and for henry they'd do and have done anything

magicalmonsterhero  asked:

Have the Toons and/or studio crew ever done karaoke? If so, what songs do you think they'd sing? (I think Sammy might do one of Frank Sinatra's songs.)

oooooooh i LOVE that idea.Just, they all have a karaoke night at the studio or something. I don’t know what everyone’s favorite musicians would be, but i like the thought of Sammy enjoying stuff by Frank Sinatra. I guess I think Joey and Bendy would be big fans of Cab Calloway. I can see Borris and Henry liking anything jazz related. Bendy Alice and Joey would definitely enjoy Swing. And Sammy just straight up likes music. They’d probably have to drag himout of his office to join the staff party, though.
Maybe it’s something they do when an episode or a short or a movie turns out to be super successful. For Celebration.