and for jackie

has anyone noticed how often hyde wear shirts instead of bad t-shirts and such right after he started dating jakcie?

and that he dressed up for his date with her at the beginning of season 5?

and the fact that he obviously will put on whatever she says in season 6 because she knows what he likes even if he doesn’t like to dress up?

because, wow


I can not stress how much I love the dynamic of those two guys right here.
They’re always so in tune with each other, it’s incredible. And also no one can make the other absolutely lose all of their shit like these two can.

I don’t like the word, but if anything is “#goals”, this is.

Also I am not okay with the massive double entendre that is the first 3 gifs of this. 
Kudos, Mr. Haas.

Last but not least, welcome to their new new show called ‘Fuck This’.
Grab your phones and order that to scale mold!      [ source ► ]

Jackie: I don’t know how I feel about Star living with you after all that stuff she said at the party.

Marco: Don’t worry, we talked it all out.

Jackie: Really?

*flash back*

Marco: Star we need to talk about what happened at the party.

Star: No we don’t.

*end of flash back*

Marco: Yup, everything’s back to normal.

new amv coming on this days..

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This time would be one truly depressing spanish song about the pain and just letting that person happy with someone else. 

Who you decided to love

I don’t know if they know there are no people
like you here on earth.
I promise you I won’t cry again
I know how happy you are and take care
of what I dreamed, I always wanted that for me

From my heart, love each other..

Listen to the song here

  • Jackie: Hey, Shane. [waves at Hyde from across the room]
  • Donna: You know his name's not Shane.
  • Jackie: I know. I know. But, if I keep saying "Hey, Shane", then eventually he'll come up to me and he'll be like, you know, "My name's not Shane, it's Steven", and I'll do a big apology and I'll say, "I thought you were the Shane who was mad at me for not calling". And, from then on Steven will think that I dated a man who looked just like him...who I rejected. He'll develop this unconscious need to win my approval and from then on, it's cake.
  • Donna: Damn!