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high necklines make me emotional now bc thIS SCENE

  • my sister: you know what would be great?
  • my sister: if Team Family didn't blow the shit out of Oceanside and steal their stuff
  • ** my sister doesn't use tumblr anymore, doesnt follow the TWD fandom at all, doesn't know TD is a thing. Season 7 she's been bringing Beth up every episode like the way above. Every episode. ^ **

How to introduce your Xenoverse character; post the most awkward shots of them


{ IN MY VEINS } a sansan playlist by @thehound

georgia vance joy / kiss me ed sheeran / a drop in the ocean ron pope / bloodstream stateless / can’t help falling in love haley reinhart / in my veins andrew belle / home gabrielle aplin / the howling dog ears / only you joshua radin / shiver lucy rose / gotta have you the weepies / here with me susie suh / bad blood bear’s den / all you never say birdy / into the wild lewis watson / mountains (love won’t burn my heart) savoir adore / ghosts that we knew mumford & sons / a closeness dermot kennedy / tee shirt birdy / sea of love langhorne slim / i was made for loving you kina grannis / only love ben howard / don’t lose your love ivan & alyosha / magnetised tom odell / give me love ed sheeran / safe & sound taylor swift ft. the civil wars / faded from the winter iron & wine / i get to love you ruelle / strangers jesse harper / my lover birdtalker / i’m so in love with you jill andrews / reunite isbells / light sleeping at last / to build a home the cinematic orchestra + adding more all the time!

[listen on spotify]

i was tagged by @zaynsbambieyes, @rindaanah and @verseziam to do this challenge (?) thanks babes 

Rules: tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better

Nickname: iuli (erm iuliana is my name actually), iulici, lulu
Zodiac sign: scorpio
Height: 5′4/5′5 (167cm) 
Last Thing You Googled: the word flatline lol thx erika 
Favourite music artist: zayn, kalin white, kehlani, abel (and liam but fucking release it already man)
Song stuck in my head: still got time or that you don’t know me song ugh 
Last Movie you watched: oh jesus… who even knows, uhm brick mansions? 
What are you wearing right now: pajama pants, white shirt and a hoodie lol 
What do you post: 97.5% zayn
Why did you choose your URL: helloooo??? best song on mom?? also my fave’s other name which means generous/open-handed/hearted
Do you have any other blogs: my personal and like 100 saved urls that i’m never going to use bc this one is just iconic
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: no
Religious Or Spiritual: um religious probably?
Favourite Colour: blue
Average Hours Of Sleep: during the week 6 hours and 9/10 in the weekends rip
Lucky Number: i don’t have one
Favorite characters: dean winchester, hank voight, mickey milkovich, michaela pratt, taystee on oitnb, negan on twd, neal caffrey
How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: one
Dream Job: prosecutor

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omg i just saw this meme and i really want to do it

your favorite movie every year since your birth year!

  • 1995: a goofy movie
  • 1996: nothing in particular..
  • 1997: contact
  • 1998: mulan
  • 1999: star wars episode i: the phantom menace
  • 2000: the emperor’s new groove
  • 2001: the fast and the furious
  • 2002: ice age
  • 2003: sinbad: legend of the seven seas and brother bear
  • 2004: shrek 2
  • 2005: star wars episode iii: revenge of the sith and harry potter and the goblet of fire
  • 2006: happy feet
  • 2007: pirates of the caribbean: at world’s end
  • 2008: wall-e
  • 2009: 2012
  • 2010: harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1
  • 2011: harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2
  • 2012: the hunger games
  • 2013: the hunger games: catching fire
  • 2014: godzilla
  • 2015: star wars: the force awakens
  • 2016: moana and rogue one: a star wars story

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Hii everyone! Today we reached 2k followers (and today is also my birthday! OMG thank you so much to every single one of you, we’ve never thought that we could reach so many followers so quickly. We decided to do some blog rates so we can get to know you better.

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im no exactly sure how id do it yet but would any of you be interested in a ‘safe’ tag and/or blog ??? like basically a collection of stims that are free from some of the most common triggers (hands, trypo, knives, background noise, clusters, etc.) ???

anonymous asked:

how many asks do you have pharos?

((Not that I’m complaining, though!! I’m actually super psyched that this many people have contacted me and wanted to interact with my blog! It’s just that I can only answer one a day, or else I’ll get burned out really fast.

I try to answer all questions I get in order. There’s been three exceptions so far: the one that asked for Pharos’ friends and family, and the one that asked for their names. Those two I answered earlier than they should, bc I thought it was a good time to introduce the two of them. Then there’s the third ask, which I’m holding on to bc I think I can do more out of it, so I’m keeping it for a bit later. It’s not an interaction with another blog, so no worries! All interactions are answered in order. :]

Also, I’m super happy that I have a submission!! It’s the first fanart piece I’ve received! And since it’s so cute, I think it warrants a response, and that’s why I haven’t posted it yet! But I will soon enough!))