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A Feat of Art

British artist and sneaker-head Filfury reminds us that art is everywhere, even on our feet.By utilizing some of our favorite sneaker’s unique materials, and color-ways Filfury creates eye candy.All the while reiterating classic images, such as the Batman logo, the question mark symbol, and Spiderman logo, to create Rorschach-like illustrations of symbolic sneakers, including the Nike Air Mag, Air Jordan 4 “Oreo,” and the Air Max 90 “Infrared.” Enjoy Filfury’s art above.

source: Hypebeast

Sun WUkong for @lew_cypher

Medium: pentel brush pens, copic marker, uniball signo white pen.

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Japanese-born artist Sayaka Ganz creates sculptures out of discarded plastics found in thrift stores, converting these unwanted materials into graceful imitations of natural beauty… #Japan #art #artist #SayakaGanz #plastic #discarded #sculpture #architecture #instadecor #instadesign #regram #luxury #ideas #lifestyle #style #interiors #interiordesign #innovative #create #technology #art_chitecture #in_architecture

Theme of the Week | Collages

Using pieces of patchwork and clippings of color, our artists have complied a collection of unexpected juxtapositions perfect for the art collector in search of the unique. It’s the only place where owls have opposable thumbs and city centers are also mountainous landscapes, where pin-up girls are taller than towers and astronauts explore phone booths. Take a tour of their atypical assortments – just don’t be too disappointed with your surroundings once you’re back in reality…

"Eyes on the Prize" | Limited Edition Canvas Print

"Just Say Cheese!" | Numbered Fine Art Print

"Tapir" | Limited Edition Fine Art Print

"Unrelenting Sugar Affect" | Numbered Fine Art Print

"Blooming New York" | Numbered Aluminum Print

"Adaptation" | Limited Edition Fine Art Print

"The Surprising Truth About How the Pyramids Were Built" | Numbered Fine Art Print

"The (Make Up) Artist" | Limited Edition Aluminum Print


アニメっぽく塗ってみたかった9 | By: and 緋雀   (original line art)

※Permission to upload this was given by both artist.

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anonymous asked:

I've been having some problems with lineart. whenever i lineart a sketch it just looks like a blob and looks really bad from my original sketch. I used paint tool SAI and this has been bothering me for a long time. I don't know if I just need practice, but do you have any tips for this kinda stuff? c: if not, thanks anyways! (I love your art btw)

i can understand the problem youre having bc i have the same issue in that whenever i do line art it loses a lot of what made the sketch good
my approach to that though was not just not do line art, and use my sketches as line art :v i don’t know what your style of sketching/line art is like or how clean you like it to be, but because i generally like a loose and kinda rough look to my drawings i figured doing line work was pointless when i could just neaten up my existing sketch! plus i inevitably end up painting over a lot of my lines anyway

for reference heres what my sketches/line work end up looking like?

i know there are tons of artists who can do really wonderful line art separate from their sketches though, which i think the key to that seems to be keeping your lines very loose and to make broad strokes, try to line with the same energy that you use when sketching rather than trying to trace over the sketch work perfectly?

but yeah!! i don’t know of how much help that’ll be to you since i don’t know what kind of style you’re going for with your line art and drawings in general, but this is about the extent of my knowledge regarding lines lmao