herself as a Rhodian and cannot keep a straight face around the Cabinet of Souls.
  • They interviewed the Arn puppet. It has a thick New York accent and talks about being approached on the street and asked if it wanted to be on television and “next thing I know there’s this lady named Kate with a scar and I’m coming out of her eye and a black guy with long fingers grabbing my face”. Someone gives the arn a cigarette. The puppet tries to smoke it but gets told he can’t smoke inside the building.
  • Basically the whole cast is precious and dear god why can’t we have another season PATRICK NESS COME BAAAACK

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I'm getting out of Jackie posts to reblog at my Jackie blog lol. Do you have headcanons of Jackie? (not shippy headcanons?)

LMAO, we need a Jackie Appreciation Week or something lol.

  • Makes scrapbooks for every year of High School.
  • Isn’t that much into sweets, but loves cakes and sugary breads, which used to make her feel guilty since those make you super fat. Slowly, she understood she can eat them without extremes and everything will be ok.
  • Will never admit that rock has grown on her.
  • Has always wanted to yell at her mother to leave her alone. In fact, she has always wanted to stand up to her but can’t. There’s something stopping her from actually telling her mother to fuckoff.
  • She has thought so much about speaking her mind to her mother, she has three different fantasy scenarios of it with three different approaches and the same result: satisfaction.
  • The first time she touched herself, she felt weird because she thought she was the only girl doing that sort of thing. It was a big relief when the other popular girls started to wishper about it at lunch time.
  • (Hyde once asked her if she does touch herself, she said yes. He wanted to see, and she was surprised at how much she wanted him to see)
  • Jackie has an uncle named Richard who is younger than her mom, like six years younger than her, and who is her favorite uncle. When she was a kid, she didn’t realize he is gay. Once older, she immediatelly started calling his partner, Griner, uncle too. 
  • Donna said she is impressed of how quick she accepted that, Jackie looked at her like if she had said something extra weird and explained that she believes that soulmates should be together no matter what.
  • Lowkey loves big and gross burgers. Hyde notices and teases her about it.
  • Once kissed a girl when she was around 14-15 in a party and she felt like the wildest girl ever. She is embarrassed of that; not the kiss but of thinking that. When she confessed it to Hyde, he smiled at her and said it was damn normal.
  • (She started pestering him about if he has kissed a boy, he literally shouted WHAT? in response)
  • Would love to have a pet but knows she wouldn’t put all the proper attention to it. Kelso and Brooke give her a puppy from their dog’s litter when she moves in with Hyde, they name him Page and it becomes their baby.
  • Later, Page adopts himself a kitten. Hyde names him Clapton. He’s an asshole but loves Jackie. Lowkey throws Hyde’s stuff when he is in the room.
  • Even older, she mantains a diary and decides she’s going to one day give her daughters the diary of when her relationship with their father started. It becomes her first daughter’s personal wedding gift. It made her cry.
  • When she was learning to ride a bike, she fell down a lot and was seen usually with band-ids in her knees. Pam hated it, but everyone thought it was adorable how pretty she was even with her knees hurt for being free. Older, thinking about it, it makes her sad.
  • Before Hyde quit smoking, she always throw away his cigarrettes when they started to live together. She always said it was because the smell of ciggies bothered her, but it was because it reminded her of her father.
  • Her dad was her biggest hero, to discover who he really was brought her down deeper than she cares to admit. Lucky for her, Hyde’s help and support actually was good for her, and she came out of that.
  • She knows the specific number of kids she wants, at what age she wants them, how many years between them they should have, and what names she may like them to have. Hyde tells her that ok, whatever she wants because it’s her body, but if she gets to decide their first born name, he wants to name the next one. He ends up naming both their girls, and she names their boy.
  • Yet, she chose the middle name of their girls while Hyde chose the middle name of their boy.
  • The day Page the dog died of old age, she cried all day. It happened, too, when Clapton the cat died. Both went away within months from each other, she was so sad, Donna got her another cat. She named her Bella.
  • Her purse is a magic place that has not only her make up, money and so, but also a damn tiny first aid kit, the spare keys of Hyde’s car, a toy for her kids when they were younger, gum and other hard candies, tissues, damn nail polish remover, nail polish, and Hyde’s gum for when he was quitting smoking.
  • She loves living in a normal suburban block, in her normal but always clean and pretty house. Which makes her loving having people over.
  • Kitty and Hyde got her to learn to cook better. She isn’t the best, but she isn’t bad anymore.
  • What she loves is to buy things for the kitchen. There are so many and so pretty! And they match her kitchen so good! She can’t help but go nutts when she has to buy something new.
  • Jackie is very proud of her hair and will let it grow as much as possible. The day she cut it short, Hyde had a small breakdown. She never cut it again, since she didn’t felt like herself without her long locks. Hyde is secretly happy about this.
  • She was extra annoying while pregnant with their boy, but also extra pretty.

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Can you recommend some long (preferably chaptered) fluffy smut fics?

hello anon! sure, we’re great fans of fluffy smut fics ourselves :) here are some of our favourites:

Will you love me tomorrow? (NC-17)
Can’t fight these bad intentions (NC-17)
Not a fairytale (NC-17)
Then came you ( R )
If the Police Ask (NC-17)

- Admin Ellen

Not Intended (NC-17)
Crappy Ex-Boyfriend (NC-17) 
I’m Not Your Cinderella (NC-17)

- Admin Z 

McSexy on the Side (NC-17)
not just fate (NC-17)

- Admin Summer

Warm enough for you outside, baby? (NC-17, not exactly smutty but its good)
Pat It, Roll It And Mark It With A B (NC-17)

-Admin Jackie

  • Oskar: Okay, once more. Where are we going?
  • Jackie: To Capital City.
  • Oskar: And why are you and the old lady in the car?
  • Marco: We're gonna talk Miss Skullnick into coming back.
  • Oskar: And why is Star here?
  • Star: I came up with the idea.
  • Oskar: And why am I here?
  • Star: Because the streets of Capital City are no place for three unescorted ladies.
  • Marco: Hey!
  • Oskar: Why are Ferguson and Alfonzo here?
  • Star: Because they've been feeling left out.
  • Oskar: And why is Janna here?
  • Janna: Because Starfan13 didn't want to come by herself!
  • *Oskar looks at Starfan13*
  • Oskar: Uh, fair enough.