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Yes Sir Part 13

Yes Sir Part 13: Make It or Break It

Relationships have their ups and downs. Professor Winchester and his girl find out if their relationship can survive.


Warnings: The ususal :) This is NSFW, Explicit, and Mature content. WC: 6732 On AO3

A/N: This is one of my fav things I’ve ever written, I hope you enjoy it too. Thanks to my amazing beta @andromytta who I never thank enough. Thanks to @myheart4ever47 for giving me a great idea. And a very Happy JDM Birthday to my girl @jml509! And for all the readers- I love you guys so damn much. Even tho it wasn’t happy this week, I loved hearing from you. Thank you. 

Thirty-six hours passed and still no word from John. I cried myself to sleep, even though I could only sleep about four hours. Punching my pillow seemed to help until my arms ached. I’d stare at the ceiling until I was too tired to fight sleep. Even in the middle of the night, I’d wake up to see if he had called. But he had not. He needed “time.” And my heart was broken.

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things i know about the states
  • Alabama - racist and homophobic. i think u like statues cuz you’ve got a giant fucking one called vulcan thats like what? 100,000 pounds?? ??? wow. very extra. 
  • Alaska - i only know one person from alaska but they’re a trump supporter going to art school so i imagine they aren’t having a great time. also my parents ditched me in illinois for a week to go there on vacation. lots of bears.
  • Arizona - irrational hatred of mexicans in the southern part. my pe coach from elementary school who is now a convicted pedophile loved it there. very hot but not humid. cacti. you serve rattlesnake and rabbit sausage and i was forced to sit and watch as my brother ate it just to spite me. 
  • Arkansas - like alabama but a lil better. you’ve got the whole southern hospitality thing goin’ on. you made it illegal for a rivers water level to rise above a bridge. how are y’all gonna enforce that? tell nature to stop?
  • California - very liberal but the three people i know who live there are hella conservative. suffocate them. do it for me. also pretty chill people but don’t take criticism well. gay
  • Colorado - nice weather. outdoorsy people. wyomings less racist cousin. lots of critters. nice people but no chill about skiing or snowboarding.
  • Connecticut - people go through ur state to get to other states. everyone i know from connecticut is not there now. 
  • Delaware - people go to ur state to shop since y’all don’t have a sales tax. ur really fucking flat. ur gonna be one of the first to go with rising sea levels. also no national parks??? 
  • Florida - my uncle worked on airplanes in miami for 50 years and hated it. you fucked us all. the only person i know from florida doesn’t believe in evolution. racists up north, gays in the south. disney world
  • Georgia - coca cola and the walking dead. people only care about atlanta. art hoes chill in savannah. had first college for women. for some reason ur not allowed to live on a boat for more than 30 days in a year??? ? why
  • Hawaii - you get a lot of tourists and they’re usually inadvertently racist. v liberal. the Most liberal in the country. screw california. lots of culture. good food. 
  • Idaho - potatoes. a made up word. ppl thought it was indian but it wasn’t. its gibberish. nice. a metric fuckton of gem stones.
  • Illinois -north is liberal. south is, according to my mom who grew up there, ‘the armpit of the rest of the state.’ her town was small & when it tried to start a kkk they couldn’t because people recognized their shoes. my grandma is 45 minutes away from the nearest walmart. 
  • Indiana - home to mike pence. crazy corn people. my mom’s bff lives there and she’s crazy but super sweet. inidana means ‘indian land’ but that obvs didn’t work out. also there’s a law against fishing with dynamite and guns?? ? 
  • Iowa - actually make more corn than indiana but don’t tell them. also make a fuckton of alcohol. ur name is mostly vowels which is gr8. also first female lawyer. ppl are typically nice, but also might shoot u
  • Kansas - contains the geographic center of the US. first woman mayor. my dad ditched me in illinois to pick up an RV in kansas. passionate about trucks. 
  • Kentucky - don’t go if u have allergies. to anything. horses and racism. also fried chicken. u aren’t allowed to throw eggs at public speakers or you could go to jail. lots of weird space shit. u built a town in a meteor crater which is cool.
  • Louisiana - people only care about jazz and the new orleans. lots of drunk ass college kids. humid af. sorry u have to live with that. u follow napoleon law instead of english common law like literally every other state. less racist than others but still kinda racist. 
  • Maine - might as well be canada. lotsa lobsters and trees. not allowed to keep christmas decorations up after the 14 of january?? only one syllable. people are chill. my dads friends own some islands up there. like small islands. chunks of rock really. they aren’t rich but they are usually drunk. 
  • Maryland - obsessed with ur flag and crabs. old bay on everything not just crabs. chocolate, popcorn, regular corn, potatoes. u need help. identity issues. north or south? who knows? they dont. also jousting is the state sport?? and ur judges wear red robes? called ‘america in miniature’ ur the only state with an official exercise and its…walking jfc
  • Massachusetts - will tell everyone they are from mass. ur not allowed to be cold because they have been Colder. ur state is too hot 4 them. lots of smart colleges, lots of dumb people. good hospitals and healthcare. v progressive. probably learned too much about them in 8th grade us history. first to legalize gay marriage A+
  • Michigan - the people i know from Michigan are incredibly salty about flint and pretty artistic/creative. lots of lakes. giant fucking lakes. literally named for an indian word that means ‘giant fucking lakes’ ur the only place in the gotdamn world with a floating post office. makes sense cuz ur mostly fucking lake. 
  • Minnesota - no one really knows what u do. you’d be like the quiet emo kid that sits in the back of the class and says nothing. ur really cold. you’ve got a lot of malls. and a lot of fucking lakes. not big lakes but like 11,000 itsy bitsy lakes. u look like swiss cheese. 
  • Mississippi - racist but getting better…at least you were. ur mostly known for your river. people spell the name of ur state for fun. for some reason you have a cactus plantation???? the worlds only cactus plantation??? ?? why 
  • Missouri - misery Missouri. u really fucking love fountains? only rome has more fountains than kansas city, missouri like? wow. you also have the arch which is great but also a lot of murder. also, a lot of caves which is awesome
  • Montana - mountainy af. do you even have cities? v cold. holds record for coldest temp in US (-70F) and largest snowflake. wow. also illegal to pretend to abuse an animal in front of a minor. nice. first woman in congress. very pretty state but no one lives there. 
  • Nebraska - hell state. flat. its so flat. my family was driving through nebraska??? and like?? your houses are like three miles apart. at a minimum? we drove three hours out of the way to look at fossils. but there weren’t any? and we passed like 16 houses maybe?
  • Nevada - desert trash children. literally just does not rain. las vegas is okay. i went and a homeless dude was telling dirty jokes for money. lots of homeless people. highest suicide rating of any state. i shot a machine gun and strange man came up to me and told me i was a good shot?? 
  • New Hampshire - republican cousin of vermont. lots of nature, which is ironic. very outdoorsy. entire state smells like pine trees. u only have 13 miles of ocean coastline which is v sad. sorry. also not legally required to wear a seat belt??? ur state motto is weirdly intense ‘live free or die’ yikes
  • New Jersey - interesting accent. hair gel up the wazoo on the men. lots of fucking diners. also the worlds biggest statue of a tooth??? ? why?  i know one boy from new jersey who came to college with only five white-wife beaters and two gym shorts. his name was Tony. 
  • New Mexico - arizonas nicer cousin. Not As Hot as you would expect. lots of cacti. super pretty architecture. desert aesthetic and aliens. ur lawmakers don’t get paid?? also ur capital is super cool and v old.
  • New York - ur all assholes but its okay because u have to deal with tourists. liberal and educated but not v nice. superiority complex sometimes. nyc has more people than 39 of the 50 us states. y’all are packed like rats. also lots of celebrities 
  • North Carolina - transphobic af. also u have a lot of sweet potatoes?? ur beaches are generally pretty crowded but can be nice. I have a friend that lives there now; she says the weather is v nice. v good at basketball. 
  • North Dakota - boring. for some reason its still legal to shoot an indian if they’re on horseback and ur in a covered wagon??? obsessed with buffalo. also very cold
  • Ohio - people only care about you around election time. ur flag isn’t a rectangle?? hipster trash. also its illegal to get a fish drunk?? ????? do people even fish in ohio? what is this
  • Oklahoma - u get a lot of tornadoes and most people don’t even care because you kind of suck. ironically u were the last state to declare xmas a legal holiday tho but i guess being first to go for lethal injection makes up for it. not even carrie underwood can save this state. 
  • Oregon - v liberal but to the point of being pretentious. great weather. the people are generally nice but also v weird?? I went and a guy was unironically riding down the street on a penny farthing? p sure everyone is high. also drivers have to yield to pedestrians….who are on the sidewalk??? 
  • Pennsylvania - ur a wannabe confederate state like?? get over it ur in the north pal. also u have the oldest continuously operating book shop in the US and maybe the world. u could have saved us but you didn’t. your weather is v inconsistent. not uncommon to see amish people on the side of a high way in their buggies. your sports fans are kinda scary
  • Rhode Island - smol. first state to stick it to britain. u really like tennis which is weird because ur windy af. first state to abolish death penalty. ur state motto is just the word ‘hope’??? also ur flag looks like a fifth graders art project but its nice?
  • South Carolina - crocodiles and beaches. my cousin and i went down and she made me play pokémon go with her except we were barefoot and it led us right to an 8 foot crocodile. also we found pickled pig parts in a sketchy gas station in a jar. not for sale. just there. also the anti-choice gory fetus signs on the side of the road are classy. 
  • South Dakota - better than north dakota. very pretty. giant fucking fossil named sue. lots of fossils in general. you like big rocks with faces carved onto them. u didn’t stop with the presidents; now ur making one for crazy horse (and it looks better). 
  • Tennessee - ur state is most referenced in a crappy pick up line. you’re to blame for mountain dew. most people only think of graceland and elvis which is fine cuz thats all you care about too. my friend went there and asked for chicken at a fast food restaurant but they didn’t have any and her phone broke. 
  • Texas - not as racist as people think, but still pretty racist. austin is v liberal but thats about it. you keep trying to secede (again) and its as funny as it is pathetic. have a huge bat colony - largest in the world, but they’re mexican freetail bats so u probably want to get rid of them. unironically wear cowboy hats. 
  • Utah - mormons like literally there are so many mormons that its the least diverse state in terms of religion. very pretty tho. ur state motto is just the word ‘industy’ ??? ?? ???? also u really like skiing and snowboarding. 
  • Vermont - v liberal. pure. also should probably be canadian since u make a lot of syrup. also home to ben and jerrys. very green and lots of critters. very pretty mountains. the people are really chill and probably annoyed ppl confuse vermont with new hampshire.
  • Virginia - u can’t drive. ur really competitive with marylanders but its kind of onesided?? u also donated land to build DC. weirdly specific hunting laws? no animals can be hunted on sundays except raccoons which can be hunted until 2 am??? why do u hunt raccoons? very political. lots of history. everyone is named james.
  • Washington - seattle is the only thing people think of unless they’ve seen twilight in which case: forks. very green and grey color scheme. named after the primero prez. home to starbucks like literally there is one on every corner. also u have an active volcano which is cool but it has killed people which isn’t
  • West Virginia - ur very racist but you don’t even try to hide it? u didn’t have a starbucks until 2003. You know coal isn’t coming back and you don’t know why trump thinks he can make it come back. But you voted for him anyway. 
  • Wisconsin - Cheese. v religious and not the loving god kind; very hellfire and brimstone. you have a hamburger hall of fame and u also tried to do the noahs ark theme park but im p sure that didn’t work out well. 
  • Wyoming - racist which is ironic since ur the equality state and also you’re obsessed with guns. yellowstone national park is p much the only reason people go there. you carry shotguns around with you for no good reason. 
Charm me

Characters: Slytherin troublemaker!Jae  & Hufflepuff prefect!You

Setting: Hogwarts AU

Genre: fluff, humour

Summary: Secrets don’t exist in a castle full of speaking paintings. (Aka they know about your little crush and won’t shut up about it.)

Word count: 3.7k

For the September @day6imagines task, school prompt.

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loversinger0619  asked:

I love your fic rec lists! I am looking for fics with Johnlock trapped in a small spaces (ie: closets or trunks) or fics with dirty talk. Thank you!

Hi Lovely!! 

You know, I know I’ve read quite a bit of fics with the tight spaces scenario, but only two come to mind right now because I just recently re-read them to add to my fic rec lists:

• Just a Kiss by emmagrant01 (E, 19,695w. || Case Fic, 5+1, For a Case) – Five times John and Sherlock kissed because of a case and one time they kissed for real. (Chapter 7 is the one you want :D)

• Closeted by sussexbound (T, 6,115 w. || Love Confessions, Truth or Dare, First Kiss) – John and Sherlock end up trapped in a closet overnight while on a case. John has an idea on how to pass the time. Part 1 of Intimacy

And Here’s a few with Dirty Talk:

• Onomatopoeia by aquabelacqua (M, 6,904 w.|| Sherlock POV, First Time/Kiss, Chair Sex, Hair Pulling, Dirty Talk) – Something is the matter with John. Sherlock is determined to figure out what it is. Mark his words.

• Perfect Solo by Itsallfine (E, 2,384 w. || Frottage, Fantasy, Sex Toys, Dirty Talk, Solo) – Sherlock couldn’t decide how he wanted to have John that night. (The one where Sherlock uses his box of sex toys to take himself apart in every way John might have him.) 

• Sherlock and John Go Clubbing by wendymarlowe (E, 4,717 w. || Dirty Talk, Coming in Pants / Untouched) – John pinched the bridge of his nose - even for Sherlock, this was a new level of no bloody boundaries. “You want me to go with you to a gay club, wait around twiddling my thumbs while I let you get pawed by a criminal, then out-flirt him and talk you into coming home with me instead?” Part 32 of John and Sherlock’s Kinky First Times

• A Brand of Gold by aquabelacqua (M, 12,757 w. || Sex / Dirty Talk, Phone Sex, Solo, Pining, POV John) – What am I doing? he wondered. The answer came back at once: Flirting. He let the vital, missing piece snap into place as surely and as cleanly as if it had always been there. He was flirting with Sherlock Holmes.

• There’s Something Living in These Lines by teahigh (orphan_account) (M, 4,676 w. || Pining, Angst, Love Letters, UST, Dirty Talk, Hiatus) – Two men, complete opposites in almost every way, who speak only in letters and pages torn from books.

• And if you say the word, I could stay with you by CaitlinFairchild (E, 12,842 w. || Domestic Fluff, Dirty Talk, Anal, Fluff and Smut) – What Sherlock thinks is, On the day I die, be it in a dirty alley at forty or in my bed at eighty, the last thing I will remember is tonight, the way you looked at at me on the snowy pavement, cheeks pink with the cold, breath puffing in frosty white clouds, your heart in your eyes and snowflakes in your hair. I will remember that single perfect moment in my life, that moment I knew I had everything I ever wanted, and whatever happens next, I will die content. What he says is simply, “Marry me.”

• A Cure For Boredom by emmagrant01 (E, 81,665 w. || Dirty Talk, Threesomes, Light Dom/Sub, Sex Club, Experiments, Anal, Mildly Dubious Consent) – They’d never talked about sex in the year they’d known each other. Well, that wasn’t quite correct: Sherlock had never said a word about sex; John had bemoaned his personal dearth of it on many occasions.

I hope this list suffices a bit! As always, feel free to add some of your faves, Lovelies! 

anonymous asked:

Hey hun! Are there any fics you know of evak in their new apartment just living life. xx

Hello, lovely! Sure there are, let me make you a list :) Little heads up though, this might get pretty long ;)


  • there with me by Salambo06
    Summary: One morning, Isak comes to realise that he can’t remember the last time he woke up to Even’s side of the bed being empty. 
  • Home by i_once_wrote_a_dream
    Summary: “Are we getting kicked out?” Or, Isak and Even move in together. 

  • Firsts by XioNin
    Summary: It’s the first of many, Isak hopes. 

  • heaven help a fool who falls in love by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: “I’m going to call Even,” Eskild says slowly, “and tell him that you need rescuing from a spider. And then I’m going to go back to sleep, does that sound okay with you?” “No!” Isak cuts in frantically, “no, no, no, don’t tell him, you can’t tell-” “Cool!” Eskild says, singsong and airy. “Okay, Isak, love you too, don’t die before Even gets there.” “Eskild-” Eskild hangs up.

  • Moving In by Skamzombie
    Summary: Isak and Even’s first moments at their new apartment.

  • I Guess I’m Floating by overestless
    Summary: Living with Isak causes Even to discover some of his habits.

  • all things soft and beautiful and bright by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: Isak should’ve known it was a bad idea from the second he saw the Pinterest recipe, but - Well. He’s never claimed to be any good at saying no to Even.

  • Curtains, Posters, and Cream by BraveKate
    Summary: Isak thinks their new place is cursed. There are curtains.

  • Good Grades by XioNin
    Summary: What might have happened after today’s clip (2:10:3). Isak tries to study, but even when they’re apart Even is a distraction.

  • isak x even | a place of our own by WritenStuff
    Summary: “It’s ours,” Even repeated, the corners of his lips drawing into a wide smile. “Our own place.”

  • Silence Your Phone by faerieswing
    Summary: Short fluffy scene that takes place the evening after the “Onsdag 19.04.17 12:06” clip from the biology classroom, once Isak gets home from studying. Kissing and cuteness ensues.

  • wasted on this feeling by bbyfruit
    Summary: He’s got a good grade in biology, he’s got his own place that’s full of light, and he’s got a boy with a pencil threaded between his long fingers and graphite smudged across his face.

  • take me back, to the night we met by EvenbechNeiheim
    Summary: It’s 2 am, they saw 13 reasons why and they dance in their own kitchen while forgetting about the world.

  • so you play it wild by birthmarks
    Summary: Isak is dirty. Isak is shameless. Isak is possessive. Or: before, during, and after Isak and Even made out at school on Wednesday.

  • living life gets hard to do by colazitron
    Summary: Isak and Even have been living together for two and a half months now, and things aren’t as rosy anymore. But still good. Always good. (They’re getting better at talking about things.)

  • Puppy Love by skambition
    Summary: “Babe”, Isak put his hand on Even’s cheek, stroking it softly, “we can’t get a dog. Be realistic. You may have time now, but when you’re working on another movie, you’re basically not home at all. I can’t take care of a dog. You know me, I can barely feed myself!” Somewhere in the future, Even convinces Isak to adopt a puppy.

  • Good morning Snowflake by E_Box
    Summary: Their first morning in their new apartment. Isak is just really happy so he goes buy themselves breakfast.

  • The Sleepless Night by bri_ness
    Summary: It’s their first night in their first apartment, but Isak and Even can’t sleep.

  • home has always been with you by withoutwords
    Summary: Isak finally caught on, spluttering around his coffee, “Wait, you want to move in with me?” Even had laughed about it for a long time.

  • As long as we’re together by boxesofflowers & Eeyoreneedsahug
    Summary: Isak and Even move in together. Good thing they like each other because their apartment is shit. Also, Isak doesn’t know how to use a payphone (that might just be because it’s broken).

  • All Those Little Things by Evakoorhelm
    Summary: Isak comes home to the apartment that he’s shared with Even for two years. To a suprise. 

  • wish i could live in your heart by cynical_optimist
    Summary: Some mornings, Even will untangle himself from Isak completely, rolling out of bed to make breakfast. More often, he will try, and Isak will hold tight, and Even will stay, chuckling to himself and murmuring about octopi. These are the mornings Isak prefers, the ones where he can stare at Even’s face until he slips back into sleep or curl into him, every part of himself warm and safe.- Or, domestic mornings and being in love.

  • take you to where the sun shines, cast shadows on your face (crawl into their deepest recess,‘til i freeze or dehydrate) by vesperthine
    Summary: They drag themselves up the stairs, and Even closes the door behind them; enveloping them both in the shadows ( – the familiar smell, dust, home – ) of the hallway. At the far end, that grey light is spilling in from the kitchen, and it’s just enough to make out the silhouette of Isak’s throat as he swallows.This is the aftermath, then; adrenaline sublimated and only the pieces and shivers left in its wake.

  • you bring me home by hippopotamus
    Summary: Even comes home to find Isak listening to Harry Styles’ album.

  • in the place of you and me by DarkBeauty_890
    Summary: “Can I tell you a secret?” Even murmurs, tracing mindless patterns- zig zags and hearts and stars and infinity signs- up and down Isak’s bare back. He circles freckles and counts them, adding them to his never ending tally of things to know about Isak. Isak snuffles sleepily, “Mmhmm.” “You have made me happier in less than a year, than I think I have been in my entire life.” Eyes flicker open, hazy green; beautiful and open, “Ditto.”
Dating would be like... | V (Taehyung) Edition


  • Being the giggly couple 28/8
  • him being your best friend
  • the rest of the maknae line tagging along on your dates
  • and Tae doesn’t mind at all
  • you don’t mind either
  • Inside jokes gALORE
  • the type to message you CONSTANTLY
  • like, you could be in the bathroom
  • and he’s just like “i miss you :(”
  • “Babe I miss you where are you”
  • “Taehyung please i’m in the bathroom”
  • “Without me? D:”
  • lots of play fights or tickle fights that lead into something more once and a while ;D
  • you could be cooking or doing laundry on the bed or reading on the sofa and he would sneak up behind you 
  • and just wait there for a minute, taking in the sight of you
  • you looked so peaceful and cute with your comfy clothes on and your hair up, little wispy bits surrounding your face in a way that was cherubic 
  • and then he would let out a war cry and attach himself to your waist, kissing your neck and tickling your sides, wrapping his feet around your legs so you couldn’t escape his little ninja attack
  • somehow you wiggle your way so that you’re facing him, and you’re both just laying there with his arms around you and he’s hugging you so close that your nose is touching his and his warm breath is fanning across your face
  • and it’s just a very peaceful moment after the two of you had your fight
  • you’re laying there on the floor with the sun’s warm rays kissing the two of you and the sun is right on Taehyung’s face and the light is hitting his hair so that all the little highlights are glistening and the little specks of dust are floating around like tiny snowflakes and he’s looking at you with such love in his eyes that he’s taken all the words out of your mouth and the only thing you can do to convey how much you love him back is to just gently slip your hand up to cup his cheek as you press your lips onto his
  • and as he gets more and more into it he moves so that he’s sitting up and you’re on your knees, chest pressed against his as your arms loop around his neck and his hands slide down your waist and then down further ;D
  • i’m so single holy fuck 
  • anywAYS
  • slow, long kisses. sometimes he can give fast, teasing kisses depending on the mood and his energy level but mostly he just loves slow kissed bc he just adores being able to f e e l you and it’s one of his favorite ways to say “i love you” 
  • also depending on his mood: your lips will practically be bruised from how much and how hard he kisses you during a makeup session
  • he’s a v v touchy person so hugs and cuddles are a MUST.
  • when u two go to bed he’s spooning you but u wake up at like 4AM bc ur suffocating bc Taehyung has rolled on top of u in his sleep loL
  • his idea of couple shirts is him cutting up one of your favorite shirts to match his 
  • and ur mad for a lil bit but he’s so excited to show you and he looks so sweet and he really didn’t know and it’s okay bc he loves u and u love him and u know he did it bc he wanted to do a couple-y thing w you
  • Jimin and Jungkook give u guys hell but it’s okay Taehyung kisses ur forehead before he gives a shriek and tries to jump kick Jungkook’s butt
  • u cheering him on as suga and hobi take bets on who will win while Jin tries to separate them
  • Rapmon is just ignoring y'all 
  • listening to him rap the cyphers
  • you rapping the cyphers with him
  • him singing you to sleep in that delightfully deep voice of his
  • speaking of his voice sIN TIME HELL YEAH HELL Y E A H
  • i think we are all on the same page with this
  • he’s a loud one in bed
  • i’m talking moaning, groaning, gasps, dirty talk, the whole package.
  • and on the topic of packages: his isn’t small u lucky duck u 
  • he’s a v experimental person so he’ll try anything at least once, maybe twice. Hey, how about a third time? gotta make sure you both really like it
  • he’s INCREDIBLY good with his tongue, just making out with him will have you weak at the knees, can u imagine what else he’s good at with it?
  • sex w Tae wouldn’t be super hot an heavy, i mean, maybe once and a while, like if he jus got back from touring or he’s been away for a while and he NEEDS you, but mostly it’s just super fun, happy sex
  • like the kind where the two of you will accidentally knock heads while you’re in the middle of your business and just stop and laugh for a good 5 minutes until you kiss each other and move on
  • will still tickle u durning sex he won’t care he’ll do it anywhere lol
  • anytime you have sex w Tae, it won’t be the same. every time is VASTLY different, and one-of-a-kind. no two times will ever be the same
  • you dared him to rap cypher while u 2 were at it once and he just started rapping at the top of his lungs while he was taking u from the back u swear u almost broke your nose bc you collapsed face first onto the bed from laughing so hard and to this day u can’t listen to Yoongi’s part without cracking up
  • this boy is so gentle and fun and loving and crazy
  • and he adores u so much like
  • even old people who u dont even know come up 2 u and tell u how cute you 2 are and how in love you look 
  • introducing you to his grandmother
  • she loves you but she demands that u do a better job of keeping him chubby
  • you agree wholeheartedly 
  • Tae gets slightly nervous at how well u and his grandma get along like dont misunderstand him he’s thrilled to bits but like
  • his grandma has BABY PICTURES
  • he adores seeing you interact with his little cousins and his sibling and his parents
  • basically just interacting with his family
  • he’s such a family guy like he said he wanted to have as many kids until he got tired or whatever it was lmao so prepare urself
  • he gets very super excited when you play w little kids and he starts to imagine that they are yours and his kids and he has to stop himself otherwise he’ll cry from joy lol 
  • you guys have 3am talks about your future together and discuss baby names and how many kids and what you think they’ll look like with his ears and your eyes 
  • he goes out and buys u a little animal onesie the next day and ur like ily and i love this but slow ur roll my darling lover boy
  • your and his love is just so pure and beautiful and exciting like no day is like the last and even if you’ve had a bad day and he’s away on tour just hearing his soft deep voice telling you that he believes in you and he loves you to the moon and back a thousand times over to infinity is enough to get you through until he gets back and you can hold him in your arms and bury your head into his chest and just inhale his scent and feel like you’re home
  • i’m in too deep jesus cHRIST SEND HELP 
  • please love him forever and ever

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Meihem Movie Night (They Watch Mad Max)

“Movie night! Movie night! Oi, Roadie! Where the hell are the clean sheets! I know you said we had some!” Junkrat called, his voice muffled from where he was buried halfway inside a half-broken wardrobe. Both arms moved rapidly in an almost digging motion, throwing out bomb casings, spare traps, scrap metal bits, and other garbage into a growing pile on the floor behind him. A few moments later, and he emerged holding an armful of white cloth that was streaked with black and gray. “You said you were gonna clean them! These ain’t clean!”

The gargantuan junker didn’t look up from his book on the other side of the room, sitting on his special-made bench that was still starting to sag in the middle from the sheer weight of him. He had discarded his usual armor, and wore nothing but a pair of Pachimari! Say Hello! print pajama pants and some slippers that might have been white at some point in distant history. “They don’t stay clean if you put dirty things on top of them.”

“She can’t sleep on these!” Junkrat snapped, unfurling them and inspecting the grease and soot as though it suddenly bothered him, even as his own fingers left dirty prints on what remained of the white cloth. “I’ll go get some clean ones, love. They think I can’t get into that supply closet down the hall, but I know h-”

Mei held up both hands quickly. “It’s fine, honestly. I brought a clean blanket just in case, I can sleep on top of it.” She held up one of her many cozy flannel comforters, this one a dark blue print that she knew would be the easiest one to clean after withstanding a night in bed with Junkrat. Even after showering, the man just attracted grime to the point where she honestly thought of studying him as a scientific anomaly. Her own sheets had testified to that many times over now. “This will be just fine.”

“Sleepin’ on top of it? What if you get cold?” Junkrat looked unsure, scratching at the back of his singed scalp.

“Well…You’ll keep me warm, won’t you?”

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6:30 pm

Mei had been surprised to learn that Overwatch had it’s own private bar. It made sense, she supposed. People needed to relax after a hard days work, but she’d thought Overwatch was strictly business. After the week long mission in South America dealing with Talon, however, she was more than looking forward to this function.

Function seemed to grand a word for the slightly dingy bar filled with Overwatch agents swapping stories with a beer in hand. But they had a table with nibbles, so she didn’t mind.

Small plate of sandwiches in hand, she propped herself up on the bar and hesitantly ordered a gin and tonic.

“Oh well, looky here. The ice queen cometh…”

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8 Years to Fall in Love

Originally posted by jjks

The First Christmas

Jin x reader

Bestfriend AU/Angst, romance, smut

Word count: 20k

Day 1  ⇢ earmuffs

The ice broke into little flat grounds against his feet, crushing and crunching the piles of snow as the cold breeze brushed through his hair with winds cooling against his jacket. Flickles of snowflakes fell on top of his hair, creating almost a crown bedding as he walked through the white carpet that lied ahead of him, the softness that sunk when he stepped. His hands were tucked in the warm holes of the pockets, face covered up to his nose and a bit above with a maroon colored scarf, feet in his socks inside his heated black boots, and ears covered by his pink ear muffs. He loved his treasured pink earmuffs.

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Blue Sharpie - (chapter 1, might continue?)

I saw a thing that @misteriawoon posted, and it actually helped with my inspiration slump, so….so here. Minicat coffee shop AU. Because I have no originality.

“Medium Matcha Latte for Catherine!”

The din of the Starbucks didn’t fluctuate in the slightest. It was a bright Tuesday morning, the kind of bright that made you squint without realizing, and the light poured in from the glass windows blindingly. It wreathed every customer’s hair in stunning gold shades and made the cafe tables shine pristinely. The smell of burnt coffee beans and faint toilet cleaner permeated the atmosphere, completed by the sound of tapping laptops, small talk, and slurped frappecinos.

Despite such a perfect coffee shop aura, no mystery customer approached the counter.

“Matcha Latte for Catherine!” Craig called again, raising the strange green drink slightly higher as if it would attract its buyer.

It didn’t.

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Summary: This is inspired by the song Boston by Brendan Fletcher. It’s an amazing song you should listen to at some point. I just heard it tonight and started writing and this is what came out.

Word Count: 1,558

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Not requested by anyone but tagging @red-roses-and-stories and @caseoffics

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The train’s window ices the left side of your face as you lean against it. Snowflakes drift down from the clouded sky, falling past your eyes, each tiny flake with its own design melting before anyone can appreciate it. The train huffs and others around you talk, their voices melding together into an indistinguishable clamor. Shouts come from the open door nearby, the one that lets anyone into the growling machine. You don’t look at the door, just watch the snow float past your window and pile up on the sidewalk nearby.

You sneak down, careful where you place your feet. Climbing into the case with one hand is tricky, but you don’t let that stop you. The sweet scent of the shed surrounds you as you enter it, peering around for Newt. He’s gone, though, so you step out into the field, scanning it. The grass nearby crackles under a foot.

Ducking back into the shed, you crouch behind a wide pot, peeking through the leaves. A pair of dirty boots step onto the creaking wood, sending a cloud of dust into the air. You fight a smile as they step past you, completely unaware of your presence.

Your knees ache and the gift in your hand begins to drip between your fingers as you wait for the boots to turn away from you. They never do, though, instead walking past your hiding spot again. You tense your muscles, preparing to leap from your spot. Before you can, though, the plant hiding your face is swept to the side.

Newt laughs at your stunned expression. “What are you doing?”

You move your hand behind your back, “Looking for your, um, lost cork?”

Newt’s face contorts into a confused frown. “I haven’t lost one, have I?”

You grin. “I haven’t found it yet. Want to know what I did find?”

“I’d love to.”

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Part 1/3 Winter Wonderland

“You’re sure it’s this way?” Jace asks you. He helps you climb over a fallen tree. “You know how good I am at reading a map.” You answer distracted. Jace snatches the map from your hands. “Hey!” You exclaim surprised. “What are you doing?”
Jace smiles at you. “You remember that one time we wandered for hours only because you had the map upside down.” You snatch the map back. “That was like 5 years ago.” You study the map. “This way.” You point to your right. Before he can get the map from you again you start walking in that direction. “We were still young back then. A lot has changed.” You give him a glance over your shoulder. The both of you have changed. He changed from a cocky young teenager who was sure he was going to be one of the greatest shadowhunters, to a young adolescent, still cocky, but in fact he actually became one of the greatest shadowhunters. “Your feeling for direction hasn’t changed.” Jace points at the map. “We’re going the wrong way.” Offended you look at him.
He seems very amused by the fact that he can tease you. “That way.” He points in the complete other direction with a satisfied smug on his face. “I knew that.” You slam the map into his chest with a strength that makes him tumble a bit. “But, I know how much you want to lead.” You give him a quick wink and head in the other direction. A shiver runs down your spine as the first snow flake of the year touches your cheek. It is cold today, but something about the snow makes the cold not so bad anymore. You remember the time that Jace took you to this lake, a few hours away from your town, to go ice skating. He dared you into a race, which you couldn’t possibly say no to. It was fun. The both of you laughed and teased each other, until you realized you were lost. That was when the first snow of that year began to fall. At first you were ecstatic. You loved the beauty of the white snowflakes falling down around you. And you were so excited that you would finally get a snowy Christmas. But soon the falling of some snowflakes turned into a heavy snowstorm. You smile at the memory of Jace stepping in a leader position for the first time. It came so natural to him. He led the both of you to a cave near the lake, in which the both of you stayed until the storm was over. Soon you were found, but now you’re older you realize that you’ve never had survived if you hadn’t taken shelter in that cave. If Jace hadn’t taken the lead, both of you would probably have been frozen over.
“What’s on your mind?” Jace asks. You snap back to reality and give him a smile. “Just some old memories.” You bite your lip avoiding to look at his face. You needed to change the subject, fast. “So.. what are we going to find once we get there?”
“Imogine Herondale told me only a little bit about my real parents. I need to find out more.” He looks at you. “Thank you for coming with me, Y/N. I’m so lucky I have you.”
His words stir something in you. It touches a place deep inside of you that no one has ever been able to reach yet, but you don’t want him to know so you just give him a playful punch on the shoulder. “Lucky indeed.” You tease him. “So what’s inside that cabin?” You point at the cabin that appears around the bend.
Jace stops in his tracks. “I think so.” You turn around to face him. Giving him an encouraging smile you take his hands. “We’ve come so far. And now we can finally get one step closer to where you came from. You will finally get to close that chapter.”
He pulls you in and gives you a tight hug. “I guess I am afraid that I’m not going to like where I came from.” Jace’s warm breath tickles your frozen ear. You look up at him. “It doesn’t change who you are as a person. Your parents don’t define you.” You give his shoulder a squeeze. “Besides, it can’t get much worse than Valentine.” You add, but know you shouldn’t have the minute you close your mouth. Valentine raised Jace like he was his own. Made Jace believe demon blood ran through his veins. While in fact he has blood of an angel, even though he often doesn’t act like it. But who is perfect anyways?
“Let’s get this over with.” With big hurried steps Jace walks over to the cabin. After only a moment of hesitation you run after him. Your feet keep slipping away in the mushy soil. Doing your best to keep your balance you catch up with him. The temperature has dropped even further and your breath comes out your mouth in perfect white clouds. “It’s locked.” Jace tries pulling and pushing the door, but it won’t give in. “A spell.” You mumble realizing that is the only way the old door hasn’t opened yet. “It must be protected by a spell, but who did they know who could perform magic this powerful?” Your cold fingers slide over the dirty old wooden door, leaving a trace on your skin. It’s clear that no one has been here in a while, so what kind of magic could hold for so many years?
“Amatis Graymark.” Jace says. Confused you turn to look at Jace. “Luke’s sister?” You ask, a frown plastered on your forehead. “Why would she have a connection with your birthparents?”
“I don’t know, but her name is engraved here.” With the sleeve of his leather jacket he wipes away most of the dirt covering the curvy letters. You look at his face trying to measure his thoughts and emotions, but as usual he is hard to read. “This is your father’s cabin, so that means that you share the same blood. There has to be a way for you to open this.” You say thinking out loud. Realizing the only thing that is filling the cold air is your rambling, you bite your lip. “I heard from Clary that you can do this angel blood rune thingy’s.”
Jace gives you a somewhat irritated glance. Clary was probably not supposed to tell you. You know that they share this angel blood bond, but that doesn’t intimidate you. At first when Clary came to the institute you were a bit scared you were going to lose Jace. But now you know that he loves Clary in the same way he loves Alexander and Izzy. What you hope is that he loves you in a way different from that. Wait, what, just crossed your mind? It was the first time you really thought it. “It’s not something I can really control yet. That is why we were supposed to keep it a secret.” Jace gets out his steelie.
“But I thought you didn’t keep secrets from me.” You give him a playful pout that returns the smile to his face. “That’s better.” You give him a satisfied smile.
“Let me try something.” You take a step back to give him some space and let him do his thing. Hypnotized you watch his muscled arms move elegantly, forming gold runes in the air. After every rune you feel your hope slowly vanishing. As you do often you zone out. The white around you makes you think of the word winter wonderland. And the word wonderland gets you to think about Alice in wonderland. You loved that book. The way she fell into the rabbit hole and ended up in another world. “I’ve got it!” You exclaim excited.
Jace turns around with his eyebrow raised. “Don’t look so skeptical.” You give him a playful warning glare. “I read about this rune.” You get out your steelie and stand still in front of the door. You take a second to relax and recall the rune in your mind. “Here goes nothing.” You mumble barely hearable. With swift movements you draw a rune on the door, that soon turns invisible. “Tada!” You call proud of your own doing.
Jace lets out an impressed laugh. “That is amazing!” He takes your hand and together you step through the hole into the cabin.

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hiii can you write 139 + jimon ? thanks !!

LOL sugarplum, high ke insecure about this one…BUt I really hope you like this 4500 word mess!

139 » “God, I missed you”  |  Send Me A Prompt  |  Or sign up for Jimon Secret Snowflake

Jace gets captured on a Thursday afternoon, and Simons world teeters off orbit.


Abraham Lewis was a good man,  a man of his community,   a man of the law. He taught the ins and outs of the constitution  in NYU, never went an inch over the speed limit,  separated his recyclables into their proper piles for the garbage man, and  all while spending his down time volunteering at some sort of virtuous charity or impactful outreach program for inner city youths—the man basically leaped right out of the screen of some cheesy, after school special, wacky ties and rumpled hair aplenty.

Abraham Lewis was a virtuous, humble man who abided by the laws set out for him to a painstaking degree—So Simon sorta thinks it’s hilarious that he’s kind of the exact antithesis of his father—Just kinda though.

Simon likes to think he’s still a good guy—you know in the typical, non second coming of Christ wannabe kind of way.  He gives spare change to homeless folks at Grand Central, doesn’t sneer at raucous kids inside of restaurants or busses…Hell he even smiles at strangers more often than not—-You know just your typical, What a nice day isn’t it, smile and not, I’m actually a blood thirsty maniac ready to carve out all your organs and wrap your naked, dead body in saran wrap Dexter style, smile…Which is actually a type of smile Simon has become intimately familiar with considering that unlike his father, Simon kind of has a problem with the whole “Laws are created for the good of the public,” ideology, and rather subscribes to the way of thought that thinks it’s kind of thrilling to see how much you can bend and skirt around the law till it breaks, or till he gets caught. Which in turn mostly manifests into Simon participating in a very high demand business—the sort that’ conducts it’s transactions within the metaphorical underground, and makes it so he spends his days with an asshole that he thinks is most likely, probably the love of his god forsaken life.


“Brains to Cap, are you in Cap.”

A moment of static passes before Jace’s voice trickles through the minuscule bluetooth  snuggled in Simon’s ear.

“Why are you still trying to make these codenames work—they don’t work, they’re all awful and rubbish,  and we should just stick with the numbers we were given when Luke first hired us.”

“Oh hey Cap, nice to see you’re still rocking that Steve Rodgers charm.”

“You’re a fucking idiot,”He  sounds all surly and bothered, and Simon’s fingers curl together to card through the phantom strands  of his hair, knowing full and well how adorably flustered Jace gets whenever he and Simon are having one of their little sparring sessions—It’s also the same look he gets whenever he’s incredibly turned on and has no idea how to handle it. Coincidence? Simon thinks not.

“Ah my man, you say that as if my voice isn’t the highlight of your day. Like you don’t write sonnets and odes about it’s every cadence and lilt. As if—“

“I’m shutting you off now,” Jace cuts in with his best, I’m trying to pretend  that I am so totally annoyed even if I’m actually really amused by you and all your antics, voice.

It’s one that’s basically come second nature to him whenever he speaks to Simon.

“You would never.”

“You seriously have an overinflated sense of worth if you’re starting to doubt that I very much would,” Jace goads, but he forgets that Simon can see every nook and cranny of the swanky penthouse from his perch in the getaway van, thanks to his very beautiful laptop monitor.  And yeah, Simon can so totally spot that little flicker of a grin tugging on the edges of his mouth,  where Jace is trying to hide it behind the flute of wine in his grasp—his very strong and capable grasp, one that’s wrapped around the neck of that glass just so tight—Oh, erm, yeah. That’s  a thought Simon should definitely not be having at the current predicament.

“Righteo big guy, whatever you say.”

“Was there an actual reason for you’re little interference.” Jace sighs, long suffering before offering a subdued, half grin to a very haughty looking woman passing him, predatory leer on her plump lips. And jeez, Simon bemoans her poor eardrums if they’re suppose to be carrying diamonds that thick all night long.

“Oh yeah, just an FYI that Maia’s gotten into the volt’s room, and ’s decoding it as we speak.”

“Oh, good. Should I-“

“Bro it’s Maia, she’s got her shit handled. You just stand there and be a the good, pretty distraction that we all know you can be.”

Jace growls.

“You’re a pain in my ass.”

“I know, it’s a point of pride for me that I get to say I tap that. But hey, always game to switch things up if you are?”

“You are the absolute worst person ever.”

“Ooo yeah baby, talk dirty to me.”

That’s when Jace actually does shut off the communication device, and starts chatting up some smarmy businessman who can’t stop staring at his lips.

Simon is most certainly not jealous.

Nope, not at all—Not even a little bit.

Simon is not jealous.

Okay, fine…So he’s a bit bothered, but can you blame him? All of that—chorded muscles and sparkling eyes—is reserved for  Simon, and Simon alone. It’s taken years of volleying barbs and really intense sexual tension that was all finally resolved after a way too dramatic spat outside some sleazy BDSM club on the wrong side of town where Simon got himself fucking shot, and Jace couldn’t stop yelling at him for being such a mother fucking, idiotic, thoughtless prick, (Jace’s words not Simon’s,) for them to finally get to this point. For fuck’s sake, it seemed as if Jace’s anger fueled diatribe would never end, so Simon just took the situation in his own hands and slot their lips together, bloody and breathless, panting out an “I love you too,” while Jace just patted up and down Simon’s torso, not knowing where to put his hands, dumbfounded and eager. As if he could hardly believe that it was actually happening, as if he was shocked that Simon had finally just put them out of their mutual misery and spoke out loud what’s been lingering in their gazes, and tailing the ends of too short exchanges for years at that point—ones always composed of banter and barbs but always to fearful to take the extra step they yearned for.

Yeah, so it wasn’t exactly a cinderella story level of romance, but the point is they’ve fought tooth and nail to finally get to this point in their relationship. Nights made up of spilt hair on warm sheets, and  hungry kisses of farewell, and shirts tumbling together so many times that  they don’t even know which belongs to who anymore—All of them lingering with a sent of both of them, together. Something intimate. Something wonderful. Something far to soft when considering their line of employment—But it works for’m, and that’s all that counts.

Before he could get to lost in getting all starry-eyed over the life they’ve built for themselves, Simon moves to sweep his hands across the keyboard, A cautious eye still on Jace and his unwanted suitor while dividing the screen so that he can check back on Maia’s progress, which is quite impressive if he does say so himself.

“And Black Widow pulls through again,” He commends with a low whistle, watching her practically stroll out of the volt, ancient artifact securely settled in the bag swinging off her shoulder, and cocky sneer proudly splayed across her lovely face.

“You know it dweeb.”

“THat’s not my code name,” Simon points out  with a put upon exhale.

Maia’s only response is to hike up her manicured brows in counterfeit surprise.  “you sure? I could’ve sworn…”

Simon seriously contemplates just driving off and leaving her stranded, signaling to Jace a separate meet up point for just the both of them. But Eventually, he reasons  that might be a bit of an over reaction. So he settles for just growling out a reminder for her  to “Respect the name,” while a glowing Maia slinks into the passenger seat.

“Your so precious.” Simon swats her hand away where she’s begun rubbing her knuckles into his scalp. “Call blondie and let’s bounce, will you?”

Reluctant, Simon listens—only and only because he’s about ninety nine point five percent positive that she could probably beat’m to a pulp with one hand tied behind her back and both eyes glued shut.

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Happy Haunted Holidays!

((Took too long to post. Sorry bout that.))


“This evening has been…It’s been…um…”


 “Yes, hectic…it’s been…oh…” The animated ragdoll tried to hide her nervous chuckle with a half-honest smile. Her cheeks had gone red from this smile. She’d been using it all night, despite the fact that it was he who came to her. Having him notice her, let alone feel the same way, was something she was unprepared for, and Sally could never keep herself together when she was unprepared.

“It’s a good kind of hectic, though,” Jack added. Seeing Sally tremble just trying to talk to him tickled his bones with delight and sympathy. “In a way, you could say I was right about my Christmas all along!”

“I suppose. I don’t know if I’d call a day where I was shot out of the sky a ‘good kind’ of anything.”

“You and Sandy were almost eaten. You didn’t catch goosebumps from that?!”

Sally went back to smiling her usual way: content, with a hint of malice in her stitches. “I would have gotten away. How was I supposed to know those three…children, could sew so fast?”

 “If you didn’t know that, how are you so sure you would have escaped?”

 “I don’t always know things. I just think about them. That’s all.”

“Fascinating philosophy. In fact it’s just giving me an idea for next Halloween. I’ll have to write it down before the Mayor makes me forget-” Jack began to go off on one of his rambling tirades before realizing Sally wasn’t following him to the gate.

“Aren’t you coming?”


“Yes you!” Jack said as he took her by the hand. “You’re like a kitchen mouse without its head.”

Sally blushed and rocked back and forth on her heel as her king waited out another nervous smile. “I just didn’t think you’d want to spend the day with me.”

“Day?” That word seemed to float in midair for minute. Suddenly, Zero’s apparition appeared out of his grave and yipped for his master’s attention. “Its daybreak already?”

“We haven’t left the graveyard all night, rememb-”

“It’s Christmas!”

Jack let out a piercing scream. He grabbed Sally by her wrist, this time pulling her towards the gate.

“Where are w-?”

“It’s my first ever Christmas! Come on Sally, we have to make something of it!”


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Preference "How they spend Christmas with you and what they offer you"

(Merry Christmas y'all! Well at least where I am it’s still Christmas as i’m posting this XD Woooh this is a long one XD I put in everyone a (I believe) OMG EVERYONE IS SO FREAKING FLUFFY! READ ALL OF THEM :D I mean don’t you want to spend Christmas with every single one of them, I know I do! XD PS. I took a lot of time to figure out so many “Christmas” activities, especially for what you can do during the Apocalypse lol the same was for the gifts XD Anyways Merry Christmas!!! Guys!!! Gif not mine/found in on google/credit to the original owner.)

Negan-For Christmas, he’d spend the day drinking hot chocolate with you and cuddling in bed. He’d just want to spend a day without caring about anything and knew that you were the only one that could give him just that feeling of being carefree. You’d talk and laugh about everything and anything just enjoying each others company. Once night would fall, he’d sit by the fireplace and call you over to sit with him. He’d pull you into his lap and admit his feelings for you and end up giving you the gift he has prepared for you. “Y/N…You know since you got here I feel happier…and I don’t think materialistic gifts are enough to express my feelings for you…So the only gift i’m giving you…is the gift of making you my only wife…Merry Christmas…”

Daryl-For Christmas, he’d spend the day having fun with every activity you suggested to do. Since he was young, he never had a chance to truly celebrate this holiday so he didn’t knew what to do. Instead, he’d wait for you to talk about what you used to do on this occasion and would go along with you. As you did, he’d participate and would truly enjoy spending the day with you, his favorite part being the silly snowball fight. Once night would fall, he’d pull you to get to bed and as you’d get in your room, you’d see the gift he got you, a similar crossbow to his and some custom arrows, with your and his initials engraved on them.

Rick-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you and Judith making some gingerbread cookies. You’d end up making a mess together and just get all dirty from her being clumsy, especially when it came to decorating the gingerbread house. She had started to throw some of the candies at him and instantly you had followed her lead resulting in a silly candy and icing fight between you and him. You’d both have a good time and once you’d offer the gifts you had for the kids, he’d end up giving you what he got you. As you’d open the box, you’d see a matching ring to his and tears of joy would fall down your cheeks and he’d instantly kiss you.

Merle-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you asking you to do things for him as you offered to be his “Santa”. He had never truly celebrated Christmas and as you learned about it, you felt bad and offered yourself to be his “Santa” just so he could ask for whatever he felt like and get it in that moment. He was ecstatic about it and during the day, he had ask you for sweet stuff, like hugs, forehead kisses, hot chocolate and marshmallows and many more. As it got late, his wishes slowly grew to be on the more perverted and sexual side and nonetheless, you just couldn’t deny him. After all of that, he’d still be thoughtful and give you the bracelet his mother had given to him, saying it was meaningful to him, just as you.

Glenn-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you decorating the house. After hearing you complain about how the kids were going to miss the Christmas spirit, he had suddenly suggested to get some decorations. He’d get you on a run with him and you’d both find as much stuff as you could. While at it, you’d end up being playful and just having a good time together. As you’d get back home, he’d have fun hanging up the ornaments as well as cutting up the paper snowflakes as extras. When night would fall, you’d call the kids over for the gifts and he’d tap your shoulder to give you what he got you. As you’d open you’d see a necklace and he’d offer to put it on for you.

Carl-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you outside having a snowball fight and getting you to do crazy sledding tricks. It was snowing quite a lot and he just had to drag you out to have some outdoor fun. You’d both find a sled and once you’d see a hill immediately, you’d both go down it together. After a fee hours, you decided to make your way back home. However, still not wanting the day to end, Carl suddenly formed a snowball and threw it behind your back, causing you to try and get back at him. As everyone saw the both of you, they laughed and ended up joining in in the fun as well. Later, you’d both walk in the house and he’d go and get you the gift he got you, a matching plaid shirt to his.

The Governor-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you cuddling in bed and it would gradually turn into love making. When evening would fall, he’d tell you to get ready as he actually had something else prepared for you on this occasion. You would both walk out of the house and you’d find he had set up a few decorations he had found and they would actually light up. He’d feel happy just seeing your excitement and he’d just want to hug you all over again. However, as he’d approach you’d duck him and grab some snow to throw at him. He’d be startled and would eventually get back at you by doing the same. He’d later get you to eat dinner with him and that’s when he’d give you the gift he got you, a bracelet.

Abraham-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you decorating the tree you had found together. You were both rather last minute with the decorations and would have a silly fight about where to put each of them and such. You’d tell him where and how to set things up and he’d listen for the most part. However, when you would insist on him putting some ornaments on the higher part of the tree, he’d refuse and would only pick you up for you to put them yourself. All that because he’d enjoy holding you while checking your ass out. Eventually, you’d notice and you would both start to play fight one another, only to end up with him surrendering and giving you the gift he got you, a machine gun.

Eugene-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you watching Christmas movies you had found while eating snacks. You’d both start a silly slumber party by setting up your old sleeping bags in the living room and would manage to get some electricity to get the TV and DVD player both working. You’d watch the first few movies and debate about which was the better one and such and just have a silly good time. Afterwards, the others would join in and just sit all over the living room, causing you both to have no other choice but to cuddle each other in the same sleeping bag. You’d end up falling asleep that way and when the morning would come, he’d suddenly wake up in surprise and run to go get the gift he got you, an old video game that you had mention to him that you loved.

Ron-For Christmas, he’d spend the day preparing to confess his feelings for you. While you were busy helping everyone with the meal for later tonight, he’d spent his time writing about his feelings for you. It would take him quite some time as he’d just couldn’t get the right words on paper and would restart each time it wasn’t right. He’d also wrap up the gift he got you and would hope that you would love it. Once he’d finally get the letter right and the gift ready, he’d quickly make his way to find you and ask you to follow him. He’d then read to you what he had wrote and all of his feelings for you would come out. He’d then ask you to be his and you’d gladly accept, hugging him. Afterwards, he’d back away and give you what he had gotten you, a scarf to keep you warm.

Jesus-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you pranking the others in Alexandria. You had both woke up with the idea of having a little fun for the day and that’s exactly what you did when you got to Alexandria. You’d both come up with silly ideas and went around making them laugh. You went from knocking on their doors and throwing snow at them when they would open to straight up getting into their houses and throwing confetti and other stuff at them. They’d want to get back at you and would end up in a giant snowball fight with everyone taking it quite seriously, especially with the making of the snow forts to cover yourselves. As you’d start dinner at their houses, he’d then pull you over to give you the gift he got you, a new beanie with some cute prints on them.

Dwight-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you outside “ice-skating”. It would be a rather cold day and as you’d walk outside together to get something, you’d suddenly slip on the icy ground and fall on your butt. He’d be the first to notice you and wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. You’d then get mad at him and he’d feel bad and go to you to help you up. However, as he’d get closer, you’d pull him down and to get yourself on your feet. You’d then try to run away and he’d try to catch up to you, making you both start a silly game of tag on the icy ground. Everyone would laugh seeing you two and even Negan would let you both have your little fun together. As night fell, during the dinner, he’d casually ask you over and reveal to you that the gift he got you was asking Negan to let you both stay together forever.

Morgan-For Christmas, he’d spend the day helping you make the meal for the family/group dinner but you’d both end up making a mess. It started rather serious but feeling like you should both be in a festive mood, he had suddenly got closer to you and got you dirty by smearing some flour on your cheek. His action and his laughter would startle you and as you’d turn to look at him, he’d slowly back away knowing that you were definitely going to get back at him. The kitchen would end up being covered in flour and everyone would walk in shaking their heads in disbelief, especially as they thought you were both more mature than this. After everything was ready, he’d then pull you over to give you the gifts he got you, some books he knew you had wanted for so long.

Shane-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you decorating the tents around the campfire as well as roasting some marshmallows to make some s'mores. You’d both want to make the kids smile and would go on a run to get a fee decorations. While at it, he’d find some marshmallows and come up with an idea for later that night. You’d then come back to camp laughing and smiling and later start to put up some of the Christmas stickers on the tents and the cars and ask the kids to help. Once night would fall, he’d show you all the bags of marshmallows he had found and you’d all get excited at the idea of roasting some to eat and reminisce about the past together. As everyone would fall asleep, he’d then give you the gift he got you, some lingerie he found back another time.

Milton-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you in pj’s and being lazy at work. Although, he’d still be assigned to do his work, he wouldn’t be able to be serious at it as you had suggested him to stay in his pj’s and that you’d help him out so you could quickly get back to bed and cuddle together. You’d both end up spending more time talking about your past Christmas and playing around with the stuff in his office, that the work wouldn’t progress at all. However, whenever the Governor would walk in, you’d both pretend to be hardworking and talk about the work as if it was the only thing that mattered. Once he’d leave, you’d both laugh and just go back to not doing anything. As night would fall, he’d later offer you the gift he got you, a mug with cute prints.

Aaron-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you on a run getting some gifts for everyone. It was rather last minute but as you’d remember it was Christmas, you just had to bring a little happiness in everyone’s life. You’d tell him about it and he’d instantly agree with you and take you out on a run. While outside, you’d both end up having fun searching around and especially figuring out each gift for each one of your friends. As you’d get back, you’d try to wrap them up in whatever paper you had and you’d both laugh seeing how badly done they were. As night would fall, you’d quickly place the gifts under the tree and after dinner would call everyone to open the gifts. Afterwards, you’d notice yours was from him and as you’d open, you’d see some cute socks.

Gabriel-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you being pranked by the others. Everyone knew you were together, they just hadn’t ever seen enough PDA coming from neither of you and thought it would be cute to see you guys show them that you were indeed together. Hence, they decided to follow you around and on every occasion they could, they’d manage to hang a mistletoe above you and him and force you to kiss each other. When you’d both get shy and try to avoid doing so, they’d then gather around and cheer you to both kiss, making you have no other choice but to do so. After the dinner, and once you were both alone, he’d finally be able to give you the gift he got you, a “promise” ring and he’d ask you to be with him forever.

The Wolf-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you playing in the snow. At first, he wouldn’t be too keen on it and would tell you to stop being so childish. However, as you would keep throwing snow at him, he’d get “mad” and try to get back at you. He’d end up being covered in snow and so would you, making you both laugh. You’d then try to get back inside but he’d catch up to you and wouldn’t let you do so. He’d tackle you and you’d both roll around in the snow. As night would fall, you’d both eat a meal together and he’d later get closer to you, telling you he hasn’t forgotten about getting you a gift for this occasion. As he’d hand the gift to you, you’d realize he had gotten you a knife to keep you safe.

Noah-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you dancing and singing to your awesome playlist. As everyone was getting for the Christmas dinner, you decided to put on some music you had found. As it went on, you couldn’t resist dancing and singing to it and pulling him over to do the same. Although he would be shy at first, he’d end up doing the same with you as he didn’t want to leave you alone. You’d both dance together and completely forget about the work you were assigned to. As everyone would walk pass they’d shake their heads at you two but wouldn’t be able to resist to laugh and smile at you. Afterwards, he’d then offer you the gift he got you, some matching pj’s to his.

Simon-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you making some gingerbread man cookies. He’d reveal to you he had always wanted to make some back when he was younger and you just couldn’t resist finding the ingredients to do so. As the baking was done, you’d then decorate each cookies and you’d end up having a little too much fun making them as everyone around you. You’d both exaggerate each of their features and just have a good time laughing about it. At one point, he’d smear some icing on you and you’d try to get back at him. Later as you’d try to wipe it off, he’d apologize and just lick it off of you, getting you rather hot and bothered. He’d then whisper in your ear that your gift, the rest of him, you could have it after dinner.

Ezekiel-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you in his garden with Shiva. You’d both just look at the snow falling while drinking some hot chocolate and talk about anything and everything. Later on, as Shiva would get excited at the sight of snow, you’d both stay by her side and you’d start to play with her. It would make him smile and laugh to see you that way and eventually, you’d pull him to do the same. He’d end up just playfully wrestling you and Shiva in the snow and feeling like a kid all over again. As night came, you’d both enjoy a nice Christmas meal and he’d later offer you the gift he got you, some beautiful flowers he had saved for you.

Benjamin-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you outside horse riding. He’d invite you on a date and as you’d join him, he’d bring out a horse from the stables. He’d get you to ride in front of him and you’d both hold the reins together. He’d take you a little further away from the Kingdom and suggest to get some gifts for your friends. Later on, before going back home, he’d stop by a wooded are and you’d both get down from the horse. He’d then talk to you about his feelings and you’d end up making out while laying in the snow. Once you’d get back, he’d then show you the gift he had made for you, a cute bracelet.

Caesar-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you playing silly Christmas games you’d suggest. He’d want to just chill and have fun so he’d ask you for any kind of game you knew for the holidays. As you’d come up with some, he’d invite his friends to join you and him and you’d all end up just having a good time all together, chilling and drinking some beer. As it would get late, you’d then just eat the meal while still playing the games. Once you’d get ready for bed, he’d finally pull you for a kiss and tell you he got you something. You’d then open the box to see some cute underwears.

Heath-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you shoveling the snow away but would end up playing in it with you. You’d both start to seriously shovel the snow out of the way in front of your house but slowly it would get fun. It simply started when you shoveled the snow behind you and accidentally had gotten some on him. Thinking you were playing around, he decided to get back at you and threw some the of the snow on you. You’d both be confused and start to have a silly snow throwing fight. After your friends were done with the dinner, he’d then pull you away and tell you he got a little something for you. As you’d unwrap it, you’d see a matching headband to his.

Spencer-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you wearing an ugly and matching sweater to yours. He’d remember finding some ugly Christmas sweaters in his home and would want to feel the holiday spirits. Hence, he had done anything he could to convince you to wear the matching one to his. He had went from pleading you by acting sweet to begging you on his knees. Eventually, you’d give in to him and you’d both walk out to help the others wearing your ugly sweaters making everyone laugh. Later on, once the dinner was over, he’d jokingly tell you that the gift he got you was the sweater. As you’d simply accept it, he’d laugh and tell you that he got you something else, a bottle of your favorite alcohol.

Richard-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you in his RV. He’d want to be left alone and had decided to take you to his hidden place, telling everyone you were both going on a run. As you’d get there, you’d drink hot chocolate and eat some sweets together, talking about everything and anything. As it would get late, he’d get closer to you and hold you to him to kiss you. You’d both end up having romantic sex and holding each other until the next morning. As you’d wake up, he’s then offer to make you some delicious breakfast saying it was his Christmas gift to you.

Eric-For Christmas, he’d spend the day with you making the Christmas dinner for everyone. You’d have fun just preparing the ingredients together and would end up having a silly competition of who can chop things up better. You’d end up laughing and joking around, making everyone else feel the holiday spirit. Eventually, you’d both get the table ready, everyone would offer help and you could finally enjoy the meal together. As the night would go on, he’d ask you to follow him to his room and give you the gift he had gotten for you, a jacket he thought would suit you.

Nicholas-For Christmas, he’d spend the day helping you make some Christmas cards and cookies. You had expressed to him that you wanted to make something for your friends and he had gladly accepted to help you. In the end, he was the one who suggested to make some cards and cookies for them and you both ended up having a real fun and good time together. As you were done, with all of them you went from house to house together to give out the gifts and everyone thought it was sweet of the two of you to be so thoughtful. Later, you’d both have dinner with them and that’s when he’d pull you to give you the gift he got you, a cute backpack.

Michonne-For Christmas, she’d spend the day with you helping you decorating the living room. With everyone saying they were going to come over at your place for dinner, she instantly wanted to make your living room more festive to look at. She’d get everything she could and you’d both put up every sort of decorations on the walls, the tree, the couches and much more. Eventually, you’d both have fun and would end up having a good laugh making jokes and such. As everyone would gather, they’d compliment on the setting and laugh with the two of you. Later on, she’d tell you that she had a gift for you. As you’d open the box, you’d see a lucky charm to attach to your bag.

Maggie-For Christmas, she’d spend the day with you purposely walking under the mistletoe’s that were set up in the house. She had set them up herself the day earlier without you knowing, making her know exactly where to pass by. As you’d spent the day with her, you’d end up coincidentally being under the mistletoe with her and she’d just shrug and tell you that traditions are traditions before planting a kiss on your lips, making you and everyone laugh and smile. As everyone would gather for dinner, she’d then pull you for another kiss and tell you she got you a gift. She’d then show you the watch her father gave her and tell you that it’s yours from now on.

Andrea-For Christmas, she’d spend the day just cuddling in bed with you. It was a really cold day and she just wanted to be warm and not do anything serious for the day. So you agreed to it. You’d both fall in and out of sleep and just enjoy one another’s company as well as your warmth. Eventually, you’d get up to go eat and as you’d get ready, she’d tell you she got you a little something. As you’d unwrap the gift, you’d see that she got you a matching gun to hers.

Jessie-For Christmas, she’d spend the day with you trying to knit. Seeing the snow falling, she’d get the idea of wanting to knit something for you or the kids. As you’d notice her, you’d offer to help. However, neither of you would really know how and would just end up making a mess out of everything. You’d both laugh and make jokes out of the things you knitted, making you both have a good time and feel more relaxed. As it would get late, you’d both give up and just walk over to go eat dinner. As you’d get there, she’d reveal to you she made a gift for you, a small metal owl statue.

Beth-For Christmas, she’d spend the day with you singing different Christmas carols and songs while getting drunk. It would start simple with you just overhearing her singing in the kitchen. As you’d know the lyrics, you’d sing along with her and just have fun together. However, as it went on you’d suddenly suggest to drink while at it and you’d both end up getting drunk. As you did, you’re singing and hers got louder and crazier making everyone laugh and smile seeing you both so happy. You’d both be so wasted, you wouldn’t be able to eat dinner nor give each other gifts, but at least you’d fall asleep in each other’s embrace.

Sasha-For Christmas, she’d spend the day with you making some pies. She knew how much you liked them and had decided to start making some. However, as you’d see her in the kitchen you’d immediately offer to help and she just couldn’t refuse you. You’d both have fun and later you’d suggest her to make a “prank” pie, putting all the disgusting ingredients together. Although she was against it at first, she’d end up following your lead and you’d make a gross pie. When the time for the dinner came you all ate and for the desert you had some pie. Unfortunately, for you, you accidentally ate the gross one, making everyone laugh, her as well. She’d feel bad and give you the gift she got you, a hand gun.

Rosita-For Christmas, she’d spend the day with you having fun in the snow. Earlier in the day, she had told you she wasn’t interested in doing anything that required too much energy. However, you being stubborn, you wanted to go outside and had decided to just pick her up and throw her in the snow. She’d end up getting angry at you and would start to run after you to get back at you. As she’d run, she’d start to throw snow as well and you’d both have fun playing around for a good long while. Eventually, you’d both walk back in for dinner and she’d playfully tell that she didn’t get you anything because you don’t deserve it, only to quickly give you what she got for you, a multiple purpose knife.

Enid-For Christmas, she’d spend the day with you chilling and playing video games with you to pass the time. With your blankets wrapped around one another, you’d both huddle sitting in the living room in front of the TV playing old video games you had found. Gradually, you’d both get competitive and slowly you’d get up on your feet, forgetting the blankets and the feeling of being cold. It would get intense enough for everyone to walk by and just sit to watch you both and cheer. Later on dinner would be ready and you’d all eat together. As you’d head to bed, she’d call to you and tell you she got you something. She’d then hand you her notebook and tell you that was her gift for you as wrote all her feelings for you.

Tara-For Christmas, she’d spend the day with you wrapping gifts for everyone. After you had found stuff to give to each of your friends, she had offered to help to wrap them up and you had gladly accepted. As you’d sit next to one another wrapping each gift, you’d talk about everything and anything. Eventually, you’d laugh about how ridiculous you wrapped the gifts and she’d start making fun about how without her you’d be hopeless and such. You’d both end up realizing how much you meant to one another and would just kiss in that little moment. As everything was done, you’d both go to have dinner and give the gifts. She’d then offer her gift for you and you’d see some rings, one for her and the other one for you.

Carol-For Christmas, she’d spend the day making you bake cookies with her. Earlier in the morning, she had went to your room and purposely pulled the blankets away from you to wake you up. She’d then tell you to get dress and go downstairs in the kitchen to help. As you’d help, she’d catch you on multiple occasions trying to lick the batter and eat the chocolate chips. Although it made her laugh and smile, she just had to give you a warning look and scold you a little. As everything was ready, you’d prepare the cookies to go to the other house for dinner. Once there, you’d eat and later on she’d give you the gift she got you, a butterfly knife.

When Snow Falls Part Two

Exo mafia au; You are the sister of Chanyeol, a powerful mob boss who has just hired Kyungsoo (D.O) to protect you.

Kyungsoo (D.O.) x Reader ft. Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun, Kai.

Part 2/11 Part 1 here Part 3 here Part 4 here Part 5 here Part 6 here Part 7 here Part 8 here Part 9 here Part 10 here Part 11 here


Word Count 2071

Warning- This fan fiction contains suggestive themes involving violence and death. Please read at your own digression. This is just a fictional story and does not represent the personalities or factual stories of real people.

Kyungsoo felt the gun against his head move. His arm dropped to his side as he stared at the silent woman, blood soaked her clothing.

Chanyeol walked over to him and wrapped his fingers around his wrists. His free hand removing his gun, “I always keep it cocked. How did you know that?”

“Oppa, how could you?” Y/N quivered.

Kyungsoo turned on his heel taking steps towards the door. Baekhyun yanked him back by his collar, “Where do you think you’re going? You need to dispose of the body.” His voice taunting. His breath seemed to scratch at Kyungsoo’s skin. He pulled away and looked over at the woman.

“No!” Y/N shouted. You placed your hands on the woman’s restraints, “I’ll do it.”

He shouldn’t let you do it. It was wrong and he knew Chanyeol would be watching for his reaction yet he couldn’t help himself. The tightening feeling around his throat and chest was only becoming worse. It was difficult to see and his thoughts became blurred. Without a sound he turned and left.

Hours went by and no one called for him. He didn’t cry or scream out he silently sat running his fingers over his pocket watch numerous times. He should find Y/N, he knew this yet he couldn’t bring himself to even stand. He hated her, more than she hated him. She was unlike any other woman he had every met and it made his blood boil. Y/N wasn’t the only woman he knew that worked underground. There were many yet none of them were like her. They would never get their hands dirty or even become involved the way the men did. For some reason Y/N did. She disgusted him.

He finally braced himself and stood walking out of the hall avoiding gazes until he stood outside in the cold. The December air blew his hair in all directions. Little snowflakes kissing his skin. A young blond man walked over to him.

“I heard from hyung that you are Y/N’s bodyguard. Is this true?” Sehun made a point to stand close to him, it forced him to tilt his head down at Kyungsoo, trying to intimidate him. Bodyguard? Kyungsoo liked the sound of that, much better than boyfriend or beau or whatever else Baekhyun could come up with.

“Issues involving Y/N are none of your business.” Kyungsoo smoothed his hair in place and dusted the snowflakes off his coat. Taking a step back he grinned at the tall man.

“I’ve known your Y/N longer than you have. I have been working under my hyungs since I was 14, if anyone gets to know anything about Y/N it should be me.” Sehun’s eyes lost their gentle charm, as if a fire started inside him and his eyes reflected it.

“Oh, so because-” Kyungsoo was interrupted by Sehun gripping his collar pulling him up closer.

“Y/N is being punished because of you. She has to suffer because you’re weak. I would do anything for her.” This last bit of information was obviously not meant to be said out loud as Sehun’s eyes widened and he shoved Kyungsoo away.  

Y/N being punished? Would Chanyeol really punish his own little sister because of his hesitation? He suddenly felt the tight feeling in his chest returning as he spun away from Sehun. He knew the blond man was shouting at him but he couldn’t hear. He sprinted slightly slipping on snow. He didn’t stop running until he reached the warehouse were he’d last seen you. He stepped inside and found a crowd of men surrounding someone. He pushed past them and stood in shock to see you with a busted lip, blood trickling down to your chin.

“Y/N!” Kyungsoo thundered. He stood in front of you, shielding you from the men. Chanyeol walked up to you two his suit jacket removed and his sleeves pulled up to his elbows.

“Move out of the way.” Chanyeol growled.

Kyungsoo was confused. He had never seen this before. He didn’t understand things the way you did. He must of not known that this happened occasionally. You stood up to you brother, screamed at him and disobeyed him. Chanyeol however, did not allow this for very long. He’d gather his men up around you and make an example out of you. He’d strike you a few times and shout at you. “This is the only way you’ll learn, Y/N.” He’d say.

“Kyungsoo, it’s fine,” you said gently.

“Hyung, don’t touch her. Don’t touch her again.” Kyungsoo fumed shaking with anger.

Chanyeol grinned stepping up to Kyungsoo. With a swift move he punched Kyungsoo in the face. Kyungsoo lost his balance but did not fall so Chanyeol shoved him hard onto the ground.

“Took you long enough,” he spat. “I thought I told you to protect Y/N. Yet here you are late.” He scolded him and retrieved  his jacket from a man in the crowd.

“You have much to learn,” Baekhyun called from a corner, “meet us here at midnight.” With that the warehouse began to empty leaving you and Kyungsoo alone.

Something twisted in Kyungsoo’s stomach. He spat blood on the floor and shoved himself up. You reached for him, your hand gently grabbing his arm but he shook you off. He hated you. He knew you hated him so why was he feeling this way? Little did he know, you were wondering the exact same thing.

“Why is Chanyeol like this?” Kyungsoo spat furiously. “He made me vow to protect you. He made me kill someone I lo-” He stopped and turned away from you.

“He’s complicated,” was all you could muster.

Pity for you began to burn inside Kyungsoo yet he would never admit it.

“You don’t have to like me Y/N. You don’t have to look at me, speak to me, and least of all touch me, but if anyone ever touches you, tell me.” Kyungsoo wiped the blood on his mouth away and left you in the warehouse feeling weak.

Your punishment wasn’t too severe. Compared to other times it certainly wasn’t. In fact Chanyeol wasn’t too angry that you had disposed of the body at all. It was the fact that you had punched him in the face. He left the warehouse and you had followed screaming obscenities at him which, of course, left all his foot soldiers to smirk and scoff. Chanyeol would not tolerate this. He dragged you roughly into the warehouse and gathered the others. You didn’t know this but Chanyeol did feel bad, he didn’t enjoy punishing you but it must be done. How else would you learn? What else would cause Kyungsoo’s protective spark? He was a clever man. He did everything meticulously, with precision.

Hours dragged themselves much too slow for your liking. Anxiety plagued you leaving you paranoid and nauseous. You hated Kyungsoo so the fact that you were concerned for his well being at all made your stomach churn. You wandered towards the warehouse well before midnight. Oppa and Baekhyun better not be planning anything against Kyungsoo. It’s just.. not right. Not that I care. You shrugged off the feeling as you reached the doors when you heard two deep voices arguing loudly. You opened the door to find your brother and Sehun much too close for your comfort. Both tall men glared at each other with rage. They awkwardly froze as you entered the room.

“Oppa?” You asked.

“Yes?” Both Chanyeol and Sehun answered at the same time. Chanyeol shoved Sehun hard.

“Y/N. Please find Baekhyun and Kyungsoo. Our private meeting starts soon.” Your brother smoothed his suit eyes still piercing Sehun.

“Oppa, you know Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are never late. They know where the warehouse is. Why are you arguing?”

“No reason. I was ju-” Chanyeol was interrupted by Sehun’s growl.

“Y/N, tell hyung that Kyungsoo is useless. Tell him that you would rather have me protect you. You can trust me, I’ve known you so long Y/N. He’s just going to get you hurt! He couldn’t even-”

Now you interrupted Sehun, “I trust Kyungsoo. I do. Chanyeol chose him so I trust him.” You stood your ground as Sehun huffed in his place. He opened and closed his mouth multiple times trying to find something to say. Instead he pushed past you slammed the doors to the warehouse.

“Will he do something to Kyungsoo?” You wondered out loud which made Chanyeol grin.

“Maybe, but it doesn’t matter. I like when Sehun is angry. It makes him tougher.”

The door to the warehouse opened and Baekhyun walked in with Kyungsoo.

“I thought Y/N wasn’t supposed to be here.” Baekhyun murmured curiously.

“It’s fine. Since it concerns Kyungsoo, she should know.” Chanyeol began sighing deeply, “Kyungsoo and I will be headed to visit Kai.”

A horrifying feeling consumed you completely. “Kai? Why?” You couldn’t believe your brother was saying these words.

Kai was a young restless mob boss. He inherited his father’s underground empire when he had been killed by none other than your own brother. Showing up there was immediately a death sentence.

“Kai is a smart young man. I have a lot more men then he does and he knows that if anything happens to me, Baekhyun is right here, ready to act out our plan. Don’t worry Y/N.” Despite the confidence in Chanyeol’s voice, it didn’t match his expression. He wouldn’t look at you.

Baekhyun impatiently grabbed your shoulders and looked into your eyes “We need to do this Y/N. We’re losing money because he is taking our turf. His men are selling drugs on our property at a cheaper price. Losing business means losing money which in turn means losing men and power. Be an adult and wish your brother and,” Baekhyun scoffed, “your lover good luck.”  

You wanted to protest and shout yet you knew nothing you said would stop them. A sudden impulsive feeling began to bubble in your chest. “Fine. Good luck.” You said blankly.

With that, Kyungsoo and Chanyeol shot you a reassuring smile and left the warehouse. Before he closed the door, Chanyeol turned towards Baekhyun, “Watch over Y/N.”

“Does this mean Kyungsoo has been demoted and I am lucky enough to wife Y/N?” Baekhyun snickered.

You caught Kyungsoo shooting Baekhyun a what? A glare? Had Kyungsoo been affected by this? You tried to ignore the butterflies in your stomach. At that moment Kyungsoo caught himself feeling angry towards Baekhyun yet he too tried to push away his feelings.

“Come on, Y/N.” Baekhyun placed an arm on your shoulder trying to walk you away from the door.

“Baekhyun, are you thirsty? Would you like a drink?” You knew this was risky yet you needed to make sure your brother and Kyungsoo were going to be fine.

“Sure,” Baekhyun grinned. “Let’s go together.” Your heart sank yet you tried not to lose hope.

You walked out of the warehouse together and made your way towards Baekhyun’s office.

“Wait,” you groaned placing your hands on your temples, “I feel a migraine coming on. I need my medication.” You said strangling your voice to sound in pain.

Baekhyun nodded and watched you unlock the door to your office, you slipped inside and closed the door behind you. You frantically made your way to your medicine cabinet where you slipped two sleeping pills into your pocket.

You slipped into Baekhyun’s office. He sat behind his desk combing his fingers through his hair.

“Y/N, fix oppa a drink won’t you?” His voice like velvet.

You nodded a bit too enthusiastically. You turned your back to him and fixed his drink. You glanced back and he was watching you intently.

“Baekhyun, will you please show me what’s in your safe?” You asked sweetly. You already knew what was in it. You picked the lock dozens of times just because. He kept thousands of dollars, several gold bars, guns, and expensive bottles of liquor hidden selfishly.

“Ah, Y/N, you’re such a bad girl! You know my ladies aren’t allowed in my safe.” He smirked teasingly sitting back with his head held high. “However, I’ve always taken a liking to you. On one condition, call me oppa.” He licked his lips seductively and it made your stomach hurt. You palms became clammy and every part of you wanted to chuck the glass of alcohol straight at Baekhyun. Yet visions of Kai lurking over a wounded Kyungsoo and Chanyeol made you even angrier.

You swallowed your pride, “Please oppa?” You forced your voice to sound as sweet as possible and you knew you had him wrapped around your finger.

“You do things to me Y/N!” Baekhyun hissed loosening his tie, “don’t tell your brother.” he grinned as he turned his back to you.

Without hesitation you crushed the sleeping pills and sprinkled them in his drink swishing the glass around in your hand.

“Here you go,” you handed him the glass.

“What do you call me?” He asked grinning wildly.

“Oppa.” You muttered with clenched teeth.

He smiled as he drank it all in one mouthful. Relief came over you. You only had to listen to him babbled about his gold and guns for a few minutes. He eventually slipped into to a deep sleep and you began to leave, not before turning back and slapping him a few times. “I take it back!” You shouted loudly slamming his office door.

December was always wicked to you. It made your delicate skin and fingernails turn blue. Your lips froze and snow sprinkled itself on your hair and eyelashes. You had contemplated finding Sehun so he could help you but you had no time and you trusted no one else. You walked briskly hopping fences and slipping into private property. It didn’t matter to you. You might be a young and elegant woman but you knew when you needed to let all that go. Lives could possibly be in danger.

You finally reached your destination. It was just a fence away. You hid in the shadows spotting a man. He didn’t see you so you were able to sneak up on him.
“Hey,” you hissed.

He turned towards you at first defensively until he took in your frame. “Get out of here lady. You don’t want any trouble.”

“I need a fix,” you lied.

His eyes widened in surprise. “We aren’t selling right now. Wait till tomorrow. Meet me two blocks down in the morning by the coffee shop and I’ll give you what you need.” He grinned at you.

You pulled out several hundred dollars out of your pocket and his expression changed. “I don’t care how much you have on you. Just give me what you got and you can have all this.” You waved the money near his face and his grin exploded into a hideous smile.
Like a complete idiot he opened the gate for you and let you slip in. As he fumbled with in his pockets you took the opportunity to wrap your scarf against his neck and squeezed as hard as you could. He was a big man yet this wasn’t your first time. Despite his squirming and flailing you managed to keep him off of you. He eventually stopped moving and you kicked him aside.

“I’ll let you keep the scarf.” You muttered knowing the stench of sweat and alcohol already claimed it.

You continued moving through Kai’s property staying silent and in the shadows. Eventually you found the office where Kai’s meetings were held. You knew his property like the back of you hand. You found a map in Chanyeol’s safe and studied often just in case.

You were frightened by the lack of men you had encountered coming here. It made your mouth dry and your stomach ache. An actual migraine was already forming and anxiety nearly made you sprint away. You very slowing inched your way towards a window and peered in. Your thoughts and vision became blurred due to the pounding in your head so it took a moment to register the scene. What you saw however pushed you over the edge.

Kyungsoo sat bond tightly to a chair with Kai and none other than Sehun peering over him.

❅ ❅ ❅ 

This is part two finished! More to come! I hope this was enjoyable. Feedback is always appreciated! Thank you! 

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Winter’s Witch Part 8

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Summary: Bucky Barnes had just escaped his captors, Hydra. He didn’t know where to go, or what to do. Somehow, he manages to stumble into a girl’s apartment who he’s met before. The twist is- she’s not your average girl.
A/N: Sorry if this chapter is slightly confusing- this is focusing on (Y/N) and Bucky’s relationship, and the little moments that truly count. Italics are flashbacks! ALSO!!! I made a spotify playlist for this fic, you can find it here!
Word Count: 3.9K
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Christmas In Terrasen: A Throne of Glass Series Holiday Short Story (Part 3)

It is with both a happy and grieving heart that I post this, the last part of my Christmas In Terrasen short story. Today is the last day of the year 2015 and what a rollercoaster it’s been. This will be my last post for 2015 and I hope I have done these characters justice in attempting to convey what Sarah J. Maas would have them handle these types of situations.

If nothing else, I wish everyone the utmost happiness in 2016. And cheers to another year of writing and reading! I’m excited to see what the new year has in store for each of us.

I’d like to say thank you to all of you who have read and enjoyed my stories and have told me so. Your kind words mean more to me than you’ll ever know and I hope you stick with me and continue to read them.

So finally, may I present: Christmas In Terrasen Part 3. I hope you enjoy it:)


Links to Parts 1 and 2 Here:


Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, the Queen of the lands of Terrasen and Doranelle, the Heir of Fire, was currently sitting in her study. She was surrounded by nothing other than the thousands upon thousands of books and deafening roar of silence.

She was sat at her grandiose piano, a present Rowan had given her a few years back. Her thumb absently rubbed across the ring that tied her to him. Her eyes, long since run out of tears, were turned to the window, watching snowflakes fall and gather on the lawn outside. 

Aelin takes in a deep, shuddering breath to steady herself. 

She knew, given Rowan’s past, that his reaction to the news of her having his child would strike a chord. How could it not when his first mate had been murdered while pregnant. And Rowan blamed himself. His own foolish disregard for Lyria as he strived to win Maeve’s favor once more.

Rowan just needed time to process all of this. She shouldn’t have blurt it out at a Christmas dinner. She should have told him privately. This is her fault. All her fault. 

Aelin closes her eyes to fight back more tears. 

No. This is not her fault. It takes two to tango. You don’t make a baby by yourself and Rowan’s as much to blame as she is. 

When she found out, she couldn’t really believe it. She had waited another month before she was sure. She hadn’t expected to feel this way, but Aelin had been happy once it was confirmed. Still, beneath that happiness was a worry and fear that threatened to overtake her. 

Aelin hadn’t been raised or grown up in the most…ideal way. Half of her life had been spent working for none other than Arobynn Hamel, The King of Assassins, in Rifthold. She had spent years killing in his name, wreaking havoc while also living a life of luxury while under his command. After Sam Cortland’s death, Aelin–at the time known as Celaena– was sent to the Salt Mines of Endovier where she endured being whipped and beaten everyday for a year until she was chosen by Dorian, who was at the time still the Crown Prince, to compete in a competition for the King of Adarlan. 

How in the hell am I going to do this?

She didn’t know. She didn’t know anything.

And that, more than anything, was what frightened her.


For moments after Rowan and Aelin leave, the dining table is completely silent. Everyone is wide-eyed and still struck with surprise at the bomb Aelin had dropped just a few minutes ago.

“I’m going to go check on-” 

Chaol interrupted whomever was speaking by abruptly standing up and shaking his head. “No. I’ll go.” Without another word, he leaves the dining room in a haste.

It’s only when he leaves that he hears Aedion mutter something. Chaol is so focused, however, that he doesn’t catch what he says. 


Aelin hears footsteps, but doesn’t bother turning around. 

A few seconds pass, and the form of a man comes into her line of sight. She can tell immediately that it’s not Rowan and feels both relief and disappointment. 

Chaol sits beside her, saying nothing for a while. And then,

“You remember the first time we met, Aelin?” It was a rhetorical question, she knew. “I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.” He shook his head at the memory.

“You were dirty and filthy…I suppose if you could have looked at my heart back then it would have looked much the same. But your eyes. They were filled with all things defiant. At the time it angered me. Eventually, though, it intrigued me. You intrigued me.”

He turns towards her now, and although her eyes continue to stare out the window, she can feel his eyes on her.

“Every day since I’ve known you you have proven to be the strongest person. You’ve conquered and been through so much. You will make it through this, too.” Chaol took her hands in his. She finally turned her eyes to him. 

“I, for one, am quite excited at your news. I have the utmost faith that both you and Rowan will make wonderful parents.” Aelin’s eyes filled with tears. 

Finally, she speaks. “I’m scared, Chaol,” she confesses. 

“As you should be. Parenthood isn’t something to be taken lightly. In just a few short months, the two of you will be responsible for caring for a life.”

She laughed weakly. “If this is a pep talk, it’s not making me feel much better at the moment.”

Chaol smiled sympathetically. “I know what’s really bothering you, Aelin, and that’s Rowan’s reaction.”

She paused and then hesitantly whispered, “I just wanted him to be happy when I told him.”

“I don’t think Rowan was unhappy so much as surprised. You know better than I do about his past. I’m sure his reaction was a result of some deep psychological traumatic event.”

Aelin isn’t sure how to respond, so she stays quiet. 

Chaol raised her hands to his lips. “Everything will be okay. I know it will.” She offered up a small smile.

“Thank you.”

Chaol and Aelin had not always been this close. Their relationship was a series of ups and downs. Right now, the fact that Chaol came to her and knew just what to say touches something deep inside her. 

No more words pass between the former Captain of the Guard and the former Notorious Assassin. Chaol wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into his side. A few years back, Aelin may have punched him and cursed his name to the pits. 

But now, she leans closer into his side and thanks the gods for him.


“You need to get your shit together.”

Lysandra is stood, hands crossed over her chest with an unreadable expression in her eyes. Her posture, however, is easy to read. And judging by it, she is certainly not happy.

It took Rowan a good three minutes for him to calm down long enough for her to help him over to a chair to sit. At first, she was sympathetic. 

Now, she’s just pissed.

“You don’t know shit about me, Lys.” She shrugged, not arguing.

“Maybe,” she answered. “But I do know Aelin. And I know exactly what’s running through her mind every second you’re sitting here on your ass.” 

The look on his face told her that he knew she was right. Lysandra took a chair and sits in front of him. She leans back comfortably, making unwavering eye contact.

“I may not know the details, but I know you’ve been through some pretty rough crap.” She sighed, eyes softening the slightest bit. “But what you need to remember is that so has Aelin.”

“I know that she-”

“Will you shut your mouth for five seconds and let me talk?” Rowan closed his mouth, but glares at her. Lysandra’s gaze doesn’t waver. “Thanks. Just in case you need some reminding, the woman you just let go is Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. Queen of both Terrasen and Doranelle. Your wife. Your carranam. And more recently, the mother of your child.”

Rowan closed his eyes as if to shut out the words. 

“And she loves you like hell. Gods know I don’t understand why, but she does. And you’re more stupid than the left cheek of a donkey’s ass if you don’t get up and go to her.”   When he doesn’t respond, she goes on. “You wanna know what Aelin’s thinking right now?”

“I have a feeling you’re going to tell me either way.”

“She’s probably thinking something along the lines of ‘This is all my fault’ because she sometimes has the tendency to be a self-sacrificial bad-ass bitch. She’s probably scared, although she won’t admit it. You know better than I do that she didn’t grow up with a rainbows and butterflies childhood. She’s probably thinking, ‘How will I raise a child when I have no clue how to?’ And the scariest thought of all is, ‘What if Rowan doesn’t want to stay with me because of this child? What if he leaves, unable to handle all the bad memories you’d relive when looking at your little son or daughter?’ . She’s afraid of losing you, Rowan.”

His jaw tightened. “I would never do that. I could never leave her.” 

“Good,” Lysandra retorts. “Because if you did I’d kick your sorry ass all the way back to Doranelle.” She paused. “Go to her, Rowan. She needs you. Don’t let all of those dangerous thoughts begin to take root and grow in her mind. If they do, it’ll be a very long process killing them.” 

Rowan offered up a small smile. “You may be more of a pain in the ass than she is, but Aelin is lucky to have you, Lysandra.”

She shrugged nonchalantly, but a smile tugged at the corners of her lips. “Just get out of here you lazy bastard.”

Rowan rises. He placed a swift, unexpected kiss to Lysandra’s forehead as a thank you and then leaves.

She sits there in silence, a bitter sadness slowly creeping over her. She was happy for her best friend, truly she is. But…

When will I ever find someone who loves me?

For years, Lysandra’s body was used to please men. They did not love her, although sometimes she would let her mind wander and imagine what it would be like if one of them, just one, saw her for more than just a gorgeous woman to sleep with for a night at an exorbitant price. 

Tears began to gather like an army in her eyes, and although she tried to keep them in check, she could not contain the ever present loneliness that hovered over her like a grim reaper and the tears spill over, racing angrily down her cheeks and dripping off her chin.

She was so enveloped in her own feelings that she doesn’t hear the sound of boots entering the room. 

Boots that belonged to a man who maybe, just maybe, could be the antidote to the poisonous thoughts festering in her mind.


She was right. Gods, he would admit that Lysandra had been right. How could he be so foolish? This situation was wholly different from when Lyria had been pregnant. Rowan would not leave Aelin. Could not leave her. Just the thought brought an unbearable aching to his chest.

So he raced, looking in each room until he could find her. He searched everywhere, and when he stopped and asked Dorian if he had seen where she went, he said he had no clue. 

Rowan would not give up. He had searched nearly everywhere. Just when he thought all hope was lost, he heard something. A piano, he realized after a few seconds. Someone was playing it. 

The closer he got to the sound, the more he recognized where he had heard the woefully beautiful song. It was the piece Aelin had played for him years ago in that abandoned theater. The piece that brought tears to her eyes every time she played it.

When he finally gets to the source of the music, he recognizes it to be coming from Aelin’s personal library. Of course. How did he not think to go there first? 

Taking a deep breath, Rowan steps into the room.

And nearly falls apart at the scene before him.


Chaol left some time ago, leaving Aelin to her own devices. She had to admit that him being there for her had left her feeling a little better. However, not even he could stop the feelings of anguish in her heart.

For a few moments after he had left, she just sat there, feeling everything and nothing at the same time. But eventually, the beautiful instrument in front of her seemed to be calling her, pleading with her to play it. To let out any feelings that she could and could not describe and put into words.

For a while, she resisted. But when she could resist no longer, she caressed the black and white keys of the piano like an old lover and began to play. 

At first, it started out slow and tame, and then the music overtook her and she let the music convey everything. Before she realized it, she was playing that one piece she had tried to teach Rowan all those years ago, but after a few hours he had decided that he simply did not have the talent for it and would much rather watch her play. 

The music overwhelmed her, wrapped around her like the arms of a lover, promising to protect her. It filled her to her all the way to soul. At once she does not feel as if she is in her body, she is the music and the music is her. They are one whole thing, one whole being.

She’s so entrapped by it that she does not hear nor sense Rowan stepping into the room.


She is so wholly ensnared by her playing that she does not notice him standing there for the entirety of the song. It is only when she is finished, tears flowing down her face in a steady stream that she gives any indication of being aware of his presence.

It is slight, but her ears twitch in his direction. She knows he’s here.

Suddenly, Rowan is overcome with a tsunami of emotions. Tears threatened to spill. He couldn’t think clearly with how much he needed her to be close to him in that moment.

He walked over to her, taking a seat next to her on the piano stool. Her eyes were closed, tears still running steady down her cheeks. 

Tentatively, one of his hands captured hers, the other resting lightly on her left cheek. His thumb wiped away her tears, rubbing back and forth across the smooth, damp skin. 

Finally, he whispered, “Aelin.” Her eyes opened as if on command. If Rowan was not sitting down, he’d be on his knees right now at the sight of her eyes. She’s been crying, and judging by the redness in them, she’s been crying a lot.

Because of him.

He swallowed, a lump forming in his throat. 

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “I shouldn’t have left like that. I’m sorry.” Her bottom lip quivered. “Forgive me.” He kisses her forehead, her cheeks, her hands, each of her fingers, every inch of skin exposed to him. 

He’s crying now, tears slowly pooling in his eyes and then racing down his cheeks. “Forgive me,” he kept repeating, his voice heavy with emotion. 

Rowan gently rested his brow against hers. A moment passed, and then he felt her lean into him.

“Aelin,” he breathed once she was trapped in his arms. He kissed the top of her head before meeting her eyes. It was there that his eyes conveyed every feeling he couldn’t seem to put into words. How much he truly was sorry for how he’d hurt her. For being the cause of her tears.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I should have told you as soon as I suspected that I was pregnant.” Rowan shook his head at her words. 

“I admit it would have been nice if you’d told me before, but that’s still no reason for me to have reacted the way that I did.”

“It’s okay, Rowan. I understand.”

“No, it’s not. I will not continue to allow my past to dictate my future. As much as I wish it weren’t true, Lyria is dead. And she has been for a long, long time.” His voice cracks mid sentence. “Things are different now. I’m just as scared as you are about raising a child. But the more I think about it, the more…excited I get. This is a new chapter for the both of us, Fireheart. And I’m ready to begin it with you.” 

She says quietly, “You mean that?” He nodded. Again, he honed his hearing to Aelin’s stomach. And again,he heard a strong but quiet thump thump, thump thump, thump thump. The sound of their child’s heart beating.

“Any ideas on what you think the gender is?” She smiled slightly at him before answering.

“I want it to be a boy.” 

Rowan’s smile is dazzling as he says, “I think it’s a girl.”

“Oh really?” Aelin chuckled. “And what makes you think that?” He shrugged, resting his hand over her stomach. 

“I can sense you in her. That unwavering strength. Snappy retorts and bravery. The fire that stirs deep within you. ” Aelin finally smiled, a grin that snatched the breath right out of his lungs. “She’s going to be just like her mother. Gods, help me.”

“I think we’ll need the god’s help regardless of if it’s a boy or a girl. Either one is sure to be a handful.”

He looked her in the eyes, his voice strong and steady as he said, “I really am sorry, Aelin. And I love you. I don’t want you to ever think otherwise.” She rested her hand on top of his. 

“I love you.” Aelin leaned up and pressed her lips to his in a hungry kiss. 

It was true that the both of them had endured a lot, both while separate and together. Raising a child, they knew, would be no easy task. But as Rowan said, it was a new chapter of their lives. 

And they’d live it together.


In the days that followed, all of Rowan and Aelin’s family and friends began to leave, journeying back to their own countries and homes and promising to come visit them again soon. Hopefully before the baby arrived. 

Dorian looked upon his friends, eyes shining with happiness for the two of them. “Thank you, again for inviting me. It was good to see you both again.”

“You know you’re always welcome here, Dorian.” He smiled.

“And the same goes for Adarlan. You two should come visit soon.” 

Aelin enveloped him in a hug. “We will. I promise.” 

Dorian kissed her on the cheek in farewell. “Take care, Aelin.” Rowan claps him on the back and the two men firmly shake hands. And then Dorian is in his carriage and on his way back to Adarlan.

Goodbyes go very much in the same fashion for the rest of their friends. Nesryn and Chaol too promise to visit again. And a few tears are shed when Lysandra bids them both farewell. 

There is a new kind of understanding and appreciation between she and Rowan now. Something that has brought them closer. He considers her a closer companion, a loyal friend to both him and Aelin. 

“Uncle Ro!” Rowan’s niece, Imara, comes barreling toward him. She leaps into his arms, throwing her tiny arms around his neck. “I’m going to miss you, Uncle Ro.”

“I’m going to miss you too, Mare. Promise me you’ll be good until I see you again?”

She pulls back, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “If I do, can I stay with you and Aunt Aelin in the spring?”

“As long as it’s okay with your mother you can come and stay whenever you want.” He smiles at her, kissing her rosy little cheeks before setting her down. Imara runs to Aelin, who scoops her up into her arms, whispering things in her ear that makes her nod feverishly. 

“Pinkie promise?” Imara sticks out her pinkie. Aelin smiles, wrapping her own around the little girl’s. 

“Pinkie promise.”

It takes a good fifteen minutes to say goodbye to all of Rowan’s family. They bid them both good luck and congratulations on the baby news. 

The Queen of Terrasen and the King of Doranelle stand side by side. His arm is wrapped around her middle, clutching her close to him. They watch in silence as the last of the carriages leaves the Terrasen gates. 

Rowan bent down, his lips to her ear. She can feel his smile as he says, “You know what they say about when a woman gets pregnant.”

“I’m afraid not.”

“They say that there’s something that causes them to be even more irresistible.”

Aelin smiled. “And you bring this up because…”

“Just because you’re pregnant now doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to keep my hands off you.”

 Her grin widens. “So you’re saying you’ll still want me even once you cannot tell the difference between me and a walrus?” Rowan presses a tender kiss beneath her ear. 

Especially then.” She laughed.

With one last glance, the two head back inside and up the stairs to their cozy bedroom. 

The door barely closes before Aelin’s lips attach themselves to Rowan’s. 

All was well. 


Quite a number of years had passed since my friend and colleague and I had exchanged the busy streets of London for a much quieter life in the Sussex Downs. It wasn’t long before John adjusted to the new pace, filling his days with quiet study, writing and the occasional joint ramble along the cliffs. He often spoke of his fondness for the nature and the milder climate, but he needn’t have mentioned it, for it was right there in his healthy complexion, his smoother walk and the soft sparkle in his blue eyes.

Perhaps it was this re-discovered zest for life that allowed him to put up with my ever-changing moods. I certainly tired of them, but there was little I could do to prevent myself from slipping into them either. My mind thirsted for stimulation and when it was deprived of it, it had the dreadful tendency to spin round and round on itself, making me testy in progress.

Still, John humoured my need for quiet contemplation, adjusted to my hurtful remarks and turned a blind eye on my drug habits for as long as his professionalism allowed him to. Often he’d enter the room and probe me as he might one of his patients.

How was my appetite this morning? Had the aches I’d been complaining about eased somewhat?

He offered me physical exercise by means of distraction and promised to divert my restless thoughts into more productive channels. In short, he was a much kinder companion than I possibly deserved and soon, I thought it time to extend a friendly gesture in return. Something practical would be key, since I’d only fumble giving words to notions regarding my affection. John was much better suited for romantic endeavours like that, of course, but I was determined to try.

December saw us ankle deep in snow, the wooden roof of our little cottage aching under its weight. Still, John ventured into the village often, returning red-cheeked with news that might interest me or various pieces of Christmas decoration which he thought small enough not to rouse my irritation.

It wasn’t surprising then that I made use of his habits to set my plan into motion. A note sufficed to place my secret order and pleased with myself, I withdrew into the sanctuary of my monographs.

The next day, however, when Watson donned his hat, scarf and gloves and ventured out into the cold, I soon learned that the task I had set myself was far bigger than first imagined.

The tree was stunning, as much as one could utter such sentiment about a tree. It was robust and of respectable height, with even layers of twigs and branches. Its gown of needles was of a rich green hue and exuded a wonderful, potent scent which would no doubt perfume our living room within minutes.

Of course, it was only natural then that a beast such as this weighed rather a lot and it was an almighty effort – despite the vendor’s kind assistance – to drag it the rest of the way and heave it over the threshold and into the cottage.

The exertion left a billowing cloud of fine, white snow as well as some beads of perspiration on my forehead in its wake while the gentleman who had helped me seemed rather unruffled by it all. But then perhaps that was only natural, as his boots caked in mud and moisture spoke of the many journeys he’d already undertaken and the dirt on his hands and sleeves informed me that this was not the first tree he had hoisted today.

After he had helped me fasten it securely, I slipped another coin into his palm and sent him on his way once more. 

In all honesty, I would have preferred a cup of tea and a moment’s worth of rest. My body wasn’t as young or as agile as it had once been and it was clearly showing me its limitations now. But there was no time to unwind. John could return any moment now and the tree still needed to be decorated.

We didn’t have very much, just a couple of hand-painted baubles and some straw Christmas stars, but I was certain that they’d be enough to spread the appropriate atmosphere. My Watson was more than capable of appreciating the little things which was something I valued greatly. After all, it was refreshing to have a companion whose eyes lit up with joy as he found pleasure in ordinary matters, especially when one’s own mind was rather apt at focusing on the opposite. Today wouldn’t be any different.

The wind rattled noisily at the windows and then suddenly I perceived the squelch of his footsteps. The door was pushed open and there stood John, rubbing his gloved hands against the cold but looking otherwise pleased with himself.

“I daresay we could use another log or two in the fireplace,” he remarked while undressing himself, and I took a moment to admire the snowflakes that were melting on the strands of blonde and grey hair.

Then he turned and saw me standing there next to a tree that barely fitted into our living room, no doubt dishevelled looking with needles clinging to my dark clothes. His brows drew together in a humorous expression of puzzlement before the kind wrinkles around his eyes softened and he smiled.

“Holmes? That is a Christmas tree,” he pointed out and I found myself chuckling.

“A most excellent observation, Watson!” I remarked, hurrying to neutralise my expression once more.

“But…but you don’t like…”he spluttered, clearly fighting to suppress the overjoyed laughter that was threatening to spill from his lips.

“Now, really! What a sweeping statement!” I scoffed, slipping the last fragile star onto the edge of a branch. “I have never once said that I do not enjoy the holidays. I merely don’t see why it’s worth such an effort when there could be more important matters to be getting on with.”

“Then what’s different about today?” Watson asked, stepping closer, adding his own fine vein of dirty water to the ones that already lined our floor.

I watched how his lively eyes slipped over the baubles and branches, how his nostrils widened momentarily as he inhaled the scent of pine wood that I had picked up on, too. I observed him as his eyes found me and took in every wrinkle of my trousers and every hair that had been pushed out of place.

He was applying my method to deduce the answer he sought though, of course, he’d known it all along. There was only one reason why a gentleman would forego his own habits just to see a smile on his companion’s face.

“Oh, Holmes!” he whispered in that wonderfully becoming bashful way of his.

You shouldn’t have, I knew he was saying while he tucked himself under my chin and against my body. But I would, I decided as I breathed a hum into his cold, wet hair. Any effort that prompted my Watson to radiate such warmth and happiness would most certainly beg repeating. Christmas or not.


Just my way of wishing all of you happy holidays! This was inspired by the Cardboard Box gif of Holmes pointing in dismay at the tiny Christmas tree ;)  

Table For Two

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 2,062
A/N: Angst and fluff and not much else, but isn’t that all we need?

Every job came with its own set of good and bad. Working as a waitress in a lounge club came with good pay, but it was almost like you had to sacrifice your dignity for it. Every night was a mixture of the same old garbage with a sick twist. You dealt with the drunks and the boozy idiots on a regular basis, but someone felt the need to go the extra mile almost every shift. Tonight, that awful twist manifested itself in a particularly cruel form.

“Y/N, you’ve got a table of two waiting for ya.” Your manager notified you as you grabbed some drinks from the bar for another table.

“Got it, Johnny, I’ll be over in a sec.” You called over your shoulder. As soon as you turned around your eyes landed on your newest customers. Your body went cold as you stood rigidly in place from shock and little bit of embarrassment. Sat in your section across from a pretty redhead was Bucky Barnes, arguably the only man you ever loved. He must have felt your eyes on him because he turned his head slightly and locked eyes with you. He recognized you immediately and he cast his eyes downward.

“What’s wrong, Y/N, I told you there were people waiting on you?” Johnny said, irritated that you were still stood there gaping at your old boyfriend.

“I’m coming, but can you get someone else to take the table? Please I’m desperate.” You pleaded as soon as you were able to find your voice again.

“Everyone is busy with their own customers, Y/N, so you can either take the table or go home.” He gave you an ultimatum and had your financial issues not been so bleak you would’ve just walked out. The fact of the matter was you were even more desperate to get paid, which is why you put up with the job to begin with.

With a resigned sigh, you dropped off the drinks at your other table and marched over to Bucky. You held your head high and tried to keep an air of professionalism about you. It didn’t help that any time he looked at you it sent a swirl of butterflies through your stomach. Your job was at stake so you set your jaw and tried to get it over with.

“Hey there, what’re you drinkin tonight?” You said, trying to maintain an air of casualty about you.

“Y/N, I didn’t know you worked here.” Bucky said, still slightly shocked to see you standing there.

“Wait, you two know each other?” The redhead asked, looking between you and her date.

“We just uh-” Bucky was stammering like an idiot and you remembered what an awful liar he was.

“We grew up in the same neighborhood is all.” You said, saving him from going into your messy history.

“Yeah, we’re old friends, but when did you start waitressing?” Bucky said, glazing over your understatement and ignoring his date altogether.

“Back when my dad got sick,” You didn’t mean to divulge that information, but the words slipped out on their own, “anyways what do you want to drink?”

“I’ll take a whisky and she’ll have a glass of wine, but what’s wrong with your dad? Is everything alright?” He rattled off his drinks as a look a concern entered his eyes and focused his full attention on you.

“He’s just dandy, but I’ll be back with those drinks.” You turned on your heel and walked back to the bar so you could hide your look of shame.

Seeing him again was like seeing a ghost. The last time you saw him face to face was when he broke your heart. You felt shattered like the world suddenly turned this awful shade of gray when he said he couldn’t be with you anymore. He made you happy, but he insisted he would hold you back when he was drafted. There wasn’t much for you to do except move on so you could at least show the world you were strong enough to do it. You weren’t going to let anyone see you as anything other than strong so you tried to believe the lie yourself.

“What do you need?” The bartender asked as you looked off in the distance, lost in thought.

“Someone to take me out to the back and put me out of my misery.” You prattled off, eyes still slightly glazed over.

“No, I’m asking what do you need from the bar.” He said, slightly irritated with you.

“Oh sorry, I need a whiskey and a glass of red.” You snapped yourself back to reality and stopped one of your friends as she passed the bar. “Hey, Tina, can you drop these off for me over there? I’ve got another order I gotta run.” You gave her a look of pleading and held out the drinks to her.

“Sure thing, hon, you okay though? Looks like you’re gonna be sick.” She asked, taking the drinks from your shaking hands.

“Must not be feeling too good, but thanks, I owe you one.” You flashed her a grateful smile and watched her take the drinks over.

Bucky thanked her and casually looked around for you as he took a sip. You dodged around, avoiding his gaze when thankfully the lights dimmed down. The show was starting and the singer took the stage. Soon the sounds of a piano would fill the club and that calmed you down significantly. You only had a brief moment of respite before you saw one of your regulars flag you over.

Don, a portly man who had been requesting you serve him since you started working there, held up his glass and you caught his drift. You had another bourbon poured and cheerily walked it over to him. This would make his seventh drink since he got there, beating his personal best. It didn’t bother you much though because he always tipped accordingly and, since you were one of his favorites, he would always give you a little extra.

“You’re certainly putting me to work, aren’t you Don?” You asked cheekily as you set it down in front of him.

“It’s that kind of night!” He said jovially as he shot back the whole thing in one big gulp.

“Be careful or you’ll suck us dry before the show’s over.” You laughed along with him and the other gentlemen at his table.

“The show’s just getting started,” He said, his words slurring a little more after his last drink as he threw his arm around your waist and pulled you onto his lap, “and I think you’re our special guest.” The stench of alcohol oozed off of him and you could smell how hard those drinks hit him. His other hand was resting on your upper leg and you suddenly wished you were back at Bucky’s table getting him another drink.

“Oh you don’t want me when you’ve got the headliner on in a few minutes.” You tried to sound modest as you attempted to unwind yourself from his unwanted grasp.

“I think I do.” He whispered in your ear and you tried to get away a little more forcefully.

“Don, I gotta get back to work-” Panic was setting in and you could feel his hand climb higher and higher up your thigh.

“Don’t worry, if your boss gets mad I’ll tell him you were working real hard.” His voice sent chills up your spine as he nestled his hand between your legs.

“I’m serious, I have to go-” His grip on you only tightened when you felt the hand on your legs pull away suddenly.

“I think she said she was done here.” You looked up to see Bucky had ripped Don’s hand off your thighs, his eyes staring daggers at the man who was holding you captive.

“Why don’t you mind your business, kid, before I show you how I deal with nosy little punks like you.” Don pushed you off his lap and you hit the dirty floor with a loud thud. Bucky wasn’t fazed by the man’s threats and rushed to help you up.

“Y/N, are you okay?” He held a hand out to you and you gingerly took it. “C’mon, let’s get you out of here.” He tucked you under his arm and began to lead you away when Don roughly grabbed your upper arm, his fat fingers digging into your skin.

“She ain’t goin nowhere!” You let out a painful yelp as Don jerked you out of Bucky’s grasp and that was the final straw.

If you blinked you would’ve missed Bucky socking Don in the jaw. He went down immediately and everyone around you jumped into action. Your boss was yelling something to you over the ruckus but you couldn’t quite make it out. You saw Bucky’s date dart out the door out of the corner of your eye while more fists were flying. Bucky managed to avoid some of the fight and you grabbed him by the hand and pulled him out of the throng. The cops were surely on their way so you pushed him out the side entrance into the cool December night. Your feet left footprints on the freshly fallen snow and snowflakes landed softly in your hair.

“What the hell was that?” You asked, ripping your hand out of his and pushing him away.

“What-me saving you?” He asked incredulously, no doubt surprised at your reaction. “That guy had his hands all over you!”

“I could’ve handled it by myself, Bucky, I didn’t need you swooping in and losing me my job.” You stood across from him, arms crossed and chest heaving from the altercation you were happy to be rid of.

“I didn’t mean for it it happen like that-” He ran a nervous hand through his hair and you remembered running your own hands through it, “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“I’ve been okay the last eight months so there’s nothing for you to worry about.” You turned to leave him in the alley so you could continue your life without him, but he had more to say.

“That’s what they tell me.” His words stopped you in your tracks and you looked over your shoulder at him, not giving him the satisfaction of turning back to look at him straight on. “Every time I ask about you everyone goes on about how great you’re doing, but I didn’t know about your dad.”

“I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want them to pity me.” You briefly forgot about your anger as intrigue took its place. “But why were you asking about me? It looks like you’ve moved on.” You jerked your chin at the club in reference to the date you ruined.

“I figured I was the person you’d want to see,” He rubbed the back of his neck, same as he did when he was anxious, “you moved on, but I couldn’t get you out of my head.”

“Bucky, you said it would be better this way for both of us. What else am I supposed to think when it was so easy for you to let me go?” You finally turned so he could see the tears welling in your eyes.

“I wasn’t going to make you wait for me and I couldn’t make you put your life on hold.” Bucky bit his lip and you unintentionally recalled what it was like to kiss those same lips. “I didn’t think it would hurt this much to let you go and see you be perfectly fine.”

“Perfectly fine?” You let out a short, humorless laugh before continuing, “Bucky I had no idea what was happening. We talked about getting married one day. I loved you, okay? And I planned on waiting for you if that’s what you wanted, but then it turns out that you didn’t want me at all and-” Your rant was cut off by Bucky crashing his lips onto yours and you automatically wrapped your arms around his neck.

So much was left unsaid, but that kiss covered the basics. It was the kiss you missed the most, the kind that left your head spinning and smeared your lipstick. You tasted the whiskey on his breath as he pulled you closer, your bodies creating a warmth you hadn’t felt in months. He pulled away first and your chest was heaving with a renewed wave of adrenaline, but this was so much better.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Bucky’s voice was breathy as he pleaded with his forehead resting against yours, “I didn’t know. I just didn’t know what a horrible idea this was.’

“I’m willing to forgive you if you promise to never take that red head out on another date.” You said, a delirious smile playing on your lips.

“Done. It’s just you and me from now on, I promise.”

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